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Issue 6378 | Volume 302 | No 1
‘It has a face like it swallowed a wasp and
a roofline resembling a nun’s wimple’

Volkswagen Golf High-tech Mk8 arrives this month 8
Maserati’s bold vision Ten new models due by 2023 12
Electrified Skodas Major PHEV and EV onslaught 15
Audi RS Q3 duo SUV and Sportback get 394bhp 16
Rethink at JLR Jaguar Land Rover’s new approach 18

Dallara Stradale Track-inspired flyweight hits UK 24
Renault Zoe More power, more range, more style 28
Peugeot 208 Respect is due to VW Polo rival 30
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuation model 32
BMW 118i M Sport Front-drive hatch on UK roads 33
Audi A1 Sportback 35 TFSI S Line ROAD TEST 36

Citroën at 100 We celebrate its centenary in style 44
Jaguar I-Pace 1000-mile trans-European road trip 54 WE DRIVE TO PARIS TO CELEBRATE CITROEN’S 100TH BIRTHDAY 44
Alvis revisited UK marque is still building ‘new’ cars 58
Horiba MIRA insights Award-winning student’s view 60

Toyota Corolla New arrival sets pulse racing. Really 64
Honda CR-V In praise of driver assistance tech 67
Audi E-tron Plagued by fault warnings. Now fixed 69

Jesse Crosse The clever coating you’ll never see 17
Damien Smith Get ready for a special Wales Rally GB 19
Steve Cropley Most surprising car of 2019 named 21
Subscribe Save cash – and nab yourself a free toolkit 22
Your Views Streamlined potato in a jungle? No, ta 62
Matt Prior Nascar facts and a race-winning monkey 90
James Ruppert Why simple diesels make real sense 70
As good as new Fresh-faced Astra at keen prices 72 COVER
Spied in the classifieds £5k Fiat X1/9, £15k TVR 74 STORY
Used buying guide BMW 1 Series M Coupé: top tips 76
Road test results Autocar’s gold mine of data 79
New cars A-Z Key car stats, from Abarth to Zenos 82


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New Volkswagen Golf to be

most high-tech car in class
Mk8 Golf will pack new levels of tech for family hatches and have the lowest CO2

he next-generation technology but also the lowest time to see whether it works units – will be available with “The 48V mild hybrid is
Volkswagen Golf, to be CO2 emissions – important for in the series solution. We are a 48V system with VW’s dual- not only good in terms of CO2
unveiled this month, running costs and the brand’s testing in Germany, America, clutch transmission only. but also comfortable driving.
aims to revolutionise social responsibility standing. Spain, China – everywhere.” The 1.0-litre will make 129bhp You won’t hear the restart
the volume hatchback market VW’s technical chief, Frank There has been much debate and the 1.5-litre 148bhp. It isn’t on the start/stop system. It’s
with 48V mild-hybrid engines Welsch, told Autocar that about the Mk8’s engines and yet known which engines will be much more powerful with the
and technology not yet seen development is now finished which should use hybrid tech, offered with a manual gearbox. mild-hybrid starter/generator
in the class. and the Mk8 Golf is currently with decisions understood to Welsch said: “We have 48V system. Even while driving, if
The German maker is betting undergoing quality testing. have been reversed following on the mainstream petrol the car is just rolling, you don’t
on the new Mk8 Golf to secure He said: “We are now in the departure of Matthias engines but not on the diesel. need extra power. The engine
its foothold in the shrinking pre-production, in the phase Müller as CEO and subsequent The diesel has better CO2 turns off while driving, and
segment – down 16% globally in to make sure that one part appointment of Herbert Diess. emissions anyway and diesel if you just touch the pedal, it
the first half of 2019, according fits perfectly to another. The outcome, Welsch said, is is more expensive so to starts again and you don’t feel
to analyst firm JATO – by Everything we did on the that the volume engines – the keep it balanced, we did it it. It’s very comfortable.”
offering not only class-leading prototype is nice but now it’s 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre petrol only on petrol. Alongside the two volume


Mk8 GTI (on right)
will top the 241bhp THE CHALLENGES THE MK8 FACES
of today’s version

It can be easy to overlook variety of engines and trims

the next Golf when VW is means its appeal crosses all
making as much noise as age groups and many income
possible about the ID 3. Yes, levels, but the brand’s aim
ambitions for global ID 3 to reduce range complexity
sales to reach six figures next could affect this.
year justify the fanfare, but Meanwhile, it also has
the Golf will remain one of to introduce a dazzling
the world’s volume elite: over array of new-generation
730,000 examples were sold technology without spoiling
last year. That was soundly the ergonomic simplicity and
beaten by the Toyota Corolla, satisfying quality standards
which managed 930,000 of the car. The ID 3 doesn’t
sales in the same period, seem as good as the Mk7 Golf
but the Golf still dominates in the latter regard, based
Europe and VW wants that to on poking and prodding a
remain the case. few examples after the car’s
One of the biggest launch. Retaining all of the
challenges it faces is keeping Golf’s traditional virtues may
the Mk7 Golf’s consummate be a tough ask and one we’ll
all-round appeal. The sheer await with bated breath.

A 400bhp Golf R Plus looks set to rival the Mercedes-AMG A45

The 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre petrol
engines will use a 48V mild-hybrid
system and dual-clutch gearbox
Estate has a longer
wheelbase and
more rear overhang

petrol engines, there will be

an updated version of the
2.0-litre TDI diesel, codenamed
EA288 Evo, which has been
significantly re-engineered
to reduce exhaust pollution.
There is also a more efficient
and responsive turbocharger
and the engine itself is lighter.
VW has claimed the unit offers
an average of 9% more torque
and power together with an
average 10g/km decrease in
CO2 emissions.
Welsch said the new Golf ◊


Mk8 cabin makes a
feature of high-tech

Plug-in hybrid GTE

will be sold in 201bhp
and 241bhp guises

Δ will be “leading again in ` same story we started with Mk1 illuminated in countries outside
terms of CO2 emissions,”
stating that its most efficient There will not be a three-door and Mk2. It’s an evolutionary
process with very small but
of Europe, where it is illegal.
It is the interior, described as
variant under WLTP testing
will be just into three figures. Mk8 Golf as VW streamlines its clear steps. It’s a little bit
more dynamic.”
“two steps” forward by Welsch,
where we’ll see major changes.
Welsch said: “We are in the
process of homologation now range in a bid to maximise profits Welsch said the roof line
above the C-pillar has been
Already shown in sketch
form – “close to what you are
and two or three engines are
already done. CO2 [in the Mk8] a lowered slightly and the belt
line has been moved up, to
going to see,” said Welsch – the
interior is devoid of classic
is a huge step. We’ve optimised The next Golf GTI, due to suspension in combination with create more dynamism. He cockpit cues, removing most
engines and aerodynamics.” arrive by late 2020, is set to adaptive damping control. said: “The Golf today is a little of the instruments and instead
The Golf GTE plug-in hybrid use much of the hardware from Engineers involved in the bit more horizontal. This design using two 10.0in screens, as
will also continue and offer a the Mk7 Golf GTI, including an new car’s development say makes it look optically faster. well as a head-up display.
power boost, while a lower- updated version of the EA888 major attention has been We made it a little bit dynamic “There are not too many
powered hybrid will also be 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, focused on steering accuracy. but everybody would know it’s buttons. We have voice
available. “Today’s GTI is which will exceed the 241bhp of The electromechanical set-up a Golf without any logo and control,” said Welsch. “All
241bhp so the GTE should also the current iteration. of the outgoing car has been despite it being the new one.” the things we have create a
have 241bhp, so it’s really a An even hotter Golf R will heavily reworked to provide it Despite VW wishing to better atmosphere. There are
GTE.” Welsch said. “But there follow in 2021. A range-topping with added levels of feedback give its new electric ID ambient lights all the colours
are some people who just want 400bhp R Plus, to rival the and a more direct ratio. brand separate design to its of the rainbow! People love this
to stay with a similar plug-in Mercedes-AMG A45 and Audi The new Golf’s design, as conventional models, the front stuff. It’s like the new chrome.”
hybrid to today so that is why RS3, is also on the cards. ever, will not be a dramatic lighting design of the ID 3 will Although the interior design
we’re offering the 201bhp, The Mk8 Golf is underpinned overhaul from its predecessor’s, be reflected in the Golf. Welsch is notably different from the ID
too. It comes without the GTE by an evolution of the existing given the loyal fan base of confirmed the Golf will have the 3’s, the idea of simplification
trim and [appears] as a normal model’s MQB platform, VW’s third biggest-selling car same floating light line leading is the same and connectivity
Golf.” There will be no e-Golf as featuring a MacPherson- globally, behind the Tiguan to the new VW logo on the features, such as over-the-air
VW focuses on its electric ID 3. strut front and multi-link rear and Polo. Welsch said: “It’s the bonnet. That, too, will also be upgrades, will also be echoed.


V O L K S WA G E N G O L F M K 8
Volkswagen’s other family- giving people a bigger battery in the car. Now, we have a
sized hatchback, the electric because it’s more weight and few situations where you
ID 3, was revealed at the more cost. It’s about battery can use it: navigation mode,
Frankfurt motor show last density improving,” he said. lane keeping, showing
month, but VW R&D boss snowflakes on the street if
Frank Welsch is already Technology the temperature is below
thinking of how to improve “It is not enough to change four degrees. We have to
it. “There’s still room for the drivetrain to electric. We assess which situations are
optimisation. Just like in have more room and it drives useful. We don’t want to do
combustion-engined cars, like a GTI right now. We need video games.”
look at how CO2 has come other USPs you don’t get in
down and down and down other cars. This first step is Performance variants
because engineers have a good step but we’re going “People love performance
optimised. The ID 3 is a huge to make speech recognition cars and people love to spend
step but it’s not the end.” more intelligent. We can also money on it. We should have
Here are his three key areas. make much more use of the this in the electric world as
augmented reality head-up well. This is why we do the
Range display in the ID 3. ID R [race car] – to show
“People need range,” Welsch “We are the first ones to how the performance of
said. Despite the top-end ID have this, even in higher- electromobility can be even
3 offering 341 miles of range, segment cars. We can improve better than classic ones. We
Welsch believes people want it by software upgrades need four-wheel drive and a
more. “We won’t do this by because the hardware is performance e-motor.”

ID 3 will get a longer

range and slicker
in-cabin technology

One key focus is driving

assistance systems intended
to offer the utmost in comfort
and safety. Welsch said: “Golf,
let’s say, is lower-middle class,
and we’re bringing things from
the upper class. There are
also car-to-car and car-to-X
communication systems.” The
new model is expected to add
more self-driving capability
and features such as Area View,
which feed live images from the
car into the cockpit.
There will not be a three-
door Golf, with VW choosing
to focus on the five-door Mk8 Volkswagen Golf is undergoing final testing in preparation for a launch later this month and will go on sale in the UK early next year
and estate variants as it
streamlines its range in a bid to
maximise cost efficiencies and holding very strong, keeping generation will bring all of the best digital footprint.” said. “They love Golf for what
profits. The estate will have a its position as uncontested the technology and all of Following the recent launch it is. They love technology but
50mm-longer wheelbase and number one in Europe for many the advancements that of the ID 3, Stackmann doesn’t they don’t go wild. In the long
longer rear overhang than the years. And even in run-out, it is necessary to keep that see a risk of cannibalisation of term, in maybe six or eight
hatchback. remains a very strong seller position. Obviously, it will sales, for now. “If you look into years, we will start to see
Jürgen Stackmann, VW and our job is to keep it [at the be the best Golf of all Golfs. the mindset of who’s buying crossover between Golf and
board member for sales and top] in segment share.” In its class, it will have the Golf and for what reason, they ID 3 customers.”
marketing, said: “Golf has been He added: “The next best CO2 , the best technology, want the same as before,” he RACHEL BURGESS


Maserati sets ambitious goal
Italian marque’s revival plan includes new sports
cars, a Porsche Macan rival and electric models

aserati has confirmed which is set to be unveiled next Next up will be Maserati’s power than equivalent GranCabrio will return as
that 10 new models are year and feature the brand’s first all-new car since the 2015 combustion engines. an all-new generation after
set to arrive in the next first hybrid powertrain: a plug- Levante: a sports car tipped In 2021, Maserati will that and are said to “herald
four years – including a in system with a usable electric to use the Alfieri nameplate launch a new SUV that will the full-electrification era
range of hybrids and the firm’s range and ultra-low CO2 . first seen on the brand’s 2014 rival the Porsche Macan. for Maserati”. A spokesman
first fully electric powertrain, The BMW 5 Series rival concept car. It will be produced Said to play a “leading role confirmed to Autocar that,
which is destined for everything will also have level two in Modena, where “major for the brand, thanks to its despite that declaration,
from sports cars to SUVs. autonomous driving capability. production line upgrades to innovative technologies”, it these new 2+2 GT models will
As part of parent company Maserati intends to progress accommodate its electric requires an investment of be offered in battery electric
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ to ‘hands off’ level three powertrain” will be required. around €800 million (£711m) and petrol forms, but it’s
€5 billion (£4.4bn) investment features – where the car can Powertrain specs leaked for the construction of a new expected that the petrol will be
plan, Maserati will extensively manoeuvre in and out of lanes from a brand presentation production line. The first hybridised. The BMW 8 Series
upgrade its production and bring itself to a stop at the confirm that the Alfieri’s pre-series models will emerge rivals will need a further
facilities to build the new cars. side of the road – in the near electric powertrain, dubbed in early 2021, with production €800m (£711m) investment in
Every Maserati will continue to future. Updates to the Levante Maserati Blue, will be a three- expected soon after. An open- the firm’s Turin production hub.
be assembled in Italy. and Quattroporte in 2020 are motor, all-wheel drive using top version of the new sports Unconfirmed but previewed
The first new model will be a expected to usher in similar 800V technology and offering car will arrive in 2021 as well. in a leaked product plan last
heavily updated Ghibli saloon, features and hybrid options. a claimed 50% more The GranTurismo and month are the all-new Levante



This latest turnaround simply launching a sports market? Even if it hopes to in

plan for Maserati does not car, but one with petrol the long term, does it really
lack ambition. Multi-billion power, an electric variant, need to state such lofty
investment in facilities and and an open-top version of ambitions without the hint
all-new models and electric both. It’s also planning an yet of something tangible to
cars would be a big ask for extra SUV model, when it back it up? We’re excited by
even the world’s largest car hasn’t exactly set the world the plans yet surprised by
makers, let alone one that on fire with its first, the how little time Maserati has
didn’t even sell 40,000 cars Levante. All while its existing given itself to realise them.
last year. So is this one to file models are being replaced It’s worth remembering
under ‘We’ll believe it when with expanded powertrain that in 2015, Alfa Romeo
we see it’, or one to heartily options and fitted with disclosed similarly ambitious
praise the logic of? autonomous technology. plans for its own Fiat-backed
Maserati is trying to cover Does Maserati really need revival. Four years on, we’ve
a hell of a lot of bases. It’s not to cover off so much of the had just two cars from it.

Volvo will reveal a fully electric XC40 this month. The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid has gone on
The brand’s first EV will sit atop a redesigned, sale as Ford’s first series-production PHEV. Prices
structurally stronger version of the standard car’s start from £39,145 (plus VAT) for the van, which
CMA platform. Volvo expects all-electric cars to will soon be available in eight-seat Tourneo Custom
make up more than half its sales volume by 2025. guise with a 1.0 turbo petrol and electric combo.


The Alfieri’s electric powertrain New A3 flaunts chrome strip
will be a three-motor, all-wheel AUDI IS PREPARING to launch
the new-generation A3 at the
Geneva motor show next March
the headlights to the tail-lights,
wrapping around the tailgate.
It’s not clear yet if this will
including a new five-door
liftback version to rival the likes
of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and
drive using 800V tech and prototypes have now
dropped almost all disguise.
make production or Audi is just
experimenting ahead of the
upcoming BMW 2 Series Gran
Coupé. High-performance
a The A3, closely related to the finished design. But if it does S3 and RS3 versions are also
forthcoming Mk8 Volkswagen feature on the new car when planned, along with a saloon
Golf (see p8) and built on it is unveiled in Geneva, it will model to rival the Mercedes-
the second-generation MQB mark a distinct departure from Benz A-Class Saloon. An A3
architecture, features an the rest of the firm’s range. cabriolet is considered unlikely.
evolutionary look, borrowing The longer, wider A3 is one The new A3’s engine range
the geometric front-end shape of two new compact Audis in will include 1.0-litre, 1.5-litre
from Audi’s latest models and development, the other being and 2.0-litre turbocharged
eschewing the smaller A1’s an electric car built on the petrol units, the 1.0 and
A L L- N E W bonnet vents. new MEB architecture. The 1.5 using 48V mild-hybrid
M ASER ATIS: Yet there’s one distinctive development of this model technology shared with the
2020–2023 design detail we weren’t means there will be no electric Golf. A 2.0-litre diesel unit will
expecting: chrome strips version of the A3. be offered in three states of
running the length of the As before, the A3 will spawn tune. A plug-in hybrid model
bodywork on each side, from a whole range of variants, will also feature in the line-up.

Chrome strip
S PY S H OT may make
Alfieri sports car 2020 AUDI A3 production

SUV and Quattroporte saloon.

These are also set to go fully
electric, targeted squarely
at Tesla, but petrol hybrid Sub-Levante SUV 2021
versions will again be offered.
Construction of a new paint
shop in Modena has begun
and it will be “equipped with
innovative, low environmental
impact technologies”, the firm
claims. It will allow customers Alfieri Cabriolet 2021
to watch their cars going
through the paint process.
A further development is
a dedicated customisation
workshop, enabling a greater
level of personalisation.
LAWRENCE ALLAN GranTurismo 2021
Deal secures GT86/BRZ future
TOYOTA AND SUBARU have will secure replacements The deal means Toyota’s
confirmed that they’ll jointly for both cars, as well as joint shares in Subaru will
Maserati’s smaller develop a successor to the engineering of all-wheel-drive increase to 20%, making it
SUV will take aim at GT86 and BRZ sports cars. models and Subaru using an “affiliated company of
the Porsche Macan First reported by Autocar Toyota’s hybrid powertrains. Toyota”. In return, Subaru will
in the 20 March issue, the new The two will also collaborate buy shares in Toyota worth
deal between the two brands on autonomous technology. around £600 million.
GranCabrio 2022

Quattroporte 2022

BRZ (pictured)
and its GT86 twin
Levante 2023 will be replaced

Aston Martin has raised £120 million by issuing Cupra will launch a high-performance version of
bonds and is considering offering a further the next-generation Seat Leon ST. The hot estate,
£80m worth. The firm is attempting to make up sold in the current version as a Seat Leon Cupra ST,
for a disappointing first half of 2019, in which it will shift fully over to Seat’s performance brand
posted a pre-tax loss of £78.8m. when the new car’s launched towards the end 2020.



$335 .

Skoda’s electrified era begins

Plug-in Superb iV heralds Czech firm’s roll-out of hybrids and EVs CONFIDENTIAL


and marketing, Chris Craft,
has reinforced the belief that
the brand is developing its
first EV. He told Autocar:
“We’ve always been
synonymous with effortless
power and, with the torque
you get from electric
motors, that’s exactly what
it delivers. We also think
we’re pushing at an open
door. If we look at the luxury
vehicles study that was
undertaken last year, 35%
of buyers of luxury cars are
interested in electric cars,
and 30% of them say they
have already tested one.”

FERRARI’S SF90 Stradale

is a car born from demand
of the LaFerrari hypercar.

koda’s electrification It is understood that the battery, which should offer a The 13kWh battery is good
programme has rolled out Fabia and Scala won’t be range of as much as 310 miles for a 35-mile range – slightly Commercial chief Enrico
in earnest, with sources offered as plug-in hybrids, – the sort of figure that many more than what most car Galliera explained: “We had
confirming that the new because it’s believed that in the industry hope will tip makers claim is the average some very important clients
Octavia – due in the second half the MQB-A0 platform can’t electric cars into becoming a European driver’s daily trip. A upset because they were not
of next year – will be launched accommodate a battery mainstream choice. Type 2 wallbox will charge the able to have the top product.
in both plug-in hybrid and pack. Mild-hybrid engines are Skoda will be building the Superb in 3hr 30min, while CO2 The idea [with the SF90
mild-hybrid forms. expected, however, when the MEB cars at its own factory in emissions are quoted as low as Stradale] is to make sure
The Czech firm has also cars are refreshed over the the Czech Republic rather than 35g/km, depending on spec. that a top-level Ferrari is a
released details of the plug- next two years. at one of the two specialist MEB The Superb will be followed possibility for our clients.”
in hybrid Superb iV, due in The Vision iV, due in early factories built by Volkswagen, by the Citigo E iV, Skoda’s first
January, and presented its 2021, will be the first Skoda to suggesting it will have lower BEV. It goes on sale in February
Vision iV all-electric ‘crossover use the Volkswagen Group’s production costs. equipped with a 36kWh battery
coupé’ to the press (see MEB platform. The second The new Superb iV plug-in which should offer as much as
separate story, below). Plug-in MEB-based vehicle is expected hybrid will cost from £31,970. 170 miles of range. Connected
Karoq and Kodiaq models are to be a more conventionally The new car combines a 154bhp to a 40kW DC fast charger, the
also in the frame as the brand shaped SUV. 1.4-litre petrol engine with a car’s battery can be refreshed
works to reduce its fleet- Both MEB-based cars will be 114bhp electric motor for a to 80% in just one hour.
average CO2 footprint. available with a large 83kWh combined output of 215bhp. HILTON HOLLOWAY RENAULT IS THE LATEST
brand to try to turn its back
on traditional volume-

Vision iV gives a taste of Skoda’s EV future

SKODA MIGHT NOT welcome styling (including the nose
boosting tactics, according
to UK boss Vincent Tourette:
“We’ve been too reliant on
tactical channels and done
fleet deals that don’t create
the comparison, but the light bar) is “90% -plus” that Vision iV’s styling is profit or stimulate any
Vision iV concept has the of the final production car. at least 90% that of loyalty, as the customers just
look of Tesla’s Model X. It’s The driving position is the production car want the cheapest car. We
taller than its ID 3 Volkswagen raised but not as high as, say, have cut self-registrations.
Group stablemate, and is a Kodiaq’s. It’s a reminder of Our dealer network can be
distinguished by a deep how comfortable this halfway improved. In doing those
and substantial nose and position is and how easy it things, we can grow market
hooped roofline. is to slide in and out of the share and profitability.”
Skoda describes the Vision dramatically styled cabin.
iV as a four-door crossover Not too much can be OF THE 33,000
coupé and says the striking deduced from our short, reservations already
low-speed steer through the made for the Volkswagen
Czech town of Karlovy Vary, dry calculations about mine- and different. Will people ID 3, three-quarters are
aside from the reminder to-wheel CO2 . The concept switch from, say, a Kodiaq for ‘conquest’ customers from
that EVs are a short-cut to features all-wheel drive a less rugged but more refined other brands, reported
luxury motoring. The silence, and 0-62mph in around six and luxurious crossover? A VW sales boss Jürgen
smoothness and seamless seconds, which is a ballpark big dose of design bravery for Stackmann. He said that
shove are perhaps the biggest figure for production. the production Vision might number will decrease over
selling point for EVs, above Inside, the Vision iV is fresh give it a fighting chance. time but still anticipated a
high number of conquests.



RS Q3 dynamic duo launched

Audi Sport versions of the Q3 and Q3 Sportback wield 394bhp and chassis upgrades

udi Sport has kicked the RS Q3 and Sportback are Audi’s Drive Select system has related to each other. unchanged from those of the
off the expansion of its mechanically identical. Each six modes, which include two Designer Matthew Baggley non-RS versions.
high-performance SUV is powered by an upgraded bespoke RS options accessible said: “When we designed the The differences between the
line-up with the launch version of the 2.5-litre five- via a steering wheel button. regular Q3 and Q3 Sportback, RS Q3 and the RS Q3 Sportback
of the new RS Q3 Sportback cylinder turbocharged unit Both models sit 10mm lower the aim was to give customers are more apparent from the
coupé crossover alongside from the first-gen RS Q3. The than the regular versions and as much differentiation as side, with the Sportback’s
the second-generation RS Q3. five-pot has been updated to feature sport suspension and possible, but for the RS models, sloping coupé-style roof
The sibling SUVs both serve up produce 394bhp compared Audi’s Dynamic Chassis Control we felt it necessary to bring making it 45mm lower than
394bhp from a turbocharged with 335bhp in the old model – as standard, with MacPherson them back together.” the RS Q3. Both models gain a
five-cylinder engine. or 362bhp for the Performance struts at the front and a They both receive a rear roof spoiler, although the
The original RS Q3 was variant – and also offers multi-link design at the rear. revamped single-frame front designs differ slightly. They
launched in 2013, with Audi 343lb ft. Both cars have a They also have specially tuned grille, with sculpted air intakes also have different rear bumper
Sport choosing a compact 0-62mph time of 4.5sec and a progressive steering and a similar in design to those designs. Both feature twin
model for its first hot SUV due governed top speed of 155mph choice of 20 or 21in wheels and featured on the RS6 Avant exhaust pipes. The previous RS
to a lack of direct premium- (174mph with the optional steel or ceramic brake discs. and RS7 Sportback. The Q3 had been the only Audi Sport
class rivals. The firm believes Performance pack). The two RS models intakes have a ‘boomerang’ model with a single exhaust.
there is now a similar market Power is delivered to all four have been designed to stand design detail offered on the Q3 Inside, each model offers
gap for the Q3 Sportback, with wheels through a seven-speed apart from the regular Q3 versions only. Both models also black leather and Alcantara
the model launching ahead of automatic gearbox, with and Q3 Sportback, although get pronounced wheel arches sports seats and other
the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45. wheel-selective torque control Audi designers worked to that increase their width by bespoke details, such as Audi
Underneath their bodywork, to aid traction and handling. ensure the two appear closely 10mm, although the tracks are Sport-exclusive displays and
functions on the Drive Select
and infotainment system.
The RS Q3 and RS Q3
Sportback will go on sale early
next year. Pricing has yet to
be set, but expect an increase
from the £44,785 starting
price of the old RS Q3.
The two models will kick
off a major expansion of Audi
Sport’s SUV range, which is
set to continue with the RS
Q8 large SUV. That car will be
RS Q3’s more practical shape makes it 45mm taller than its sibling Audi believes there’s a gap in the market for the RS Q3 Sportback revealed later this year.


RS Q3 Sportback and
RS Q3 are identical

New types of
paint-like coatings
promise to make better
batteries and help lidar
to see black cars in
AMONG ALL THE oily bits and electronics car’s occupants to make the gloom.
coming our way as cars get more themselves scarce.
sophisticated, there are some technologies Lidar is being targeted
that we’ll never even notice. Some are visible for new treatments, too – or
but hiding in plain sight, yet they could rather, the cars it targets are. One thing
Q & A M AT T H E W B A G G L E Y, E X T E R I O R still have a huge role to play in the future lidar can’t stand is black or near-black
of the car. A good example is the clever paint colour because it does a poor job of
DESIGNER, AUDI SPORT science going into functional coatings used reflecting the light back to the lidar scanner
How do you approach the to make batteries smaller, safer and more that enables it to ‘see’ the object, especially
design of Audi Sport SUVs? sustainable, help lidar sensors to spot dark in poor visibility. Some 20% of the world’s
“Working on an RS model cars in poor visibility (which they struggle cars are black so that will be a problem if
is always the cherry on the to do) and allow sensors to work better in lidar is widely adopted for autonomous cars.
top. It’s the best model from wet and mucky weather. Laser light is classified as near-infrared
an enthusiast’s point of PPG Industries may not be a household (NIR), so PPG is developing a near-infrared
view. With the RS Q3, the name but the industrial giant is the largest transparent coating. Roughly translated,
main goal was to explain manufacturer of paints and coatings in the this means the black base colour you see on
visually that there’s a world – and that includes the paint a body a car body will let the laser light through,
five-cylinder monster shop uses if your car is involved in a shunt. It to be reflected back by a special pale primer
beneath the hood.” predicts a diminishing market for car repair underneath. The upshot is that the lidar can
How did you make them products with the move towards autonomy see through the black colour to the reflective
Why launch an RS version of stand out from the regular and accident-free roads, but that has also surface below, but to the naked eye, it still
the Q3 Sportback? Q3 range? triggered ideas for new uses of coatings. looks black. Clever stuff.
“When we were designing “Normally, you’d Two of those are aimed at improving
the Q3 Sportback, we didn’t differentiate them from the lithium ion battery cells, a crucial
know at first if an RS version standard models by adding component of which are chemical binders IN BRIEF: WIRELESS CHARGING
would happen or not, but it interesting details and used in the manufacture of electrodes. As it
looks really cool and it would elements, but we wanted stands, the binder used for each cathode in a Wireless charging like BMW’s trial system
have been a shame not to to add value differently, by lithium ion battery contains a toxic solvent rolled out in Germany and the US works by
do it. The first-generation reducing features, making called N-methyl 2-pyrrolidone. It’s being electromagnetic induction. An alternating
RS Q3 was a big hit for us them simpler and more pure. phased out under European regulations so current passed through a coil in the pad
and the Sportback opens We’ve added value through PPG has developed a sustainable non-toxic creates an alternating magnetic field that
another new market.” big, bold gestures.” substitute. It makes commercial sense as the ‘induces’ a current in the coil of the car’s
area needing coating in a battery is 10 times receiver. It’s convenient but slow (3.2kW in
the painted area of a car bodyshell. this case) and not all that efficient at 85%.
The second material is a ‘smart’ fireproof
cladding. Battery packs are currently
protected with a thick, fireproof blanket
material that adds to their bulk. A new
coating will replace that and can be applied
to the outside or inside of a battery casing
like paint. At high temperatures, either
caused by an internal battery fire or external
factors, the coating expands like a sponge
by 50 times, forming an insulating layer.
In flame tests, aluminium sheet buckles
in 30 seconds, but protected by the new
Both models get sports seats and Audi Sport display functions material, it remains intact after three
minutes. That buys much more time for a


Defender will play
a core role in JLR’s
turnaround plan

JLR to hunt profits, not volume

New turnaround plan has shifted JLR’s business thinking after last year’s £3.6bn loss

aguar Land Rover spearheaded in recent years That process meant added value for the brand as there are now the “green
(JLR) is now focused by growth in China) and that temporary factory shutdowns well as the company.” shoots” of a recovery in China.
on delivering more helped fuel profits, which in response to falling demand JLR was hit particularly He said: “We worked intensively
sustainable growth and topped £2bn in 2015. But at and cutting 4500 jobs. But it hard by falling sales in China. with the retailers. There was
profits rather than chasing the end of the 2018/19 fiscal has also refocused how the Its sales fell 22% there in 2018. room for improvement to get
volume, according to chief year, that had turned into a company does business. Sales of premium rivals BMW, them on the highest level.”
commercial officer Felix £3.6bn loss (including a £3.1bn When asked about sales Mercedes-Benz and Audi rose He added that there had been
Bräutigam. write-down in assets, centred targets for the reborn Land in China in 2018, with JLR’s growth in July and August and
Falling sales in China and on diesel) so dramatic had the Rover Defender, Bräutigam drop put down to quality issues JLR will no longer discount
the impact of the likes of Brexit JLR decline been. said more broadly that volume and an unruly dealer network. models in China. “China is now
and the drop in demand for JLR CEO Ralf Speth said at is not something JLR now Protesters complaining focused on price, and being
diesel caused JLR to announce the recent Frankfurt motor judges itself on. about the quality of their cars aggressive on price,” he said,
a £2.5 billion turnaround plan show that the Charge and “We don’t want to be driven have been a regular feature adding that JLR will not join the
a year ago. Called Charge Accelerate plan is on track by volume. It’s not the measure at JLR’s Shanghai HQ and price war breaking out.
and Accelerate, the plan has and “going very well”. He said: of success for a premium it’s understood that JLR is “What we do right and
completely changed the way “We’re ahead of targets so we brand,” he said. “We want to awash with models on airfields wrong now will influence us
the company operates. will achieve them.” He added build great cars and make in the UK that had been in China for the next 15-20
The move followed almost that each investment decision money, not just shift units. destined for China but can’t years,” he said. “I feel we’re
a decade of record volume is still a process of “turning a “It’s more about profit, be sold there due to quality gaining traction and getting
growth (sales in 2017 exceeded stone three times” to check it is delivering that and having a reasons, although no one in the better in sync to the market,
600,000, more than treble right but the “right products” sustainable business model. company will confirm this. but it’s still declining [as a
2009’s total, and were have had investment protected. Not just business profits, but However, Bräutigam said whole] and facing headwinds
on a macro level. It’d be nice
New all-electric XJ Quality of JLR if we had a tailwind but it’s a
is the vanguard for cars sparked tough environment. We got on
JLR’s major EV push protests in China the treadmill, got leaner and
Charge and Accelerate got us
fitter and on a good path.”
Although Bräutigam said
there is still plenty of room
for China to grow again (“In a
country of 1.4bn people, there
are roughly 150 cars per 1000
people. It’s 800-900 per 1000
in the US and 500-600 per
1000 in Europe”), it will also



JLR opens £500m ‘creation HQ’ Damien SmithR AC I N G L I N E S

JAGUAR LAND ROVER has the first time in history. Said aims to bring design and
unveiled an all-new Advanced to be one of the UK’s “most engineering teams closer
Product Creation Centre sustainable non-domestic together. WRC points leader
at its Gaydon HQ on an buildings”, the centre will It also includes a custom- Ott Tänak will be back
expanded site now equal in obtain 10% of its energy from made clay modelling machine in the Welsh forests
area to 480 football pitches. solar roof panels, with the that allows up to 20 models to
Widely known as the rest coming entirely from be worked on at once. There
Gaydon Triangle because other renewable sources. are several virtual reality
of its unique layout, the At the same time, the systems and a central feature
£500 million centre will be company has unveiled an is ‘The Electric’, an 11-metre
the base for almost 13,000 all-new Jaguar-specific 4K digital display.
group engineers and is by far design studio that brings the
the largest car creation marque’s entire 280-strong
centre in the UK. design staff together for the
JLR CEO Ralf Speth claims first time in 84 years. Claimed
the centre will bring new by new design director Julian
efficiencies by combining Thomson to be the most
the design, engineering advanced automotive design
and production purchasing centre in the world, it’s built THE FAMILIAR soundtrack problem as Ogier made
functions under one roof for around a central space that of popping and banging what could be a crucial
World Rally Cars will return points gain with his 47th
to the Welsh forests this career victory. The great
weekend, as Wales Rally GB Frenchman has won five
kicks off a new chapter for of the past six Rally GBs,
an event that is celebrating too – but not in a Citroën.
its 75th running – and a Winning a seventh title in a
special relationship with third different car, after four
this magazine. for Volkswagen and two in
For the first time, Britain’s M-Sport Fiestas, would be
round of the World Rally his greatest achievement –
Championship will start especially against the rising
from Liverpool’s dockside on force of Tänak.
Thursday before heading to What odds a home win?
Oulton Park for an evening Probably long, but local hero
of spectacular stage action Elfyn Evans – who won here
at the picturesque circuit. in 2017 – is back in his Fiesta
Advanced Product Creation Centre in Gaydon will house designers and nearly 13,000 engineers Then crews head west for R5 after missing three
three days of intense forest rallies with a back injury,
action, with the climax and you can never discount
playing out on the winding Kris Meeke. But his hopes
ribbon of road around the for Toyota will play second
IN THE PIPELINE: DRIVING A DEFENDER BY REMOTE CONTROL Great Orme near Llandudno fiddle to Tänak’s title needs.
on Sunday afternoon. Not Then there’s that 75th
Land Rover is working on a require the car’s wearable provides a virtual image of quite the five-day slog of the celebration to look forward
remote control system for its Activity Key to verify the the car from a distance using ‘RACs’ and ‘Lombards’ of to, with Autocar playing its
new Defender to allow low- driver is nearby and in control cameras surrounding the car. yesteryear, but it’s still epic. part. It was this magazine,
speed driving from outside of the car. The tech would be Legislation is the biggest Spain and a finale in in 1932, that spurred the
the car. It’s designed for off- an extension of the Defender’s hurdle, with regulatory bodies Australia await the crews RAC to run its own such
road use, allowing owners to 3D Scout system, which wanting safety assurances. after Rally GB, but this event and that link will be
negotiate obstacles and tight weekend still promises recalled on Thursday at
spots with more precision than System to drive the to be key to the WRC title Oulton with a collection of
if they were inside the car. Defender remotely is outcome, which happily is cars from ‘RACs’ past. The
Chief product engineer under development far from predictable this line-up includes a bevy of
Stuart Frith confirmed the time. Toyota’s Ott Tänak is crowd favourites, and some
car is “capable of being able in pole position to land his of mine, too. Past winners
to do that in terms of its first title, with a healthy include Rauno Aaltonen’s
architecture”. 17-point lead over six-time 1965 Mini Cooper S, Björn
He said: “We’ve got as far consecutive champion Waldegård’s 1977 Ford
as understanding how to do it Sébastien Ogier – but the Escort RS1800 Mk2 and
and we’ve run prototypes as 31-year-old Estonian still Colin McRae’s 1997 Subaru
well.” The remote systems has plenty to do to end Impreza WRC, and there’ll
Ogier’s incredible reign. even be a Lanchester 15/18
Last time out in Turkey, similar to the 1932 winner.
be the most competitively and join the I-Pace next year, with develop electric drive units Tänak’s Toyota Yaris was Cameras and phones at
aggressively fought market. a sibling model for the Range rather than models. Electric undone by an electrical the ready for a special day.
“We could fight for market Rover line-up following hot on cars, then, are where JLR’s
share at a cost, but we could the XJ’s heels as Land Rover’s product investments will lie for `
instead entice people into some
niches, and then not discount,
first electric car.
The huge investments
the foreseeable future.
However, JLR still believes it Ogier has won five of the past six
and say that’s the price,” he said. needed in electric cars are can make money from electric
Rally GBs – but not in a Citroën

The company has protected enough for many car makers cars in the short term. “We
investment in product
development and, to that
much larger than JLR to pool
resources in order to be able
don’t do hobby projects,” said
Bräutigam, when asked if the a
end, is instead committed to to develop them, most notably I-Pace makes money. “Every GET IN TOUCH
developing more electric cars. Volkswagen and Ford. JLR has car has to make money.”
An all-electric Jaguar XJ will itself teamed up with BMW to MARK TISSHAW





