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January 2019

Alas, updates have been few and far between with this Compendium recently. Real life
has had me firmly in it’s grip these past several months. Overall good things, but enough
going on that I reduced my E&P time to just casual play. A number of exciting updates
have been made to the game, and my hope is that I can sneak away some time to update
this document.

The Compendium started out as a collection of things I’d learned in the early days of the
game from beta players that came before me, and other things I collected along the way.
There’s a lot more information out there now, and I’ll try to link to external resources
where I can. Right now the Official Empires & Puzzles Forum is one of the best places
to discuss the game and ask questions of the community. This game has so many
wonderful people that are more than willing to take the time to help fellow players! All
you need to do is speak up and ask! You can also chat with other players in the in game
Peer Support chat. The Empires & Puzzles Support Site is invaluable for any account
issues, and there’s other helpful FAQs there as well.

My intention is to keep working away at this to get it updated. It won’t happen quickly,
but hopefully I’ll catch up at some point! As before, when the Compendium is
completely up to date I will announce it here. New and corrected text will be highlighted
as edits occur. I still have hopes of making this more mobile friendly too, but I’m going
to try to stay on task and not get distracted by that right now.

As before, I will mention that this isn’t a strategy guide, nor will it answer every question.
But there should be most of the basics (and then some!) to help you get started. I do have
the request that if this guide helps you, then please pass it on!
Now, I’ve never charged anything for folks to have access to this guide, and I never will.
However, I would love if you would consider making a small donation to Child’s Play
Charity. It’s a charity funded mostly from within the video game community. Child’s
Play seeks to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare
facilities through the power of play. The charity donates video games, books and toys to
hospitals and other facilities worldwide (the specific breakdown is on their webpage).

Go here to place a request, question, or comment for the guide! Please remember to
leave your in game name with your comment. If I see a post here that would benefit the
community at large I might post it to the forum, as well as on the guide or the companion

For New Players

*** I wanted to highlight just a few things that new players should probably know
sooner rather than later. There’s a forum post by the player NPNKY that has
collected this type of info, but it’s gotten rather long, and may not make sense until
after you’ve played a bit. I’ve borrowed from that thread and added a couple

→ Alliance Wars is an aspect of the game that will have you using up to 30 heroes if you
have them. So don’t be in a rush to use levelled heroes to advance others. There will
come a time for that, but not for a while.
→ Do not level up 1* heroes! These are just used to grow better heroes
→ You’ll collect blue and white emblems that will someday be used to advance fully
levelled heroes even higher. Just keep saving these emblems for now. They’re really
new to the game, and there’s not much info on best use of them as of yet. But general
consensus is to wait and use them on 4 or 5* heroes.
→ You will have the hero Bane early in the game. Do not use Bane to level someone
else. He’s actually one of the better 3* heroes.
→ Use the lock feature on hero cards and troops you want to save so you don’t use
them to level up something else! (More details in Levelling Heroes and in Troops.)
→ There is almost nothing in this game that you cannot get for free with time and
effort. Spending money will speed up the process, but it isn’t necessary. Things like
Emblems and Ascension materials are mostly be gained through game play anyways.
→ Much in this game is based on RNG, or Random Number Generation. What
heroes are summoned, what loot you win, even which items you get when you
purchase certain deals. There’s more on this in the rest of this guide. But I’d like new
players to know at the outset that you can see the appearance rates for things that you
can purchase with gems where RNG will be a factor determining what you actually get.
Look for a small blue button with a white i in the centre.
→ Summons. You never get to pick the hero that you get from the summons. And
the hero cards that you see scrolling by show the hero when they are fully trained up
(though without their talent enhancements from emblems). The card you receive will be
a basic level 1 hero and needs to be levelled.

About your Base

Keep building those buildings! Resources are key for advancing in this game.
Here’s some info on some of the buildings:

Houses: These hold the recruits that you collect from map levels and
completing quests. Recruits are used up by the training camps to create new

Farms and Mines: These produce food (aka hams) and iron. The more you
level these the more they produce each hour, and the more they can store. The
higher storage is especially helpful if you aren’t able to collect often. The
food and iron in these buildings can’t be used for anything until after it is
collected. You can collect any time by clicking on the building, not just when
it tells you to!

Food and Iron Storage Facilities: That’s all these buildings do. Levelling
these increases the maximum amount of iron or food you can store/use at any
given time. (Food and iron that are still in your farms and mines aren’t able to
be used until they are collected.) Your maximum storage for each resource
can be found by tapping the food and iron bars at the top of your screen on
your Base or Map screens.

As you want to build higher level buildings, and research higher level training
camps and forges, you will need higher and higher amounts of food or iron
available. If your max storage isn’t high enough to accommodate the
requirements of the building you want, then you will have to upgrade your
storage buildings accordingly, and add new ones as they become available.

Any building in your base can only be built up to a level equal to that of your
stronghold. New areas open up in your base when the stronghold gains levels
3, 5, 8, 11, 15, and 20. As a point of interest, the Devs have said that the first
30 troops that you start with in the game are housed in the stronghold.

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and
food storage.
At level 3 you can add: farm, mine, food storage, forge.
At level 5 you can add: house, farm, training camp, iron storage.
At level 8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine.
At level 11 you can add: farm, training camp, house, food storage.
At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge.
At level 20 you can add: house, training camp, farm, food storage.
** At level 10 you get access to the barracks. It is an advanced building that
you build over top of an existing lvl 5 building. Building over a forge is
recommended. If you don’t have the right number of buildings at any given
step, then there’s an excellent chance that you built a barracks over the
missing building and forgot about it. More details on the barracks below!

