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Kindergarten Connection

October 11, 2019

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Reader’s Workshop We are starting to look at the text (words). We are noticing how
many words are on each page. We are also looking for snap words
in the text. We are learning that we point to the words as we say
them. This is a very important skill to keep us on track with what
word we are on.
Upcoming Events Phonics Workshop
 Our kindergarten field trip to Diehl’s is on 10/17. If you We learned a few more snap words. We now have been exposed
are coming, please arrive at the school NO LATER than to: the, I, a, me, my, like. We learned how to learn a word and what
9:15 a.m. steps we do to make that word stick in our brains. We have been
really trying to use the snap words daily with reading and writing
 The Scholastic Book Fair will be open during activities.
conferences. .
th How to Learn a Word:
 4 graders are working on a “Save the Turtles”
1. Read it (Read the word.)
campaign. This is to raise money in order to purchase
recycling bins for the school. They will be having a Detroit 2. Study it (What do you notice? Uppercase, lower case,
Lions vs Detroit Tigers Penny War next Friday, October vowels, consonants, number of letters.)
18 . Students can show which team they like more by 3. Spell it (Cheer the letters out loud.)
wearing spirit wear (hats included) of their favorite team 4. Write it (Use your finger to write it in the sky.)
and by voting with their pennies. 5. Use it (Ask your child to write the word on a sticky
note, label something in your home, or draw a picture).

Writer’s Workshop
We learned that writers think, picture, say and sketch their stories.
We worked on labeling important parts of our story. We even
Upcoming Events practiced using the snap words a, me, the in our writing. The next
step that some of us are taking is using the sentence line to start
 Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for to write words (and sentences) about our story. A lot of us are
10/22 and 10/24 in the evening. Please look at hearing the first letter sounds of the words that we want to say and
your teacher’s sign-up genius to review the time we are putting them in our stories!
slot you picked.

 The kindergarten Halloween party is on 10/31. The Math Workshop

party is from 10-12:45. Please see your teacher’s We can write the number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We can draw objects
sign-up genius for more information. and shapes to represent a number. We reviewed the vocabulary
words more, fewer, vertical, horizontal and pair. We have been
learning that the amount of a number can look different on the way
it is presented. For example, we could s how 4 by using 4 circles in a
straight line or we could show 4 using 4 circles spread out. We also
covered shapes and sides. We studied shapes that have zero sides,
and shapes that have 4 sides.