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1. Complete the chart with the comparative forms.
Adjective Comparative form

Colder than
Bigger than
More difficult
difficult Worse • Short adjectives + -er: cold – colder
bad Drier
dry earlier • Short adjectives ending in one
better consonant double the last letter +
good -er: big – bigger
hot • Long adjectives (more than two
more popular
Rainer syllables): more + adjective: more
rain expensive
wet Be careful of irregular adjectives

e.g. good, bad
2. Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in

a. Britain is hotter ( hot) now than at any time before.

b. It’s usually foggier ( foggy) in autumn than in summer.
c. Places that are sunny are more popular( popular) than places where it rains a lot.
d. I think the weather is worse ( bad) than ten years ago.
e. India is sunnier ( sunny) than Britain, but it is also wetter( wet)!

f. The sea is getting higher ( high).

g. Summer is shorter (short) now than 25 years ago.

3. Circle the correct word.

1 It’s hoter / hotter in July than in September.
2 The weather is badder / worse in London than in my city.
3 I think it’s more beautiful / beautifuler when it rains.
4 Is it drier / more dry now in the summer?
5 I think summer is getting shorter / more short.
6 It’s always raining so it’s weter / wetter than before.
4 Circle the odd word out.
cold difficult short

1 hot big bad

2 dry long new
3 popular sunny famous
4 easy early expensive
5 good cold late
6 big wet old

Superlative adjectives
1. Complete the chart with the superlative forms.

Adjective Superlative form Remember

bad The worst Short adjectives + est: tall – tallest

The most beautiful Short adjectives ending in one consonant

double last letter + est: hot – hottest
big The biggest
Long adjectives (more than 2 syllables) = most
dangerous The most dangerous
+ adjective: most amazing
difficult The most difficult
Be careful of irregular adjectives e.g. good.
fast The fastest
friendly The friendlier
good The best
intelligent The most intelligent
loud The loudest
popular The most popular
slow The slowest
small The smallest
strange The strangest
ugly The ugliest

2. Write sentences about the animals using the prompts.

tortoise / slow
The tortoise is the slowest.
1 blue whale / big the blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.
2 cheetah / fast The cheetah is the fastest
3 mosquito / dangerous The mosquito is the most dangerous animal in the world.

4 cat / friendly the Cat is the friendliest animal in the world.

5 hippo / ugly the hippo is the ugliest animal in the world.

6 dolphin / intelligent the dolphin is the most intelligent animal in the world.

7 parrot / loud The parrot is the loudest animal in the world.

3. Complete the dialogue with the superlative form of the adjectives in


Katya: Wow! This is a really difficult quiz.

Emily: Yes, but I really want to win.
Katya: Okay, let’s look at the next question. What’s 1)the biggest

(big) animal in the world?

Emily: The elephant.

Katya: No, it isn’t. I think it’s the blue whale.

Emily: Yes, you’re right. And the (2) fastest (fast) animal is the cheetah.
Katya: Question 3. Is the Indian cobra the 3) most dangerous
(Dangerous) animal in the world?
Emily: No, it isn’t. Mosquitoes are, because their bite can give you malaria.
Katya: What about this question? What is the tallest
(3) (tall) animal?
(4) Emily: Oh! That’s easy, the giraffe.
(5) Katya: Of course.
Emily: Okay, here’s the last question. What is the loudest
(6) (loud) animal?

Katya: Wow! That’s the (6) most difficult (difficult) question. I don’t know the answer to it.