Training Camp:
Training camps (TC) use recruits, food, and items to train heroes. When
upgrading your training camps don't waste resources on research you don't
need. Key levels are 1, 2, 4 (until 11 is available), 11, 12, 13, 19, 20. Training
camps will only produce the standard heroes, never event heroes or Heroes of
the Month.

- Researching - once you research a level you will be able to use it in all
your training camps, not just the one you did the research in.
- TC 13 (guaranteed 3* with chance of 4* hero) is probably preferable
over TC 12 (guaranteed 3* hero), but the much higher cost for resources
may make it harder to keep running for more casual players. The
community feels that the chance of getting a 4* hero from TC 13 is
around 3%, maybe 5%.
- TC 19 is a great way to get quick heroes, but is very food heavy. You
will want to have your farms well developed to take full advantage of
this level!
- TC 20 is definitely a push goal for free to play and low spending players.
This is your best chance of getting 5* heroes without paying. There’s a
thread on the forum where players did the research and came up with the
following drop rates for heroes from TC 20. 5% chance of a 5* hero,
20% chance of a 4* hero, 75% chance of a 3* hero. For folks willing to
pay to get great heroes you’ll probably just want to research up to TC 11
initially, then focus on your forge for battle items.

Training Camp broken down by levels:

Lvl *s description food recruits time other

1 1 Common 1.6k 5 10m 1 wooden sword
2 1,2 Uncommon 2k 5 30m 1 backpack
3 1 Fast 5k 5 2m 1 wooden sword
4 1,2 Low Cost 1.5k 4 3h --
5 1,2 Fire Heroes 8.5k 5 1h 1 wooden sword + 1 backpack
6 1,2 Ice Heroes 8.5k 5 1h 1 wooden sword + 1 backpack
7 1,2 Nature Heroes 8.5k 5 1h 1 wooden sword + 1 backpack
8 1,2 Dark Heroes 8.5k 5 1h 1 wooden sword +1 backpack
9 1,2 Holy Heroes 8.5k 5 1h 1 wooden sword +1 backpack
10 1, 2, Advanced 105k 25 1d 1 rugged clothes + 1 training
3 manual
11 1,2 Extra Low Cost 1k 2 2h --
12 3 Guaranteed 164k 45 2d 1 rugged clothes + 1 training
Rare manual
13 3,4 Elite 265k 70 2d 1 leather armour + 1 wooden
Estimated 3-5 % chance of getting
a 4* hero
14 1,2, Fire Hero 105k 25 1d 1 training manual
15 1,2, Ice Heroes 105k 25 1d 1 training manual
16 1,2, Nature Heroes 105k 25 1d 1 training manual
17 1,2, Dark Heroes 105k 25 1d 1 training manual
18 1,2, Holy Heroes 105k 25 1d 1 training manual
19 1 Extra Fast 5.5k 2 1m 1 rugged clothes
20 3,4, Legendary 297k 100 2d 1sharpening stone

Forges & Research:

Forges allow you to create battle items by combining resources with
ingredients obtained while playing the game. As with your Training Camps,
you can pick and choose which levels of the forge you wish to research.

**** a note on research- as with the training camp, once you research a level
you will be able to use it in all your forges, not just the one you did the
research in

Forges Broken Down By Levels:

**If a description isn’t provided, then you can find the information in the
game shop under battle items. Or click here to go to the corresponding page in
the wiki for more detailed information. (Item description, required resources
to craft items, how many of each item can be equipped in a slot.)
Lv 2 - minor mana
Lv 3 - antidotes ** remember, 1 vial will cure your whole team of negative
status effects! Not just poison!
Lv 4 - arrow attack
Lv 5 - healing potion
Lv 6 - bear banner
Lv 7 - turtle banner
Lv 8 - axe attack
Lv 9 - potent healing potion
Lv 10 - mana potion
Lv 11 - super antidote
Lv 12 - bomb attack
Lv 13 - revive scroll
Lv 14 - dragon banner
Lv 15 - super healing potion
Lv 16 - dragon attack
Lv 17 - super mana potion
Lv 18 - time stop (all enemies lose 100% mana and have their attack delayed
by 3 turns- delays are cumulative!)
Lv 19 - tornado (all heroes gain 50% mana and board is shuffled)
Lv 20 - miracle scroll

Uncertain where to find a crafting material?

Click on the image of an item when in your forge or inventory to find out
where you can find it!

Don’t forget to equip battle items depending on your needs! This is done the
same place where you edit your teams. (More info further down the guide.)
Also, you are able to equip a different battle item setup for each team.

Building a watchtower allows you to participate in raids. This allows you to
attack other players teams (controlled by AI while they are offline); it also
allows them to attack YOU. Killing opponent’s heroes will fill the heroes
chest for the wanted missions. Only the food and iron stored in your
watchtower is vulnerable to being stolen when you are raided. While this
building can be a source of income, it is quite expensive to build when
compared to farms and mines. If you aren’t using it to it’s full storage
capabilities it may not be a good deal.
**more on raids and cups further along in guide**

The watchtower’s food and iron revenue comes from the outposts that you
conquer at the end of certain provinces. Levelling your outpost will give a %
production increase of these resources, and increases how much your
watchtower can hold at once.

This the advanced building that allows you to level up your troops!

