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What’s new in

Teamcenter 11.3 Reach across business processes –

Teamcenter provides a flexible portfolio
of focused applications that enable you
to strategically grow your PLM maturity
in a way that makes sense for you.
Planning and scheduling gets a boost
with this release. New capabilities for
program planning enable you to coordi-
Benefits Summary
nate product development initiatives
• Capture and manage design variants With each release of the Teamcenter®
across the enterprise. You can leverage
for ECAD wire harness data software product lifecycle management
programs in conjunction with schedule
(PLM) solution suite from Siemens PLM
• Greater visibility and traceability of manager to tie execution to planning.
Software, we can help you reach
ALM-PLM objects for impact analysis Schedule manager authoring and other
beyond traditional PLM to include more
capabilities are now available on Active
• Faster and easier CAE simulation people and processes across the prod-
Workspace so users can easily partici-
setup and execution uct lifecycle, ultimately delivering
pate in schedule management and
greater returns on your PLM
• Simplified management of BOM and execution from any web browser.
configuration data
Systems Engineering and Requirement
Reach more people – Active Workspace
• Coordinate resources and tasks with Management begins to leverage these
makes it easy for people in different
simplified, web-based schedule man- planning features, which allow require-
locations and functional areas of your
agement using Active Workspace ments to be tied to program milestones,
business to access Teamcenter from a
verification and validation (V&V) plan-
• Leverage programs to manage the web browser, on any device, and within
ning and execution, as well as improved
enterprise-wide coordination of the design and office applications you
ties to Simcenter for model-based V&V
product development initiatives use every day. New users can easily
and out-of-the-box validation dash-
gain access to the product data in
• Easier capture and update of as-built boards and standard reports.
Teamcenter, whether it’s visibility to the
bill of materials (BOM), engineering These integrated requirements valida-
• More accurate manufacturing plan- changes, or CAD-neutral product tion features take advantage of
ning for line balancing and shared help them be more produc- dramatically improved requirements
resources tive and make smarter decisions. If you capture, editing, and usability enhance-
haven’t looked at Active Workspace ments including a new PDF-based
• Improved body-in-white planning
lately, it’s worth seeing how many import/update parser and out-of-the-
with suppliers
capabilities across the portfolio are now box (OOTB) standard requirement
• Streamlined supplier integration pro- available in Active Workspace. This status, metric, and traceability reports.
cesses with simple file exchange release continues our investments in
In addition to these significant
usability with a powerful, zero-install,
• Enhanced sourcing processes with enhancements to portfolio applications,
universal viewer that allows you to
improved visibility to award data Teamcenter 11.3 can help you more
easily view, edit and mark up multiple
and supplier locations easily create unique PLM applications
file types in Active Workspace.
• Ease of use for supplier sponsors
with Active Workspace

