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DC Chaudhery, (BSc; MCom; MEd);

(IAS, HCS Exams Qualified)

Former: DPC-SSA cum Dy Distt Edu Officer, Fbd,

Member: Governing Body,

Faridabad Education Council,

Advisor, Faridabad Navchetna Trust &

- Dr OP Bhalla Foundation -
(Manav Rachna University, Fbd.)

- Member: Haryana State EducatIon Committee;
- Member, Exams Board of School EducatIon, Haryana;
- Resource Person, Deptt of Education, Haryana;
- Distt President, Haryana Edu Officers Assoc;
- Fin & Admin Advisor,
Additional Deputy Commissioner, Fbd cum
Admnistrator Echelon Engg Inst;
• Holding a, 'Self Practiced-Non-Medicinal'
'HASTA MUDRA' YOGA -cum- Vedic Astro, Beeja Mantras
& SwitchWords' WELL-BEING Therapy Program' like this is
a 'Strategic Vision' to live a Happy 'n' Healthy Life by
cutting the ever rising Health Costs to Minimal by
Learning to Prevent and Self Cure the Chronic Mental,
Physical and Emotional Diseases in a Natural Holistic
Vedic Way- by Balancing Vatta - Pitta - Kapha (Water,
Earth, Akash, Vayu, Fire Elements) through our 5 Fingers
to enjoy an Amazing Health!
• Statutory Warning: Pls keep on consulting ur Doctor & do
keep on consuming the Medicines, if prescribed! Hasta
MudrasYoga Therapy may be Self-practiced along with
consuming medicines!
• Quantitative & Qualitative Productivity of
the Worthy Practiceners is Assured!
Balancing Vatta, Akash + Vayu = Vatta
Pitta & Kapha! Water + Fire = Pitta
Since Obesity, Indigestion, Cold, Cough, Water + Earth = Kapha
Mucus are caused by Kapha Excesse - so
decrease KAPHA by inncreasing PITTA Elements: Balancing: Touching
by doing heat producing Mudras like
Surya & Ling. KingThumbs & Fingers Tops
Since Jionts, Arthritis Pains & Gas are representing the Element!
caused by Vatta excess - so decease
VATTA by doing Vayu & Vatta Shamak Deacreasing: Fingers at Thumbs
Mudras! Vata dosha exhibits itself as Base & Pressed under Thumb!.
restlessness, anxiety, fear, a sense of
insecurity, dryness, constipation, poor or
variable appetite, bloating and
Since Fever, Burning, Acidity are caused
by PITTA excess- so decrease PITTA by
KAPHA Balance Mudras like Prithvi,
Jal Shamak Mudras decreases Pitta &
Fire Both Thumb Is King
Significance of :Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
MUDRAS FOR BALANCING EMOTIONS VATA: The Energy Of Movement is driving vital force or
These mudras are aimed at helping adjust an prana, which mobilizes and controls all functions like
emotion that each finger corresponds to an heartbeats, respiration, & blood circulation.
element & nternal aspects of your body. Significance- Vata controls traits like enjoyment,
In order to affect either the emotion or body part, happiness, creativity, speech. Thus when vata (prana)
squeeze the corresponding finger on both sides. leaves the body - body dies. Vatta moves the body &
For emotions relating to fear or issues related to unbalanceVata causes flatulence,gout, Rheumatism.
the kidneys, activate your little or pinky finger PITTA Regulates Metabolism, Digestion and
Assimilation of food. It controls gastric fire, enzymes
For emotions relating to anger or issues connected
and amino acids for regulating metabolism.
to the liver, gall bladder, or central nervous system,
Significance- Affects & helps in digestion, appetite,
activate your ring finger vitality, learning, and thinking.
For dealing with the emotion of impatience or the KAPHA Provides Lubrication And Structure: It has the
heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory watery properties and is a carrier of nutrients. All soft
systems, activate your middle finger body organs are associated with this are related with
For emotions relating to depression, sadness, and the taste, nourishment, & lubrication.
grief or issues with the lungs, activate your index Significance- It is body nutrient- provider.
finger Diseases of Imbalanced Elements
For dealing with the emotion of worry or anxiety or Water element Imbalance : Cold, sinusitis, asthma,
for reoccurring stomach issues, activate your swellings, blood thinning or blood clotting, problem in
thumb urination, diseases of reproductive organs.
For me this guidance triggers a few thoughts. First, Fire element Imbalance: Increased body coldness or
fever, diabetes, skin diseases, loss of vital energy,
the close connection between anxiety and the
acidity, and mental disorders.
stomach make complete sense to me. Whenever I
Air element Imbalance: Nervous disorders, BP, lung
am feeling super anxious, my stomach very quickly disorders, physical pains, deformities, depression,
becomes my enemy. I also find it amusing – albeit locomotors ataxia (Loosing Control over Body)
in a sophomoric way – that the middle finger Space element Imbalance: Thyroid disorders, throat
corresponds to impatience. Think about individuals problems, speech disorders, epilepsy, mental illness,
who consume too much alcohol and how when the foolhardiness (Foolish Bravery Act), ear diseases.
liver is in overdrive, so not able to regulate their Earth element Imbalance : General weakness, obesity,
emotion of anger. cholesterol, weight-loss and weight gain, bones and
4 Essential Mudras • Pushan Mudra-I (For Digestion - Do After Meals for
activating the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra)
Gyan Mudra How to: bring your index
• Meant for Upper GI (Gastrointestinal Diseases) Track
finger and thumb together. Issues Like: Reflux (Heart Burning) and
Recommended during meditation,
• Belching (Gas Coming Through Mouth डकाय ):
this Mudra provides a soothing and
• Vyan Mudra (Thumb + Index + Middle) in RHS +
calming effect on the mind. This is
particularly beneficial for increasing • Apan Mudra (Thumb + Ring + Middle) in LHS
memory and concentration and even • Pushan Mudra-II (For Digestion After Meals) For
helps with things like depression, Lower-GI (Gastrointestinal Diseases) Track issues like:
Gas, Bloating, or Constipation:
anxiety, loss of sleep, and stress.
• Pran Mudra (Thumb + Little + Ring) in RHS +
Pran Mudra: Eye problems, nervous problem,
and charges all parts of the body. • Apan Mudra (Thumb + Ring + Middle) in LHS.
How to: place the tip of the thumb to the tip of Hridya Mudra: For Heart disease, asthma, and
the little and ring finger, keeping the other two respiration related diseases.Hridaya Mudra How to: place
fingers straight. This is an immune-boosting the index finger at the root of the thumb and bring the tip
practice designed to keep the mind and body of the thumb to the middle finger and ring finger. Extend
free of disease. It's also believed to bring about the little finger. Hridaya Mudra may prove very helpful to
a glowing complexion to the skin because it release pent-up emotion and unburden your heart. It is
radiates blood-purifying properties. an excellent mudra to practice during times of emotional
conflict and crisis.
• Varun/Jal Mudra: This is for blood purification • Digestion & Weight Loss
and all skin diseases.Prana Mudra: Eye problems,
nervous problem, and charges all parts of the • 1) Apan Mudra 32 Minutes
body How to: bring the tip of the little finger to How to: bring the tip of your
your thumb. The little finger represents the water thumb to the middle finger and
element, right? Hence, it's great for ring finger, keeping the index
bmaintaining the fluid balance in your body. This and small finger upright. This
leads to healing for many skin conditions and to a calms the wind energy in the
natural glow and luster to your face. It also helps body, so it's especially good for
you to clearly and intuitively communicate. bloating.
Prithvi Mudra: For peace of mind, Energy etc. 2) Surya Mudra:16 Minutes
How to: place the tip of the ring finger to the thumb. Obesity, cholesterol etc. How to:
For those who want to gain weight! place the ring finger at the root of
the thumb and press the thumb
• Vayu Mudra: For joint pains, stomach problems over it. If you're concerned about
etc. Yayu Mudra How to: place the index finger at your waistline, this is the mudra
the root of the thumb and press the thumb into for you! It's believed Surya Mudra
the index finger itself. This mudra will help speeds up the metabolism.
reduce pain. Air or Vatta (being the root cause of
pain in the body) is suppressed by the fire, an 3) Linga Mudra 12 Minutes: How
energy that feeds into pain. to: clasp the fingers of both hands
together and keep one thumb
Akash M:For Ear,Calcium & Phos, UnderThyroid. pointed up. Great for respiratory
issues and likes like phlegm.
Shunya Mudra How to: place the middle finger at Recommended for asthmatic
the base of the thumb and bring the thumb on top patients.
of the middle finger. A great mudra for any hearing
related issues, especially tinnitus. Also good for Chinmaya Mudra: For
Over Thyroid & vertigo issues! Contentment & Weight-
Akash (Osteoporosis Mudra) (Mantra for Good Shunya - Mudra
Speech, Chant the mantra, OM VACHASPATHAYE Also known as Eptiness or Heaven Mudra
NAMAHA, & ॐ हॊ नभ्- to Activates Throat since it gives the feellings of Emptiness
Chakra-) There is an intra-cellular space between making out Mind free from thinking about
75,000 billion cells in our body - largest in universe!
anything else, and just experiencing the
Negative emotions like fear, anger, sorrow, etc. are
replaced by positive feelings and thoughts like never-ending Heaven like space.
Patience, Courage, Responsibility, Intuition & Extra Cures ENT, Ear Pain,Tinnitus Hearing &
Sensory Powers (EPS) and Helps in Calcium, Phos prevent the harmful effects of the WEIGHT
absorption & gives StrongTeeths & Healthy Throat GAINER Hypothyroidism as Shunya Mudra
& Detoxifies the Body & Mind wastes & under Sharpens the Centre of the Thyroid Gland.
Thyroid hormone Strengthens Bones, Heart,Throat,Thyroid
It activates our own teacher inside us and makes Gums
us broad minded by leaving meanness to Its Use with Vayu Mudra Cures - gout,
understand life better. flatulence, constipation, arthritis, neck pain,
trembling, paralysis,cervical
Its practice also helps in getting space say
spondilytis,Vertigo, Motion Sickness,
getting a proper sitting & attract friends
& customers.
D Mudra (Akash)
For Controling BP, the Middle
finger of both hands were
squeezed from root to tip for 5
Minutes as Shown in the Pic.
1. GYAN HASTA MUDRA While After Tea: Prithvi Mudra
Waking Up, Chanting for 5 Half an Hour Before Sleeping:
minutes वल्रबॊ गजाननॊ एकदॊ तॊ
Pran Mudra + Vishnu/ Vatta
ॐ हौं वं जं सः
2. SAMAN Mudra before Meals:
Shamak M
OM Lam Namah, OM VAM Namah, While Sleeping For Being Free
OM RAM Namah, OM YAM From Viral Diseases: Varun
Namah, OM HAM Namah
Mudra Chanting for 5
minutes: ॐ हौं वॊ जॊ स्
3. Apan Vayu/ Pushan 1&2 /
Mishthi Mudra after Meals,
Chanting ॐ रलरतॊ रम्फोदयॊ Haum: To Ward off Evil
4. Kuber/ Vyan Mudra, while
going to work :अम्म्फका अनादद
Vum: Amritam Water Fluid
ननत्माना अश्वारूढ़ अऩयाम्जता Joom: To Give Immune
Lalitam Ambika Anadi Nityana, SA - To Burn and throw
Ashwaroodh Aparajita
5. Apan Mudra while Coming
Bacteria out of Body through
Home:नभ् लिवामॊ NamahShivaym Ha - the Space.
Gyan Mudra of Knowledge, Wisdom (सयस्वती)
Planet Jupiter's - Gyan Mudra relates to expansion- knowledge Balances Ego, Elevates Soul (आत्भफर),
Inner Peace, A Calm Mind & Mental Immunity, Removes Unwanted Thoughts & Be Righteous. Improves
Personality Disorders & Sleeplessness w.e.f. 21 & 3 days respectively, followed with Pran M It Activates
Pituitary (Controls growth, BP, metabolism, mental state, physical growth), Retina Degeneration,
Dwarfism! Belching डकाय after meals get corrected by moving Apan Vayu down.If you are angry you can
do this Mudra. It activates and balances Apana Vaayu. When you have a back pain or any pain for that
matter, do this Mudra. Unwanted Apana Vaayu will be released in 15 minutes.. This Mudra activates air
and air means movement. Whenever you are in a traffic jam, it will create movement in you and thus
movement outside you. It reduces infatuation. It also helps us to avoid misconduct between male and

Good Sleep:Why we couldn’t sleep well. The reason is that all

our energy is focused on the head, especially about work,
money and relationships. We keep thinking about something
that has happened yesterday and today, and something that
might happen tomorrow. Thus, more energy is focused on the
By doing 48M Gyan Mudra, extra energy present in head in the
form of vivid thoughts causing anxiety is first diverted to the
root chakra which is situated below our sexual organs and then
to the legs and We get grounded and therefore Sleep well as
Tension ‘n’ any kind of Mental-ache or Physical pains are
removed by transfer of this energy from Head to the Lower
Areas! Follow Pran M for 16M
Adii Mudra in addition - provides complete rest and relaxation
to our Brain and thus a good sleep!
Chinmaya Mudra (Supreme
( For Taking Un-biased Decisions – Free of Feelings, Emotions & Ego)

Chinmaya Mudra helps in making

a Ego, Emotion & Feelings free
best Decision since touching of
Index Finger with Thumb induced
thoughts, whereas the rest of the
Middle (Akash Being Tallest is Ego
giving), Ring (Emotions) and Pinky
Fingers (Feelings) being put to rest
in the Thumb Pad are unable to
add Ego, Emotions & Feelings to
the Thought giving Index Finger!
NB: Doing With Surya & Ling
Mudras - This Also Helps in Better
Lungs Functioning,Digestion &
Weight Loss.
Adi Mudra for Snoring Calms the nervous system
means less oxygen to the Stimulates udana vayu (the governing vayu
throat and head area. for the upper chest, throat, and head)
It is thought to aid in pranayama because it
Adi Mudra helps to reduce increases breathing and lung capacity, thus
snoring, bringing more oxygen increasing oxygen flow throughout the body
and stimulates the brain, which is closely
to the throat and head. related to the crown (sahasrara) chakra that
It also keep d mind quite-calm governs an individual’s sense of peace, higher
& Good for Lungs & Diegestionawareness and oneness with the universe
Anti-Sleepiness For Students!
Aakash Mudra: If the
breathing space around
Tongue is somehow less,
Practicing Aakash Mudra after
Adi Mudra Practice may help!
Introduction: MEDITATION involves concentrating on some particular point with the objective of
understanding its true nature which alloes the practitioner to develop deep concentration skills
and builds his ability to focus within which greatly helps us to learn to transfer this art of MEDITATION
concentration on other desired issues on the basis of the Law of Transfer of Training of
Psychology including Inner Peace & on Job requirements.A constant focusing on the Chanting of a
Single Word Short Mantra or on an Image helps our subconscious mind to take us to that goal.
But in the beginning, a lot of Thoughts including some unwanted irrational & weird ones occupy
the front place in the Mind, Whereas a Spiritual thought say a Sacred Mantra like SO-HUM
remain in the background! But with the continued practice of Mentally Chanting of these Sacred
Mantras and slow breathing, these Peace giving Mantras occupy the front place in the Mind and
the unnecessary and unwanted weird thoughts are naturally eliminated, which helps the
Practicener to in focusing all the mental energy to the main task and the Mind relaxes in addition!
How to : Placing Your Hands on Knees or in Lap -being in GYAN or DHYAN MUDRA & Sitting in a
Straight & Relaxed sitting posture, focus awareness on breathing and Breathe slowly, gently,
smoothly, evenly; without jerk or sound in the breathing. Now feel the touch and flow of the
breath in the nostrils without pause between the breaths.Meditation for 1 minute gives 1 minute
of resulting effect on our Mental Physical Balancing, 6 minutes gives 12 minutes of result, 16
minutes gives 48 Minutes of result and doing MEDITATION for 2 'GHADI' (48 Minutes) will have a
whole days worth of result. ILater, you will find out that it takes about 16 minutes just for the
mind to settle and get into the meditative “state.”
With 40 days continous practice, we can get to the meditative state in about 1 or 2 minutes - in
that case we are increasing your benefit exponentially. With a long-term practice, this state can
become a permanent base for you.
So, I would say, do what you can, but keep increasing until you can do 16-32 minutes at a time
and not more than 48 Minutes. You will really love it more and more and it will be the best time
of your day!
Start Watching Breathing as Air entering and exiting your nostrils or Mental Chanting a Mantra
say 'SO' - while inhaling and saying 'HUM' while exhaling. In case of doing MEDITATION with a
Mantra - please keep eau on your Mantra and Inhaling & Exhaling both simultaneously.
Soon our mind will start to chatter chatter chatter chatter. like it will start to talk to you, may
start singing etc. It will tell you, go study, go run, go do something useful to humanity. It will tell
you it is boring, I don’t want to do it. etc etc etc.
But Don't get disturbed with this & don't blame your mind as it is normal with everyone in
beginning. Having Patience & Being kind to your mind is IMPORTANT!
Whenever your mind get distracted - Always Bring your attention back to breath or Mantra. Keep
on repeating the process without worrying to have results!
This is all! Start with 3 min, slowly increase to 6, then 8, 12, 16… 32… and many month later 48
Minutes … many years later - as you wish!
After you have practiced for many many days your mind will chatter less. Some weeks later,
bringing attention back to breath will be much much easier. Many months later you will start
getting a quiet mind. Many years later …. you would not need anyone like me. Your practice will
become the reward.
Pran - Life Mudra (A Must - After Doing Any Mudra)
प्राण वाम का स्थान पेपड़ों के आस ऩास का होता है Activates Energy
in Head, Physical Well-being, Immunity, Removes free radicals
from blood, Improves Vision of Life & Eyes, Eye nerves,
Vitamins Absorption, Cures All Diseases Ending With .. "itis"
like Gastritis, Recovery-Healing After-illness!
For Curing Sleep Disorders, Do Pran Mudra first and then Gyan
Mudra while laying in "Savasan": It may help in giving relief
from all kinds of Health, Fatigue & Finance related worries
being a safe & secure Mudra for money & stability.
How we can sleep well with Pran Mudra? When our worries
are taken away, this free energy will now flow to our Hara
chakra (located just about two fingers width below our navel)
and Root chakra, and thus automatically that transferred
energy of the head will now be utilised to give strength to the
lower body parts instead! Now we can sleep well with
relaxed- free mind & energised body!
The Pran Mudra increases your power of attraction too and
Stimulate the Manipuragha chakara.
Jal Mudra: (Mental Clarity) Prithvi - Mudra of Life!
It ncreases External Beauty, Looks, Anti Ageing, Physical Well-being,
especially by Keeping our Skin Well
Hydrated & Wrinkle Free Glow, keeping it
Immunity, Nutrition, Hair, Nail,
Free from all problems including Itching! Skin, Acidity, Burning, Fever,
Cures Dryness Caused by Vatta (Dry Air) Throat & Fatigue Problems!
Also gives Effective Commu,nicatiion,
Maths Ability, Friendship, Memory(फुद्धि)
When To Use: For getting Energy
Use: For Intuitivenes & Access to Inner & Metabolism Boosting improves
Knowledge. Blood Circulation, Tolerance
To Cure Vatta Dosha! & Dry Cough.
ability and Sterengthens weak
(स से साभान) सभान वामु मानन ऩेट का स्थान जहाॊ बोजन साभग्री
यखी हो!
Balances all Elements! रॊ वॊ यॊ मॊ हॊ चक्र भॊत्र सॊग
Digestion: Do for 5 minutes before Meals to Activate Samana Vayu is primarily responsible for
Gastrointestinal Organs to digest food; digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. It
Mental Assimilation: Helps Mind to
Assimilate & Digest all sorts of functions at the navel region and responsible for
Thoughts & Experiences for Inner Peace! working of the organs involved in digestion like
Absorption of O2: Lungs to absorb Air that we breath in. stomach, liver, small intestine, pancreas, etc.
Digestion of Food: Stimulates Metabolism to cure Disturbances in Samana Vayu can cause problems
Digestion, Bloating, Flautance,
Liver, small Intestine, Pancreas;
with the digestive system.
Samana vayu governs the function of assimilation, so Samana Vayu Mudra is aimed at improving the
it makes helps d substance being introduced in to body function of Samana Vayu. It balances all the
become like the body, & body becomes receptive & makes energies in the body is also referred to as the
space for the treatment in the body.
‘balancing air’. It is easy to practice. Can be
This Mudra can be done prior to the infusion date, or
literally during the treatment session. practiced any time of the day.
It harmonizes all 5 elements because to do it we use the five
fingers. When you are very agitated and disharmonious, do
the Saman Mudra to restore harmony and balance. Take a
deep breath once and release the air slowly. At the same
time, join all finger tips 2gether. In 30 secs u will already feel
the difference. Do it before bed 2 have a good sleep and it
also helps in relieving pains and body aches.
व्मान का स्थान (व से व्माऩक ) मानी जो केंद्र से रे सववत्र व्माप्त /सफ जगह
सकुवरेट हो
(A Movement Mudra, Making Us Moving With Our Projects)
In Vyan Combo: Middle Finger Is Mind +Ego & Index is
Thinking Mind. Vyan starts from the Centre & connected with
the svadisthana chakra, or the sacral chakra, which is
associated with pleasure and creativity.
Making Proper Blood Circulation, It
Distributes Oxygen & Nutrition to all the
body cells & improves Heart, Lungs,
Nervous System, Cures Excessiveness like:
High BP, Obesity, Eyesight, Control Over
Heat-Temp.& Frequent Urination.
Is Students friendly as after Meals
Removes Heaviness, Drowsiness, Excess
It is an anti-depressant Mudra. Specially
for the Sr Citizens!
तनाव की सभस्मा अफ आभ है। तनाव आत्भववश्वास
को कभ कयता है । ककसी बी प्रकाय के तनाव अथवा
आत्भववश्वास की कभी ऩथ्ृ वी औय जर तत्वों की अधधकता
तथा आकाश, अग्नन औय वामु तत्वों के असंतुरन का ऩरयणाभ
होता है ।
कुफेय भद्र
ु ा इन तत्वों का संतर
ु न स्थावऩत कयती है औय
व्मग्तत को तनावभुतत कय उसभें सकायात्भक सोच बयती है ।

