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Prepared by PO3 Bernard P.

Amora, RC, MCJ

SEMESTER AY 2018-2019

Test I. Multiple choice. Direction. Choose the best answer. Write the letter of your choice on your answer
sheet. (20 Points)
1. It is the Confiscation of Personal property virtue of search warrant issued for the purpose of an
a. Seizure c. Search warrant
b. Search d. Warrant of arrest
2. PO1 Jonadel Jerona, arrested one suspect of Murder case at Brgy. Pinamanculan. She fails to inform
the rights of the accused which is under custodial investigation. What violations should be imposing to
PO1 Jerona?
a. R.A 9344 c. R.A 7610
b. RA 7438 d. R.A 9262
3. A team from BCPO SWAT entering a dwelling purposely to conduct search for papers and other effect
unarmed of search warrant which is against the will of the owner. What law violates the team?
a. Trespassing c. Violation of domicile
b. Other forms of trespass d. Trespass to dwelling
4. A child in conflict with the law shall only be searched by a law enforcement officer of;
a. Same gender and turned over the custody to DSWD.
b. Any gender, most important is to comply the standard operating procedure.
c. Should be locked up to avoid further incident.
d. The same gender and shall not be locked up in a detention cell.
5. After the search warrant will be serve, the raiding team should not be start without the presence of;
a. Representative from DOJ, Barangay official and Media
b. Representative from DOJ, Barangay official and any religious sectors.
c. Representative from Barangay, Media and the family.
d. Media, religious sectors and DSWD representatives.
6. It is the skillful questioning of a suspect or a hostile witness to divulge information on the crime being
a. Interrogation c. Interview
b. Custodial Investigation d. Investigation
7. It refers to the persons who handle evidences between the times of commission of the alleged
a. Investigations custody c. Chain of Custody
b. Custodial Process d. Interview
8. After you arrest a person whom committed a crime, is it necessary to inform his constitutional rights
(Miranda Doctrine)?
a. No, not necessary, since he is a criminal he has no rights to have this constitutional right.
b. Yes, because he is still a human being which is covered of this rights.
c. Yes, because that is the investigator’s main function after arresting a person.
d. No, since he commits a crime, he is considered as animal and not a human.
9. An intelligence officer conceals his true identity and conducted surveillance at Brgy. Ong yiu, Butuan
City to all the residence who indulges to illegal activities for a preparation for applying a search
warrant. What kind of surveillance she applied?
a. Surveillance of places. C. Tailing or showing.
b. Surveillance. D. Undercover operation or “roping”.
10. PO3 Susan Banate, an intelligence officer, was tasked to follow a certain person to detect and
establish the association of the suspect? What kind of surveillance she applied?
a. Tailing or showing. C. Commuting
b. Surveillance. D. Undercover operation or “roping”.
11. Is the simplest type of interview which concern itself with the gathering of information regarding the
background of a person?
a. Interrogation c. Asking
b. Back ground interview d. Breath of interest
12. Anna the care taker of Cuenca’s boarding house, she saw Eduardo came out from room 409 and ran
to the unknown direction and hid. When she checked the room, she saw Helda’s lifeless body lying in
the bed. What evidence is this?
a. Corpus Delicti c. Circumstantial evidence
b. Associative evidence d. Murder
13. CICL means;
a. Children incapacitated in law c. Child in conflict with the law
b. Child in care law d. Children in common law
14. It refers to the person who gives information to the police officer.
a. Informer c. Secret informant
b. Confidential informer d. Informant
15. Is a person who provides an investigator with confidential information concerning a past and to
conceal his true identity?
a. Confidential informer c. Secret informant
b. Informer d. Informant
Prepared by PO3 Bernard P. Amora, RC, MCJ

16. The criminal is known, then Police records and pictures are available.
A. Known criminals c. unknown fugitives
B. Unknown criminals d. known fugitives
17. On August 31, 2018, a bomb explosion was happened at Sport Complex, Brgy Libertad, Butuan City
an open wide area. The main mission of the team is to recover and to know the explosives used by
the terrorist. What methods of search they applied?
a. Spiral method c. Double strip method
b. Strip method d. Zone method
18. Last April 26, 2017, at the back of SJIT campus a group of men had a drinking spree and without
apparent reasons they stoned the window of the school resulting to a multiple damage. During that
time no other persons had seen the incident except certain Toto a pedicab driver, who willingly gave
his statement to the duty investigator. What do you call Toto’s testimony?
A. By confession c. By circumstantial testimony
B. By eye witness testimony d. Associative evidence
19. A standard arrow to designate the north must be indicated to facilitate proper orientation.
a. Arrow pointing c. compass formation
b. Compass direction d. Arrow formation
20. The investigator exerts an effort to locate the witness/es to have their testimony of shooting incident
purposely to reconstruct the crime scene. What kind of reconstruction is this?
A. Mental reconstruction c. witness reconstruction
B. Physical reconstruction d. Eye witness
Test II. True or False. Direction. Write True if the statement is True and replace the underline word if the
statement is False. (10 points)
1. Search is an examination of individual’s person, house papers or effects or other building and
premises to discover contraband or some evidence of guilt to be used in the prosecution of a criminal
2. Seized is a taking of person into custody so he can answer for the commission of an offense.
3. Serving a search warrant is a surprised invasion of a building or area.
4. Seizure is the confiscation of personal property by virtue of a search warrant issued for the purpose
5. The area to be search is divided into quadrant and each searcher is signed to one quadrant.
6. Rough sketch is made for a court room presentation.
7. Criminal information Is an art which deals with the identity and location of the offender and provide
evidence of his guilt through criminal proceedings.
8. Modus operandi means the method of operation.
9. The Police Line in is more profitably used as means of selecting a suspect from a group of innocent
10. Criminal investigator a person who is charge with the duty of carrying on the objective of criminal
Test III. Definition of terms. Direction: Define the word being asked, Write your answer in your test
booklet. Wrong Spelling wrong. (10 points)
1. Buy bust. 6. Interview
2. Search Warrant. 7. Interrogation
3. Warrant of arrest. 8. Informant
4. Shadowing or tailing. 9. Surveillant
5. Surveillance 10. Subject
Test IV. Enumerate: Wrong spelling wrong (30 points)
1-3. Who are exempted from the arrest?
4-7. Under the R.A 9344, Juvenile Justice Act of 2005. If the parents or guardians of the
Children In conflict with the Law (CICL) is cannot be located, or if they refused to take custody, the child
may be released to;
8-10. 3 Basic requirement in a conduct of raid.
11-13. 3 Doctrine of defense.
14-16. Kinds of surveillance.
17-21. What are the physiological symptoms of guilt?
22-23. 2 types of interrogations.
24-27. What are the stages of interviews in criminal cases?
28-30. Give at least 3 rules to be observed in questioning.

Test V. Essay. 10 points each

1. Distinguish Interview from Interrogation
2. Give and explain the 4 qualifications of an interview.
3. A month of learning of this subject which is Fundamental Criminal Investigation, what have you
understand and carted knowledge from your instructor?

“This is not a goodbye, my friend, this is a thank you. Thank you for coming
into my life and giving me joy, thank you for absorbing and receiving
knowledge from me in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish