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Week 34 Class 3 Time

Day Thursday Attendance
Date 26-Sep-19 Lesson Focus Speaking
World of Self, Family and Friends My happy family
Language/ Grammar focus HAPPINESS
Main Content Standard 2.1 Communicate simple information intelligibly
4.2 Communicate basic information intelligibly for a range of purposes in print and
Com. Content Standard digital media

Main Learning Standard 2.1.5 Describe people and objects using suitable words and phrases

Com. Learning Standard 4.2.4 Describe people and objects using suitable words and phrases
Know the rights and responsibilities in the family (Knowledge)
CIVIC LITERACY Show happiness in life (Action)
Give focus to family members (s/emotional)
LEARNING OBJECTIVE(S): By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to
revise and review previous vocabulary learnt with guidance.
Success Criteria : Pupils can
Draw their family tree and give 3 ways to make family proud.
21st Century Activities & Skills Resources CCE / EE Assessment

Think-Pair-Share worksheets Bubble Map Language Observation

Communication . Thinking skills Worksheet
Learning Outline
Teacher asks pupils who is in their family/ family members.
Pre-lesson Tell ppls that many different people may be in their families, from grandparents to parents to
cousins. Shows family tree.
Lesson Delivery Post Lesson
1. Each pupil choose a family member
1.Teacher displays words and briefly practice the family vocabulary.
word and says a sentence about his/her
2. Talk about responsibilities and ways to make family proud.
family related to the word.
3. Tells pupils to draw their family tree. Show how to draw family tree
2. Teacher displays pupils’ family tree and
and asks ppls to share the difference between their family members
have ppls go on a "gallery walk" to check
4. Hand out the papers to each ppls. Have them work independently to
out each other's family tree.
complete their family tree.

____/____ of pupils able to achieve the LO and given enrichment exercise(s).

____/____ of pupils able to achieve the LO and given remedial exercise(s).

*Today's lesson will be carried forward due to :Click and choose reason here >

Assessment (5 minutes)

Assess how pupils are describing the members of their families and distinguishing between family and