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Statement of Purpose (SOP) – UWS – MBA

Introduction & Educational History:

I am Fatima Zaffar, belongs to an educated family residing in

Multan, Pakistan. I have always been very curious and eager to
learn new things and I do believe that anything and everything in
life is possible if you put your heart and efforts into it. I praise my
parents for my upbringing in such a manner that helped me
emerge as an intellectual individual of society. My parents have
always acknowledged the power and potential of quality education
and have always encouraged all their children to be seekers of
knowledge throughout their lives. It was due to the efforts of my
parents that I was always focused and determined towards my

Since my early childhood days, I have been a bright and inquisitive

student. I have completed my schooling from one of the renowned
school Nishat High School, Multan and attained A Grade in 10th
board exams. My 12th board exams cleared under Govt. Degree
College for Women, Multan. After finishing college, the turning
point in my life in the learning aspect was when I joined Bahauddin
Zikriya University, Multan to pursue Bachelors of Science. In the
year 2015, I completed my Master’s Degree from the University of
Education, Multan, Pakistan with a good CGPA of 3.32 out of 4.00.
Overall I hold a good academic record. And now, I have appeared
in the IELTS examination in December 2018 and achieved overall
6.0 bands.
Why I want to have an MBA degree from UWS when I already
have a master degree?

The answer to this question is that my previous degree Master of

Science in Information Technology is my 16 years education
degree. Most of companies or universities internationally, do not
consider this degree equivalent to a proper internationally
recognized master degree because I have completed this M.Sc.
Degree after 2 Years Bachelors Program. So, for the career
growth and further doctorate studies I want to do my MBA to make
my qualification internationally recognized at 18 Years of

MBA is among one of the most demanding degrees in Pakistan. In

every field we find vacancy for MBA. Not only in Pakistan, but it is
highly demanded worldwide. Pakistani market always prefers an
international degree holder. An international professional degree
holder can apply anywhere anytime. They always enjoy best
positions with handsome salaries and other incentives. MBA is an
excellent way to take myself to the next level professionally. Being
myself extremely ambitious, I also want to get an international
professional degree. As I have already stated that, MBA degree
also have its own importance in career growth and educational

Upon my research, I found that UWS MBA prepares you for

leadership. It provides a rigorous grounding in the knowledge and
skills necessary to operate effectively as a strategic general
manager. MBA graduates may also undertake further research
admission for a taught Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).
Continuing education will also keep my mind fresh, particularly with
critical thinking skills and concentration. MBA program will help to
improve my business skills and ability to master the business
environment. With an MBA, I'll have much of the knowledge, skills,
and tools that I need to really succeed in the world. Additionally,
the skills I'll learn as an MBA can translate to a better quality of
personal life, giving me the knowledge to make better decisions in
life and financial affairs. These qualities will helpful for my bright
future/career. MBA is an excellent way to take myself to the next
level professionally. For many people, an MBA will open up many
opportunities that were not available before, getting an MBA shows
that I am serious about my potential for success, and others are
likely to view myself in a higher regard because of it.

Why did you choose UWS? Why have you chosen this
particular campus? (E.g. MBA/DBA at London over Hamilton)
What other institutions did you consider?

I want to do my international masters from well-recognized

university for which I found University of West, Scotland with high
raking universities and suitable for my MBA degree. I feel very glad
that university campus in London is progressing well and number
of student is increasing with passage of time. So, I decide to take
admission in MBA program in your university, London campus. My
educational background also supports me for MBA program. I am
a very good student of economics, statistics and management. My
Master’s degree in IT also encouraged me to pursue my second
masters in business and management.
While short listing institutions for my MBA studies I have
encountered several other options like North Umbria University,
Coventry University, London South Bank University, but I finally
decided to go with the University of West of Scotland because First
of all the UWS MBA course structure suited my future educational
needs very well. Secondly, UWS location is very attractive. My
Internet research and consultation with an educational counselor
provided me with the knowledge of the excellence and affordability
of UWS. After surfing more about the UWS from Internet I was
glad to know that UWS is placed by Times Higher Education in the
top 500 universities in their 2019 World University Rankings and in
the top 150 in The Young University Rankings 2018. These
positions show second consecutive rise in THE’s rankings. In
2017, Times Higher Education also ranked UWS as being in the
world's top 200 universities under 50 years of age. University of
the West of Scotland aims to have a transformational influence on
the economic, social and cultural development of the west of
Scotland and beyond. Hence UWS London Campus is the place to
be: for its location, facilities, learning support and opportunities.

Why did you choose your course? Did you consider studying
any other course?

My selected course is Master of Business Administration, which is

of more worth as compared to any other course. It will familiarize
me with the skills, knowledge and attributes required by managers
to perform effectively in modern business environments as modern
managers need to interact with professionals from a range of
functional areas. It will also provide me learning outcomes in the
areas of marketing, organizational behavior and operations. While
as a student, MBA will develop my strategic & analytic skills,
adaptive thinking & core business knowledge. So, I believe that,
this degree will provide me scope for the development of critical
thinking and problem-solving skills whilst also responsibility ethics
and governance.