What’s new in Teamcenter 11.3

Benefits continued that suit your business. Our comprehen- attributes to the associated variant and
• Improved collaboration for analysis sive support for a declarative UI generate a BOM appropriate for each
requests framework simplifies how your IT team design variant. These capabilities are
can deliver an adaptive PLM environ- especially useful for customers and
• Enhanced integrations to supplier
ment tailored to your unique business partners that use the EDA Gateway to
material databases to support envi-
processes through configuration of develop integrations with wire harness
ronmental and social compliance
re-usable components, instead of design tools.
writing custom software code.
• Streamlined material management Software management
Reach greater returns – With each
with ease of finding and exporting This release provides expanded
release, Teamcenter has a mission to
data support for PLM-ALM (Application
make our software easier to deploy,
Lifecycle Management) interoperability,
• More holistic material management manage and maintain. We want to
accountability and traceability. These
with support for coating and surface minimize the cost of installation and
enhancements include support for the
treatments ongoing enhancements, so your IT team
semantic mapping of Requirements
can help your business respond more
• Increased user productivity with more Management objects following
quickly to market changes and trends in
powerful full-text search capability the Open Services for Lifecycle
this age of digital disruption.
and a zero-install universal viewer Collaboration (OSLC) requirements
that supports multiple file types in One example is our new Deployment management specification, as well as
Active Workspace Center, which gives you a centralized additional integration capabilities
web-based application that you can use associated with the Organization for the
• Easily tailor Active Workspace to fit
to deploy Active Workspace in your Advancement of Structured Information
business needs through configura-
existing Teamcenter platform and Standards (OASIS) specifications that
tion, without writing software code
upgrade Active Workspace. Deployment help provide a consistent and well-
• Reach more users by providing easy Center also makes it easier for you to defined integration that simplifies user
access to additional PLM capabilities consistently deploy any custom soft- interaction. The integration also sup-
such as traceability reporting and ware that you’ve built to one or more of ports a single sign-on (SSO) process
classification authoring your Teamcenter installations. Now between Teamcenter and Polarion ALM
Deployment Center provides enhanced to reduce the need for users to provide
• Increased administrator productivity
support for applying patch updates to their credentials when interacting
with access to key capabilities, like
Active Workspace as well as installing across the applications. In the area of
user management and color prefer-
Active Workspace on Teamcenter envi- cross-domain visibility, the relationship
ences, in Active Workspace
ronments at various patch levels. browser enables users to view addi-
• Scalability and reliability improve- tional (configurable) property lists for
As you grow your PLM deployment,
ments through support for load selected Polarion items, as well as filter
Teamcenter 11.3 delivers enhanced
balancing and clustering displayed items based on Polarion
applications throughout the portfolio to
attributes. This allows users to easily
• Reduced total cost of ownership help you improve productivity and
tailor the relationship browser to view
with simplified deployment and efficiency.
the specific information they need to
perform impact analysis.
• Quickly and cost-effectively subscribe
Start with PLM
and go with cloud-hosted, preconfig- Electronics design and data Simulation process management
ured product data management management Teamcenter 11.3 delivers new
(PDM) for NX or Solid Edge New electronics design and data man- capabilities for faster and easier
agement capabilities in Teamcenter computer-aided engineering (CAE)
11.3 include Teamcenter Gateway for simulation setup, execution and process
EDA support for the management of management. Options for “filter” and
wire harness design variants. In addi- “skip” of selected rules enable the user
tion to being able to edit and release to easily derive one or more CAE model
design variants, users can map item structures from an existing CAE model

structure. To improve the overall usabil- integration enhancements allow appli- Manufacturing process management
ity of the CAE package, stylesheets can cations to leverage the integrated Enhancements to Manufacturing
be used to guide selection of the item product definition (IPD) common foun- Process Planner (MPP) include supplier
and revision properties and their for- dation. New BOM capabilities improve collaboration with body-in-white
mats in the output files. The tool launch part information authoring and BOM scenarios, change management and
framework has been enhanced to alignment for design and manufactur- improved usability. In Easy Plan,
support the on-demand import of ing consumption for planning. You also production planning capabilities are
simulation results and a PLM XML-based gain greater usability with Active improved, along with the planning
input/output rule that specifies whether Workspace with drag-and-drop editing components for closed-loop manufac-
the exported or imported objects should and effectivity authoring. Improvements turing. Electronic work instructions are
be checked out or checked in during in fourth-generation design (4GD) updated for Active Workspace 3.3 to
tool launch. simplify initial adoption. include support for the offline capabil-
ity, URL parameters for reporting, and
Active Workspace 3.3 provides a con-
PLM process execution preview enhancements to show con-
solidated and simplified view of all
You can now author schedules in Active figuration changes from Manufacturing
related simulation objects, as well as
Workspace. Leaders can take advantage Process Planner.
the ability to add dependencies and
of an easy-to-use Gantt interface to edit
identify the current status of the data.
and manage schedules. This release of Supplier integration
Users can now automatically create a
Teamcenter introduces program plan- Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration
new model structure with the source
ning capabilities that help you manage enhancements with the 2.0.2 release
and target relations, attributes and
long-term programs across the enter- (compatible with Teamcenter 11.3 and
datasets mapped from another set of
prise. Programs help to manage a Active Workspace 3.3) deliver a simpli-
corresponding product structure items.
top-down approach to coordinating fied user interface for design data
Using Active Workspace, users can
initiatives. You can use program plan- exchange supporting exchange of
interactively select the primary inputs
ning in combination with schedule non-Teamcenter files. Sponsors have a
for a simulation, or choose the files to
manager to ensure execution against new user interface to easily manage bid
be imported from a list of output files
your plan. We’ve also made several processes and supplier data, and the
generated by the simulation tool.
productivity enhancements to change sourcing process is improved with more
Simulation jobs are now categorized
management in Teamcenter that make visibility into supplier awards and RFQ
and presented to the user based on
it easier to work with changes in Active information.
their execution status.
Workspace. In addition, you can lever-
Content and document management
age a graphical display to easily see the Transform your business
sequence of change dependencies.
Technical documentation authoring is Environmental compliance
easier with the combination of and product sustainability
Teamcenter 11.3 and RapidAuthor for
Extend the value With Teamcenter 11.3 and Active
Teamcenter 10.0. Authors can now Requirements management Workspace 3.3 releases, staying compli-
view and launch editing of RapidAuthor Teamcenter 11.3 adds a number of ant with environmental and social
content from Active Workspace. Several important requirements capture, edit- regulations just got easier with integra-
enhancements to usability are available ing and usability improvements that tions to supplier material databases.
in Teamcenter Technical Publishing make it easier to import/parse require- The enhanced integration for the
along with a best practices manual. ments from documents (including PDF International Material Data System
documents), bulk edit requirement (IMDS) gives you the ability to work
BOM management content from Microsoft Excel, and view with the latest production version of
The Teamcenter 11.3 release provides and manipulate requirement specifica- IMDS and offers the full range of IMDS
more automation of effectivity based on tions. This release also adds many OOTB features supporting supplier material
change notice along with access control standard requirement traceability and disclosure, all delivered on Active
of effectivity. Extended application status reports, including the ability Workspace. The new BOMcheck
configure reports to meet your specific
organization needs.