The requirements for building a barracks are a lvl 10 Stronghold, 250k iron,
and any level 5 building to build your barracks over the top of (you can’t put it
on an empty lot). You are only able to have one of these buildings at a time.
If you meet the above criteria, then select the building that you wish to build
your barracks over top of. Once built, you will be able to change back and
forth between your new barracks and your old building (it’s free!). Each
building will retain its levels when you do this. It is worth noting that you
lose the storage or revenue of resources from buildings that you write over top
of. Many people are choosing to overwrite their extra forges. It is possible to
convert back to the original building and select a new building to build over.
All buildings will maintain their level. The game doesn’t allow you to build
over iron storage, because it creates issues with having enough storage
available to continue to progress through the game.

When you tap on the building you will see an icon with two arrows that says
convert. This is what you need to tap to get your build started. It’s also the
button you will use to change it back to the original building. Be aware that
you will be unable to convert a building if your builder is busy with another

10 is the max level of the barracks. The stronghold requirement increases as

you level up your barracks. At each level of barracks there is a maximum that
you can level a troop to, and the max level is variable depending on the rarity
of the troop.
Example, using a Lvl 2 Barracks, maximum you can level a hero to is:
1* - lvl 10 2* - lvl 7 3* - lvl 5 4* - lvl 3

The info regarding levelling troops is in the Troops section of this


Mystic Vision:
Clicking on the purple and white play button sends you to watch a 30-second
advertisement. Afterwards you get a small amount of loot. There is a slim
chance of getting ascension items too!
Common Questions about the Base:

Can I Delete A Building?

No. But don’t worry! This game really hand-holds for building. You can't
really do it wrong. Build what you can & level up as you go. If you want to
move your buildings around tap and hold the building you want to move, then
tap the new destination for your building.

Current maximum building level is 20.


Heroes can be summoned from the Summon gate, trained in your training
camps, and occasionally purchased from the special shop. For a complete list
of 2*-5* heroes, their stats and abilities, please follow the link to Pois’s

Levelling Heroes

➔ Do take the time to mark heroes as favourites! A hero marked in this

way can’t be accidentally used to level up another hero. To do this
access your heroes roster (the page you go to to level heroes). Tap on
the hero you want to mark as a favourite. Just above the hero’s card is a
faded out lock, with the word favourite beside it. When you tap the lock
it changes to white. Done!
➔ Don't waste resources on 1* heroes. You’ll want to replace these as soon
as possible, because they die easily.
➔ It isn’t possible to train a hero up in stars. A 1* hero will always be a 1*
To level up a hero

➔ click on the heroes button at the bottom of the base or map screens, and
then select the hero that you wish to level up. You then select up to 10
heroes you want to ‘feed’ to your chosen hero.
➔ Using all the same colour characters (gives 20% more xp than using
other colour). Eg. using red heroes to level another red hero gives 20%
more experience than using green heroes to level up a red hero.

Increasing the Special Skill of a hero

➔ When you feed heroes to another hero you also gain a chance to increase
the hero’s special skill. There are 8 levels to each special skill.
➔ The % chance of a special skill increasing when you level up a hero
depends on the colour and * ranking of the feeder heroes.
A single 1* hero gives a 1% chance of skill increase, 2* is 2%, 3* is 3%,
4* is 4%, 5* is 5%. Using the same colour feeder heroes doubles the %
chance increase the special skill.
➔ Feeding a hero identical to the hero you are levelling gives you a 25%
chance increase to the special skill. Feeding 4 heroes identical to the
hero you are levelling will guarantee your special skill increasing when
you level up your hero.
➔ Feeding 10 at a time raises the % chance of your hero’s special skill
going up, but a lot of people get lucky when feeding fewer heroes at a
time (eg. enough heroes of any colour that together would give a %
chance to increase around 18-24%).
➔ Honestly, there’s little risk with 4 or 5* heroes that you won’t get the
heroes to max skill, even if you aren’t optimizing the chance to increase
your skill each time you level a hero. For 3* heroes you need to be a bit
more careful. For those it’s probably worth sticking to feeding 10 heroes
at a time, preferably of the same colour to max out your chances. Also,
skip using trainer heroes or 3* heroes as feeders until the special is
➔ Please see the next section regarding heroes that are fully levelled
without their specials being at max.

Ascending heroes

➔ Each hero has a maximum number of tiers it can achieve. 1* heroes can
achieve 2 tiers, 2 and 3* heroes can achieve 3 tiers, 4 and 5* heroes can
achieve 4 tiers.
➔ When you ascend a hero it automatically gains a level to its special skill.
➔ When you max out a hero’s growth in a certain tier, you will be able to
‘feed’ it food and items to get it to ascend to the next level.
➔ With 4 and 5* heroes there are rare (3*) and epic (4*) ascension mats
that you will have to get before being able to ascend your heroes to the
higher tiers.
➔ There’s a chart here that shows the max stats of each 4 and 5* heroes at
the points where they need the rare and epic ascension items. It also
shows what ascension materials are required for each colour hero. The
image with the ascension materials sometimes takes a moment to load.

Where do you get Ascension Materials?

Some Ascension Mats are farmable on the map, for example chain shirts, tall
boots, backpacks, and wooden swords. You can also get them from doing the
things listed for the Rare and Epic Ascension Mats. If you are looking for
high boots most people will send you somewhere in province 12, and to
province 13 for chain shirts.

Rare and epic Ascension Mats are not found by playing levels on the map.
It is possible to get these Mats through gameplay by opening wanted mission
chests, mystic vision (video ads), completing quests, killing titans,
participating in war, and from monthly or seasonal challenge events. It is also
possible to purchase them in deals for money, or occasionally, for gems. I
really do consider this game play to win. The more aspects of the game you
play, the more chances you have to collect these Ascension Materials.

