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Music My Personal Savior

Wherever we go there's always a music that saves us from sadness however sometimes
music can also be a source of sadness it depends on the person on how he/she interpret the
music itself. Music can be classified as classical and modern and also can be classified through
genres such as jazz, ballad, R&B (rhythm and blues),etc.

Teenagers nowadays are facing variety of problems such as family problems, financial
problems, or sometimes difficulties in their education or studies. By that problems, teenagers
feel the sadness. Some teenagers tend to think of ways to overcome their problem like
attempting suicide and alcohol consumption because they believe that those scenarios could
really help them to solve their problems. But in reality, it only exacerbates the problems and
makes the situation more complicated. As a teenager and also one who faces a lot of
challenges and problems in life my solution and basis aside from prayer is listening to music.
Why listening to music? Simply, because listening to music helps me to decrease my stress
cause of different activities that I need to be accomplished. And also, when I listen to music the
more I think and the more I understand what I am reading of especially when I can relate it to
the song. And when I have a lot of problems I practice listening to music because it serves as
my relaxation. And when I have nothing to do in my life or in other words I’m just bored, my
hobby is listening to music too.

Music plays an important role in our life it serves as an entertainment however for me
music plays a deep role because it serves as my personal savior, music can't fly like the
superheroes that you know but I consider that music is one of them. Because that music saves
me from problems and sadness. Music is the reason why I face those problems positively and
genuinely. Music is not just for entertainment, but music is my savior and happiness. Music is
not all about escaping our reality, but music teaches us to further exist in reality and never stay
away from it.
Bhea Anne Nevarez

Learn to Love and Heal Your Inner Wounds

We are dying from overthinking; we are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about
everything about everything that happen in our life. It is the reason why we stressed or being
depressed? I don’t believe anyone has ever escaped the sorrow of a heart in hurt. We may
deny it as a way of shielding ourselves because there may be some small comfort in shadow of
negation. But in truth, we experience some level of heartbreak.
We can find relief from the anxiety that controls us. It may not be easy to see right now
but anxiety does not need to rule in our life. Life has a way of creating anxious moments. It
might be waiting for the results of an exam. It might come from rumors of layoffs at work. It
could be as simple as your paycheck will not getting you through the month. I know that
suffering anxiety and depression is not easy because I felt that on my past life. We can say that
it is difficult to surpass or to overcome, but it is not the valid reason to give up because everyone
of us has an ability to surpass problems whatever how difficult it is.
For the person who has an anxiety or depression I want you to know that, no matter
where you are in life. No matter how bleak your situation. This is not the end. This is not the end
of your story. This is not the final chapter of your life. I know it may be hard right now but if you
just hang in there, stick it out. Stay with for a little while. You will find that this tough moments
will pass, and if you are committed to using this pain, using it to build your character, finding a
greater meaning for the pain, you will find that on time, you can turn your life around, and help
others going through the same struggles. So, Learn to Love and Heal Your Inner Wounds.