integration automates the process to A new universal viewer is now more integrated material management ribbon
gather supplier part material and sub- powerful than ever; a single zero-install in NX™ software to create material
stance declarations from the BOMcheck viewer enables you to view, mark up assignments in Teamcenter, and initial
database and import them into and edit multiple types of files directly support for materials data management
Teamcenter. on the overview page, without having on Active Workspace.
to drill into objects and data structures.
Systems-driven product development Lifecycle visualization
Active Workspace 3.3 enhances the
For systems engineering, Teamcenter All visualization components in Active
declarative user interface (UI), making it
11.3 includes several enhancements for Workspace now support the declarative
easy to tailor and configure Active
analysis requests, including better framework, making it easy for you to
Workspace without writing custom
visibility of the attributes and values tailor it to fit your business needs with-
code. Tailoring and maintaining Active
associated with the request. The release out writing custom code. If you spend
Workspace themes is now easier by
also adds OOTB status reports and most of your day working with Lifecycle
leveraging Syntactically Awesome Style
reporting/summary dashboards to Visualization, you can now host and
Sheets (SASS). Dynamic compound
accelerate understanding of the status access Active Workspace in Lifecycle
properties are now supported in XRT
and results of analysis requests. Visualization with full bi-directional
and column definition. Custom univer-
Additionally, the first release of the selection capability.
sal widgets enable you to add your own
Teamcenter-MagicDraw integration is
widgets to Active Workspace and weave
built on 11.3. This integration allows Reporting and analytics
them into the UI using declarative
users to exchange and synchronize With reporting and analytics you can
configuration. The new release also
Teamcenter system modeling informa- now create reports to trace require-
provides extensive documentation on
tion (such as functions, logical, ments through tests and their results.
configuration patterns and examples
requirements, and other items) with Quickly view reports in the command
that partners and customers can use to
NoMagic’s MagicDraw modeling envi- panel on the right hand side of the
extend Active Workspace. A powerful
ronment to model system behavior screen without switching to a new page
XRT editor makes it easier to edit XRT
using SysML and other modeling and simply select an item to see only
files, interactively see which UI ele-
languages. the most relevant reports in the context
ments are affected by the edits and
of the selected item.
quickly deploy the changes directly to
Explore the PLM platform the database without a build.
Active Workspace
For administrators, user management Classify objects as a key part of the
Active Workspace version 3.3 is avail-
enhancements enable more efficient authoring operation with Active
able for users of Teamcenter 11.3, with
management of organizational informa- Workspace 3.3. Finding the desired
enhancements focused on usability and
tion, including defining and modifying class is easy and familiar through a
users, groups and roles, as well as common navigation of the classification
You can find what you need faster with changing a user’s password on his/her hierarchy. After an object is classified,
enhancements to full text searches for behalf from within Active Workspace. editing of the attribute values can be
content in business objects that are performed very easily in Active
attached to a dataset. When a match is Integrated material management Workspace. On the administrative side,
found, the search results display the With the Teamcenter 11.3 and Active you have the flexibility to choose how
dataset as well as the business object. Workspace 3.3 releases, you can accel- you want to index the desired classifica-
On the server side, Teamcenter data erate the pace of innovation with tion data, from classic classification to
model changes no longer force a full material-driven product design. classification with an enhanced presen-
re-indexing of your data. Support for Enhancements to materials manage- tation layer and library content.
the Solr 6.2.1 open-source search ment include support for coating and
platform provides enhanced security surface treatments with the ability to Platform extensibility
features. manage multiple material levels, Integration with disconnected third-
enhanced export and search capabili- party systems is now possible by
ties, a new access point with the enabling Teamcenter to consume 4GD

