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DIN EN 10305-3 1s 7714075, Supersedes August 2016, o Zz DINEN 10305-5:2010-05 Steel tubes for precision applications ~ Technical delivery conditions - Part 3: Welded cold sized tubes; English version EN 10305-3:2016, English translation of DINEN 10305-3:2016-08 Priaisionsstahlrobre~ [COPIA CONTROLADA ‘Technische Lieferbedingungen - ‘Teil 3: Geschweifte maligewalzte Rohre; DEPTO. TECNICO Englische Fassung EN 10305-32016, Englische Obersetzing von DIN EN 10305-32016.08 | eceRODUGAO PROIIDA [20 SOMENTE EM VERWELH Tubes de précision en acier— Conditions techniques de livraison ~ Op. 8043007 = Rev. & Partie 3: Tubes soudés calibrés 8 froid; Version anglaise EN 10305-3:2016, ‘Traduction anglaise de DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 Documentcomprses26 pages ‘Translation by DIN-Sprachendiens. DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 ‘Acomma is used a8 the decimal marker. National foreword “This document (EN 10305-3:2016) has been prepared by Technlal Committe ECISS/TC 110 "Steel tubes, nd iron and ste! itis” (Secretariat UNL, Kal}, ‘The responsible German body involved in its preparation was DMNormenausschuss Eisen und Sta (IN Standards Committe ron and Sta), Working Committee NA021-90-08-09 UA Prazisionsstahlrobre. ‘This European Standard speciis technical delivery condition for welded costed tubes whlch are characterized by having precisely defined tolerances on dimensons, 4 specified surface roughness and defined mechanical properties. Amendments This standard fers from DIN EN 20205-3:2010-05 as follows: 8} the references have been updated: 1b) the options have been renumbered in such a way thatthe number of options are now the same ‘throughout al pacts: 6) soe grades £460, £500, £550, 600 and B700have been adda 4) thestandasd has been eto cevsed 3 COP. A CONTROLADA, DEPTO. TECNICO: | REPRODUCAG PROIBIDA ANDO SOMENTE EM VERE HC 5D, 60.4 3007 = Rew. A Previous editions ‘in 2394: 1938-07, 1942-10, 1997-07 DIN 2394-1: 1962-08, 1994.09 DIN 2394-2: 1981-08, 1994.09 DIN EN 10305-3:2003-02, 2010-05 } i i 2 3 ’ i i i j | : | | EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 10305-3 NORME EUROPEENNE EUROPAISCHE NORM March 2016 res77aa07s Supersedes EN 10205-22010. English Version Steel tubes for precision applications - Technical delivery conditions - Part 3: Welded cold sized tubes Tes deprésionenacer-Candtenstechiquende Prone Taisen rls Parte Tubs eater eibves ie “fal Gates nage Rae ‘Ths tropean Standard wae proved CEN on ane 2016, CEN members round a copy with the CEN/CENELEC ternal Regulation whichis condoning ts Erpern Sundar te sats atonal tundrd without any arto Updates bogey frees cerning stchnatona standards maybe ied on pion wo te CEN-CENELEC Managment Cote oa CEM ‘sap Sondre nel ess [nh ech Goma. Aves ay ter ng mde ‘outa andere rorya ment ne ose orth CNGENEEE spe, em members ar themationl standards des a Aust, ean, aria. Cea, ype, Coch Repl Denar, sta, Finan, Former Yoga Repl ora France Cerys nga rand, Le Lon zo teas omy, Pk For Ron, Sa Sore ih et ean aya joo I CONT ROLAD, Oo | sorroteion | VERDE} ENCENCLEE Maegemont Centre: Aen Mori 1, 84000 ras ©2016C0% Age nonin ayn andby oy marred Teta manssa0t68 DIN Ew 10305-3:2016-08 ENVO305"3:20 io) Contents Page European foreword, Scope 2 Normative references.. 3 Termsand definitions 4+ Symbols 5 Classification and Designation SA Classification nnnnnnn 52 Designation.. 6 Information to be supplied by the purchaser 64 Mandatory information 62 Options. 63 Example ofan order. Manufacturing process. asa Steelmaking process. ‘Tube manufacture and delivery conditions Requirements. General ‘Chemical composit Mechanical properties. Appearance and internal soundness. Dimensions and tolerances. Outside diameter and wall thickness. Lengths. Straightness. Preparation of ends Inspection ‘Types of inspection. Inspection documents. ‘Types of inspection documents. Content of inspection documents ‘Summary of inspection and testing Sampling... Testunit Preparation of samples and test pleces. Location, orientation and preparation of samples and test pleces for mechanical Test pieces for roughness measurement. Test methods... Tensile test. Flattening test Drift expanding test seer Onmand unre Comtr mas as Lt ifr a sTSLMerrotarGan ae 114 Dimensional inspection. ALE Roughness measurement 116 Visual examination 117 _Non-destructivetestin a 11.7.4 Testing for longitudinal imperfections. 