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Information to fill in your application, deadline 31st October 2019 (online in

CEEPUS Days in Szeged organized by University of Szeged, Faculty of

Motivation for students (please, copy this)
As a student of sending university and Faculty at study program I would like to learn more
about foreign business environment. Cross-border cooperation is very important goal for us,
so it would be great to take part in CEEPUS short term excursion travelling to Szeged. I
would like to be a member of our faculty group travelling to Hungary. It is great opportunity
for us to meet each other and develop our vocational and foreign language skills.

31st March 2020 (Tuesday)

Introduction University of Szeged (greetings, presentation, visit laboratories)
Lectures and presentations
Visit Rector’s Office, International Mobility Centre (greetings, presentation)
Visit Folk House Museum

1st April 2020 (Wednesday)

Lectures and presentations
Company visit (different enterprises)
Guided tour in Szeged

2nd April 2020 (Thursday)

Lectures and presentations
Visit training farm of University of Szeged
Closure at University of Szeged Faculty of Engineering

To apply

1. Choose 2019/2020 academic year

2. Choose your network

CIII-BG-0722-08-1920 Computer Aided Design of automated systems for assembling

CIII-RS-0304-12-1920 Technical Characteristics Researching of Modern Products in

Machine Industry with the Purpose of Improvement Their Market Characteristics and Better
Placement on the Market

CIII-RS-1011-05-1920 Fostering sustainable partnership between academia and industry in

improving applicability of logistics thinking (FINALIST)

CIII-RS-1012-05-1920 Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD

CIII-SK-0044-14-1920 Applied Economics and Management (follow Ms. Jana Galova
network coordinator’s instructions about planned mobilities)

CIII-SK-1018-05-1920 Biology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences

3. Find your university

for students: Please, click STE (Short Term Excursion) and time between 30th March -3rd
April 2020 (minimum 3 days)
for teachers: Please, click Teacher between 30th March -3rd April 2020 (minimum 5 working
days – mention topics to teach 6 hours from Monday until Friday)

4. Choose host university: Hungary – University of Szeged – Faculty of Engineering

5. Fill Motivation (look at start of this letter)

6. Fill rest information about you.

Attention, please
In new CEEPUS system I do not know likelihood of success of your mobility for fall
semester, but we have relatively big budget in Hungary for 2019/2020.
We’ll organize CEEPUS Days generally twice a year in Szeged as well.

Just for students we can offer bed in a very simple dormitory for 10€/night (shared bathroom
and toilet) in the suburban without meal.

Further information

Contact person
Dr. habil. PhD Jozsef GAL
CEEPUS coordinator
+36 30 313 5873 (mobile)