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Soufi’s Restaurant

676 Queen Street West

M6J1E5, Toronto
Thank you, Toronto
Statement by the Alsoufi Family

We would like to convey our deep gratitude for the countless messages of support we have received since
making our announcement that we are closing our restaurant permanently.

We are heartbroken about having to make this decision; however, we could not put our family members, staff,
and patrons in danger. The magnitude of hate we are facing is overwhelming.

We know this hate does not reflect the people of Toronto. The people of Toronto are loving, welcoming people.
We have heard from countless community members and organizations who have restored our faith in the city.

We would like to reiterate that our son Alaa regrets the incident that occurred in Hamilton this past weekend.
That said, he did not in any way verbally or physically assault the elderly woman and has nonetheless offered
to apologize personally for not doing more. Alaa has been an activist and humanitarian for the past 9 years,
fighting for the rights of oppressed communities in Canada and worldwide. We support and love our son for
standing up against oppression.

On Friday, our son was doxed and physically assaulted, and we have received many death threats that have
left us all feeling unsafe.

Our family and business do not condone acts of hate, violence or harassment in any shape or form. We want
to restate that we are not affiliated with any political group or organization or either side of the political
spectrum. We simply believe in kindness, peace and understanding between all people.

We deeply appreciate all the love and support we have received from Toronto.