Steve Cropley

Velar has gone up in
Cropley’s estimations,
even if its height hasn’t

Tesla 3 is set for a

winter rendezvous

This week has been underpinned by feelings of
calmness and refinement because I’ve managed
This Ford-Lotus can’t match
to get my hands on the Range Rover Velar in
which Mr Editor Tisshaw has done 10,000 miles the most humble 2019 Fiesta
in a few months. No need to ask if he’s enjoying
the car; just eyeball the odometer.
For me, the Velar is one JLR product I never I’m feeling depressed and stupid. Went into the
learned to love out of the box. Didn’t go to the whole experience thinking it was going to be a
launch, and so much has happened since that dream come true, but the honest truth is that in
I’m only just catching up. But in the absence of early driving I realised I was never going to bond
previous experience, it’s interesting the way my with this car, and I never did.
feelings have warmed as I drive it now. Even What went wrong? Could blame the job, usually much newer or much older than the
against the latest Evoque, itself the soul of a maybe, but it’s probably more accurate to blame Cortina. Twice I’ve bought aeroplanes and once
serene car, it’s easy to detect the extra refinement, my own impossible expectations. In our business, a boat. But what to do next I do not have a clue.
the extra maturity of the Velar’s north-south you get used to a baseline of sophistication and
engine layout. functionality in the cheapest cars that’s well FRIDAY
And I reckon that cabin design (especially beyond any 55-year-old classic. Cheerier subject: today our road test editor, Matt
the premium textile trim, by Kvadrat) is so When you drive it, this Ford-Lotus, that once Saunders, announced that for one of this year’s
brilliant, it brings me pleasure every time I stood on the pinnacle of desirability, can’t match Christmas issues he wants to repeat an exercise
open the door. Would I have one? Tough ask, the most humble 2019 Ford Fiesta. I should have from last year. We Autocaristes are encouraged
but in the end an age-old prejudice intrudes. known this. When I was out driving, people loved to get hold of the machine that has surprised
I like my Range Rovers taller. the Lotus every time we stopped. But I didn’t love us most, drive it to a convivial meeting point as
it when I was moving. Thing is, I’ve always had winter closes in, and have a damned good talk
WEDNESDAY huge pleasure out of buying cars and motorbikes, about what and why.
What a pleasure to learn that BMW’s Mini is due Happy to reveal my choice now: the Tesla
to get smaller again. True, it’ll take three years, Model 3. No car has surprised or pleased me
company bosses say, but for once the size of
progress is in the right direction. I’ll never forget
AND ANOTHER THING… as much this year – and we’re talking the
£40,000 standard version.
my disappointment when today’s long-nosed car This novel book called The Sound of Supercars, While others have cited ride and steering
appeared, looking like it had swallowed a rubber complete with battery-powered sound effects, costs deficiencies, I’ve searched for them and found
railway buffer. I’m used to it now; we all are. £12.99 and is supposed to be for kids. Having tried it only things I like. Maybe there’s a solution
But as a lover of the way modern Minis drive, on a couple of nine- to the question above, right there.
I’m delighted its creators reckon they can year-olds, I know it But mostly I’m looking forward to a
improve the styling. works. However, as cold-weather chinwag over bangers and mash,
a Christmas hint for with a Model 3 to take home.
THURSDAY anyone keen to please
Might as well come clean. After just three 39-year-olds, I can GET IN TOUCH
months’ ownership, I’ve sold my Mk1 Lotus guarantee it works
Cortina. A new owner is already enjoying it and for them too… @StvCr


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How will the motorsport maestro’s first road car – with its 460bhp per
tonne and 820kg of downforce – transition from track to UK Tarmac?


o understand the buzz around on Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars and coincidence the Stradale weighs formula in which its hardware isn’t
Dallara’s first road car, a sports prototypes, plus the 250 only 855kg without fluids. being used, though the main focus
flyweight roadster simply GTO, before moving to Maserati, As for how the Stradale weighs is Formula 3 and IndyCar. Dallara
known as ‘Stradale’, you need where the Tipo 63 ‘Birdcage’ made so little, you need to look at Dallara has become a master of turning
to know a bit about Dallara himself. it onto an incipient CV that would Automobili da Competizione, expensive prepreg carbonfibre
Gian Paolo Dallara’s trajectory eventually become breathtaking. which Dallara founded in 1973 after into fast cars, and but for its
was set when he failed to win In 1963, at the age of 27, working with Frank Williams on De aluminium subframes, the road-
a place reading mechanical Dallara was poached by upstart Tomaso’s F1 effort. It’s been a huge going Stradale is built almost
engineering at the Polytechnic Lamborghini and led the team that success story. Decades after Dallara entirely from the stuff.
University of Milan. He settled gave us the Miura. His decision Automobili helped build icons Gian Paolo Dallara long had
for aeronautical engineering, to install the 3.9-litre V12 engine such as the Lancia LC1 and LC2 ambitions to inject his firm’s
which was a good choice because transversely was inspired in part Le Mans prototypes, which not even expertise into a road car that anyone
in the late 1950s Ferrari realised by the layout of the new Mini; Alec the Porsche 956 could match for could drive, and on typical British
it needed motorsport engineers Issigonis was a hero of Dallara’s, single-lap pace, the company still roads the result looks spectacular,
with a deep understanding of air if not quite to the same extent as ranks as a leading chassis builder if quite alien. How to describe it?
flow. Already obsessed with racing, Lotus founder Colin Chapman, in motorsport and consultancy. If they revived the Targa Florio
Dallara was hired and worked who prioritised lightness. It’s no Today there’s barely a single-seater today but invited entries that had ◊


Δ somehow time-travelled back it has a much smaller surface area to
from 20 years in the future, those exploit. There are wide intakes and
cars might look something like broad barge-boards, but it’s the wing
the Stradale. The panels are slick, that truly muddles your perceptions.
the shut-lines tight and the beady The Dallara is both narrower and
headlights angry, but the silhouette shorter than a BMW 1 Series yet it
bears a resemblance to the Birdcage has so much presence you’d swear its
Dallara helped design more than footprint was more 5 Series.
half a century ago. Get up close and you’ll notice the
Not that you get anything as windscreen is dramatically domed,
exotic as a Maserati 3.0-litre V12. its extremities sitting well within
Transversely mounted ahead of the carbonfibre bodywork in true
the rear axle line is a 2.3-litre prototype style. The central wiper
inline four built by Ford and tuned arm is pure Group C racer (no, I never
electronically to 395bhp and 369lb ft thought a windscreen wiper could
by Bosch. It gives the Stradale a be so evocative, either). There are no
power-to-weight ratio to match that doors, but the sills are low enough
of a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, though to straddle easily and Dallara has
because it’s so light, the Dallara only helpfully written ‘STEP HERE’ onto
needs cast-iron brakes from Brembo recesses in the seats. Domed windscreen helps silhouette channel spirit of old sports prototype racers
and does without power steering. The The cabin itself is compact:
six-speed manual transmission is essentially two chutes for driver and
also from Ford – a robotised version passenger to slip their legs down the road’, and that’s where we have Because the front tyres are only
is available, for a 40kg penalty – and and some leather trim to soften the it today, but the Stradale is really 205-section, manoeuvring the car
there’s a mechanical limited-slip starkness of an exposed carbonfibre intended for the track. You learn also becomes easy enough once
differential between the rear wheels. tub and take some of the sting out of a this quickly. The coarse-surfaced you’re trundling along at walking
This example is finished off with a ¤159,600 (£141,400) list price, rising pedals are weighty but the throttle pace. It feels open and raw in here,
set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres, to ¤233,000 (£206,400) for this sensitive and the clutch biting point but the carbonfibre weave is so neat
which aren’t so much track-day tyres car. Still, in a Stradale the seats are both high and perilously thin. The and the steering wheel so pro that you
as the track-day tyres you choose to essentially only padding fixed to the brake pedal bites similarly early, is find yourself perceiving the Stradale
obliterate over everything else. structure, so to get ‘comfortable’ you boosted considerably and generally as luxury product, which of course it
At the back of our test car, which is slide the pedal box by pulling a lever feels calibrated more for 150mph is. Shame about the Ford gearlever.
borrowed from importer Joe Macari, hidden away to the left. The steering hammerings than softer B-road On the move you start to realise
sits an optional carbonfibre wing wheel – with its little 320mm rim – inputs. Through Dallara’s sports just how good Dallara is at chassis.
that reduces the top speed from then comes out a long way to meet exhaust, Ford’s turbocharged The steering is remarkable: feather
174mph to 165mph but maximises you, and the gearlever (and I don’t say engine also booms loudly and the light at speed but then linear as can
downforce. Overall, the Stradale this lightly) is perfectly positioned. small digital display isn’t casual, be when the loadings increase and
makes an astonishing 820kg of Overall, it’s a good driving position, but the cockpit is at least isolated the resistance flows in, as it does
downforce at top speed – 20kg more if not quite Caterham Seven good. from vibrations better than most generously. It’s a similar story with
than a McLaren Senna, even though The name means ‘Dallara for monocoque-based track-day specials. many unassisted set-ups, but in the

While you’d expect a car like the
Stradale to fight you on rough
surfaces, the opposite is true

Race mode lowers the chassis while colossal wing helps deliver more than 800kg of downforce


Racing cars remain the focus
at Dallara, though the company
consulted on road-car projects
long before the Stradale hit the
drawing board.
It was Dallara that designed
the body and honed the aero
properties of the Bugatti Veyron,
and was recently instrumental
in preparing the extra-special
Chiron that went beyond 300mph.
Other cars that have benefited
from Dallara’s manufacturing and
wind-tunnel capabilities include
the Enzo-based Maserati MC12 and
KTM X-Bow, and it was the KTM and
Alfa Romeo 4C that helped prepare
the company to deliver its own
take on a compact, lightweight,
technically sophisticated road car.
Equally, the need to
accommodate lucrative contracts
with major OEMs and racing
series meant several false starts
were made before the Stradale
TESTER’S NOTE really got going.
The Stradale comes
in three flavours: as
a speedster, with no
windscreen; as an
open-air roadster,
as tested here; and
as a coupé, with a
detachable roof. RL
Carbonfibre tub cocoons occupants and is superbly finished, just as you’d expect from Dallara

Stradale there’s better-than-average as though that tub were suspended will remain untapped. Bosch has huge grip, which then results in
finesse and delicacy, and yet the on a giant expanse of thick, taut done a good job tuning Ford’s engine very little understeer before the
double wishbones don’t deflect if cling film. Just like the steering, it’s to be more responsive and powerful rear axle starts to rotate, with the
you’re squeezed over towards the never fighting the road and allows than any Focus RS owner would driver’s coccyx as the centre point.
gutters or hit a rut. That seems generous vertical travel but almost recognise, but it’s no patch on the That feels fantastic. The steering
like witchcraft when the sense of no roll through corners. The lack of scalpel-sharp Toyota V6 in the Lotus is almost perfectly transparent
connection to the road is this rich, roll is made all the more impressive Exige Sport 410. The same applies to and the chassis simultaneously
and so while you’d expect a car like because the front tyres grip like the gearbox, which is fine for a red-hot benign but more capable and serious
the Stradale to fight you on rough limpets and make it easy to work the hatchback but lacks precision in the than you’d ever need. The Dallara
surfaces, the opposite is true. chassis eye-poppingly hard through context of a thinly disguised track-day Stradale is expensive compared with
The quality of the damping, which second- and third-gear corners. The special. Perhaps Dallara should have certain rivals and lacks an evocative
is adjustable for rebound as well as unity with which this car corners is taken Ariel’s lead and gone to Honda powertrain, but it’s also a landmark
high- and low-speed compression, also startling, the rear axle tracing instead, with its oversquare VTEC creation for one of the most respected
isn’t far behind. Here we’ve got the the front like its midday shadow. engine and phenomenal gearshift. names in the business and sublime
suspension in its mid-setting, where But, today, the main takeaway from Maybe next time. on the right road. It might also prove
at town speeds it can punish your driving the Dallara Stradale is that The tappable potential lies in mind-blowing on track.
backside severely, but once loaded up there’s an absurd level of untapped the chassis. On the road you get RICHARD LANE
it supports the car’s carbonfibre tub potential. And some of that potential supreme balance that leads to @_rlane_

Sensational chassis, good on road
but could be sublime on track. We’d
like a more involving engine, though
Price £141,400
Engine 4 cyls in line, 2300cc,
turbocharged, petrol
Power 395bhp at 6200rpm
Torque 369lb ft at 3000-5000rpm
Gearbox 6-spd manual
Dry weight 855kg
0-62mph 3.3sec
Top speed 165mph (with wing)
Economy WLTP figures tbc
CO2, tax band WLTP figures tbc
RIVALS BAC Mono R, Lotus
Ford’s 2.3-litre engine can be programmed to deliver either 296bhp or 395bhp 3-Eleven 430, Radical RXC


Mid-level Iconic trim
is expected to be the
most popular, and
features interior trim
that uses fabric made
from a mix of recycled
plastic and seat belts –
the first time Renault
has used recycled bits
of previous cars to
make new ones. JA


Early adopter of electric power has been refined rather than reinvented

ike many French models, Zoe is built on a reworked version of the and new standard LED lights. feels a big step forward from the
was at the cutting edge of fashion same basic platform as the original. The appearance is a little more previous model. There’s a 10in
when she burst onto the scene The exterior design has been stylish, and closely tied to the digital instrument display as
in 2012. There weren’t many refreshed, with new lines, a bigger, recently launched Clio. standard, customisable lighting
similar models doing what she did, bolder Renault logo (which hides the More has changed inside the and a revamped dashboard centred
and she quickly gained popularity charging ports), a new front bumper car, with a refreshed interior that on an infotainment touchscreen
with her convivial, easy-going nature (up to 9.3in in size) featuring the
and quietly subtle style. latest version of Renault’s Easy Link
But times change and, in the past system. The perceived quality is an
few years, plenty of younger models improvement, and the mix of physical
have caught onto the trend Zoe buttons and the touchscreen makes
helped to start – and while those the car pleasingly easy to operate.
models brought attention to her Renault claims the soundproofing
and increased her popularity, has also been substantially improved,
Zoe was starting to risk looking and while some road noise did
a little behind the times. permeate at high speeds, the car does
Renault has already given Zoe offer the quiet, engine-noise-free
a few nips and tucks, but has now cruising many EV buyers enjoy.
treated her to a full makeover, and More significant is the work
she’s emerged revitalised, refreshed Renault has done under the skin,
and ready to prove that she still has with an upgraded battery and a new
what it takes against some trendy motor giving the Zoe more power and
young upstarts. more range. The battery is 52kWh,
We’ll end the tortured fashion/car compared with the previous Zoe’s
analogy there, in order to focus on the 41kWh version, giving a range of
changes Renault has made to what it Bigger, 52kWh battery boosts range to 245 miles, on a par with the Nissan Leaf up to 245 miles on the WLTP test
calls the third-generation Zoe, which cycle – which the firm claims is


START AT £18,670
When the Zoe first launched,
buyers had to lease the batteries.
Renault introduced the option to
purchase the car outright in 2014;
in the UK, buyers are now split
evenly between the two options.
With leased batteries, the
lower-powered R110 Zoe in entry-
level Play trim costs £18,670,
compared with £25,670 for
outright purchase. The R135 starts
from £20,620 with the lease, or
£27,620 outright (all figures after
the government electric car grant).
Lease payments have yet to be
finalised, but are set to
be similar to the current model,
which starts from £49 per month.
The Zoe comes with a standard
AC charging port, capable of
Extra slug of power over previous Zoes – it now makes 133bhp in R135 form – was noticeable if not especially heady charging at up to 22kWh, and a
7kWh wallbox home charger that
can go from 0-100% in 9hr 25min.
A 50kWh CCS DC charging port,
which can add 90 miles of range in
30 minutes, is a £750 option in the
UK on medium and higher trims.

Improved interior has a 9.3in infotainment display; regenerative braking enables single-pedal driving

The ride is at its best at lower speeds, but can
available on the Kia e-Niro, it allows
the car to be controlled with a single
pedal, and helps to extend the range.
That mode is particularly suited to
urban driving – which the Zoe was
feel unsettled on faster, flowing roads designed for and where it continues
to thrive thanks to its light, nimble

32% more than the previous model.

a exactly transforming the driving
steering, comparatively high seating
position and good all-round visibility.
It retains the five-seat layout and a RENAULT ZOE R135 ZE 50
Significantly, that range is close to experience of the Zoe. As you’d useful 338-litre boot.
the (closely related) Nissan Leaf, expect, it’s not the last word in For the sort of limited-mileage Mix of improved range and power
and ahead of similarly priced entry- performance but, aided by the instant semi-urban running most Zoe buyers with added style and comfort helps
level versions of the forthcoming availability of the torque, it’s capable are likely to undertake, it remains an keep the Zoe competitive in its class
Peugeot e-208, Vauxhall e-Corsa and
Volkswagen ID 3.
of holding its own on faster roads in
a way that earlier versions couldn’t.
ideal choice – one enhanced by the
improvements Renault has made. AAAAC
The previous 106bhp motor has The ride and handling will be It’s the sort of makeover that will Price £27,620 (after grant)
been retained as an entry-level familiar to those who have driven help to keep Zoe relevant as the Engine AC synchronous electric
option, alongside the new R135 the previous Zoe: it’s light and electrification movement gathers motor, rear-mounted
unit, tested here, which produces nimble, without offering vast levels of pace. On price and range – still the Power 133bhp
133bhp. The extra power reduces the feedback. The generally good ride is key considerations for most EV Torque 181lb ft
0-62mph time from 11.4sec to 9.5sec at its best at lower speeds, but can feel buyers – Zoe can hold her own with Gearbox Single-speed, direct drive
and increases the top speed from unsettled on faster, flowing roads. her key new rivals. We’ll have to Kerb weight 1502kg
84mph to 87mph, although it does Along with the new motor, Renault wait until all those new rivals have 0-62mph 9.5sec
slightly reduce the car’s range. Both has kept up with the EV pack by strutted their stuff to conclude fully, Top speed 87mph
units have identical torque of 181lb ft. adding a new ‘B mode’ function, but it seems there’s plenty of life in Range 245 miles
The increase in power offered by which features more aggressive this comparatively old model yet. CO2, tax band 0g/km, 16%
the new motor is noticeable when regeneration under braking. While JAMES ATTWOOD RIVALS Nissan Leaf, Peugeot e-208
you’re behind the wheel, without not as expansive as the system @atters_j

New supermini turns on the style, but how much substance lies behind that?

hat’s the difference between aggressive-looking lighting cues and superhero come to vanquish boring CMP platform for small cars.
a small hatchback built the windscreen has been slid back design in the B-segment. In the metal, Peugeot’s 1.2-litre Puretech three-
by Peugeot and one built to create a longer snout and better- it’s a very good-looking car, even cylinder petrol engine is offered in
by Volkswagen? One defined proportions. Higher-trim though there’s no three-door option. a trio of tunes ranging from 75bhp
unappreciated distinction is that levels are then fitted with sleek, gloss- The engine line-up is less exciting to 128bhp and you can also get
the Volkswagen will retain its name black wheel-arch extensions that tie but arguably more interesting. The an economical 99bhp 1.5-litre
when a new generation is introduced in with a tail-light graphic stretching overhauled 208 is the first supermini four-cylinder diesel or the 134bhp
whereas the Peugeot won’t. The first the entire width of the bootlid. From to offer petrol, diesel and pure- all-electric e-208 with its 211 miles
Polo arrived in 1975 and you can the front, you might argue there’s a electric powertrain options all under of WLTP-certified range.
still buy ‘a Polo’ today. Peugeot gave touch of Audi A1 going on but, from one bodyshell – something enabled The platform is clever because
us the tiny 104 hatch in 1976 but, behind, the 208 looks like a masked by the PSA Group’s new modular whichever the engine or motor, it
since then, the same basic recipe has slots into the same structural nook,
variously gone by the numbers 205, so all three versions can be built
206, 207 and, most recently, 208. on the same production line. That
For the casual observer, that’s a bit matters because while only one in
confusing, and if you’re Peugeot, it’s 20 buyers will go for diesel, Peugeot
not great for brand building. expects as many as one in five UK
That’s why we now have another buyers to pick the electric e-208.
208. Peugeot thinks continuity and Unsurprisingly, it’s the e-208 that
familiarity might help its supermini costs the most. The most basic 208,
better challenge the Ford Fiesta, Active trim with the 74bhp engine,
Renault Clio and Polo, so the 208 costs £16,250 while our test car,
moniker gets an encore, even though a 99bhp model in well-equipped
the car itself is almost entirely new, mid-ranking Allure guise, costs just
or at least heavily refreshed. under £19,000. Even after a £3500
There’s a lot to get stuck into. The government grant, the least you’ll
design is radically different from that pay for the e-208 is £25,050. The
of the outgoing model, which now best option for those who undertake
looks meek by comparison. The new longer drives is the diesel, rated at up
car is fractionally longer and wider New 208 is propelled by a choice of petrol, diesel and pure-electric power to 71.4mpg combined compared with
but lower than before. It also gets around 50mpg for the petrols.



One effect of the
lower roofline is that
the rear bench had to
be tilted back more
steeply than before.
You can’t tell the
difference from sitting
on it, and with 311 litres
of boot capacity, the
208 beats the Fiesta
– although it trails the
Clio and Polo. RL

This is an eye-catching car, especially from the rear, and it rides decently on smooth surfaces

Its design exerts strong appeal but the infotainment could be more intuitive

Ford’s equivalent Ecoboost engine has the
despite the fact that wind noise
isn’t something from which the 208
obviously suffers. For all this, Ford’s
battles and invested accordingly: the
208’s appeal continues to lie mainly
in its design. The big difference is
equivalent Ecoboost unit has it licked that perceived quality now lives up
for character and feels livelier, even if to the ambitious interior styling
1.2 licked for character and feels livelier the Peugeot is quicker on paper.
On smoother roads, the new
and it all sits inside a tremendously
attractive body. With strong residuals

Whichever 208 you’re driving,

a through it) is also reprised, this time
chassis, with its torsion beam rear
and passive suspension, rides mainly
with impressive ease, although some
forecast, it’s a likeable package,
if not the most engaging in the
close-fought supermini class.
it’ll play its trump card early. The with a steering wheel fit for a concept of the rougher Portuguese surfaces RICHARD LANE
interior is very strong. In fact, this is car and a 3D digital instrument on our test route raise concerns about @_rlane_
arguably the most attractive driving panel that did in fact originate from its UK B-road credentials. At times,
environment in the segment and sits Peugeot’s Quartz concept. Although the damping can seem brittle, as PEUGEOT 208 1.2 100 ALLURE
near the top for comfort and certainly it seems like a gimmick, the idea is if the car is sitting on overly short
in the top half for perceived quality. that information is split between springs and very low-profile tyres. More characterful than most rivals
At its extremities, the new two-tier two panels, one of which sits a few This is an odd discovery because and easy to live with, but expensive
dashboard curls around the edges centimetres closer to the driver and body control is generally, if anything, and no reborn 205 in dynamic terms
of the cabin, and at its centre, the
digital display (7.0in as standard,
displays more urgent information,
such as speed and various alerts.
on the loose side. Further testing, on
UK roads, is needed before we can AAABC
10.0in optionally or with GT trim) Like the new Clio, the 208 is now make any conclusive assessment. Price £18,850
tilts towards the driver with a row generously equipped with electronic Elsewhere, there are times when Engine 3 cyls, 1199cc,
of toggle switches nestled below. safety systems, although you’ll still the new-found weight in the direct turbocharged, petrol
The division of labour between pay extra for adaptive cruise control. steering (still slightly elastic off Power 99bhp at 5500rpm
the physical controls and those on Elsewhere, the 208 is competitive for centre and still light) and the free- Torque 151lb ft at 1750rpm
the touchscreen display still isn’t cabin and boot space, but avoid the moving rear axle can make for Gearbox 6-spd manual
perfect and VW Group products are panoramic roof if you don’t want rear entertaining progress. Again, the Kerb weight 1090kg
generally more intuitive, but there’s passengers to feel too enclosed. Fiesta is better balanced and more 0-62mph 9.9sec
little else to frustrate and the layout is Dynamically, the outlook is mixed. linear in its controls, and a Seat Ibiza Top speed 117mph
very neat and feels mature. This revised three-cylinder petrol is more alert in its handling, but the Economy 46.6-53.0mpg
Peugeot’s i-Cockpit (where you polite, burbling gently at idle, pulling benign Peugeot never springs any CO2, tax band 96-102g/km, 23-24%
view the dials over the top of the cleanly and operating in barely unpleasant surprises and grips well. RIVALS Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio
wheel, remember, rather than audible fashion at cruising speeds, Ultimately, Peugeot has picked its


There’s a clock in the
middle of the Zagato’s
dashboard despite it
having been created
for motorsport.
Apparently, even
the works racers had
clocks and full trim in
those days. MD



No, this is not a first drive from Autocar’s archives but the 2019 continuation model

ston’s first new-old risk destroying period powerplants. Like the DB4 GT, the Zagato has changes that the experience quickly
continuation model was a The Zagato won’t be road a four-speed dog-ring transmission becomes an addictive one.
re-creation of the DB4 GT. The legal in most countries, at least that needs to be handled confidently, Of course, this is on a warm, dry
brand’s second is an even more not without some serious hoop and rev matching is necessary to and empty track. The prospect of
exclusive evolution of the same car, jumping, so our first chance to smooth downshifts. The car gets all- driving the Zagato hard in slippery
a near-perfect replica of the faster drive it was at Silverstone, on the disc brakes – the height of technical conditions, or on a circuit filled with
DB4 GT Zagato, which was given 1.1-mile Stowe Circuit that Aston sophistication in 1961 – but although other cars, is altogether scarier, but
lighter bodywork by the Italian now has an exclusive lease on. You’ll these bite hard, they also reveal the also more thrilling. We should all
coachbuilder. Just 19 will be built be unsurprised to hear that the limited grip of the Dunlop racing share Spires’ ambition that Zagato
by Aston Martin Works in Newport experience was pretty special. tyres. It’s easy to lock the front buyers won’t be afraid to use their
Pagnell, with each one being sold From the driver’s seat, the Zagato wheels. The Zagato squirms and cars properly. If they do so, it should
as a pair with the forthcoming DBS is virtually identical to the DB4 GT. shimmies under hard braking and, be spectacular to watch.
Superleggera Zagato, priced at The dashboard features chrome- after a couple of laps, the cabin is Along with Jaguar, Aston was
£6 million (before taxes) for the bezelled instruments and a beautiful filled with the pungent smell of hot first to build factory-sanctioned
set. Even if the DB4 represents only wooden-rimmed steering wheel, but brake pads. continuation models, a trend that
half that amount, it’s still the most the trim is simple and unpretentious. In corners, the Zagato’s modest more manufacturers are now set to
expensive car in production in the The continuations get modern safety limits turn into a virtue, creating a follow. Beyond the Zagato, there will
world. Yet it’s still much cheaper than gear to allow motorsport use – a bolt- fully immersive experience that feels be a recreation of the original James
an original car. When former works in roll-cage, modern bucket seats, very different from driving a modern Bond DB5 complete with gadgets and
Zagato ‘2 VEV’ was auctioned last harnesses and fire extinguisher and car with similar performance. The at least one other model beyond that.
year by Bonhams, it sold for £10.1m. battery isolation systems. There’s unassisted steering is low geared Whatever that is, it will struggle to
Works boss Paul Spires says buyers also a race-grade fuel bag in the tank. but relays clear and unambiguous feel as special as the Zagato.
of the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation But in every other regard, the cars are feedback, much of which is about MIKE DUFF
models will be more likely to use effectively facsimiles of the original. the lack of grip at the front end.
them for the historic racing series It’s quick. Aston quotes 380bhp, but Understeer is easily engendered, but ASTON MARTIN DB4 GT ZAGATO
that allow replicas and they’ll be admits that is conservative. There’s it’s neutralised with less wheel input
able to paint and trim them to enough grunt to send the rear wheels and more throttle, reversing the The second continuation model from
personal tastes without detriment scrabbling for traction when leaving handling balance, nudging the rear AMW is even more exclusive and
to originality. Aston will also offer the pits. The straight six doesn’t enjoy axle into oversteer. Every corner is an much more expensive than the first
fully built examples of the 4.7-litre gentle use, grumbling and bogging adventure, requiring multiple inputs
six-cylinder engine to owners of down when asked to run slowly. But to keep the Zagato close to a chosen Price  £6 million, plus taxes
original cars who don’t want to speed makes it instantly better. line, but it responds so well to tiny (including an Aston Martin
DBS Superleggera Zagato)
Engine  6 cyls, 4670cc, petrol
Power  380bhp at 6000rpm
Torque 360lb ft at 5000rpm
Gearbox 4-spd manual
Kerb weight 1230kg
0-62mph na
Top speed na
Economy WLTP figures tbc
CO2, tax band WLTP figures tbc
RIVALS Lister ‘Knobbly’

Continuation, Jaguar
DB4 GT Zagato fully engages its driver, especially in corners. Cabin is trimmed relatively simply D-Type Continuation




New entry-level front-drive hatchback fares well on UK roads


Price £28,895 On sale Now
What’s new? Mild mid-life refresh for Skoda’s
eminent all-rounder keeps it on top of its game

OF THE 8500 Skoda Superbs

that rolled off UK dealership
forecourts last year, 83% went to
fleet customers. That private buyers
are turning their backs on cars
such as this in favour of often more
expensive, heavier, less efficient and
more dynamically compromised
SUVs is still puzzling.
Skoda’s styling, equipment and
safety assist upgrades do little to
change the Superb’s position as the
sweet spot between affordability,
perceived quality, driving dynamics
and roominess. It’s one of those
cars that’s so easy to get along
with, and the 1.5-litre TSI petrol
engine provides entirely reasonable
performance, surprising fuel
economy and excellent refinement.

his may not be a widely held Moving onto the same platform BMW’s three-pot petrol engine is And don’t worry: we haven’t
opinion, but I’d say the new as the Mini Clubman and most of pretty quiet and smooth, while the forgotten the rear leg room... LA
third-generation BMW 1 Series BMW’s other compact models, the car’s ride is firm but fairly settled and AAAAB
hatchback looks exactly like it new 1 Series is slightly shorter than well isolated, considering its sportier
ought to. Because it looks nothing the last, but because it’s also wider tuning, except over the very sharpest
at all like a traditional three-box and because you sit higher up within ridges. Body control is good and
saloon of the 1980s, some will call it, it doesn’t feel any smaller. It’s handling precise and purposeful,
it inauthentic – but I’d bet that few undoubtedly more spacious and without feeling particularly agile
of the younger clientele at whom usable than its forebear, with very or desperately engaging, although
BMW is aiming this car will be respectable amounts of room in the there’s certainly enough steering
among them. For your average 2019 second row and boot – not least, feedback to keep you interested.
30-something car buyer, a typical you suspect, because of the less The new 1 Series would beat most
modern BMW is an X1, an X3 or a recumbent layout of the whole car. family hatchbacks for driver appeal,
2 Series Active Tourer – and now the Perceived cabin quality has taken then, albeit perhaps not all of them
1 Series looks just like them. less of a transformative leap, though. – and some of them not by much.
The first UK examples of the You’ll find harder, wobblier trims as It’s definitely a better hatchback for BMW X3 M COMPETITION
car are now in the UK, with diesel well as pudgy, pleasant ones without being a more conventional, front- Price £74,470 On sale Now
engines ranging from the 114bhp searching for long. wheel-drive one, though; especially What’s new? The first X3 to get the full-fat M
116d to the 188bhp 120d xDrive, Even in M Sport trim, on optional since, in reality, a driven rear axle treatment, to the benefit of power and handling
and the petrols taking in the range- 19in wheels and with the BMW M never did many dynamic favours for
topping M135i xDrive (on which a Sport Plus package, the car behaves its predecessors anyway. WITH MORE POWER and torque
group test is in the pipeline) and in a more refined and well-rounded MATT SAUNDERS than any six-pot M division has yet
this 138bhp 118i. way than the old 1 Series ever did. @thedarkstormy1 produced in Competition guise,
the twin-turbo S58 engine making
BMW 118i M SPORT its debut in the X3 M delivers truly
heroic pace – but it does so in a
Big improvements in practicality surprisingly linear fashion. This
and refinement serve BMW’s uncanny impression of a naturally
bottom-rung model well on UK roads aspirated motor launches the two-
AAAAC tonne SUV to 60mph in a little over
four seconds.
Price £27,230 Handling is precise, although
Engine 3 cyls, 1499cc, the adaptively damped suspension
turbocharged, petrol delivers a somewhat brittle ride that
Power 138bhp at 4600-6500rpm doesn’t suit UK roads brilliantly,
Torque 162lb ft at 1480-4200rpm with the lightest of road pockmarks
Gearbox 6-spd manual transferred into the cabin.
Kerb weight 1290kg It’s a true driver’s SUV, if there can
0-62mph 8.5sec be such a thing, and only loses out to
Top speed 132mph a few more extravagant rivals. TM
Economy 45.6-47.1mpg AAAAC
CO2, tax band WLTP figures tbc
RIVALS Mercedes-Benz A180, R E AD MOR E ONLINE
Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI Evo
Perceived quality isn’t all it could be inside but it’s certainly more roomy now

ˊʸ ˊʴˁˇʸʷ ˇ˂ ʺʼˉʸ ʶˈ˃˅ʴϞˆ ʹʼ˅ˆˇ ˃ʸ˅ʹ˂˅ˀʴˁʶʸ

ˆˈˉ ˇʻʸ ˈʿˇʼˀʴˇʸ ʷ˅ʼˉʼˁʺ ˇʸˆˇʡ ˆ˂ʟ ˇʻʸ˅ʸ ˊʴˆ
˂ˁʿˌ ˂ˁʸ ˃ʿʴʶʸ ˇ˂ ʺ˂ʭ ˆʶ˂ˇʿʴˁʷʡ

   # "   *4""8 ,5 '""6",5(

   "5,. #&,%5 %$$ $
      1,1%$ 8 $"8.$ 1 ,% $
 ,"1# $ 5,1$ &%6,
 !     1% 1 6". 11 $ 1 #%.1)

   #  $ "4$ %$1,%" $ 1
 1 $ 1 ,%#
   !#   :/3#& $ )3 .%$.  1$
 "#. "! 1. %, ,!.1)

   . 1 .6&$ 14,$. % 1
%11. ,%. 11$ $1% .1&
$, 1. 14,$$ #4.4", ,&$. &15 8$# ...
.!$ 1 
 1 . $ %$1,%" $ .7 ,5$ #%.
$$, 1% %$*4, #9$ ,1 $ $1415 "$! 16$
,%. "! 1.) $ 5$ ,5, $ .&"1 6" ",
3):"1,  14,% &1,%" $$ ,#% ,!. %, &%6,4""8
,5. 2:: $ ::# 1,%4 4,1 .1%&&$ &%6,) 
 .5$.&   1,$.#..%$ $ 1 .&%,18 ,4#" ,%# 1
11 . $ %$ 1%  .1, *4 74.1. %$ % 1
.#%%1, $ .&%,1, 61 #%, ". $ 1 "" #!. %,  1,4"8
&,. .1.) $1%71$ ,5$ 7&,$)
,%,#$ %.$+1 #$
%#&,%#.$ %$ %#%,1 %,
&,1"18) $. 1 

1 ". $,"8 ,$ 61
"$1,- 1,# %&&, .11$
$ &,#4# "%.. "! $
,%$1 .4,. ,%4$
1 %..1$ .&%,1. .1.)

 ,.& ,. 1" %!&1 $

$ 1%4.,$ 61 $51%$
%#$ 61 &&" , "8 $
$,% 41% %$$1518 1% !&
8%4 %$1,! $ $1,1$ 6"
 6"1 % $1""$1 ,5$ .
#! "%$ %4,$8. ., $
.,)  $ / "1,. % "4
.& $ 1 
 1 . 1
&,1 &,%,#$  $ 6
1% $ 1 &,1 ,5$ ,%)

ʥʡʣʠ˟˜˧˥˘ ˇˆʼ ˃ˢ˪˘˥ʭ ʦʣʣ˃ˆ ʪʠ˦ˣ˘˘˗ ʧʷ˥˜˩˘ ʤʬʠ˜ˡ˖˛ ʶˈ˃˅ʴ

˧˨˥˕ˢ ˣ˘˧˥ˢ˟ ˇˢ˥ˤ˨˘ʭ ʧʣʣˁˠ ʷˆʺ ˚˘˔˥˕ˢ˫ ʛ˔˟˟ʠ˪˛˘˘˟ʠ˗˥˜˩˘ʜ ˗˜˔ˠˢˡ˗ʠ˖˨˧ ˔˟˟ˢˬ˦ ʵ˥˘ˠ˕ˢ ˕˥˔˞˘˦

No 5442

Audi A1

Original A1 showed that even superminis can be luxurious. Now there’s another one
M O D E L T E S T E D S P O R T BAC K 35 T F S I S L I N E S T Y L E E D I T I O N
Price £25,690 Power 148bhp Torque 184lb ft 0-60mph 7.9sec 30-70mph in fourth 11.5sec Fuel economy 38.0mpg CO2 emissions 120g/km 70-0mph 45.7m


s a result of its own
Range at a glance
A strategic choices,
Audi isn’t a car maker we
instinctively associate ENGINES POWER FROM
with modern compact hatchbacks 25 TFSI 94bhp £17,735
– superminis, as they are so often 30 TFSI 114bhp £18,575
dubbed. Perhaps it ought to be, 35 TFSI 148bhp £21,125
though, because if it hadn’t been for 40 TFSI 197bhp £25,395
the original Audi 50 of 1974, there
might never have been a Volkswagen TRANSMISSIONS
Polo at all (the first-gen Polo was 5-speed manual
just a badge-engineered Audi). 6-speed manual
What Ingolstadt learned from 7-speed automatic
the short-lived 50 was that it would
take bigger, more imposing, more Audi offers the A1 in a choice of six z These bronze-coloured 18in wheels
advanced and more luxurious cars trim levels: SE, Sport, S Line, S Line will be a key part of the attraction for
to forge Audi’s modern reputation Competition, S Line Contrast Edition those keen on Audi’s S Line Style Edition
– cars like the original Quattro, the and S Line Style Edition. While S A1. Rim size goes down to 15in with
famous 100 saloons of the 1980s Line Contrast and Style Editions cheaper examples of the car, while the
and the A8 of the following decade. introduce differing cosmetic tweaks range-topping 40 TFSI comes on 17s.
It wouldn’t be until 1999, then, that only, cars in the S Line Competition
the firm would return to the idea of specification also come with the
a compact hatchback by making the range-topping 197bhp petrol engine.
innovative-yet-expensive A2; and not A top-spec Vorsprung model is due
until later still, in 2010, that the brand to join the A1 range at a later date,
with the four rings would launch a but Audi has yet to confirm when.
supermini with a fighting chance
of profitability.
That 2010 launch was the original monocoque chassis, and engines
Audi A1: a car that collected on its mounting transversely in the front
grandfather’s debt by borrowing and driving the front axle.
the contemporary VW Polo’s model Diesel engines are the other items
platform and did what it could, that the new A1 is moving beyond.
somewhat late in the day, to get a slice Audi UK launched the A1 last year
of the premium supermini market exclusively with 114bhp, 1.0-litre z All A1s have these ‘implied’ lateral air
being plundered by rival BMW’s ‘30 TFSI’ turbo petrol power, and intakes in the front bumper. On S Line
Mini brand, and by the likes of what has added both less powerful and cars they’re given a more aggressive
is now DS Automobiles. more powerful powertrain choices appearance, while on S Line Style
Having made an unspectacular subsequently – but none are diesels. Editions the blade-shaped inserts are
but worthwhile contribution to the The range-topping option as painted gloss black for a stealthier look.
volume ambitions of its creator, the things stand is a 2.0-litre ‘40 TFSI’
first-generation A1 was replaced option with 197bhp, which is the
last year by the second-generation only A1 in the range available with
car – which has only just been adaptive dampers. The rest run with
made available to us with one of the passive suspension, which is both
more tempting engine options that lowered and stiffened if you choose
might make it an interesting road an S Line-trim car such as our mid-
test subject. Built as it is on the VW range, 148bhp, 1.5-litre ‘35 TFSI’ test
Group’s latest supermini platform, car. All examples, meanwhile, feature
however, and not in Germany but torsion beam rear suspension just
at Seat’s headquarters in Martorell, like every other car on the MQB-A0
Spain, this new A1 isn’t quite the platform; none offers four-wheel
straightforward like-for-like model drive. The VW Group’s 1498cc ‘evo’
replacement that its exterior styling four-pot turbo engine brings cylinder
might lead you to expect it to be. shutdown technology to the A1 range, z These three lateral slits between
producing up to 184lb ft of torque, bonnet and grille are intended as
DESIGN AND ENGINEERING and is rated for WLTP combined fuel a visual nod to Audi’s iconic Sport
AAABC economy of anything up to 45.6mpg, Quattro. We’d say, much as they look out
We can write the obituary of the depending on specification. The of place on a Q8 SUV, so do they here.
three-door hatchback when they particular specification of our test
become an unviable part of the car, meanwhile – S Line Style Edition
model mix even on a four-metre – included 18in alloy wheels and
supermini as they have here. In light plenty of optional kit.
of the fact that less than one in five Audi’s styling for the second-
examples of the last A1 were sold generation A1, meanwhile, gets
as three-doors, Audi has elected to considerably more aggressive with
offer five-door Sportback versions that aforementioned jump to S Line
We like only this time around. They will all trim. At a lower level, the car goes
z Refined 35 TFSI powertrain is also be slightly longer five-doors than without the sill and ‘implied’ lateral
economical at a cruise their predecessors, too, the A1 having air intake garnishing that our test ◊
z In upper trims, the design hits the grown by just over 50mm in overall
high notes for Audi’s customer base length but otherwise maintaining its
dimensions across the generations.
Adopting the same MQB-A0 z It’s the 1980s Quattro that Audi is
We don’t like model platform that the current VW referencing again with the A1’s steeply
z Predictably expensive, though Polo, Seat Ibiza and Skoda Scala all raked C-pillar, which tapers as it rises.
interior quality doesn’t always use, the A1’s wheelbase is a match It’s arguably the one retro feature
live up to the price for that of the Seat but for neither of transplant that the car makes a success
z Suspension tuning lacks finesse the other relatives. Construction is of, looking particularly good beneath a
on a wide variety of road conventional by class standards, with contrasting-coloured roof.
steel body panels fixed onto a steel A1’s bloodline goes back to 1974’s Audi 50
Weights and measures



9 00 m

1090 litres


8 0

Kerb weight: 1150kg

788mm 2563mm 678mm

z Sports seats offer reasonable lateral support, as well as a good amount of

PA R K I N G adjustability. Seat heaters come as part of the £995 Comfort and Sound Pack.
Typical parking space width (2400mm)
Typical garage height

1990mm Typical leg room


1950mm (with mirrors) z Rear seats are spacious enough for two adults to sit in relative comfort over
shorter hops. Not quite as spacious as the Polo’s rear pews, by our measurements.

