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San Agustin 3,
MONTESSORI Dasmariñas City, Cavite
School of Dasmariñas Incorporated (046) 481-78-48

School of Dasmariñas Incorporated QUESTIONNAIRE

SY 2019-2020

1) Count the number of pages (4).

2) Read the directions at least twice (2x) before answering.
3) Keep your test paper neat and clean.
4) Do not write anything on the Test questionnaire.
TEST I. Shade the circle that the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. (55 points)
1. What is first aid?
A. The immediate care given, to an individual who has been injured or become ill prior to the arrival of
qualified medical assistance.
B. The immediate care given, only to unconscious individuals prior to the arrival of qualified medical
C. The immediate care given, only to ill individuals prior to the arrival of qualified medical assistance.
D. The immediate care given, only to injured individuals prior to the arrival of qualified medical
2 Your check of the scene suggests that a victim has suffered an electrical shock. The first thing to do
A. Cover all burns with a dry loose dressing.
B. Ask a bystander to help you move the victim.
C. Place the victim on one side with the head down.
D. Make sure the power is turned off
3. A victim of a car accident has just vomited and now appears to be coughing up blood. He is breathing
very quickly and his pulse is weak and fast. What is most likely wrong?
A. He is having a seizure.
B. He has internal bleeding.
C. He is having a heart attack.
D. He is having a diabetic emergency.
4 You are caring for a victim with a burned hand. Put the hand in cool water if….
A. The burns are very deep
B. There are burns with open blisters.
C. The burns are minor with no open blisters.
D. You should put the hand in cool water for all of the above.
5. A victim has lost a lot of blood through a deep cut in his leg. He is breathing fast and seems pail and
restless. He is probably….
A. Having a stroke. C. In shock.
B. Having a heart attack. D. Choking.
6. Why should you cover burns with a clean or sterile dressing?
A. To prevent infection.
B. To cool burned area.
C. To keep the burned area warm.
D. Both a and c
7. You feel a sudden sharp pain in the bottom of your left foot. You look at the bottom of your left shoe
and see a tack sticking in your shoe. What type of wound do you probably have?
A. Avulsion C. Scrape
B. Bruise D. Puncture
8. What should you do if you think a victim has serious internal bleeding?
A. Apply heat to the injured area.
B. Call your local emergency phone number for help.
C. Place the victim in a sitting position.
D. Give fluids to replace blood loss.
9. Which of the following behaviors reduces your risk for injury?
A. Always wearing a safety belt when riding in automobiles.
B. Limiting intake of alcohol.
C. Limiting intake of foods high in cholesterol.
D. Both a and b

10. Dressing and bandages are used to….
A. Reduce the victim's pain.
B. Reduce internal bleeding.
C. Help control bleeding and prevent infection.
D. Make it easier to take the victim to the hospital.
11. Most injuries are due to situations that….
A. You have no control over or could not have been prevented.
B. You have some control over or could have been prevented.
C. Involve five or more people.
D. Involve water sports.
12. Dressings and pads….
A. Should be removed when blood soaked. New ones should be applied.
B. Are used to help control bleeding and keep germs out.
C. Are not included in a first aid kit.
D. Should be applied to a sucking chest wound.
13. Elastic bandages are used….
A. To control bleeding
B. Control swelling and support injuries such as sprains or strains.
C. To allow circulation to a severed limb.
D. When applying a splint.
14. When caring for a student who is suffering from heat cramps.
A. Apply cold packs.
B. Give cool water or sports drink.
C. Have student keep walking slowly to work the cramp out.
D. Massage the muscle vigorously to increase circulation.
15. You should change a bandage at LEAST
A. Daily B. Twice weekly C. Weekly D. Monthly

17. You should change the bandage immediately if:

A. There is strikethrough B. Wet C. Soiled D. Bandage is causing a sore
18. An improper landing after a jump may cause an injury, What injury might occur?
A. Dislocation B. Knee Injuries C. Ankle Injuries D. laceration

19. Why do we need to give First Aid?

A. To alleviate suffering from an injured person
B. To be famous in the school and in the community
C. To gain more friends, and even admirers
D. To prevent added sickness and dizziness.
20. After the first step of Juan, What must be the second thing that he needs to do to treat the victim?
A. Call an ambulance immediately
B. Prevent an electric shock
C. Check for internal injuries
D. Check for signs of circulation (breathing or movement)
21. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a balanced and healthy lifestyle?
A. Exercising regularly C. Only drinking 5 units of alcohol per day
B. Drinking water regularly D. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetable

22. A kind of injury that two bones are become separated, What injury is this?
A. Fracture C. Knee Injury
B. Dislocation D. Sprain
23. Raymond found out that his wife Natasha has been cheating on him with his best friend, Nate. Raymond
decides to teach his wife a lesson. He hides out in Nate's garage and shoots him in the chest when he gets
home from working out at the gym, killing him. This is an example of the intentional crime of
A. Suicide C. Homicide
B. Assault D. Battle

24. Stacey dated Jason for about three months before deciding to end the relationship. Jason did not take the
news well and continues to secretly follow Stacey, taking pictures of her everywhere that she goes and
sending them to her in threatening letters. He also calls Stacey at work numerous times a day and hangs up on
her. What should Stacey do to protect herself against Jason's stalking?
A. Save Jason's letters and turn them over to the police right away
B. Yell whenever she sees Jason on the street possibly approaching her
C. Carry a gun with her when she goes to work so she will not be caught off guard
D. Blow a loud whistle into the phone when she thinks Jason is calling her and not speaking
25. Injuries resulting from purposeful harmful actions upon oneself or others are known as:
A. Honest mistakes B. Accidents
C. Simple mishaps D. intentional injuries

26. Any act designed to cause terror. It is politically loaded and emotionally charged.
A. Suicide B. Terrorism C. Extortion D. Stalking
27. A countermeasure that involves defending the well-being of oneself or of another from harm.
A. Abduction B. Self-protection C. Extortion D. Domestic Violence

28. The taking away of a person by force, threat, or deceit, with intent to cause him or her to be detained
against his or her will.
A. Kidnapping B. Fraternity C. Suicide D. Terrorism
29. It is an expressive art form that communicates ideas through movement.
A dance B. art C. music D. play
30. The following festival dance EXCEPT ONE is dance in honor of the Sto. Niño
A. Dinagyang B. Bangus C. Sinulog D. ati-atihan
31. How can festival dancing contribute to one’s fitness and well-being?
A. It reduces the risk of cardio-respiratory diseases.
B. It facilitates teamwork and sense of community.
C. It maximizes our use to energy and enhances cardio-respiratory health.
D. It is good form of exercise..
32 If an individual could hardly catch his breath off while performing festival dances, what is the intensity of his
A. Heavy B. Light C. Moderate D. Moderately light
33 How can one benefit from festival dancing activities?
A. They help one achieve a personality active lifestyle.
B. They contribute to the enhancement of community awareness.
C. They develop one’s awareness of his own and other’s culture through festivals.
D. All of the above
34. Which of the following is an example of a religious festival?
A. Panagbenga festival C. T’ nalak festival
B. Peñafrancia D. Ammungan festival
35. The pace of origin of Ati-Atihan Festival
A. Dagupan City B. Cebu City C. Kalibo, Aklan D. Tacloban City
36. Which of the following is an example of non-religious festivals ?
A. Higante festival B. Sinulog festival C. Kinabayo festival D. Mango festival
37 What is the name of Festival in Iloilo City usually celebrated in January?
A. Binatbatan B. Pattarradday C. Dinagyang D. Bambanti
38. Mostly performed to classical music, this dance style focuses on strength, technique and flexibility.
A. ballet B. Hip Hop C. Jazz D. Belly dancing
39. Originate in the Middle East, this dance style is a fun way to exercise.
A. ballet B. Hip Hop C. Jazz D. Belly dancing
40. A high-energy dance style involving kicks, leaps and turns to the beat of the music.
A. ballet B. Hip Hop C. Jazz D. Belly dancing
41. Performed mostly to hip-hop music, this urban dance style can involve breaking, popping, locking and free
A. ballet B. Hip Hop C. Jazz D. Belly dancing

42. The name originates from the tapping sounds made when the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes
touch the ground
A. Tap dancing B. square dancing C. salsa D. pole dancing
43. a type of folk dancing where four couples dance in a square pattern, moving around each other and
changing partners.
A. Tap dancing B. square dancing C. salsa D. pole dancing
44. Involving a mixture of Caribbean, Latin American and African influences, salsa is usually a partner dance
and emphasises rhythms and sensuality.
A. Tap dancing B. square dancing C. salsa D. pole dancing
45. has become increasingly popular as a form of exercise. It involves sensual dancing with a vertical pole, and
requires muscle endurance, coordination, and upper- and lower-body strength
A. Tap dancing B. square dancing C. salsa D. pole dancing
46 The easiest way to transport a light and smaller victim.