These rare and epic Ascension Mats do take time to collect. In fact it will take
quite some time before you have what you need to take a 5* to its maximum
potential. It’s recommended that you work on getting some 4*s maxed as you
get the Mats for them. This will best help you to collect the ascension
materials more regularly.

The non-farmable Ascension Mats are:

Damascus Blade Tome of Tactics Compass

Fine Gloves Farsight Telescope Mysterious Tonic
Mystic Rings Poison Darts Royal Tabard
Hidden Blade Orb of Magic Sturdy Shield
Warm Cape

Trainer Heroes
Trainer Heroes can be won as rare loot, or from a special bundle in the shop.
Trainer Heroes give a big XP boost when used to level up your heroes, and do
give an extra 20% xp when used to level up same colour hero. There are 1, 2,
3, & 4* trainer heroes. Trainer Heroes can be equipped to be used in battle,
though usually not recommended, and are already maxed out for levels.

Summoning Heroes

List of Summons:
About the limited time hero of the month! This hero can be gained as a bonus
summon from any elemental, event, or epic summon. The first hero of the
month was Hel, Princess of the Underworld! Bonus summon means that for
every elemental, challenge, or epic summon you do, you will receive not only
a regular hero, but you have a chance of getting the monthly hero as well! So
a 10x summon from either of these categories will give you 10 regular heroes,
and 10 chances to get the hero of the month! If you use a

Elemental Summons (300 gems): 3* and higher heroes of the colour that is on
special at the moment, with a higher chance of Legendary (5*) heroes. [The
colours will cycle through the following order: red, blue, green, yellow,
purple.] This summons is probably the best use of gems, as you can wait for
the colour you most need to come up and then try your luck. Increase your
chances for getting the colour you need by doing your summons when the
Hero of the Month is the colour you need also!

Event Summons (300 gems): includes all 3* and higher regular heroes, and
the heroes associated with the current monthly challenge event. Not all heroes
possible to be pulled show when you flip through the selection you see on the
summon screen. Monthly challenges currently include Pirates of Corellia,
Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of the Round. This type of summons replaces
the Elemental Summons while a challenge event is running. This is the only
way to get Event Heroes, some of which will give you great advantages in
raids, wars, or against titans, whereas the regular heroes you will eventually
build up to the point that you have chances of training even the 5* regular

Epic Summons (300 gems): 3* and higher heroes, randomized for colour.
Keeps you from having to wait for the colour you want to come up in an
Elemental Summons, but only really helpful if any colour would help you get
Epic Troop Summon (200 gems): 3 & 4* troops. This seems to be the only
way to get 4* troops.

Daily Summons (150 gems): Don’t waste any money on these! You will get
lots of them through gameplay, and of course one daily as well. If you’re
really, really lucky it might toss out a 3* hero or troop to you (a 3* is the
max!). Otherwise, just consider them a fodder donation for levelling heroes.

*** All summons draws are completely random! *** Also, if you do a 10x
summon they all roll at once. So if you do a 10x elemental summons you will
get 10 heroes of the same colour! ***

*** Summoned heroes are at Level 1/ Tier 1 *** Even though the hero’s card
in the summon gate is fully levelled, the one you receive will not be.

Gems and tokens for Epic Hero, Epic Troop, and Daily summons can be won
from titan battles, opening the chests from the wanted missions (chests) in
your town screen, Mystic Vision, Quests, and facebook contests put on by
Empires & Puzzles.

Bonus: the Summon Gate can be used like a catalogue to flip through the
heroes. You can get a look at the fully ascended and levelled stats of any hero.
Click the little mark if you want more details on their special abilities. Or
use Artemis’s lovely spreadsheet for hero stats! (Didn’t do anything with 1*s
because you are just using them to feed to bigger heroes.)

Setting Up Your Hero Teams

You can build 5 teams. (Menu, Heroes, Edit Team - swipe left/right to view
different teams) Some players build different teams for different purposes.
Common teams are based on map/raid attacks, titan attacks, raid defence,
map farming.

** You can use the same hero in more than one team!
When editing your team you can also equip battle items and troops! Do this by
tapping on the picture of the troop or item you wish to change. Items and
troops won’t automatically appear in these slots.

One team must be marked defence. The team marked defence is what gets
attacked when you are raided. The positioning of your heroes matters in
your defense team. When first starting out put your strongest dead centre &
weakest at the edges. (New players - put your Bane front and center on your
defense team! He’s the best you have for taking the hits!) When you are being
raided, the centre gets hit most in attacks, the far sides are hardest to hit. When
you get a stronger team you'll probably put strongest dead centre & heavy
hitters far sides with healers or weaker heroes in the other 2 spots. On your
defense team choose your strongest heroes/best combination of special skills.
Your defense team does not depend on gem matches to hurt opponents, so you
do not have to worry about having one of each colour.

With the teams you use when you are raiding, battling titans, or doing map
fights you will most often want to have one of each colour hero on your team.
If any colour is missing, the gems of the absent hero will only do 1 damage.
There are times you might make a strategic choice to eliminate a colour.

You can play around with the combination of heroes and their special abilities.
By raiding you will get a feel for what the other heroes can do.

How do I get troops?
You gain troops from Daily Summons (up to a 3*), from Epic Troop
Summons (up to 4*), as loot from battles, & from wanted mission chests.

How Do I Assign Troops To A Hero?

Tap the Heroes button on the main menu. Next click Edit team - then click on
the picture of fighters below a hero. Your troop options will come up for that
colour. Click on them to see what they add to your hero. Click on "done" at
top of page when you've assigned the one you want. Do that for each troop
below each hero. Any time you change a hero remember to add your troop
back on!