1172 Leak-tightness. ‘Testing of transve DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10308-3:2016 (E) COPIA TONTROLADA |" DEPTO, TECNICO roe APROU at ALTO SOWENTE EM VERMELK: DIN EN 10305-322016-08 EN 10305-32016 (8) European foreword ‘This dacument (EN 10305-3:2016) has been prepared by Technical Committee ECISS/TC 110 “Stee! tubes and iron and steel iting’, the secretariat of which is held by UN This Curopean Standard shall be given the status of national standard, either by publication of an Identical text or by endorsement, atthe latest by September 2016 and conflicting national standards shall be withdrawn at the latest by September 2016. ‘Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights. CEN [and/or CENELEC] shall not be hel responsible for identifying any o ll such patent gts ‘This document supersedes EN 10305-3:2010. [ns comparison withthe previous edition, the fllowing technical changes have been made: 4). References were adapted; 1b) The options were renumbered in such a way that now throughout all parts the number ef options are the same; }_ Addition of steel grades 6460, 8500, £550, 8600 and E700; 4) Baltorial updates. [EN 10305, Stel eubes for precision applications Technical delvery conltons consists ofthe fllowing parts: = Part 1: Seamiess cold drawn tubes = Pare 2: Welded cold drawn tubes = Pare 3: Weld cold sized tubes — Pare: Seamless cold drawn tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems — Part 5: Welded cold sized square ond rectangular tubes — Part6: Welded cold drawn cubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems ‘According to the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, the national standards organizations of the following countries are bound to implement this European Standard: Austra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Cech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithvania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switaerland, ‘Turkey and the United Kingdom, COPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO REPRODUCAO Pro ' 0 ALl00 SOMENTE EMU TRev. & DIN EN 10305. EN 10305: 1. Scope ‘This European Standard species the technical delivery conditions for welded cold sized st circular erss section for precision applications with specified outside dlameter Ds 193,7 mm, ‘This document may also be applied to other types (excluding square and rectangular) of cross section, Tubes according to this document are characterized by having precisely defined tolerances on Aimensions and a specified maximum surface roughness. Typical fields of application ae i the veil furniture and general engineering industries I tubes of 2. Normative references ‘The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced inthis document and are indispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. Por undated references, the atest edition ofthe referenced document (including ny amendments) applies. EN 10020:2000, Definition and classification ofgradesofstel — [SPIN CONT ROLADA EN 10021:2006, General technical delivery condtionsforsteel products Q=PTO, TECNICO EN 10027-1, Designation stems for steels - Port 1: Steel names REPTONLUGAA PROIBIDA [vALIOO SOMENTE EM VERMELIO| EN 10027-2, Designation systems for steels Por 2: Numerical system EN 10052:1995, Vocabulary ofhea treatment terms for ferrous products EN 10168, Stee products Inspection documents List of information and description EN 10204, Metalic products Types of inspection documents [EN 10266:2003, Stel tubes, fitings and structural hallow sections - Symbols and definition of terms for sein produet standards EN 150377, Stel and stet products - Location and preparation of samples and test pieces for mechanical testing (1803773) EN 180 2566-1, Ste! - Conversion of elongation values Part 1: Carbon and low ally stele (1S0 2566-1) EN 1504287, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Terms, definitions and surface texture porameters (150 4287) EN 150 6892-1, Meallic materials - Tensile testing - Part I: Method of test at raom temperature (180 6992-1) EN 150 8492, Metallic materials Tube -Flotening test (180.8492) EN 150 8493, Metal materals- Tube - Driftexpanding es (1S0 8493) [BN 10 10893-1, Nondestructive testing of steel tubes - Part 1: Automated electromagnetic testing of seamless and welded (except submerged arcwelded) see! tubes for the verifeation of hydraulic leaktighenes (150 10893-1) i 7 i i i i i a i | i 2 i j i i DIN EN 10305-2:2016-08 ENO305-3:2018 (2) EN 150 10893-2, Nondestructive testing of steel tubes - Part 2: Automated eddy current testing of Seamiess and welded (except submerged arc-welded) steel tubes for the detection of imperfections (050 10893-2) EN 1S0 10893-3, Non-lestructive testing of steel cubes - Part 3: Automated ful peripheral flux leakage