A. B C D. .

47 It is used when the floor is smooth, short distance transport.

A. B. C.

48. used when first aider and victim must crawl underneath a low structure .

A. B. C. D.

49. - used when the victim is seriously injured and should not be lifted.

A. B. C. D.

50. A musculoskeletal injury that is caused by repetitive strain on the arm, hand, wrist, or another part of the
body is known as a:
A. Sprain. C. Tear.
B. Repetitive strain injury. D. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
51 Guy knows that he should cross the busy street at a marked crosswalk. However, he is in a hurry and
decides to cross the street at a non-designated spot. Guy is not practicing good pedestrian safety, and he may
have just performed an illegal act. This is known as:
A. Off-the-path walking. C. Undesignated walking.
B. Unmarked walking. D. Jaywalking.
52 Which of the following steps is NOT important for preventing gun accidents at home?
A. avoid owning a gun. C. Keep ammo and guns separated.
B. Store guns in locked safes. D. Keep all guns loaded at all times.
53. It is usually made of cloth and used as sling.
A. Triangular bandage B. Roller bandage C. dressing D. cloth
54. These is also called as ambulance dressing.
A. Sterile B. Adhesive C. Gauze D. bandage
55. It is commonly known as plaster.
A. Sterile B. Adhesive C. Gauze D. bandage

Test II. Read the given texts and answer the question that follows. Write your answer on the answer
sheet. Refer to the rubric.15 pts.
NOVEMBER 29, 2017
by Kay Miller Temple, MD
A. Unintentional injuries at nations home
Photo of a front door Poisonings, falls, fires and burns. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and
Policy and Bloomberg School of Public Health reported the prevalence rate of poisonings is 43%, falls 34%, and fires and
burns both at 9%.
Looking at 2000-2008 data, the researchers also pointed out another concern regarding these unintentional injury death
rates: residents 80 plus years of age “had the highest death rates by an enormous margin.” According to the authors,
“many of these deaths are due to falls.”
Whether a home is rural or urban, the Hopkins researchers shared 29 evidenced-based prevention strategies geared to
decreasing home injury rates and fatalities.

B. IRISH CHILDREN AND teenagers have a high death rate from abuse, neglect, violence and suicide.
A new report shows Ireland has the second highest rate in Europe for these type of deaths, classified as intentional injury.
Lithuania has the highest rate.
The report, ‘A National Action to Address Child Intentional Injury‘ was carried out by the European Child Safety
Alliance.Bernard de Vos, Chair of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children said,
“More families are experiencing greater financial pressure as a result of the economic crisis, which for many has moved
them below the poverty line. As a result, this increases the risk of all forms of violence, particularly child
maltreatment/neglect/abuse and suicide.

1. What cause s fatal unintentional injuries in the nation homes?
2. What conclusion comes to your mind after reading the two text about injuries?
3 Give and explain how we can prevent different injuries outside and at home.
4. What is the relation of the editorial in letter A toward the news l in letter B?
5. Based on the graph on the text in letter B, Explain the rate of mortality whether it is intentional or
unintentional injuries.
Question # 3 pts. 2pts. 1pt.
1 Able to give and explain Able to give and explain 2-3 Able to give and explain 1
more than 3 unintentional unintentional injuries in the unintentional injuries in
injuries in the nation nation homes. the nation homes..

2 Can give and explain more Can give and explain 2-3 Can give and explain 1
than 3 conclusion from the conclusion from the text conclusion from the text

3 Able to explain more than 3 Able to explain 2- 3 ways on Able to explain 1way on
ways on how you can how you can prevent how you can prevent
prevent different injuries different injuries outside and different injuries outside
outside and at home at home and at home
4 Able to explain more than 3 Able to explain 2-3 sentences Able to explain 1
sentences about the about the relation of the text sentences about the
relation of the text in letter in letter A to the text in letter relation of the text in letter
A to the text in letter B. B. A to the text in letter B.
5 explain more than 3 Able to give 2-3 mortality rate Able to give 1 mortality
mortality rate whether whether intentional or rate whether intentional or
intentional or unintentional unintentional injuries unintentional injuries