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Voiceover: In the midst of nowhere I found myself lying in a place where murderous people live. In a
place that finds other people disgusting. The place where they called “true hell” but no, this place gives
change. It maybe the unusual place to change but hey? At least it can make you a better person or
should I say best? Not everyone living in this place are bad people. The people living in here are VICTIMS
of cruelty. Victims of judgmental society.

Scene 1

*enters the trial court slowly*

Bailiff(Hannah): All rise, the Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Christian Roble, presiding.

Judge(Roble): Please be seated. Today`s case is that of the crime of Ms. Thea Gacrama. Now, are there
any opening statements? Prosecutor Aira Marie Lawas, please state your case.

Prosecutor(Aira): As of August 25 2019 (Monday) at around 7 in the evening, Mr. Giangan was stabbed
by his step daughter Thea Gacrama.

Judge(Roble): Defense Attorney Laura Anore, please state your case

Defense Attorney(Laura): My client, Ms. Thea Gacrama was allegedly committed a crime she didn’t do.

Judge(Roble): Does the prosecution wish to call the defendant?

Prosecutor(Aira): The prosecution calls Ms. Thea Gacrama to the witness stand.

Bailiff(Hannah): Ms. Gacrama, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

Thea: I do your honor.

Prosecutor(Aira): Ms. Gacrama, can you please take your stand upon this crime?

Thea: It all started when my father died in an accident. My mom was absolutely in pain that time and
desperate enough to have another husband to escape the loneliness. My life changed when Tito Morel
came to our life. It seems that mom treats us in bias form because as you can see, she is indeed crazy to
that guy. I really don’t like the idea of Tito Morel being around because his actions are somewhat like

*curtain closes* (change surrounding)

Scene 2


* Thea lying in bed and thinking

*Morel touches her and Thea is shock

Morel: Your mother attends a seminar and she want you to clean the house while Beth is going to wash
the clothes. *dirty look
Thea: *nods

Morel: Get up!

* Thea is cleaning and Morel is watching her

*Beth interrupts

Beth: Thea come here!

Thea: what?

Beth: Look at yourself and your shirt, it’s disgusting. Remember, tito is around.

*closes curtains*

Scene 3

Voiceover: Ever since that Morel came to their life, Thea and Beth are not comfortable. They always
think what if’s. The presence of Morel always leads them to have fight with their mother.

*dining area

Thea: Mom, we have an event in school which is youth org camping and it is for 3 days. I would like to

Morel: Camping is not good for teens like you. We don’t know how safe is that because as what I have
known camping is not safe.

Mom: Hmmm I agree.

Beth: Mom, allow Thea to experience that.

Thea: But mom, it is an ….

Morel: You are a teenager and we don’t know what your doings outside the house.

Thea: Shut up!

Mom: Thea! Your tito only wants the good for you.

Thea: Don’t you trust me? I’m not doing anything bad since then.

Mom: Just follow. It’s for your own good.

Thea: Really huh!? Tsk.

*walks out

Mom: Thea!

*curtain closes*

*back in the court*

Scene 4

Thea: I really hate my Tito. Whatever we do, there is always complaints. He acted as if he is a strict
father and that is way too much and it is already beyond the boundaries. It is so frustrating for me and
my sister because we don’t have any freedom to do what we want. We ’re always at home and we’re
under the rule of him. My mother hasn’t done anything. At some point, the time has arrived that would
ruin my life.

*curtain closes* *open*

*rape scene *non verbatim dialogue

*closes curtain* *back to trial court*

Scene 5

Judge(Roble): The prosecutor may now question the witness.

Prosecutor (Aira): So base on what you’ve said, you have been raped by your tito. So how it is true?
Even if it is true, did you enjoy it? Base on your background you are known to have a certain friend who
are bad influence and it can reflect to your personality.

Or are you just making stories because you are angry and insecure. But then, it won’t excuse that you kill
your stepfather.

Defense lawyer (Laura): Objection your honor, the question is irrelevant to the topic.

Judge(Roble): Sustained.

Thea: The happenings were too fast that even I couldn’t say anything. I can’t even dare to tell my
mother and sister and also to report to the police because Tito threatened me to kill my family if I will
tell what happened. I was too afraid at the same time angry. It was not happened only once but several
times. Just to escape my situation at home, I enjoyed my life being teenager and do such thing that can
even ruin my life more. Such spending time with my friends doing such nonsense things.

*closes curtains*

Scene 6


*with her friends doing nonsense *non verbatim dialogue

*closes curtains*

Scene 7

Voiceover: Afterwards, the memories of what Morel done to her keeps on hunting her. Thea is the kind
of person that won’t hold grudges but in that situation, she can’t help it anymore because it is too much.
She doesn’t know what to do to her life. There’s a time that she wants to end her life because it has no
sense at all but instead of attempting suicide, she attempts to kill her tito.

Thea: You made my life miserable. I want you gone.

