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Standard Front office Billing Instructions / Billing Codes

Billing or payment instructions are used to display the billing method of a reservation for the
front desk staff, cashiers etc.. A clearly defined billing instruction will help both the front desk
staff to do a correct settlement of the guest at the time of check out and to avoid any further
disputes later on.

Nowadays all the PMS / Front office software have two separate field to fill the billing
instructions, one area to update the billing instruction for the guest, which is also printed on all
stationary like guest invoice, registration card etc. And the second field for updating internal /
cashier billing instruction eg: only cash settlement etc.

A Payment / billing instructions must be updated at the time of entering the reservation, For
Example if the payment method cannot be confirmed or if payment is by any form other than
credit card then the Status of the reservation should be changed to Tentative / Optional (
Depending upon hotel policy) and once payment has been made or credit card provide the
Status can be updated to Confirmed.

Below are few sample standard Billing instruction short codes used in reservation and front desk,
Once the short codes are defined by the hotel management then all staff should strictly stick to
the standard codes, because billing instructions are printed on different guest forms and reports
which are accessed by all hotel staffs.

Sample standard Hotel Billing Instruction codes:

Short Code Description

BD Bill Direct
BTC Bill To company
WIFI Internet
LNDRY Laundry
POA Pay Own Account
PREPAID Pre Payment done
CTC Charge to Company
CTA Charge to Travel Agent
CTCC Charge to Credit Card
BTTA Bill to Travel Agent
RD Rest Direct
DPMT Direct Payment
CC Credit Card
TEL Telephone Calls
TRNSFR Airport Transfer
ALLCHGS All charges to
DEP DUE Deposit Due
COLVCHR Collect voucher
RM Room
RM BTC Room Bill to Company
RM BTTA RD Room Bill to Travel Agent Rest Direct
BFST Breakfast
MEALS All meals
EB Extra Bed
EP European Plan
CP Continental Plan
MAP Modified American Plan
EBTC Entire Bill to Company
RBTC Room Only Bill to Company
LQ Liquor
FD Food
BV Beverage
SM Smokes
LD Laundry