Apart from being positioned
a touch too high for some 75mm 50mm
testers, spacing was agreed
to be comfortable. Wheel 155mm
is centrally mounted, with
plenty of adjustability.
Width 940-1200mm
All A1s come with automatic Height 550-
LED headlights as standard, 770mm
as well as LED tail-lights
and ‘dynamic’ scrolling
Length 660-1350mm
indicators. Beam spread
and intensity are very good
on dipped beam, though we
were unable to test the
high beam setting.
Centre z Audi’s 335-litre boot capacity falls short of the 355-litre compartments of the
VW Polo and Seat Ibiza. Still betters both the Mini and the Ford Fiesta.

Δ subject had, and might have had a and that its VW Group DNA is hints of Audi big-car technological And while you’d be able to squeeze
less contrived overall appearance as readily identifiable. sophistication. two adults into the Audi’s second
a result. As it is, the road test jury was Of course, platform-sharing But while the interior of the A1 row in relative comfort, according
in broad agreement that the car tries means an element of sameness is generally looks smart, some of our to our tape measure its typical rear
too hard to pack visual aggression inevitable, and our top-specification testers thought it wasn’t different leg room figure of 640mm is some
into its styling. S Line Style Edition model does enough from its VW Group siblings 50mm less than that of the Polo
make a more convincing play of its to justify its elevated price. That the we road tested early last year. The
INTERIOR upmarket aspirations than the lower- car is over £5000 more expensive A1’s 335-litre boot is also 20 litres
AAABC rung trim levels do. So you get some than an equivalent Seat Ibiza with the smaller than the Polo’s, according to
While Audi has made an effort to copper-coloured inlays, as well as same engine isn’t easy to overlook. our measurements, though it does,
differentiate the A1’s cabin from configurable LED ambient lighting However, of even greater concern is at least, outdo the five-door Mini’s
that of its VW Polo and Seat Ibiza and leather-upholstered sports seats the competition from Mini. Not only 278-litre effort by a fair margin.
cousins by employing a slightly more all thrown in right out of the box. does the British-built car’s upmarket
tasteful palette of trim materials and Audi’s sharp-looking 10.1in MMI
interior look one of a kind, its list price
switchgear, that relationship hasn’t Navigation Plus infotainment system is considerably cheaper too (although AAABC
been entirely masked. Sure, it might was fitted as an optional extra, you do have to spend another four For something that takes stylistic
exude more in the way of immediate claiming pride of place in the centre figures on option packs to bring the cues from Lamborghini’s Huracán
opulence on first acquaintance, but of the dash fascia. It’s integrated equipment levels into line). In top-tier Performante (bronze alloy wheels)
closer inspection reveals the A1 is cleanly into the surrounding dash Cooper Sport and Cooper Exclusive and the great Audi Sport Quattro of
still home to its fair share of coarse, structure and, framed by attractive trims, a five-door Mini Hatch is 1985 (vents at the base of the bonnet),
sometimes flimsy feeling plastics, gloss black plastic, lends the smallest nearly £5000 less expensive. our A1 35 TFSI’s performance ◊



z Excellent Bang & Olufsen stereo system replaces z A1’s climate controls look smart by the standards of z The ambient LED lighting has 30 different colour
the standard six-speaker set-up as part of the £995 the supermini class, and feel pleasingly upmarket – on settings. Helps inject a dash more personality into the
Comfort and Sound Pack. Worth it. a superficial level, at least. A1’s admittedly rather serious cabin.

Multimedia system AAAAC

All variants of the A1 – barring the forthcoming Vorsprung model
– come with an 8.8in colour touchscreen that incorporates
basic infotainment features such as Bluetooth, DAB radio,
voice control and USB connectivity as standard.
Our test car, however, was fitted with the £1650 Technology
Pack. In addition to upgrading the touchscreen to a 10.1in unit
and introducing satellite navigation, this option pack also
replaces the standard 10.25in digital cockpit with Audi’s Virtual
Cockpit, and introduces a wireless phone charging pad and an
embedded sim card for 4G internet access.
Graphically speaking, both the infotainment screen and the
Virtual Cockpit are very impressive indeed, operating smoothly
and without much in the way of lag. In terms of ergonomics,
the touchscreen is simple to interact with when stationary,
but the loss of the rotary controller used to operate earlier
versions of Audi’s infotainment software means on-the-move
adjustments are a bit trickier.


For the most part, the 35
TFSI feels somewhat limp

Δ proved unremarkable and, at times, and using generous and sustained check their expectations. The immediacy of a Mini Cooper.
exasperating, which is a shame given throttle inputs. Sadly, this engine range-topping 40 TFSI – available However, it exhibits a better balance
that this engine might have proved a simply doesn’t have the character to only in S Line Competition trim and and stability than most cars with a
sweet match for a supermini. reward the effort required and so, for with a six-speed automatic gearbox – wheelbase this short and, in tandem
In dry conditions, the test car the most part, the A1 35 TFSI feels looks much more sprightly on paper. with damping that marshals the car’s
struggled to spring off the mark as somewhat limp. With the same 197bhp 2.0-litre mass more tightly than is perhaps
nimbly or cleanly as we would expect. The flip side is that only one turbocharged engine found in the necessary, that lays the ground for
Admittedly, Audi’s 1.5-litre four pulls swish of the gearlever is required to VW Polo GTI, 0-62mph is dispatched no-nonsense direction changes, even
in impressively discreet fashion once get you from stationary to 60mph, in a claimed 6.5sec, and that’s a at high speeds.
the small turbocharger has fully which is rare for superminis. Our figure much more respectable To some extent, this quality makes
woken up at 1500rpm and, beyond recorded time of 7.9sec nevertheless among the current crop of quick up for the lacklustre powertrain
an unusually high biting point for the feels modest for a car that touts hatchbacks. because, once you’ve got Audi’s
overly light clutch, there’s little cause 148bhp but weighs only a claimed Where the A1 35 TFSI excels is supermini going at a decent pace,
for complaint for those who live their 1150kg. The less expensive Ford its touring fuel economy, which there’s so much grip on offer that
lives at a slower pace. Fiesta ST tested last year reached at 57mpg means even the modest sustaining that pace rarely results
For the rest of us, and for the 60mph more than a second 40-litre tank stores enough fuel for in sweaty palms or much in the way
person paying for a premium sooner and, in terms of real-world 500 miles of range. of any drama at all. The steering is
hatchback with at least a little performance, the Audi falls even lacking terribly in feel but its speed
sporting ambition, there’s a
H A N D L I N G A N D S TA B I L I T Y is well judged, particularly off-
further short of the mark. For the
frustrating lack of urgency because fourth-gear haul between 30mph and AAAAC centre, and duly makes a Polo feel
the economy-minded gearing for the 70mph, it managed a time of 11.5sec – The A1 35 TFSI represents a fairly inert and a Mini too frenetic. The
six-speed manual transmission is two seconds slower than even typical handling effort from action is pleasingly accurate, though
so long. Power is delivered in linear the 114bhp VW Up GTI. Audi, which is to say the chassis never in any danger of actually
but languid fashion, and so to go Those drawn to this medium- feels considerably more alert and communicating to the driver what
anywhere quickly you need to work rare A1 by the promises made by its composed than the equivalent might be happening down at road
the engine hard, shifting gears often pugnacious looks should therefore VW Polo but lacks the verve and level, which is a shame because, with

z Design flourishes mimic the Lamborghini Huracán Performante and Audi Sport Quattro, but our A1 couldn’t get close to acceleration figures set by a Fiesta ST and Up GTI


Track notes
Quick superminis are usually good fun z Long gearing hampers z As the pace increases, the short wheelbase starts
on the Hill Route and Millbrook, and progress on the uphill to cause problems over T3. The handling becomes
that’s largely because they leave you exit of the quick T5 edgy, with some tyres gripping more than others.
with much more space to play with hairpin, resulting in the T4
than larger cars. occasional need to drop
The issue for the A1 35 TFSI is down a gear
that it isn’t particularly quick, the post-apex.
gearbox’s long ratios pouring cold
water over the true potential of the T6
engine – something that became T1
apparent on the Hill Route’s
many inclines.
The Audi nevertheless put in an
impressive showing, retaining speed
and momentum with close body z The A1 gets its short nose into T2 better
control and remaining progressive than most superminis and has the balance to
and benign at the limits of grip on all stay tidy and quick, despite possessing only
but the most challenging corners. an open differential.
The car doesn’t naturally oversteer, T7
but isn’t averse to being backed into
corners in the same manner as much
more capable hot hatches. Of course, T5
you get a mere hint of dynamism and
it isn’t much to work with, but this
chassis still has some life to it, which FINISH
can’t be said of the steering. START

a bit more honesty and weight in above. By comparison, at motorway And no matter how you look at it,
the driving controls, the A1 35 TFSI speeds, the A1 35 TFSI is too keen to that’s a lot for a supermini – even one
would be a peppy little driver’s car. AABCC chew on the road surface, and with with as much visual presence as our
That’s because this chassis There’s a price to pay for both the this car’s over-sized alloy wheels, it’s S Line Style Edition test car.
responds well to a bit of relatively incisive handling and the also louder at cruising speeds than Prices for this S Line Style Edition
manhandling. It resists understeer visual clout our test car musters even than the Nissan Micra N-Sport start at £25,690, though you’ll have
determinedly and reacts to a well- from sitting closer to the road on we tested recently. The Audi can at to move quickly to secure a car for
timed lift of the throttle on the way its lowered sports suspension and times deliver an impressive level that price, with Audi currently
into corners. The rear never feels sizeable alloy wheels. That price is a of ‘togetherness’ and maturity at a phasing out the manual version
as mobile as it does with quicker ride conspicuously lacking the level cruise, but the glass-smooth road of this trim line and electing only
versions of the Peugeot 208 or of sophistication this car attempts surfaces required are few and far to sell the pricier automatic. In
Renault Clio because Audi doesn’t set to convey with its impressive digital between in Britain. addition to the raft of aesthetic
its cars up to behave in that fashion, displays and exterior design. The airy If you can live with the ride quality, tweaks introduced to the exterior –
but there are satisfying hints of the cabin itself is welcoming enough, the Audi’s interior is particularly think bronze 18in alloys, black
right kind of movements and this with lavish seats in the front and soothing at night, when the lighting trim detailing and darker LED
means the A1 can involve its driver a good forward visibility, but the car features come into their own. The A1 headlights – this figure also nets
little more than you might expect. lacks the compliance to be driven also conveys an aura of toughness you standard equipment such as
However, it’s obvious Audi knows every day and for any errand, both rarely found in this segment. sports suspension, sports seats
its audience, and so while the A1 35 in town and out of it. and full leather upholstery. That
TFSI can lightly entertain its driver It isn’t as though we’re at the limits
BUYING AND OWNING said, if you fancy dual-zone climate
and goes without four-wheel drive, of what this MQB-A0 platform with AAACC control or sat-nav, you’ll have to
ultimately it still majors on stability rear torsion beam can deliver, either, The Audi A1 starts at £17,735, with pay for the privilege.
and trustworthy dynamics. With because on its softer suspension, prices rising as high as £27,230. Still, at least you won’t spend too
such long gearing, there’s also next to the VW Polo demonstrates a level Start checking a few options boxes, much time (or money) on the petrol
no chance of surpassing the traction of rolling refinement closer to what however, and it’s possible to push that station forecourt, given the potential
limits of the front tyres. you’d expect to find in the class figure up past the £30,000 mark. for topping 500 miles of range. ◊

Audi A1 Sportback 35 TFSI S Line Style Edition (23deg C, dry)
Standing quarter mile 16.7sec at 88mph, standing km 29.9sec at 113.4mph, 30-70mph 8.4sec, 30-70mph in fourth 11.5sec
30mph 40mph 50mph 60mph 70mph 80mph 90mph 100mph 110mph 120mph
2.9s 4.5s 6.1s 7.9s 11.3s 14.0s 17.2s 22.0s 27.3s 35.1s
0 10s 20s 30s
Volkswagen Polo GTI+ (28deg C, dry)
Standing quarter mile 15.2sec at 94.5mph, standing km 27.6sec at 118.7mph, 30-70mph 5.9sec, 30-70mph in fourth 9.2sec
30mph 40mph 50mph 60mph 70mph 80mph 90mph 100mph 110mph 120mph
2.7s 3.8s 5.1s 6.7s 8.6s 11.0s 13.7s 17.4s 21.9s 28.8s
0 10s 20s

B R A K I N G 60-0mph: 2.70sec
Audi A1 Sportback 35 TFSI S Line Style Edition (23deg C, dry)
30mph-0 50mph-0 70mph-0
8.4m 23.4m 45.7m
0 10m 20m 30m 40m
Volkswagen Polo GTI+ (28deg C, dry)
30mph-0 50mph-0 70mph-0
8.9m 24.3m 47.4m
0 10m 20m 30m 40m


Data log
35 T F S I S L I N E
On-the-road price £25,690
Price as tested £28,800
Value after 3yrs/36k miles £12,575
Contract hire pcm £355.21
Cost per mile na
Insurance 26E/£719
Three years/30,000 miles £388.15
Pay a deposit of £2569 and, along with a £485
contribution from Audi, you’ll be able to put this
A1 on your drive for £388.15 per month on the
above terms. Optional final instalment stands at
£12,462.10, while representative APR is 6.6%.

18in bronze alloy wheels T E C H N I C A L L AYO U T
Darkened LED headlights No surprises here: the Audi A1 is based on the Volkswagen Group’s ubiquitous
LED tail-lights with dynamic indicators MQB-A0 supermini platform. As such, a four-cylinder motor sits transversely
Chronos Grey paint at its nose, driving the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Suspension
Contrast roof is by way of MacPherson struts up front, with a torsion beam employed at the rear.
Black exterior styling pack We weighed the A1 at 1209kg, the weight being distributed 62:38 front to rear.
Leather upholstered sports seats
Sports suspension ENGINE ECONOMY
S Line exterior styling pack Installation Front, transverse, TEST MPG Track 18.9mpg
Privacy glass front-wheel drive Touring 57.0mpg
LED Ambient Lighting Pack Type 4 cyls in line, 1498cc, Average 38.0mpg
Cruise control turbocharged, petrol
Rear parking sensors Made of Aluminium block and head CLAIMED Low 35.8mpg
Audi Drive Select Bore/stroke 74.5mm/85.9mm Mid 46.3mpg
DAB radio Compression ratio 10.5:1 High 52.3mpg
Bluetooth Valve gear 4 per cyl Extra high 44.1mpg
Audi Pre-Sense Front Power 148bhp at 5000-6000rpm Combined 45.6mpg
Technology Pack £1650 Torque 184lb ft at 1500-3500rpm
Comfort and Sound Pack £995 Redline 6250rpm Tank size 40 litres
Luggage Compartment Pack £50 Power to weight 129bhp Test range 334 miles
Dual-zone climate control £450 Torque to weight 160lb ft
Options in bold fitted to test car Specific output 99bhp per litre E M I S S I O N S & TA X
= Standard na = not available CO2 emissions 120g/km (NEDC eq)
Tax at 20/40% pcm £120/£240


Construction Steel monocoque Type Six-speed manual Front 276mm ventilated discs ESC, ABS, EBD, ASR, EDL, Audi Pre-Sense Front
Weight/as tested 1150kg/1209kg Ratios/mph per 1000rpm Rear 230mm solid discs Euro NCAP crash rating 5 stars
Drag coefficient 0.31 1st 3.78/5.3 2nd 2.19/9.5 3rd 1.36/14.9 Anti-lock Standard, with brake assist Adult occupant 95% Child occupant 85%
Wheels 7.5Jx18in 4th 1.03/19.6 5th 0.86/23.6 6th 0.73/27.6 Handbrake type Lever Vulnerable road users 73% Safety assist 80%
Tyres 215/40 R18, Final drive ratio 3.65:1 Handbrake location Centre console
Bridgestone Turanza T005 CABIN NOISE
STEERING Idle 41dB Max rpm in 3rd gear 79dB
Spare Mobility kit SUSPENSION Type Electromechanical, 30mph 65dB 50mph 67dB 70mph 73dB
Front MacPherson struts, coil springs rack and pinion
Rear Torsion beam, coil springs Turns lock to lock 2.7
Turning circle 10.5m


MPH TIME (sec) mph 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 33mph 93mph 137mph 30
Audi A1 Sportback TFSI
0-30 2.9 20-40 2.9 5.0 8.1 - - 6250rpm 6250rpm 5812rpm S Line Style Edition
0-40 4.5 30-50 3.0 4.2 5.7 7.7 11.2
0-50 6.1 40-60 3.4 4.3 5.6 6.8 8.5 1 3 5 20 Ford Fiesta Vignale
0-60 7.9 50-70 - 4.5 5.8 7.1 8.6
Value (£1000s)

0-70 11.3 60-80 - 5.0 6.2 7.7 9.2 15

0-80 14.0 70-90 - 5.9 6.8 8.4 10.4
0-90 17.2 80-100 - 8.0 7.7 9.3 12.3 10
0-100 22.0 90-110 - - 9.2 10.8 -
0-110 27.3 100-120 - - - - - 2 4 6 5 Mini Cooper Sport 5dr Hatch

0-120 35.1 120-140 - - - - - 0

0-130 - 140-160 - - - - - 60mph 123mph 137mph* New 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years
0-140 - 160-180 - - - - - 6250rpm 6250rpm 4971rpm z CAP expects the A1 to outperform
0-150 - 180-200 - - - - - *claimed the Mini and the Fiesta Vignale by a fair
0-160 - RPM in 6th at 70/80mph = 2540/2903 margin in terms of their residual value.
THE SMALL PRINT Power-to-weight and torque-to-weight figures are calculated using manufacturer’s claimed kerb weight. © 2019,
Haymarket Media Group Ltd. Test results may not be reproduced without editor’s written permission. For information on the A1, contact
Audi UK, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5AN (0800 699 888, Cost-per-mile figures calculated over three R OA D T E S T N o 5 4 4 2
years/36,000 miles, including depreciation and maintenance but not insurance; Lex Autolease (0800 389 3690). Insurance quote
covers 35-year-old professional male with clean licence and full no-claims bonus living in Swindon; quote from Liverpool Victoria (0800
066 5161, Contract hire figure based on a three-year lease/36,000-mile contract including maintenance; Wessex Fleet Solutions
(01722 322888). Read all of our road tests
Audi says it
won’t offer
an S1 Quattro for this
generation of A1, which
is a shame because the
old 228bhp version was
a lovely thing. I’ve found
a 2018 example with
10,000 miles for less
than £20,000.

Wasn’t a fan of
the lightweight
steering at open
road speeds, which
combines with a lack of
feel to sap confidence
through fast corners.
Pity, because there’s
quite a well-sorted
chassis underneath it all.

AAABC Spec advice

The £1650 Technology
Luxury supermini lacks the polish to justify its high price Pack with its satellite
navigation, charge pad
and larger screen is a
hen the A1 joined the supermini gaggle in 2010, it set new benchmarks for worthwhile investment.
Heated seats from the
W perceived quality, powertrain refinement and all-round desirability. The
second-gen car tries to build on those attributes, taking design cues from more
Comfort and Sound Pack
(£995) will come in handy
in winter too.
rarefied Audi models and pairing them with an interior that delivers the initial wow factor
expected of a city car that costs more than many a full-sized family hatchback. Those who Jobs for
find a Mini too whimsical and a Polo too staid will therefore be drawn to this week’s road
the facelift
z Engineer in more
test subject, where they’ll find a powertrain of impressive efficiency and refinement, and a steering feel. A supermini
shouldn’t feel so remote.
responsive chassis with deep reserves of composure, if not much in the way of involvement. z More could be done
to make the cabin look
What they won’t discover is the degree of ride comfort we’d expect of the segment’s and feel like it justifies its
luxury player, at least if the car is fitted with optional Sports suspension. Such busyness premium asking price.
z It’s petty, but the
underwheel undermines the A1’s credentials as both an easy-going city car and as a car R8-aping bonnet nostrils
could probably be done
in which to cover longer distances. Some questionable interior plastics and overly long away with.

gearing that neuters the smooth-spinning TFSI engine are further frustrations that
prevent this junior Audi from taking class honours.

R OA D 1 2 3 4 5

Verdicts HATCH MANUAL Only loses out to the Mini by Combines hot-hatch S LINE STYLE EDITION ECOBOOST 140
on every Sharp, fun handling and a unique, the skin of its teeth. Not quite performance with a classy Smart looks and sweet chassis A sweet combination of ride
new car, attractive interior help see the as entertaining to drive, but a interior and a surprisingly marred by numb steering and a refinement and handling
p82 Mini retain its status as our seriously appealing take on an refined ride. Still cheaper serious price tag. Not quite as dynamism, but lacks crucial
favourite of the posh superminis. upmarket electric supermini. than the Audi. special as it should be. brand cachet in this company.
Price £20,935 £31,850 (includes plug-in grant) £23,160 £25,690 £21,840
Power, torque 134bhp, 162lb ft 168bhp, 184lb ft 197bhp, 236lb ft 148bhp, 184lb ft 138bhp, 133lb ft
0-62mph, top speed 8.3sec, 129mph 7.3sec, 93mph 6.7sec, 148mph 7.7sec, 137mph 9.0sec, 125mph
CO2, economy/range 115-122g/km, 43.5-47.9mpg 0g/km, 182-188 miles 138-141g/km, 38.7-39.8mpg 120g/km, 45.6mpg 112g/km, 46.3-48.7mpg


CX’s quick-acting steering
provokes a big tilt if you’re
too rapid with the wheel

The cars might have
changed, but the view
out remains the same DE
Richard Bremner drives a Citroën C5
Aircross to Paris to celebrate the eternally
young 100-year-old brand’s centenary
Parisian cobbles
are rarely a bumpy
affair in a Citroën
eaping years ahead, ship. The suspension is intended to
sometimes even complement comfort seats whose
L decades, is what
Citroën is most famous
for. It has made cars
15mm of extra foam topper aims
to further soothe, a feature that’s
standard on the C5’s top two Flair
that levitated. Cars whose headlights and Flair+ trims. Our car is the latter
peered around corners. Cars with version, pulled by a 180bhp 2.0-litre
suspension resembling frogs’ legs, diesel via an eight-speed automatic.
their wheels able to cross terrain The practical end of the equation
usually the habitat of tractors. is provided by an almost totally flat
Citroën has made cars inspiring floor – rare, despite the domination
learned philosophical prose, cars of propshaft-free front-wheel drive
transporting cinematic love stories, these days – and a back bench whose
cars to traverse remote parts of the centre seat is as big as those flanking
planet and cars whose ingenious it, another rarity. They’re hardly the
inner plumbing helped save a French reinvention of the motorcar, these
president from assassination. features, but they’re evidence of
Citroën is still innovating today, Citroën’s rekindled quest to design
if not at the rate that it did during its exceptionally comfortable cars that
first 50 years of life, and it may be are down-to-earth useful.
about to innovate more boldly again, The C5’s more softly absorbent
if its latest Ami One urban car and ride is evident within metres of
centenary-celebrating 19_19 concepts leaving Autocar’s road testing HQ
are genuine in their ambition. But in Feltham, where there are plenty
that’s in the future. Right now, we’re of small-to-medium-scale bumps on
driving Citroën’s new C5 Aircross the urban back roads to the M25. The
to Paris, birthplace of the company Citroën sponges them up, often with
and location for various centenary a serenity redolent of the days when
celebrations, among them a 100-car almost every French car rode with
display of Citroëns on the site of the the supple elasticity of a bounding
original factory at Quai de Javel. frog (no pejorative intended). But
The C5 Aircross doesn’t present the interruptions to this pillowy comfort
extreme styling of some of these cars occur, sometimes abruptly, if the C5
and trucks, but its make-up certainly strikes a bigger, more invasive bump,
mirrors the emphasis on practicality the car being jostled in ordinary,
and comfort that has distinguished unsophisticated style. Citroën’s old
some of the marque’s most famous hydropneumatic suspension would
models, from the 1934 Traction Avant cope better, but a chassis insider met
to the 2CV and today’s C4 Cactus. later at the celebrations reveals that
The C5’s novelties include Citroën’s there are more Hydraulic Cushion
Progressive Hydraulic Cushion developments on the way to tackle
suspension, an ingenious rethink of this issue.
the traditional bump-stop that allows It would nevertheless be great
the car to ride on softer springs and to see more engineering solutions
dampers without listing like a holed worthy of the man whose name
appears on these cars. The restlessly
Sadly, Double Chevron inventive Andre Citroën was not
French road signs no only the driver of up-to-the-minute
longer point the way engineering, but also an energetic
marketer of his company and his cars,
the boldness of many of his ideas
worthy of today’s tech companies.
Take finding your way.
Today, we have sat-nav, Google
Maps, Waze, signposts and a (fairly)
logical road numbering system. But
when the car was young and most
journeys short, navigating a route
beyond familiar territory was at best
frustrating, at worst hazardous. In
1921, Citroën began a collaboration
with France’s Automobile Club that
saw a network of Double Chevron-
branded signposts – France’s first
– deployed across the country. That
way, his brand couldn’t fail to be
noticed by motorists and just about
every other road user. Today, those
Double Chevron road signs are
long gone, their directing and
publicising jobs done.
Andre Citroën might be amazed
at the reach of the company now,
even if it is far from the biggest car
brand on the planet. It was an early
player in new, not-quite-capitalist
late 20th-century China, the world’s
biggest car market and one of
Citroën’s most crucial despite ◊


Citroën and Renault: French car parc bat

Δ recent turbulence, it’s big in

Europe, big in parts of Africa and
intent on becoming bigger still,
especially beyond its home continent.
On the rather less adventurous
venue of a wide, lightly trafficked
autoroute, the C5 feels stable, relaxed
and impressively quiet, the calm
spoiled only by occasional wind noise
and, if you work it hard, a diesel that
The novelty of
airs too much of its rattling grumble.
The relative novelty of sitting high
in a Citroën (the C3 Aircross SUV is
sitting high in a Citroën
pretty new too, and few remember
the Mitsubishi Outlander-based
C-Crosser) adds an aura of light
adds an aura of
indomitability to the C5 mix as we
do battle in the tollbooth grand
indomi tability
prix. This is a race won with wits
as much as grunt, although the 180
BlueHDI has plenty of that – 395lb ft,
a 2000rpm torque peak and an eight-
gear choice enable it to depart the
card payment machine surprisingly
smartly. So the flatlands of north-
western France roll by fast.
Diversions to explore old villages narrow but open enough to allow
and lanes that would once have been moderately high speeds past
a rural stage for the whirring thresh fields and the odd farm building,
of farmers’ 2CVs reveal steering feel usually decaying. Of course,
vastly better than the smaller C3 most SUVs aren’t driven so
Aircross provides, simply because briskly off motorways, but you’re
there’s a measure of accumulating left in no doubt that though this
resistance as you swivel the Citroën is competent enough
wheel. Citroën’s smaller SUV Citroën’s motorsport roots run deep dynamically, the comfort side
provides so little of this that you ow d… of the ledger is where its main
wonder whether it’s steer-by-wire. rs always stoo d out from the cr assets reside. Space is another
Its ca
Resistance doesn’t mean that you’re of these, and there is plenty of
being telegraphed topographical it to be found in the front, middle and
intelligence – little of this emerges rear sections of the cabin. It doesn’t
even when the C5 is pushed hard shout its advantages, this car, but it
around a deserted French rural certainly has them.
roundabout, traction control dormant Some visual shouting was Andre
– but the steering wheel definitely Citroën’s mission when he colonised
feels mechanically connected to the what is now France’s most famous
wheels just ahead of it. architectural real estate – the Eiffel
Understeer is the barely surprising Tower. From 1925 to 1934, the
product of such brisk circling, and C-I-T-R-O-E-N characters adorned
it gradually turns to a front-end the artfully tapering flanks of this
slide at speeds lower than one might steel-lattice symbol of progress,
expect. Lift-off and grip is soon their neon illuminations visible
restored, and without sending the from kilometres away. Citroën
Citroën’s tail into an arc. Bends are wasn’t merely thinking about the
not so common in this flattish part of …though the C5 is near, either. His imagination was
northern France – the roads are long, quite restrained by entranced by the exotic exploratory
Citroën standards potential of the motor car and the
possibility of desert crossings. These
1900 Andre 1907 Citroën 1913 Mors 1921 Citroën 1922 10 HP B2 replaces Type A. 1923 Citroën
Citroën opens joins struggling factory makes sponsors road Cheaper Type C 5HP launched adopts US-style
gear-cutting Mors car shells using Ford signs across only in yellow and inspires songs exclusive dealership
factory in Paris company, mass-production France that become radio ads – a first model
becomes techniques that 1919 Citroën’s first car, „ Citroën initiates free test drives
boss at 29 will be used in WW1 the Type A-10HP, is sold „ Kégresse half-tracks filmed
fully bodied, unlike rivals. crossing Sahara, making Citroën
Demand exceeds supply a household name



1961 CITRO E N AM I 6 1970 CITRO E N GS

You’re looking at a French best-seller from the early ’60s. This sleek wind-cheater made most of its competitors look
It has a face like it swallowed a wasp, a roofline resembling as old as wind-up watches when it appeared in 1970. A
a nun’s wimple and sounds more power tool than motorcar. two-box fastback saloon, it should have been the hatch it
The noises emerge from a slightly more powerful 2CV twin, later became as the GSA, but in every other way it looked
although it weighs more than its shed-like little brother. forward. The air-cooled flat four – a doubled 2CV engine
So it’s slow – 50mph requires 30 seconds of puttering – provided a low centre of gravity for its geometrically
advancement – but life was slower then, especially in rural near-perfect, hydropneumatic suspension.
France, where these wilfully weird saloons once whirred. Today, the GS feels narrower even than a Citroën C1,
The Ami was designed by sculptor-turned-car designer never mind its C4 descendant, its minor controls are
Flaminio Bertoni, whose previous achievements included haphazardly located and the beat of its engine is more than
the handsome Traction Avant, the charmingly functional Subaru odd. But you acclimatise and begin to appreciate
H-van and the magnificent DS. Yet the Ami – with its weird, the positives, most obviously the ride. The loping motion
thin-panelled body – was remarkably his favourite. would be more soothing still were it not for the bump-
It’s not only the 22bhp engine that struggles – you do thump over ruts you hear rather than feel. You get used
too. The enormous single-spoke-wheel workout is heavy at to this, the sensitive power brakes and a handbrake that
parking speeds, and the heaving body roll even at modest you pull from the dashboard, and soon realise the innate
The C5 Aircross
pace requires as much acclimatisation as holidaying at modernity of a car known for its limpet roadholding and
majors on comfort
sea. But it’s amazingly comfortable and, in an unhurried ability to cruise flat out on autoroutes without imploding.
and practicality
world, charming too. Despite sales of almost 1.9 million, few GSs survive.

were eventually achieved with the

extraordinary Kégresse half-tracks, a
mission that produced a feature film.
Why so much multi-pronged
effort? Because Citroën was late.
Its first cars emerged in 1919. By
then, Renaults had been produced
for 20 years and Peugeot 30, while
Germany’s Benz had built the world’s
first car in 1886. Acutely aware that
he was a Jean-come-lately, Citroën
needed to offer something different,
relevant and better, and tell people
about it. So even the very first
Citroën, the Type A, advanced the art 1974 CITRO E N CX 1989 CITRO E N XM 3.0 V6
of motorcar manufacture not so much It’s hard to totally reinvent a future after only 19 years, so Drive the second-generation XM today and you’ll wonder
with the car itself but the manner in the CX was never going to be the automotive reimagining why this big Citroën bombed. It’s just so drivable despite
which it was made, Citroën having that its DS forebear was. But it came close. being large and no less odd-looking now than when it first
learned mass-production techniques A triple-chamber Wankel rotary engine was planned but appeared 30 years ago.
from Henry Ford himself. abandoned, in the face of escalating losses and a fuel crisis, This very fit example is a keen, smooth puller, as you’d
It would not be long before the for four-cylinder units that were noisily outmoded. hope of a 3.0 V6 automatic. But the real surprise is how
cars themselves carried much of the Firing up the 2200cc four of this early CX soon has nimble this car feels in manoeuvres and at speed. It’s no
advance: the 1934 Traction Avant the body rising, to the accompaniment of the clicks and AMG, but it’s deft enough to feel modern in a way that
was an early adopter of front-wheel whirrs that tell you you’re in for a different kind of ride. its CX predecessor doesn’t. Manageable power steering
drive, fully independent suspension If your journey is distant, you soon realise that this is a helps, and so does its more solid resistance to body roll.
and a steel monocoque construction, high-speed cruiser that still cuts it today. It’s super-stable, The look of this big, Bertone-designed hatch is still
its modernity yielding a 23-year swift and supremely comfortable. Less evident will be its a thing to marvel at, from the wedged nose to stepped
production life despite it having extraordinary chassis balance, understeer beaten back glasshouse, abruptly cut rear and slender scallop cut
the turning circle of a small moon. with amazing resolve. All this, the out-there dash and its scalpel-smooth along its flanks. It’s aged well, the XM,
That didn’t discourage Parisian taxi styling make the thrashy engine easy to overlook. just like its predecessors.
drivers, nor did its heavy steering, ◊

1924 Annual 1925 1926 Lacking bank 1928 C4 and 1932 8CV Rosalie 1934 Traction Avant 1935 Andre
production tops ‘CITROEN’ support, Citroën six-cylinder C6 launched; 10 replaces combines monocoque Citroën dies of
100,000 cars. appears in sells bonds to replace B14 C4, 15 replaces C6. body, front-drive, cancer at 57
British, German, lights on the public Citroën now Europe’s independent suspension,
Italian and Austrian Eiffel Tower, „ Citroën’s Slough largest car maker overhead valve engines
subsidiaries open. remaining factory opens; „ Andre Citroën files for
B10 introduced until 1934 closes in 1965 bankruptcy. Main creditor
„ B14 introduced Michelin takes over


hydraulic hissings and clicks of
the spectacularly aerodynamic 1955
DS sped the motorcar deeper into
the future than virtually any car
before or since.
The 1955 DS was merely one of a
trio of brilliant Citroëns to emerge
over a little more than two decades
– the Traction Avant was joined a
mere 14 years later (it would have
been sooner but for World War II)
by the robustly ingenious, low-cost
2CV. In later years, these models
have been both a blessing and a
curse for the marque, their design
brilliance dazzling enough to
trigger disappointment at the many
prosaic Citroëns that have followed.
Several of these saved the company
by turning profits undreamed of
during the ’60s and ’70s, many
more have kept it that way. Yet the
DS was hardly the last of the Double
Chevron’s brilliance – the GS, SM,
Ami 6’s 30sec slog CX, Visa, BX, Xantia, C4 and C6 were
to 50mph is at least all boldly individual.
observed in comfort The C5 Aircross is not a Citroën
that uncovers fresh engineering
vistas, but its room, comfort and
thrust. Not that you’re likely system able to take plenty of convenience are qualities shared
to have to dodge bullets, as cobbled punishment. In calmer with lots predecessors, blending
Charles de Gaulle’s driver did circumstances, the DS was a car that them with subtle accomplishment.
Δ droves of Tractions once plying during an assassination attempt on could levitate; its high-precision, Its styling won’t get you stabbing
the capital’s elegant streets. In this the French president in 1962. high-pressure hydraulics allowed the camera app of your smartphone,
habitat, the C5 is vastly more wieldy; His official DS19 took 140 bullets it to ride on fluid at heights to suit but it’s a handsome, early step
like any modern, its high-rise seats and lost two tyres to punctures, assorted topographies (and to ease along what promises to be a more
provide a good view of Parisian but De Gaulle’s driver performed jacking), the same pump powering exciting road for Citroën, signposted
boulevards besides bolstering your a high-speed getaway enabled by the steering, the brakes and even by the excitingly imaginative
confidence in the urban cut and a hydropneumatic suspension the dash-mounted gearlever. The Ami One and 19_19.

C O O L , C O M F O R TA B L E A N D C L E V E R : L I N DA JAC K S O N P O I N T S T O C I T R O E N ’ S F U T U R E
WHILE MANY HAVE been celebrating but also connectivity, simpler use half of it. It’s working out what’s
Citroën’s past, CEO Linda Jackson’s dashboards, not so much clutter, air important for the customer.”
head is firmly rooted in the future. Her quality, storage space, modularity.” That includes electrified cars, too.
firm is now five years into a strategy On the customer side, there’s now “Every model that we launch from
of reinvigoration, repositioning and scope to rent Citroëns from your next year will have a petrol and diesel
consolidation – this plan is not only dealer, a My Citroën app to track and either a full-electric or plug-in
about model renewal but customer your car and book it a service, and hybrid until 2025 when 100% of our
service and the buying experience. Maison Citroën, which introduces vehicles will become electrified,”
Highlights from the first two phases “much warmer, more convivial Jackson says.
have included the renewal of the C3 areas” to the showroom. There has These models should strengthen
supermini, currently a European best- been fresh marketing impetus too. Citroën’s hand in the UK, where
seller, and the launch of the C3 and “Last year that strategy delivered the brand’s share is not as high as
C5 Aircrosses that now give Citroën 1.1 million sales worldwide and it has been. Jackson says that “the
a solid foothold in the SUV arena. The in Europe, which is the first region growth, but from 2021 the origin of “a past couple of years have been very
third phase will see the launch next where we’ve implemented all of those new range of cost-efficient products competitive. You can always have
year of a new C-segment hatchback, things, it gave us an increase in sales which will be specifically created for market share by buying it. That’s not
and a big saloon part-signalled by the since 2013 of 28%,” says Jackson. international markets”. The project is our philosophy. We’ve moved the PSA
CXperience concept, which Jackson “That means we’re approaching the called C-Cubed because it consists of Group from a near-death situation
says “is our inspiration”. objective of getting a 5% market share “three words: cool, comfortable and in 2013 to an extremely profitable
The product plan, she says, “is based in Europe. We’re well on track.” Better clever, the last of these being about business now. And that is about
on two key elements. One is to have a still, “this is a very profitable growth”. clever and fresh ways of reducing cost choosing where you compete. You
design that stands out a little bit, so it’s “What we need to do now is take and showroom prices. The project is have to build a sound business, and we
immediately recognisable as a Citroën, that recipe and install it across all the “also about clever design, and thinking have to accept that we do that slowly.”
and the other is comfort. Comfort with regions of the world,” Jackson adds, about what goes into the vehicle”, she Slowly, but if the 19_19 and Ami
a very modern approach, not just about “and also go into new markets like says. “Cars in Europe often have so One are indicators, at times
suspension, not just seat technology, India.” India will be a target not only for much technology that people don’t rather excitingly.

