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Life @ UO FALL
2019 Tel: 044-2622134 2 KM Multan Road 50+ 95% 100% 300+ Degree Student Academic 100% Competent
Renala Khurd By Pass, Meritocracy
Programs Satisfation Freedom Teachers
“As Vice-Chancellor University of Okara, I am honored and greatly
privileged to lead the UO and continue the ambitious strategy of
addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future to benefit
UO at Glance
our communities and the region more widely.

Being the top-ranked institution of the Central Punjab, UO has strong 300+
global linkages, world-class research and, most importantly, an
educational portfolio that blends the best of campus and digital High Qualified
delivery into a highly supportive and personalized student experience.
Our graduates are smart, collaborative and entrepreneurial. We give Faculty
our students opportunities to develop a global mindset through our
partnerships with universities and organizations around the world.

At University of Okara, we are focusing on education that develops

creative individuals that modern society needs. With this in mind, we
50+ 70+
not only encourage a high-level of classroom learning, but also
actively involve students in cutting-edge research activities conducted
PhDs Degree Programs
by our laboratories. We also motivate our students to expose
themselves to new challenges, and produce individuals capable of
facing and resolving the tough challenges in the real world. I believe

From The
that the individuals produced from the UO will overcome the powerful
204 HEC
tide of globalization, gain the potential to surmount overseas
competition, and take on the future burdens of the world.
Acres of
6000+ Recognized
It is my sincere hope that research achievements obtained at this Purpose-Built Campus Students
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar University will contribute to the realization of a society where humans
Vice Chancellor, University of Okara and nature can co-exist peacefully, as per the requirements of the 21st
(Presidential Pride of Performance) century.

I invite you to join the University of Okara to accomplish your most-

cherished dreams in life by acquiring world-class education in the
95% 100%
conducive environment.” Students Academic
Satisfaction Freedom
Research Facilities at UO
We invest millions in the development of our research facilities to ensure that our staff, students and
collaborators have the very best equipment to help them in their work.

Our dedication to continually updating and improving our facilities means that we have high-quality
equipment in every subject area of the University. Indeed, we currently have some of the best resources in the
world for several subjects including Zoology, Botany, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and many
specialist aspects of engineering and clinical research.
Recreational Facilities at UO
The University of Okara takes great care of its students' recreation through a range of extra-curricular activities
like tours, sport galas, exhibitions, cultural evenings etc.

Besides the existing playgrounds, we are in the process of building new sports complex for indoor and
outdoor games. Three markets with six shops each are also being construction. All these facilities will be
available to the students from the start of the new academic session.
UO's International Linkages
As a world class national university, the University of Okara has links to leading educational institutions and
organizations around the world.

The University continues to build its global footprint with research collaborations, teaching collaborations,
articulation arrangements, study abroad and exchange programs. The UO connects people who want to learn
new things and improve the world around them.

UO's Directorate of External Linkages keeps bringing in world renowned scholars to the campus to interact
with the students and the staff for sharing of ideas and production of new knowledge.
Women Empowerment &
Participation at UO
Following the vision of the Vice Chancellor, the UO administration is keen to boost up women empowerment
and mainstreaming at the campus. The University provides a conducive and safe environment to the female
students to study and excel.

Currently, 70% of the UO's students are females and they enjoy complete academic freedom along with equal
access to all the facilities at campus. They are also provided with comfortable transportation. The University, in
collaboration with a local NGO, has also given Pink Bicycles to the female students.
Transport Facility at UO
The University of Okara's Transport Department provides pick & drop service to the female students on all
routes that link the campus with the adjacent cities, town and villages.

Ten comfortable Hino Buses are available for the students of both morning and evening degree programs.
These buses also carry students for different recreational and study tours.
Student Clubs & Societies
The UO administration not only provides complete academic freedom to its students but also encourages
them for personal grooming and personality building through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. For
this purpose, student clubs and societies are supported and empowered.

