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Genevieve Weems

Edu 214

8 May, 2017

Final Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title: Introduction to Charcoal

Subject: AP studio art

Grade level: 12

Concept / Topic To Teach: Use of charcoal as a medium in artistic setting.

General Goal(s): To demonstrate appropriate vocabulary and a mastery of tools and techniques

specific to the targeted field of study. [NS: 1.12.3]

Specific Objectives: Students will create a drawing study and two works of art using charcoal.

Required Materials: Paper, soft vine charcoal, medium compressed charcoal in black, white

charcoal pencils, paper towls, and pink pearl erasers. Computer lab, internet access, PowerPoint,

Microsoft word, web based google drive, projector, and camera.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Show the kids examples of pieces they could do. https://teacher- Then students will write an electronic journal on their goals for their art

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Step-By-Step Procedures: Day one, show the anticipatory set. Show the students how to set up

a charcoal drawing. Take students to the computer lab to work on their journals. Homework:

bring in an object to focus on in your study.

Day two, the students will work on their charcoal study by drawing drapes and the item they

brought in.

Day three, have the students set up their own still life on a table in the center of the class using

materials I bring in. Have them set up another base for a charcoal drawing.

Day four, students will work on their still life.

Day five, students will work on their still life.

Day six, show part two of the slide show. Students will take notes on the proportions of a face

and the steps in drawing their own face. Homework: students will find and print an example

photo of their face. Students will do preliminary sketches of their self portrait.

Day seven, students will work on their self-portraits.

Day eight, students will work on their self-portraits.

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Day nine, students will pick their favorite piece and display them in the front of the class. The

teacher and the students will then have a discussion on the favorite things about each student’s

art work. The students will then photograph and upload their pieces to their e-portfolio.

Plan For Independent Practice: Students will keep a sketchbook for at home study. For this

lesson, students well do preliminary sketches of each of the two major art pieces.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Students will reflect on their time using charcoal by adding

to their electronic journal on whether the piece came out as they expected.

Assessment Based On Objectives: Students will be graded on the time and effort they put into

the final piece. How they used the materials throughout the lesson. As well as the journal entry

they have.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:

Math- To get proper proportions you mush measure and calculate fractions.