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Rider 13

RIder tries to have an active stance, but is breaking at the waist.
It starts only to be on his heel side, but is eventually also breaking more on the waist on the
toeside, probably to maintain balance. He is also during all of his turns shifting his hips too
much over his front foot.

focus on getting the upperback/shoulder more stacked over the board so back is more
straight, and use less fore movement.
explain stationary about getting a straighter upperback and hips a bit more centered.
Few medium closed turns on blue groomed run with hands behind back and gently push
hips more over the desired edge. After that, let rider play around with fore and aft
movements during the traverse in between the turn, explore his longitudinal range.

rider rotates board by kicking, with a lot of power, his back leg out, and he is using wrong
timing sequence. edge steer pressure instead of edge pressure steer.
Its happening mainly midway the run on his heelside turn, the wrong sequence makes is
side slip more instead of traversing after the turn.

focus on using front leg more to edge/twist the board before he starts rotating.
Go to groomed blue terrain and let ride to medium c turns with long skiddes traverse.
In the traverse try to do a few garlands and practice the twisting/initiating of the board.
After the do a few edge wiggles along the falling to focues on more ankle movement.
This will all help initiating the turn more with the ankles, and let the ride focus more on use
pressure to start the turn.

Let rider try some puzzle piece turns in bumpy terrain, to give more time to use pressure and
start the turn. When he feels comfortable let him do pyramid turns, so start small and end
big. this way he can experiment with different sized turns and different speed in bumpy