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Community is composed of people who share their beliefs, practices, culture and interest.

Moreover, according to Stosuy, 2011 community is a term for group of people living in a closed

area with a common rule. Basically community has sets of variables which are the place, interest,

and communion. Place is the aspect of community where people have something in common

while interest is the sharing of common characteristics which are linked together by religious

beliefs ethnic group and sexual orientation. Lastly is the communion, the sense of attachment to

a place group or ideas wherein you experience the spirit of the community.

Community experiences progress but can’t avoid problems either, so in connection,

among all the 16 Barangay of La Trinidad we chose barangay Betag to help them solve one of

their problems regarding waste management. Betag, means flat land area located on southern

part of La Trinidad, Benguet where it produces a lot of strawberries which is the reason why La

Trinidad is known as “The Strawberry Field of the Philippines”. Statistically, according to

National Statistics Office records, the population of Betag was highly increased from 2,026 in

1975 rises to 7,866 this 2018. The higher the population means a greater consumption and higher

risk of waste production. Globalization can be a factor why the population here in barangay

Betag is increasing, a lot of people from the different region of the Philippines are entering the

community for work and education.

With this condition, a large amount of wastes are produced by the residents. However, the

amount of garbage being produced is not a problem nor does the segregation of it. The problem

that is being faced by the community are the people who does not follow the schedule time of

dumping their wastes in the collection area that can lead to the scattering of the garbage that

creates chaos in the nearby places. The municipality has strictly implemented the Municipal
Ordinance No. 53-98 or the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Ordinance to monitor

compliance solid waste segregation and to ensure that the bringing out of garbage during

prescribed schedule of collection is being followed by households and establishments. The

ordinance also provide penalties to the violators, however some of residents are not following the

allotted time to dispose garbage. In partnership with barangay Betag, we decided to help them by

installing CCTV every garbage dump site in Betag to further maintain the ordinance and to help

officers to check and guard the place since guarding it 24/7 is a another issue. Therefore, to

implement the installing of CCTV in every garbage dump site we want to help the barangay to

get funds or budget for the installation of CCTV. On the other hand, for the people who don’t

have time in disposing their garbage because of their works which some of the residents reasons,

we prefer that municipality of La Trinidad should should review and take some adjustment to the

time in the ordinance for the people who are busy in work and no time to dispose garbage. But

for now, since the municipality is not fast to change their Ordinance we the researcher/organizer,

barangay officers and residents prefer to install CCTV Camera to lessen the problem than to wait

a long time for the Change ordinance of Municipality so we prefer to take actions.

In order to have solidarity and resilience in the community, the community must have

primary relationship (gemeinshcaft) with each other wherein the care and understanding between

the individuals are shown in order for the community to be able to work as one without any

serious conflict. As stated by Ariola, primary relationship is typically a small social group whose

members share close, personal, enduring relationships. Having this kind of relationship can help

the people adapt with each other and they can able to tolerate each other despite their differences.

With the help also of the people with legitimate power, they can also be the lead and

influence the people for them to participate and to be inspired to help and uplift their community.
Here in the Philippines, people with the authority or have the legitimate power are most likely to

be followed by the ordinary citizens because of the power vested on them. With also the help of

the leaders, they can also be the one to mold the people to become productive citizens. Being a

productive citizen is to properly fulfill his or her role as a resident (Ariola, 2016).

Aside from the community leaders and the cooperation of the people, the plan cannot be

possible without communication and giving out information. For the further understanding of the

community, with the help of the communication process where us being their partners in action

planning, we must relay message to them with accurate, precise and true.

From the concept of social integration, there are no elements of society that are in actual

conflict with each other and when socialization works within the community, everyone will

understand the importance of cooperatively working toward the same end (Siquete, 2016).

Everyone has their own role to play, and if we do these roles with wisdom and rational thinking,

all of our actions and plans will be implemented carefully and critical made that is really helpful

and effective in helping the people of the community.

