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What is art? How something becomes an art?

These questions are entirely subjective for we all know

that both beauty and ugliness are seen in the eye of the beholder. For us, art is everywhere and
everything could be considered an art. Determining what is art and what isn't depends on how we
interpret art and find the aspects needed to be art on that certain thing. Together with my partners, we
chose the library as a form of art particularly the bookshelves.

The picture above wherein a lady reading a book in the middle part of the bookshelves is a concept of
art for us not just because of its aesthetics but also because of the elements to having art be art. The
elements present in the picture are lines, shapes, colors, value and harmony. On the aesthetic
perspective, the expressive nature of the medium due to the combination of light colors makes it art for
it touches us on emotional level. It makes us simply appreciates it for its existence as well as realize that
sometimes all you need is a great book and a little space to have a peace that you've wanted.

In terms of its appearance, one thing that makes this place an art is that, the position of the bookshelves
are almost symmetrical. The bookshelves are designed horizontally that it creates a wide range of space
for books to be piled. The titles are arranged by genre and are not simply stacked up in a higgledy-
piggledy piles. The equal distances and placement of books by function and genre is something that
adheres to the very definition of space as an element of art. It makes us appreciate the value of balance
and order for it also appears to be attractive in the eye. Moreover, the orderliness of the arrangement of
the books gives people the feeling of familiarity to encounter a book that they intentionally want to read
thus it leads them to read whatever they like and be whoever they want to be.

The essential thing to consider when appreciating art is not only on how something looks or how it
captivates our eyes but also its purpose and significance to oneself. The library focuses on storing-in
knowledge to every learner, how it hits the criteria/elements is just one piece of conferring it as an art.
Its function is considered art, the magical experience of every reader when they read books there, the
values it teaches us to observe silence uplifts and develops our character, the vision. These are just some
instances that truly make it an art. Because an art is something that touches not only our eyes, but also
our minds and hearts. It is more of like the meaning that stimulates our seeing.