testing of seamless and welded (excep submerged arc-welde) ferromagnetic tcl tubes fr the detection ‘oflongitudinal and/or transverse imperfections (180 10893-3) EN 1S0 10893-10, Non-destructive testing of steel tubes - Part 10: Automated fal peripheral ultrasonic testing f seamless and welded (except submerged arc-welded) sol tubes fr the detection of ongitudinal and/or transverse imperfections (180 10893-10) EN 1S0 10893-11, Non-destructve testing of stel tubes ~ Part 1: Automated ultrasonic testing of the weld se0m of welded steel tubes for the detection of longitudinal and/or transverse imperfections (050 10893-11) 150 12404, Steel preducte- Employer's qualification system for non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes ofthis dacument, the terms and definitions given in EN 10020-2000, EN 10021:2006, EN 10052:1993, EN 10266:2003 and the following apply. aa employer organization for which a person works ona regular basis, Note toentry: The employer may be ether the tube manufscturer or 3 third party organization providing $ervice, such ae non-destrctiv testing (NDT). 32 ‘manufacturer party to produce and co deliver tubes in accordance with this document Note 1 toentry: Where tubes are delivered through an interme, se EN 10021-2006, Clause 6 a3. Imperfection iscontiouity i the wall r onthe pipe surfaces detectable by methods described in this document Note 1 tenty: Imperfections wth sive complying with the aceptance cltera specified In ths document are considered have no practi implication on the mended use ofthe product. a4 defect Imperfection ofa size not complying withthe acceptance criteria specified in this document Note 1 to entry: Defects are considered to adversely affect or iit 3s COPIA CONTROLADA, EPTO, TECNICO | Parent colt o Col origin om the hot sling proces prior to any subsdquentaperauon (pielling sling cold rolig coating) REPRODUGAO PROIBIOA | ]vaLI99 SOMENTE FIA VERMEL! DIN EN 10305. EN 10205. 4 Symbols For the purposes of this document, the symbols in EN 10266:2003 apply, 5 Classification and Designation 5. Classification In accordance with the lassificaton system in EN 10020 the steel grades given in Table 2 are non-alloy ‘quality steels excep steel grade E700 which san alloy quality see 5.2 Designation For the tubes covered by this document the steel designation consists of the numberof this document (EN 10305-3) plus either 8) thesteel name in accordance with EN 10027-1;0r 1b). the ste! number in accordance with EN 1027-2, 6 Information to be supplied by the purchaser 6.1 Mandatory information The following information shall be obtained bythe manufacturer atthe time of enquiry and arder: & CON1 ROLADA! ‘0. TECNICO 8) the quantity (mass or total length or number): Se, by the term tube’, 0 REPRODUGAG PROIBIDA VALICO SOMENTE EM VERMELHO| ©) thedimensions (see 85.1) the steel designation (see 5.2); ©) the delivery condition including the surface condition (se@7.24'44092.3)"""" * ype oftube length and, where applicable, the length (see 852) 8) type of inspection document (see 9.1) 6.2 Options ‘A numberof options are specified in this document and these are listed below. Inthe event thatthe purchaser does not indicate his wish to Implement any of these options atthe time of enguity and order the tubes shall be supplied in accordance withthe hase specification (see 6.1) + Option 1 specication ofa stet grade not speciied inthis document (see 82}; + Option 3: suitability fr hot-dip galvanizing (see 82): ‘+ Option 4: surface condition for further processing (see8.4.1); + Option 6: removal of internal weld bead (see 84.2); DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 BNWO305-3:2016 (6) ‘+ Option 8: measurement of surface roughness (see 8.4.4); + Option 9: speci surface roughness (see 4.4: + Option 11: non-destructive testing ofthe weld seam for the detection of longitudinal imperfections (seca); + Option 12: non-destructive testing forthe detection of longitudinal imperfections (see 8.4.8 and 117); ‘+ Option 13: non-destructive testing for verification ofleaktightness (see 848); ++ Option 14 specification of procedure to test transverse welds for the detection of imperfections (Gee 548); + Option 15: specication of cross section other than circular (See 85.1.1 + Option 16: reduced dlameter tolerances (S66 85.1.2): + Option 17: unilateral diameter tolerance (See 85.1.2) + Option 19: reduced wall thickness tolerance (See 85.1.3); + Option 20; wrilateral wall thickness tolerance (see 85.1.3}; + Option 21: another specified length and/or tolerance (ee 852); + Option 22; reduced maximum deviation from straightness se€ 853); + Option 