1940 Citroën 1948 2CV, ‘the 1950 Pierre 1957 Cheaper, 1961 Oddball
factories umbrella on Boulanger, boss of simpler ID19 twin-cylinder Ami
occupied by wheels’, makes Citroën and father replaces Traction 6 introduced,
German forces. its debut of the 2CV, dies 1955 New DS19 wins 12,000 Avant, of which becomes France’s
2CV prototypes orders on Paris show opener. 750,000 made best-seller
hidden 1947 H-van features distinctive Hydropneumatic suspension,
corrugated body panels, power steering and brakes, Bertoni
front-drive, super-low floor body create automotive legend




Citroën’s celebratory 19_19 concept perfectly encapsulates a century of creativity

Goodyear spent
months making those
giant wheels viable

eople used to describe reference to Citroën’s legendary The comfort element is no being lidar sensors – although the
P travelling in the 1955 Citroën
DS19 as ‘other-worldly’.
achievements with hydraulic
plumbing is perfect for a car
surprise to hear. The company is
already pursuing the realisation
driver can pilot if desired. Sizeable
doors open onto a large cabin free of
And when you set this self-levitating, built to celebrate the company’s of “designing cars with advanced obstructive B-pillars; much of it is
space-age-shaped, hydraulically achievement-studded centenary. comfort. It’s more than about the upholstered in purple, with the twin
suspended car in the context of the The 19_19 combines an unmissably suspension and seats,” says Peugeot, centre consoles and steering wheel
crude, steel-sprung, clumsily crafted bold juxtaposition of wheels to body, and includes “storage, acoustics and fashioned in marble-like white. The
cars from 60 years ago, it’s easy to see the ground clearance to survive simplicity”. But, he adds, “we cannot front passenger’s generous recliner
why. Approaching 2019’s 19_19 for an urban dystopia, assertively play these two cards in the same way is trimmed in white too, for a more
a drive triggers similarly foreign sculptural lighting and fresh palettes as in the past. The boldness cannot soothing ambience. Jackson explains
planet thoughts. of colour and texture with an exciting be as extreme.” that the idea was to “move away
The 19_19 is a car that looks like slug of symbolism. The symbolism “We had lots of highly creative and from a very conventional seating
no other, its pod-like cabin slung is not only the marking of 100 years, disruptive cars,” he adds, referring arrangement. Each individual has a
between enormous wheels capped but also an arrow to the future. to the 2CV and DS19 – machines that different seat. They can lie in it. They
with old-school mudguards, its body Those wide-strung strips of nose almost turned vehicle engineering have different experiences, which
part-blue, part-black, its headlights and tail-lights, for example, are a on its head. creates more of a lounge effect.
mere strips, its glass nose recessed sizeable hint at a look planned for Such substantial reinventions are We’re thinking about all the
beneath them. The slender pair of showroom Citroëns soon. not on the agenda, but Peugeot says passengers, not just the driver.”
conning tower-like objects bursting More exciting and significant than that Citroën will “push ideas in a The latter will climb a black sill
from the rear of the roof lend it this, though, is what the 19_19 says disruptive way – there are more bold high enough that you almost step
that moon buggy aura; the 19_19 is about the make-up of tomorrow’s ideas to come”. One of those, namely up into it, before sinking into the
poised with the ground clearance of Citroëns. Xavier Peugeot, Citroën’s the 19_19’s adoption of big-diameter bucket-like cluster of cushions that
one of its old, hydropneumatically head of product planning as well wheels and relatively narrow tyres, is the lower portion of the driver’s
sprung ancestors sitting at as a scion of his famous surname, Peugeot hints at later. seat. Those cushions look supremely
maximum ride height. explains: “We want to capitalise More conventional, these days, comfortable but, because this is the
Whether intentional or not, any on the Citroën DNA with two key is that it’s fully electric and fully stylish but undeveloped chair of a
ideas: boldness – the capacity to autonomous – those vestigial towers concept, they’re lumpier than you

We want to
dare, to challenge the rules –
and comfort.” The starting
point, however, was CEO Linda
Jackson’s discovery of a “United
might expect. Never mind – there’s
a rectangular steering wheel
to divert your interest, its
trad-Citroën single spoke
Nations survey saying that, by providing a not-very-readable
capitalise on the 2050, 68% of us will be living
in cities and urban areas”. This
sequence of colour displays.
Beyond it, you stare through

Citroën DNA with stat inspired the Ami One,

while a second stat – “that
62% of the 68% want to get out
a shallow windscreen bounded
by fat, curving pillars. This
vista and the shallow glazing
boldness of the city at the weekend” –
triggered thoughts of achieving
of the doors are reminiscent of
the view out from a fat-pillared

this in the style and comfort saloon from the 1940s, which
provided by the 19_19. isn’t inappropriate given the ◊

1968 Citroën 1969 The one 1974 CX replaces DS. 1975 Last of 1976 Michelin
buys Maserati millionth DS rolls Less innovative, still 1,330,755 DSs sells Citroën
„ Fiat buys 15% off the production dramatic built at closing shares to Peugeot.
of Citroën, forms line: a DS 21 with „ Peugeot buys 38% Javel factory PSA formed
holding company gold bodywork 1970 Highly sophisticated, of Citroën
1967 Dyane launched with Michelin compact GS launched
as 2CV replacement. „ Beautiful SM – hydropneumatic
The original outlives it suspension, V6 Maserati power


like a cloud easier to picture. It’s
certainly easy to see how you’d doze
off in the airline-style recliner of a
front passenger seat, the personal
assistant doubtless waking you on
arrival with some soft-spoken words.
Peugeot says that Citroën’s “next
cars will challenge their class codes,
as SUVs have done”. Indeed, it’s
the potential evolution of the SUV
that Jackson talks of in the context
of the 19_19’s dramatic shape and
large wheels: “You have to be careful
about adding big wheels because big
wheels add weight – you need to find
clever ways of making them light, by
making them narrower, for example.
But you certainly get a completely
different posture, and it’s something
we are testing with the 19_19.
“We shall see whether we move it.
Wheel will retract and But I think the biggest impact of this
seat recline at nap time design will be on SUVs – how we get
to something that’s very light, that’s
CO2-friendly, that’s aerodynamic,
Δ 19_19’s mudguards. In every other There will be no AI driving in this and the black ring that surrounds it, which is something SUVs currently
way, though, this Citroën bounds prototype, but the 19_19 does drive. half of this jutting beyond the brick- aren’t. That will be an evolution.”
effortlessly into the future. The The main noises of progress are the like console itself. That’s your gear This is promising news
slender black Chevron-sculpted low hum of its electric motor and selector, and it’s among the more corroborated by Peugeot. “It’s too
dashboard is bereft of instruments the squeal of the giant Goodyear pleasingly weird of its type. early to explain the recipe,” he says,
and knobs, vital information being tyres on the painted hangar floor Citroën design chief Pierre Leclercq “but we need different silhouettes in
provided instead by a head-up (the 19_19 is confined to the inside says that “a suspended passenger cell the coming years.”
display. This clean, uncluttered because its show-car bodywork was the first idea for this car, a cloud Citroën has created many of
look signposts Citroën’s quest for doesn’t like an unusually potent upon wheels” – and while it’s hard those, the best of them the result
simplified interiors decluttered English summer sun). You soon to imagine that when trundling at of bold imagination unfettered by
of knobs, switches and controls. discover that a resolutely rectangular 15mph in a hangar, the sumptuous convention. That’s just like the 19_19,
Mounted within the dashboard is steering wheel is not the ideal piece seating, the highly advanced whose shape, ideas, propulsion,
a large black cylinder that is your of direction-changing gear but, hey, suspension (anti-roll systems, road- proportions, communication, colour,
so-called personal assistant, which this is fantasy and it looks good. More reading via tyre sensors and Citroën’s texture and design are a more than
rises periscope-style when called ergonomically effective are the subtle Progressive Hydraulic cushions aid worthy symbol of Citroën’s creative
on to do the driving, before the start button in the marble-look centre the suspending) and the lounge-like century. May many of the hints that it
steering wheel and pedals retract. console (it’s actually a composite) airiness of the cabin make wandering contains become real.


WHEN YOU SEE the Citroën 19_19 and designers also work on the production in the future, and more differentiation
Ami One concepts, especially together, cars, and we always go back to them from other brands. It’s very positive.”
it’s quite easy to conclude that when we’re developing new cars. The That differentiation will come from
they’re boldly different enough to be Ami One is visionary in the short-term “the contrast between the flowing
semi-irrelevant. But Pierre Leclercq, future, the 19_19 is for 2030, so we had lines of our cars, a reflection of their
Citroën’s head of design, says of the more freedom.” aeronautics, and different interiors,
19_19: “There’s nothing too crazy about The pair are a fine celebration which will be super-simple. This
it. We’re trying to be professional. This of Citroën’s 100 years, bookending contrast will be the future of Citroën.”
is not a student project.” As partial its model range and pregnant with Leclercq’s enthusiasm is further
proof of this, he points out that tyre interesting ideas. But the inevitable fuelled by the rising importance of
maker Goodyear “spent a lot of money question: will we see this exciting, fresh design. “Around 15, 20 years ago,
on the concept”. Citroën’s designers thinking in Citroën’s showrooms? design was a luxury,” he says, not only
were concerned that with its huge Leclercq joined Citroën from Kia “The next five years is not just an in cars but in the wider world. Luxury
wheels, “it might not work well, so we last year and certainly sounds bullish: evolution – we want to do more than Italian furniture maker Boffi is about
got Goodyear to explore the wheel and “Reinvention is what we’ll do – not this. We’re facing the biggest change design but so is Ikea, he says by way of
tyre, which they spent several months just adding a bit of water to the soup. in the car industry, and with all that example. In car design 50 years ago,
working on”. There would be little point We’ll push. We’re always talking about change comes new technology. Some Leclercq adds, “all the engineering
in that if this rather exciting big-wheel revolution. I like to work for a company people are worried and prefer to was done in-house, and the design was
concept was purely decorative. making a revolution with every retire. I’m excited. By 2030, we’ll look done outside. Now the engineering
Leclercq says: “Concept cars are generation. Citroën has always brought totally different to today. We’ll have is done with suppliers, and the design
there to inspire us, the company something different. We’ve got to have more freedom to change proportions. is in-house.” And in Citroën’s house,
and the industry. Our concept car a story, and it’s got to be very coherent. Citroëns will have better proportions it sounds very exciting.

1986 Ultralight, 1990 Last 2CV 1991 Peugeot 1993 Xantia,

low-drag AX produced at Citroën’s 306-based ZX is co-designed
supermini Portuguese plant utterly conventional by Citroën
introduced and profitable and Bertone,
1989 Bertone-designed replaces BX 1994 Suspension’s
1982 Mid-size BX helps XM fatefully combines holy grail – no body
turn Citroën around; electronics with roll – achieved with
2.35 million sold hydraulic suspension Xantia Activa




The quirky Ami One concept envisions the future of emissions-free urban mobility
t’s about the same size as
I the original Smart Fortwo
and, you might think as
Citroën is exploring
low-cost, on-demand
you prepare to board, appears urban transportation
likely to offer a fairly similar
driving experience. But in spite
of being another French-made
wheeled cube for city streets, the
Ami One provides rather different
sensations than a Fortwo does and,
indeed, has been conceived for a
different mission besides.
This is a car that not only probes
new modes of urban transport for
the near future, but also explores
the challenge facing Citroën and
all makers of small city cars. Soon
they will face European CO2 and
particulate emission standards
that threaten to push city car prices
up substantially, prompt them to
go electric or even to become
extinct. The Ami One is one
possible answer to this challenge.
Citroën marketing boss Arnaud
Belloni says that the Ami One
and the methods of selling it are
designed to tempt the young into
driving, by making it a lot more
accessible, a lot more affordable
scheme such as Zipcar, while
the longer periods would mean
ownership, probably through a PCP.
Belloni reckons young drivers
Ami One
upbeat mood is maintained by the
soft jangling sound it makes once
it’s on the move to warn other road
users. Accelerate, and the jangling
and a lot more convenient. The “still love cars” but are priced out speeds up. And even though this is
accessibility is about enabling
people as young as 14 in the EU
of the market. Keeping the price
low also sees plenty of “smart ideas, accelerates our the design department’s full-size
model, it’s easy to see how zippy
to drive the Ami One, because
it’s classified as a quadricycle
(in Britain, the minimum age
like the double use of panels” for
removing cost from the Ami One
itself, explains Peugeot. Its big
thoughts on this car could be, not because it’s
outright fast – its top speed is
28mph – but because it’s easy to see
requirement is 16). Despite this,
product planning chief Xavier
Peugeot says that Citroën will
doors are identical and hinged at
different ends as a consequence, the
front panels are the same but don’t
urban mobility out and to know where its colourful
body starts and ends.
There’s no high-torque electric
not develop a car that qualifies
as a quadricycle.
On affordability, Belloni points
look it because they’re mounted
at different heights, and the
wheel arches and tail-lights
The generous feeling of space
whizz from rest because this is a
concept, but you can be sure that
a production version would hit
out that in France it costs around are identical too. is heightened by a windscreen 28mph swiftly enough to keep up
¤1000 to get a driving licence, Despite this low-cost quest, the that wraps into A-pillars that are with bigger beasts. And it would be
¤100-150 per month to park a car Ami One has a flip-back fabric roof effectively vertical, pulling them a hell of a lot more manoeuvrable.
if you live in Paris, about ¤50 a and more space ahead of you than right out of the way. All that space Production, however, is not what the
month to insure a car, plus petrol pretty much any other car; the and plenty of colour make the Ami Ami One is destined for. “Ami One
and buying the vehicle itself. attractively shaped dashboard, such One cabin feel cheerily pleasant. The is not just for fun. We won’t make
“These are five reasons not to buy as it is, is quite some distance it, but it accelerates our thoughts
a car,” he says. Citroën’s idea for from you. The instruments on urban mobility and electric
the Ami One is that it could be used are mounted on the steering solutions,” says Peugeot.
“for five minutes, five hours, five column, to the right of which A low-cost urban transport
days, five months or five years”, is a neat rotary gear selector vehicle is imperative to deal
Citroën’s point being to underline knob. For connectivity, music, with Citroën boss Linda
the on-demand convenience of navigation and all other digital Jackson’s point that 68% of the
this approach. Peugeot reckons the desires, drivers use their world’s population will soon
young want “no waiting. They want phones, for which a specific live in cities. This statistic, she
it now, and for a specific moment.” Ami One app is available that Young drivers says, was the key driver for this
For five minutes, five hours or bundles all your required are being priced concept. Don’t expect the Ami
five days, the user would access the apps into one easily used out, says Belloni One, but do expect something
Ami One through a car-sharing arrangement. similar from Citroën in time.

1995 Saxo launched, 1996 Voluminous 1997 Marginally 1998 Artist’s 2002 Curvy C3 2003 C3
rides Max Power van-based Berlingo less dull Xsara name licensed over 5dr supermini Picasso MPV
modding frenzy launched. Not sexy but replaces ZX. Picasso’s dead body. replaces Saxo is launched
practical and popular Sells well Xsara Picasso sells
fast and cheap, 2000 C3 Pluriel launched.
unlike Pablo’s work Clever, frequently damp
„ C5. So ugly it’s facelifted
before launch. To limited effect



TOP 10s
2 0 1 9 1 9_ 1 9
Boldly imaginative, centenary-
celebrating autonomous EV of
tantalisingly unusual proportions

The trailblazing brand has served up some bold, beautiful and 2

1956 C 10
downright bonkers fare in its time. Here’s the most memorable Out-there thoughts on gap-filler
between 2CV and DS. Alloy body,
0.26 Cd, 382kg, 60mph from 2CV twin
1 1 93 9 2 C V P R O T O T Y P E 3
Shed-made-in-shed look masks MOST 1980 K ARIN
best-selling brilliance
B E A U T IF U L Pyramidal glasshouse, capped with
A3 sheet-sized roof, housed McLaren
2 1 9 61 A M I 6 F1-style three-seat cockpit
Extravagantly overhanging roof,
concave bonnet and rearwards raked 4
pillars implying (unavailable) pace 2006 C- M ETISSE
First of several glamorous 21st-century
sports coupé concepts from Citroën,
none producing a new SM

1 9 72 G S C A M A R G U E
Citroën’s first Bertone collaboration
yielded what would become the BX’s
3 1 92 9 K E G R E S S E nose, and a GS coupé six inches wider
Half car, half tank, the half-track 1 1 9 70 S M 6 1 93 4 T R AC T I O N 1 1
Kégresse introduced motorised Elegantly sensuous, Maserati- Of the many Traction Avant varieties,
adventure to French imaginations engined Gallic glamour. Could this is visually the most satisfying
be trouble
4 1 9 47 T Y P E H VA N 7 1 93 4 1 1 B C A B R I O L E T
Panels shamelessly corrugated for 2 1955 DS19 Jauntily elegant front-drive roadster,
strength, a stub of a bonnet and Redefined automotive beauty, in complete with dicky seat
separate headlights a fluid-suspended family saloon
8 1 922 5 H P 6
5 1 9 69 M 3 5 3 1 9 61 D S D E C A P O TA B L E Neat, small and pretty with its boat- 2011 TU B I K
An Ami coupé shorn of odd D-pillars, BY CHAPRO N tail, and only available in yellow Brilliant remake of the H-van as a luxury
re-engineered with rotary engine and As indulgently civilised as it looks, nine-seat MPV. A minibus made cool
hydropneumatic suspension worth big money now 9 2009 DS3
One of the prettiest superminis so far 7
6 1968 M EHARI 4 1 9 74 CX this century, successful enough to 1986 EOLE
Plastic-bodied, hose-out Dyane perfect It could never repeat DS’s prompt the birth of the DS brand Enclosed wheels smoothed the
for casual Côte d’Azur moments. reinvention, but ’74 CX still powered computer-designed Eole to a
Produced for 20 years extravagantly into tomorrow 10 1983 BX spectacular 0.17 Cd. Aquatic look
Possessed of its own angular beauty, implied super-tanker manoeuvrability
7 1 9 78 V I S A 5 1 9 70 G S the BX was the work of Bertone’s
Tall, narrow, slab-sided and snout-like The 1970s’ most shapely, technically Marcello Gandini, creator of 8
of grille, the original Visa was not a dense, capable small saloon Lamborghini’s Miura and Countach 1 9 92 C I T E L A
happy-looking car but sold well Earnest electric urban scootabout could
have been designed this century
8 2016 E- M EHARI
In case you thought Citroën had 9
deserted Strangeville, there’s this EV 2 0 0 9 S U R V O LT
Méhari reprise, but not for Brits Not Citroën’s usual fare, a two-seat
electric coupé, but grille hinted at 2CV
9 1958 2CV SAHAR A
Car not powerful enough to ride dunes? 10
Then fit a second engine 2008 GT BY CITRO E N
Created for Gran Turismo 5, was a 21st-
1 0 1 9 8 6 B X 4T C century Citroën supercar as fantastical
The forgotten Group B rally car, its as the game for which it was conceived
snout distended by a longitudinally
installed turbo Talbot engine

2004 New C4 2006 C4 Grand 2007 Lightly 2008 New C5 2009 New C3’s
features bolder design, Picasso seven-seat reclothed Mitsubishi advertised as windscreen cuts
especially inside MPV. Windscreen Outlander produces German. Eh? deep into roof
extends into roof C-Crosser SUV „ DS sub-brand 2010 C-Zero EV, a rebadged
– ideal for Eiffel announced Mitsubishi, makes debut
spotting „ New C4 returns to the dull.
2005 C1 city car launched in Unless multi-coloured dash
collaboration with Toyota lighting is your thing


1 5
2009 -19 1 9 6 8 L O N D O N -T O -
No maker has won more. A A head-on crash robbed
record eight manufacturers’ Citroën of victory in the
and nine drivers’ titles and 1968 London-Sydney
254 podiums resulted Marathon just 98 miles from
the end of the 10,373-mile
2 rally, crippling the lead DS
IN N O V A T IO N S 1 93 4 T R A C T I O N 1 1 A L
François Lecot logs 6
400,000km in one year 2 0 07- 1 0 C 4 W R C 119 podium finishes were
Three WRC manufacturers’ collected by this saloon
1 1 9 5 4 H Y D R O P N E U M AT I C 3 titles, four drivers’ titles
SUSPENSION 1 93 3 C I T R O E N and 36 rally wins, most with 9
Super-stable, super-soft, self-levelling, ROSALIE Sébastien Loeb 1 9 5 5 -75 D S M O N T E
precision-machined hydraulics provided A teardrop-bodied single- C A R L O R A L LY
Citroën’s giant leap seat C6 covers 300,000km 7 The DS19 won the ’59 Monte
(186,451 miles) in 134 days, 2001- 06 XSARA WRC Carlo and controversially
2 1 93 4 F R O N T- D R I V E , averaging 60mph The Xsara won Citroën in ’66, when the Minis were
32 WRC rallies, three
consecutive WRC titles and
wrongly disqualified
The Traction Avant wasn’t first with 1990 - 97 Loeb three drivers’ titles 10
these, but the combination massively Z X R A L LY R A I D 1 9 8 1 CX W I N S 1
advanced mainstream cars Five championships in 8 PA R I S - D A K A R
1948 2CV
cross-country rallies, 2014 -16 W TCC The CX excelled on long-
3 1948 I NTERCON N ECTED four Paris-Dakar wins, C - E LYS E E distance events. A triple 3,868,634
STEEL SUSPENSION five manufacturers’ and Three manufacturers’ and Senegal rally winner, it won
Allowed the 2CV a level ride largely drivers’ titles drivers’ titles, 50 wins and the Paris-Dakar in 1981
unaffected by load, and minimised 1986 A X
boot intrusion 2,425,138
4 1 9 5 5 P L A S T I C D A S H B OA R D G RE AT ES T PR O M O TI O N S 3
The DS was the first mass-produced car 1983 BX
to use a moulded plastic dashboard 1 EIFFEL TOWER
Hard, um, to top this: Citroën colonised the
5 1 9 67 S W I V E L L I N G famous Paris landmark from 1925 to 1934 4
1 9 70 G S
Common now, light on the future in 2 CX , G R A C E J O N E S
1967, for the facelifted DS A CX blasts from the gaping mouth of 1,896,742
striking ’80s chanteuse Grace Jones
6 1995 N O - RO LL SUS PE N S I O N
The ultimate development of fluid 3 C4 TRANSFORMER 1999 XSARA PICASSO
suspension allowed the Xantia Activa
roll-free cornering
Inspired C4 Transformer car was “alive 1,759,841
with technology”, and a mover too
7 1 9 70 VA R I P O W E R S T E E R I N G 4 DS19 M I L AN TRI EN NALE 1990 ZX
World’s first variable assistance
steering, with controlled self-centring,
The DS as spaceship and sculpture at
1957’s international design exhibition.
for SM, CX and early XM It won the grand prize 7 SM CRANE 7
Citroën was renowned for its 1996 SA XO
8 1 9 78 S AT E L L I T E C O N T R O L S 5 2CV brochures, this floating SM shot by
Visa features fingertip operation of ‘COULDN’T’ fashion photographer Sarah Moon 1,653,514
lights, wipers, indicators and horn from Wit was the best
drum-shaped controller way to sell the still- 8 C3 VISIOSCREEN 8
outlandish 2CV, It’s difficult to think of a more dramatic way of 1955 DS/I D
9 1 9 61 T R A F F I C L U T C H
A centrifugal clutch enabled 2CV drivers
this print ad one
of a series
demonstrating the C3’s huge windscreen 1,456,115
to go clutchless in traffic jams, revving 9 2CV ‘LIBERTE’ 9
above idle in first engaging the clutch 6 LIGHT A 1961 repositioning of the 2CV as young 1 9 67 DYA N E
FIFTEEN CRASH freedom wheels as well as a farmer’s car
1 0 1 9 72 C - M AT I C A U T O M AT E D How do you prove 1,443,583
MAN UAL the toughness of 10 C6 10
An electric actuator in the gearknob your cars in the 1930s? Push one off a cliff. From the era when ads were illustrated to the
1997 XSAR A
operated the clutch for two-pedal And drive it away standard of artworks
driving. Don’t rest your hand on it… 1,317,434
2011 DS4 is more 2013 Second-generation 2014 DS sub- 2016 Third- 2017 C3 Aircross – 2018 New Berlingo
interesting than C4 C4 Picasso on new, lighter brand becomes generation C3 – first small crossover shared with Toyota,
„ DS5 is a great looker, platform. Renamed DS Automobiles, Airbumps, bi-colour „ C5 Aircross – Peugeot
ruined by iron ride Spacetourer in 2018 depriving Citroën paint, dashcam follows SUV trend,
of three models more comfortably
„ Second-generation C1
„ C4 Cactus – fresh colours,
Airbumps and new look


How practical is it to drive a Jaguar I-Pace across Europe? Julian Rendell finds out
he maths is simple. 90kWh battery in under an hour. In the planning stage, I opt for a fast-charge hardware and I-Pace
Frankfurt and its We are going to use exclusively the conservative strategy of nine fast- on-board electronics will work
T biennial motor show
lie 501 miles from
Autocar Towers in
fast-charger network run by Ionity
(see separate story, p57), newly
established by car makers as their
charge stops in total for a round trip
of around 1000 miles. But during the
journey itself, I’m left wishing we
together. Will the battery be
able to take a 100% charge in a
sensible time?
Twickenham, according to Google version of Tesla’s Supercharger could drop a couple of stops to speed Good news at the first Ionity
Maps. This Jaguar I-Pace, Autocar’s network and intended to facilitate up progress. charge-up on the M20 services at
long-term test car, has an official exactly what Autocar is attempting: a More experience of driving the Maidstone. All goes well with the
range of 298 miles. So you can work cross-Continent journey by battery- I-Pace in the UK would have given me charger technology, which works
out for yourself how many re-charge electric vehicle (BEV). the confidence to push the stops, but smoothly after the New Motion
stops might be needed – in theory – Planning the journey is a there are a few unknowns about RFID card unlocks the pump and
to get to Frankfurt. But we’re more challenge in itself. Ionity’s range, plus an unmovable electrons flow at a rate of just under
interested in how such a road trip for chargers are placed Apart deadline to attend a press 1kWh per minute. I pump in 36kWh
one of the new breed of long-range around 85 to 100 miles from a fellow conference in Frankfurt in 48 minutes and then head towards
electric cars like the I-Pace will pan apart and, given that hack on a similar set by news editor Belgium with a 187-mile range,
out in practice. the I-Pace’s real-world mission, Autocar saw Lawrence Allan, so enough for a 60-mile buffer, and a
What makes the journey a feasible range appears to be three motorists using a stranding is out of confident feeling about the drive
proposition this year is the growing 200 miles, it’s a tricky Ionity chargers: two the question. to Shell Wetteren. The sole glitch
number of fast-charging stations balance to decide how were topping-up Audi We also don’t is locating the chargers inside the
that promise to reload the I-Pace’s far to push the stops. E-trons, the other a know how the Ionity service area because there are no ◊
Kia Niro.

STOP 1 M20 services, Maidstone.  

Charge: 36kWh. Range in: 100 miles, bat
48%. Range out: 187 miles, batter y 92%
STOP 3 Bierset, Liège.
84 miles. Charge: 47kWh.
Range in: 83 miles,
battery 43%. Range out:
201 miles, battery 100%

STOP 2 Shell Wetteren, Ghent.

127 miles. Charge: 57kWh.
Range in: 50 miles, battery 25%.
Range out: 190 miles, battery 93%



Distance travelled 295 miles L EG 2

Total time 9hr 58min
Total charge 140kWh Distance travelled 192 miles L EG 3
Total charging time 2hr 20min Total time 5hr 20min
Total charge 44kWh Distance travelled 338 miles L EG 4
Total charging time 51min Total time 11hr 31min
Total charge 199kWh Distance travelled 199 miles
Total charging time 3hr 6min Total time 6hr 4min
Total charge 45kWh
Total charging time 42min

T RI P TOTA L Distance travelled 1024 miles Total time 32hr 53min Total charge 425kWh* Total charging time 7hr 21min
*Includes 45min 7kWh top-up, Eurotunnel


STOP 4 Bad Honnef. Charge: 44kWh.
Range in: 72 miles, battery 38%.
Range out: 184 miles, battery 92%

Nahetal, Bingen.
Charge: 50kWh.
Range in: 25 miles,
battery 13%. Range out:
139 miles, battery 72%

Δ signs. This emerges as an ongoing 55-minute charge, the I-Pace gets I’m grateful the technology once sat-nav as I struggle to locate Ionity’s
challenge: none of the five charging 57kWh of charge and a 93% battery: more works smoothly, but putting Bad Honnef charging station,
areas I use has signs. It doesn’t matter 190 miles of range. myself in the mindset of the owner approached via a loop of local roads
at some because they can be seen At this point – 4pm on Sunday of an £80k cutting-edge BEV, I and tricky junctions, well away from
easily, but at others, it’s a matter of with another fast-charge in the think I’d avoid this site in future. the A9 autobahn south of Bonn.
driving around hoping to find them. schedule – I wish that my overnight Unfortunately, I’m committed to Again, the charger works a treat
Exiting the Chunnel, I feel a sense stop in Liège, 92 miles away, had using it on my return journey. and the I-Pace drinks up the charge.
of relief that the Continental part of ‘destination charging’ for a slow Well rested overnight, I’m on the This is a long stop as I take on 44kWh
the journey can start in earnest and overnight top-up. Instead, I must road by 7am on Monday, day two, because my Frankfurt hotel has no
the I-Pace settles into the traffic at stop on the outskirts of Liège to take with that immovable deadline of the destination charging so my return
around 70-80mph, giving us a chance sufficient range for the 106-mile press conference at 1.30pm. to the UK has to start with charge
to absorb how brilliant a cruiser it drive on Monday morning to my first The I-Pace and Ionity charging already picked up in Bad Honnef.
is. The seats are really comfortable, charge-up in Germany. network are now real business tools. The discrepancy between charging
the ride is supple yet planted and My mood sinks as I arrive at Driving conditions are much more rates at different locations also comes
progress is super-quiet, with only the Ionity’s Bierset site near Liège serious, too, with the autobahn into focus: Wetteren was a 55-minute
gentle rush of air over the body and a airport. Located at a truck packed with cars and trucks charge for 57kWh; Bad Honnef is 51
little tyre noise audible. It definitely stop, the shop/toilet block Working single-mindedly heading minutes for 44kWh.
feels like a luxury car. is shut, the chargers out how much to their destinations. We arrive at Frankfurt, and with
I arrive at Shell Wetteren with 50 are located on the CO2 was saved on a Heavy rush-hour work at the show out of the way,
miles of range and 25% battery, more truck side of the 1024-mile electric round traffic around the next task is a photo shoot with
confirmation that 200 miles is the parking area and it trip to Frankfurt is tricky and Cologne puts me Autocar snapper Olgun Kordal. This
real-world range to plan around. feels unfriendly and could be a story all of its own. behind schedule reduces the car’s range to 57 miles,
After six hours on the go, I decide desolate. The smell The New Motion app suggested and not for the first with 44 miles to the first Ionity fast-
on a longer stop than is maybe ideal of the drains is also an average of about 40kg time do I curse the charger on the return leg to the UK.
for rapid progress. So with a relaxed overpowering. of CO2 per charge, for a I-Pace’s slow-witted I probably shouldn’t be concerned
total trip saving of
56 AUTOCAR.CO.UK 2 OCTOBER 2019 360kg.

STOP 6 Eifel West, Niederöfflingen.

Charge: 63kWh. Range in: 25 miles, battery
Range out: 181 miles, battery 90%

STOP 7 Nahetal, Bingen.

Charge: 50kWh. Rendell enjoys the
Range in: 25 miles, battery 13%. I-Pace’s refinement
Range out: 139 miles, battery 72% and ease of driving

STOP 8 Wetteren, Ghent.

Charge: 60kWh.
Range in: 21 miles, battery 12%.
Range out: 162 miles, battery 82%

STOP 9 M20 services, Maidstone,

128 miles.   Charge: 36kWh.
Range in: 58 miles, battery 30%.
Range out: 95 miles, battery 51%

and should trust in the technology, the three-stop strategy as I arrive in Better signage would enhance ease
but I can’t shake the range anxiety. Ghent for a final overnight stop. of use and fewer truck stop locations W H O A R E I O N I T Y?
Economy driving mode is selected A pleasant surprise comes in the would improve the experience.
alongside 80km/h (50mph) on the shape of an unused 7kW charger in There’s also work to be done on Ionity is a joint venture between
cruise control to preserve range. This the hotel car park, so I grab a chance intervals between chargers and I the BMW Group, Daimler, Ford,
works and I roll into Bingen services to ‘destination charge’, urged on by reckon at least two fewer stops would the Volkswagen Group and latest
in euphoric mood – with 25 miles still the hotelier, who is an electric car have been possible given a wider member Hyundai-Kia.
in the battery! enthusiast, and top up the range to choice of locations. A long-haul trip Formed in October 2017, it
I’m learning lessons about cross- a full 200 miles for the run back to like this would also be much more is about one-third of the way
continent BEV driving. It may well be London, where I arrive at lunchtime relaxing with guaranteed destination towards its target of opening
better to roll at a slower pace and save on Thursday. charging because that would have 400 fast-charging locations,
time otherwise taken up by charging. In many ways, this trip was so very eliminated another two stops. capable of up to 350kW output,
I just need an in-car app to do the remarkable. Just two years ago, it But the biggest improvement in across Europe by next year. Fifty
maths for me. would have been impractical. Yet the the future will be integrating in-car locations are planned for the
The drive across Germany now speed at which Ionity has set up its sat-nav with on-board range data UK, with fast-charging sites in
takes on a sweet rhythm. I’m on a network now makes it a reality and and charger location finding to make Maidstone and Gretna Green
northwesterly route home through the charging hardware worked 100% planning the trip and responding now operational.
the Eifel mountains, traffic is light reliably for me. on route to battery charge levels Today, each session costs €8
and the speeds are good. On one The cost was low, too. At ¤8 per much easier. on the Continent and £8 in the
derestricted and gently downhill charge, total energy costs were £64 Right now, cross-Continental UK – you can pay directly via
section, there’s even a chance to max for 1064 miles. A 50mpg diesel car motoring is here and doable with your smartphone throughout
the I-Pace at an indicated 129mph, would have cost twice that. Time is a the Ionity network. For Autocar Europe – but pence-per-kWh
4mph above the official top speed. concern, though. Seven hours were readers who haven’t attempted charging is coming, probably in
Obviously, charge depletes at a taken up by charging, but smarter such a trip, it’s a new challenge the next six months.
faster rate, but there’s no ill effect on planning might reduce that. that’s worth accepting. L



Alvis has not left the building: in

fact, it has just started making cars
again. John Evans pays it a visit

ecarbonise the engine component it has ever designed and four cars have been built (each checked prior to fitment. New ones
and report. Check manufactured. takes two years) at the company’s can be made if necessary.

D power steering and
front wheel alignment.
Straighten up
“My chief interest when acquiring
the company was these documents,”
says Alan Stote, the energetic 71-year-
Kenilworth base and orders for five
more have been received from Alvis’s
distributor in Japan. Depending
Alvis was founded by engineer
and businessman Thomas G John
in Coventry in 1919. Six years later, it
front bumper. To be completed by old boss of Alvis who bought the on the variant, production of each became the first car maker to design
Thursday May 13th, please.’ company from its retiring owner in continuation model is limited to and race a front-wheel-drive car.
So wrote Group Captain Douglas 1994. “I’m very interested in 20th five or 25 cars. Three years after that, its front-drive
Bader, the celebrated RAF fighter century industrial history.” Engines in the pre-war 4.3-litre cars claimed first and second places
ace, in a letter to the works service Fortunately for Alvis, Stote is models are newly manufactured at Le Mans. In 1933, it designed the
manager that he left on the seat of interested in not only the company’s copies of the original motor, based on first all-synchromesh gearbox and
his Alvis ahead of its annual check- past but also its future. To that end, Alvis’s detailed technical drawings, later that year produced the first
up. It’s contained in a bundle of the former Goodyear tyre apprentice, albeit with some modern updates British car with independent front
correspondence relating to Bader’s who went on to make a fortune in including fuel injection, electronic suspension. The war caused Alvis
many Alvis cars (each featured a remould tyres before selling his ignition, battery management and an to shift its focus to the production of
Spitfire mascot), just one of thousands company in 1988, has launched ECU. The blocks and heads are cast military vehicles and aero engines for
of copies of customer correspondence a series of six Alvis continuation in West Bromwich and the cranks and the RAF, but after hostilities ended,
that Alvis has received since being models based on two different rods in Hinckley by Arrow Precision. car production resumed.
founded in 1919 and still keeps and chassis – three pre-war cars, each Remarkably, the 3.0-litre post-war Eventually, in 1967, Alvis stopped
refers to, in addition to the vehicle powered by an Alvis 4.3 straight six, continuation models are powered by building cars. The following year, it
records for each of the 22,000 cars it and three post-war cars with 3.0-litre engines that Alvis manufactured in relocated to Kenilworth, from where
has produced and 17,000 technical Alvis engines under their bonnets. the 1960s and have been sitting in it concentrated on making parts for
drawings relating to every major Prices start at £250,000. So far, stock ever since. They’re minutely Alvis cars under the Red Triangle


A LV I S : T O B E
C O N T I N U E D…
“They’re not replicas. It’s just
been a long time between orders,”
says Alvis boss Alan Stote about
his series of continuation cars.
They comprise three pre-war
4.3-litre models (Vanden Plas
Tourer, Bertelli Sports Coupé
and Lancefield Concealed Hood)
and three post-war 3.0-litre cars
(Graber Super Coupé, Graber
Super Cabriolet and Park Ward
Traditional skills Drop Head Coupé), each costing
work alongside from £250,000. Government
high-tech ones agency Vosa was involved from the
start, making sure each car met
individual vehicle approval regs.

We road tested the 4.3 Litre Sports Tourer

brand and restoring and to generate the data necessary to

servicing vehicles for customers. the few hundred yards or so to the produce the buck Daz is referencing.
Over 50 years later, under the main workshop, a large three-storey Stote now leads the way to another
ownership of Stote, the company building where the company’s building containing around 20 Alvis
is still restoring cars and making 22-strong team of parts experts cars in various stages of decay that
and distributing parts around the and craftsmen and women toil. It’s he’s collected over the past 40 years
globe for the 4800 Alvis models that a fascinating place, with old Alvis and intends to restore. Elsewhere,
remain on the road. Around 200 pass heirlooms, including those original another building is home to 40
through its workshop each year. engines and even the original parts Alvis models owned by customers
On the day I visit, Stote greets me bins from 1929, rubbing shoulders and awaiting servicing. A 70-point
in the company’s large showroom, with state-of-the-art production and service, Krypton tune, fresh MOT
filled with Alvis models of all ages. vehicle testing machinery. and a valuation costs £595.
Stote’s enthusiasm for Alvis is Old and new skills rub shoulders, As I leave, he thrusts a copy of
infectious. He soon has me cooing too. For example, in one area, Daz, an The Autocar’s 1938 road test of the

` over a 4.3-litre Bertelli Sports Coupé.