What do troops do for me?

Troops positively affect the statistics of your heroes. The

chart below shows what each of the icons mean. You can
also tap the icons in the game to get a description of what
they mean.

One special thing about troops is that they are they only
thing that will boost a damage over time (DoT) special
skill. Example of a DoT is each turn the afflicted hero
will receive fire damage. The higher the attack stat of the
troop, the more fire damage will be done each turn.
The previous compendium version recommended watching your team power
as you switched troops to help gauge which one would benefit you most.
Now, with the ability to level troops, and the new boosts for them, this feature
might not give you the full picture. I’d recommend trying global chat, or the
forums to get ideas from other players. Rare and Epic troops have special
effects including healing effect increase, mana gain increase, and health

Training Troops Using the Barracks:

Training troops is very similar to training heroes. Select the troop you wish to
level up. Once selected you can see the maximum level that troop can attain
from your current level of stronghold. At the bottom of the screen will see the
troops that you can use to level up. For troops, you are only able to train with
same coloured troops. You can use up to 10 troops to level with at a time, but
there is no advantage to doing this.

Maximum Level By Troop Rarity:

1* - 10 2* - 15 3* - 20 4* - 30!
Until the wiki is updated, you can use the summon gate to see stats at
max level.

When Can I Join An Alliance?

When you reach Player Level 4.

Why Should I Join An Alliance?

Social benefit to a chat board with less people - and your fellow alliance
members will be able to offer you game advice. You also get to fight Titans
and participate in Alliance Wars together, which leads to more loot! (Alliance
Wars is available to players level 12 and above)

There’s an alliance out there for everyone, just look around. Alliances range
from being very game focused to very social; chatty or quiet. There are even
some alliances that are specifically set up so new players can get help getting

Honestly, I can’t say enough about joining an alliance instead of starting your
own right away. There’s a lot of competition to gather alliance members, and
you have to be really proactive to collect a full team. Also, playing with an
established team for a little while will help you learn things to pass onto your
future alliance members should you decide to pull together a team.

How Do I Find An Alliance?

There’s 4 good options for finding an alliance:

- There’s a dedicated Alliance Recruitment Chat in game! Tap the options

button at the top of your screen in global chat to find it.
- Hang out in Global! Alliances will pop up recruitment posts regularly in
global chat. This gives you the benefit of getting to chat with the person
trying to recruit.
- Check out the alliance recruitment section of the forums! Here players
will post descriptions of their alliance. People will highlight the best features
of their group (eg- social, focused, helpful, relaxed). More and more folks are
advertising their group on the forum. You could even post a home wanted ad
for the type of alliance you’re looking for.
- Using the alliance search feature in the game. Tap the Alliance button at
the bottom of the screen. Under the Join tab use the Alliance search feature,
but leave the search bar blank. It will bring up a list of alliances with space.

To learn more about a group you can view the alliance to see its stats & see
more info about the players in that alliance by clicking on the player pictures.
It’s a good idea to take a look at when the players were on last, especially the
leader!! A good alliance will have people logging in daily, or even more
frequently. Some alliances are invite only, you will have to send a request to
these alliances, as there is no way to send an invite as yet.

I really do recommend that you join an alliance instead of starting your own.
Generally, it’s a good way to learn more about the game, and a better way to
advance in the game.
Please note:

- the game will not allow them to accept your request if you are currently
part of another alliance!
- there is no invite functionality in the game at this time! If you wish to
join an alliance you will have to use the search feature to find them and join
(see #3 above for use of the search feature.). Alternately, if you wish to know
more about the alliance of someone you’re chatting with in the game you can
tap on their avatar, choose View Profile, and then the View button in the
section about their alliance. If you aren’t in an alliance when you do this a
Join button will show on the screen. If it is greyed out, then either the alliance
is full, or you don’t meet the cups requirements of the group.

Why Do Some Alliances Require A Certain Number of Cups?

Often those alliances are working hard to climb the leaderboard or
** You don’t have to start in a top alliance! Find one that suits you and have
fun! If you find your alliance isn’t a good fit later on you can leave and search
for a new one.

Alliance Scores
The alliance score is a combination of the trophies of the members, as well as
the points earned from fighting titans. The points gained from titan battles
decrease over time. You can get a breakdown of an alliance score by tapping
the ? button beside the score listed on an alliance’s summary.

Roles Within Alliances

Leader - The current leader, and sometimes the creator, of the alliance. Can
promote members to elders, co-leaders, or leader. Able to kick anyone in the
alliance, and change the alliance description/banner/language, and accept new
members. One leader per alliance.
Co-Leader - Can promote members to elders, ability to kick elders and
members, can change the alliance description/banner/language, & accept new
members. Alliance may have unlimited co-leaders.
Elder - Can accept new members, can kick members. Alliance may have
unlimited elders.
Member - Basic role in an alliance.


What is a Titan?
It’s a really big, strong enemy that you and your alliance battle together. You
will get a little extra loot from battling them even if they get away. More if
you defeat it! Killing titans also gives you a kill point towards opening the
chest for the titan wanted mission. As a note, you will gain no loot or kill
point if you don’t hit the titan, or you are not within your alliance when the
titan dies.

Attacking a Titan costs alliance energy, which are represented by the purple
flags at the top of your screen. These regenerate at a rate of 1 flag every 4
hours. The number of alliance energy points does not increase with player
levels. These alliance points do refresh when you gain a player level, and
occasionally you can buy alliance flasks to refill alliance energy at the special
shop in game. The alliance flask can also be obtained from opening chests of
wanted missions, mystic vision, and as titan loot.