25: specie end finishing (se 85.4) + Option 25: atening or driftexpanding est for delivery condition +4 or +N (se Tale 9); + Option 26: test unit with tubes frm one castony (se 10. + Option 27; more restrictive requirement on Natteningtest (see 11.2): COPIA CONT ROLAD? + Option 28: alternative marking (see Clause 12); DEPTO, TECNICO + Option 30: specified corrosion protection (see Clause 13); “8B, 6043007 «Ree + Option 38: unbundled tubes or speci method of packaging (see Clause 13), 6.23 Example ofan order 12 000 m tube with an outside diameter of D= 40 mm and a wall thickness of T= 15 mm in accordance with this document, made of steel grade £235 inthe normalized condition, picked, tobe delivered in standard lengths of m with an 3.1 inspection certificate in accordance with EN 10204 12000 m tubes 40x 1,5 EN 10305-3 -E235eN - $2 ~ standard length - inspection certificate aL DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10303°3:2016 (E) 7 Manufacturing process 7.1 Steelmaking process ‘The steelmaking process Is at the discretion of the manufacturer with the exception that the open hearth (Siemens-Martin) process shall not be employed less in combination with a secondary steelmaking o ladle refining process. ‘tots shall be Fly killed NOTE Thiseacudes the use ofrimming balanced or semiled ses 7.2 Tube manufacture and delivery conditions 7.2 The lubes shall bemanUFaCUred rom strip By elacie Welding. The tubes shall not contain strip end welds except for tubes to be supplied coiled for which the delivery conditions +8 ar +N shall be specie Possible surface conditions are a) SI (black): ISCOPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO 1b) 82 (pickle); ©) 88 (old rolled); RODUCAG PROIBIDR VALIOG SOMENTE EM VERME. 1d) S4 (coated t0an agreed condition), ‘The surface conditions $1 and S3 apply fr the strip. The surface condition 2 and S4 may apply for the sirip or the tube the purchaser should, where necessary, indicate the Fequlred condition atthe time of enquiry and order. 72.2 Tubes made ofthe steel grades E185, £195, £235, £275 and E355 shall be supplied in the delivery condition +CRi or +4 or +N (see Table 1) Tubes made ofthe grades £190, E220, E260, E320, 16370, £420, £460, £500, 6530, £600 and £700 shal be supplied in the delivery condition vCR2 7.23 Allnon-destructive testing (NDT) activities shall be carried out by qualified and competent level 1,2 and/or 3 personne! authorized ta operat bythe employer. ‘The qualification shall be in accordance with ISO 12484 or, atleast, an equivalent tot tis recommended that the level 3 personnel be certified in accordance with EN ISO 9712 o, atleast an equivalent oi ‘The operating authorization issued by the employer shall bein accordance with a writen procedure, NDT operations shall be authorized by level NDT individual approved by dhe employes. NOTE the definition of levels 1,2 and 3 can be found in appropriate standards, eg, BNISO 9712 and TSO 11406 DIN EN 10305-2:2016-08 ENMO305-3:2006 (8) ‘Table 1 — Delivery conditions Designation ‘Symbor Description Welded and colasized em | Nermaliy noe het rested, but sutable fr Oma a [enumerate aerial Sot anealed Aer welding and sing the tubes are annealed +4 [ns consoled atmosphere Normale’ wn [ARSE welding and sizing Whe tubes are normale in conrolted stnosphere. Ivar heae ueoments apithe sting mechani propertes mayb cus the speed requirements 8 Requirements 8.1 General The tubes, when supplied ina delivery condition indicated in Table 1 and inspected in accordance with Clauses 9, 10 and 11, shall comply with the requirements of this document Inaddition, the general technical delivery requirements specified in EN 10021 apply. 8.2 Chemical composition ‘The cast analysis reported by the steel producer shall apply and comply with the requirements of ‘Table 2 steel grade not specified in this document may be specified (see option 1) NOTE. When subsequently welding tubes produced in accordance with ths document itis important to take eemnt of the fat thatthe behaviour of he steal during and afer svelding is dependen ot only on the stel ‘Composition andthe delivery conditn but also onthe ondtons of preparing for and carrying out the welding, ‘Option 1: & steel grade not specified in this document witha maximum total contant of alloying elements (0f 5% and agreed chemical composition, mechanical properties and delivery condition, i specie. Where the steel grade specified is a strip grade, the mechanical properties of the tube ean be considerably different to those of the strip. Accordingly, in such cases, mechanical properties for the {ube should be agreed between the manufacturer