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Everything you need to know: Archeage Unchained

Level 1-30

1. Only focus on green quests until you reach around level 30. The only yellow quests you need
to do before 30 is the one that gives you your mount and second, the glider.

2. Keep the first gear you get because this will be upgraded later and become your Hiram gear.
a. Other gear you come across can be disenchanted by using an “evenstone” that you
can purchase from any “merchant vendor”.
b. You’ll get “archeum” which is used for crafted gear which, at the highest tier and
grade is best in slot. Save or sell that Archeum!

3. Underachieve every quest because you will get the same amount of XP from overachieving.

4. As you level, you will get crates and purses. Open them to get XP-pots, gold and XP.

5. Check achievements to gain guilda stars!

6. Upgrade your glider by going to Mirage Island and buy the print. See crafting to craft one of
the upgrades Without going to Mirage Island.

7. The level requirement for your first gear upgrade is level 28. So if you upgrade it before that
level, you cant use that gear until you reach the requirement. Second is level 40!

8. There are two Blue Salt Quests at level 30 that are important to do. First is at Solisa where
your mainquest leads you to in Halcyona. This rewards you an 8x8 farm design and farm cart.
Stop continuing when you have to craft your cart. This will take time to complete. Come back
to it later. Other quest is in Austera that gives you your donkey after doing two trade runs.
You will also get a 16x16 farm design! You have to be level 50 to get this. You can however
upgrade your 8x8 to 16x16 farm. So in total you will have two in the end.

Level 30-50+
9. At level 30 Be sure to upgrade your gear before Halcyona to be able to survive! After that
your questing goes like this: (Go through red portals to transition between these zones).

• Halcyona (lvl 30)
o Do all quests
• Hellswamp
• Sanddeep (lvl 34)


• Rookborne Basin (lvl 36)

• Windscour Savannah (lvl 38)
• Perinoor Ruins (lvl 41)
• Hasla (lvl 42)
a. You can skip zones if you are overleveled, however be careful not to skip the
chainquests for the zones!
10. After finishing those zones, you will go to Karkaise Ridgelands at level 44 in the red portal to
finish the rest of your quests before going to Diamond Shores. Only do green quests here! Do
gear upgrades before going to Diamond Shores.