ऩॉल्मिन एरजी:
Helps to cure sinusitis,
Beneficial to cure the uvulai (गरे भें
अॊगय.का सा गुच्छा) allergy,
Helps to reduce the frontal sinusitis,
Helps to cure the puffiness
(सजन)below the eyes.
1) इस भुद्रा के प्रमोग से साइनस भें जभा श्रेष्भा दय होती है
औय नाक-कान फंद यहने की सभस्मा सभाप्त हो जाती है ।
अगय फाय-फाय गहयी सांस के साथ इसे ककमा जाए तो साइनस
संक्रभण के कायण होने वारा ससयददद औय ससय का बायीऩन
सभाप्त हो जाता है । ऩथ् ृ वी औय जर तत्व की अधधकता को ही
कप का कायण भाना गमा है , मे दोनों तत्व कुफेय भुद्रा से कभ
हो जाते हैं, ग्जससे कप की सभस्मा दय हो जाती है ।

2) संग भें जर शाभक भुद्रा (दाहहने अंगठे के नीचे छोटी उं गरी

को दफा कय यखें व फाएं हाथ के अंगठे को दाएं हाथ के अंगठे ऩय
यखें ) बी कयें ! इस से साया फरगभ सख, शयीय-रंनस से फाहय
ननकर जामेगा!
• Kuber Mudra is a three finger techniques to decide between the choices available and
also used to put more force and dedication towards their future by involing it with your goals that
you want to reach, or wishes that you want to get fulfilled.
• It also helps to increase our confidence level and serenity. Vissualize our goals before doing this
mudra by Focusing and concentrating energy for something strongly desired.
• Puts powerful strength behind future (goals and what that we want fulfill with Confidence, calmness
and peacefulness)
• It can also be used to find something like lost object, parking spot etc.
• Physically, it opens and decongests the frontal sinuses

• How Kubera mudra works?

• When you close your fingers in Kubera mudra, the three closed fingers gesture provide additional
strength to the matter or thought. It is obvious that something special happens when the fingers of
Mars (forcefulness), Jupiter (resplendence (glorious भनभोहक), exuberant (profuse सभि ृ ) joy), and
Saturn (fixation on the essential and passing through new gateways) join forces. Kubera mudra also
gives us inner repose, confidence, and serenity.
• While doing Kubera mudra, involing thoughts in our mind, let's formulate our goal/future or wish
into words. it is very important to be clear in words, what we want in our life. Then analysing our
thoughts, let's ask our heart whether it is good for us & if it enriches our surrounding world.
• Now placing three fingers together in Kubera mudra, phrase out our wish or thought in a positive
way as we say it out loud three times - gently pressing our fingers together while doing this.The
Kubera Mudra opens and cleanses the frontal sinuses, especially if we draw the air upward while
inhaling - visualisng our goal & future, or our special wish, in all its colours. At the same time,
develop the feeling as if it already were reality.
• Affirmation: I give my best, and I let the rest be given.
उदान वाम का स्थानसे उऩय मानन उदान वामु जो उऩय की ओय फहे थ्रोट से
Located in Throat, it influences the energy of throat region,
promotes spiritual growth and self-expression, clear speech
& meaningful conversation by using proper Words, remove
excessively chatty habits!
Balances Thyroxine Harmones! Keeps Our Mood - Happy!

Udan Vayu it affects the energy of the throat region

& promotes spiritual growth and self-expression.
Prana mudra–activates energy in head.
Apana mudra – energizes the pelvic and lower
abdominal regions
Vyana mudra -affects heart and lungs.
Samana mudra – influences the energy in the navel
and abdominal regions
Apan Mudra अऩान वामु स्थान मानन "अ-उदय "से ऩ मानन ऩाॊव़ों तक Digestion energizes
lower abdominal regions to Cure constipation, piles, diabetes, kidney, Liver, dental,
stomach, heart diseases & as d Undigested food containing Toxins are detoxified out of
our life, physical body & bowel, so we clear a pathway for clear thinking & feeling. Do
Pran M also for better results . It awakens body’s innate intelligence to let go of
anything that doesn't serves d purpose of health. To take care of your kidneys by
chanting the switch words, “SLOW CARE CIRCULATE TOGETHER DIVINE” - While doing APANA Mudra.

Do Apan Vayu M After Meals For Digestion & Gas!

