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Write a short note an importance of SAR in antenna design (8 Marks)

Reg. No.

ii. The ma.ximum radiation intensrty of a l00X efliciency antenna is 200 mrff/unit. Solid
angle. Find the directivity and gain in dB. When the input power is 125.55 mW and B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOYEMBER 2016
radiated power is 126.66 mW. (4 Marks) Sixth Semester

32. a- Explain in detail about the skucture of atmosphere for communication point of view. , EC1O2I _ ANTENNA AND WAVE PROPAGATION
@or the candidates admitted during the academic year 201i - 2014 and 2014 -2015)
(oR) Note:
b.i. Write a short note on MUF. (i) Part - A should be answered in OMR sheet within first 45 minutes and OMR sheet should be handed
over to hall invigilator at the end of 45s minute,
ii. The observed critical frequencies of E and F layer at a particular times are 2.5 MHz and (ii) Part - B and Part - C should be answered in answer booklet.
8.4 MIIz respectively. Calculate the maximum electron concentation of the layers.
Time: Three Hours Max. Marks: 100

**rf*{. PART-AQ0x1=20Marks)
AnswerALL Questions
1. An antenna is a tansition device (or) transducer between a _and _
(A) Guided wave and free-space @) Unguided wave and guided wave
(C) Spaceto space @) Electric field to magrretic field
' 2. With respect to reciprocity principle which is correct
(A) Zo:hlBtz @) Zt:Ezrllz
(C) Zt=EuJlr p) Zrz=Enllz
3. What is the radiation resistance of o< typical half-wave dipole antenna
(A) 377 o (B) 73.14 O
(c) 7s a (D) so o
4. In which method of excitation uses solid dielectric low impedance line
(A) Centre fed @) End fed
(C) Shunt fed @) Tapped fed
5. Which antenna array will produce a bidirectional radiation pattern with equal magnitude and
all the elements are in srme phase
(A) Uniform array (B) Broadside array
(C) End-fire array (D) Collinear array
6. The directional pattem ofan collinear array using isotropic radiators is substantially
independent ofthe spacing ofthe antenna radiations provided this spacing does not exceed
(A) L (B) ,i
8 4
(c) v" @)L
8 2

7. Sckelkunoffpolynomial method is used to remove

(A) Interference (B) Jamming sipal
(C) Noise (D) All ofthe above
8. In a end-tire array the radiation is long
(A) Along the array aris @) Perpendicular to the antenna oris
(C) BothAandB @) Either A and B
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9, Yaqi-ude antenna consists of Answer ANY FTVE Questions
(A) Folded-dipole @) Reflector
(C) Director (D) Allthe above 2I. Explain in detail about the effective of an antenna and write down the relation with Gain.

I 0. The radiation resistance of folded dipole of unequal radii (rz : 2rr) is 22. Briefly discuss the excitation methods of an antenna
(A) 6s70 o (B) 2e2o
(c) 300 c) @) ztt a 23. Find IIPBW of an antenna which has field given by E(0) -cos20 for 0oS0<90o.

11. In nomral mode of operation the length of the helix is 24. What is the reason behind in feeding from end with shorter dipoles of log periodic
(A) rl" (B) <T antenna?
(c) = r. (D) * l.
25. ln what manner the directional pattem of an antenna is measured.
12. Horn antenna used in the frequency range of _ 26.
(A) VHF (B) Urf Communication is to be established between two stations 1500 km apart. Derive the
(c) slrF (D) Mw necessary format and calculate the maximum frequency you may choose for
communicatisn using hr ionosphere as reflector if the height and the plasma freguency of
13. The widely used shape for patch antenna is the ionosphere at the point of reflection are respectively 250 km and 12 MHz. Assume the
(A) Rectangular (B) Circular ionosphere to be thin and earttr to be flat.
(C) Elliptical @) Parabolic
27. Explain in detail about VHF propagation.
14. If Z=50 +j50 what is the magnitudeif Z
(A) 70.71 (B) 71.70 PART-C(5x12=60Marks)
(c) 70.81 (D) 81.70 Answer ALL Questions

15. Now a days most two-way earth to earth communication in the frequency ftmge above 30 28. a- Derive an expression for the far field component of a half wave dipole antenna.
MHz use polarization
(A) Horizontal @) Vertical (oR)
(C) Circular (D) Cross b.i. Explain the reciprocity theorem in detail. (8 Marks)

16. Wlat is the A" of an an antenna having the directivity of 100 for a wavelength of 2m ii. A half wave dipole radiating in free space is driven with a current of 0.5A at terrninals.
(A) r2.s4 (B) 31.84 Calculate Ee and IIa 1 km from antennas at 0 :45o. (4 Marks)
(c) 6.2s (D) 34.84
29. a- Write a short note on
t7. For small distance the earttr can be considered as _ region (i)
Broadside anay
(A) Flat @) Curved (iD
End fire array and also explain how bidirectional pattern ofbroadside alray can
(C) Conductor @) Dielectric be converted to unidirectional pattern.

18. According to Rayleigh is R >10, the reflecting surface will be considered as (oR)
(A) Smoothregion (B) Rough region b. Explain the principle of pattern multiplication with its types.
(C) EitherA (or) B @) BothA andB
30. a Explain in detail the desigr aspects of microstrip antenna and also discuss why rectangular
19. The E-layer of ionosphere exists between type is mostly used.
(A) 40 to 90 km (B) 90 to 140 km'
(C) 140 to 250 km (D) 2s0 to 400 km (oR)
b. With neat diagram elaborate the construction and working of yagi-uda antenna with its
20. The line of sight (LOS) distance is the distance tavelled by the wave characteristics.
(A) Diffracted @) Scattered
(C) Reflected @) Direct 31. a. Describe in detail about phase and polarization measurement.

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