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Title: Emotions Subject: English

Age: 9 Teacher’s name: Ilona Lipska Country: Latvia

Objectives Students will:
• Develop listening, reading, speaking skills;
• Practise using verb “to be” in questions and answers;
• Make sentences to describe how people are feeling;
• Recognize and label their emotions;
• Accept what they feel;
• Develop emotional intelligence;
• Improve cooperation skills working in pairs.
Materials and • Flashcards emotions
equipment • Worksheet
• Whiteboard
• Computer

Directions Step 1– introduction, checking previous knowledge
• Pupils guess the lesson’s topic (Emotions anf feelings), after that teacher shows
the emotion faces (PowerPoint presentation) and pupils recognize the word saying
it one by one: happy, sad, worried, tired, scared, suprised, angry, great.
Step 2 – practicing vocabulary, develop listening skills
• Teacher offers to take mirrors to see pupils’ emotions. Teacher says: “happy” -
pupils observe the face characteristics when expressing feelings.
• Game “Memo show”. Teacher.says: “Who likes to ‘act up’? Well, today is a
good day for you! We just identified eight different feelings, and now we are
going to act them outTeacher calls one pupil in front of the class, gives him a
word (sad, happy….) and asks to show the face emotion and other pupils guess
what is he feeling.
Stage 3 – practical activity
• Studens work in pairs. Speaking activity“How are your feelings today? Teacher
asks to find the pair asking the questions: Are you sad? Are you happy?... until
find the pupils with the same feeling. Every pupil has got one card with
appropriate picture.
• Teacher asks: Do you feel angry when it’s sunny? Do you feel happy when you
lost favourite toy? No? Ok! So write the answers: Worksheet “How do you feel
Stage 4 – evaluation
• Students evaluate their work during the lesson – fill in the evaluation:
I can understand words about feelings; I can ask questions about feelings and
answer; I can make sentences to say how I feel; tick the appropriate answer-I can
do this or I need more practice.
Evaluation • Worksheet for pupils to complete;
• Teacher's observations of student preparedness;
• Participation in pair activity.

Worksheet “How do you feel when……?”

How do you feel?

When your dog runs away from home.

When it’s your birthday.
When you learned a new trick.
When you fell down and someone laughed at you.
When someone stole your mobile phone.
When your friend doesn’t want to play with you.
When you do a lot of activities during the day .
When you are in the dark and hear strange noise.

happy, sad, worried, tired, scared,suprised, angry, great.

Self evaluation

I can do this I need more practice

I can understand words about feelings
I can ask questions about feelings and answer
I can make sentences to say how I am feeling