Chant ऊॉ ह्ाॊ.HRAM नभ् Beej Mantra while doing this mudra to handle BP & heart
problems.The heart vibrates exactly with this mantra!
anxious, nervous, overexcited,
worried & restless - Vayu mudra is
the best remedy. It also cures Gas,
IBS, Gastrointestinal issues,
Vatta Shamak Mudra
Arthritis, Sciatica, Gout, Knee pain, Do This With Pran Mudra For:
Bloated Stomach; Muscular pain, Anxiety Free Sleep , Vatta
Overcharged Endocrine Glands, Diseases!
Strained Voice & Do With Jal Mudra For
Balances body while walking!
Headache / Pain
Relief from joint pain can be
achieved by practicing these
Mudras in following order: Vayu
Mudra 15 minutes followed by
Varuna Mudra for 15M & Prana
Mudra for another 15 minutes
Kidney &Jal-Shamak MudrasAcidity Control: Thumb representing fire
Jalshamak M Since Water Is An presses the little water finger placed on pad
Essential Constituent Of Pitta & of thumb to control the excessive water
Kapha Both - It is Anti Pitta & Anti containing acid. The thumb also
Kapha Both - As This Mudra experiences a pressure which reduces the
Decreases Water & Cure diseases fire element having inflammatory
like Frequent Urination, Mucus of conditions and the stress linked to acidity
Throat (Pitta Caused) & Nose levels,! Prithvi Mudra Also Cures Acidity.
(KAPHA Caused), Influenza, Kidney, It also cures the diseases related with Vatta
Jalodar & Glaucoma (कारा-भोनतमा) Deficiency;
Makar Mudra For
Kidney Activation
& To Remove Dark
Circles Under
How to: Put Left
Thumb on Right
Palm Centre
Through Little &
Ring Fingers &
Touch Ring Finger
of Right Hand with
Right Thumb Tip.