and customer atthe time of enquiry and order, Option 3: The composition of the specified steel grade shall be such that i 1s sultable for hot-dip galvanizing (see eg. EN ISO 1461 or EN ISO 14713-2 for guidance) EF TO. TECNICO. REPRODUCAA pRovRin 00 eae 10 PROVB OA3007 Row 10 ROLABA, seman ean tune aoa Tet Lith ear a ssn DIN EN 40305-3:2016-08 ‘Table 2 — Chemical composition (east analysis) ‘Stee grade ng by mass seat | seer | c | st | mm | oe | S| Alas ass | soon | on oas | az0 | aoas | 092s | oo1s Ce eis | 100% | 0a vas | a70 | a02s | 002s | oois ro 02s | os maxs_| tome [-o, ae os 120 | 0,025 | 0025 | 0,015 e260 | 1022 | a6 27s_| azz | oat 0357] 140 “| onas | 0025 ons J sss [nosey | 022 e370] noz6t_| 021 oss | 160 | ao2s | 0025 | oo20 jeue | rest | O26 | 955 | 170 | 2s | ooas | ooze Eco | 104s | 076 e500 | 4059 | 026 | 05 | aro | onas | owas | opz0 sso | tose | 016 | oss | nan | 0025 | on2s | 020 ooo | 10595 | ote | 060 | 1ao | oo2s | ao2s | 0020 e700 _| 1098" | o16 | 060 | 210 | 002s | aoas | 0020 ‘ements ot quota the ble (bt ott) sal ot be ntertonay ed wth ‘el witht he secmest ofthe purse, ue lesen We a beaded Tor ‘heparpores of detdston and/or rope in A spropasearre al een ‘o revot trade of undeaabe cement Rom sp or oter ater re ote 3 This requramet no apple provided heel cantaies 3 scent amount of ‘ene nog bung San sch eT Nb or ade. the ane o ase ements ‘hile opored he econ dosent Whos ang tana the manacrer Sal tev ale Ty: 0, ‘Table 3 speci analysis given in Table 2 [COPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO: REPRODUGAG PROIBIDA 5D. 6. Rev A /sli5Q SOMENTE EM VERMELHO| es the permissitle deviations of product analysis from the specified limits on cast u DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 ENO305-3:2016 (6) ‘Table 3 — Permissible deviations ofthe product analyss from the specified limits on cast ‘analysis given In Table 2 “Uniting value for] Permissible deviation of ‘the productanalysis. ttement | — accordance with "rable? by mass by mass s 5055 008 Me s70 Soa0 r = 0025 0005, 5 50025 0.008 a 20015 0,008 8.3 Mechanical properties, ‘The mechanical properties ofthe tubes shall conform to the requirements of Tables 4 and § and, if specified to Option 25. NOTE Subsequent processing (coior ha] may change the mechanical properties. ‘Table 4 — Mechanical properties at room temperature for the delivery ‘conditions sCR1, +A.and #N ‘Minimum values for the delivery conditions ; ee eau? +A rr i ve # steer | steer |* ®m [4 | Re [a] Mey Pag [A name | number | yrs | 9% | wea | % | mre | mea | ass | 100 | 20 [1s | 20 || zrowao | 198 | 28 ei9s | 100 | a0 | @ | 20 | 20 | s00me0 | 195 | 20 ras | 10we | 390 | 7 | as | 2s | sore | 205 | a5 27s | woos | aa] 6 | a50_| 22 | stowsso | 7s | 22 cass | 1ose0 | seo | s | 50 | 22 | ssowea0 | ass | 22 fg tense stent: Ry uper yl eng (ur see 11] A logatin air acre For yield stents ty mabe igh a the ele seg For less purposes seg us Rey 09 hae rconmended nthe CR contin Fores with sae diameter 30mm abd wl thickness 3m he Ry mini vas COPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO REPRODUCAO PRO} atin SomeG PRONBION DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10308-32016 (9) Table 5 — Mechanical properties at room temperature for the delivery condition +CR2 ‘Minimum values forthe delivery condition” Stel grade wen steet | Stee! C Fa A eo [10038 770 190 36 e220 [10215 30 20 2 e260 | 10220, 20 260 Perea 20 [40297 a0, 320) 9 e370 | 10261 450) 370) 15 azo | 10578 90) 420) i exoo_[_ 20085 310 460 3 e500 | a0si9 | 540 00 a e550 [10805 390 350) 7 000 [10505 640 600. 6 roa | 09997 7A0 700, 5 Rae Them lg pes Wao HRT OT > ge ele gs fy per Yl eg Tuk wr TT Slogan er Faire Far te ‘844 Appearance and interaal soundness GAA The internal and external surface Fish of the tubes shall be typical of the manufacturing process and where applicable the heat treatment employed. Option 4:A surface condition suitable for special farther processing I specified bythe purchaser ‘Normally, the finish and sutice condition shall be workmanlike such that any surface imperfections requiring dressing. can be Mlentiied. Any surface imperfections, which in accordance with the ‘manufacturer's experience might be considered defects as specified in 8.45, shall be dressed In accordance with 846, 0 the ube or part of tube shall be rejected. 84.2 The external weld bead shall be removed flush with the surface. The height ofthe internal weld 's not limited, unless option 6 s specified. Option 6: The height ofthe incrnal weld bead shal no exceed specified value or be removed. “The wall thickness in the weldarea shall not be lower than the specified minimum wall thickness. 