PLMXML data from external sources. eliminating deployment and mainte- • Systems modeling integration with
Linked Data Framework now enables nance hassles. In Active Workspace, you MagicDraw to support SysML system/
cross-domain data synchronization of can apply project-level security to behavior modeling
linked objects and status checks, as well configured BOM structures and multiple
• Zero-install universal viewer to view,
as filtering of remote objects in the objects. Managing the security of large
edit and mark up various file types in
relationship browser across multiple program data can now be done with the
Active Workspace
systems. Teamcenter Integration granularity and flexibility in single-level
Framework supports load balancing and program and projects hierarchy. • Declarative framework to tailor Active
clustering capabilities to provide signifi- Workspace to fit your business
Teamcenter Rapid Start can be delivered
cant scalability and reliability through configuration, without writ-
through software-as-a-service (SaaS) to
improvements. Finally, Data Share ing software code
support on-premise NX or Solid Edge
Manager integration with Active
CAD customers just getting started with • Classify objects in Active Workspace
Workspace enables very large file
product data management (PDM). This and determine how classification data
uploads and downloads and insulates
new deployment option for cloud- is indexed
file transfers from intermittent network
hosted, preconfigured PDM for NX and
issues. • Administrator access to view audit
Solid Edge leverages Active Workspace
records as well as manage users and
for an easy, intuitive user experience.
Platform deployability color preferences in Active Workspace
Siemens hosts and maintains the SaaS
You can also now enable specific groups
solution, so customers can simply • Applet-free single sign-on and sup-
of users to easily access and view audit
subscribe and go. No IT expertise is port for project-level security
logs for objects from within Active
required to operate and support
Workspace. Finally the data model is • Support for custom ADA classification
Teamcenter Rapid Start SaaS.
enhanced by enabling creation of and license
primary-to-primary document relations
Teamcenter 11.3 release highlights • Linked data framework cross-domain
and the use of conditions on General
• New program planning framework data synchronization and status check
Relationship Model (GRM) rules to vary
and capabilities and filtering across multiple systems
the behavior of relationship rules.
• Schedule authoring on Active • Clustering support for Teamcenter
Deployment Center 1.1 provides
Workspace integration framework
enhanced support for applying patch
updates to Active Workspace 3.1, 3.2 • Easier identification of changes in • Data Share Manager and Active
and 3.3 as well as installing Active requirements Workspace integration
Workspace on Teamcenter environ-
• Streamlined systems engineering • Deployment Center enhancements to
ments at various patch levels
analysis requests and reporting patch Active Workspace
Security enhancements to the platform
• New requirements import (including
include a mechanism to achieve single
PDF), structure and specification edit-
sign-on without requiring Java applets,
ing features
• OOTB standard requirements trace-
ability reports
• OOTB analysis request status dash-
board and reports

