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A Word Cline is a way of building vocabulary by looking at words that all fit into a particular category,

and arranging them in order of strength, or how strongly they represent the idea. I've collated some
examples here to help me have working material, although of course the best session is one where the
students contribute the words. And a thesaurus is a great place to go looking for more words. (Not sure
about Windows, but the one built into OS X on the Mac is pretty darn good - just type a word into the
Spotlight search bar and then click on the definition, then select the thesaurus option)

A word cline is also an activity described in the First Steps Reading Map of Development.


freezing, frosty, cold, chilly, nippy, warm, hot, sizzling, steaming, burning, boiling.


infinitesimal, tiny, small, short, tall, big, huge, enormous, gigantic, humungous, titanic, immense


terrifying, frightening, horrifying, scary, creepy, spooky, friendly, nice, buddy


slow, snail-like, sluggish, quick, speedy, swift, rapid, blistering, supersonic


mumble, whisper, speak, talk, say, announce, yell, shout, scream, shriek