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In this lesson, you will learn to identify the features of a persuasive text.

What is a persuasive text? Where do we use it?

A Peso for Mother Nature

Typhoons, floods, and earthquakes - these are calamities that have struck us often in the last
couple of years. 2In fact, scientists have determined that in the last 20 years – the number of natural
calamities that we have experienced is way more than what have occurred a century before. Carbon
Dioxide emission, pollution, destruction of the rain forest and man's total disregard for the
environment are just some of the culprits.

We, in our organization have launched the "A Peso for Mother Nature" program. We are calling all
high school students to donate a peso each year to fund numerous projects we are spearheading
which include tree planting, waste segregation, and river rehabilitation. By helping our cause, we
may prevent the decay of our planet. 4Others may feel that the government should solely be
responsible for this since they have the capacity and resources. But we high school students must
also do our part in any way we can; may it be as simple as planting a tree in your backyard. Do you
think we will have a habitable place to live 20 years from now?

Mother nature needs our help. Join our organization and donate a peso today.

Persuasive Text
A persuasive text is used to persuade the reader to perform an action or simply agree with the
writer's stand. A basic persuasive essay has different features. Each paragraph from the given text
have a designated number.

Features of Persuasive Text

1. Introduction
This can be in the form of a fact, trivia, an anecdote (personal experience) or a statement to gain the
reader's attention.

2. Narration
This gives background statements of fact.

3. Conformation
This is the main body of text which contains the writer's stand and the action he is persuading the

4a. Refutation
Discussion of alternative measures (government to solely handle the problem).
4b. Rhetoric
Question that can be presented to get the reader to think without requiring an answer.

5. Conclusion
Closing statement to strengthen the claim or to influence the action further.

There are different strategies you can use to improve your persuasive essay. You may use humor,
statistical data, and ideas that will challenge your reader.