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Successful Conquest Marketing is a lot like solving a mystery.

You'll need to uncover:

WHO is the most likely to react

WHERE the best markets are

HOW you can execute ---------

So, how are you detective skills? Take a stab at -------


One of these individuals fit into a profile that is more likely to pull the trigger on an SUV purchase.

The question is who?

Mrs. Officer Dr. Farmer

Maroon Orchid Daisy Fern

Mrs. Maroon Officer Orchid Dr. Daisy Farmer Fern

• 29 year old School Teacher • A 24 year old Second • 37 year old Orthopedic • 44 year old Dairy Farmer
Lieutenant Surgeon
• Recent suburban • Married with 2 teenagers
homeowner • Married with two young • Lives and works in the city
kids • Owns their own home in
• Expecting mother • Lives alone in her the countryside
• Rents their house apartment
• Currently drives the coupé • Their family shares their
she bought in grad school • Currently drives a truck he • Currently doesn’t own a truck and their station
two years ago bought when first vehicle and depends on wagon
stationed 3 years ago public transport to get


One of these locations will receive marketing messages from your dealership better than the others.

Where should we start searching?

Conservatory Ballroom Library Billiard

Ridge Heights Park Village

Conservatory Ridge Ballroom Heights Library Park Billiard Village

• 10 miles out of town, right • Exactly a 2 mile radius from • Your competitors are nearly • 5 miles away from your
off the highway. your dealership. non-existent is this rural dealership, just across the
area state line.
• Medium level of • Includes neighborhoods,
registrations shopping centers, and city • It has very few current car • It has the highest number
parks. registrations of vehicle registrations of
• Registrations split equally any area code within 50
between you and your top • Registrations vary • Even fewer Google Search miles.
3 competitors Trends


The suspect is in the early research stages of car shopping.

Which weapon would get them to consider your dealership?

Shotgun Envelope Digital Ad Newsletter

Commercial Rope Poison Opener

Shot Gun Commercial Envelope Rope Digital Ad Poison Newsletter Opener

A TV or Radio Ad campaign A direct mail blast to lasso One drop at a time, this A monthly newsletter with
giving your dealership’s them into your dealership series of digital ads includes content covering a wide
name, location, and contact with an offer for a $29.99 oil video test drives and variety of information
information. change. features guides for your SUV including winter maintenance
models. tips and community events.

Why data-driven marketing?

If you think this information alone isn't enough to identify the best way to
target your dealership's messages... you'd be right.
It's not until this data is harvested, analyzed, and tested with millions of others that it can be used
to see what does and doesn't work. Only then can it be used to discover your mystery leads

Here’s how we do it.

Sales Data Demographic Data Shopper Data

We combine your dealership's We use aggregated population data and Our business intelligence reporting suite
transactional data with a complete our own years of automotive research to presents a full picture of your customers'
analysis of your market - who is selling predict car-buying behavior. behaviors, so you know exactly what they
what, where, and to whom - to align your respond to, how your marketing investment
sales strategy with market demand. is working, and how to improve.

The results are in

Ridge it
Poi al Ad
a i sy

It was Dr. Daisy... Conservatory Ridge... ...with the Poison.

Successful City Singles Though it might not be the highest for Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
vehicle registrations, this area has a consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do
The bussling city streets might be the
lot of area for your dealership to grow eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et
last place you would expect someone
your customer base. dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad
to want an SUV. This specific profile is
minim veniam, quis nostrud
actually --% more than to buy an SUV
exercitation ullamco.
than the average person. The other 3
profiles prefer trucks.

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