I’m more familiar with the later,
expert in aluminium work, is shaping
the body panel of a continuation
Alvis 4.3-litre Sports Tourer into my
hands and indicates its conclusion:
About 4800 more restrained Park Ward-bodied
TF21 cars, and there are a few in
model using an English wheel.
Every so often, he places it against
‘There are cars, good cars and super
cars. When a machine can be put

Alvis cars remain the showroom, but the pre-war 4.3s

are stunning. However, all but the
earliest Alvis models on display share
a full-sized wood buck of the car
to determine the accuracy of the
curvature he’s forming. Watching
into the last of these three categories,
considerable praise is due to the
makers. This model is the latest
on the road a graceful, perfectly proportioned,
low-slung look. Unfortunately, none
is available to drive, so I’ll have to
him is Alistair Pugh of A2P2
Specialists Reverse Engineering,
a specialist supplier, who uses a
4.3 Litre Alvis Sports Tourer.’
“See: it’s the first supercar!”
exclaims Stote. “Autocar says so!”
a imagine how they feel.
From the showroom, we walk
laser to digitise the original Alvis
bodies to the last millimetre in order
With an imagination like that,
Alvis is in good hands. L

Alvis retains records for the 22,000 cars it has built and has 17,000 technical drawings

4.3 Litre 3.0 Litre

Engine  6 cyls in line, 4387cc, 175bhp, 6 cyls in line, 2993cc, 165bhp,
245lb ft, fuel injection 120lb ft, fuel injection
Transmission 6-spd, all-synchromesh 5-spd, all-synchromesh
Suspension  All-independent All-independent
Stote (left) bought Brakes  Discs all round Discs all round
Alvis in 1994 partly Chassis Galvanised steel Galvanised steel
for its large archive Body Aluminium over ash frame Aluminium over ash frame


Getting a sense
of perspective
After working with UK car makers, our Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award
winner has changed gear at Horiba MIRA. Felix Page catches up with him

aving already spent closed doors. However, that doesn’t VRES they’re looking at lots of different projects they’re working on
time at McLaren, mean Campbell has been stuck on the different ways of securing vehicles. was amazing.” Watching the ‘world-
H Toyota and Nissan,
Lewis Campbell’s
four-month career in
other side of the curtain. “I’ve been
seeing everything that goes on around
the department,” he said, stopping
So the same underlying principles of
cybersecurity across my design also
can be found here.”
famous’ Kinematics and Compliance
test rig in action was also listed as an
early highlight.
motoring is already shaping up to be short of revealing vital trade secrets. It’s not all comfortingly familiar, The benefits of such an all-
more colourful than some of even the This department was always though. Campbell’s first two weeks encompassing panorama of the
longest-standing industry kingpins. destined to be a good fit for Campbell, at MIRA were spent getting up to motoring industry’s journey into
However, it’s this latest placement who won the Autocar-Courland speed at the Energy Efficiency and the future are not lost on Campbell,
that offers the best overview of Next Generation Award with a Vehicle Dynamics research facilities, who said the placement “has really
not just British manufacturing plan to tackle vehicle cloning using where he saw first-hand the stringent helped contextualise everything. You
but the global automotive sector innovative blockchain technology. processes that help to ensure each can drive a couple of hundred metres
as a whole. Horiba MIRA, unlike “A large part of my idea was based new car is better than its predecessor. down the road at the facility and see
Campbell’s previous hosts, is not around cybersecurity and vehicle He said: “Getting to see some of the a completely different aspect of the
a car maker but is one of the most identification,” he said, “and at vehicle simulations and some of the business. As you drive through the
influential and advanced motoring gate here, you really are driving into
institutions in the UK. Once little the heart of the automotive industry.”
more than an abandoned airfield With a clear passion for preserving
where manufacturers came to put drivers’ privacy and autonomy,
new models through their paces, the Campbell was quickly given a chance
site has evolved into a revered hub for to prove his abilities with a specially
automotive development since it was tailored individual project. He said:
purchased by Japanese technology “I’ve been creating a cybersecurity
giant Horiba in 2015. demo platform to show some of the
Campbell told us he has “been very, vulnerabilities that can arise from
very lucky to be able to jump around a connected cars.”
couple of different departments” and, Spending some time working
when we caught up with him, he was individually, he said, “has been
rounding off a week at the company’s great to consolidate the things that
new Vehicle Resilience (VRES) I’ve learned while here”, because
facility. He said the 100-strong team although the collaborative ethos
there is working to make “connected of MIRA is a crucial factor in its
and autonomous cars more secure propensity to carry out influential
going into the future” and can reveal research, “jumping around so many
little about what goes on behind CTO Graeme Stewart (left) tells Lewis Campbell: ‘We need new people with fresh ideas’ different departments, it can be hard
The ripple effect of MIRA supporting
the next generation is admirable
to get a grasp of any one thing over a Campbell is a member of the
short period of time”. University of Glasgow’s successful WHY HORIBA MIRA IS GOOD FOR OUR
So how does the work at this top- Formula Student team, which has AWA R D W I N N E R – A N D V I C E V E R S A
secret research facility compare with been granted access to MIRA’s
the manufacturer roles Campbell proving grounds to fine-tune this “The transition from being just a observation and reaction are the core
previously sampled? “The difference season’s racer, an opportunity that, proving ground, as people may principles on display?
between an OEM and a place like Campbell thinks, speaks volumes perceive Horiba MIRA, is something “The pace of change in the
MIRA is quite stark,” Campbell about the company’s commitment to that’s been going on for quite automotive industry is now greater
said. “MIRA isn’t beholden to any young talent. “That’s going to help us a number of years,” says chief than anything that’s been seen since
one OEM, which allows them to learn new things and those skills will technical officer Graeme Stewart. the beginning of automobile history,
do innovative things that an OEM then permeate through our team, and “It’s really important to bring and that means we need new people
couldn’t justify investing the money we’ll take those skills through the together engineering and testing coming in with fresh ideas, because it
into,” which brings together “a very industry with us,” he said. “It’s the in order to provide better overall needs new thinking,” says Stewart.
concentrated group of talented ripple effect of what MIRA’s doing in solutions and you can take a lot of Essentially, cars are quickly
individuals in their field.” supporting the next generation that I learning from the testing.” becoming more intelligent and
And the highlight of Campbell’s think is really quite admirable.” Learning is the key word. thus more prone to technological
time in Nuneaton? Taking a BMW Campbell will now travel up the Where better for Campbell to use manipulation, so it’s up to
M3 out on the track was exciting, he road from Nuneaton to Coventry, his comprehensive and diverse organisations such as Horiba MIRA
said, but the biggest takeaway is “how where he will build on everything automotive skillset to reach definitive to look at the situation with a
much MIRA wants to invest in the he has learned so far with a month verdicts than at a facility where fresh pair of eyes.
future of the automotive industry”. at Jaguar Land Rover. L



Too posh to pull

As I drift around the Yorkshire Dales LETTER OF THE WEEK
in my Caterham on a summer’s
evening, I chuckle at the grubby,
hard-working Series 90 Defenders
I see pulling the inevitable sheep
trailers behind. Never washed, multi-
scarred and not always in the best of
nick, this is a working tool for many
farmers in this part of the world. Citroën Pluriel: a ‘missed opportunity’
One thing I am sure, these farmers
will never replace their tired current
Defenders with anything that is for the reasons given in your report
as posh as the new one and costs (First drives, 18 September). It’s
£45,000, however capable. Does amazing how far it has come in such
Land Rover appreciate this? Yes, a short time, but one thing McLaren
of course it does, but does it care? struggled with is getting the front-
No, not a bit. A pity, and I assume it end styling right. The GT delivers.
means that Mitsubishi, Toyota et al David Dunbar
will be the vehicle of choice in future. Via email
Phill Greetham
Via email Missed opportunity
Max Adams’ choice of the Citroën C3
Friendly fire Pluriel in Clash of the Classifieds
Although I’ve never owned a WIN (18 September) reminded me it was
Defender, nor any other JLR product,
I have a very good friend who
Stunned by new Defender Letter of the week
wins this ValetPRO
exterior protection
probably the last example of the
quirky and innovative models that
currently has a Series 1, a 110, one of Hugely enjoyed your thoughtful introduction to Citroën keep promising, but which
and maintenance kit
the last 90s off the production line the new Defender (11 September). As an 82-year- have yet to really happen.
worth £48
and a Discovery 4. He’s also had at old petrolhead surviving largely on memories, A hatchback with a roll-back roof
least two Range Rover Sports that I I’ll agree with your gist that Gerry McGovern and a pillarless format normally the
can recall and he has a Jaguar XKR. and his team have thought all the obstacles and preserve of Mercedes coupés, this
From this, I think it safe to say that possibilities right through and have done a could have been a winner, but Citroën
he’s been a loyal supporter of the stunning job, precisely judged for huge sales in apparently didn’t bother to design the
brand over many years. world markets. The new design is ultra-modern, seals properly. Making the side rails
When I asked his opinion of the wonderfully detailed, unique in appearance and removable turned a good idea into a
new Defender, his response was character, and so much more appropriate to its daft one, reducing the integrity of the
succinct and to the point: “No calling for fun, hard work and adventure than bodywork and providing routes for
chuffing manual. I don’t believe it.” any of its rivals. Who wants a streamlined potato more water to gush in. If it had been
I suspect he won’t be putting in the jungle or the outback? designed properly with fixed rails, it
down a deposit. Your assertion that If traditionalists are confused, they need not be; would have been unique and possibly
“it will give Discovery 4 owners they must keep their wonderful old vehicles and not grumble too much even successful. Citroën should have
somewhere to go” clearly won’t if others new to the Defender name prefer the best SUV available and are another go, properly executed this
apply in this particular case. happy to pay for the unique experience. time, but the Pluriel will remain one
Kevin Moran David Stevens of motoring’s missed opportunities.
Via email Via email Michael J Bacon
Via email
(Not) Hobson’s choice
So Sir Jim Ratcliffe has decided to fully assembled and painted bodies. appeared in bumpers concealing Motor shows need
produce his ‘spiritual successor’ to Logistically, it makes no sense to small pipes. Many cars now have the support of all car
the Defender in Portugal, forfeiting freight nearly completed vehicles to design flourishes which could be makers, says Richard
one of the marketing advantages Wales to do this and will simply add assumed to be exhausts but are not.
it would have had over JLR’s new to the price of the finished product. However, Audi has taken this
Slovakian-built namesake. While one might have been able to fakery to a whole new level. The new
The facility at Bridgend will be a convince the average buyer of an MG S6 has quad exhaust pipes sticking
‘screwdriver’ operation, inserting 3 that their car was made in the UK out the back. Fitting, you might
drivetrains and interiors to otherwise because it had its engine installed think, for a fire-breathing petrol V8.
at Longbridge, at the Grenadier’s But no, all four pipes are fake, as is
price point Ineos will find it far more the engine noise coming through
difficult to make its case. the car speakers. The reality is
Giles Hobson  that hidden under the car is a twin
Via email exhaust connected to the car’s diesel
engine. Shame on you, Audi.
Audi full of hot air Steve Butterworth
It seemed to start with some Via email
manufacturers putting twin exhaust
pipes on performance wannabes The GT delivers
Steve’s patience with Audi is exhausted when in fact only one pipe was I think the McLaren GT represents
real. Then large apparent exhausts a landmark for the company, but not
No-shows in Frankfurt
I wish Autocar had informed its


readers which vehicle manufacturers
were not exhibiting at the recent
Frankfurt motor show.
The following companies failed
to support the show: Alfa, Citroën,
Dacia, Fiat, Ferrari, Kia, Lexus,
Mazda, MG, Mitsubishi, Nissan, ON SALE 9 OCTOBER
Peugeot, Renault, Ssangyong,
Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota and
Volvo. Can you wonder why motor S P E C I A L F E AT U R E
shows will be a thing of the past
when vehicle manufacturers
choose not to support them?
I visit most shows, but I think it
will be ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Frankfurt’
and ‘Au Revoir, Paris’. But Geneva
will continue as it is still the best
show in Europe.
NEC Birmingham has long gone,
but it too suffered the same problems
with manufacturers failing to
support it. Thankfully I remember
Earls Court. The show manager
Gerry Kunz OBE put on a terrific
show and was well supported by
all manufacturers.
Richard Grant
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Russian doll syndrome

In this world of constant cost-cutting,
it appear that Audi has taken extreme
measures in its design department.
McLaren F1 vs P1 vs Senna
I could always understand that, for Nearly one million of you have watched our YouTube film on McLaren’s
premium brands, having styling cues
from their larger, more expensive hypercar trio. Now Andrew Frankel tells you why they’re so special
models filter down the ranks made
sense in more ways than one. I N V E S T I G AT I O N BEHIND THE SCENES
However, from someone who,
for most cars, can spot make, model
and trim from more than a hundred
yards, I am now of the opinion that
Audi has employed a Xerox machine
to replace the entire design team
– except for the person styling the
A8, which always appears to set the
language for the rest of the line-up.
The A8, A6 and A4 are now almost
indistinguishable from each other
inside and out. While Mercedes is
almost as bad, BMW seems to have
found the right balance between a
cohesive design language across its
saloons yet not allowing the 3, 5 and
7 to suffer Russian doll syndrome.
Will autonomous cars happen? Inside Gaydon
Damon Zeid No, says a leading expert. Read Meet the man running JLR’s
why the industry is dialling back vast new engineering centre



Ariel Atom 4 Mercedes SL BMW M8 Coupé

Fourth generation of the purist’s It was on sale for 13 years, creating The 8 Series is a good base for a
driver’s car meets our road testers plenty of choice for savvy buyers fast coupé – now it’s over to M…

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Is this excitement we’re feeling? About the world’s best-selling car? Yes, it really is
FIRST REPORT and some impressive performance aren’t shrugging nonchalantly it would stand out in a line-up of
versions – including huge motorsport any more. Because the new Corolla family hatches, but it’s not so extreme
WHY WE ’ R E RU N N I N G IT success in touring cars and the World looks really very nice. It’s stylish that it’s going to scare anyone off.
To find out if the reborn, revamped Rally Championship. It’s a car with and dramatic, and underpinned Still, it undeniably has presence and
Corolla can cut it with the best in the a proud automotive history: earlier with on-trend tech and plenty of character – not something you could
hugely competitive family car class this year, I made the case for it to be nice flourishes. It’s actually quite say about some previous versions
named our automotive ‘icon of icons’ interesting. It really is, I think, of the Corolla.
have a confession to at the Autocar Awards. a little bit exciting. That this Corolla – representing
make. I have just been It didn’t win our public vote, But is that excitement genuine and the 12th generation of the model – is
I given the keys to a new
Toyota Corolla and I am…
predictably. And that’s because,
despite those notable highs, the
merited, or is it merely the result of
the intrigue of Toyota attaching a
different from its titular predecessor
is of little surprise. The world has
excited. Genuinely. Is that normal? standard road-going versions didn’t previously moribund nameplate to a changed since 2006 (the iPhone
That doesn’t feel like it’s normal. exactly set pulses racing. The Corolla moderately dramatic family hatch? didn’t exist back then, for one
Excitement has rarely been an has always just been sort of… there. That’s what I’m aiming to find out in thing…). But it’s also a substantial
emotion you’d relate to a Corolla, As a result, when the Corolla the coming months. step forward from the Auris it
despite – or perhaps because – it’s disappeared from the UK in 2006 Certainly, first impressions are directly succeeds in the UK (this car
the world’s best-selling car. The – replaced by the Auris hatchback good: the Corolla’s styling reflects was first unveiled as the new Auris
Corolla has always been seen as safe, – it didn’t attract the attention Toyota’s recent trends, with a mix of before a late name change).
dependable, a little bit average. you’d expect from the loss of such sharp edges and rounded elements. It’s built on Toyota’s new TNGA
It’s arguably an unfair tag: a long-running nameplate. People It’s slightly less dramatic in execution platform, and is being offered in the
previous versions of the Corolla have shrugged, and moved on. than the Prius or C-HR, but the UK with a choice of two versions of
featured numerous innovations And now it’s back. But people result is probably a better balance: the firm’s long-established hybrid


Our Corolla comes in
top-spec Excel mode OUR CARS
with all the trimmings

It feels like a car that has something
different to offer in a crowded market

2.0-litre petrol is augmented by Toyota’s so-called self-charging hybrid system

of driver assistance systems. a sense of quiet contentment helped

The only real option available by the hushed, efficient powertrain
to us was the paint colour: we and single CVT gear. The hybrid
plumped for Sterling Silver, system can run purely on the battery
a £795 extra over the base and, were it not for the little ‘EV’
white. That raised the price symbol on the display, at times it’s
First impressions of our car to £29,870, which hard to notice whether the engine has
inside are of an puts it close to the 1.5-litre kicked in or not.
‘ordinary’ interior Ford Focus ST-Line I ran It feels like a car that has
prior to this – and which, something different to offer in the
as our favourite family crowded family hatch market, and
1.8-litre unit several times in hatch, represents the benchmark I’m looking forward – and yes,
powertrain (or self-charging hybrid, the past – it’s taken from the Prius, the Corolla must beat. excited – to find out how that is
as Toyota’s marketing department and also featured in a C-HR we had The stylish design doesn’t carry reflected in the coming months.
would have it – a controversial turn on our fleet last year – we’ve opted over quite so well to the interior. It’s a That the new Corolla can create
of phrase we’ll discuss further in a for the new system featuring a bit more ordinary, and controls such such emotions is already one big tick
future report). Having sampled the 2.0-litre petrol engine, with an as the touchscreen – complete with for it. It’s no longer a car that’s just
output of 178bhp. welcome but slightly infirm physical there – and it might just be an ideal
SECOND OPINION It’s the powertrain our road buttons around the edges to select family car for right now.
My wife crinkled her nose testers have favoured, and from key features – feel a little on the JAMES ATTWOOD
when I told her what I’d just initial impressions I can see why: it’s budget side. It’s not an unpleasant
brought home (we used to quiet and impressively refined, with place to be, by any means, but it’s not TEST DATA
own an Auris). Keep an open mind, I near-seamless switching between as pleasant as the Focus – which, in T OYO TA C O R O L L A E XC E L
said. Sure enough, once she set eyes electric and combustion power. Plus, turn, isn’t on a par with offerings 2.0 HYBRID
on the Corolla, she made the sort from our early runs, we’ve been from the likes of Volkswagen and Price new £29,075 Price as tested £29,870
of approving noises I’d expected. getting pleasingly close to the official Mercedes-Benz. Options Sterling Silver paint £795
First impressions were of a sharp, 54.3mpg WLTP-rated fuel economy. From early impressions, the Economy 54.3mpg Faults None
attractive hatchback that has plenty As well as that powertrain, we’ve Corolla also isn’t as sharp in terms Expenses None
of room for the kids and is very easy opted for the top-spec Excel trim, of handling as the Focus, a feeling
to live with. There might even be a which comes with plenty of kit as emphasised by the very light
hint of character in there. Let’s see standard, including a reversing steering. But it makes up for that in
if the dep ed can find it. DS camera and sensors, LED lights, park refinement: it feels remarkably easy
assist and Toyota’s Safety Sense suite to drive for long motorway runs, with



Next race: Brands Hatch 12-13 October Go to for the latest


Turns out intrusive driver assistance systems might not be a bad thing, after all
MILEAGE 6661 gears (as the Honda has a rather
complicated eCVT ’box), the paddles
WHY WE ’ R E RU N N I N G IT control the amount of regenerative
Is the world’s best-selling SUV still braking induced by the hybrid
as comfy, refined, spacious and powertrain. Pull the left paddle up
dynamically competent in hybrid form? to three times, and it increases the
retardation force, while the right one
very sinew of his back eases this same effect off.

E rippled in the morning

sun. Sweat poured from
his helmet as he got out
As the cyclist slowed on the uphill
rise, I took a clear opportunity to
pass and I soon approached one
of the saddle approaching the short of the meze of mini-roundabouts
rise. Three stags turned their heads dished up around Richmond Park.
in choreographed unison, following At this point, rather than braking
the cyclist each with a watchful eye. with my right boot, I used my right
He was doing a good job, spinning CR-V’s flappy paddles have helped thumb to deactivate the adaptive
the pedals to carry about 18mph into McCabe reappraise his driving style cruise control and then pulled the
the hill as I followed near-silently left paddle to slow the car down more
in the CR-V Hybrid behind. commuter in front and smoothly SUV is so relaxing it could host one aggressively. I could see it was clear,
At 8am every morning, Richmond holding me at a suitably safe distance. of your hygge, millennial, meditative so I reactivated ACC and pulled the
Park is like a marble run of cyclists The ACC is a remarkable system hot-yoga classes. right paddle to reduce the braking
when you’ve petulantly tipped all that I’ve become remarkably at ease And it’s a similar story on the force. The CR-V accelerated back to
the marbles down at the same with. That’s to say that it’s not just motorway, even with the Atkinson- 20mph and settled into a comfortable
time. This particular cyclist was a handy tool for cruising on the cycle combustion engine ignited. cruise once more.
blissfully unaware that he wasn’t motorway but I find myself using it in Recently, we journeyed to South Passing through the gates at the
just controlling his own speed but flowing traffic at a variety of speeds, Wales to film an Ariel Nomad take on top of the hill and into Richmond,
also mine in the following Honda. on A-roads and B-roads as well. a Triumph Scrambler on a mini forest I realised I’d driven through the
I had set the adaptive cruise control It took me a while to trust it at first, rally stage for Autocar’s YouTube entire park without using my feet at
(ACC) to 20mph as that’s the speed for no reason other than my personal, channel. The vast majority of that all. The CR-V Hybrid is undoubtedly
limit in the park. The radar system illogical wariness of technology. But schlep from Autocar’s HQ in outer changing me: not just in driving style
was detecting every acceleration now, with my right foot demonstrably London is spent sitting on the M4. but also in my natural distrust of
and deceleration of the Lycra-clad covering the brake, I have confidence After several hours with adaptive such systems. I’m impressed.
in it to the extent that, in a safe cruise and lane keep assist firmly set MITCH McCABE
LOVE IT scenario, I’ll follow a cyclist to on, I was notably less tired than on
HARDY HYB RI D just using the car’s systems to other occasions when we’ve filmed TEST DATA
The all-wheel-drive system put regulate my speed. on roads around the same area. H O N DA CR -V 2 .0 i - M M D
up with all the weather this Coupled with the CR-V Hybrid’s In this way, the technology packed HYB R I D S R AWD e CV T
summer could throw at it. Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), the into our Honda is gradually changing Price new £34,470 Price as tested £35,320
adaptive cruise can quickly reduce my driving habits. Besides ACC and Faults None Expenses None
LOATHE IT a lot of the fatigue of driving. In fact, LKAS, another system weaselling Economy 44.1mpg Last seen 25.9.19
D O D GY D O O RS I’d go further than that. When in its way into my everyday style is
Unlocking the passenger doors EV mode, with only the soundtrack this hybrid derivative’s regenerative
takes multiple key presses, even of a digitally generated noise for braking. On the back of the steering
if the boot’s already open. pedestrians, and both ACC and LKAS wheel, there are two flappy paddles.
activated, the interior of this hybrid Rather than shifting up and down


New Car

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trusted dealers who will match or
beat our Target Price – so you can get
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Citroën Berlingo
MILEAGE 11,281 LAST SEEN 11.9.19
I’ve discovered another benefit
to the Berlingo’s physical climate
controls. Not only are they easier
to find by touch than a touchscreen
when you’re concentrating on the
road ahead, but fussy passengers
can change the temperature without
also obscuring your navigation
directions. In the C3 Aircross I
drove last year, you had to leave the

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – and patience wear thin
sat-nav just to add a few degrees. LL

MILEAGE 4350 teething problems on our very

early example of the E-tron.
WHY WE ’ R E RU N N I N G IT Those four days of E-tron
To see whether Audi has raised the deprivation made me realise
bar for electric vehicles with its just how much I prefer driving
advanced Jaguar I-Pace rival EVs these days – especially one
as comfortable and refined as
he adaptive cruise the big Audi. While I’ll never
control (ACC) on our turn down a chance to drive
T E-tron – a feature I value
for its ability to adjust
something particularly exciting,
such as a Porsche 911 GT3, most
Renault Mégane RS 280
MILEAGE 1896 LAST SEEN 28.8.19
the car’s speed automatically in all conventionally powered cars feel As the miles have mounted, I’ve
sorts of situations, from congested like dinosaurs in comparison settled on a driving mode I like and
motorways and average speed zones The fault warnings have gone… for now with the E-tron. have found a way to neuter, or at
to slip roads and roundabouts – has Although the E-tron is one of the least mitigate, some – if not all – of
been permanently out of action for fault could be fixed. While they had quietest cars we’ve ever tested at our Mégane RS 280’s little quirks
quite a few weeks now. Keen to get the car, Walton Audi carried out some 30mph and 70mph, it isn’t silent, of and irritants. So far I’d say the VW
it working again, I booked the car in other scheduled software updates course. Even with our car’s acoustic Golf GTI has little to fear in the daily
for a check-up at the Audi dealership and returned it, as planned, while we side glass fitted, you’ll still hear some driver stakes – but the Mégane is still
in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. I had decided what to do about the ACC. wind and road noise at high speeds, proving easier to live with than many
to wait for around three weeks for a However, an alarming number of and I’ve noticed that its electric would imagine. More next time. MS
slot, but the car was picked up from fault warnings – everything from motors make more of a whine under
my home address on the allotted a loose wheel to problems with acceleration and deceleration than
morning and was meant to be the suspension, four-wheel-drive those of many of the other EVs I’ve
returned later the same day. However, system and stability control – started driven; by all accounts, the new
that didn’t quite go according to plan. pinging up on the instrument panel Mercedes-Benz EQC is even quieter.
You see, it turned out that the when I went to move the car, so I Nevertheless, you have to look to
E-tron needed a new ACC control immediately called the dealer and the likes of the far more expensive
module, but the component was on they took the car back that same Rolls-Royce Phantom to find a
back order, which meant a potential evening. The warnings kept coming conventionally powered car that
delay of several weeks before the back intermittently and apparently generates less noise on the move than
couldn’t be erased permanently the E-tron. Between its refinement
LOVE IT with the faulty ACC control and its exemplary ride comfort, the
S E ATI N G POS ITI O N module still in place. E-tron is right up there with the very
The seats are elevated to the ideal In the end, Audi UK came to the best in terms of luxury. DS 7 Crossback
height for sliding in and out with rescue with a new module, and I got ALLAN MUIR
ease, but not so high that you feel the car back four days later with all of MILEAGE 6120 LAST SEEN 18.9.19
like you need the assistance of the issues sorted – under warranty, as TEST DATA I recently had a chance to get the
a stepladder. you’d expect. I couldn’t fault Walton AU D I E-TRO N 55 Q UAT TRO DS 7 alongside its DS 3 Crossback
Audi’s efforts – they were excellent Price £68,020 Price as tested £74,725 sibling. Although ‘my’ SUV seems the
LOATHE IT to deal with, providing me with Faults Emergency call function, adaptive better resolved product, I wish it had
WE I G HT regular updates by phone and email cruise control Expenses None Test range some of the smaller car’s distinctive
Even in comparison with other about the status of ‘my’ E-tron and 220 miles Last seen 11.9.19 design touches. Separately, turns
luxury SUVs such as the Volvo giving me a car to drive while mine out the DS 7 does have a variable
XC90, the E-tron feels heavy was with them – but the episode boot floor, meaning I could’ve had
on the move. And it is, weighing did serve to highlight the potential a better night’s sleep in it after the
in at more than 2.5 tonnes. dramas involved in maintaining
OWN ONE? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE Reading Festival (11 September). LA
such a complex car. Hopefully it’s just


USED CARS James Ruppert
What to buy, where to buy it and how much to pay
You can find a 1.4
diesel VW Lupo for
£600 if you search

Diesels from the mid-noughties are simple, cheap and useful
am always relieved to very groovy on-trend boxy style that Passat, but then again, what could be
discover that it isn’t just doesn’t cost £26,000 like one of those more exciting than an Alfa Romeo
I me who reckons motor
cars, for some of us
new-fangled Honda Es, what about
a Lupo? These teeny Volkswagens
badge? So why not go for a pretty
156 JTD? The Sportwagon is not the
anyway, are a bit too complicated for came with a 1.4 engine and Pump biggest estate car in the world, so just
their own good. If your requirements Diesel technology. A 2002 one in tidy regard it as a largish hatch. I came
are fairly modest and you want to condition and with the Sport moniker across a 2002 example with a solid
spend money on a mortgage or food, starts at £595. More ambitious sellers 160,000 miles and lots of recent work,
then constantly upgrading to the try and get a more substantial £1500. such as clutch and cambelt, for £1200.
latest model is not the best policy. It is tiny, though. Fun, but tiny. Then again, a Peugeot 406 is
Steve is like me and wasn’t at all sure I’d be inclined to go for a VW another wonderful blast from the
what he should do with his lovely past. A 2.0 HDi estate makes all sorts
2003 Audi A4 in Ming Blue with
160,000 miles when he had the offer ` of sense and I found a 65,000-mile
2002 example. It was on offer for

of a friend’s 2008 Jaguar X-Type
Tourer with 50,000 miles, a full
Those diesels didn’t £1800. That was with a dealer.
Provided you don’t want to go
service history and new clutch.
Both car are diesels.
deserve to die or be inside Ultra Low Emission Zones,
there are still excellent reasons for
THIS W The issue was that Steve’s A4 has
sickly air-con and fixing it is way drowned in AdBlue looking back into the early 2000s
for one of those rather excellent
more than the car is worth. But that
is not necessarily the point. If a car
a old-school diesels. Steve did.

is doing a job, then it’s often worth Alfa 156 JTD wagon:
sticking with it. There is 160,000 on tidy 160,000-miler
the clock of Steve’s A4, though, so from 2002 is £1200
maybe some bits are wearing out.
D O D G E R AM 3500 5.7 More to the point, the X-Type he has
Memories of a second- been offered is in superb condition.
generation Ram 8.0 V10 So I told him he’s better off spending
sampled in 1998 are still vivid, a bit more and going for the Jag.
but until one falls into our hands Anyway, let’s stick with this, as
again, this more modest third- that era of diesels did not deserve
gen 5.7 double-cab of 2004 to die and, more lately, be drowned
will do. It has done only 59,000 in AdBlue. Steve, like many others,
miles and the seller, a Dodge needs a car that can cope with lots
specialist, says it’s rust-free of short city work and doesn’t have a
with an immaculate interior. silly diesel particulate filter (DPF).
He wants £8000 for it. If you wanted a town runabout
with 50mpg-plus potential and a

My 2007-reg Focus
QUESTION ST has lost power. It’s
making no unusual
mechanical noises, but I’m
sure I can hear it whistling. I’m
worried it’ll cost a bomb to fix.
James Davies, Exeter

MILE AGE 104,258 Don’t despair. It sounds like the oil

diaphragm has failed, a common

PORSCHE CAYENNE ANSWER problem on early, second-

generation STs. You can check
by removing the dipstick. If the
whistling stops, it’s the diaphragm. The good
We got a letter in the post from Porsche. I believe it is recall news is that you can fix it yourself since it’s fairly
number R/2019/204 and there are 11,745 vehicles affected by accessible. (You can see it below the top of the
engine on the left-hand side. It’s covered by a
it. This recall was issued on 29 July 2019. Basically, it is all about round plastic cap.) Detach and move aside the
airbox and trunking to access it. Pop off the cap
the automatic gearbox because the selector lever cable plastic and remove the diaphragm. A new one is £20. JE
sleeve may break. The remedy is to replace it.
All we have to do is book it in with our local dealer, who isn’t
very local at all. So we are trying free up some time to do this.
It takes around an hour and I am not sure if there is much to do
there apart from test drive a Taycan.

Are RDE2 diesels on
QUESTION sale now or must
buyers still pay more
road tax and company car
tax while car makers recover
from the dash to WLTP?
Steve Lynch, Burgess Hill

Although this new, tougher version

of the Real Driving Emissions test,
ANSWER which will run alongside WLTP,
doesn’t come into force until next
January, some car makers have
already released diesel cars that comply with
it. They include the Mercedes A-Class, B-Class
Audi A4 and GLE, the Jaguar XE and XF, the Range Rover
Evoque, the new BMW 1 Series and the facelifted
Well, this is nice. Here’s Steve’s lovely A4 (see main “That’s why I bought a 2003 A4 PD TDI 1.9. The PD Vauxhall Astra. These cars avoid being placed
story) and he doesn’t like the direction modern diesel engine has solenoid-operated injectors running in oil. in the next road tax band in their first year and
engines have been going in: “The world has gone Even the cables run in oil. I also like the north-south company drivers escape the 4% benefit in kind
backwards and produced an engine with little or no layout of engine/transmission, which allows equal- diesel surcharge. JE
low-end torque and lots of DPF problems. length driveshafts and superb weight distribution.”


It looks just like the recently revised model but, says John Evans, it’s better value
rices start at £5000 for but if you fancy more luxury, there’s
a high-mileage 2016- Elite (leather-covered and powered
P reg 1.6 CDTi, so a used
Vauxhall Astra is a
sports seats, automatic lights and
wipers, and lashings of chrome).
tempting proposition. It won’t look The model was launched in 2015
or feel as classy as a Volkswagen and has just been facelifted. Actually,
Golf but then you’ll pay £2500 more that’s underselling the changes
for the pleasure of owning that since the latest Astra now features
particular people’s car. The Ford new Euro 6d- and RDE2-compliant
Focus is closer in appearance and feel engines plus improved suspension.
to the Astra but even that will set you What hasn’t changed is the model’s
back around £1000 more. styling, which must say something
Of course, as the old saying about the rightness of the original,
goes, you get what you pay for, and if not Vauxhall’s bank balance.
in the Astra’s case, what you get But more tax efficient and better to
is a reputation for unreliability. drive though it is, why spend £18,885
According to the latest survey by on the cheapest facelifted Astra, the
our sibling magazine, What Car?, 1.2 110 SE, when for £15,000 you
the Astra diesel is the least reliable could have a pre-facelift model in a
family car you can buy. high spec and with a strong
The petrol version engine? Something like a
fares better, but better 2019/19-reg Astra 1.4T
still are the Focus
and the Golf.
150 Griffin. Spec-
wise, this run-out
Not a good start For once, a trim name that’s special sits between
for Vauxhall’s close to the truth. Heated and Tech Line Nav and
family hatchback, powered leather seats, climate SRi and new, it cost
then, except there’s control, LED matrix headlights, around £19,950.
so much to like 18in alloys and multiple Features include
about it that it seems driver assist features — dual-zone climate
a shame to condemn they’re all here. control, 18in alloy
it on the strength of a wheels and a sat-nav.
survey. For one thing, it The 148bhp 1.4-litre petrol
was developed on UK roads, engine is a good performer and
earning it a big tick on any thinking economical as well.
driver’s score card. It’s light, and For even better economy, target the
light on its feet. It’s also roomy and 1.6 CDTi diesel in 109bhp and 134bhp Diesel Astras are
practical and its engines – a range forms or, one of our favourites, economical but can
of petrol and diesel units – are, by the 104bhp 1.0T petrol. It’s among suffer unreliability
and large, economical, refined and the best three-pots out there – all
fun to punt. snarly and punchy but, thanks to
The range of trims is a little its balancer shafts, smooth, too. For
baffling but, regardless, even basic more power, try the 124bhp 1.4T.
Design is well equipped (7.0in You’re still thinking about the
colour touchscreen with Vauxhall’s Astra diesel’s poor reliability, right?
IntelliLink phone connectivity, a Then go for that more reliable but
digital radio, air-con and 16in alloy still economical 104bhp 1.0T petrol
wheels). Our pick is SRi, the next up, and think what fun you’ll have.


£929 deposit, £155 per month, 48 months, £878 deposit, £146 per month, 48 months, £1317 deposit, £220 per month, 48 months,
8000 miles per year 8000 miles per year 8000 miles per year
The featherweight Celerio has real-world economy The Up can wring more than 53 miles from a gallon of Suzuki does it again, this time with the larger, Fiesta-
of around 57mpg. It’s also good to drive, with a the hard stuff. That’s a real-world figure, too. Granted, sized Baleno, which can do up to 55mpg. It’s an unsung
surprising turn of speed when the road opens up, the Celerio betters it by a remarkable 4mpg but the Up hero you overlook at your cost since there’s more kit
although it’s more at home in town. looks and feels classier and its image is stronger. here and a bigger boot than most rivals offer.


The Astra’s 1.6 CDTi ‘Whisper’
diesel motor is quieter than the
engine it replaced but not as
whisper quiet as Vauxhall claims.
Still, it does have acoustic covers
to muffle noise and vibration, as
well as the lowest internal friction
in its class. These facts, at least,
should shock your dinner party
guests into silence.
Although smaller and lower than
the model it replaced, and with
a shorter wheelbase, the Astra
under the spotlight here is roomier.
For example, rear-seat passengers
enjoy 35mm of extra leg room.
Don’t buy a used Astra on the
strength of its remote OnStar
concierge service. The facility is
being terminated in December
2020, and since January 2019,
no new Astras have been fitted
with the system.

OUR PICK 1 0 5 S R I
This little three-
cylinder turbo petrol
strikes just the right balance
between fun and low running costs,
and SRi trim brings a good sat-nav
and a larger, 8.0in touchscreen.

A S T R A 1 . 6T
WILD CARD 2 0 0 S R i
Understated looks
meet a fire breather
of an engine. The 1.6T can rattle
off 0-62mph in just 6.6sec.
Meanwhile, it handles and rides
This era of Astra with aplomb. A Q-car to savour.
is available as a
hatch and estate
2016 Astra 1.6 CDTi Tech Line,
113,000 miles, £4990
2017 Astra 1.0T 105 Design,
14,000 miles, £7650
2018 Astra 1.4T 150 SRi,
4000 miles, £12,995
2019 Astra 1.4T 150 Elite Nav,
Entry Design trim is well equipped but SRi is our pick 11,000 miles, £13,850

For more lease deals, visit


£884 deposit, £147 per month, 48 months, £700 deposit, £117 per month, 48 months, £1082 deposit, £180 per month, 48 months,
8000 miles per year 8000 miles per year 8000 miles per year
Seat’s sharp-looking supermini ekes 54 miles out of a Not the all-rounder that the Ibiza can claim to be but Like Suzuki, Seat does the double with this, the Golf-
gallon of unleaded. Impressive stuff, but this car also still a well-packaged city runabout and, with 53mpg on sized Leon. It’s a remarkable feat, with the roomy
knows how to play, thanks to a responsive engine that the cards, frugal with it. It’s a keeper, too, with a seven- five-door posting a real-world 53mpg. On top of that,
pulls impressively from low revs and an unruffled ride. year warranty that rivals can only dream about. it’s a tidy handler and most models are well equipped.




Fiat X1/9 Gran Finale £4990

recall the day in 1989 sale from 1972 to 1989, is considered The private seller says it has though) and instead concentrate on
when, as a young a classic. It’s rare, though – rust-free a new battery, clutch, set of tyres, known rust spots including wings,
I Fiat salesman, I was
commanded to push the
ones rarer still.
But happily, you don’t have to pay
gear linkage, water pump and timing
belt. He claims it has no rust but
doors and wheel arches. The engine
bay is cramped and many repairs
new Croma and Tipo to the corners of fortunes to own a good one. One admits it has been welded in the can only be done with the engine out,
the showroom in order to make space such as the 1989 G-reg example with past, undersealed and repainted. so we’ll check for oil leaks and odd
for the unregistered X1/9 Gran Finale 52,000 miles that we found priced at Encouragingly, it has a new MOT noises, too. Finally, we’ll be sure that
that had arrived. It was exquisite but £4990. It’s a Gran Finale (in essence, with no advisories. what few electrical features there are
attracted no interest and one day an SE with a dealer-fitted rear spoiler On the strength of that thumbs all work. Concerning X1/9s, ‘Fix it
disappeared, no questions asked. and badge), finished in metallic red up, we’ll not worry too much about again Tuesday’ could easily run
Today, Fiat’s two-seat, mid- and powered by the later 1.5-litre the structural and safety aspects of into Thursday, too.
engined, rear-drive sports car, on engine introduced in 1978. the car (they’re still worth checking, JOHN EVANS

Land Rover Lightweight HOOD- Triumph Spitfire 1500

Safari £8000 DOWN £3980
This was a military vehicle based on There are always a few Spitfires in
the 88in Land Rover chassis and small ads but few as nice as this one
designed to be carried by air into hot for the money – a 1978 1500 with
spots (it’s why its flat body panels can just 60,000 miles and, unbelievably,
WILLYS be removed). This example, which has full service history. It comes with a
JEEP free-wheeling hubs and an overdrive, new battery and alternator and the
ANTIDOTE uses a Ford Transit diesel engine. heated seats from an MX-5.

Citroën C2 1.6 VTS TVR Griffith 500

£1495 £15,000
The VTS (2004-09) made up for the This Griffith has done just 33,000
disappointment we felt about its miles and is unrestored and
VTR sibling with more power (125bhp unmolested. Check everything
versus 110bhp), a close-ratio gearbox from the chassis outriggers to the
KOOK Y and a quicker steering rack that can condition of the windscreen base (it
HOT surprise anyone unfamiliar with it. WILD CARD can rot and let in water), and poke any
HATCH This 2007 find has 85,000 miles. underseal with a screwdriver – hard.