Teamcenter solution New features and enhancements Customer value


Design management Electronics design and data management • Create and manage wire-harness design
Teamcenter enables you to manage and share • Expanded support for design variants in the variants
cross-domain design information, including EDA Gateway • More accurate and complete design variant-
mechanical, electronics, software and simulation Software management based bill of materials
in a single environment. • Semantic mapping of Requirements • Simplified user interaction
Management objects based on the OSLC • Faster, more detailed impact analysis
requirements management specification • Quicker CAE simulation setup and execution
• Single sign-on (SSO) between Teamcenter and
• Relationship browser viewing/filtering based
on object, attributes and relationship type
Simulation process management
• Streamlined setup and execution of CAE
• Detailed description of input parameters and
simulation tool help pop-ups
• Simplified view of all related simulation objects
and dependencies
• Automatically create new model structures

Content and document management • RapidAuthor enhancements • Faster access to content

Teamcenter document and content management -- View and launch edit from • Improved interaction with user interfaces
capabilities enable you to fully integrate advanced Active Workspace
authoring and publishing of structured documents --  Integration with Service Planner
and XML content as well as Microsoft Office -- 2D illustrations with axonometric views
documents within your PLM environment • Technical Publishing
--  Best practices manual
-- Usability enhancements

BOM management • BOM authoring • Improved usability for BOM editing

Teamcenter helps you effectively manage the bill -- Automated effectivity based on change • Enhanced accuracy of BOM authoring,
of materials (BOM) as a critical part of design and notice effectivity and alignment with manufacturing
manufacturing by providing clear, current and -- Common IPD foundation application • Easier transition to 4GD design
accurate product definitions, specific to the needs integration
of teams and users. -- Single master source for eBOM
-- Alignment support for automation (design
eBOM), views, search
-- Global alternate for parts
-- Drag-and-drop editing for occurrences in
-- Effectivity authoring unit or date, revision,
shared effectivities
• 4GD transition
-- Simplified 4GD initial adoption to populate
and synchronize updates
-- Contexts to initiate CAD authoring for
-- PLMXML import for 4GD

PLM process execution • Improved change management • Clearer overall view of change
Teamcenter can help you manage and execute -- New predefined reports for changes by • Simplified user experience
the many processes required to get the right stage
products to market at the right time. -- Filter types of changes that can be created
for selected items

Teamcenter solution New features and enhancements Customer value


Requirements management • Import/parse requirements documents • Easier import/update of requirement content

Teamcenter capabilities for requirements (including PDF documents) • Standard/configurable output of requirement
management ensure the delivery of products that • View, edit, manipulate requirements status/traceability information
reflect the voice of your customer. specifications
• OOTB standard requirement reports

Manufacturing process management • Manufacturing Process Planner • Include suppliers in body-in-white planning
With a fully managed, single source of knowledge -- Body-in-white planning uses Briefcase • Provide offline electronic work instructions
for products, processes, resources and plants, Browser for supplier collaboration to disconnected environments (suppliers,
you can increase manufacturing’s influence on -- Compare and propagate process simulate disconnected shop floors)
product innovation to improve profitability, time- datasets, alternatives and forms in
to-market and quality. accountability check
-- Support for out-of-sync changes
• Easy Plan
-- Open Easy Plan from Manufacturing
Process Planner for a selected bill of
process (BOP)
-- Use TiCon MTM standards for data cards
-- Support for closed-loop manufacturing
• Electronic work instructions
-- Offline support
-- Synchronized preview with MPP for
information on the same configured

Supplier integration • Enhanced Supplier Collaboration Foundation • Easier deployment

Teamcenter offers supplier integration solutions (SCF) • Streamlined sourcing
that allow you to more effectively engage -- Supplier Collaboration Foundation sponsor • Improved accuracy and simplification of data
suppliers, engineering and procurement in the UI – Active Workspace look and feel and exchange
sourcing and supplier management process. consistent for sponsor and suppliers
-- Browser-based file upload and download
-- Ability for Teamcenter to be SSO-enabled
and SCF not SSO-enabled
• Improved Direct Materials Sourcing (DMS)
-- Award relationship to part
-- Supplier locations displayed on RFQ
• Design data exchange
-- Simplified user interface
-- Simple file exchange of non-Teamcenter
-- Assembly update only after approval