Surya & Ling (Heat Mudras),

Representing Energy & Health. Linga Mudra Controls
Surya/Agni+Linga Mudras Combo Controls Weight
Cold, Asthma, Cough, Sinusitis,
as heat produced by Placing Earth Element Finger Dried Phlegm, Obesity(For Fat &
onThumb Pad, reduces the Earth Element in the Water Balance-Chant वॊ फीज भॊत्र)
body, which reduces Kapha Tatva - essentially
required for weight gain and also increases by producing Heat which
Digestion+Metabolism, Fat, Obesity, Cholestrol & Lubricates the Body Organs!
Cures Cataract(भोनतमाफॊद), Vision, Loss of Appetite,
indigestion, Thyoride, Heart-Blockage, Shivering-
coldness, Mucus Phelgm!
Sleep to right side in Surya Mudra for Weight-
How to say No: If
you want to
assert yourself, or
want to say no
without hurting
the other person,
be in this Mudra
& say whatever
you want to say.
Colour Chakra Benefits Develops For Weight Mgt: Bach Flower
Solar Red Basic Chakra Stimulates Remedies : Works on the psychosomatic
the circulatory system and makes you feel root cause of an imbalance or disease
energetic.Increase in vitalityEnergizes muscles balancing the emotions that passively
and skeletal system You will feel safe and
compel us to eat food to pacify ourselves.
secure totally
Solar Orange Hara Chakra
They also help bring a natural shift toward
Increases immunity. Makes joyful & healthier food and a good daily routine.
enthusiastic. Cherry Plum
Solar Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra For Temptations Control & For overcoming the fear
Improves digestion & of loss of control like Naturally Occurring Nervous
absorption.Makes confident & develop trust in Tension & To Act Rationally, Think Clearly With a
God. Calm and Balanced Mind when having Fear Losing
Solar Green Heart Chakra Control!
You become calm and relaxed It Chestnut Bud (for accepting the
develops kindness and lovable nature in you present) and
Solar Blue Throat Chakra Strengthens
your breathingYou breathe freshYou start in- Crab Apple (for detoxification) helps
taking more oxygen Teaches you attitude of break bad habits, control Binge Eating
gratitude Disorder (BED) - commonly known by
Solar Indigo. Third Eye Chakra. Stimulates compulsive overeating, and lead an
brain.Increases creative IQ Teaches emotionally balanced life.
surrender. How to Use: Take a combination of all
Solar Violet.Crown Chakra Energize
three, two drops each in a glass of water,
nervous system. Feels purified We
understand that out of one all-powerful ray, any time - Two-three times a day.
every being comes into existence.
Solar White Light All ChakrasAuric fieldAll
organs Energizing the organs and Chakras
For Dry
Cough (Here We Balances The Jal+Akash Mudras);
(And Decrease The Vayu+Surya Mudras)
Here Surya Mudra Increases Heat
helping Lubrication;
Vayu Tattva Finger may either be
left untouched by keeping Tarjini
finger straight or may do Vayu
Mudra also to decreases excess of
Dry & Cold Air causing unrest and
Varun Mudra restores Body Fluid
And Space increased by Akash
Mudra helps to soon Eliminates&
Expells The Flu Type Virus
Pollutants & Bacterial Mucus from
the Respiratory Passage which
Causes Dry Cough!
Bharamar & Shankh Mudras For Allergies
Bharamara M Improve weakened immune system & depleted state of intestinal flora,
associated with allergies like sneezing, runny nose & Lungs congestion or sinuses.
Shankha M Cures Allergic & disorders, pitta/skin rashes,
voice, throat, fever, weekness & paralysis of muscles.
Sahaj Shankh & Apan Mudras For Piles with सॊ Beej Manta
Pran+Vyan Down or Vatta
Nashak Mudra (Opposite of Gyan+Varun
Kuber Mudra) To Cure (Vaamana) Mudra To
Stammering Cure Skin & Piles
It affects the hypothalamus - Matangi Mudra
autonomous part of nervous नालब चक्र Setting
system that establishes a state
of balance in the body,
stregthens digestive organs -
Stomach, Liver, Spleen, Gall
Bladder, Pancreas & Kidnies,
Excited mind, heart, restless
legs symptoms, get cured by
getting inner Harmony!
अक्रदाढ़, जफडे के ददव भें
इॊजेक्िन की तयह दो-तीन लभनट
भें अऩना असय ददखाती है ।
Women should cross the left
thumb on the right thumb,
and vice versa for men.
िम्क्त भद्र
ु ा (ननद्रा हेतु); भौसभ भें हो यहे
फदराव़ों के दौयान अक्सय सदी-जक ु ाभ की
सभस्मा हो जाती है । अस्थभा के योगगम़ों को
खासतौय से ऩये िानी होती है । मह कभजोय
प्रनतयोधक ऺभता के कायण होता है । िम्क्त भद्र
ु ा
हभाये इम्मन लसस्टभ को भजफत फनाती है ।
इससे नाडडमाॊ ठीक से काभ कयती हैं औय ियीय
ऊजाववान फनता है ।
मह भद्रु ा िायीरयक श्रभ कयने वाऱों, तनाव ग्रस्त
रोग़ों, अननद्रा, म्स्रऩ डडस्क औय ऩीठ ददव भें
खासतौय से उऩमोगी है । इस भद्र ु ा को कयने से
ियीय की कभजोयी हटाई जा सकती है ।
खखराडडम़ों के लरए िम्क्तभद्र ु ा फहुत ही राब
कयती है ।
इस भद्र ु ा को कयने से ियीय का काॊऩना बी हभेिा
के लरए सभाप्त हो जाता है औय चेहये की काॊनत
फढ़ जाती है । आइए जानते हैं क्मा है इस भद्र ु ा को
कयने का सही तयीका। इस भद्र ु ा को कयने के लरए
सफसे ऩहरे अऩने दोऩों हाथ़ों के अॊगठ़ों को िेष
उॊ गलरम़ों के फीच दफाकय भट्ठ ु ी फना रें। फैठकय मा
रेटकय उसे नालब के नीचे ऩेट ऩय हल्के से यखें।
भदु ट्ठम़ों की उॊ गलरमाॊ आभने-साभने सीधी ह़ों।
दोऩों भदु ट्ठम़ों के फीच दो इॊच का अॊतय यहे । धीभी,
रॊफी व गहयी साॊस के साथ प्रनतददन आधा घॊटा
कयें । ददन भें दो-तीन फाय कयने से राब जल्दी
Pushan Mudra-1Vyan in RHS+Apan in LHS (Known as Acceptance Mudra
as it helps us to accept our live situations & to overcome sadness or an
unnecessary resistance to situations, this mudra can help to get into a mood of
acceptance. It also hellp learning to balances our income and expenditure.
Do it any time & for any time duration like Gyan M with ऊॊ यॊ फॊ रॊ धॊ Beej Mantra.
(For Digestion - Before taking food, say in a buffet, do this Mudra. You will choose
the right food. This will help to avoid our tendency to eat everything. Do after
Meals for activating the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra) -Meant for Upper GI
(Gastrointestinal Diseases) Track Issues Like: Reflux (Heart Burning) and Belching
(Gas Coming Through Mouth डकाय ):It Improves digestion and do nourishment and
Assimilation of digested food and Detoxifies the Body!
It can relieve nausea during motion sickness & good for curing Diabeties too!
Use Of Pushan Hasta Mudra
• When there is a conflict and we • Mudra To Activate Money
wants to remain peaceful, we can Thoughts?
do this Mudra and chant “I am sorry, • Do Pushan-Mudra 1 and Pran MUDRA, each
please forgive me, Love Thanks for 15 minutes.
• Pushan-Mudra 1 Mudra
• When we want to stop criticizing • Right hand – thumb touching index and
others or when we want to have middle fingers and left hand touching
tolerance, we can be in the Pushan- middle and ring fingers
Mudra and chant- “I am sorry.
Please forgive me. Love Thanks • Chant ‘I trust the process of life” while
Divine”. doing Pushan-Mudra 1 Mudra.
• Pran (Vitality Mudra)
• When we want to shed our ego and
pride, we can be in the Pushan • Thumb touching the little and ring fingers
Mudra and go on affirming within, “I on both the hands
am sorry. Please forgive me. Love! • Mudras can be done for others too. Take a
Thanks! Divine!” picture of Pran Mudra. Write the name of
the person. The energy will go the person.
• Be in the Mudra and chant, “Why do I have
enough cash flow?”
Pushan Mudra-II(Hara Mudra) (For Digestion After
Meals) For Lower-GI (Gastrointestinal Diseases) Track issues
like: Gas, Bloating, or Constipation and to love & accept
The self-discipline is gained though this Mudra. All desires,
unuseful past learnings stored as garbage and unwanted energy
are removed by this Mudra. We live with an attitude of
gratitude. This Increases Physical Vitality as well
Pran Mudra (Thumb + Little + Ring) in RHS +
Apan Mudra (Thumb + Ring + Middle) in LHS.
Mushti Mudra gives mental
relaxation by controlling the
concealed anger, gives rest
and relaxation for the brain
aggravation, irritation by
getting rid of the tension
giving unexpressed negative
Benefits: Doing after Meals, it
curese Kidneys, Urinary
bladder, Constipation,
digestion problems &
energises liver stomach, It also lowers high blood
reduces tingling pains like
pressure plus decreases
burning, pinning or numbness
feelings in the hands and heart complaints.
Hasta Mudra Therapy
• Constipation (Difficulty in Defication) Vayu, Vata-nashak,
Agni/Surya, Apan & Varun mudras.
• Indigestion/Weak Digestion:Apan 32 Mts+Surya 16Mts+Linga 10
Mts OR Surya, Linga, Pitta Vardhak, Jal Mudras.
• Gas or (Flautance in Abdomen dur to Excess Vayu) : Vayu, Vata-
nashak, Apan, Apan Vayu Mudras.
• Gastritis: Prithvi, Apan & Pran Mudras.
• Acidity (Excess Pitta) : Prithvi, Jal-shamak & Pran Mudras.
• Colitis: Kapha-Karak or Pitta-nashak (Pran Mudra)
• Abdominal pain: Vata-nashak, Vayu, Apan-vayu, Matangi Mudras.
• Fatty Liver: Surya+Ling Mudras+Shankh & Sahaj Shankh Mudra
Hasta Mudra Therapy
• Diabetes mellitus : Gyan Mudra, Cough, wet: Linga mudra,
Apan & Pran mudras. यॊ फॊ रॊ दॊ भॊत्र Agni/Surya mudras.
बोजन ् उऩयाॊत ।
Cough, dry: Vayu-Mudra &
• High Blood-pressure(highper- Varun Mudra.
tension): Gyan, Akash, Pran, Apan- Sore Throat: Prithvi, Pran,
vayu,Vyan mudras.
Udan, Shankh
• Heart: Gyan, Apan Vayu, Pran
Mudras. ॐ ह्ाॊ HRAM नभ् भॊत्र सॊग। Asthma: Swanshni
• BP-Low: Gyan, Prithvi, Shunya M Swansh Mudra, Asthma
Mudra, Surya, Ling,
• Depression: Gyan, Surya, Pran M
Apan Vayu,
• Fever: Prithvi, Apan, Shankha
Gyan/Chinmaya & Pran
Mudras and Anulom
• Sinusitis: Prithvi +Shankh +Pran M
vilom pranayam.
• Allergy: Bhramar + Shankh + Prithvi
+ Pran M
Hasta Mudra Therapy
• Cracked skin/lips/tongue: Vayu, Vata-nashak Jal Mudras.
• Hair Care: Since skin, hair, nails, muscles & bones are because of Prithvi
Tatva, so Prithvi Mudra followed by Pran Mudra cures Hair fall & greying
white hair.
• Weight Loss: Agni(Sun) 32 Mts + Ling 12 Mts+ Sankh16 Mts + Pran Mudra
16 Minutes or while sleeping, sleep turning to left side - doing Agni Mudra
for 16 Minutes and note the changes within 6-8 weeks time! In addition,
Chinmaya & Vyan Mudra may also be practiced
• Thyoride Overactive:(Hyperthyroidism) occurs when thyroid gland
produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism can
accelerate your body's metabolism, causing unintentional weight loss and
a rapid or irregular heartbeat. To Cure do Prithvi, Pran, Vayu Mudras.
• Thyoride Underactive hypothyroidism) is thyroid gland doesn't produce
enough hormones causing tiredness, weight gain and feeling depressed.
To Cure do Gyan, Surya,Ling, Pitta-Vardhak, Jal-shamak Mudras.
Hasta Mudra Therapy
• Frequent Urination:Gyan+Vyan+Kidney+JALShamak M
• Urinary Infection: Kidney (Little + Ring Fingers Pressed
Under Thumbs) + Apan Mudras,
• Burning in Urination: Prithvi + Apan + Apan Vayu M;
• Burnig in Body: PrithvI + Pran + Shankh Mudras
• Itching Cure: Varun Mudra 16 Mts;
• Anger : Prithvi, Pran, Vayu
• Insomnia (Sleeplessness) Preferably Half an hour before
Sleeping - ॐ रॊ नभ् ऩथ ृ वी भद्र
ु ा एॊव Gyan 48M + Pran 16M or
For Emergency Need Vata Shamak 16M (Put Index +
Middle Fingers Under Thumbs) if Anxiety or Excitement.. +
Pran M 6M and do Shakti Mudra also!
• Students Exams Friendly: Pushan-I for Proper Digestion &
Anti Sleep /Anti Laziness after Meals.
• Sleeplessness due to Anxiety: Vatta Shamak Mudras.
• Mudra Package For Knee Pain: Hasta Mudra
• Sandhi Mudra + Vayu Mudra + Jal
Mudra + Pran & Gyan Mudras. Therapy
Tridosha Cure: Saman
• (Sandhi Mudra): Prithvi Mudra Mudra Balances All Five
with Right Hand and Akash Mudra Elements.
with Left Hand. Studies Concentration &
Memory: Gyan + Budhi +
• Arthritis : Vayu, Vata-nashak, Pran M.
Prithvi, Jal, Pran, Apan-vayu M. For Digestion & Anti
Laziness / Anti Sleep:
• Cervical spondylosis: Vayu, Vata- Pushan Mudra 1.
nashak, Varun, PrithvI, Apan-vayu, Height Increase upto
Apan Mudras. teenage: Gyan + Shankh +
Akash for Calcium &
• Backache: Vayu, Apan-vayu,Vata- Phosphorous + Pran for
nashak Mudras. Vitamin absorption!
Navel Displacement: Apan
• Frozen shoulder: Vayu, Apan- vayu Mudra 48 Minutes for 2-3
Mudras. weeks.
• Mudras and Mantras for Daily use!
• Useful for all interviews and competitive exams. With
• 1. On waking: while do Gyan Mudra (Touching Thumbs-fire the help of the Universal Mother your heart expands
and Index-Vayu Fingers Tips), Chant :;वल्रबॊ गजाननॊ एकदॊ तॊ and therefore you will be Winner All the Time and
“VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKA DHANTHAM” Anywhere! Need to grow spiritually? If you want to
grow spiritually then you need this mantra. It remove
• 2. Morning Pooja: Do Apan-Vayu/Heart Mudra (Place index hurdles in front of you? Ambika! Help me to win over
fingers - Air/Vayu, on the pad of thumb-fire and Touching a mind – which is wavering!
Middle-Aakash/Prithvi Fingers Tips) and chant ‘ॐ नभो • For children, it is a great mantra for teenagers to be
नायामणाम’ “OM NAMO NAARAYANAAYA” successful in their studies & helpful to learn Focus,
Attention and Samarpan(Surrender) .
• 3. Before having Meals at the time of having Meals and
after having Meals, Do either of Samaan - All the five • 5 While coming home finishing our duties: Do Apaan
Elements Balancing Mudra (Touching all the tips of all five Mudra (Touching Middle & Ring fingers tips with
Thumbs and chant
fingers) or Pushan Mudra1 (Acceptance Mudra) by
touching Vayu and Akash Fingers with Thumb in right • नभ् लिवामभ ् “NAMAH SHIVAYAM”
hand-called as Vyan Mudra and touching Prithvi/Ring plus
• 6. While performing Evening Pooja: Pushan Mudra 2
Middle) Akash touching with Thumb in LHS called as Apan (Vital Essence Hara Mudra - right hand thumb