Currently, various student societies including The Rejoicers' Club, The Environment Watch Society, The YES
Community and The UO Media Society are actively working to engage the students in activities like art
competitions, fun fairs, sport weeks, dramas, musical evenings, seminars, debates and recreational tours.
Disciplines Offered
Degree Programs Offered Computer Science
Fine Arts
The University of Okara is offering 70+ degree programs in various disciplines of sciences, life sciences, social
Information Technology
sciences, management sciences and computer science. All these degree programs are duly recognized by the Software Engineering
Higher Education Commission. Banking & Finance
Public Health
Sport Science
39 BS Programs Applied Chemistry
Islamic Studies
Bio Chemistry
Tourism & Hospitality
19 Masters Programs Statistics
Political Science
International Relations
Social Work
Environmental Science
Library Science
8 MS/MPhill Programs Biology
Business Management
Communication Studies
4 PhD Programs Molecular Biology
Microbiology &
Molecular Genetics Education
Department of Computer Sciences
BS Computer Sciences (Morning, Evening)
BS Information Technology (Morning, Evening)
BS Software Engineering (Morning, Evening)
MSc Computer Science (Evening)
MSc Information Technology (Evening
MS/MPhill Computer Science (Morning,Evening)
PhD Computer Science
Department of Public Health
BS Public Health (Morning, Evening)

Department of Sport Sciences &

Physical Education
BS Sport Sciences & (Morning, Evening)
Physical Education
Msc Sports Sciences & (Evening)
Physical Education
Department of Physics
FACULTY OF SCIENCES BS Physics (Morning, Evening)

MS Physics (Evening)
Department of Chemistry
BS Chemistry (Morning, Evening) Department of Statistics
BS Applied Chemistry (Morning, Evening) BS Statistics (Morning, Evening)
MS Chemistry (Evening) MS Statistics (Morning, Evening)
MPhill/MS Chemistry (Morning, Evening)

Department of Mathematics
BS Mathematics (Morning, Evening)

M Mathematics (Evening)

MPhill Mathematics (Evening)

FACULTY OF LIFE SCIENCES Department of Psychology
Department of Botany BS Psychology (Morning, Evening)

BS Botany (Morning, Evening) Department of Home Economics

MSc Botany (Morning, Evening) BS Home Economics (Morning, Evening)

MPhill Botany (Morning, Evening) Department of Geography

PhD Botany BS Home Geography (Morning, Evening)

Institute of Pure & Applied Zoology (IPAZ)

Department of Environmental Sciences
Department of Biology
BS Environmental Sciences (Morning, Evening) BS Biology (Morning, Evening)
MSc Environmental Sciences (Morning, Evening) MSc Biology (Morning, Evening)
Department of Zoology School of Applied Biology (SAB)
BS Zoology (Morning, Evening) Department of Biotechnology
MSc Zoology (Morning, Evening) BS Biotechnology (Morning, Evening)

MPhill Zoology (Morning, Evening) MSc Biotechnology (Morning, Evening)

PhD Zoology Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Department of Molecular Biology BS Microbiology & Molecular (Morning, Evening)

BS Molecular Biology (Morning, Evening) MSc Microbiology & Molecular (Morning, Evening)

Department of Biochemistry
Department of Bioinformatics
BS Biochemistry (Morning, Evening)
BS Bioinformatics (Morning, Evening)
Msc Biochemistry (Morning, Evening)
Department of Urdu
Faculty of Management & Social Sciences
BS Urdu (Morning, Evening)
Department of Fine Arts
MA Urdu (Morning, Evening)
BS Fine Arts (Morning, Evening)
MPhil Urdu (Morning, Evening)
Department of Commerce
Department of Islamic Studies
BS Commerce (Morning, Evening)
BS Islamic Studies (Morning, Evening)
BS Banking & Finance (Morning, Evening)
MA Islamic Studies (Morning, Evening)

Department of Economics MPhil Islamic Studies (Morning, Evening)

BS Economics (Morning, Evening) Department of English

Msc Economics (Morning, Evening) BS English (Morning, Evening)
MA English (Morning, Evening)
Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management Department of Management Sciences
(Morning, Evening) BBA (Morning, Evening)
BS Tourism & Hospitality
BBA (5th Samester Intake) (Morning, Evening)
Department of Political Science
MBA/MS – (2 Years) (Morning, Evening)
BS Political Science (Morning, Evening)
Department of Sociology
Department of International Relations
BS Sociology (Morning, Evening)
BS International Relations (Morning, Evening)
Department of Communication Studies
Department of Social Work
BS Communication Studies (Morning, Evening)
BS Social Work (Morning, Evening)