Gentlemen, find me a coupé for

£10,000 that’s a daily driver but
can also do track days.

BMW E34 M5 Nissan 350Z 3.5 GT £9995

Unfortunately for the E34 of 1988-95, it was the follow-
up to the original M5 – the much-loved E28 of 1984-88.
Perhaps that’s why prices are reasonably low, since it
can’t be the fault of the car, which is terrific. The first
ones were powered by a 3.5-litre straight six producing
311bhp, but in 1991 the model gained a 3.8 and 335bhp.
Then, in 1994, the five-speed Getrag manual ’box
became a six-speed. An example of this 335bhp
six-speed version passed though auction recently. The BMW M3 £9995
1994-registered car had 106,000 miles, refurbished MARK PEARSON John’s after a daily driver that can be used
suspension and new Pilot 4s. It fetched £14,840. for track-day fun too, and nothing answers the call like this
sexy black 2005 M3 I’ve found. It’s punching a 343bhp, super-
smooth inline six and will dismiss the 0-60mph sprint in 5.2sec.
Its handling is unbeatable and its mechanicals unburstable.
Comes with 19in CSL wheels too. What you got? A Datsun?

MAX ADAMS Wow! Such a low blow there. Look, I like an M3 as
much as the next petrolhead, but it’s getting to the point where

you wouldn’t want to risk ruining one on a track. I’d much rather
have this highly tunable 2008 Nissan 350Z with its brawny V6
and near identical stock performance figures.
MP By near identical, you mean slower? I think most know the
Beemer is the superior handler here, and far nicer to sit in and
better balanced. Don’t get me wrong, I like your Cherry, but
it’s no M3.
MA Did you not see my bit about it being highly tunable?
MP What, spend more money? You’d have the most expensive
Sunny out there…
MA I C1 (geddit?) isn’t averse to highlighting some of Nissan’s
best-selling models. Speaking of which, there are loads of
350Zs out there, so parts will be far cheaper compared
with your M3.
MP All I know is I look forward to drifting round bend
after bend, singing joyfully, while you’re in Halfords
looking up your parts prices.
Honda Civic Type R GT Price £25,000 (2018/67, 14,000 miles) VERDICT
Predicting a Type R will be a future classic is hardly sticking your neck out, but this particular
version looks more certain than some given its huge performance and agility. Its extreme
looks are polarising but that’s half the appeal. There are two versions, GT and non-GT; The Nissan is value, but the
the former costing £2000 more. The extra cash brings an upgraded stereo and a sat-nav
(neither that impressive) but, more usefully, parking sensors and dual-zone climate control. M3 is the business.
It also has blindspot and cross traffic assist, both of which will help keep it clear of trouble. JOHN EVANS



BMW’s first
mid-engined car, and
not to be confused
with the 1M.


BMW’s 1 Series M Coupé is a hoot to drive. Just 450 were sold new and even fewer
are on our roads now, so prices are rising. John Evans tells you what to look out for
f you were one of the lucky at this level, that may not always be wheels. From certain angles, it sound system, sat-nav, adaptive
450 people who bagged possible. The heads of those shopping actually looks like a hot rod. headlights and high beam assistant,
I a new BMW 1 Series M
Coupé in 2011 for its list
for a 1M will also be filled with tales
of previously stolen 1Ms – OBD
Power comes from a twin-
turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six
none of them crucial to a 1M’s value.
What does help pile on the pennies,
price of £39,990, then congratulations. programming thefts were a problem that produces 335bhp and drives because it’s quite sought after, is
Depending on how well you’ve looked with some early cars – as well as the rear wheels through a specially Valencia Orange paintwork, one of
after it and its mileage, it may not scarily expensive repair bills. developed, short-throw, six-speed only three exterior colours offered,
have lost a penny in depreciation. However, they will also be filled manual gearbox. Stab the M button the others being Black Sapphire
As this was written, of the 25 or so with tales of just how good the 1M on the steering wheel and an and Alpine White. That said, some
1 Series M Coupés, or 1Ms as they’re is to drive. It was launched in 2011, overboost function provides an extra of the most expensive 1Ms are in
known, on a leading classified sales and once all 450 cars were sold (two- 37lb ft of torque, taking the total these last two colours, proving that,
site, 20 were priced at £39,990 or thirds were snapped up before the output to 369lb ft across a highly ultimately, mileage, condition and
more. In fact, three were nudging first car hit the showrooms), that was accessible 1500rpm to 4500rpm. provenance are the most important
£60,000. The tragedy is that all it. As a result, most wear 2011/11-reg Standard equipment included a determinants of price.
the cars advertised for more than or 2011/61-reg plates although you do limited-slip differential, DSC stability Even so, the model can throw a
£40,000 had done less than 40,000 see the occasional 2012/61 car, not that control whose intervention points curve ball, such as the immaculate
miles and the most expensive it makes any difference to the value. can be adjusted by the driver, those 43,000-mile example with full
less than 10,000. To distinguish it from lesser 19in Y-spoke alloy wheels, dual-zone BMW service history and extended
But their owners or sellers have 1 Series Coupés, the 1M has a wider air conditioning and leather and warranty we found for £34,000. It
first to achieve these prices, and track and enormous arches, home Alcantara trim with orange stitching. seems too good to be true. It’s got to
considering how picky buyers can be to four specially designed 19in alloy Options included a Harman Kardon be worth a gander, surely?



The 1M encourages
this behaviour so
do check the tyres

An expert’s view
Inspect the driver’s seat bolster and
M POWER CARS be sure the heating system works.
“Because it’s rare, great to drive and Check the iDrive control system
has that M badge, the 1M is always functions. Most failed units freeze
going to be valuable and sought after. up and are expensive to replace. Feel
Prices are rising fast. It’s a fickle for damp carpets in the footwells and
market, though. We sold one overnight boot, where blocked drain channels
but another hung around for four can direct water to the interior,
months. Collectors are moving in jeopardising the electronics.
now and paying strong prices for
the best cars. By ‘best’, I mean
immaculate, finished in orange and
unmodified. When buying a 1M, I always
Also worth knowing
Dealers we spoke to were clear that
check for signs of track day use and the 1200-mile running-in service is
sub-premium tyres that suggest key to preserving a 1M at peak value.
shallow pockets.” One even said they wouldn’t consider
buying a 1M that hadn’t had it.

Buyer beware
Q E N G I N E How much to spend
Start it from cold and check for poor £3 4 , 0 0 0 - £3 5 , 4 9 9
running caused by failing injectors. Cheapest 1Ms with up to 65,000 miles
Rev the engine to around 2500rpm, but in good condition and with solid
then throttle off and listen for the histories. Most in black and white.
turbo wastegate bearing chattering.
It’s around £2000 to fix. Related £3 5 , 5 0 0 - £37, 9 9 9
warning signs are engine management Mileages generally below 50,000.
issues. However, these could also
relate to a failing fuel pump or worn £3 8 , 0 0 0 - £3 9, 9 9 9
nitrogen oxide sensor. On the display Good number of 1Ms, including a BMW
screen, check the service history approved used example in black with
that’s stored on the key fob. only 30,000 miles for £39,000.

Q D R I V E T R A I N £40,000 - £4 4 ,999

Thanks to Richard Bigwood (, Dave Swinney and Jack Day (
On the test drive, feel for the propshaft More Valencia Orange cars in this price
bearing vibrating (also felt as a range, with mileages of about 20,000.
thumping sensation) and listen for
the limited-slip differential groaning £ 4 5 , 0 0 0 - £6 0 , 0 0 0
during low-speed turns. Low-mileage, one-owner cars,
including a 5000-mile example “only
Q G E A R B OX driven in the dry” for £55,000.
Check for abused clutches and
synchros and note that a replacement
dual-mass flywheel costs over £1200.

Q S U S P E N S I O N , S T E E R I N G
Make sure the rear springs aren’t
broken. Check the brake discs aren’t
heavily lipped. Suspect track day use
Check the iDrive if the brakes judder. Ensure all tyres
are the same, premium brand and not
works and inspect
carpets for damp wearing unevenly. One we found
Q B O DY 2 0 1 1 , 4 0 K M I L E S , £3 9, 9 8 0
` Any rust will be repair related. Check Around £4500 more than a similar
Power comes from a twin-turbocharged the consistency of panel gaps and for
fresh paint and overspray. Lift the boot
private-sale car but it’s approved
used so fully warranted and properly
3.0-litre straight six that produces 335bhp carpet and examine the floor for signs
of buckling or fresh paint.
prepared. Like the private-sale car, it’s
also finished in Valencia Orange.
Dealers in quirky cars and great plates at realistic prices

Example lik
Urgent priv
e M6 or 4A
ate sellers
We only sell plates we own. Good old fashion service. Been in the business 25 years.
CASH!!!! please call!
Tel 07961 808069 • Email
REN 1 1 AYK 101 AE 1 VDN 3 ake RAE3S
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POA £7,995 £5,995 £13,995 £7,995 £2,995

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5 XH 111 OV Mus55a FXN 1 150XE JAY4E IX0X 4XNE I6XE
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3 aku 6 TY 1£7,995
YYG XAM 1S 4664H NAD74A 88U0X 3VJY
£5,995 (Baku) £16,995 £1,295 £3,995 £2,995 £1,695 £2,995
170C 1 HXA 50 EU 1 VTV XAM 1S
£9,995 £7,995 £4,495 (brexit plate) £13,995 £1,295

YOU63F 10 YV 92 VAN 444XAA UMA1A 8 VJY 8 KYU 500 OYS 333 OXU 50 xes 66 oXV 88 YHB
(Yousef) £5,995 £4,495 £3,695 £2,995 £2,495 £2,995 £2,695 £2,495 £1,995 £1,795 £1,695 £1,495 £1,295

VET 1D 8 OXV 934 EL 5 GKY 8 XEU 6 UYG GAD1X 44 OAY 200 OEX 88 HXE 22 VSY 33 gky
£4,995 £3,995 £3,495 £2,995 £2,695 £2,695 £1,895 £1,795 £1,395 £1,295
111 0YF
41 HU YOU 55 4 NJY TOP1K 7 HXY 80XON 111 UVY 60 XKY 66 NRY £1,695 600 VUY V1 JCE
£5,995 £3,995 £3,495 £2,995 £2,695 (Boxon) £2,695 (Luvie) £1,995 £1,895 (Henry) £1,695 10 YVA £1,395 £1,295
807OX 44 xam 3 OJX YOU1G 747 oye OOX1E P7 EYA 80 XYX 37 DCY 30 VYP 88 LXK 77 UXY
(Botox) £4,995 £3,995 £3,495 £2,995 £2,695 £2,695 (Playa) £1,995 £1,895 £1,695 £1,595 £1,395 £1,295

Porsche 991 C2 ‘S’ Convertible Mercedes 230CE Automatic Mercedes C220 CDi Bluetech Mercedes SL55 AMG Kompressor
Auto 3.8S 2013/13 classic W124 CoupeW107 Exec 2013

Grey light grey leather, PCM sat nav, chronograph, BOSE, heated elec- 1 owner total Mercedes main dealer service history leather Massive spec panoramic glass electric roof, navigation command, Alloys, climate, 2006/56 last of the hand built car. Total spec pan roof, extended
tric seats, upgraded alloys. Only 26k miles full Porsche service history air con electric sunroof/windows stunning car only Bluetooth parking sensors, heated seats and much more only 26k miles 2 owner leather, keyless, Tv, sat nav, heated cool comfort seats only 37k miles
and manufacturers warranty till 2020. Asking value £57995 101 miles £5995 full Mb history Inc recent service less then 1000 miles ago stunning £11995 full MB Service history stunning collectible sought after car £24,995

Elite Registrations
L3I AAM £I200 F4 ARC £I500 A4 CED £I500 L2I MMA £850 2686 PH £I500 L23 RRY £II00
AB 6225 £4600 C9 ARN £I200 M28 CER £750 L2I MMO £950 6784 PJ £I600 M23 RRY £950
T8 ABB £I500 M25 ART £750 S80 CER £950 L8 MMS £850 N6 PJH £II00 L32I RRY £850
I83 ABK £950 H888 ART £850 M28 CEY £750 9I7 MNO £750 PM 3282 £3I00 G322 RRY £I600
GI9 ABY £850 LI0 ARY £750 N3 CHA £950 EI MPB £850 PMJ 576 £I200 RTY 768 £850
L29 ABY £750 DI4 ARY £750 M24 CJB £750 P8 MRB £950 N6 PMW £950 6I06 RU £750
CI8 ACE £850 M2I ARY £850 M23 CJW £750 OPEN: MON-FRI 9AM-7PM, SAT 9AM-5PM, SUN I0AM-5PM 97I4 MT £I700 POW IIL £2900 M29 RUS £950
M2I ACE £950 M23 ARY £750 N7 CLK £850 44 MU £5300 9900 PP £2500 C43 RUS £850
M24 ACE £850
M24 ACY £950
L26 ACY £750
L2I ASE £750
L27 ASH £I200
L28 ASH £II00
W8 CLK £750
L28 CLO £750
725 CLX £850
Tel: 01380 818181 H8 NAM £2500
NAS 2H £3700
NAS 6H £3500
L3I PPY £850
3733 PU £950
6546 PW £I800
RUT 9H £5I00
LI0 SAL £I300
N2I SAL £I200
M26 ACY £750 M2I ATH £750 N2I COL £I600 All registrations are offered on a first come, first served basis. All are subject to VAT and the £80 Dept. for Transport transfer fee. Prices may JO08 NAS £850 P2I RAJ £850 L24 SAL £II00
8783 AD £2I00 L23 ATS £750 N23 COL £I300 fluctuate. See website for full terms. We have been trading for over 40 years. THOUSANDS MORE AVAILABLE. Write: P.O.Box 100, Devizes, SN10 4TE L2I NAS £I500 M2I RAM £950 L26 SAM £I500
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L2I ADY £950 L3I AVY £950 M2I COM £I300 P700 DES £750 N3I ELE £950 GAR 795Y £850 P2I HOG £750 C77 JES £I200 KES 444A £II00 N24 LEN £I300 L3I LYS £950 L23 NAT £950 NI RAS £I200 D5I5 SAM £950
M24 ADY £750 M8 BAX £750 M24 COM £I200 I33 DFD £850 B6 ELL £2800 L2I GAV £950 C22 HOW £750 AI4 JKO £750 M23 KEV £I200 LEN 26 £3I00 L2I LYY £850 L29 NDY £850 VI4 RAY £II00 L2I SAN £I400
BI3 AJB £950 TI2 BBY £950 M32I COM £750 5956 DH £2600 ELL 6A £3900 F99 GAV £750 4444 HS £2700 R6 JMG £I400 KFB I9 £2I00 R55 LEN £750 MAC I3Y £3300 W88 NES £850 R27 RAY £I500 L28 SAN £I300
L24 AJB £850 N2I BBY £750 N3 COP £750 I02 DJ £3400 L25 ELL £750 AI GBB £I300 444 HT £3200 M26 JMS £750 6I KN £3800 LEN 353 £2500 M23 MAC £I600 A2 NET £3I00 RB 6542 £2900 R45 SAN £I200
T59 AJB £750 L28 BEC £850 L2I COS £750 L26 DJB £850 M2I ELS £750 L2I GEE £750 HUG 2H £4300 I02 JN £2900 693I KO £950 LEN 630 £2200 N23 MAC £I400 74 NET £2800 L24 RCH £850 L2I SAR £850
S33 AJG £750 L29 BEC £750 N3I COS £950 L27 DJB £750 ELT 66N £850 M23 GEE £750 374 HUL £850 JOD 8Y £5800 6588 KR £950 L26 LEO £750 V25 MAC £I200 DI NEV £I400 REE 5A £3500 X28 SAS £850
M27 AJH £750 BEK 2A £2I00 NI2I COS £750 405 DJD £I500 L24 EMA £950 E5 GEF £I300 89 HW £4400 JOD 30Y £2400 3547 KX £750 P5 LES £I600 R29 MAC £I500 B8 NEV £950 A25 REG £950 E9 SCO £950
L28 AJM £850 M4 BEK £I400 KI3 COX £750 L26 DJM £750 M24 EMA £850 A6 GEF £I400 3I3 HYN £850 JON 2A £5500 N2I KYM £750 N8 LES £I400 MAC 838V £850 I955 NJ £I700 K99 REG £850 P24 SCO £850
M32I AJM £750 BEK 4A £2600 6000 CT £3I00 JII DJS £750 M26 EMA £750 T9 GEF £I200 L23 JAB £750 JON 2D £4500 W5 LAH £850 AI6 LES £850 P2I MAD £750 M2I NNY £I500 M2I REN £850 L2I SEY £I200
M24 AJW £750 M23 BEL £750 739 CUE £750 I98 DK £3400 EMM 3Y £5500 HI0 GEF £II00 N23 JAC £I300 NI4 JON £I400 L28 LAH £750 N2I LES £I500 M27 MAD £850 L28 NNY £850 REW 945 £I300 L3I SEY £I300
J888 AKY £I500 N27 BEN £I500 I953 CW £2900 7629 DN £I600 L2I EON £I500 AII GEF £II00 L3I JAC £I400 N27 JON £I200 LAM IY £4200 L24 LES £I300 MI4 MAG £I400 M28 NNY £I200 REX IC £I400 M24 SHA £I200
L2I ALS £750 P27 BEN £I500 K5 DAF £750 PI2 DOC £750 II0 ER £4500 GEM 9A £3700 N900 JAC £850 JON 4IR £2700 LAM 6Y £3600 Y35 LES £I200 PI5 MAG £950 M3I NNY £I300 RFK 329 £850 N24 SHA £950
LI2I ALX £750 L3I BET £750 L32I DAN £I500 T7 DOL £850 926 ERC £850 M23 GEM £950 P3 JAG £I900 M28 JOR £750 L2I LAM £850 M32I LES £I400 VI2I MAG £750 L2I NOR £850 9000 RJ £2800 N28 SHA £850
L25 ALY £850 NI5 BEV £950 M3I DAS £750 M23 DOM £750 N4 ERN £850 GER 3Y £5500 L27 JAH £750 243 JOY £2I00 M2I LAM £750 M2I LET £850 H5 MAJ £850 999 OHY £850 RLA 26 £I900 N24 SHE £950
S90 ALY £950 R20 BEV £I200 L27 DAW £750 R30 DON £I400 MI2I ERS £750 R2I GER £850 JAK 2Y £4300 777 JP £8700 L26 LAM £750 M24 LET £750 J9 MAK £950 T2 OLY £I600 95 RN £5500 SHO 967 £I500
L3I AMC £750 600 BJ £3700 L3I DAW £950 DI DOT £2I00 J77 ERY £750 L28 GER £750 P27 JAK £II00 JW I59I £3300 N24 LAN £750 L7 LEX £I200 N2I MAL £II00 D9 OLY £I400 L26 RNA £850 L2I SJC £850
GI2 AMG £II00 BL 632 £3300 4830 DD £I700 KI6 DOT £850 ES 9767 £I900 M28 GGS £950 L3I JAM £850 J5 KAS £I600 LAR 2F £950 L28 LEX £750 N23 MAL £850 L2I ONA £950 L24 RNE £850 L3I SLE £II00
L2I AMG £I300 43 BO £4500 L2I DDS £950 L66 DOT £750 ESK 232 £850 M28 GGY £850 L33 JAM £950 M2I KAS £850 LAR 3Y £2500 I5I LL £3300 L24 MAL £I400 L2I ORD £I200 58 RO £5300 LI SOF £950
P28 AMG £950 5555 BO £2800 L28 DDS £850 686 DOT £I200 4988 ET £I500 GIL 57I4 £750 MI2I JAM £750 N2I KAS £750 M2I LAR £850 L2I LLA £950 L3I MAL £I700 599 OS £2500 N2I ROB £I500 L3I SON £I200
K2 AML £I500 P2I BOB £I300 L3I DDY £750 994 DOT £II00 EVA 2N £2500 GIL 7688 £850 JAN IIM £2400 KAT I7N £I800 M23 LAR £750 L2I LLL £850 M2I MAR £I400 OSM 957 £750 N23 ROB £I300 V77 SSA £850
L3I AML £750 T23 BOB £II00 PI9 DEB £I600 I054 DP £2I00 EVA 3N £2600 888 GJ £3500 CI9 JAN £I500 L27 KAT £850 R6 LAS £I300 L3I LLL £750 C24 MAR £I300 L2I OTT £950 N24 ROB £I400 204 STD £850
L2I AMM £I700 P77 BOB £I200 DEE 2A £2600 DS 9226 £I400 458 EVA £I800 2000 GJ £2500 N2I JAN £I400 L28 KAT £950 R26 LAW £950 L2I LLN £850 S54 MAR £I200 L2I OUD £850 L333 ROB £II00 M2I STU £I400
L2I AMR £850 H9 BON £850 A8 DEE £I900 DS 9896 £I500 AI6 EVE £I200 CII GJB £750 R2I JAN £I500 W8 KAY £I400 B30 LAW £I600 L2I LLO £850 L27 MAS £750 L2I OUS £950 ROD 5Y £2900 P2I STU £I300
L3I AMR £750 P2I BOX £750 L9 DEE £I700 N9 DSB £850 L2I EVE £II00 AI6 GRA £750 N24 JAN £I300 LI4 KAY £850 L3I LAW £I500 L3I LLO £750 L3I MAS £850 E8 PAM £I600 ROD IIR £I900 M24 STU £I200
L2I AMS £3I00 L3I BRA £750 DI0 DEE £I900 M2I DUG £750 N2I EVE £I200 J60 GRA £850 JAN 39W £I600 M2I KAY £I300 R200 LAW £750 CI6 LLS £750 P23 MAT £I400 M9 PAM £I700 K9 ROE £II00 Y444 STU £950
M23 AMS £750 LI0 BRY £950 L2I DEE £I500 DUG 77Y £950 R29 EVO £750 D6 GUY £I500 E7I JAN £I200 P2I KAY £II00 L23 LEA £750 630 LOO £I300 M24 MAT £I500 SI0 PAM £I200 N4 RON £I800 53 SU £4300
N24 AMY £I400 RI23 BRY £850 M2I DEE £I600 DUG 409 £I900 557 EW £3400 TI3 GUY £850 B92 JAN £950 M23 KAY £I200 A45 LEA £850 N2I LOR £750 L25 MAT £I300 SII PAM £I500 G6 RON £I900 555 SU £3300
L3I AMY £I500 C4 BUD £950 N2I DEE £I500 EA 9678 £I500 L26 EWS £750 GYL 8S £I900 WI8 JAS £II00 N3I KAY £850 P23 LEE £I700 N24 LOR £850 N27 MAT £II00 JI2 PAM £I200 TII RON £I700 A7 SUE £3500
LI2I AMY £I300 D6 BUG £I500 P2I DEE £I500 S5I5 EAN £II00 FAY 7X £I500 JO04 HAN £750 N27 JAS £I200 N2I KEL £850 N24 LEE £I600 L27 LOR £750 PI2I MAT £750 PAN 66I £I400 R2I RON £I500 EI4 SUE £I700
P27 ANA £850 A8 BUG £I800 M24 DEE £I400 EAR 5L £2600 8I8 FAY £I600 RI5 HAR £2I00 P23 JAY £I400 M40 KEL £750 L28 LEE £I300 L2I LOS £750 PI23 MAT £850 J5 PAS £950 E34 RON £II00 RI7 SUE £I800
M25 AND £750 K20 BUG £750 N24 DEE £950 4II EC £2800 555 FB £3600 L25 HAR £850 J77 JEF £750 KEN 4Y £3I00 L29 LEE £I200 M2I LOS £850 S29 MAX £I400 PAT 3T £2700 RON 47A £3500 N2I SUE £I600
CI5 ANG £I300 J2 BUL £950 P23 DEL £750 I988 EC £2I00 M23 FEE £750 L2I HAY £750 M27 JEM £850 KEN I7P £I400 L3I LEE £I400 M24 LOU £I600 P3I MAX £I300 PAT 3X £2600 J66 RON £I400 L27 SUE £I500
L26 ANG £950 M24 BUT £850 M29 DEL £850 EC 826I £I400 W9 MCF £850 CI8 PAT £I400 RON 327R £895 SUE 79W £2500
L3I ANG £I200
ANN 6A £5500
M28 BUT £750
I985 CA £I900
L3I DEL £850
DEN I4 £5I00
I22 ED £4500
N23 MEG £II00
PAT 4IK £I800
D48 PAT £I200
E2 ROS £I700
ROS 3A £3I00
SUE 422R £I300
SUE 7I7W £I200
87 EG £3900 L28 MEG £950
PI5 ANN £I400
BI7 ANN £I600
R2I ANN £I700
B80 CAR £750
M2I CAS £950
L26 CAS £I400
L2I DEN £I600
N23 DEN £II00
P24 DEN £II00
II22 EG £2200
L3I EGH £2500
L24 MEL £I200
D89 PAT £950
PAU I6A £3800
PAU I8A £3700
ROS 9A £2700
S50 ROS £2I00
MI0 ROY £I200
SUE 762R £I200
CI SUS £I800
SVS 90I £750
L3I ANN £2500 M3I CAS £850 A77 DEN £I800 EJ I008 £2300 FEL 3T £850 735 HBF £950 L29 JEM £750 X23 KEN £II00 YI LEN £I500 M32I LSA £750 PI2I MEL £850 PAU I44A £2700 TI4 ROY £II00 N8 TAS £I800
36 ANN £6500 P23 CAT £950 SI23 DEN £950 B4 EKS £2300 I699 FM £I700 P2I HEL £750 N27 JEN £I400 T26 KEN £I300 LEN 6P £I400 L2I LSY £950 N2I MES £850 PAZ 42 £I300 TI6 ROY £950 N2I TAS £I200
ANN II8H £I300 D24 CAT £I300 L24 DER £850 T8 EKS £850 G25 FOX £950 270 HMD £850 P2 JER £II00 X99 KEN £I200 LEN 6X £2I00 N23 LYN £I200 NI MJE £950 PEG IY £2400 ROY 60W £I700 N3I TAS £II00
APL 3Y £850 TI23 CAT £850 L29 DER £750 258I EL £850 P26 FOX £850 X3 HMS £850 A6 JER £I300 M32I KEN £750 LEN 8A £2700 L24 LYN £I400 L27 MJW £850 L2I PEN £850 ROY 683 £2800 L25 TAY £850
M2I ARA £750 3677 CD £I600 DES 2M £I300 5656 EL £II00 23 FY £3800 989 HNM £850 R6 JER £I200 L28 KER £750 BI2 LEN £I400 LYN 65D £I500 6344 MK £I300 PEP 624 £950 L24 RRA £950 L28 TCH £850
L24 ARA £I500 BI CDJ £850 5I6 DES £I500 N2I ELE £850 L2I GAR £750 26 HO £3800 P25 JES £II00 GI4 KES £750 L2I LEN £I300 K66 LYN £I300 JI MKB £I400 5967 PF £I500 L24 RRS £I200 F4I THE £3600



Mpg or equivalent;
Braking 60-0mph
Make and model


test average/
Torque (lb ft)
Power (bhp)

Weight (kg)

Top speed


Facts, figures, from the best road tests FORD
Fiesta 3/5dr hatch AAAAC
No one produces as thorough a judgement on a new with an automatic) and demonstrates flexibility. 1.0T Ecoboost 122 9.6 28.1 9.6 13.2 3.2 123 125 29.3 42/52 1147 9.8.17
car as Autocar. As well as acceleration, braking, fuel » FU E L ECO N O MY Figures quoted are the average Fiesta ST 3/5dr hatch AAAAB
ST-3 1.5 T Ecb’st 144 6.6 16.2 5.7 6.4 2.7 197 214 26.0 38/48 1187 15.8.18
economy and noise tests, we carry out benchmark and touring fuel economy as tested. The touring Focus 5dr hatch AAAAB
limit-handling tests, setting lap times if appropriate. figure is representative of a 70mph cruise on a 1.5 Ecob’t 182PS 138 8.9 22.8 7.8 10.0 2.35 180 177 26.9 30/44 1417 20.2.19
ST 155 6.1 14.1 4.9 6.1 2.70 273 310 27.2 32/41 1433 11.9.19
But we don’t just drive at the track, essential as it is for typical UK motorway. For electric cars, the figures RS 165 5.3 13.9 5.3 6.9 3.5 345 325 27.3 28/37 1599 4.5.16
finding the limits of performance. We also drive on a quoted are for the same average and touring test S-Max 5dr MPV AAAAC
2.0 TDCi T’ium 123 10.5 32.0 10.4 13.9 2.5 148 258 39.5 44/46 1725 26.8.15
wide range of roads. Where we have tested more than schedules but are expressed in miles per kWh†. Mondeo 4dr saloon/5dr/estate AAAAC
one model in a range, the rating is for the range overall. **Denotes mpkg (miles per kilogram) for hydrogen- 2.0 TDCi 130 10.0 28.8 9.4 12.7 3.1 148 258 38 53/56 1597 14.1.15
Mustang 2dr coupé AAAAC
Where a model within the range meets our coveted powered fuel cell vehicles. 5.0 V8 GT F’back 155 5.2 11.6 4.2 9.4 2.7 410 391 35.1 19/25 1720 24.2.16
five-star standard, it is highlighted in yellow. » B R AKI N G 60 - 0 M PH Recorded on a high-grip Bullitt 155 5.2 11.2 4.1 10.7 2.7 453 390 37.4 21/33 1782 5.12.18
Ecosport 5dr SUV AABCC
» 30 -70 M PH Indicates overtaking ability surface at a test track. 1.5 TDCi 99 14.3 — 15.2 14.4 2.7 89 151 28 39/48 1384 3.9.14
through the gears. » M PH/1000 R PM Figure is the speed achieved Kuga 5dr SUV AAAAC
2.0 TDCi 122 10.9 44.2 11.8 7.4 2.6 161 251 31.6 34/39 1707 13.3.13
» 50 -70 M PH Recorded in top gear (*kickdown in top gear. Ranger 4dr pick-up AAAAC
Raptor 106 10.5 37.7 10.5 — 3.46 210 367 41.1 24/33 2516 28.8.19

Mpg or equivalent;
Mpg or equivalent;

Braking 60-0mph
Braking 60-0mph

Make and model

Make and model



test average/
test average/

Torque (lb ft)

Torque (lb ft)

Power (bhp)
Civic 5dr hatch AAAAC
Power (bhp)

Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)





Top speed
Top speed


1.5 i-VTEC Turbo 126 7.8 19.3 7.0 8.7 2.7 180 177 26.6 39/49 1357 19.4.17


2.0 Type R GT 169 5.7 12.5 4.4 6.1 2.8 316 295 25.4 29/43 1380 25.10.17
Clarity FCV 104 9.0 29.2 8.3 5.3* 2.9 174 221 na 51/72** 1872 12.7.17
A L FA R O M E O 4 Series 2dr coupé AAAAC CR-V 5dr SUV AAABC
Giulia 4dr saloon AAAAB 435i M Sport 155 5.5 13.2 5.2 6.3 2.7 302 295 28.2 28/37 1585 18.9.13 1.5T EX CVT AWD 124 9.2 26.1 8.4 5.2* 3.3 190 179 39.5 32/38 1669 7.11.18
Quadrifoglio 190 4.5 9.2 3.2 10.3 2.57 503 443 38.7 34/49 1580 29.3.17 M4 155 4.1 8.8 3.2 6.1 2.4 425 406 34.0 29/36 1585 9.7.14 HR-V 5dr SUV AAABC
Stelvio 5dr SUV AAABC 5 Series 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAB 1.6 i-DTEC SE 119 10.5 34.9 10.4 11.2 — 118 221 34.4 56/57 1324 16.9.15
2.2D 210 Milano 134 6.8 20.6 7.0 7.3 3.01 207 347 41.3 38/50 1659 3.1.18 520d M Sport 146 7.4 21.3 7.4 14.3 2.7 188 295 42.2 40/52 1635 31.5.17 NSX 2dr coupé AAAAB
Quadrifoglio 176 4.0 9.4 3.3 5.9 3.31 503 443 36.4 22/32 1931 9.1.19 M5 155 3.3 7.5 2.7 8.9 3.1 591 553 41.1 22/28 1855 18.4.18 NSX 191 3.3 7.3 2.6 4.3 2.7 573 476 35.8 25/32 1725 5.10.16
4C 2dr coupé/convertible AAACC 6 Series GT 5dr hatch AAABC
Spider 160 5.1 12.4 4.0 5.8 2.97 237 258 29.6 32/44 940 27.1.16 630d xDrv M Spt 155 5.9 15.7 5.4 7.6 2.8 261 457 50.2 40/54 1880 8.11.17 HYU N DAI
7 Series 4dr saloon AAAAC i10 5dr hatch AAABC
ALPINA 730Ld 153 6.4 17.1 6.0 8.2 3.1 261 457 50.2 40/49 1795 11.11.15 1.0 SE 96 14.7 — 16.2 19.9 2.9 65 70 20.0 44/51 925 29.1.14
B3 Biturbo 4dr saloon AAAAB 8 Series 2dr coupé AAAAC i20 5dr hatch AAAAC
B3 Biturbo 155 4.7 10.3 3.8 6.8 2.9 404 443 41.5 27/35 1610 29.8.13 840d xDrive 155 5.0 12.8 4.6 8.6 3.05 315 501 46.5 40/49 1901 16.1.19 1.4 SE 114 12.2 42.4 12.1 17.3 3.0 99 99 21.8 43/54 1060 7.1.14
i3 5dr hatch AAAAC i30 5dr hatch/estate AAABC
ALPINE 1.3S Range Ext 99 7.7 — 6.6 4.0* 3.0 181 199 — 2.6/34† 1385 21.2.18 i30 N 155 6.4 14.8 5.6 6.1 3.1 271 260 27.4 31/43 1478 27.12.17
A110 2dr coupé AAAAA i8 2dr coupé AAAAB 1.4 Premium SE 129 9.5 28.9 9.7 10.9 2.7 138 178 28.1 39/49 1423 13.9.17
Premiere Edit’n 155 4.7 10.8 3.8 6.5 2.6 248 236 28.1 28/46 1103 16.5.18 i8 155 4.5 10.6 3.7 3.3 2.8 357 420 33.3 50/40 1560 17.9.14 Kona Electric 5dr SUV AAAAC
X1 5dr SUV AAAAC 64kWh P’m SE 104 6.7 17.4 5.8 3.5* 3.1 201 291 — 3.7/4.0† 1734 31.10.18
ARIEL xDrive20d xLine 136 8.2 24.2 8.0 11.8 2.8 187 295 35.1 43/49 1625 14.10.15 Santa Fe 5dr SUV AAABC
Atom 0dr open AAAAB X2 5dr SUV AAABC 2.2 CRDi P’m SE 127 9.3 26.4 9.8 — 2.78 197 325 40.2 38/51 2003 6.3.19
V8 170 3.0 5.7 1.9 3.7 2.55 475 268 16.4 21/37 650 10.8.11 M35i 155 5.0 12.7 4.5 11.1 2.74 302 332 37.4 31/42 1668 25.9.19 Nexo 5dr SUV AAABC
Nomad 0dr open AAAAA X3 5dr SUV AAAAC Nexo 111 9.6 38.5 9.7 6.1* 2.88 161 291 — 42/60** 1852 12.6.19
Nomad 125 4.5 12.7 3.9 7.7 3.10 235 221 26.7 —/— 735 24.6.15 xDrive20d M Spt 132 8.3 26.6 8.6 17.5 3.3 188 295 41.2 37/49 1825 17.1.18
ASTON MARTIN xDrive30d 145 5.9 16.9 5.8 11.1 2.6 255 416 43.7 34/45 1895 27.8.14 F-Type 2dr convertible/3dr coupé AAAAB
Vantage 2dr coupé AAAAB X5 5dr SUV AAAAC V8 S Convertible 186 4.0 9.4 3.4 8.0 2.8 488 460 46.8 19/29 1655 12.6.13
V8 195 3.7 8.3 3.0 10.5 2.7 503 505 42.6 18/25 1720 23.5.18 xDrive30d M Spt 143 6.6 18.9 6.6 15.1 3.36 261 457 47.1 35/43 2279 2.1.19 V6 S Coupé 171 4.9 12.1 4.2 12.7 2.7 375 339 36.2 24/33 1594 11.6.14
DB11 2dr coupé AAAAB M 155 4.2 9.8 3.5 10.2 2.8 567 553 42.3 21/26 2350 13.5.15 2.0 Coupé R-Dy 155 5.8 14.7 5.1 9.5 2.8 296 295 33.2 31/44 1640 22.11.17
Launch Edition 200 4.0 8.4 3.0 10.1 2.6 600 516 46.2 24/34 1910 21.9.16 XF 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAABC
Rapide 4dr saloon AAAAC C AT E R H A M R-Sport 2.0 136 9.4 26.1 9.0 16.1 2.9 178 317 44.1 47/56 1595 2.12.15
Rapide S 190 5.3 11.3 4.3 8.3 3.0 550 457 33.6 19/23 1990 20.3.13 Seven 2dr roadster AAAAC S’brake 300 R-S 155 6.6 16.8 6.2 10.6 2.81 296 295 44.1 24/37 1727 17.4.19
DBS Superleggera 2dr coupé AAAAA 620S 145 3.8 9.2 3.2 5.7 2.7 310 219 21.2 25/29 610 9.3.16 XE 4dr saloon AAAAB
DBS Superl’era 211 3.7 7.4 2.7 9.5 2.5 715 664 42.7 19/26 1910 21.11.18 R-Sport 2.0 147 7.6 19.0 6.9 13.3 2.7 197 206 33.8 30/49 1530 1.7.15
AU D I Camaro 2dr coupé AAAAC 3.0d LWB 155 6.3 16.5 6.6 3.6* 2.7 271 443 43.5 28/36 1960 9.6.10
A1 Sportback 5dr hatch AAABC 6.2 V8 155 5.6 12.4 4.5 12.2 2.7 426 419 43.3 23/29 1175 20.6.12 E-Pace 5dr SUV AAABC
35 TFSI S line 137 7.9 22.0 8.4 8.6 2.7 148 184 27.6 38/57 1209 2.10.19 Corvette 2dr coupé AAAAC D180 AWD SE 127 9.9 30.9 10.5 14 3.6 178 317 45.8 36/49 1843 11.4.18
A3 4dr saloon/3dr/5dr hatch AAAAC Stingray 181 4.4 9.4 3.3 11.7 2.3 460 465 48.4 22/33 1539 8.10.14 F-Pace 5dr SUV AAAAC
RS3 Saloon 155 4.0 9.9 3.5 9.0 2.7 394 354 33.7 29/35 1515 6.9.17 2.0d AWD 129 9.2 30.9 9.7 7.4 — 178 317 41.3 37/40 1775 11.5.16
A4 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAC CITROEN SVR 176 4.1 9.3 3.5 10.4 2.69 542 502 41.6 18/29 2070 24.7.19
2.0 TDI S line 147 8.4 22.2 7.3 11.2 3.1 187 295 37.1 45/50 1940 4.11.15 C3 5dr hatch AAABC I-Pace 5dr SUV AAAAB
S4 TDI 155 4.6 11.5 4.1 — 2.87 342 516 50.2 29/54 1871 18.9.19 P’tech 110 Flair 117 9.6 36.6 9.4 10.5 2.6 109 151 27.0 47/62 1050 28.12.16 EV400 S 124 4.5 11.0 3.5 2.0 2.8 394 512 — 1.8/2.4† 2133 12.9.18
RS4 Avant 155 4.0 9.6 3.5 11.0 3.0 444 443 38.4 24/37 1790 14.2.18 C3 Aircross 5dr hatch AAABC
A5 2dr coupé/convertible AAABC P’tech 110 Flair 115 11.5 36.4 10.7 12.3 3.5 109 151 27.5 35/39 1159 7.3.18 JEEP
S5 155 4.9 11.7 4.4 9.7 3.0 349 369 40.5 26/33 1615 11.1.17 C4 Cactus 5dr hatch AAACC Compass 5dr 4x4 AAACC
A5 Sportback 4dr saloon AAABC 1.6 BlueHDi 100 114 11.8 41.2 11.7 7.2 2.9 99 187 36.1 47/62 1225 16.7.14 2.0 M’jet 4x4 L’d 118 11.0 39.0 11.4 10.9 2.8 138 258 34.2 38/45 1540 3.10.18
2.0 TFSI S line 155 5.7 15.1 5.3 17.2 2.5 249 273 42.2 30/41 1535 8.3.17 C5 Aircross 5dr SUV AAABC Renegade 5dr 4x4 AAABC
A6 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAC BlueHDi 180 131 9.0 25.6 8.5 — 2.83 174 295 40.1 37/48 1540 13.2.19 2.0 M’jet 4x4 L’d 113 10.8 37.6 11.2 10.0 3.5 138 258 34.0 41/53 1502 28.10.15
40 TDI S l’e Avant 149 8.4 22.6 7.5 — 3.1 201 295 51.0 39/50 1710 14.11.18 Wrangler 5dr 4x4 AAAAC
A7 Sportback 5dr hatch AAABC CUPRA 2.2 M’Jet-II Ov’d 112 9.0 29.9 9.1 — 2.37 197 332 38.3 29/38 2044 10.4.19
50 TDI Sport 155 5.8 14.9 5.3 — 2.8 282 457 49.0 29/53 1880 11.7.18 Ateca 5dr SUV AAABC
TT 2dr coupé/convertible AAAAC 2.0 TSI 4Drive 153 4.9 12.3 4.4 9.4 3.03 296 295 33.8 29/37 1615 23.1.19 KIA
RS 155 3.6 8.4 3.0 7.8 2.7 394 354 35.1 27/37 1440 7.12.16 Stinger 4dr saloon AAABC
E-tron 5dr SUV AAAAB DACIA 2.0 T-GDI GT-L S 149 7.4 18.2 6.4 10.9 2.9 244 260 36.7 32/43 1717 25.4.18
55 quattro 124 5.4 13.7 4.2 2.5* 2.91 403 490 — 2.3/2.9† 2569 26.6.19 Sandero 5dr hatch AAACC Rio 5dr hatch AAABC
Q2 5dr SUV AAAAC 1.2 75 Access 97 15.3 — 17.6 23.0 3.0 74 79 20.3 32/38 941 27.2.13 1.0 T-GDI 3 Eco 115 10.0 37.0 10.5 12.3 3.2 99 127 27.1 40/50 1228 1.3.17
1.4 TFSI Sport 132 8.1 23.9 8.2 9.8 2.7 148 184 29.4 45/56 1265 9.11.16 Duster 5dr hatch AAAAC Ceed 5dr hatch AAABC
SQ2 quattro 155 4.5 11.6 4.1 9.2 2.72 296 295 33.4 27/35 1530 20.3.19 SCe 115 Comfort 107 13.1 — 12.5 23.9 2.9 113 115 24.0 37/42 1179 22.8.18 1.6 CRDi 115 2 119 9.9 30.8 9.6 15.3 2.9 113 207 41.4 50/70 1388 29.8.18
Q5 5dr SUV AAAAC Proceed 5dr shooting brake AAABC
2.0 TDI S line 135 8.3 26.4 8.5 14.7 3.1 187 295 42.0 37/43 1770 15.3.17 DS 1.4 T-GDi 127 9.5 28.1 8.9 13.2 2.87 138 179 24.1 34/43 1475 27.2.19
SQ5 quattro 155 5.5 13.7 5.0 11.1 2.6 349 369 45.2 26/32 1870 21.6.17 3 5dr hatch AAABC Niro 5dr SUV AAABC
Q7 5dr SUV AAAAC BlueHDi 120 118 9.9 32.2 9.4 11.1 3.1 118 210 36.4 59/67 1150 23.3.16 1.6 GDI DCT 2 101 9.7 30.0 9.5 12.8 3.5 139 108/125 31.9 49/50 1500 31.8.16
SQ7 4.0 TDI 155 5.1 12.6 4.4 7.0 2.9 429 664 47.6 24/38 2330 26.10.16 3 Crossback 5dr SUV AAACC e-Niro First Ed’n 104 7.2 19.0 — 3.7* 2.70 201 291 — 3.5/3.6† 1776 1.5.19
Q8 5dr SUV AAAAC Puretech 155 129 8.8 24.6 8.3 14.9 2.90 153 177 32.7 41/49 1205 10.7.19 Sportage 5dr SUV AAABC
50 TDI S Line 152 6.9 19.1 6.6 10.1 2.8 282 443 44.9 29/40 2285 26.9.18 4 Crossback 5dr hatch AAACC 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 109 12.1 46.4 13.1 16.8 3.3 114 207 34.4 50/51 1500 2.3.16
R8 2dr coupé AAAAC BlueHDi 120 117 12.0 48.8 12.3 18.0 2.9 118 221 36.7 49/50 1290 6.1.16 Sorento 5dr 4x4 AAABC
V10 Plus 205 3.1 6.7 2.6 5.7 2.8 602 413 26.8 15/23 1555 30.12.15 7 Crossback 5dr SUV AAABC 2.2 CRDi KX-4 128 9.3 28.6 9.4 5.7* — 197 325 35.2 35/39 1953 8.4.15
Puretech 225 141 8.6 20.2 7.0 15.1 2.9 221 221 34.0 35/45 1425 19.9.18
Continental GT 2dr coupé AAAAB FERRARI Huracán 2dr coupé AAAAB
W12 First Edition 207 3.6 8.1 2.9 8.9 2.8 626 664 52.4 20/26 2244 2.5.18 488 GTB 2dr coupé AAAAA Performante 201 2.9 5.9 2.0 4.9 3.0 630 442 24.5 17/22 1382 11.10.17
Mulsanne 4dr saloon AAAAC 488 GTB 205 3.0 5.9 2.0 3.7 2.43 661 561 28.9 —/— 1525 25.5.16 Aventador 2dr coupé AAAAC
6.75 V8 184 5.7 13.7 4.8 2.8* 2.6 505 752 44.8 18/21 2745 21.9.11 488 Pista 211 2.8 5.6 2.0 4.8 2.34 710 568 28.9 17/26 1465 7.8.19 SVJ 217 2.9 6.1 2.2 5.0 2.65 759 531 33.7 12/21 1770 19.6.19
Bentayga 5dr SUV AAAAA 812 Superfast 2dr coupé AAAAC Urus 5dr SUV AAAAC
W12 187 4.9 11.6 4.4 8.7 3.0 600 664 48.2 20/25 2440 18.5.16 F12 Berlinetta 211 3.1 6.2 2.2 4.9 2.6 789 530 30.0 —/24 1630 25.7.18 Urus 190 3.3 7.8 2.8 — 2.70 641 627 43.0 19/29 2285 3.7.19
1 Series 3dr/5dr hatch AAABC Panda 5dr hatch AAAAB Discovery Sport 5dr SUV AAAAB
116d ED Plus 124 10.2 30.0 10.0 17.3 — 114 199 37.7 54/60 1395 27.5.15 4x4 Twinair 103 14.6 — 15.8 16.0 3.0 84 107 20.8 37/44 1050 17.4.13 TD6 HSE Luxury 130 8.7 27.7 8.7 8.9 3.4 254 443 37.1 26/34 2230 12.4.17
2 Series 3dr coupé/convertible AAAAB 500 3dr hatch AAAAC Range Rover 5dr SUV AAAAB
220d C’vble 140 8.5 24.7 8.4 9.0 2.1 187 295 34.5 50/53 1610 1.4.15 Abarth 595 130 7.5 20.1 6.4 7.0 2.8 158 170 23.9 34/39 1035 26.2.14 4.4 SDV8 135 7.0 19.0 6.7 3.8* 2.9 334 516 41.8 25/35 2625 12.12.12
M2 155 4.4 10.3 3.6 6.2 2.6 365 343 33.7 31/37 1595 15.6.16 500 Twinair 108 11.7 — 13 15.3 3.3 84 107 22.9 35/39 1070 24.11.10 Range Rover Velar 5dr SUV AAABC
2 Series Active Tourer 5dr MPV AAAAC Tipo 5dr hatch AABCC D240 HSE 135 9.3 27.4 9.0 15.7 3.8 237 369 41.8 33/48 2089 30.8.17
218d Luxury 129 8.9 26.5 8.7 12.1 3.0 148 243 40.4 42/56 1450 24.12.14 1.6 M’jet Lounge 124 9.6 31.6 9.8 8.7 2.9 118 236 35.0 49/62 1295 2.11.16 Range Rover Sport 5dr SUV AAAAB
3 Series 4dr saloon/5dr estate/5dr hatch AAAAB Abarth 124 Spider 2dr roadster AAAAC 3.0 TDV6 130 7.8 22.5 7.5 12.2 3.1 255 442 43.1 33/42 2115 2.10.13
320d M Sport 149 6.9 19.8 6.8 13.2 2.54 188 295 43.0 47/63 1639 15.5.19 124 Spider 144 6.8 18.6 6.5 6.5 2.8 168 184 25.2 35/45 1060 22.3.17 SVR 162 4.4 10.3 3.8 12.6 2.6 542 502 41.8 22/19 2335 15.4.15
330e M Sport 140 6.3 15.7 5.7 6.9 2.9 249 310 40.8 40/47 1660 4.10.17