Your alliance has 22 hours in which to kill a titan. If you kill it early you still
have to wait the full length of time for the next one. The new titan will spawn
23 hours after the previous one, so there’s always a minimum of an hour
between titans. Titans scale up as you successfully defeat each titan. The
time it takes to defeat the titan does not impact on how the titans scale up.
(Confirmed directly by Petri.)

Talk within your alliance and with other players to see what titan strategies
they’ve got. Here’s a few to get you started!
- If you send 3 or more gems up into the weak spot that is marked on the
titan then you will stun it for a turn.
- take a moment to tap the ? on the titan’s screen beside the label Special
Skill. This will let you know if you need to bring antidotes for the fight.
Remember, any antidote will remove any negative stat modifier for all of
your heroes!
- In a titan fight gems in the outside columns won’t hit the titan. Only
gems that go up from the 5 central columns will actually hit
- arrows are awesome! Cheap, and easy to make. Any time a titan
misses your heroes is a real bonus!

* Recent changes to titans include *

- Higher level titans (levels 11 and 12) are now in the game!
- Rare Titans

Rare Titans
Rare titans have stronger special skills (always check them out by using the ?
mark on the titan preview screen!), and an element that they are immune to.
** This immunity means that tiles of that colour won’t count towards stunning
the titan when you hit the weak spot.

Also, rare titans give an extra chance at a 4* ascension item being given by
the titan. The community hasn’t started gathering data on the drop rate for
this yet.

If you would like to preview a list of titans Pois has a great Titan Roster on the
forum. The roster shows the highest level of each type of titan.

Maps and Quests

When Can I Do Quests?
When you are at Player Level 10. Quests are accessed from your Base screen,
in the lower left corner.

Regular quests let you battle for resources, recruits, gems, experience,
ascension materials, battle items, or materials. They are time limited events.
Quests use map energy. Beside the map energy for each level you can see a
number to the right of a sword. This indicates a recommended team power
level to try that level of the quest.
Hint: occasionally the Recruits II quest has a troop token at the end. Any
time that quest comes up you can ask in the in game global chats and someone
will be able to tell you if the troop token is a reward this time around.

Rare quests is the one way to consistently get the rare and epic ascension
materials. Rare quests are something new players will have to work towards.
It will take time before you have a team that’s capable of surviving the third
round (receive 3* items!) or the fourth and final round (receive 4* items!).
This is another reason why it’s recommended to build a solid 4* team of
heroes first, as they are sturdy enough to survive this task. There’s helpful
guides and players on the forum, or in the peer support chat in the game.
Strategies will make a big difference, and depending on the quest and the
heroes you have, items may play a big part in your success as well.

The quests cycle through in the following order, and show up roughly once a
1. Farholme Pass (Fine Gloves and Tome of Tactics)
2. Shiloh Desert (Orb of Magic and Poison Darts)
3. Morlovia (Trap Tools and Royal Tabard)
4. Farholme Pass (Compass and Damascus Blade)
5. Mount Umber (Hidden Blade and Mystic Rings)
6. Shrikewood (Sturdy Shield and Mysterious Tonic)

Map Provinces:
Just keep plugging away at these levels. There’s no rush, as there’s no prize
waiting for you at the end. At some point you’ll hit a wall where it is too
difficult to go further. Go back to previous levels to win materials you need to
train up your team and your base to make you stronger. Depending on your
playing style you can push forward with battle items (potions/weapons/tools,
etc), but really, for the most part you will get there with patience and time.
Around Province 19 or 20 it gets much more difficult to do levels without
battle items.

Each stage on the map requires a different amount of map energy to do. Map
energy is represented by the red flags at the top of your screens. It takes 10
minutes to regenerate a point of map energy. Each time you reach a new
player level your max map energy goes up 1 point. (Highest max energy I
know of in the game is 45.) You can refill your map energy from energy
flasks that you can win from titans, mission chests, and mystic vision, or
purchase from the store.

When you tap on a stage in a province you get a summary of what

types/colours of opponents you will face, and a list of potential (not
guaranteed items) that you can find here. You’ll see that some stages look like

on the map. These stages are more challenging, and give out slightly
better rewards.

Battle Stuff!

The battle mechanics are something most players are familiar with. Match the
tiles (also known as shields or gems) in sets of 3 or more and they will turn
into troops to attack your enemies. Match 4 tiles for an Explosive Dragon
shield, and 5+ tiles for a Power Shard.
Also, each time you match tiles your heroes will gain mana to charge their
special skill. Something to be aware of and take advantage of, is if you
match tiles and no opponents are hit, the mana you gain from this will be
double what you would have gained if your tiles struck something. Sending
tiles up without hitting something is known as ghosting.

Something that was shown in the tutorial was the explanation of how the tile
damage works when you make matches and send them up to your opponent.

This chart can be accessed anytime during

a battle by hitting the small icon in the top
left corner of the screen. As the image
says, hit a weaker element for double
damage. So going the direction the arrows
are pointing, green tiles will do more
damage against blue enemies, blue will do
more damage against red enemies, yellow will do more damage against purple
enemies, and so on.

What this handy little image doesn’t mention in words is that if you hit a
colour in the opposite direction to the arrows, so a weak colour hitting on a
strong colour, you will only do half damage. Yellow will only do half damage
to a yellow opponent, green will only do half damage to red enemies, red will
only do half damage to blue enemies.

