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Nick Vujicic is an evangelist who has shared his message of hope to over 6 million
people in 57 countries. He shares how his faith, which is rooted in the Lord Jesus
Christ, changed his life forever! He is the Founder, President and CEO of Life Without
Limbs, a non-profit organization whose mission is to share the Good News of Jesus
Christ through Nick’s own life. Click here to see what his non-profit is currently doing
and how YOU can get involved!

Attitude Is Altitude is a company founded in 2007 by Nick Vujicic to spark passion,

kindle hope and ignite positive change all around the world. AIA is dedicated to
empowering people transform their lives in a real and lasting way through live events,
keynote speeches, motivational products and resources. Click here to find out more
about AIA and how you can become a member today!