Department of Library & Information Sciences

School of Law
LLB – 5 Years (Morning, Evening)
BS Library & Information Sciences (Morning, Evening)
Faculty of Education Department of Special Education
Department of Teacher Education BS Special Education (Morning, Evening)
B. Ed. – Hons (Morning, Evening) Department of Science Education
B. Ed. – 1.5 Years (Morning, Evening) BS. Ed – Hons (Morning, Evening)
MA Education (Morning, Evening)
Department of Early Childhood Education
MA ELT (Morning, Evening)
MA Early Childhood Education (Morning, Evening)
Department of Educational Center of Skill Development
Research & Assessment
Post-Graduate (Evening)
Mphil Education (Morning, Evening) Diploma in Early Childhood
PhD Education Education/Montessori
Center for English Language Display of Merit Lists
Display of First Merit List: 23-09-2019
& Learning Last Date to Deposit Fee: 27-09-2019
Display of Second Merit List: 30-09-2019
BS English – TESOL (Morning, Evening) Last Date to Deposit Fee: 04-10-2019
Display of Third Merit List: 07-10-2019
MA English – TESOL (Morning, Evening)
MPhil/PhD Test/Interview Schedule
IELTS – General & (Morning, Evening) Last Date for Entry Test Registration: 13-09-2019
Entry Test for MPhil/PhD: 16-09-2019
Academics Subject Based Test for MPhil: 18-09-2019
Interviews of MPhil & PhD: 20-09-2019
PGD TESOL (Morning, Evening)
Registration Fee: Rs. 500

·The candidates who have passed GAT General/Subject are exempted

from University Entry Test.
·Only University Entry Test/GAT qualified candidates can attempt
the Subject Test.
·Entry Test for MPhil/PhD will be held at UO Main Campus, Renala.
Fee Structure
Morning Programs
Fee Structure
Self-Supporting Programs
Fee Structure
PhD Programs
Eligibility Criteria
of Departments
Total Marks in Matric …..+ Total Marks in FA/FSc
…..+Total Marks in BA + Marks Obtained in
Department of EnglishX 3
English FA/FSc
BS English Total Marks in Matric …..+ Total Marks in FA/FSc
…..+ Marks Obtained in English X 3
Intermediate, F.A, F.Sc or equivalent(Minimum
BBA (4 Years)
2nd Division)
MBA Executive
Department of Bachelor / ADP 2 years
(2 years)
8 Management
BBA (4 years), B.Com (4 years) / Any 4 years degree
Sciences MBA (1.5 year)/
in Commerce or Business Administration/MBA 2
years/M.Com 2 years
MBA (3.5 years) Bachelor
BS Banking and
Department of Intermediate
9 Finance
BS Commerce Intermediate
FA/FSc/ICS/ or Equivalent (Minimum
BS Economics
2nd Division)
Department of BA/BSc or with Economics as an elective
Economics subject.
MA Economics
Minimum 2nd Division marks in Economics as an
elective subject in BS/BSc/B.Com.
At Least 2nd Division F.Sc. (Pre-Medical / Pre-
BS Chemistry
Engineering) / 12 years of schooling with 200 marks
(4-Year Program)
Chemistry in Intermediate
BS Applied At Least 2nd Division F.Sc. (Pre-Medical / Pre-
Department of Chemistry Engineering) / 12 years of schooling with 200 marks
Chemistry (4-Year Program) Chemistry in Intermediate
M.Sc. Chemistry At Least 2nd Division B.Sc. with Chemistry / 14 years
(2-Year Program) of schooling with 200 marks Chemistry in Bachelor
MS/ MPhil · Minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4.0 in the semester
Chemistry system or 2nd division in the annual system in

Ÿ Students shall be bound by all such rules, regulations and orders as may be Ÿ No student shall make or associate with an organization/society/club or any
issued by the competent authority. other body promoting religious parochial/linguistic/regional discrimination.
Further, no student shall abet, incite, facilitate or participate in a walk, strike
Ÿ Each student will receive his identity card which the student shall wear or any other form of agitation which might create law and order problem in
within the premises of the Law School and must show whenever asked by the University.
the staff.
Ÿ Students shall not be allowed to organize, or hold any function within
Ÿ No notice of any kind will be pasted or handbills distributed in the Law premises of the Law School without prior approval of the competent
School without the express permission of the Principal. authority and also cannot collect money or receive any financial aid without
Ÿ Selection of Captains, Presidents, Secretaries and other office bearers of lawful authority.
clubs and societies shall be made by the Principal unless otherwise
provided. Ÿ No student shall indulge in any indecent activity involving moral turpitude
and other repulsive deeds.
Ÿ No statements shall be made or propagated against any religion and
sovereignty, integrity and security of Pakistan. Ÿ In case of violation of these Rules, the disciplinary action shall be taken by
the Principal in accordance with University regulations.
Ÿ Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Law School premises, violators shall be
prosecuted under the law.