* Thea attempting to kill her tito without knowing that Beth saw her*

Thea: No, lucky of you. I’m not the kind of person who will kill.

* Since Thea haven’t done it, Beth was the one who kill her tito.

Beth: You’re a whole lot asshole. You don’t deserve to live.

Morel: Beth please. Please don’t.

Beth: What you have done is too much. And I can’t dare to live under the same roof with a man like you.


*Their mother saw the dead body of Morel.


Grace: Morel? Wake up! Shit wake up please. Moreeeel!

Thea: (Shock*) Mom? What happened?

Grace: I don’t know! I just saw him lying on the floor, full of blood.

Beth: Ghaad! Who did this? Thea, you are the one left at home with tito morel.

Grace: Thea? Don’t tell me?

Thea: Mom, it’s not what you are thinking.

Grace: You hate him that much right? But the worst is, I don’t expect you to do this.

Thea: No mom. I don’t kill him. Believe me. Ate Beth, you believe me right?

Beth: Thea, you knew that between the both of us, your anger towards tito morel was very bad and I
don’t expect that it will lead to this point that you are going to kill him.

Thea: No, please believe me. I don’t do that.

Grace: Shut up! Beth, Call 911 now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shania: I will call the police and I will make sure you, young woman will pay for this!

*insert the police and they will arrest Thea


Scene 8

*open* *trial court*

Judge: If there are no further questions, the prosecution may call another witness.

Prosecutor: Here`s Beth Gacrama the sister of the said witness.

Bailiff(Hannah): Ms. Beth Gacrama, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?

Beth: I do your honor.

Judge: Please proceed.

Beth: Since tito came to our lives, everything changes. I admit tito was not that good, his actions made
us tremble. I can’t even deny that he already interferes with our lives that is not his concern anymore.
Even though tito was like that, I am thankful because he makes my mom happy. Thea was the typical
rebel kid since tito came. I hate tito, but not as much as Thea hate him. It seems so bad to hear but I
really do saw Thea getting a knife! I saw it with my two eyes.

Thea: That was before! I don’t kill tito.

Prosecutor: Over reaction is way too much.

Judge: Overruled.

Bailiff: Thank you for your statement. Now you can proceed to your seat.

Judge: Does the defense attorney wish to call the witness of Ms. Gacrama?

Defense: I am glad to present to you the best friend of Ms. Gacrama, Ms. Judy Jalang to the witness

Bailiff(Hannah): Ms. Judy Jalang, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?

Judy: I do your honor.

Judge: Please proceed.

Judy: Thea is a good friend of mine and so I am to her. She was a typical friend that is so jolly and kind
back then when her dad still alive. It was changed when her dad died and her temper even worst when
her tito came to their life. I saw how miserable she was. I felt that she has this problem because she was
changing. She is not the Thea I have known. So I tried to talk to her. At first, she doesn’t want to talk
about her situation at home but I forced her to share. She shares everything. How her tito manipulate,
threatened, and raped her. I saw how Thea`s life was drowning. There’s a time that she thinks of killing
him but I know she can’t do it. Thea is not that kind of person and I have proven it when she went to our
house and she said that she was about to kill her tito but she hasn’t done it. She cried and cried. I
comforted her. She doesn’t know what she will do at that time. So I insisted that she need to report it
and I am willing to help her. She agreed. We are about to report it but happenings were too fast because
her tito was stabbed by someone.

Prosecutor: How sure are you that she is not the one who kill Mr. Giangan? You haven’t saw the
happenings. She only told you that she is about to kill him. We don’t know, maybe she only lied to you
so that she will get your sympathy.

Friend: I know she wasn’t. She doesn’t fake all of it. I have felt it and I know how good her heart is.
Prosecutor: Is that so?

Friend: Yes.

Prosecutor: Okay then.

Bailiff: Thank you for your statement. We will proceed to the next session on October 10, 2019
(Saturday) at 1:00 pm.

Judge: The court is adjourned

Bailiff: All rise

*Out of the court*

*Scene of the family of Mr. Giangan, Thea and her mother.

Sister of Mr. Giangan(Shania): You’re still young yet you commit a crime. I pity you for doing that crime.

Thea: I didn’t do anything. Mom? Believe me please.

Mother: Stop Thea.

Sister of Mr. Giangan(Shania): It was all clear Thea. I will assure you that you will end up in the jail.

Thea: Mom please.

Scene 9

Voice over: Knowing that Thea doesn’t enough evidence to prove her innocence, it is really hard for her
to win the fight. On the other part, Beth was never being comfortable since she killed her tito. But
what’s worst is that she was the one who accused her sister to be the one who killed their tito. Her
conscience keeps on hunting her. Until one day, she doesn’t know what to do anymore and she can’t
dare to see her sister suffering in jail knowing that she is innocent.

*She write all her sufferings to her tito and she admit that she was the one who killed him.

Last words: I am so sorry Thea.


*Her friend was the one who finds out that Beth committed a suicide.

Friend: Oh my God! Beth?

*and she saw a letter.

Scene 10

Voice over: The happenings were too fast and they don’t expect that Beth will be dead eventually. It is
hard for them to accept that Beth is already gone and it is hard for Thea to sink in what really happened.
Thea: I don’t know what’s in the mind of Ate why she did that. It is really hard even though she despised
me after all she is still my sister.

*hugs her friend

Friend: There’s a letter I saw at your home Thea and maybe this letter is for you.

*opens the letter

Beth: To my baby sister, I am so glad that you grow as a fine and a strong lady. I am sorry for I haven’t
done anything when tito raped you because he also did that to me. I saw how tito abused you. When
you’re trying to escape at home, I was the one who dealt Tito’s demon side. I can’t do anything because
he also threatened me. I felt so bad knowing that your life was drowning. I wanted to comfort you, to lift
you up and to give justice on what tito done to us but I am so afraid. When I saw you attempting to kill
tito, I was so shocked but I know you can’t do it. And because I am full of anger at that time, I killed him.
I want him to get rid to our life. But I was so selfish. I want to escape my crime so I accused you because
mom knows you are badly mad to Tito. I hated myself for doing that. I hated myself lying to everybody. I
hated myself for letting you suffered for my mistake. I don’t know what to do anymore after seeing you
fighting for the crime you didn’t do. So this is the only way that I think to correct my mistake. Chelcyh, I
am so sorry for everything. I hope you will forgive me. Please take care of mom. I love you both.

Friend: Now that you know everything, this letter can be your evidence to fight even more against the
family of your tito and to prove to your mom that you haven’t done anything.

Thea: I will do whatever it takes Judy but I don’t want mom to know this first. I want her to know this in
the court so that she will know how she broke my heart the time that she won’t believe my side.

Scene 11

Voice over: There’s no other pain for a daughter that was despised by her mother. Thea suffered a lot
from the time that her tito raped her, from fighting over the crime that she didn’t do and from wanting
her mother to believed her. But what will you expect? Her mother’s system was full of addiction to Mr.
Giangan. Now that Thea has an enough evidence to prove her innocence, what will be the reaction of
her mother?

*another session in the trial court

Bailiff(Hannah): All rise, the Court is now in it’s another session, the Honorable Judge Christian Roble,

Judge(Roble): Please be seated. Today`s case is that of … crime of killing. Now, may I call Ms. Laura
Anore the Defense Attorney of Ms. Thea Gacrama

Defense Attorney(Laura): To prove the innocence of my client, please allow me to call again Ms. Thea

Thea: It is truly hard for me fighting against my family. I was suffering back then, when dad died. But
even worsen when tito came and raped me and my sister. Yes, you heard it right. I really don’t know
that she also suffered under the hands of tito. When my sister died, she left a letter where it was written
all her sufferings and how she killed tito. This letter will prove how tito manipulated us. It is up to the
court how will this case can be judged. But I am here telling the truth about my innocence and stating
my pain how my mother despised me because she chose tito Morel than her own daughter.

Judge: First, have the Defendant and defense Counsel stand.

Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

Spokesperson(Fatima): yes, your Honor, we have

Judge: Members of the Jury, on the Case of Ms. Thea Gacrama vs Mr. Giangan which is under now of his
family and his wife, what can you say?

Spokesperson(Fatima): Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant NOT GUILTY!

Judge: Members of the Jury, this Court dismisses you and thank you for a job well done.

*The Judge will now pass sentence of the verdict release the Defendant found NOT GUILTY.

Bailiff: People of the Philippines against Ms. Thea Gacrama proven NOT GUILTY upon reasonable doubt.

Judge: The meeting is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

*Hugs her friend

*Suddenly, her mom come towards her.

Mother (Grace): Thea? *hugs her. I am so sorry for what happened. For the times that both of you and
Beth were suffering, I am not there to defend you both. I was so into Morel that I forgot to be a mother
to the both of you.

Thea: I was so breaking at that time mom. I don’t know what to do. But you? You were just enjoying the
presence of tito without knowing that his presence made us harm.

Mother: That was the biggest mistake I have ever done most especially the time that I never believed
you and just letting you fight at court without the support of your family. I am so sorry Thea. Please
forgive me.

Thea: You’re just a human mom, you commit mistakes and I know you are just struggling who to believe
with. I believe you don’t know anything. You’re still my mother, I forgive you.

Mother: Thank you.

Voice over: Fighting over the crime that you didn’t do is not that easy. Thea was drowning at that time
and her family isn’t there to lift her up so she lifts up her own self. There is nothing wrong upon
defending yourself as long as you knew that you`ve done nothing wrong and you`ve never step anyone`s
dignity. You are the ruler of yourself, never let yourself be the victim in this cruel and judgmental
society. That would be a perfect definition of a strong person. The life of Thea will always remain to the
hearts of the people. Fight for your rights, fight for your dignity.



























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