I. Barangay Data



Population, Growth, and Population Estimates

According to National Statistics Office records, the population of Betag as of 1975 was 2 ,026
and has increased to 2,296 in 1980, 4,992 in 1990, and 5,789 in 1995. In year 2000, the
population slightly decreased to 5,591, and then increased to 6,235 in 2000 and 6,863 in 2010.
Population: Census years 1975-2010
Census Year 1975 1980 1990 1995 2000 2007 2010
Population 2,026 2,296 4,992 5,789 5,591 6,235 6,863
Source: NSO
The population growth rate between year 1990 and 1995 was 2.8%. This dropped down to -
0.74% between years 1995 to 2000 and has increased to 1.57% between 2000 and 2007. Between
2007 and 2010, the population growth rate was 3.25%.

Intercensal Growth Rate AVERAGE

1990-1995 1995-2000 2000-2007 2007-2010 GROWTH
2.8 -0.74 1.570 3.25 1.72
Source: LT Physical and Socio-economic Profile 2012

Using the obtained average growth rate of 1.72, the projected population for 2013 is 7,223
people with an estimated household of 1,806. For the year 2014, the projected population is
7,348 persons with 1,837 estimated households. For 2015, its projected population is at 7,474
with an estimated household of 1,868.
Estimated Population (2012-2020)
Year Projected Estimated No. of
Population HHs
2011 6,981 1,745
2012 7,101 1,775
2013 7,223 1,806
2014 7,348 1,837
2015 7,474 1,868
2016 7,602 1,901
2017 7,733 1,933
2018 7,866 1,967
2019 8,002 2,000
2020 8,139 2,035
Population Doubling Time: 40.7 years
From the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA) survey in 2012, the total
population of Betag was 8,937. The total number of households was 3,133 with an average
household size of 3.

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Clarify this.
Population by Sitio

Most of the population of Betag is situated in Zone 3 or Sitio IC with 1,608. This is followed by
Zone 2 or IB with 1,514 residents. Zone 4 or ID has 411 residents, and Zone 3 or IA has 382

Sitio/Purok Households Population

# % #
IA 127 10.94% 382
IB 469 40.40% 1514
IC 470 40.48% 1608
ID 95 8.18% 411
Total 1,161 100.00% 3,915
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Population- The population of betag is one of the best important factor that can help the group to

point out why there are people who don’t know how to dispose their garbage in a right time. By

the used of this data of population we come up on the idea of the amount of garbage they

produced. By the used of the data of population per sitio we better understand and know where

the place to install more of CCTV camera.

II. Project Period Objective

As time goes by we wanted to see an improvement, so by the year three, lesser number of

violators or no more violators when it comes to garbage disposal in prescribed schedule.

III. Description of the Objective

The municipality of La Trinidad has strictly implemented the Municipal Ordinance No.

53-98 or the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Ordinance and it was observed in

barangay that the segregation of solid wastes are being followed by the residents. However, there

are still people in the community who don’t know how to follow the ordinance when it comes to

the scheduled waste disposal which causes littering around the dumping area and not good smells

to the barangay.

IV. Priority Area

The priority area of this plan are the garbage dumpsites of Barangay Betag.

V. Annual Objective

By the end of the year, be able to fund the budget for the installation of CCTV cameras

to every garbage dumpsite of Barangay Betag.

VI. Description of the Objective

Installation of CCTV cameras near the garbage dumpsites to monitor and ensure that the

bringing out of garbage during prescribed schedule of collection is being followed by households

and establishments. The CCTV cameras will serve as a tool to identify people violating the rules

and to be given a proper punishment. Specifically this punishment are in line to the punishment

of the Municipal Ordinance where people who violate should pay 1000 pesos and goes higher.
VI. Sector

The residents of the community and the community itself will be the beneficiaries of the


VII. Number of people reached

The total number of people that can be reached by the plan will be around 7, 866


B. Action Plan

I. Problem

After gathering information from the Barangay Hall of Betag and the residents, based on

this information that we have gathered, we concluded that the major problem of Betag is not

following the proper time disposal of the garbage. Segregation wasn’t a problem according to the

barangay, but due to the reason that people throw garbage at a usually late time and the “Bantay

Basura” isn’t really required to guard the garbage dumpsite at a 24/7 interval, due to this garbage

has been left on the dumpsites on longer periods of time. And with this problem the domestic

animals in Betag that are usually left alone on streets or should we say abandoned and left astray

usually scavenge then later on scatter the trash and along with is their uncontrolled littering on

the streets of Betag and also the garbage that the garbage collector didn’t collect caused stinky

odor to the barangay (“Diyay haan nga naala ti taga kolekta ti basura gapo ti naladaw nga

nagbasura ket agdulot ti nanbangsit nga angot ditoy barangay”) said by Manong resident.
II. Action

In order to raise a fund, we, in partnership with the barangay Betag and residents agreed

to organize a fun run for the installation of CCTV cameras.

