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Operating instructions for safety control unit mod.

These operating instructions are only valid in A max. of 30 sensors may be connected to the In the event of damage or wear and tear, the
conjunction with the operating instructions control unit. damaged system component must be replaced.
for the relevant sensors and magnet. When monitoring one or two protective doors If the protective doors are not frequently used,

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(one sensor each), sensors with reed contacts the system should be subjected to a function
Correct Use wired in parallel, must be used. test as part of the inspection schedule.

The coded Magnetic Safety switches are a When connecting three or more sensors (up to Liability coverage is void under the
series of technical safety devices for monitoring 30), the access area most often frequented must following circumstances:
moveable separating safety guards. They be monitored with a read head with reed
ensure that dangerous work on machines can contacts wired in parallel. All other read heads - if instructions are not followed
only be carried out if the safety guards are must have reed contacts wired in series. - non-compliance with safety regulations
closed. - installation and electrical connection not
A stop command is triggered if a safety guard is performed by authorized personnel
opened while the machine is running. - non-implementation of functional checks.
Installation must be performed by authorized
personnel only.
Before safety switches are used, a risk
The NC10 control unit must be assembled in a Setup
assessment must be performed on the machine
suitable operating area (switch cabinet,

Subject to technical modifications without notice, no liability will be assumed for any detail.
in accordance with:
protective housing, at least IP 54). If the control unit does not appear to function
EN 954-1, safety-related components of
The control unit is installed by clipping it to a when operating voltage is applied (yellow PWR
controls, Annex C;
standard 35 mm top-hat rail in accordance with LED does not light up), the unit must be returned
EN 1050, machine safety, risk assessment.
EN 50022. unopened to the manufacturer.
Correct use includes compliance with the
relevant requirements for installation and Check whether the safety outputs are being
Electrical Connection switched (see LED display) by opening and
operation, particularly:
EN 954-1, safety-related components of controls; closing the protective door.
Electrical connection must be performed by
EN 1088, interlocking devices in conjunction
authorized personnel only. LED displays
with moving safety guards;
All the electrical inputs must either be isolated
EN 60204-1, electrical equipment of machines;
from the mains supply by a movable safety
EN 60947-5-3 Requirements for proximity Function LED Colour State
transformer in accordance with IEC/EN 60742
switches, type PDF-S and PDF-T (only with reed Operating voltage PWR yellow on
with limited output voltage in the event of a
contacts wired in serial) switches with Sensor 1
defect or by another equivalent movable
single-fault tolerance. Magnet in activation area S1 green on
Magnet not in activation area S1 green off
Terminals 1 and 2 are reverse polarity protected
Safety Precautions for connection of the power supply for all outputs Sensor 2
Magnet in activation area S2 green on
(safety and door signal output).
The safety switch fullfills a personal protection External contact fuses (4 A quick-action fuse) Magnet not in activation area S2 green off
function. Incorrect installation or manipulation for relay outputs must be fitted.
can lead to severe injuries to personnel. All the output contacts must have an adequate
protective circuit for capacitive and inductive
Safety switches must not be bypassed (bridging If the magnets are in the response area (or one
of contacts), turned away, removed or otherwise sensor and one 4-pole jumper) in the case of
If a common power supply is used, all the
rendered ineffective. the two connected sensors, safety output 3/4 is
inductive and capacitive loads (e.g. relay
switched through. LEDs S1 and S2 light up.
contactors) connected to the power supply must
The switching operation may only be triggered If the 4-pole jumper is used, the relevant LED S1
be connected to appropriate interference
by coded magnets specially provided for this and / or S2 lights up and stays on.
purpose which are permanently connected to If sensors are not connected to the plug-in
the safety guard. terminals provided in the control units, the
bridges supplied must be inserted in accordance
A complete safety-oriented system generally with the connection plan.
consists of several signalling devices, sensors,
control units and concepts for safe shut-off Service and Inspection
operations. The manufacturer of a machine or No servicing is required. In order to ensure
installation is responsible for correct and safe lasting, trouble-free operation, regular
overall function. inspection of the following is required:

Functioning - correct switching function

- secure mounting of components
The safety system consists of a control unit, - loose connections.
sensors and activation magnets and is only
functional in particular combinations (see
combination options)!
NC10 Overall Dimensions
The sensors connected to the control unit
contains reed contacts which are activated by
the coded magnets. The safety control unit
converts this information and transfers the
safety guard state to the control system via a
safety output.