Mudra) and chant ॐ बौभाम नभ् “OM BHAUMAAYA touching ring and little fingers / Pran Mudra and left
NAMAHA” hand thumb touching middle and ring fingers / Apan
Mudra) and chant Two times Each:
• 4. While leaving out to office /school etc: While doing Vyan
Mudra (Movement Mudra by touching Vayu plus Akash • हरयनायामण ् गोऩारभ ् हरयनायामण गोद्धवॊदॊ
Fingers with thumbs) and chant भाता अऩयाम्जता भॊत्र, क्म़ोंकक • हरयनायामण ् गोऩारभ ् हरयनायामण गोद्धवॊदॊ
मात्रा के ऊऩय भाता अऩयाम्जता का ही अगधकाय होता: “Ambika
Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”: अम्म्फका • गोऩारॊ गोद्धवॊदॊ गोऩारॊ गोद्धवॊदॊ - हो
अनादद ननत्माना अश्वा आरूढ़ अऩयाम्जता! अऩयाम्जता-श्री • “HARI NARAYANA GOPALAM,
दगु ावदेवीका रूऩ है । Reciting of this mantra will make you
reach heights & clear setback, have self-control, as • HARI NARAYANA GOVINDAM GOPALAM GOVINDAM”
Ashwaroodaa is the one deity that rules the mind. Ashwa • 7. At the end before going to bed: Do Pran Mudra by
means horse, which represents our mind. Like horse, our Placing Little/ Water & Ring/Prithvi Elements fingers
mind will go fast here and there. By chanting this mantra, Tips with Thumbs along with reverse or down of Vyan
you are activating the Devi inside you – that part of you Mudra by Placing Vayu and Akash Fingers on thumbs
which controls your mind. We can definitely have a control pads & chant हरय ॐ “HARI OM”
over mind like Ashw a-aroodaa. Ambika means universal
mother. If our mind is controlled then we always win. That
How रॊ Lum, वॊ Vum, यॊ Rum, मॊ Yum , हॊ Hum 5 Tattva Beej Mantras work - say fighting against Beeja Mantra Therapy
deadly Cancerous tissue?
Bija Mantras, which cleanses, clears, and harmonizes the chakras – Basic, Hara, Solar Plexus, Lalitham Mantra helps reprogram your
Heart, and Throat chakras. These mantras go to the source of the problem and rectify the mind and thus your life. Life is decided
problem you are facing. For example:- (formed) by our karma, our thoughts,
Om Lum Namaha reduces solidity of cancerous cells.
Om Vum Namaha makes cells into liquid & to evaporate too!
emotions and reactions to incidents in life.
Om Rum Namaha increases d fire element that burns away the liquid cancerous cells. Only when we remove them from within,
Om Yum Namaha will eliminate Carbon Dioxide & waste cells. will we have a different perception of life
Increase in Space, they will have to go & Chanting Om Hum Namaha will increase this (and work differently towards our goals).
space.and Rum – will make more oxygen available at the cellular level.
The cancerous cells will go out. Don’t worry whether others will be affected by them, for cells
are inert now and will not affect others. Surya Healing Mantras
give you light and source of good income. problems. Heart vibrates exactly with this
Lalitham – The Universal Divine Mother- who is so compassionate, that she will forgive all my mantra. Do Heart Mudra Also.
ॐ ह्ैं (Hraim) नभ: It Cures Kidneys and
past. Forgiving all the past she allows Sridharam (wealth), to bring money from Baskaram –
the provider of wealth, and activates Sudarshnam, to continue the flow of money (after the
debts are paid-off).Bow down to the (Lalitham) Mother in reverence and chant the mantra. Urinary bladder.
And when you chant this powerful mantra, chant it with all the trust in divine, without ॐ ह्ीॊ (Hreem) नभ: This Mantra stimulates
expecting anything in return. the lungs. Therefore, this mantra is good for
Beeja Mantras in Lalitham: LA and LI in Lalitham activate the Basic chakra, while RUM in any lung problems. It reduces fever. For
Sridharam activates the Solar Plexus chakra.
fever with cold, chant Om Hreem Namaha
Meaning of Lalitham: LA and LI are Bija mantras. Lalitham means energy. It will remove
karma. &Om Hraim Namaha.
As chanted in Lalitha Sahsaranamam, To रलरतॊबफकै can burn away all the previous karmas. ॐ ह्ॊ (hrūm ह्भ ्) नभ्: Takes care of Liver,
Only a most compassionate Universal Mother can burn the karmas. Gall Bladder, Pancreas (secretes digestive
What is required inside us to burn our karmas? enzymes), Spleen, Small Intestine and thus
We need compassion to burn our karmas. Lalitham means most compassionate mother and works for all digestive organs. This mantra
the compassion has made her as the most beautiful mother.
If we chant Lalitham, our capacity to love others will increase. When the heart is bubbling with
heals Jaundice & provides us vital
love by chanting Lalitham, we can also become as beautiful as Lalitham. essence.This will tone up the liver, which
Meaning of Sridharam will produce extra Vitamin A & your skin
Sridharam means Vishnu and Vishnu is sought by Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth. It will fetch tone will improve.
us abundance of money, happiness and comforts. ॐ ह्ौं (Hraum) नभ: This mantra heals
It’s not enough to chant only Sridharam. Lalitham is required to burn away all our karmas first.
Constipation and gas problems, and takes
Sridharam then opens our eyes to abundance.
Dham will get comforts care of Large intestine, which eliminates
For any Basic Chakra related problems – like back pain for example, chanting Lalitham wastage elements.
Madhavam Madhavan Chanting activates both Right & Left hemispheres
of the brain which keeps away Nervousness & Paralysises! Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham
HARE RAM HARE KRISHN MANTRA: (It brings people out of hospital after
getting necessary health care with a minimal cost)
Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram
Power of Ram: The Lalitham Lambodaram mantra is
Every mantra will have RA in it. That’s why Rama is the ultimate
mantram. If you haven’t able to chant Vishnu Sahsaranamam, then chant good for eyes and specific for them.
Rama thrice. That’s why Rama mantra is still popular. It is a universal They strengthen it and strengthen the
What is the role of Krishna here? vision. Lambodaram will remove
Negative energy is black in colour – which is sometimes referred as
darkness. That black energy has been taken by Krishna and he still glows.
toxins. Lalitham removes obstacles
He is capable of removing all of them. That’s why he remains black (to vision) in the form scar tissues or
outwardly, but shines within. Ever shining is Krishna.
Divine order is exposed by removing darkness. Chant switch words any tissue formation like cataract in
“Change Divine Order” to put back your organs back in (divine) order the eyes. It will be removed by
after a serious illness. The same can be achieved by chanting “Hare Rama
Hare Krishna” mantra. Lalitham Lambodaram.
Benefits of chanting Hara Rama Hare Krishna Mantra
1.Hare – HA will activate throat chakra. Hare increases the space within
Lalitham Baskaram means sun and
the body. Lalitham Balachandram means moon.
2.REY – activates Solar Plexus chakra. It’s the bija mantra for solar plexus
as well as activating sun god. Hari – E sounded in the mantra also means
To have light we need both the sun
sun god. Hari becomes Hare when it joins with Rama. and the moon. So we need them for
3.Chanting this mantra both the knees will become highly flexible. Our
gratitude to parents will increase thousand fold and we will always have eyes too. If they are not there, its will
the blessings of our parents. be darkness only.
If there is knee pain, then it means we are inflexible, with lot of
stubbornness – which will prevent us to go deep within. Please note here The combination of mantras is
that flexibility marks the nature of a child.
1.Our outlook on life will also become flexible to mix well with others.
important. So chant all three of them
2.We will shine inwardly. in the order mentioned.
3.There will be no fight/conflict & there will be only peace, joy & love
2. Get Access to Universal Energy and Guidance
Hari Narayana means universal energy. It has to be with
How to get fulfilled and us all the time, in plenty.
We need proper guidance too. To be guided properly, we
satisfied in Life by Balancing need to chant mantras, “Gopalam” and “Govindam
our 5 Chakras!!! Chant the mantra, “Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari
Narayana Govindam Gopalam Govindam
1. Balance Your Chakras First 3. Avoid Having Starting Trouble and Setbacks
Chant the Bija Mantras, “Om Lum Lum and Dham inside these mantras, means there
Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum would be no regression. In general, all of us have a
Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Hum starting problem. However, after we start, the mantra,
“Lum Dham” will help us to move forward.
Namaha” for three to five minutes,
With the help of the universal energy Hari Narayana, I
louder. can walk on without regression. The mantra, “Hari
Why we need to do this? Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam” will help
Sometimes after chanting various you move forward, w/out getting stuck up in life.
mantras or trying healing techniques, Let us say, if your past holds you, then you can’t go
forward in life. Fear would hold you too, from
we couldn’t solve a problem. If that’s
progressing in life. Gopalam Govindam releases your
the case, then chant the Bija Mantras, past and the fear you have inside, too, so that you do
which cleanses, clears, and move forward in life.
harmonizes the chakras – Basic, Hara, During early morning, when you feel your legs are heavy
Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat and not able to walk, then chant this mantra.
Now, chant the mantra,“Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari
chakras. These mantras go to the
NarayanaGovindam (2), GopalamGovindam(2) – Ho”.
source of the problem and rectify the The mantra activates the Solar Plexus chakra, which is
problem you are facing. required for movement in life.
“HO” is a switch word. It gives us happiness.
4. Wipe Your (Karmic) Debts 5. Heal Your Shadow Self
Chant the mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham
Chandrasekaram” now.
I have a shadow self (a dark side of me).
If you are in debts, then by chanting the mantra, “Latham Therefore, I invite people, who reflect that
Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshnam”, you can part/self. If somebody cheats me, then it
wipe them out. However, if you are in a tight financial situation,
this mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram”
means that I have the pattern of cheating
eases the situation and one will be saved from availing loan. others, in some other way.
There won’t be any financial hiccups, as you would always have Don’t ask why it is happening to me?
money. This is just a one aspect of the mantra. Because, you have that shadow self, which
“Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” re-
programmes our mind and thus life, though! Our Life is decided attracts the unwanted situation. To
(formed) by our karma, our thoughts, emotions and reactions remove the shadow self is the mantra,
to incidents in life. Only when we remove them from within, we “Lalitham Sadashivam”.
will have a different perception of life (and work differently
towards your goals). Otherwise our life will be a routine, doing Before marriage, one needs to chant this
the same thing day and day out. NLP says, “If what you do mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham
today is same as last week, then you will achieve the same Chandrasekaram” a lot, so that one
result as last week”.
Why? This is due to cellular memories, which are memories of
attracts only good life partner.
the past, stored inside us. These memories and unwanted Interestingly we choose somebody as our
thoughts, which determine our present, are removed by partner. Then after some time, we don’t
Sadashivam. Thus, we de-program ourselves.
Lalitham Chandrasekaram, if chanted alone, works like the Bach
want them. After that, when we meet
Flower remedy, Rescue Remedy, during emergency situations. somebody else, it’s like the old person
We don’t want somebody to be like a vegetable in the ICU coming as a new person. However, at least
room. We want them to come out alive and do well. Then, in the next Janma (lifetime), we have to
chant “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekram.
By chanting, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram”, attract some good person.
we get balanced, are cool and always be happy
6. Balance Your Personality
Chandrasekaram helps us to handle
emergencies, as we become panicky 7. Finally, Release Your Expectations about Your
then. Chandra (moon) in Sekaram Goals
(cool) activates the female energy Let us finish with Namashivayam.
and our panic feeling comes down. The other mantras help us to achieve our goal. In
the end, we need to release the desires and come
Sadashivam represents
out. We should remove our deep-rooted desires, to
Arthanariswarar, who is half-Sakthi move forward to go to next step.
and half-Shiva, representing the In fact, if your desires are not fulfilled, it’s because
perfect male and female energy. Sada of our expectation, which has to removed, by
also means always and Sivam means Namashivayam.
Happiness Mantra
Namashivaya means happiness. When you are
By chanting, “Lalitham worried, sad or distressed, then healing will not
take place. We have to shift our mind to a state of
Sadashivam Lalitham happiness, for healing to take place in our lives.
Chandrasekaram”, we get Instead, if we worry about our (life) situations, then