According to the date provided by the barangay, the most probable solution for solving

the problem was installing CCTV cameras on the site of the garbage dumpsites. During the time

they installed the CCTV camera on the garbage dumpsite on Purok IC according to Ma’am

Brighton Blue “Gaano ka epektibo ang may CCTV camera sa isang purok na meron ng CCTV?”

(How effective of having a CCTV in one of the purok of Betag?) then, suddenly she said that

“ang mga kaso ng di tama ang pag babasura ay kumunti at naresolbahan na” (the cases of late

disposing became minimal and was solved). Additionally, it solve some issues of nakawan on the

purok said by Manang Bantay basura on the Purok of IC. The residents on the Purok of IC

contributed in order to buy CCTV camera for their safeties and Garbage because due to the fact

the Purok IC is somewhat the commercial section of the barangay, they had the funds to buy the

CCTV while the other Purok are just considered residential and the funds to buy the CCTV

camera is hard to come by. Overall we the researcher, Barangay Officers and residents of Betag

conclude that installation of CCTV Camera is the best way to solve the issue on not following

the proper disposing of garbage.

And due to this, we concluded that in order to gather the funds needed by the other

Purok’s to buy the CCTV cameras, we would like to start a fun run wherein we would like to sell

the tickets at the cost of 250 pesos per person. The fun run is open to all who wants to

participate, the researchers/organizers would hope to garner an estimate revenue of at least

50,000 pesos and would like to invite a minimum of 200 runners for the fun run. This 200

Runners will be some of the residents of betag who are willing to help the community and by the
use of technology we can share this activity to the people who are willing to join and we also,

partners to some event organizer of fun run in order to gain more person who will join.

The activity is located at the front of Mt. Kalugong Eco Park Entrance and will be

scheduled on April 27th at 5:00 am in the morning, before the fun run starts the runners will be

oriented around 5:15 am and the fun run will officially start at 5:45 am. The Fun Run will be

starting from the entrance of Mt. Kalugong Eco Park and the finish line will be at the front of the

Municipal Hall of La Trinidad. As for the checkpoints we coordinated 3 booths located on 3

certain locations that the runners will be oriented on. The organizers will make a committee of

awards wherein they will conclude the prize of the winners, the preliminary plan for the awards

is that the 1st place will receive 1500 pesos, the 2nd place will receive 1000 pesos, and the 3rd

place will receive 500 pesos. The fun run will accept walk in participants but the first 200

participants will receive a free keychain and collectible. By the used of their registration it can be

installed 2 CCTV camera in each dumpsites of every sitio and this CCTV camera worth 3,500

Appendices A (Documentation)

When we decided to go at the Barangay Hall of Betag and ask some help from the

barangay officials, we have seen that the people is the biggest problem of the barangay and

according to Sir Brighton Laurian, people is the biggest problem of the barangay because even

though they have implemented many rules and regulations if the people do not know how to

cooperate and follow the rules and regulations then there would be no progress and of course

expect a problem. We came up thinking about it and made us realize that it is true, we should

start reflecting in ourselves first before the others and before blaming others. In the first place,

we are the one shaping our society or the community we belong in. Just like in group works, we

should cooperate and try our best to contribute something and do not be dependent on our group

mates to come up with a better work. We need to be disciplined at all times and do not be a dead

weight. Learn also, how to socialize with each other in order to know more what is happening in

the society we are living. As a human being we should know to apply the term “Pakikisama” in

order our community can grow faster, less conflicts and to become an ideal community to others.

Therefore if we do all of this we make our community not only a better place but a best place to

live in.
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