Systems engineering Analysis requests • Greater visibility of attributes and values

With Teamcenter capabilities for systems • Improved usability of analysis requests/studies, associated with analysis requests
engineering, you can construct a systems-level including OOTB reports/dash boards • System modeling via standard SysML notation
behavioral, functional and logical definition to System Modeling for clearer product definition and behavior
help ensure products perform as intended. • SysML behavioral modeling/analysis support simulation
through MagicDraw integration • Greater visibility and understanding of system
• Improved graphical display and cross- model information and relationships
probing between diagrams and Teamcenter
Relationship browsing
• Focused relationship filtering and navigation

Environmental compliance • Initial support for IMDS integration on Active • Streamlined processes for supplier material
and product sustainability Workspace disclosure reduce the risk of noncompliance
Teamcenter can help you establish a framework • Improvements to the IMDS integration against environmental and social regulations
for sustainability and design for environment • BOMcheck integration
(DfE) initiatives with a substance compliance
solution to support the development of green,
environmentally friendly products.

Teamcenter solution New features and enhancements Customer value


Active Workspace • User productivity • Improved consistency and usability

In order to maximize PLM usability, Teamcenter -- Full text search enhancements • Increased productivity
engages users with an intuitive and easy PLM user • Search indexing and deployability • Reduced information overload
experience. -- Indexing enhancements
-- Support for Solr 6.2.1
• User efficiency
-- Universal viewer
-- Multi-select cross-probing for hosting
• Compelling layout and styling
-- Theme configurability improvements
-- Tab overflow
• Use case enablement
-- Support large file upload/download
• Extensibility
-- Custom universal widgets
-- Configuration examples and documentation
-- XRT editor
-- Dynamic compound properties support
-- Organization management

Platform Reporting and analytics • Streamlined and easy access to reporting and
The Teamcenter platform includes core product • Traceability reporting analytics
lifecycle management capabilities that you can • Usability enhancements • Improved security
leverage regardless of where you are in your PLM Lifecycle Visualization • Improved display and user interaction
journey. • View 4GD partitions • Easier creation of Teamcenter integrations
• Administrative control of color preferences • Reduced total cost of ownership
• Manufacturing applications launch support
• Cross-probing and hosting
• Classify objects in Active Workspace
• Active Workspace classification/library indexing
• Classification enhancements for NX logical
• Applet-free single sign-on
• Apply project-level security to configured
BOM structure and multiple objects in Active
• Manage security in single-level project
• Custom ADA classification and license support
• PLM XML import for 4GD
• Linked data framework cross-domain data
synchronization and status check and filtering
across multiple systems
• Clustering support for Teamcenter integration
• Data Share Manager and Active Workspace
• Hierarchical directory support
• Capture dataset with ADA licensing audit
• View audit records in Active Workspace
• Create primary-to-primary document relations
• Conditions on GRM rules
• Deployment Center enhancements -
patch Active Workspace 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3,
install Active Workspace on Teamcenter
environments at a patch level and improved
error handling

Teamcenter solution New features and enhancements Customer value

Integrated Material Management • Material data management • Innovate with support for material-driven
manages your material lifecycle in Teamcenter, -- Support for coating and surface treatments product design
and integrates material aspects throughout the with multiple levels of material definition
product lifecycle. -- Enhanced export functionality to
desired formats and easily integrate to
downstream systems
-- Enhanced search capabilities with role-
based saved search, material attribute and
property search and percent of material
search criteria calculated

Platform deployability Teamcenter Rapid Start SaaS for NX • High-value, preconfigured based on best
Customers just getting started with PDM can or Solid Edge practices
choose Teamcenter Rapid Start SaaS for NX or • Preconfigured PDM delivered through • Leverages Active Workspace for intuitive user
Solid Edge cloud-hosted deployment options. software-as-a-service experience
• Supports on-premise NX or Solid Edge MCAD • Subscribe and go
system • No IT expertise required to operate and support
• Realize benefits quickly for a fast return on

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