healing doesn’t happen.
balanced, are cool and We can say, “Change yourself”, but that change will
not happen easily, unless you shift your state of
always be happy. mind. However, when you chant Namashivayam,
then your worry state will shift to a happy state of
Please note here that you don’t need to add Om to
the chanting (like Om Namashivayam) as OM is
inside Namashivayam.
Functioning of Various Chakras The fourth is the Heart chakra. Between it and the Solar
ननम्न सात चक्र हैं - भराधाय, स्वागधष्ठान, भखणऩयक, अनाहत, द्धविद्धु ि, आऻा औय Plexus chakra, the gap is less. Heart - our Soul and Solar
सहस्राय। ऩहरा -भराधाय, जो गद ु ा औय जननेंदद्रम के फीच होता है व भरत् फेलसक नीड्स
भसरन बोजन औय नीॊद क्रैद्धवॊग के लरए म्जम्भेवाय होता है ! इसे सही तयीके से फरैंस कयने
plexus Chakra - our Mind are close to each other.
वारे, इन से आऩ को ऩयी तयह से भक् ु त बी कय रेते है व आयोग्म तथा आध्मात्भ का आधाय If there is no ego and pride, then Heart Chakra will open
बी मही चक्र है ! स्वागधष्ठान चक्र जननेंदद्रम के ठीक ऊऩय होता है व इस चक्र भें ऊजाव up.“Don’t think I or me, but think about we and ours” – should
सकक्रम होने से जीव भें आभोद प्रभोद,बौनतक सख ु ़ों की काभना होगी!. This Hara or the be the message of solar plexus chakra & ego and pride could
Sex Chakra 2 inches below the Navel-helps in forming relationships & be changed into a life of compassion through Heart Chakra,
friendships. Craving for having lot of food - means, an Imbalanced Hara Chakra which makes us to be in love.
भखणऩयक चक्र नालब के नीचे होता है एवॊ मे चक्र सही सकक्रम हो तो कभवमोगी फनाता है । It Language of love and compassion are expressed through our
represents self Identity & our ability to be confident.Manipura chakra, located Throat Chakra- situated at throats hollow place.. If we think
three fingers above our navel - rules our emotions, intelligence and willpower, only good things then the throat will expand & then whatever
and because our feelings keep fluctuating on a daily basis, it is very difficult to we say 'll be a mantra.
keep this chakra balanced,” most of our problems begin at the solar plexus.
Our lives are decided by chakras. When these chakras are
When it is unbalanced it can throw off other chakras. Signs of imbalance
healed, function properly, then the sixth chakra–the third eye
include low self-esteem, indecisiveness, anger, dominant behaviour or won't
feel like doing anything if imbalanced. chakra will open automatically.
However, if this chakra is balanced, you will be confident, powerful, and have a When the third eye chakra is open, one will come to know that
sense of purpose.this chakra is working more imbalanced. he is already divine.
Third one- Self Identity Significator Solar Chakra having more energy in solar Opening Chakras through Mantras: The following Mantras
plexus will signify feeling of “EGO & I". Pride and Ego – comes from the outwardly look ordinary. However, they can do lots of things. It
imbalanced Solar Plexus chakra. This balanced chakra helps us to know the can lead us to live our lives better. They activate the energy
purpose of our lives and our own Identity too! This chakra is energy center centres/chakras as well. Chanting रॊ वॊ यॊ मॊ हॊ mantras can
governing inner strength, self-confidence, power. activate, normalize and balance these 5 Chakras. When other
This chakra rules the gall bladder, pancreas, diaphragm, food and wind pipes. chakras open, the third eye will automatically open up.
“Therefore, acid reflux, breathlessness and problems with the gall bladder and हये याभ हये याभ याभ याभ याभ हये हये , हये कृष्ण हये कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हये
हये भॊत्र से हटव चक्र को बफना ईगो के फनाए यखने भें भदद: जफ हटव चक्र से
pancreas are all related to an imbalanced solar plexus.” So, to keep it balanced,
you need to have healthy eating habits among other things. If someone is not
settle down in life- then it signifies that this Basic chakra is needed to be हभ कोई ऩयभाथव कामव कयते हैं तो सोरय चक्र बाव द्वाया हटव चक्र की
properly balanced . इस उदायता की वाही वाही ऩववक प्रसॊिा कयने से हटव चक्र भें ईगो मानन
How to Balance?:Vajrasan+focus on Naval +Rudra H Mudra by Pressing tips of कताव बाव उत्ऩन्न हो जाता है !
thumb, index and ring fingers together with little+middle fingers pointing भहाभॊत्र हये याभ हये कृष्ण भनन से - थ्रोट चक्र सवैभ जागत ृ हो - हटव चक्र
outwards - Visualisng Yellow Colour - Chant ॐ यॊ (Rahm) नभ्। को बी िुि फना कताव बाव से भुक्त कय दे ता है : - हये गचॊतन से हभायी
अनाहत चक्र रृदम व आध्माम्त्भक दृम्ष्ट से महीॊ से साधक के सतोगण ु की िरुु आत होती है स्वाथव बावना दय होती है व याभ गचॊतन से हभायी अयोगैंसी व "भैं" व
। मह चक्र नीचे के कपम्जकर नीड्स को ऩया कयने वारे तीन चक्ऱों व अध्मात्भ जीवन दाई कताव बाव की बावना सभाप्त हो जाती है ! कृष्ण भें कृ से हभाये स्वबाव
उऩय के तीन चक्ऱों भें साभॊज्म स्थाद्धऩत कयता है ! भें एडऩदटबफलरटी की बावना जागत ृ होती है व "ष्ण" से रैट गो ऑप
द्धविद्धु ि चक्र कॊठ के गड्ढे भें होता है जो थामयॉमड हायभोन उत्ऩन्न कयता है म्जससे द्धवकास एवयी गथग ॊ बाव उत्ऩन्न होने से फ्रैम्क्जबफलरटी हभाये स्वबाव भें अाा -
औय ऩरयऩक्वता आती है व आत्भ-अलबव्मम्क्त व प्रबावी सॊप्रेषण भें भदद लभरती है । मही
एयोगें स - ईगो - भैं बाव सभाप्त हो - आत्भिुद्धि होती है !
चक्र ऻान दे ता है - की सफ कुछ ईश्वय प्रदत्त है अत् प्रबु सम्भख ु सयें डय कय -
Chakras & Beeja Mantras: Being in Saman or Gyan
Mudra - Chant the mantras below to activate,
normalize and balance the chakras:
ऊॎ रॊ नभ्– भर आधाय चक्र Basic ChakraStop the
overflow for too much of emotions – like sadness, and
for diseases like diarrhea, bleeding, excess bleeding,
and watering of eyes, we can chant OM रॊ LUM
NAMAHA mantra activates the earth element in us.
When there is flow of water, we stop it by putting
mud on that place to stop the flow. Similarly, this
Mantra can also activate the earth element to stop
the bodily internal bleeding, watering etc.
Have a good sleep This mantra will induce sleep also.
We go our home to sleep (earth element). Like that,
when we are not able to sleep, it means our earth
element is imbalanced. By chanting this mantra we
are balance our earth element.
Achieve stability It will also stabilise us. When we are
feeling dizziness, or when we have vertigo problem,
we can chant this mantra and we will become stable.
ऊॉ वॊ नभ्– स्वागधष्ठान चक्र Hara-Sacral Chakra & The
VAM is the bija mantra for the Hara centre, which
channels true love then. True emotions will be
channelled, because of Vum. It brings out true
emotions of love.
ऊॉ यॊ नभ्–भखणऩणव चक्र.Solar Plexus Chakra
ॐ मॊ नभ् –अनाहत चक्र Heart Chakra. YAM is the one
that can drive out unwanted emotions. Release it. By
chanting YAM alone, our anger, sadness and worry
can be driven away.
ॐ हॊ नभ्–द्धवििु चक्र Throat Chakra
When other chakras likeआऻा चक्र,सहस्त्राय चक्र opens,
third eye will automatically open up.
🍁Root - I am 🍁Sacral - I feel
🍁Solar Plexus - I do 🍁Heart - I love
🍁Throat - I speak 🍁Third Eye - I see
🍁Crown - I understand
🍁Chakras connect your spiritual bodies to your
physical one.🍁
Switchwords like Beeja Mantras were Use master switchword ADD before COUNT helps to
first identified by the famous and enhance its power and ability.
renowned founder of Psychoanalysis, Master switchword NOW can force to happen to count in
Sigmund Freud. He suggested that the present time & NOW-ON for continuation;
certain words have the power to reach Master switchword FIND helps to explore many areas
into, and alter, our subconscious. from where you can attract money.
This idea was seized upon by an Author,
Master switchword REACH helps to fulfill your financial
James T. Mangan, who wrote his book,
“The Secret of Perfect Living”. So, he is
the main contributor for giving this Master switchword TOGETHER request divine and your
knowledge to the world. inner self to attract and find money with you.
Switchwords bypass the resistance of Master switchword BRING give you more money with
your subconscious mind. They are ease and automatic.
switches, they don’t give the Master switchword DIVINE creates more luck for you
subconscious mind time to process while finding money.
whether something you want is Master switchword ELATE helps you to overcome your
achievable or not. It just gets you in the debt quickly.
right state of mind. They effectively TOGETHER-FIND-COUNT-DIVINE (To Earn)
BYPASS the old pattern instead of Master switchword GOLDEN SUNRISE open the door of
fighting it like the other methods do. For abundance from all sources.
example: BE: To Be Healthy
Ease - use for an easy commute CARE: To memorize;
Find - use to build a fortune
COUNT: To make money, (In Pran or Kuber Mudra)
Count - use to want to make money
DIVINE: To seek GOD help;
Divine - For miracles (you know I am
using this one right?) CURVE: To have Beauty;
Together - To do anything with mastery OFF:To Sleep; (Preferably do in Prathvi or Pran Mudra)
TOGETHER-CHANGE: Pain Remover (Vayu+Varun M)
WOLF: For Help in Emergency from Animal Spirits
Cancel – To eliminate negativity,
TOGETHER is the Master negative thinking, negative conditions
Switchword for a life of or poverty
Change – To get rid of pain or illness,
heaven on Earth and mastery or to get something out of the eye
of any task at hand, 14 Forgive – To end the desire for
Categories: Freedom, Love, revenge, to stop angry thoughts about
Survival, Security, Health, self or others
Clear – To dispel anger or resentment
Money, Art, Wisdom, Reach – To find lost thoughts, lost
Pleasure, Happiness, the life of objects or anything misplaced, to find
action, Self-improvement, solutions to problems
Off – To go to sleep easily or to stop an
Service to humanity, God
unwanted habit
religion spirituality and Count – To make money
enlightenment, James T. Divine Order – To put things in
Mangan realized TOGETHER is optimum order, to bring optimum
order into the life
the one-word success formula Learn – To become younger, to
. rejuvenate
10 Switchwords :To Attract Money How To Use Weight loss SwitchWords: We can chant CUT while
(Better Do in Kuber or Pran Mudra) viewing the Food Menu to avoid excess intake or You can chant it
Switchword: Function whenever you think about food to cut the excess food diet which
Count: To attract money helps in Diet Management which is the best tool to reduce the
Find: To grow a fortune Weight.
On:Generate new BusinessIdeas You may chant or write RESTORE BE 100 times a day to get your
Tap: To persuade, or convince body restored to past state which could be Healthy and Curvy.
Waste: To appear wealthy When you will chant it, Your subconscious mind will get trained in a
Cancel: To eliminate debt way it will start working to get your body restored and become
Scheme: To advertise, promote a business healthier as like before.
Divine-Count: Request a money miracle I Hope, You must have got the idea about the usage of switchwords
Done: To reach a stated goal to Lose Weight.
Together-Find:ToIncreaseWealth CUT – Cut is a Switchword used to control the excess. It can be used
“Atmavan Bhava आत्भावान ् बव” –which means ‘I am to cut the excessive diet, addictions, etc.
OFF – OFF is used to sleep & to stop or control any bad habit.
not the doer’. (Switch Word from Lord Krishna) - CURVE BEAUTY – It is used to attract a Curve and Beautiful you.
In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says: RESTORE – A Switchword used to restore what you have lost. It can
“Don’t worry about your earnings, spending money or about welfare of the be good health, Curve and attractive body and even any physical
world (Yogakshemam). Have you ever worried whether air is available or object.
not, for its available free for us to breathe. In the same way, money is also To reduce fat, excess weight, chant “TINY DIVINE LIGHT CHANGE”.
available for us. Therefore merge with the Atman (in order to become TINY means reduce (your weight) and feel happier and LIGHTER.
worry free)”. CHANGE your belief, if you think this is too small a technique to
We Have a Tendency to Go Outward reduce weight. Even though it may be small (TINY) it will work big.
Mind has a tendency to go outward. It does not go inside. That’s why we
can’t meditate for more than 5 minutes at a time. Instead, we have
developed a tendency to blame others, when they interrupt our
Going out, is easier for the mind. If you train the mind to go inside, you will
get authentic power that will direct your life.
Chant “Atmavan Bhava”
Relax your shoulders. Sit comfortably with hands in any position. Just relax.
Take a long, deep breath. Continue to take long breath. Now chant the
mantra, “Atmavan Bhava”.
•You can release your anger easily.
•Mind always listens to command words. The command (switch) word
created by Krishna makes you to merge with Atman. Chanting this as a
mantra, mind will automatically be merged with the soul.
•When you are concerned about money, chant Atmavan Bhava.
•When you are worried about future, chant Atmavan Bhava.
•When you are upset, chant Atmavan Bhava.
Mudra Therapy- Imp Diseases!
• Gout: Vayu mudra and pran mudra.
• Stress Jnana Mudra(tips of the index +Thumb. • For palpitation, To prevent heart attack: Apan
• Anger, fear, sorrow:Akash Mudra Vayu Mudra (both apan and vayu)
• Convulsion: Vayu mudra 15 mins daily
• Anxiety, Worrry & Depression: Vayu+Vatta M
• Earache while flight take off landing, travel
• Inflammation, fever, skin diseases, osteoporosis, sickness, vertigo: Shunya Mudra.
stomach acidity, Eyes burning sensation: Prithvi
M. • General illness:;Shunya +Vayu = Vatta M