Mpg or equivalent;
Mpg or equivalent;

Mpg or equivalent;

Braking 60-0mph
Braking 60-0mph

Braking 60-0mph

Make and model

Make and model

Make and model



test average/
test average/

test average/

Torque (lb ft)

Torque (lb ft)

Torque (lb ft)

Power (bhp)
Power (bhp)

Power (bhp)

Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)

Weight (kg)








Top speed
Top speed

Top speed




LC 2dr coupé AAAAC PHEV GX4hs 106 10.0 30.5 9.5 6.2 3.0 200 245 — 44/38 1810 16.4.14 Tivoli XLV AAACC
LC500 Sport+ 168 5.2 11.3 4.2 12.0 3.1 471 398 60.6 27/39 1970 18.10.17 ELX auto 107 12.0 44.5 12.6 7.9 3.1 113 221 33.2 45/58 1425 14.9.16
300h 112 9.7 30.4 9.1 5.6* 2.7 194 na — 32/38 1905 1.10.14 3 Wheeler 2dr roadster AAAAA SUBARU
RC F 2dr coupé AAACC 3 Wheeler 115 8.0 29.9 7.7 5.1 3.56 80 103 21.3 30/— 520 XV 5dr SUV AAACC
RC F 168 4.8 10.7 3.9 12.9 2.9 471 391 39 24/28 1765 18.2.15 2.0i SE L’tronic 120 10.1 27.7 9.0 27.0 3.4 154 145 41.5 31/39 1451 28.2.18
ES 4dr saloon AAABC NISSAN Levorg 5dr estate AAACC
300h Takumi 112 8.7 21.8 7.6 4.6* 2.91 215 na — 42/49 1742 6.2.19 Micra 5dr hatch AAAAC GT 1.6i L’tronic 130 8.4 24.6 7.9 21.0 2.6 168 184 31.9 34/36 1537 13.1.16
LS 4dr saloon AAACC 0.9 N-Connecta 109 12.1 44.7 11.7 15.6 2.8 89 103 24.3 45/57 1068 26.4.17 WRX 4dr saloon AAACC
500h Prem AWD 155 5.9 15.4 5.3 12.4 2.8 295 258 36.9 30/42 2380 6.6.18 DIG-T 117 N-Sport 121 10.2 28.8 9.4 16.5 3.2 115 148 31.2 33/55 1105 27.3.19 STi Type UK 159 5.4 13.3 5.1 9.4 2.8 296 300 27.6 23/31 1534 25.6.14
Note 5dr hatch AAAAC
LOTUS 1.2 Acenta Pr’m 106 12.6 — 13.4 20.3 2.9 79 81 21.8 42/54 1036 9.10.13 SUZUKI
Elise 2dr roadster AAABC Juke 5dr SUV AAABC Swift 5dr hatch AAABC
Cup 250 154 4.7 11.9 4.5 7.2 2.5 243 184 24.7 27/32 920 29.6.16 Acenta 1.6 111 10.3 41.6 9.9 12.7 3.0 115 117 19.5 36/46 1230 3.11.10 1.0 SZ5 121 10.5 33.0 10.3 11.8 2.9 110 125 26.3 45/56 925 17.5.17
Evora 2dr coupé AAAAC Nismo 1.6 134 6.9 17.2 6.0 7.2 2.5 197 184 23.8 31/39 1295 22.5.13 Celerio 5dr hatch AAABC
Evora S 2+0 172 4.5 11.3 4.0 6.8 2.4 345 295 34.8 21/26 1430 30.3.11 Qashqai 5dr SUV AAAAB 1.0 SZ4 96 12.9 — 14.3 25.0 3.0 67 66 22.4 54/57 835 25.3.15
Exige S 2dr coupé AAAAB 1.5 dCi 2WD 113 10.8 39.2 11.1 12.9 2.9 109 192 35.0 49/56 1365 19.2.14 Baleno 5dr hatch AAABC
Exige S 170 4.1 9.6 3.7 5.5 2.5 345 295 27 21/30 1176 3.4.13 X-Trail 5dr SUV AAABC 1.0T B’jet SZ5 124 9.8 29.5 9.7 11.2 2.9 110 125 26.3 50/55 950 3.8.16
1.6 dCi 2WD 117 11.2 39.7 11.7 11.2 3.0 128 236 32.8 42/48 1550 13.8.14 SX4 S-Cross 5dr SUV AAABC
M A S E R AT I GT-R 2dr coupé AAAAB 1.6 DDiS SZ4 111 10.0 32.6 10.1 8.9 2.6 118 236 35.1 57/67 1290 30.10.13
Ghibli 4dr saloon AAABC Recaro 196 3.4 7.8 2.7 5.3 2.7 562 470 28.0 22/31 1752 16.11.16 Jimny 3dr SUV AAABC
Diesel 155 6.5 17.2 6.0 5.1 2.7 271 443 43.3 31/40 1835 12.3.14 1.5 SZ5 Allgrip 90 11.9 — 11.6 15.1 4.4 100 95 19.8 29/35 1112 28.11.18
Levante 5dr SUV AAACC NOBLE Vitara 5dr SUV AAABC
Diesel 143 6.8 19.9 6.9 4.3 3.4 271 443 46 26/42 2205 30.11.16 M600 2dr coupé AAAAB 1.6 SZ5 112 9.5 29.8 9.5 15.5 — 118 115 24.3 49/47 1075 29.4.15
S Granlusso 164 5.1 12.7 4.5 — 2.73 424 478 39.8 16/24 2232 8.5.19 M600 225 3.5 6.8 2.5 4.7 2.45 650 604 29.9 18/25 1305 14.10.09
MAZDA PEUGEOT Model 3 4dr saloon AAAAC
2 5dr hatch AAAAC 208 3/5dr hatch AAACC St’d Range Plus 140 5.8 14.2 4.7 2.8 2.77 252 277 8.6 3.1/4.0† 1633 4.9.19
1.5 Sky’v-G SE 114 10.4 38.0 7.0 20.2 3.1 89 109 27.9 51/55 1050 22.4.15 1.2 VTI Active 109 14.2 — 14.5 9.1 2.9 81 87 21.2 41/45 1080 18.7.12 Model S 4dr saloon AAAAB
MX-5 2dr roadster AAAAB GTi 30th 143 6.5 16.1 5.8 6.7 2.9 205 221 25.6 41/42 1160 11.2.15 P90D 155 5.2 9.1 3.0 1.9 2.9 525 713 8.5 2.4/3.3 †
2200 20.4.16
1.5 SE-L Nav 127 8.4 24.8 7.9 14.7 3.3 129 111 24.5 46/49 1050 2.9.15 308 3/5dr hatch AAAAC Model X 5dr SUV AAAAC
CX-3 5dr SUV AAABC 1.6 e-HDi 115 118 10.1 32.6 10.4 13.9 3.0 114 199 38.5 48/59 1395 15.1.14 90D 155 4.7 13.1 2.8 2.5 2.7 416 487 8.5 1.6/2.0† 2508 15.2.17
1.5D SE-L Nav 110 10.3 34.7 10.3 10.3 — 104 199 34.8 59/60 1275 22.7.15 508 4dr saloon AAAAC
CX-5 5dr SUV AAAAC GT Bl’HDi 180 146 8.8 23.4 8.5 10.8 2.6 174 295 43.9 35/52 1535 24.10.18 T OYO TA
2.2D Sport Nav 127 9.4 26.3 9.1 10.4 3.0 148 280 37.0 43/53 1594 28.6.17 2008 5dr SUV AAABC Yaris 3dr hatch AAABC
1.6 e-HDi 117 10.7 37.8 11.5 11.8 3.2 114 199 32.7 49/59 1180 19.6.13 GRMN 143 6.4 15.4 5.4 9.8 2.9 209 184 27.7 27/39 1135 28.3.18
McLAREN 3008 5dr SUV AAABC Corolla 4dr saloon/5dr hatch/5dr estate AAAAC
570S 2dr coupé AAAAA 1.6 Bl’HDi GT L’e 117 12.0 44.3 12.1 13.2 3.2 118 221 34.6 42/53 1300 18.1.17 2.0 Hybrid ST 112 8.5 22.4 7.7 4.5* 2.84 178 — — 44/53 1537 5.6.19
3.8 V8 204 3.1 6.4 2.2 10.2 2.6 562 443 36.5 23/37 1440 30.3.16 5008 5dr MPV AAABC GT86 2dr coupé AAAAA
600LT Spider 2dr convertible AAAAB 2.0 Bl’HDi GT L’e 129 10.8 28.8 9.7 11.5 2.7 148 273 37.6 51/60 1490 1.11.17 2.0 manual 140 7.4 18.8 6.8 10.6 2.6 197 151 23.5 30/45 1235 4.7.12
3.8 V8 201 2.9 6.1 2.1 — 2.52 592 457 36.5 17/30 1404 22.5.19 Prius 5dr hatch AAAAC
720S 2dr coupé AAAAA PORSCHE Business E’tion 112 11.1 32.0 10.7 6.4* 3.1 121 — — 53/63 1400 16.3.16
4.0 V8 212 2.9 5.6 2.0 7.7 2.4 710 568 35.4 19/24 1420 24.5.17 718 2dr coupé/roadster AAAAB Mirai 4dr saloon AAAAC
Senna 2dr coupé AAAAA Boxster 171 5.4 12.2 4.3 5.2 2.5 296 280 25.8 26/36 1335 8.6.16 Mirai 111 10.1 36.5 10.2 6.5* 3.3 152 247 22.5 44/62** 1400 27.4.16
4.0 V8 208 3.1 5.5 1.9 8.0 2.4 789 590 35.7 16/25 1345 10.10.18 Cayman S 177 4.8 10.5 3.9 4.8 2.5 345 310 25.8 28/29 1430 10.8.16 C-HR 5dr SUV AAAAC
P1 2dr coupé AAAAA Cayman GTS 180 4.8 10.2 3.5 4.7 2.5 361 310 25.8 28/39 1375 9.5.18 Excel 1.8 Hybrid 106 11.6 43.5 11.9 7.3* 2.7 121 — — 49/60 1420 4.1.17
P1 217 2.8 5.2 2.2 6.0 2.3 903 664 36.0 19.6/— — 7.5.14 911 GT2 2dr coupé AAAAC GR Supra 2dr coupé AAAAC
GT2 RS 211 3.0 6.1 2.2 5.6 2.6 691 553 32.1 19/28 1470 18.7.18 Pro 155 4.4 10.7 3.6 7.6 2.65 335 368 39.2 28/39 1495 14.8.19
MERCEDES-AMG 911 2dr coupé AAAAB
C63 4dr saloon AAAAB Carrera S 191 3.4 7.7 2.8 14.3 — 444 391 44.1 23/39 1515 29.5.19 VA U X H A L L
C63 155 4.4 9.7 3.4 7.5 2.7 469 479 38.1 19/25 1715 3.6.15 918 Spyder 2dr coupé AAAAA Adam 3dr hatch AAACC
C63 S C’vertible 155 4.6 10.2 3.4 7.1 2.7 503 516 35.6 21/27 1850 8.2.17 4.6 V8 214 2.6 5.3 1.9 2.2 2.3 874 944 41.2 28/44 1740 22.10.14 1.2 Jam Ecoflex 103 14.3 — 15.3 20.8 2.8 68 85 21.8 39/45 1086 6.2.13
C63 S Coupé 180 4.3 9.2 3.2 10.7 2.69 503 516 43.2 26/34 1745 24.4.19 Panamera 4dr saloon AAAAA Corsa 3/5dr hatch AAABC
CLS53 4dr saloon AAAAC 4S Diesel 177 4.1 10.3 3.8 — 3.0 416 627 50.7 32/43 2050 1.2.17 1.4T SRi VX-Line 115 11.7 45.1 12.1 15.3 2.9 99 148 34.8 37/42 1176 19.11.14
CLS53 4Matic+ 155 4.3 10.3 3.7 9.1 2.7 429 384 43.8 31/39 1980 17.10.18 Macan 5dr SUV AAAAB VXR 143 7.2 18.3 6.4 7.8 2.4 202 181 23.8 29/34 1280 6.5.15
GT 2dr coupé AAAAC Turbo 165 4.7 11.8 4.3 7.9 2.4 394 406 35.7 22/31 2000 4.6.14 Crossland X 5dr SUV AAACC
S 193 3.6 7.8 2.8 5.5 2.5 503 479 34.7 20/29 1715 29.7.15 Cayenne 5dr SUV AAAAC 1.2T 130 Elite 128 9.8 31.4 10.3 8.9 2.9 128 170 30.5 40/54 1199 7.6.17
R 198 3.6 7.3 2.7 4.6 2.4 577 516 30.7 19/23 1555 10.5.17 Turbo 177 3.9 9.3 3.3 5.3 2.8 542 568 44.7 21/31 2250 5.9.18 Astra 5dr hatch/estate AAAAC
GT 4-Door Coupé 4dr coupé AAAAB 1.6 CDTi 136 SRi 127 8.8 25.7 8.8 8.6 2.6 134 236 33.4 55/58 1350 30.9.15
GT63 4Matic+ 193 3.3 7.7 2.7 10.7 2.8 577 590 42.6 22/30 2135 13.3.19 R E N A U LT ST CDTi B’tbo SRi137 8.4 22.2 7.7 8.1 2.6 158 258 33.7 57/59 1435 13.4.16
SLC 2dr convertible AAABC Twingo 5dr hatch AAABC Combo Life 5dr MPV AAABC
SLC43 155 5.5 12.3 4.2 12.7 3.0 Dynamique 94 17.6 — 19.1 29.4 2.9 69 67
362 384 40.4 27/33 1595 6.7.16 20.8 42/52 865 29.10.14 1.5 TD 100 En’gy 109 14.7 — 16.2 14.4 2.8 99 184 32.0 45/60 1552 27.12.18
GLC 5dr SUV AAABC Zoe 5dr hatch AAABC Insignia Grand Sport 4dr saloon AAAAC
GLC63 S 4Mtic+ 155 3.7 8.9 3.2 15.4 2.8 503 516 43.4 19/26 2020 13.6.18 Dynamique 84 12.3 — 13.9 9.1 2.9 87 162 7.8 4.0/3.4† 1468 31.7.13 2.0D SRi VX-Line140 8.7 23.8 7.9 8.9 2.7 168 295 36.1 39/51 1507 3.5.17
Clio 5dr hatch AAAAC Insignia Sports Tourer 5dr estate AAACC
MERCEDES-BENZ 0.9 TCE 113 13.4 — 13.9 19.1 2.8 89 100 23.8 38/47 1009 6.3.13 GSI 2.0 B’tbo D 144 8.4 23.1 7.7 9.5 2.7 207 354 38.6 36/47 1807 30.5.18
A-Class 5dr hatch AAAAC RS 200 Turbo 143 7.4 20.9 6.9 9.1 2.8 197 177 20.8 32/37 1204 23.10.13 VXR8 4dr saloon AAAAC
A200 Sport 139 8.7 22.4 7.9 — 3.2 161 184 33.6 39/57 1379 4.7.18 Mégane 5dr hatch AAACC GTS-R 155 4.8 9.6 3.3 6.6 3.1 587 546 34.9 20/27 1858 10.1.18
B-Class 5dr MPV AAAAC 1.5 dCi Dyn. S Nav 116 11.1 35.2 11.1 13.2 2.8 108 192 33.9 47.2 1387 17.8.16
B180 Sport 132 8.4 23.5 8.3 — 2.73 134 148 33.6 33/51 1405 3.4.19 Grand Scenic 5dr MPV AAABC V O L K S WA G E N
CLA 4dr saloon AAACC dCi 130 Dyn. S Nav 118 11.4 35.8 11.3 10.2 3.4 129 236 32.1 47/61 1601 25.1.17 Up 3/5dr hatch AAAAC
CLA 250 155 6.8 17.1 6.1 11.5 2.88 221 258 — 34/49 1555 21.8.19 Kad jar 5dr SUV AAAAC GTI 1.0 TSI 115 122 8.5 25.7 7.8 7.6 2.8 114 147 24.7 39/54 1070 21.3.18
C-Class 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAC dCi 115 Dyn. S Nav 113 14.5 — 14.6 17.2 2.3 108 192 35.0 52/69 1380 21.10.15 Polo 5dr hatch AAAAB
C220 Bluetec 145 8.1 22.9 8.1 11.7 2.8 168 295 42.4 41/51 1700 23.7.14 Koleos 5dr SUV AAACC 1.0 TSI 95 SE 116 10.7 34.4 11.1 12.1 2.8 94 129 27.1 43/57 1145 31.1.18
E-Class 4dr saloon/5dr estate/2dr convertible/2dr coupé AAAAC dCi 175 4WD Sig. 126 9.8 31.3 10.1 14.3 2.9 175 280 — 34/38 1747 20.8.17 GTI 147 6.7 17.4 5.9 8.6 2.8 197 236 — 37/47 1355 1.8.18
E400 Coupé 155 5.6 13.4 4.9 14.8 2.9 328 354 46.7 30/39 1845 14.6.17 Golf 3/5dr hatch AAAAB
S-Class 4dr saloon/2dr coupé AAAAA R O L L S - R OYC E GTI Perf. DSG 155 6.5 16.4 5.9 8.9 2.8 227 258 34.4 32/38 1402 10.7.13
S350 Bluetec 155 7.3 19.0 6.8 3.9* 2.7 255 457 45.6 34/44 1975 16.10.13 Phantom 4dr saloon AAAAA GTE 138 7.7 18.2 6.1 7.7 2.5 201 258 7.6 44/45 1599 20.5.15
S63 AMG Coupé 155 4.5 9.6 3.4 6.8 2.7 577 664 42.8 22/25 2070 3.12.14 Phantom 155 5.5 11.8 4.4 2.5* 2.8 563 664 51.2 8/28 2560 4.4.18 1.5 TSI R-line 134 8.8 22.7 8.1 9.9 2.1 148 184 28.0 40/52 1324 2.8.17
GLA 5dr SUV AAABC Ghost 4dr saloon AAAAC T-Roc 5dr SUV AAAAB
GLA220 CDI SE 134 8.1 23.8 7.8 4.7 2.65 168 258 36.4 40/48 1535 14.5.14 Ghost 155 4.9 10.6 3.9 2.3* 2.6 563 575 46.0 18/23 2450 7.7.10 2.0 TSI SEL 4Mn 134 6.7 20.2 6.5 13.3 3.2 187 236 35.6 31/37 1495 24.1.18
GLC 5dr SUV AAAAC Wraith 2dr coupé AAAAB Arteon 5dr hatch AAABC
GLC250d 143 7.8 23.5 7.8 15.7 3.2 201 369 46.9 39/43 1845 10.2.16 Wraith 155 4.6 10.0 4.5 2.1* 2.9 624 590 45.9 15/27 2435 21.5.14 2.0 BITDI 240 152 6.5 17.7 6.2 8.9 3.3 237 369 37.8 38/56 1828 27.9.17
G-Class 5dr SUV AAAAC Dawn 2dr convertible AAAAC Passat 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAC
G350d AMG Line 124 7.5 22.4 7.2 15.0 3.40 282 443 46.0 25/31 2451 17.7.19 Dawn 155 5.2 11.6 4.2 2.4* 2.9 563 575 47.7 19/25 2560 1.6.16 2.0 TDI 190 GT 144 8.7 23.6 8.1 13.1 3.2 187 295 37.9 45/52 1614 4.2.15
GL 5dr SUV AAAAC GTE 140 7.6 19.0 6.1 7.8 3.3 215 295 32.3 38/43 1722 7.9.16
GL350 AMG Sp’t 137 8.3 24.8 8.2 5.0* 2.6 255 457 37.7 28/33 2455 24.7.13 S E AT Touran 5dr MPV AAAAC
X-Class 4dr pick-up AAABC Ibiza 5dr hatch AAAAB 2.0 TDI 150 SE 128 9.9 29.3 9.7 13.6 3.2 148 251 37.0 54/60 1571 3.2.16
X250d 4Matic 109 11.2 38.9 11.6 — 3.2 187 332 31.3 27/36 2159 20.6.18 SE Tech’y 1.0 TSI 113 10.0 34.1 10.0 10.1 3.0 94 129 27.2 45/56 1047 19.7.17 Tiguan 5dr SUV AAAAB
SL 2dr convertible AAAAC Leon 3/5dr hatch AAAAC 2.0 TDI 150 SE 127 10.4 33 9.6 12.4 3.2 148 251 40.0 44/52 1683 22.6.16
SL500 155 4.3 9.9 3.6 6.5 2.7 429 516 39.6 10/24 1815 8.8.12 SC 2.0 TDI FR 142 8.0 22.1 7.5 9.6 2.9 181 280 35.6 47/54 1350 4.9.13 Caravelle 5dr MPV AAAAC
Cupra SC 280 155 5.9 13.6 4.4 7.1 2.7 276 258 27.2 28/36 1441 26.3.14 2.0 BITDI Exec. 126 11.6 36.1 11.7 10.2 3.2 201 332 22.7 38/45 2386 23.12.15
MG Arona 5dr SUV AAAAC Touareg 5dr SUV AAABC
3 5dr hatch AAABC SE Tech’y 1.0 TSI 107 10.5 — 10.6 11.9 3.1 94 129 26.2 37/41 1165 15.11.17 3.0 TDI R-Ln Tch 146 7.2 18.6 6.5 21.5 2.8 282 442 47.6 37/42 2070 8.8.18
1.5 3Form Sp’t 108 11.4 41.5 11.6 19.6 2.8 105 101 22.2 37/41 1150 25.12.13 Ateca 5dr SUV AAAAB
GS 5dr SUV AAACC 1.6 TDI SE 114 10.5 35.6 9.3 14.0 2.9 114 184 36.4 50/62 1300 19.10.16 V O LV O
1.5 TGI Excite 118 8.9 25.5 8.3 12.4 2.8 164 184 29.3 29/38 1395 20.7.16 XC40 5dr SUV AAAAB
SMART D4 AWD First Ed. 130 8.5 24.8 8.5 13.7 3.0 188 295 39.8 38/44 1735 7.2.18
MINI Forfour Electric Drive 5dr hatch AABCC S90 4dr saloon AAAAC
Mini 3dr hatch AAAAB Prime Premium 81 13.2 — 14.5 10.6 2.8 80 118 — 3.1/3.9† 1200 23.8.17 D4 Momentum 140 8.2 22.1 7.9 11.1 2.6 188 295 40.1 40/51 1717 13.7.16
Cooper S 146 6.9 17.1 5.9 6.7 2.5 189 221 26.4 35/54 1235 2.4.14 V60 5dr estate AAAAC
C’per S Wks 210 146 7.2 16.4 6.0 6.5 3.0 207 221 26.5 31/47 1235 6.12.17 S KO DA D4 M’tum Pro 137 8.9 23.8 8.2 12.7 2.8 188 295 41.0 35/43 1847 27.6.18
Clubman 5dr hatch AAABC Fabia 5dr hatch AAAAC XC60 5dr SUV AAABC
Cooper D 132 8.6 25.9 8.2 10.0 2.9 148 243 34.9 51/52 1320 25.11.15 1.2 TSI 90 SE-L 113 12.6 46 12.5 15.0 3.4 89 118 26.1 45/49 1109 21.1.15 D4 AWD R-Des’n 127 8.9 26.2 8.8 14.2 2.8 188 295 38.9 40/49 1836 5.7.17
Convertible 2dr convertible AAAAB Scala 5dr hatch AAABC XC90 5dr SUV AAAAC
Cooper 129 9.2 25.4 8.8 12.4 2.7 134 162 31.0 46/53 1280 6.4.16 1.5 TSI 150 DSG 136 7.9 21.5 7.3 11.8 2.78 148 184 33.5 42/53 1200 31.7.19 D5 Momentum 137 8.3 23.9 8.3 5.0* — 222 347 33.6 37/39 2009 17.6.15
Countryman 5dr hatch AAABC Octavia 4dr saloon/5dr estate AAAAC
Cooper D 129 9.0 26.4 8.4 11.5 2.8 148 243 36.2 42/48 1480 22.2.17 vRS 245 Estate 155 6.9 16.2 5.8 7.3 2.9 242 273 29.8 33/39 1392 16.8.17 WESTFIELD
Plug-in Hybrid 123 6.7 24.4 6.2 5.5 3.5 221 284 30.1 42/50 1735 26.7.17 Superb 5dr hatch/estate AAAAB Sport 0dr roadster AAAAC
2.0 TDI SE 135 8.8 24.9 8.2 11.2 2.8 148 251 37.2 47/54 1505 9.9.15 Sport 250 142 3.6 11.1 6.4 4.0 2.7 252 270 22.7 32/42 665 29.11.17
Eclipse Cross 5dr SUV AAACC 2.0 TDI 150 Scout 122 8.9 28.7 9.6 12.8 2.86 148 251 36.1 38/47 1629 30.1.19 ZENOS
1.5 First Ed 2WD 127 9.0 26.5 8.3 13.8 3.0 161 184 30.9 34/45 1455 14.3.18 Kodiaq 5dr SUV AAAAC E10 0dr roadster AAAAB
2.0 TDI Edition 121 9.5 34.7 10.1 12.2 2.8 148 251 33.5 37/48 1751 23.11.16 S 140 4.3 11.2 4.1 5.3 2.9 250 295 33.9 21/23 725 7.10.15



 #+611 + ! %#+1*, + ! +1  , , %9 4! ,1  (
1 .. % .(3  !! .2:  # 1#+)4 ! + 1#!  % 
# :$::  / ! 4,1 2(" ,#!, 1, %#7+1+ !  , #!9 #! #  ! !
  %# %#,1#!( 6   1+ , #4% #+ #!6+1(



8%+! 1  +# (  ,81 !+ 1#! # 1, #!
,%#+1,  + # !, 8 4 %+#+ ! + 11 ! ,!
! !!#6 16 1!##,(  2 % &222  ' .(3  
!! 71 .$-  # 1#+)4 , 1 1 ,1%+#+ !
 +# #  1 ( , #4% #+  +#1(


 (%    ,$ (% ,  "$ $%($

 ++%( */!  $$. ,$ (   ( ) .$
+(+$% $$(.  +$ " $ -  ,$# $$  (%( $, -( . +$ ,$ ( $($