Special skills aren’t affected by this rule. Elements do come into play with
special skills if it is in the description of the skills. Example, Domita’s skill
will give nearby allies a boost to their defense against Holy (yellow) for 4
turns. During that time, both tile damage and damage from special skills
would be reduced. In Zeline’s description it says that her special deals extra
damage against ice.

An invaluable aid during a raid or battle is that you can tap and hold on an
opponent to find out total hp, current hp, special ability, and any buffs or
debuffs currently on that hero and when they will run out. You can tap and
hold on your own heroes to get these stats as well.

** Note! You may have any number of special statuses active on your heroes
or your opponents at the same time. However, you can’t stack enhancements
(buffs/nerfs) that affect the same stat on the heroes or monsters. To clarify,
please see some examples below.
**Changes have been made with version 1.6! **
** Please see the inset for details!**
There is an auto attack that can be used in map and titan battles. It is the fast
forward symbol (two triangles) in the top right corner of your battle screen.
You still see the battle being played, and you can tap the auto battle button
again to take back control. The computer won’t use any items. Only use this
on levels that are very easy to beat, because the auto battle AI isn’t intelligent
at all. Over time this button will get more useful for farming as your strength
increases, and higher levels get easier to beat.

If you have decided to take two or more of the same colour heroes when
attacking, then the gem energy gets applied to each hero in full. It is not split
between them. You might do this to increase the gem and special damage of
the colour strong against the titan or monsters you are fighting, and then leave
out the hero matching the colour that does weak attacks. (Remember, gems
will do 1hp damage from that colour though!)

There is a flee button in the top right corner of your battle screen. Use this
button and you gain no loot, resources, or recruits from the current battle.
However if you flee, any heroes you take down while raiding will still count
towards opening the wanted missions heroes/monsters chests.


Raiding lets you take a team to fight against another player’s defense team
(controlled by an AI) to win cups and resources from them. Raiding uses raid
energy, represented by the blue flags at the top of your base and map screens.
Raid energy refills at a rate of 1 point per hour. You can have a max 6 energy
ready at any given time, regardless of level. You can only raid people that are
currently offline (unless the player is currently ranked top 100 worldwide).
To refill your raid energy you can make a purchase at the store, or use an
energy flask won from a mission chest, mystic vision, or from titan loot.

Winning raids will award you with iron and food from your opponent’s
watchtower. Any of your opponent’s heroes that you kill will count towards
opening the heroes wanted mission chest ,whether you win the fight or not.

Winning or losing your raid will affect the number of cups (aka trophies). If
you attack someone with more cups than you, there is lower risk, with higher
potential gain. (If you lose the battle you won’t lose many cups, if you win
the battle you will gain many cups.) On the other hand, if you attack someone
with less cups than you then there is greater risk, with lower potential reward.
(If you lose the battle you can lose many cups, if you win the battle you will
win a small number of cups.) Raiding players with a low team power and low
cups may still be desirable if you are trying to fill your chest for your heroes
wanted mission. You can see how many trophies you can gain or lose before
you start a PVP battle.

Your opponents are randomly drawn from players that are within 300 cups up
or down from your number of cups. Team power does not come into the
equation for selection of opponents. You can reroll opponents if you wish,
though this will cost you an amount of food equal to 100 x the level of your

At one point, the function of cups in the game were mostly for bragging
rights. They give you and your alliance a higher standing on the leaderboards.
Alliances will also use number of cups to vet candidates coming in. More
recently though raid arenas were added to the game. The possible loot gained
from the ‘Wanted: Heroes’ mission chest improves as as you advance through
the arenas. The arena you qualify for at the end of the battle that fills your
chest is the one that affects your loot. The raid tiers are Bronze (0-599), Silver
(600-1199), Gold (1200-1799), Platinum (1800-2399), Diamond (2400+).
The arena you currently qualify for creates a small decoration in the top left
corner of your profile picture.

Your watchtower will keep a record of your most recent raid activity. It will
show the fights where you were the attacker, and the players that you
defended against. If someone attacks and you lose that battle, then you will
see a revenge button by your name. The revenge button will not show up if
you previously attacked that player, and they chose to revenge your attack.
(You can’t revenge a revenge.)
Raid Timer
There is a raid timer of 10 minutes. If the raid timer runs out the defender
always wins. The timer is intended to simply terminate a battle in the case
that the player is not active. If the battle is taking a lot of turns both attacker
and defender will eventually start to gain notable bonuses to their attacks.

Accounts - Tips & Answers to Common Questions

The first recommendation I have regarding your game account is to take a

screenshot of your account id. It shows in the bottom right hand corner of
your login screen. As well, take the time to link your facebook account. If
you ever need to have Small Giant help you recover your account, or you need
to switch game platforms, this will greatly help the process! If you are ever in
need of this type of assistance please go to the official FAQ & Quick Help for
more specific directions!

** Do note that linking to Facebook does not save your game progress! **

Game progress must be saved to Google Play (android) or Game Center

(iOS). You can tell if you are saved by going to the game menu and selecting
Options > Support. You should see something like this:
If you don’t, then you’re not saved! Click the button that says save progress
here. As a note, there are some risks doing this. Saving multiple accounts to
the same device being one thing that could cause problems. So make sure you
set up the save to Google Play or Game Center as soon as you read this!
Small Giant has told me nothing is ever lost in the game, but it will take time
to get the account recovered.

Answers to Other Common Questions:

Q: Is the intro package a good deal?

Yes, if you are going to spend any money on the game this limited time offer
is a great deal!

Q: How do I save my progress/how can I delete my progress and start over?

