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It gives me immense pride and satisfaction to recommend Dr. D. Sreenivasarao

for a job position at your esteemed organization. I have known Dr. Sreenivasarao
from the year 2006 when he had joined at the Indian Institute of Technology
Roorkee, India for pursuing his M.Tech in Power Electronics and Drives and later
on joined in year 2009 as a Research Scholar in Electrical Engineering in the
same institute.

I feel really glad to know him in person and have always admired him as the
most enthusiastic scholar and a motivator who would neither sit back nor let the
fellow scholars do so until the work assigned to them would be completed. I have
always seen him work day and night with equal zeal, determination and
dedication until he would get the desired results. The positivity, willingness,
motivation and interest that he had shown had helped in achieving his goal and
completing his Ph.D. within the stipulated time duration and also attain a job as
an Asst. Professor in National Institute of Technology Warangal soon after
submitting the thesis for his degree.

In all these years I have only seen him work tireless in his research and have
never seen him disinterested or unhappy regarding his work. To support his
enthusiasm and zealousness he always takes his time out for some or the other
kind of sports which I feel kept him motivated throughout his career. I am blessed
to have known a person so dynamic, vivacious, bright, zestful and passionate.
The kind of vibrant personality and positivity that he has will always keep him
motivated and even the others around him keep going with the same amount of
energy round the clock.

Dr. Sreenivasarao has guided his research scholars marvellously and helped
them complete their thesis within time frame. His publications are a source of
reference for many who are in the same field and he is a true inspiration for all
the students he has been guiding. My deepest personal and professional respect
is for Dr. Sreenivasarao who being consciously proactive in getting full
involvement from all his team members and attain the best results possible and I
sincerely believe that he will prove to be the greatest asset for your company in
the years to come. He has my highest endorsement with the unique energy and
positivity that he has he shall be able to lead his team to greatest possible

After joining NIT Warangal, I completely overhauled the power electronics and
drives laboratory by developing experiments on thyristor control rectifies, dc-dc
converters, 24-pulse converter, active power filter.

Designed and developed several modules of cascade H-bridge, diode-clamped,

flying capacitor multilevel inverters for conducting experiments by graduate
students and research scholars.
and several reduced switch count inverter topologies for conducting experiments
in laboratory.