When the protective door is being opened or

closed, the control unit is checked to ensure
that it is functional. In this way internal errors
from the sensors to the control unit output can
be detected.
If an error is detected, the control unit goes into
a blocked state. The safety outputs remain in
the open state.
The control unit status is displayed visually by
means of LED displays.
Operating instructions for safety control unit mod. NC10

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NC10 with 1 sensor NC10 with 2 sensor

Safety Output Safety Output

Sensor 1 Sensor 2 Sensor 1
jumper Supply Supply

13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2 1 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2 1

NC10 NC10

NC10 with more than 2 sensors (max. 30)

Subject to technical modifications without notice, no liability will be assumed for any detail.
Sensor n Sensor 3 Sensor 2


Safety Output
Sensor 1
jumper Supply

13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2 1


NC10 Combination Options Table Technical Data

Activation Deactivation Reset Parameter Value Units

Safety Circuit Activation
Shape Sensor Distance Distance Distance
Category Diagram Magnet Son [mm]* Soff [mm]* [mm]* Housing Material Poliammide PA66

Dimensions 89 x 79,4 x 25 mm
N510 FC 3 WH
M140 <6 > 15 -
Mass 115 g
N510 FD 3 YE M148 < 18 > 31 - Ambient temperature 0 ... +55 °C
N511 FC 2 M140 <6 > 15 - Storage temperature -25 ... +70 °C
Degree of protection (IEC 60529) Terminals: IP20 / Housing: IP40
N511 FD 2 WH M148 < 18 > 31 -
Degree of contamination 2
3 Assembly 35 mm standard top-hat rail (EN50022)
YE Max number of sensors 1... 30 serial / 2 parallel
N520 FE M125 <6 > 14
Connection type Plug-in screw terminals
WH Supply Voltage 24 ±10% V AC/DC
Internal fuse on the supply 750 mA PTC
3 GN Switching voltage to the output (max) 250 V AC
N530 FG M135 <? >? Typ. current consuption 45
2 Switching current (Imax @ 24 V) 4 A
Switching current (Imin @ 12 V) 4 mA
YE Switching power to the output (max) 1000 VA
N180 FB 2 GN
M110 External fuse on the output 4 A quick-action
<4 > 11 -
BN M11A Safety outputs 1
N190 FB 2 Usage category AC-1: 4A, 250V / AC-15: 1A, 250V
(safety output)
AC-1: 4A, 24V / AC-15: 1A, 24V
WH DC-13: 4A, 24V
M25 N250 FB 3 GN
YE Safety category (EN 954-1) 2 / 3 (see Combination Option Table)
<4 > 11 -
BN M11A Classification PDF-S parallel / PDF-T serial (EN 60947-5-3)
N260 FB 2 Rated insulation voltage 250 V
Vibration resistance in accordance with EN 60947-5-2
BN 6
WH Mechanical switching cycle relays 10x10
M30 N300 FB 3 GN
YE EMC compliance in accordance with EN 61496-1 / EN 50022 part A
M113 <4 > 11 - Approval
BN VDE n° 131847 / TÜV n° Z10 03 04 48304 003
N310 FB 2

* Activation, deactivation and reset distances are influenced by ferromagnetic materials.

all the data applies to the frontal direction of approach and a center offset of 0,0 mm.

All the distances have a tolerance of ±1 mm.

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