What is the course content? How do your studies fit into your
career plans?

The courses content comprises of 180 credit hours having skill

adapting courses like Analytical Thinking and Decision Making,
Business Creativity, New Venture Creation, and Global Finance,
Managing Organizational Health etc. fascinates and motivates me
to pursue on business studies as my career option. The expert
knowledge that I would attain from the education gained, I would
be implementing that by aiming to work at reputable organizations
in my country returning back to my homeland.

During my job at United Bank Limited as an ‘’ Officer Collections

OPS’’ (Nov 2016 – May 2018), I came to learn that one should
have a professional qualification along with an experience in his/
her hand in return will get more opportunities to staff his career
with different organizations and business setup. I am sure that my
proposed qualification will provide me this opportunity and I will be
among the professionals of management field. MBA will equip me
with all basic and advanced skills to manage administrative
matters at any level and will increase my worth. As the world has
become more interconnected via global systems and international
commerce, the need increases for managers to be knowledgeable
in international management standards as well as new
technologies that assist higher management in making decisions.
This shows the worth of my proposed course and encourages me
to get this qualification from UWS London, which has a well-
reputed education system. Furthermore, this course will enhance
my communication, negotiation and facilitating skills as well. As I
state that how this course properly suits my career plans. After
completing this course in 1 year I can immediately apply for better
job as in my country the same degree takes 2.5 years to be
completed with less global acknowledgement. For any person who
is ambitious and wants to secure future MBA is the best option as
it has a great scope in every field.

If this course is offered in your home country, why have you

decided to incur extra costs traveling to the UK to live and
study? Why have you chose the UK, what are the benefits to
you for coming to the UK rather than stay in your home

I want to study in UK for many reasons including; the worldwide

acceptance of UK qualifications, the innovative teaching and
learning, the quality of research, the support for international
students, the safe environment and having multicultural society. In
short, UK institutes are widely known for the quality of their
teaching and research. I truly believe that I will learn from teachers
who are experts in their subject areas and who can provide you
with a sound understanding of your chosen field. I will develop
strong academic skills that can be applied to other areas and learn
to think creatively and independently.
Studying in UK will give me a competitive edge. One of the great
advantages of gaining UK qualification is the opportunity it will
provide me when it comes time to find employment. No matter
where I want to start my career, UK qualification will be
recognized, as a mark of a quality education. It will provide with an
excellent platform for my career goals. These factors and my
sound financial position encouraged me to look at the option of
studying abroad. The reasons range from global recognition,
compatible living and tuition cost to development of intellectual
abilities required for success. Employers all over the world worth to
hire an UK qualified graduate.

London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-

century city with history stretching back to Roman times. At its
center stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, the iconic ‘Big
Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey, site of British monarch
coronations. Across the Thames River, the London Eye
observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank
cultural complex, and the entire city. Study in London. London is a
fantastic place to study, with more international students than any
other city and an amazing range of universities and courses. One
can immerse own self in the English language and enjoy a vibrant
cultural life, while benefiting from top tuition at world-renowned

One most significant reason for visiting UK for the MBA program is
the updated curriculum and tools according to the millennial era
that is being utilized in the country and is unfortunately lacking in
my country. Uniqueness is all that defines us, therefore, attain the
quality education from the reputed university of UK would make
me standout after the completion of my post-grad as I would be
returning back to my homeland. Therefore, the UK has been my
only priority for my post grad to excel my expertise in my field.

If you have had a long break in studies, why are you returning

I took a break from studies for almost 2.5 years to focus on my

work experience and get to learn more about the business markets
in Pakistan. Under good mentorships of my supervisors it has
been in the learning experience for me but in order to excel
professionally, I want to pursue the MBA program to grasp
expertise understanding of my field.

What is your post study plan?

After completion of my studies I would return to my homeland and

continue my professional career. I believe having an International
degree would give me a benefit in the job market in Pakistan.
Returning home I would want to support my family, because after
my father’s death, I remained a supportive member of my family,
taking care of all the financial activities of the family and in the
daily life chores. As soon as my postgraduate MBA degree is
completed from UWS, London Campus, I have a dream job to
work as a Marketing Manager in any reputed multinational
company such as Shell or Coca Cola in my country, Pakistan
where I can expect to earn at least 1.25 Lac PKR Rupees in the
start and will have further good growth potential while working
I am sure that UWS will surely provide me a chance to achieve my
set goal and a degree from UWS will open up a diverse collection
of new opportunities for my future. An MBA will broaden my
management knowledge and also expand my professional
network. Many times people want to enhance their knowledge and
improve their qualifications or study further, especially to get highly
paid and well reputed job. An MBA degree from UWS will let me
learn the strategies/skills applied in business, marketing and
relationship development. It will help me to learning a lot about
Managerial Skill, which I can implement during my employment in
any of the renowned above-mentioned multinational companies of