You have to log into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (android) to save
your data. If you want to delete, you should be able to delete the game from
these accounts. But really, you can’t build things wrong, so not really worth
starting over. You can play on two different devices with the same operating
system by using the same Game Centre or Google Play accounts on each

Q: How do I delete heroes?

You don’t need to. Just use them to level your other heroes (see that section
for more details).

Q: I’ve heard there’s a second builder, how do I get it? How does it work?

This feature is part of the VIP

pass. You can either pay a small
fee monthly for this, or get a bit of
a deal to subscribe to the feature
for a year. It can be found in the gems section of the game’s shop.

Many players find it very helpful to be able to work on two buildings at once.
And something nice, is that even if your VIP pass has expired, both builders
will continue work on their assigned buildings until they are complete. They
won’t just disappear and end the job.

The Bonus Daily Summon is done just like the regular Daily Summon that
everyone gets. You need to collect it before the timer will start the countdown
for the next free summons. So if you don’t collect around the same time each
day you may end up with less than a free summon per day.

The Daily Gems are a little more flexible. Your gems do need to be collected
daily, but you can do it anytime in the 24 hour period. The next day’s gems
will always be ready for you at the same time of day. Getting gems this way
is one of the best deals in the game.

Emblems. You gain one emblem each day with your VIP pass.

Q: What is a Daily Loot Ticket?

The daily loot tickets allow you to replay any map level you have previously
completed without having to play it out or use auto battle. It does use up your
world energy. I really like them for farming before bed or any time I want to
make sure my world energy doesn’t go to waste but I don’t have time to keep
hitting autobattle. The loot ticket also guarantees a win, so is helpful if you
want to farm the higher levels without using items. You receive 3 loot tickets
from your VIP pass each day.

Q: What is a wanted mission?

Wanted missions are the chests on your base and your map screen. There is a
chest for killing monsters in map battles, one for killing heroes in raids, and
one for defeating titans. When you have filled the chest you can open it to see
what rewards you get! Often gems are part of the reward, and there’s a very
small chance of ascension items! Even if you don’t successfully complete a
stage or a raid you will be credited with the monsters or heroes that you took
down before being defeated.

**Note: There is a timer associated with the titan chest. When you leave an
alliance there is a 12 hour cooldown before you can put another kill point in
that chest. This starts whether you leave an alliance on your own, or are
kicked. The timer will restart each time you leave an alliance.

There are also elemental wanted missions. These chests will be a different
colour, depending on what faction of creatures you have to kill to fill it. If you
get an elemental chest, then kill any monsters from the map/events or heroes
in raids matching the faction written on your chest. (Example: the Fire chest
will show red on your screen, and only fire monsters or heroes will count
towards filling it)

Best way to fill it is to find levels with only that colour and farm it. The
rewards of these special chests are usually really good, possible goodies
include summon tokens, energy flasks, and ascension materials! The chests
appear randomly, and at different times than other players. They can be from
any element. Click here to access the forum topic that lists single colour
levels for efficient farming to fill these chests!

Q: If I pay gems to resurrect my heroes, what happens?

You have all of your heroes come back at full health, and whatever mana they
had when they died. Your items stay as they were before you used the gems
to resurrect your heroes.

! : Yes, Bane is always going to be summoned for you when you first start the

! : There is currently no ability to whisper to players or set up a friend list.

! : Around the time of writing this compendium (April 2017) there was an
announcement that there were 2600 alliances!!

Found a glitch or have an account issue?

Send a message directly to Small Giant support at

Still have more questions? Ask in the game’s Peer Support chat. Usually
there’s friendly, helpful folks that would be happy to help with your questions.
As things change I will try to keep the Compendium up to date.
- Coppersky

Community Links

Inoffizielles Deutsches Forum

Italian Community Link

External Resources

Empires & Puzzles Official Forum

This has become a great resource for the game. It’s a platform for the
players to discuss all aspects of the game, find information and help, and
suggest new ideas. As a note, it is well worth the time to use the forum’s
search feature before you start a new thread. If there’s already one started
that’s discussing the topic or idea you want to post, then it’s better to join
that one and further the conversation then it is to start a new thread.

Empires & Puzzles Official Quick Help / FAQ

This is actually accessible from the in game options/support menu. From
technical issues to common game questions, there might be answers when
you need them!

Dragone's Wiki for Empires & Puzzles

Dragone’s built a good reference to E&P in the wiki. Definitely the place
to go for things like build stats.

Complete Heroes Roster - created by player Pois

Still flipping through the summon gate to find out a hero’s special, or
what a hero looks like when completely levelled? Try these handy
summaries instead, where they’re all laid out side by side for easy
comparison. This replaces the old Artemis Appendix

Complete Troops Roster - created by the player N.o.X

A summary of all available troops in the game

Seven Days Departed - Gaming Tips and Guide - with videos!

Guia Básica en Español - Basic game guide in Spanish

Ascension Materials Chart and Max Stats For 4* and 5* Heroes

This has a full list of materials required for ascension to the higher tiers,
and the max stats of the heroes that may be stuck waiting to ascend to a
high level tier

Farming to Fill Special Elemental Mission Chests - forum link!

Resume of how Titan loot works – Tiers, Scores, theories -forum link!
This thread is devoted to how titan loot tiers works

Quick Walkthrough, Tips, and Strategies by Urgametips

(The link posted on the E&P facebook site)

This is the link you’ll want to keep handy for when you have those rare
elemental wanted missions chests to fill! It’s a list on the levels that have
a single colour of monster so it’s more efficient to fill the elemental


There have been many, many more people that have been helping me with
information for this guide, and with passing it on to other players. I will be
adding to this section soon!

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