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Key Points of Introduction to Shreem Brzee Lecture Wealth Rising Lite Sound creates the reality.

Key Points of Introduction to Shreem Brzee Lecture

Wealth Rising Lite

Sound creates the reality. Sound is the fundamental founding blocks of material reality.

Breakdown of the Shreem Brzee mantra:



Money is Shreem.


The word for money, not a dollar bill, but real money which is gold, is Shreem.


The sound of life, the sound of prana is Shreem.


When you begin to live that sound, that is when you are going to experience the creation. You will be able to see the creative process.


By using the sound, you will come in touch with the creative process, and that is very important.


Shreem is the seed and it creates all of the wealth that you want to create.



The author of the Brzee mantra is Vishwamitra.


Vishwamitra was an emperor and he wanted to give a lifestyle that was of his own lifestyle, the emperor’s lifestyle for everyone.


He was the most compassionate being that ever lived on the earth plane.


He found out that there’s no economic theory that would substantiate it because his treasury would go bankrupt if he gives all the money in the bank, in his treasury to his citizens.


He thought that fundamentally it is a person’s consciousness that is responsible for that person’s wealth, or poverty.


That is why he spent 1500 years refining his consciousness to that level to find the origin of money.

Poverty is created by consciousness. Wealth is created by consciousness.

Fundamentally, both wealth and poverty are sound frequencies.

These sound frequencies, if they are changed and then lodged in one’s brain, you begin to live that experience.

The Divine solution is Shreem Brzee.

It is a bosonic sound that can create the reality of prosperity for everyone regardless of your skill set, education, or whether you have anything - it doesn’t really matter.

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What matters is just really hammer, hammer, and hammer your brain with this sound.

What is karma?

Karma is your mindset.

Your mindset comes from your biological genes.

You are conditioned by the genes that you have inherited.

If they are poverty genes, then you are naturally thinking those thoughts that are not prosperity related.

It is the Law of Causality.

You are born and wired with a particular consciousness.

It is a matter of this part of the brain called the Frontal Lobe which is becoming more hardened. It doesn’t allow outrageous thinking and locks you into negativity.

In a stretch limousine you have the driver and the passenger in the back - maybe there is even a bathtub, a television, and everything. Why do you have somebody who is driving, and why do you have another enjoying the bathtub in back? That is what is called karma.

Life, money, joy are synonyms.

When you receive money, a bonus, or somebody gives you a gift, how do you feel?

You feel life bubbling forth. There is inherent joy.

Why is there joy? Because money, joy, and life are synonyms.

You pass by a beggar and give him a $100 dollar bill, you will see his eyes light up. He will light up.

The ability to change your conception, your capabilities, lies in Shreem Brzee also.

If you are not able to conceive of $50,000 dollars, and can only conceive of up to $50,000 dollars, then that is your reality. And, if you can conceive beyond that, then that’s your reality.

Shreem Brzee is a way to gradually help you to unfold the capability of the mind to conceive, the capability of the mind to conceive beyond $50,000, or beyond $100,000, or beyond a million.

When you go on saying the mantra over and over, and over again - not just only hammering it, but also taking it through a level below the mind. Then, Shreem Brzee becomes more and more powerful.

Samadhi is a condition where only matter exists, when mind and matter come together.

It is the mind that creates matter, but then that condition has to be lived.

Mind and matter should collapse to one reality. At that reality, you develop what is called a Siddha Sankalpa, which is “You think, and then you manifest.”

There is no manifestation without thought.

My success is dependent upon your success.

I wouldn’t be teaching this if I had no faith in it.

I’m going to pin my success to your success, and we will both succeed in creating a great world of manifesting wealth and prosperity.

Spiritual people are involved in refining their consciousness. They will have better results from this program. Spiritual people will be more prone to make more money in this program than material people.

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