84.3 Outside the weld area the roughness on the outside surface shall be: Ra 4 um, G44 Verification of surface roughness and/or improved levels of roughness may be specified (see ‘options and 9). Option &: The surface roughnes shall be measured in accordance with 115and reported ‘Option 9: A specific surface rcughness of agreed type and limiting value is specified. The roughness shall Dbemeasured and reporced. 84.5. Surface imperfections which encroach on the specified minimum wall thickness shall be considered defects and tubes containing these 7 eument INT ROLADA! DEPTO. TECNICO PRODUGAG PROIBIDA )SCHENTE FRAVERMELHC a DIN EN 10305-3:2011 EN1O305:3:2016 (E) 6-08 8.4.6 It shall be permissible to dress, only by grinding or machining, surface imperfections provided that, after doing so, the wall thickness in the dressed area isnot less than the specified minimum wall thickness. ll dressed areas shall blend smoothly into the contour ofthe tube 84,7 Tubes in the delivery condition +4 or +N shal be free of loose scale but may show discoloration, 848 Verification of inernal soundness by non-destructive testing may be specified by the purchaser (see options 11 to 13). Option 11: Nondestructive testing ofthe weld seam forthe detection of longitudinal imperfections shall becarred outn accordance with 1.7.1 Is specfied. Option 12: Nondestructive testing of the full tube circumference for the detection of longitudinal Imperfections in aecordance with 1171 specifi. Option 13: Non-destructive testing for verfeation of leak tightness shall be carried out in accordance with 11.72 Strip end welds on tubes to be supplied coiled shall be subjected to additional testing, The testing ‘method i Ie othe discretion ofthe manufacturer unless option 18 is specified Option 14: A testing procedure (with agreed type of test ond acceptance criteria) far the detection of Imperfections in eransverse welds is specfed. 8.5 Dimensions and tolerances {85.1 Outside diameter and wall thickness 85.11 Circular tubes shall be specified by outside diameter and wall thickness but see option 15) Cross setions other than circular may be specified Option 15: A cross section other than circular (except square and rectangular) is specified and the ‘position of the weld line a) or b) orc) oF di specified by the purchaser. The deviation ofthe weld line {from a specified postion shall be: 1) narrow sie from the centre line: # 10 % of side length or #3 mm whichever isthe great 1) wide side (from the centre lng: # 10 % of side length or #3 mm whichever isthe greater; )_ commer: the weld shall be within the corner radius defined by Cy and (See EN 10305-5, Figure 1); 4) any other postion: agreed tolerance 85.12 Preferred dlameters and wall thicknesses, as well as diameter tolerances and masses per unit length are given in Table 6 For intermediate sizes, the tolerances ofthe next greater size apply. ‘The diameter tolerances include the out-of-roundness. For a maximum distance of 100 mm, the ends may, due tothe cutting method, hve dlameters ouside the tolerances. ‘The diameter tolerances given in Table@ apply for tubes in delivery conditions +CRL and +CR2, Depending onthe ratio of wall thickness and diameter the diameter tolerances of heat treated tubes in delivery condition +A and +N are given by consideration oft diameter tolerances may be speded {see options 16 and 17). Option 16:4 reduced diometer tolerances specif. DEPTO. TECNICO Option 17: The dameter tolerances sal be nlteral within th corresponding ole mt REPROBOERS FROIN inTables. — [yauioa. SOUENTE EM VERUEL 3007 = Rew. “ eo Send bith Coates mas Tos Ln te ‘Table 6 — Sizes and diameter tolerances DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10303°3:2016 (E) | DEPTO. TECNICO, RODUGAG PROISIDA UAL 00 SORMENTE EM VERMELHO} wissen ol og on | a Luz Liste] ae Lees Lael eles] s Lesh seem la a fasyfuan [aa [eve [aa [ans fre] an [a : tam[ eas [out [ot a Lee fale us [ae = caer ane Tes eae [ea fa epee Lut rn ST a ae as [aaa 5 ta [ass [aun [na as [ae as a | an fe [say [es Per [sn feat fae aa naa a TH SSS (SS [esr Cas a ows shire | Lit] ase im sf ar [ar Ya seo [a [nef lea ae eae [ae Fo [nT [sia [a ans a SEES [oat Pee Fo fs Ln fn Le Te i gee fer fia rer [ia es aa fs fs [COPIA CONTROLAD: 15 DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08, Envosos-az0i6(b) Table 7 — Diameter tolerances for heat treated tubes Torte Tolerance of Fable 6 tobe multi 005 n 05> 7/0 +0025 15 002% 2 85.13 Depending on the wal thickness 7, the following tolerances are specified 8) Ts15mm:2015 mm: — 0} F-a1,S mms# 04. .or40.35:mm whichever is