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Pre-Assessment Test
I. Multiple choice: Choose the letter of you answer. Write your answer on the blank
provided before each number.

____1. You are the SSG president in your school. You have been asked to conduct a fund
raising project for the good of your school. Your target is to invite sponsors. As part of
your preparation for the event, What kind of letter will you distribute to your prospect
a. Letter of Request c. Letter of Proposal
b. Letter of Complaint d. Letter of Authorization

____2. This is the event proposal part wherein the name of the recipient and the addressee’s
organization or company
a. Letter Body
b. Address Information
c. Title information
_____3. This part of the letter of proposal should be centered in bold letters at the top and
should say something such as “Letter of Intent”.
a. Letter Body
b. Address Information
c. Title information

_____4. If you are going to write a letter of proposal for an activity in school, the format to be
use is______________.
a. Proper Business letter format
b. Friendly letter format
c. Party Invitation Format

_____5. For the contact information in the letter body of the event proposal, use a___________
list .
a. Bulleted
b. Alphabetical
c. Numerical

_____6. The first step in writing an event proposal is __________________.

a. Provide a schedule
b. Discuss the background
c. Write an introduction
______7. How many paragraphs are there in the body of your letter of proposal?
a. 2-3 b. 4-5 c. 1
______8. Where will you write the date on the letter of proposal?
a. Right- hand side of the page
b. b. left-hand side of the page
c. c. at the center
_____9. You want to put up an exhibit so you can showcase the traditions and vlues of
selected Afro- Asian countries, what do you think is the key for a successful
a. Theme
b. Promotion and communication
c. Place of exhibition

_____10. You want to showcase the projects /activities that you have done in Grade 8, English,
which aspect is NOT important in exhibition?
a. Choose a Theme c. Advertize the exhibition
b. Place to put the exhibit d. Clothing
Discussion Proper
How to Write an Event Proposal

When writing a proposal for an event, you’ll not only have to provide information
about the event itself, you’ll also need to present the benefits to the key stakeholders
behind it. This can include an organization backing the event or sponsors funding it.
Using an outline that addresses the who, what, when, where, how and why of an event,
you can create a proposal that answers all of the necessary questions and makes an
effective pitch.

What to Include
You’ll need to provide details of the event, including the date, location, expected
attendance, profile of the attendees, reason for the event, expected results, budget and
sponsor benefits. Detail the benefits for participants, organizers and sponsors and state
the ultimate goal of the event. Sponsor benefits might include on-site signage and logos
on marketing materials. Organizational goals might include raising awareness for a
cause, soliciting donations, increasing memberships, creating a profit or generating
media coverage. Include a summary of your qualifications to organize and run the

The Format
Start with a cover page, followed by a contents page that outlines what the
proposal includes. Begin the interior with an executive summary of the event, which is a
broad-strokes review of the main topics of the proposal. Provide conclusions in this half-
page summary, but don't lay out the details. Follow the executive summary with
sections that discuss the key areas you’ve included. This might include stakeholder
goals, participant demographics, logistics, marketing, food and beverage, permits,
licenses and insurance, organizer qualifications, budget and staffing. Use the contents
list you created in your planning phases and follow the headings in your contents page.
End with a conclusion that re-states your executive summary, but includes the cost
and/or other items you’re seeking from potential organizational or corporate sponsors.

How to Write an Event Proposal

1. Write an introduction. Indicate the purpose of the event proposal. Mention prior
contact with the recipient or how you learned about the project. Say something
encouraging about your company or the project and give an overview of the
proposal's contents.
2. Discuss the background. State the problem or opportunity that has brought about
this event proposal.
3. Briefly state what it is you are proposing to do.
4. Discuss the benefits or advantages of doing the project.
5. Discuss how you will go about the event and what concepts or theory is involved.
6. Discuss or describe what the finished product will look like and how will it work.
7. Make a statement of feasibility or possible outcome of the proposal.
Describe the full benefits of the event.
8. Provide a schedule, timeline or list of project "milestones" for the project. If you
cannot cite specific dates for completion of key project phases, estimate in number of
days, weeks or months.

Source: How to Write an Event Proposal |


Directions: You have learned how to write an event proposal from the guidelines
above. You will try your knowledge of the steps by doing the given exercise.

Consider the scenario below:

You are the event organizer in your company. You have been asked to run a
concert for a fund raising project of a certain foundation. Your target is to invite
sponsors who will support your project. As part of your preparation for the event,
your task is to write an event proposal. This letter will be distributed to all the
prospect sponsors.
This is how you will write your event proposal:

1. Title Information:
 The title of the document should be centered in bold letters at the top of the page and
should say something such as "LETTER OF INTENT."
 On a line underneath, type what type of intent the letter is for, i.e., "Park
Enhancement Grant Program."
 On the left-hand side of the page, begin with the date. It's best to write thedate out. For
example, write "August 21, 2012", instead of using, "09/21/12", which tends to look less

2. Address Information:
 The address and title information should be typed professionally andcorrectly. If
you are addressing the letter to John Dela Cruz, you would address it to,
"Mr. John Dela Cruz". If the letter is sent in care of a second person, you would
add that underneath in the following format:
Mr. John Dela Cruz
c/o Cherry De Vera
 The name of the addressee's organization or company goes on the line below with the
address following. For example:
Mr. John Dela Cruz
c/o Cherry De Vera
Department of Parks and Recreation
Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
 Then type in the regarding line, i.e., "RE: PEG Letter of Intent." And type inthe
"dear" line. For example, "Dear Mr. Dela Cruz".

3. Letter Body
 Keep paragraphs short and concise. Begin the letter with something such as,"I
submit this letter of intent to notify the Department of Parks and
Recreation of [enter name of organization here]'s intent to submit a proposal
for..." Add the remaining information and end the first paragraph here.
 In the second paragraph, talk about your organization's intent and give a brief
description of the improvement or whatever the intent is. If you are speaking
of a specific park or organization, use proper names.
 In the final paragraph, let the reader know who your representative will be.For
example, "[Name] will be our main point of contact for the purposes of
the application process and can be reached at:"

 Use a bulleted list for the contact information. For example:

 Mailing Address
 Phone Number
 Email Address
 Whatever program to which you are applying. Complete and sign the letter


Your Name


Park Enhancement Grant Program


Mr. Tobin Smith

c/o Carol Ann Perovshek

Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural
Resources 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 414
Arlington, VA 22201

RE: PEG Letter of Intent

Dear Mr. Smith:

I submit this Letter of Intent to notify the Park and Recreation Commission of
[name of your organization]’s intent to submit a proposal for the FY2007 Park
Enhancement Grant Program.

[Your organization] proposes to request program funding for [description

of improvement] within [park name or location].

[Name] will be our main point of contact for the purposes of the
application process and can be reached at:

• Mailing Address

• Phone Number

• Email Address

Thank you for this opportunity to participate in the PEG Program

and improvement our community.

Your Name

Your Title