• Dry cough,dry skin(psoriasis) ,osteoarthritis, • Cholesterol, low body temperature, absence

cramps, dry eyes, pimples, sunstroke: Varun of sweat, increased metabolism: Surya M
Mudra(tip of the little & thumb) & Vayu Mudra. • Swelling anywhere, watery eyes, hyper
acidity:Water Reducing Jalodhar nashak M.
• Blood pressure high or low : Vyan Mudra(tips of
both index and middle with the tip of thumb) • Kidney problems : Kidney Mudra (tips of ring
and little fingers at the base of thumb) ऊॉ ह्ैं
• Constipation, piles, flatulence, healthy teeth, HRAIM नभ् भन्त्र सॊग।
diabetes : Apan Mudra.
• Sinusitis, cold, asthma, bronchitis, obesity:
• Increases will power plus compliments other Surya, Linga + Pran Mudras 16 Mts Each ऊॉ ह्ीॊ
mudras in healing: Pran Mudra. HREEM नभ् भॊत्र सॊग।

• Parkinsons, sciatica, cervical pain, knee pain : • For thyroid gland & for children height to be
Vayu M+Varun mudra+ pran mudra (vayu –tip of increased , for allergies caused by dust and
smoke, after paralytic attack : Shankh M.
the index at the base of thumb) 16Mts each.

Thank You ! 🙏