thesmaller ‘The plus tolerance does not apply tothe weld area, Other wall thickness tolerances may be specified (see options 19 and 20). Option 19:A reduced wal thickness tolerance is specified. Option 20: A unioveral woll thickness tolerance within the tolerance range specified in 85.1.3, first, paragraph i specified 852 Lengths ‘The typeof tube length shall be specified atthe time of enquiry and order by either: 8) standard length, meaning a length of 6 m whose tolerance shallbe “mim oF 1b) exact length but see option 21), meaning specitied lengths with tolerances as given in Table 8. For specified lengths = 500 mm or > 8 000 mm tolerances shall be agreed in accordance with Table 8. ‘Table 8 — Tolerances for exact lengths engin Tolerance oo + by sarcomere ° 2000<1 £5000 7 000<1 «8000 “ I by greene >1.000 ve Option 21: Another length anor leone spec. ESPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO REPRODUCAO PROIBIOR Ivati0O SOMENTE EM VERMEIL. 16 ome ool tee anatomist et DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10308-3:2016 (E) 853 Straighiness For tubes, other than coiled tubing, with an outside diameter greater than 15 mm, the deviation from straightness of any tube length shall not exceed 0,002 L Deviations from straightness over one metre length shall not exceed 3mm, unless option 22 Is specified Option 22: A redaced maximum deviation from straightness specie. For exact lengtts less than 1 000 mm with an outside diameter D> 15mm, the deviation from straightness of aay tube length measured in accordance with Figure 1 shall not exceed 0,003 L. NOTE Fortubes with an outside dlameter D< 15 mm a maximum deviation from specified salghtness and ‘he inspection method tobe used nay be agreed Key 4 devin om sight Figure 1 — Measurement of deviation from straightness ¢ {85.4 Preparation of ends harm burs, ICOPIA CONTROLADA| DEPTO. TECNICO, PRODUC AO PROIBIOR SQUENTS Bu verre “The ubes shall be delivered with square cutends, The ends Option 28: sped end fishing shall be carried out 9. Inspection 9.1 Types of inspection Products complying with this document shall be ardered and détivered with-one-of the inspection documents as specified in EN 10204, The type of document shal be agreed upon at the time of enquiry land order, the erder doesnot contain any specification ofthis ype, a test report 22 shall be issued. 9.2 Inspection documents 9.2.1 Types of inspection documents Inthe case of nonspecific inspection atest report 2.2 in accordance with EN 10204 shal be issued When speciic inspection is requested, an inspection certificate 3.1 of 3.2 in accordance with EN 10204 shall be issued. Ifa inspection certificate 32 Is ordered, the purchaser shall additionally supply tothe ‘manufacturer the name and address of the organization oF person nominated to carry out the inspection esha be agreed which party shall issue the certificate wv ' : & i | i | | j i i DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN'10305"3:2016 (8) 10.2 Preparation of samples and test pieces 102.1 Location, orientation and preparation of samples and test pleces for mechanical tests 102.1.1 Gener Samples and test pieces shall be taken atthe tbe ends and in accordance with EN 180377 from one sample tube per test unit 102.12 Test pieces for the tensile test ‘The test pleces shall be prepared in accordance with EN ISO 6892-1. At the manufacturer’ dseretion the test piece is either 2 ful tube section or a stip section not containing the weld seam taken in a direction tongudinal wo the axs ofthe tube. 102.1. Test pleces for the flattening or drift expanding test ‘The test pieces shall consist ofa fll tube section, in accordance with EN 1S0 8492 or EN ISO 8493 respectively. 102.2 Test pleces for roughness measurement ‘The test pieces should be taken from the same location as for the mechanical tests. At the ‘manufacturer's discretion the test piece shal be either a ill tube section or be taken in a direction Fongitudinal to the axis ofa fll section at random, ‘11 Test methods [COPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO 11.4 Tensile test 4) thetensle strength Ry 1). the upper yield strength Ry Ia yield phenomenon isnot present the 0,2 % proof strength Ryq20F the 0,5 % proof strength (otal extension) Ra shall be determined, In case of dispute, the 02% proof strength Ryg shall 0 6). the percentage elongation after ractre with reference toa gauge length 4 of 5685, 1 non-proporional test piece suse, the percentage elongation vale shall be converted tothe value fora gauge length iy = 5.658, using the conversion able given in EN IS0 2566-1 ee aa 20 5 DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN 10305-3:2016 (E) liso ot a D wee 11 tet itanceson hats iit nm) 0b mene nr ‘the ps ousde dame nies (ms isthe psig wa ices in ales) sa factor, the valu of whichis given in Table 10, unless option 27 is specified. Table 10 = Valuer of factor ¢ (delivery conditions ¥tand-+N) rade z ‘Steeiname [Stel number ISS 0038 oo E195 0034 009 5 1.0308 009 5 30225 007 £355 1.0500 07 Option 27:4 higher value of factor Cis specified. ‘Alter testing, the test piece shall be free from cracks or breaks. However, slight cracking atthe edges ‘shall nt be considered cause or rejection. 113 Drift expanding test ‘The test shall be carved outin accordance to BN 150 8493 with a 60° conical mandrel. The tube section shall be expanded until the percentage inreace in outside diameter shown in Table 11 is reached. ‘Table 11 — Requirements forthe drift expanding test (delivery conditions +A and +N) Stel grade Yeincrease ofthe diameter Dlor ‘Steel seetname | Sel | ream Ts4mm E155 1.0038 2 a 2195) 1.003% 20 1s 2275 1.0225 5 cy 355, 1.0590 15 0 After testing, the test piece shal be free from cracks or breaks. However, a sight cracking at the edges shall nt be considered cause for rejection. [COPIA CONTROLADA DEPTO. TECNICO REPRODUGAO PROIBIDA a [vauico soMENTE Em veRMEL Ho) DIN EN 10305-3:2016-08 EN'10505-3:2016 (E) 11.4 Dimensional inspection Specified dimensions, including straightness, shall be verified, Diameter measurements shal be cartied foutata distance of 100 mm from the tube énds (see 85.1.2). 11.5 Roughness measurement Roughness shall be measured in the axial direction in accordance with EN ISO 4287 outside the weld bead, 111.6 Visual examination The tubes shall be visually examined for compliance with the requirements of 8.4.1 £7 Non-destruetive testing 11.7.4 Testing for longitudinal imperfections Non-destructve testing of the weld seam or of the full ube circumference for the detection of longitudinal imperfections shall be caried outa the diseretion ofthe manufacture, ether prior to or after sizing in accordance with one or more ofthe following methods 48) eddy curren esting: EN 180 108932, acceptance eve E3 or 3 1b) magnetic transducer/Mux leakage testing: EN ISO 10892-3, acceptance level F3; ©) ultrasonic testing: BN 150 10893-10, acceptance level USC: 4) ultrasonic testing: BN 180 10893-11, acceptance level U3 11.722 Leak-tightmess Non-destructive testing for verifiation of leakctghtness shall be carried out in accordance with ENISO 1089341, 11.7.3 Testing of transverse welds for imperfections COPIA CONTROLADA See 848 and option 4 BeSTatEcNco 11.8 Retests, sorting and reprocessing For retess, sorting and reprocessing EN 10021 applies. \ 12 Marking Unies option 28 is specified, the following marking shall be shown on a label attached tothe package unit or, where necessary for identification, tothe single tube: a) the manufacturer's name or trade mark; 1b). the specified dimensions ©) the number ofthis European Standard @) the steel name or number: 2 Suman eit ve sree kt ar Sen sree eis cee ae 305. DIN EN 10: EN 10308: @)_thedelivery condition including the surface condition (symb 1) thecast umber, when option 26 applies: inthe case of specific inspection, an identification number (eg. order or item number) which permits the correlation of he product or delivery unit othe related document Option 28: Alternative marking is specified. 13 Protection and packaging ‘The tubes shal be delivered witha temporary corrosion protection. The type of protection shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer, unless option 29 oF 30 Is specified Option 29: Thetubes shal be delivered without corrosion protection, Option 30: The tubes shal be delivered with a specfed corrosion protection to be agreed at the time of ‘enquiryand order NOTE Unprtated tubes are prone to corrosion aay tage of storage ar transportation. ‘The bes sallbe delivered bundled, unless option 38 is specified ‘Option 38: Supoly of unbundied tubes or application of especie packaging method is specified. ‘COPIA CON} ROLADA] SEPTO. TECNICo REPRODUCED py R01 VAuo0 SOMEN ge oeee | 2 DIN EN 10305-2:2016-08 EN1O305-3:2016 (8) 7 Bibliography [1] E180 1461, Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and stel articles - Specifications and test methods (0 1461) [2] BNIS09712, Nondestructive testing - Qualification ant certification of NDT personnel (1S0 9712) [3] BN1S014713-2, zinc coatings: Guidelines and recommandations fr the protection against corrasion ofiron and steel in structures Part2: Hot de galvanizing COPIA CONTROLADA, DEPTO, Técnico REPRODUGAG PROIBIOA L100 SOiENTE EM VERMELHC 0D. 60.4300