% $ ( ,$. %(  (%  % (   ( (

  , ,$.  %"(    ,$ +%  !,  ! +! 1+ 
  +$% & ($%# :$2 3:$
 $   ( % -% ( -  "  $ 777( !  !6+! 7 1+(#(4
,$ (  %( $.  (  ( +#
h) ) h) ) h) )
mp ph pg mp ph pg mp h pg
h p) e d( m my
(m ) h p) e d( m my
(m ) h p) e d( mp y (m )
r (b pe /62 no /km
r (b pe /62 no /km
r (b pe 0/6
ps 0 o (g ps 0 o (g ps o
ECONOMY EXPLAINED Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec CO 2
ABARTH D5 S 4dr saloon £62,000 AAAAC 1.5 35 TFSI 148 137 8.9 40.4-41.5 153-157
Between the various figures produced on 595 3dr hatch/2dr open £16,495–£28,420 AAABC The excellent 5 Series receives some Alpina tweaking to make it a 2.0 40 TFSI 187 155 7.2 38.7-39.8 161-165
the old-style ‘NEDC’, transitional ‘NEDC The Fiat 500’s Abarth makeover makes it a true pocket rocket. brilliant cruiser. LxWxH 4956x1868x1466 Kerb weight 1870kg 2.0 TFSI S3 298 155 5.2 33.2 192-193
correlated’ and new-style ‘WLTP’ lab emissions LxWxH 3657x1627x1485 Kerb weight 1070kg 3.0 BiTurbo 345 171 4.9 TBC TBC
and fuel economy tests, it’s become tricky to 1.4 T-jet 145 143 130 7.8 37.2 134 A4 4dr saloon £29,260–£42,940 AAAAC
compare manufacturers’ claimed efficiency
1.4 T-jet 160 Trofeo 157 135 7.4 35.3 134 XD3 5dr SUV £57,900 AAAAC High quality and competent but leaves the dynamic finesse to its
1.4 T-jet 165 Turismo 162 135 7.3 38.2 139 Pleasant BMW SUV impressively enhanced with the usual Alpina rivals. LxWxH 4726x1842x1427 Kerb weight 1320kg
on the latest new cars. When you see a fuel 1.4 T-jet 180 Competizione 177 140 6.9 36.2 155 toolkit. LxWxH 4732x1897x2015 Kerb weight 2015kg 2.0 35 TFSI 148 139 8.6 40.4-40.9 155-159
economy and CO2 figure reference elsewhere, 1.4 T-jet 180 Essesse 177 140 6.7 36.2 155 3.0 BiTurbo 330 158 4.9 TBC TBC 2.0 40 TFSI 187 155 7.3 39.2-39.8 160-164
it’s often without explanation. 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 5.6 35.8-36.2 177-180
So, to provide as fair and clear a basis for 695 3dr hatch/2dr open £23,530 AAABC ALPINE 2.0 35 TDI 148 136 8.9 49.6-51.4 144-148
comparison as possible, you’ll only ever read A convincing track-day 500 with decent dynamic ability, but overly A110 2dr coupé £46,905-£50,805 AAAAA 2.0 40 TDI quattro 187 146 7.4 49.6-51.4 144-150
firm ride spoils it. LxWxH 3657x1627x1485 Kerb weight 1045kg A much, much greater car and achievement than the sum of its
‘WLTP combined’ fuel economy and CO2 figures 1.4 T-jet 180 Rivale 177 140 6.7 36.2 155 parts suggest. LxWxH 4180x1980x1252 Kerb weight 1080kg A4 Avant 5dr estate £30,660–£68,270 AAAAC
in Autocar’s first drive reviews, features and 1.8 Turbo 252 155 4.5 TBC TBC Classy and demure estate lacks the dynamic sparkle of rivals.
comparison tests – and on these data pages. 124 Spider 2dr open £29,775–£33,775 AAAAB LxWxH 4725x1842x1434 Kerb weight 1370kg
Those are the aggregated result of four lab Only a mildly upgraded version of the standard car – but what a 2.0 35 TFSI 148 136 8.9 ARIEL
39.2-39.8 160-164
tests carried out across as many different revelation it is. LxWxH 4054x1740x1233 Kerb weight 1060kg AAAAB 2.0 40 TFSI Atom 0dr open £39,950
187 148 7.5 37.2-38.2 168-172
cruising speed ranges – although they’re 1.4 T-jet 170 167 142-144 6.9 TBC 148-153 Simple, purist concept remains but everything else has changed… 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 6.0 34.4-35.3 181-185
for the better. LxWxH 3520x1880x1122 Kerb weight 595kg 3.0 V6 TFSI RS4 Avant 448 155 4.1 29.1 219-220
sometimes expressed as a range rather than as A L FA R O M E O 2.0 turbo 320 162 2.8 TBC TBC 2.0 35 TDI 148 132 9.2 45.6-47.1 157-163
one specific figure to show the different results Mito 3dr hatch £15,510–£16,110 AAACC 2.0 40 TDI 187 143-144 7.6-7.9 43.5-44.1 167-171
recorded by the heaviest and lightest available Likeable, good-looking hatch is practical, too, but dynamic flaws Nomad 0dr open £38,000 AAAAA
examples of the car in question (depending on make it an also-ran. LxWxH 4063x1720x1446 Kerb weight 1080kg Well inside the top 10 list of our favourite cars. A revelation and a A5 2dr coupé £35,465–£69,660 AAAAC
optional equipment). Not all car makers have 0.9 TB Twinair 105 103 114 11.4 TBC TBC riot to drive. LxWxH 3215x1850x1425 Kerb weight 670kg Refreshed coupé gets a sharper look and a refreshed interior. Still
published these figures yet, however. 1.3 JTDM-2 95 93 112 12.5 TBC TBC 2.4 K24 i-VTEC 235 125 3.4 TBC TBC mundane to drive. LxWxH 4673x1846x1371 Kerb weight 1390kg
2.0 35 TFSI 148 140 8.9 38.7-40.4 158-165
In road tests, you’ll also see our own Giulietta 5dr hatch £19,765–£25,855 AAACC ASTON MARTIN 2.0 40 TFSI 187 150 7.2 38.7-40.4 158-165
independently produced real-world fuel Long in the tooth but still seductive, shame it’s not rounded or Vantage 2dr coupé £123,850 AAAAB 2.9 V6 TFSI RS5 quattro 443 155 3.9 30.1 212-213
economy test results for comparison with the lavish enough. LxWxH 4351x1798x1465 Kerb weight 1305kg The faster, cleverer, more hardcore entry-level Aston tops its 2.0 40 TDI 187 150 7.7 48.7-52.3 142-151
lab test claims. We produce an ‘average’, ‘track’ 1.4 TB 120 118 121 9.4 36.2 164 class. LxWxH 4465x1942x1273 Kerb weight 1630kg 2.0 40 TDI quattro 187 146 7.4 44.8-46.3 160-165
and ‘touring’ figure for each car we test – as 1.6 JTDM-2 120 148 121 10.0 49.6 123-125 4.0 V8 503 195 3.5 11.6 TBC 3.0 V6 TDI S5 quattro 345 155 4.8 TBC TBC
often as possible on a brim-to-brim test basis. 2.0 JTDM-2 170 168 133 8.3 47.9 TBC
While ‘average’ represents the overall economy
DB11 2dr coupé/2dr open £147,900–£174,995 AAAAA A5 Sportback 5dr coupé £34,790–£69,660 AAAAC
Giulia 4dr saloon £33,195–£63,540 AAAAB The stunning replacement for the already seductive DB9 is tyre- Refined, good-looking four-door coupé is sadly short on charm and
returned by a new car over a full road test, and Handsome and special dynamically but lacks finesse and only shreddingly good. LxWxH 4739x2060x1279 Kerb weight 1875kg finesse. LxWxH 4733x1843x1386 Kerb weight 1425kg
‘track’ is relevant only to intensive performance comes as an auto. LxWxH 4643x1860x1436 Kerb weight 1429kg 4.0 V8
2.0 35 TFSI 148 503
139 9.1 187
38.2-39.8 160-167 4.0 10.6 TBC
testing (the length and conditions of which can 2.0 Turbo Petrol 200 197 146 6.6 36.2 153 5.2 V12 AMR
2.0 40 TFSI 187 630
150 7.5 208
38.2-39.8 160-167 3.7 13.4 TBC
vary slightly), ‘touring’ gives the best guide of 2.0 Turbo Petrol 280 276 149 5.7 33.6 158 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 5.8 35.8-36.2 178-179
the kind of economy you might see from a car at 2.2 Turbo Diesel 160 158 137 8.2 DBS Superleggera 2dr coupé £225,000
53.3 128 AAAAA 2.9 V6 TFSI RS5 Quattro 448 155 3.9 29.7 215-216
2.2 Turbo Diesel 190 187 143 7.1 Effortlessly fast, intoxicating to drive: the big Aston is better than 2.0 35 TDI
52.3 128 148 135 9.1 47.1-49.6 149-158
a steady 70mph UK motorway cruise. 2.9 BiTurbo Quadrifoglio 503 191 3.9 ever. LxWxH 4712x2146x1280 Kerb weight 1693kg
27.2 TBC 2.0 40 TDI 187 150 7.5 47.9-51.4 144-155
We do real-world efficiency and range 5.2 V12 715 211 3.7 13.5 TBC 2.0 40 TDI quattro 187 146 7.6 44.1-45.6 162-167
testing on electric cars, too, expressing the Stelvio 5dr SUV £37,505–£69,510 AAAAB 3.0 V6 TDI quattro 345 155 4.9 TBC TBC
former in terms of miles per kilowatt hour, Alfa’s first SUV is a solid effort. Choosing the petrol version gives it Rapide AMR 4dr saloon £194,950 AAAAC
as EV manufacturers do increasingly widely charisma. LxWxH 4687x1903x1671 Kerb weight 1604kg The Rapide is one of the most elegant four-door sports cars in the A5 Cabriolet 2dr open £39,395–£58,310 AAAAC
by convention. 2.2 Turbo Diesel 190 187 130 7.6 46.3 138 world. LxWxH 5019x1929x1360 Kerb weight 1995kg More practical than smaller options. Lower-powered, steel-sprung
2.2 Turbo Diesel 190 Q4 AWD 187 130 7.6 44.1 147 6.0 V12 599 205 4.2 TBC TBC trim is best. LxWxH 4673x1846x1383 Kerb weight 1600kg
2.2 Turbo Diesel 210 Q4 AWD 207 134 6.6 43.5 147 2.0 40 TFSI 187 150 7.9 36.7-37.2 173-174
2.0 Turbo 200 Q4 AWD 197 134 7.2 30.4 176 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 6.5 34.0-34.4 186-187
CCCCC Inherently dangerous/unsafe. Tragically,
2.0 Turbo 280 Q4 AWD 276 143 5.7 30.4 175 A1 Sportback 5dr hatch £18,310–£27,230 AAABC 2.0 40 TDI 187 150 8.4 45.6-46.3 161-164
2.9 BiTurbo Quadrifoglio 503 197 3.8 TBC TBC Quite pricey, but a rounded car with plenty of rational appeal. 2.0 40 TDI quattro 187 145 8.0 42.8-43.5 171-172
irredeemably flawed. LxWxH 4029x1746x1418 Kerb weight 1105kg
BCCCC Appalling. Massively significant failings. 4C Spider 2dr open £59,850 AAABC 1.0 25 TFSI 94 118 10.8 50.4 126-127 A6 4dr saloon £39,860–£55,400 AAAAC
ACCCC Very poor. Fails to meet any accepted It may be flawed but it’s rewarding to drive, if not the last word in 1.0 30 TFSI 114 126 9.5 49.6-52.3 121-129 Supremely well-constructed but a bit soulless to drive. A smart
finesse. LxWxH 3989x1864x1183 Kerb weight 934kg 1.5 35 TFSI 148 137 7.7 45.6-46.3 139-141 office on wheels. LxWxH 4939x1886x1457 Kerb weight 1645kg
class boundaries. 1.75 TBi 240 236 160 4.5 TBC TBC 2.0 40 TFSI 197 146 6.52.0 45 TFSI quattro 39.8-40.4
242 155 6.0 158-160
33.6-34.0 188-192
ABCCC Poor. Within acceptable class 3.0 55 TFSI quattro 335 155 5.1 30.1-30.7 209-212
boundaries in a few areas. Still not ALPINA A3 Sportback 5dr hatch £23,300–£39,145 AAAAC 2.0 40 TDI 201 152 8.1 47.1-48.7 153-158
recommendable. B3 S 5dr touring £63,000 AAAAC All the above but with the added convenience of five doors and a 2.0 40 TDI quattro 201 153 7.6 44.8-46.3 161-164
Previously falling behind in the power stakes, but the recent usefully larger boot. LxWxH 4313x1785x1426 Kerb weight 1180kg 3.0 50 TDI quattro 282 155 5.5 38.7-39.2 188-191
AACCC Off the pace. Below average in nearly facelift rectifies that. LxWxH 4632x1811x1431 Kerb weight 1705kg 1.0 30 TFSI 114 128 9.9 46.3-48.7 131-137
all areas. 3.0 BiTurbo 433 188-190 4.3 TBC TBC 1.5 35 TFSI 148 137 8.2 42.2-43.5 146-152 A6 Avant 5dr estate £41,960–£57,500 AAAAC
AABCC Acceptable. About average in key areas, 2.0 40 TFSI 187 152 6.8 39.8-40.9 157-161 A capable and high-tech throwback that’s a timely reminder of
but disappoints. B4 S 2dr coupé/open £73,100–£78,600 AAABC 2.0 TFSI S3 298 155 4.7 33.6-34.9 184-190 what Audi does best. LxWxH 4939x1886x1467 Kerb weight 1710kg
A retuned version of the 4 Series that feels more at home on the 1.6 30 TDI 114 126 10.4 49.6-51.4 144-148 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 6.2 32.5-33.2 193-197
AAACC Competent. Above average in some track than the road. LxWxH 4640x1825x1373 Kerb weight 1690kg 3.0 55 TFSI quattro 335 155 5.3 29.4-30.1 213-217
areas, average in others. Outstanding 3.0 BiTurbo 433 189-190 4.2-4.3 TBC TBC A3 Saloon 4dr saloon £25,020–£39,320 AAAAC 2.0 40 TDI 201 149 8.3 44.8-46.3 161-166
in none. Undercuts the case to own an A4. Upmarket interior and good to 2.0 40 TDI quattro 201 150 7.8 43.5-44.8 166-170
AAABC Good. Competitive in key areas. B5 4dr saloon/5dr touring £89,000–£91,000 AAAAC drive. LxWxH 4458x1796x1416 Kerb weight 1240kg 3.0 50 TDI quattro 282 155 5.7 37.7-38.2 193-196
Is it the best alternative to an M5? Yes, at least from a practicality 1.0 30 TFSI 114 131 9.9 46.3-48.7 132-139
AAAAC Very good. Very competitive in key viewpoint. LxWxH 4956x1868x1466 Kerb weight 2015kg 1.5 35 TFSI 148 139 8.2 54.3-56.5 131-136 A7 Sportback 5dr coupé £48,860–£79,385 AAABC
areas, competitive in secondary 4.4 V8 BiTurbo 599 200-205 3.5-3.7 25.4 254 2.0 40 TFSI 187 155 6.8 39.8-40.9 155-160 Easy on the eye and to live with, but let down by stolid dynamics.
respects. 2.0 TFSI S3 298 155 4.7 34.4-34.9 184-186 LxWxH 4969x1908x1422 Kerb weight 1880kg
AAAAB Excellent. Near class-leading in key B7 4dr saloon £121,850 AAAAC 1.6 30 TDI 114 131 10.4 51.4-54.3 137-143 2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 6.2 32.8-33.6 190-195
A 7 Series with a power boost gives BMW a worthy challenger to 3.0 55 TFSI quattro 335 155 5.3 29.7-30.1 214-215
areas and in some ways outstanding. the AMG S-Classes. LxWxH 5250x1902x1491 Kerb weight 2060kg A3 Cabriolet 2dr open £31,095–£43,515 AAAAC 2.0 40 TDI 201 152 8.3 45.6-47.9 155-164
AAAAA Brilliant, unsurpassed. All but flawless. 4.4 V8 BiTurbo 599 205 4.2 24.4 265 Compact, affordable, usable and refined. Strong performance, too. 2.0 40 TDI quattro 201 155 7.0 44.1-45.6 162-169
LxWxH 4423x1793x1409 Kerb weight 1380kg 3.0 45 TDI quattro 227 155 6.5 37.7-38.2 193-195
h) ) h) ) h) ) h) )
mp ph pg mp ph pg mp ph pg mp h pg
p) d (m m (m p) d (m m (m p) d (m m (m p) d (m mp y (m
r (b
/62 my /km
r (b
/62 my /km
r (b
/62 my /km
r (b
e 2 m km
we ps 0 o no (g we ps 0 o no (g we ps 0 o no (g we ps 0/6 o no (g/
Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec CO 2
5.2 V10 FSI quattro 532 197 3.6 21.2 301-302 318d 148 TBC 8.3-8.4 52.3-55.4 TBC 520d xDrive 187 144 7.9 42.2-46.3 TBC
5.2 V10 FSI Plus quattro 601 204 3.3 20.9-21.1 304-305 320d 187 146 6.8-7.1 49.6-56.5 TBC 530d 261 155 5.8 40.9-43.5 TBC
320d xDrive 187 144 6.9 47.1-49.6 TBC 530d xDrive 261 155 5.6 37.7-41.5 TBC
BAC 330d 263 155 5.5 44.1-47.9 TBC
Mono 0dr open £165,125 AAAAB 6 Series Gran Turismo 5dr hatch £43,910–£59,010 AAABC
An F-22 Raptor for the road, only significantly better built. 3 Series Touring 5dr estate £29,345–£47,850 AAAAB A large improvement on the 5GT and dynamically sound. Still an
LxWxH 3952x1836x1110 Kerb weight 580kg There are newer, more practical estates, but dynamism makes the oddball, though. LxWxH 5007x1894x1392 Kerb weight 1720kg
2.5 VVT 305 170 2.8 TBC TBC Touring sparkle. LxWxH 4633x1811x1429 Kerb weight 1470kg 630i 254 155 6.3 32.1-34.9 TBC
318i 134 130 9.2-9.3 33.2-36.7 TBC 640i xDrive 335 155 5.3 26.9-29.1 TBC
320i 181 BENTLEY
146 7.5 34.0-35.8 TBC 620d 198 137 7.9 42.8-46.3 TBC
Continental GT 2dr coupé £148,800-£159,900 AAAAC 320i xDrive 181 144 7.7-7.9 32.5-34.9 TBC 620d xDrive 198 135 8.0 40.4-44.8 TBC
Refined and improved in every area, making the Conti a superb 330i 248 155 5.9-6.0 33.6-34.9 TBC 630d 261 155 6.1 40.4-43.5 TBC
grand tourer. LxWxH 4850x1966x1405 Kerb weight 2244kg 340i 321 155 5.1 30.1-31.0 TBC 630d xDrive 261 155 6.0 37.2-40.9 TBC
4.0 V8 542 198 3.9 TBC TBC 316d 114 127 11.3-11.4 44.1-47.9 TBC
3.0 50 TDI quattro 282 155 5.7 37.7-38.2 193-196 6.0 W12 626 207 3.6 24.1 308 318d 148 133 8.9-9.0 44.1-47.1 TBC 7 Series 4dr saloon £69,565–£139,120 AAAAC
3.0 TDI S7 quattro 344 155 5.1 TBC TBC 320d 187 146 7.5-7.7 44.1-53.3 TBC Rules on in-car entertainment and diesel sophistication; otherwise
Continental GTC 2dr open £163,700-£176,000 AAAAB 320d xDrive 187 144 7.7 41.5-46.3 TBC too bland. LxWxH 5098x1902x1478 Kerb weight 1755kg
A8 4dr saloon £71,200–£81,315 AAAAC Immensely capable and refined open-top cruiser with effortless 330d 254 155 5.6 39.8-40.9 TBC 740i 338 155 5.5 31.7-34.0 TBC
Technical tour de force benefits from Audi’s knack of making very performance. LxWxH 4850x2187x1399 Kerb weight 2414kg 330d xDrive 254 155 5.4 37.7-38.2 TBC 750i xDrive 527 155 4.0 25.7-26.9 TBC
good limousines. LxWxH 5172x1945x1473 Kerb weight 1920kg 4.0 V8 542 198 4.0 TBC TBC 335d xDrive 308 155 4.9 38.2-39.2 TBC M760Li xDrive 583 155 3.8 20.8-21.6 TBC
3.0 55 TFSI quattro 335 155 5.6 28.0-29.7 216-228 6.0 W12 626 207 3.7 20.2 317 730d 261 155 6.1 41.5-43.5 TBC
3.0 55 TFSI quattro LWB 335 155 5.7 27.7-28.8 223-232 3 Series Gran Turismo 5dr hatch £34,635–£47,310 AAAAC 730d xDrive 261 155 5.8 39.2-40.9 TBC
3.0 50 TDI quattro 282 155 5.9 37.7-40.9 182-196 Mulsanne 4dr saloon £234,000–£280,500 AAAAC Hatchback practicality meets 3 Series dynamic talent. Dull but 740d xDrive 315 155 5.2 37.7-39.8 TBC
3.0 50 TDI quattro LWB 282 155 5.9 37.7-38.7 190-197 If the Rolls Phantom is best from the back seat, the Mulsanne is decent. LxWxH 4824x1828x1508 Kerb weight 1580kg 740e 254 155 5.4 94.2-104.6 TBC
best in the front. LxWxH 5575x1926x1521 Kerb weight 2685kg 320i 181 146 8.0-8.1 34.0-36.7 TBC 740Le xDrive 254 155 5.3 80.7-88.3 TBC
E-tron 5dr SUV £72,270–£83,020 AAAAB 6.75 V8 505 184 5.1-5.3 17.4 365 320i xDrive 181 144 8.1-8.4 32.5-34.9 TBC 745e 283 155 5.2 122.8-141.2 TBC
A rounded, uber-luxurious addition to the premium EV niche. 6.75 V8 Speed 530 190 4.9 17.4 365 330i 248 155 6.1 32.8-34.4 TBC 745Le xDrive 283 155 5.1 104.6-117.7 TBC
LxWxH 4901x1935x1629 Kerb weight 2490kg 340i 321 155 5.1 30.1-31.0 TBC
55 quattro 95kWh 403 124 5.4 TBC 0 Bentayga 5dr SUV £130,500–£182,200 AAAAB 320d 187 146 7.8-7.9 44.8-47.9 TBC 8 Series 2dr coupé/2dr open £76,415-£107,220 AAAAC
Crewe’s first attempt at a luxury SUV is a solid effort. The Diesel is 320d xDrive 187 144 7.8 42.2-44.1 TBC Has dynamism to spare, but not quite the breadth of ability of the
Q2 5dr SUV £23,395–£37,820 AAAAC wondrous. LxWxH 5140x1998x1742 Kerb weight 2505kg 330d 254 155 5.7 39.8-40.9 TBC best sporting GTs. LxWxH 4843x1902x1341 Kerb weight 1830kg
Audi’s smallest SUV is a decent stepping stone from the A3 to the 4.0 V8 542 171 4.5 21.7 296 330d xDrive 254 155 5.4 37.7-38.7 TBC 840d xDrive 316 155 4.9 39.2-40.4 TBC
Q range. LxWxH 4191x1794x1508 Kerb weight 1205kg 6.0 W12 Speed 626 190 3.9 TBC 308 335d xDrive 308 155 4.9 38.7-39.2 TBC M850i xDrive 523 155 3.7 26.2-26.9 TBC
1.0 30 TFSI 114 122 10.3 44.8-46.3 137-142
1.5 35 TFSI 148 131 8.5 40.9-42.2 152-157 B M W 4 Series 2dr coupé £34,805–£65,300 AAAAC X1 5dr SUV £28,335–£37,095 AAAAC
2.0 40 TFSI quattro 187 141 6.5 33.2-34.9 184-192 1 Series 3dr/5dr hatch £23,175–£37,920 AAABC A talented GT and a brilliant B-road steer that is very well-equipped. Pick of the premium bunch but a tad unrefined and has ordinary
2.0 SQ2 TFSI 298 155 4.8 32.1-33.2 192-199 Strong on performance and economy and as good as it could be. LxWxH 4640x1825x1377 Kerb weight 1475kg handling. LxWxH 4439x1821x1598 Kerb weight 1395kg
1.6 30 TDI 114 122 10.5 43.5-44.8 166-170 LxWxH 4329x1765x1421 Kerb weight 1375kg 420i 181 146 7.3-7.5 35.3-37.7 TBC sDrive18i 138 127 9.7 39.2-40.9 TBC
2.0 35 TDI quattro 148 131 8.1 44.1-46.3 160-168 118i 134 130 8.5-8.7 35.8-38.2 TBC 420i xDrive 181 144 7.6-7.8 33.6-36.2 TBC sDrive20i 189 138 7.4 36.7-38.2 TBC
120i 181 139-142 7.1 35.8-36.7 TBC 430i 248 155 5.8-5.9 34.9-37.2 TBC xDrive20i 189 TBC 7.7 34.4-35.8 TBC
Q3 5dr SUV £30,805–£47,130 AAABC M140i 335 155 4.6-4.8 32.1-32.5 TBC 440i 321 155 5.0-5.2 31.0-33.6 TBC sDrive18d 148 126 9.3-9.4 47.9-49.6 TBC
Typically refined and competent but feels more like an A3 than an 116d 114 124 10.5 49.6-53.3 TBC M4 425 155 4.1-4.3 27.7-28.5 TBC xDrive18d 148 126 9.3-9.4 46.3-47.9 TBC
Audi SUV. LxWxH 4388x1831x1608 Kerb weight 1385kg 118d 148 131 8.2-8.4 47.9-52.3 TBC M4 Competition pack 444 155 4.0-4.2 24.7-28.5 TBC xDrive20d 187 136 7.8 45.6-47.9 TBC
1.5 35 TFSI 148 128-131 9.2-9.6 36.7-37.7 169-176 120d 187 141 7.1-7.2 47.9-49.6 TBC 420d 187 146 7.2-7.4 46.3-50.4 TBC
2.0 40 TFSI quattro 187 136 7.4 30.4-30.7 208-210 120d xDrive 187 138 6.9 43.5-45.6 TBC 420d xDrive 187 144 7.3 43.5-45.6 TBC X2 5dr SUV £28,075–£43,435 AAAAC
2.0 45 TFSI quattro 227 144 6.3 31.0 205-207 430d 254 155 5.5 40.9-42.2 TBC Proves crossovers aren’t always worse than the hatchbacks on
2.0 35 TDI 148 128 9.2 44.1-44.8 165-167 2 Series 2dr coupé £25,765–£53,260 AAAAB 430d xDrive 254 155 5.2 38.7-39.2 TBC which they’re based. LxWxH 4360x1824x1526 Kerb weight 1460kg
2.0 35 TDI quattro 148 131 9.3 39.2-40.9 182-188 A proper compact coupé now. Could be better equipped, however. 435d xDrive 308 155 4.7 39.2-40.4 TBC sDrive18i 138 127 9.6 39.8-43.5 TBC
2.0 40 TDI quattro 188 137 8.0 37.7 196-197 LxWxH 4432x1774x1418 Kerb weight 1420kg sDrive20i 189 141 7.7 37.2-39.8 TBC
218i 134 130 8.8-8.9 35.8-38.2 TBC 4 Series Convertible 2dr open £41,495–£68,720 AAAAC xDrive20i 189 TBC 7.6 34.9-36.2 TBC
Q5 5dr SUV £42,095–£59,510 AAAAC 220i 181 143 7.2 36.2-38.2 TBC A talented gran tourer with the ability to remove the roof. What’s M35i 302 155 4.9 33.6-34.0 TBC
Appealing combination of Audi allure, affordable SUV practicality 230i 248 155 5.6 35.8-36.7 TBC not to like? LxWxH 4640x1825x1384 Kerb weight 1700kg sDrive18d 148 129 9.3-9.8 47.9-52.3 TBC
and attractiveness. LxWxH 4663x1893x1659 Kerb weight 1720kg M240i 335 155 4.6-4.8 32.5 TBC 420i 181 146 8.2-8.4 34.0-35.8 TBC xDrive18d 148 128 9.2 46.3-49.6 TBC
2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 147 6.4 30.4-32.5 198-211 M2 Competition 404 155 4.2-4.4 28.2-29.1 TBC 430i 248 155 6.3-6.4 32.8-35.3 TBC xDrive20d 185 137 7.7 45.6-50.4 TBC
2.0 40 TDI quattro 187 136 8.1 36.2-38.2 193-204 218d 148 132 8.3-8.5 47.9-52.3 TBC 440i 321 155 5.4 29.7-30.4 TBC
3.0 V6 TDI SQ5 quattro 342 155 5.1 TBC TBC 220d 187 143 7.1-7.2 47.1-50.4 TBC M4 425 155 4.4-4.6 27.2-28.0 TBC X3 5dr SUV £40,005–£77,190 AAAAC
220d xDrive 187 140 7.0 43.5-46.3 TBC M4 Competition pack 444 155 4.3-4.5 26.9-28.0 TBC Continues where the last one left off. Dynamically good and more
Q7 5dr SUV £54,070–£80,915 AAAAC 225d 220 151 6.3 46.3-47.9 TBC 420d 187 146 8.1-8.2 44.1-46.3 TBC luxurious inside. LxWxH 4708x1891x1676 Kerb weight 1750kg
Unengaging to drive and light on feel, but the cabin is both huge 430d 254 155 5.9 39.2-39.8 TBC xDrive20i 181 134 8.3 29.4-31.4 TBC
and classy. LxWxH 5052x1968x1740 Kerb weight 2060kg 2 Series Convertible 2dr open £28,965–£43,085 AAABC 435d xDrive 308 155 5.2 37.7-38.2 TBC M40i 355 155 4.8 25.7-26.6 TBC
3.0 V6 45 TDI quattro 228 142 7.3 32.5-33.6 220-228 Better than its 1 Series forebear but lacks truly distinguishing X3M Competition 503 155 4.1 26.9 TBC
3.0 V6 50 TDI quattro 282 152 6.3 32.1-33.2 221-231 premium qualities. LxWxH 4432x1774x1413 Kerb weight 1440kg 4 Series Gran Coupé 4dr coupé £34,755–£50,040 AAAAC xDrive20d 187 132 8.0 39.2-41.5 TBC
218i 134 130 9.4-9.6 33.6-36.2 TBC Essentially a prettier 3 Series. Good, but not better than the xDrive30d 261 149 5.8 36.7-38.7 TBC
Q8 5dr SUV £65,560–£84,860 AAAAC 220i 181 143 7.7 34.4-35.8 TBC regular saloon. LxWxH 4640x1825x1404 Kerb weight 1520kg M40d 321 155 4.9 35.3-36.7 TBC
Striking and effective coupé-SUV range-topper leaves us wanting 230i 248 155 5.9 34.0-34.9 TBC 420i 181 146 7.5-7.7 34.9-37.1 TBC
more. LxWxH 4986x1995x1705 Kerb weight 2145kg M240i 335 155 4.7-4.9 31.4 TBC 420i xDrive 181 144 7.8-8.1 33.2-25.8 TBC X4 5dr SUV £43,875–£80,110 AAABC
3.0 V6 55 TFSI quattro 335 155 5.9 26.2-25.7 246-249 218d 148 132 8.8-9.0 45.6-47.9 TBC 430i 248 155 5.9 34.4-37.2 TBC Downsized X6 is respectable enough if not loveable, but the X3 is a
3.0 V6 50 TDI quattro 282 152 6.3 32.5-32.8 225-228 220d 187 143 7.5-7.6 45.6-48.7 TBC 440i 321 155 5.1 30.7-31.7 TBC better option. LxWxH 4671x1881x1624 Kerb weight 1735kg
225d 220 151 6.5 44.1-44.8 TBC 420d 187 146 7.4-7.6 46.3-51.4 TBC M40i 336 155 4.9 25.9-26.9 TBC
TT 2dr coupé £32,140–£53,905 AAAAC 420d xDrive 187 144 7.5 43.5-46.3 TBC X4M Competiton 503 155 4.1 26.7 TBC
Still serves up plenty of pace, style and usability for the money. It’s 2 Series Active Tourer 5dr hatch £25,605–£37,565 AAAAC 430d 254 155 5.6 40.9-41.5 TBC xDrive20d 187 131 8.0 39.2-41.5 TBC
better to drive, too. LxWxH 4191x1966x1376 Kerb weight 1365kg BMW’s FWD hatch is a proper contender but not as practical as 430d xDrive 254 155 5.3 38.2-39.2 TBC xDrive30d 254 145 5.8 36.7-40.9 TBC
2.0 40 TFSI 194 155 6.6 40.9 155-156 some of its rivals. LxWxH 4342x1800x1555 Kerb weight 1360kg 435d xDrive 308 155 4.8 39.2-39.8 TBC M40d 322 155 4.9 35.3-27.2 TBC
2.0 45 TFSI 242 155 5.8-5.9 39.8 161-162 218i 134 127 9.3 39.8-44.1 TBC
2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 5.2 35.3 181-182 220i 181 142 7.4 37.2-38.7 TBC 5 Series 4dr saloon £37,100–£98,100 AAAAB X5 5dr SUV £57,640–£71,635 AAAAC
2.0 TTS 302 155 4.5 34.9-35.3 182-183 225xe 248 125 6.7 88.3-100.9 TBC The perfect compromise between the comfy E-Class and dynamic More capable, convenient, refined and classy SUV that’s a more
2.5 TTRS 395 155 3.7 30.7-31.0 207-209 216d 335 121 11.1 55.4-58.9 TBC XF, and then some. LxWxH 4936x2126x1479 Kerb weight 1530kg satisfying drive. LxWxH 4922x2004x1745 Kerb weight 2110kg
218d 148 129 9.0-9.1 49.6-55.4 TBC 520i 181 146 7.8 38.2-40.4 TBC xDrive40i 335 155 5.5 25.0-27.2 TBC
TT Roadster 2dr open £33,890–£55,655 AAAAC 220d 187 141 7.6 50.4-53.3 TBC 530i 248 155 6.2 35.8-38.2 TBC xDrive30d 261 130 6.8 34.0-37.7 TBC
Plenty of pace and driver reward, along with prestige and design- 220d xDrive 187 138 7.5 47.9-51.4 TBC 540i xDrive 335 155 4.8 29.4-31.4 TBC M50d 395 155 5.3 32.5-33.6 TBC
icon style. LxWxH 4191x1966x1355 Kerb weight 1455kg M5 592 155 3.4 23.5-24.1 TBC
2.0 40 TFSI 194 155 6.9 39.8 160-162 2 Series Gran Tourer 5dr MPV £27,470–£37,430 AAAAB M5 Competition 616 155 3.3 23.5-24.1 TBC
2.0 45 TFSI 242 155 6.0-6.1 38.7 165-166 Brings a proper premium MPV to the table. Third row seats aren’t 530e 248 146 6.2 117.7-128.4 TBC
2.0 45 TFSI quattro 242 155 5.5 34.0-34.4 187-188 adult-sized, though. LxWxH 4556x1800x1608 Kerb weight 1475kg 518d 148 132 8.8 47.1-52.3 TBC
2.0 TTS 302 155 4.8 34.0 187-188 218i 134 127 9.5-9.8 38.2-40.9 TBC 520d 187 147 7.5 44.1-52.3 TBC
2.5 TTRS 395 155 3.9 29.7-30.1 213-215 220i 181 137 7.8 35.3-36.2 TBC 520d xDrive 187 144 7.6 43.5-48.7 TBC
216d 335 119 11.8 53.3-55.4 TBC 530d 261 155 5.7 43.5-45.6 TBC
R8 2dr coupé £128,295–£154,195 AAAAC 218d 148 127 9.6 47.9-51.4 TBC 530d xDrive 261 155 5.4 39.2-41.5 TBC
Usable but no less involving or dramatic for it. V10 is deliciously 220d 187 138 8.2 47.9-49.6 TBC
brutal. LxWxH 4426x1940x1240 Kerb weight 1590kg 220d xDrive 187 135 8.0 45.6-47.1 TBC 5 Series Touring 5dr estate £39,890–£55,900 AAAAB
5.2 V10 FSI quattro 532 198 3.5 21.4-21.6 297-298 The excellent 5 Series made in more practical form. The 520d is
5.2 V10 FSI Plus quattro 601 205 3.2 21.2-21.4 299-301 3 Series 4dr saloon £32,565–£41,565 AAAAB still the best. LxWxH 4942x2126x1498 Kerb weight 1630kg
Latest 3 Series has a growth spurt, but size is no obstacle for an 520i 181 139 8.2 34.9-38.2 TBC
R8 Spyder 2dr open £136,985–£162,885 AAAAC engaging drive. LxWxH 4709x1827x1442 Kerb weight 1450kg 530i 248 155 6.5 34.0-36.7 TBC
Taking the roof off the R8 enhances the drama tenfold. 320i 181 TBC 7.1 41.5-43.5 TBC 540i xDrive 335 155 5.1 28.2-30.4 TBC
LxWxH 4426x1940x1245 Kerb weight 1680kg 330i 254 155 5.8 38.2-41.5 TBC 520d 187 147 7.8 44.1-47.9 TBC

New Car
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ph pg
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p) d (m
m ph (m p) d (m
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y (m
r (b
ee /62 my /km
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r (b
ee 2 m km
we p sp 0 o no (g we p sp 0 o no (g we p sp 0 o no (g we p sp 0/6 o no (g/
Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec C O2 Po To 0-6 Ec CO 2
X6 5dr SUV £62,395–£74,220 AAABC Berlingo 5dr MPV £19,430–£26,650 AAAAB Panda 5dr hatch £9965–£16,465 AAABC 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue 190 AWD 188 128 10.6 31.7-44.8 TBC
The world’s first off-road coupé, but appearances make it difficult Boxy, slightly quirky and immensely practical van-based car Hasn’t kept pace with its rivals, but sells robust, practical charm 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue 240 238 135 8.9 32.5-48.7 TBC
to love. LxWxH 4909x1989x1702 Kerb weight 2065kg returns to top form. LxWxH 4403x1921x1849 Kerb weight 1398kg better than most. LxWxH 3653x1643x1551 Kerb weight 940kg
xDrive30d 254 143 6.7 32.5-33.6 TBC 1.2 PureTech 110 108 109 11.5 37.5-42.4 TBC 1.2 69hp 68 96-102 14.2-14.5 44.8 TBC EcoSport 5dr SUV £17,845–£24,250 AAACC
xDrive40d 308 146 5.8 32.5-33.2 TBC 1.5 BlueHDI 75 75 95 16.5 TBC TBC 0.9 Twinair 85 83 103-110 11.2-12.1 37.2 TBC Facelifted version of the pumped-up Fiesta is okay, but developing-
M50d 375 155 5.2 29.4-30.1 TBC 1.5 BlueHDI 100 101 109 12.3 TBC TBC world roots show. LxWxH 4096x1765x1653 Kerb weight 1280kg
1.5 BlueHDI 130 128 116 10.3 TBC AAABC 1.0T Ecoboost 100
TBC 98 105 Tipo 5dr hatch £14,550–£18,860
11.9 39.8-44.1 TBC
X7 5dr SUV £72,315–£87,400 AAAAC 1.0T Ecoboost 125 123 111 A 90s reboot that has been on a diet. Decent to drive and ample
11.0-11.6 34.4-44.1 TBC
BMW’s largest SUV yet crowns the line-up, but faces strong CUPRA 1.0T Ecoboost 140 138 115 interior space. LxWxH 4368x1792x1495 Kerb weight 1195kg
10.2 39.8-43.5 TBC
competition. LxWxH 5151x2000x1805 Kerb weight 2395kg Ateca 5dr hatch £35,900-41,175 AAABC 1.4 95 93 115 12.1 36.2-36.7 TBC 1.5 TDCi EcoBlue 100 99 105 13.6 48.7-56.5 TBC
xDrive40i 338 155 6.1 24.6-24.8 TBC First model from Seat’s stand-alone performance brand has decent 1.4 T-Jet 120 118 124 9.6 36.7 TBC 1.5 TDCi EcoBlue 125 123 112-113 10.7-11.3 42.2-53.3 TBC
xDrive30d 262 155 7.0 32.8-33.6 TBC pace and precision. LxWxH 4376x1841x1615 Kerb weight 1615kg 1.6 Multijet II 120 118 124 9.8-10.2 48.7-51.4 TBC
M50d 398 155 5.4 31.0-31.4 TBC 2.0 TSI 300 296 153 5.2 TBC TBC Kuga 5dr SUV £23,060–£37,285 AAAAB
Tipo Station Wagon 5dr estate £15,550–£19,860 AAABC Bigger and sharper-looking than before but still retains its taut,
i3 5dr hatch £35,350–£37,840 AAAAB DACIA Estate version is more practical, which mixes well with its driving responsive handling. LxWxH 4524x1838x1689 Kerb weight 1560kg
Our favourite high-end small car happens to be an EV, and it could Sandero 5dr hatch £6995–£11,400 AAACC characteristics. LxWxH 4571x1792x1514 Kerb weight 1205kg 1.5 Ecoboost 120 118 112 12.5 34.9-35.3 TBC
change motoring. LxWxH 3999x1775x1578 Kerb weight 1245kg A clever budget prospect but its limitations are unavoidable, even 1.4 95 93 115 12.3 36.2 TBC 1.5 Ecoboost 150 148 121 9.7 28.2-35.3 TBC
120Ah 167 93 7.3 TBC 0 after a smart facelift. LxWxH 4069x1733x1519 Kerb weight 969kg 1.4 T-Jet 120 118 124 9.8 34.4-36.7 TBC 1.5 Ecoboost 176 AWD 174 124 10.1 28.5-29.1 TBC
120Ah S 180 99 6.9 TBC 0 1.0 SCe 75 71 98 14.2 TBC TBC 1.6 Multijet II 120 118 124 10.1-10.4 48.7-50.4 TBC 1.5 TDCi 120 118 106-108 12.4-12.7 44.1-46.3 TBC
0.9 TCe 90 87 109 11.1 TBC TBC 1.5 TDCi 150 148 119-121 9.9-10.1 37.2-39.2 TBC
i8 2dr coupé/roadster £115,105-£127,105 AAAAC FORD 1.5 TDCi 150 AWD 148 118 10.9 37.2-39.2 TBC
If BMW’s plug-in hybrid is what the future of the sports car looks Sandero Stepway 5dr hatch £8995–£12,600 AAABC Ka+ 5dr hatch £11,295–£15,045 AAABC 1.5 TDCi 180 AWD 177 124-126 9.2-10.0 35.3-38.7 TBC
like, we welcome it. LxWxH 4689x1942x1293 Kerb weight 1485kg A more expensive and slightly more rugged cheap car – but still The Ka gets two extra doors, and it’s a breath of fresh air for the
1.5 eDrive 374 155 4.4-4.6 128.4 TBC limited. LxWxH 4089x1761x1555 Kerb weight 1040kg range. LxWxH 3929x1910x1524 Kerb weight 1055kg Edge 5dr SUV £36,995–£45,995 AAABC
0.9 TCe 90 87 104 11.1 TBC TBC 1.2 Ti-VCT 70 69 99 15.3 48.7 TBC Mid-sized, US-developed SUV joins Ford’s fleet to take on Europe’s
Z4 2dr coupé £37,115-£49,185 AAAAC 1.5 dCi 95 93 106 13 TBC TBC 1.2 Ti-VCT 85 83 105 13.3 43.5-47.9 TBC big SUVs. LxWxH 4808x1928x1692 Kerb weight 1912kg
Better to drive than ever, but makes a better open-top cruiser than 1.5 TDCi 95 93 111 11.4 56.5-60.1 TBC 2.0 EcoBlue 150 148 129 11.2 38.2-42.2 TBC
a true sports car. LxWxH 4689x1942x1293 Kerb weight 1485kg Logan MCV 5dr estate £8495–£12,900 AAACC 2.0 EcoBlue 238 235 134 9.6 34.4-41.5 TBC
sDrive20i 195 155 6.6 38.7-39.8 TBC Lacks its stablemates’ charms but retains their cheapness. Fiesta 3dr/5dr hatch £13,965–£22,895 AAAAB
sDrive30i 255 155 5.4 37.7-38.7 TBC LxWxH 4501x1733x1552 Kerb weight 980kg Dynamically superb and continues the Fiesta legacy. No longer the GT 2dr coupé £420,000 AAAAC
M40i 338 155 4.6 33.2 TBC 1.0 SCe 75 71 98 14.7 TBC TBC class leader, though. LxWxH 4040x1735x1476 Kerb weight 1113kg The GT is back as a race car for the road. Compelling if not perfect.
1.1 Ti-VCT 70 690.9 TCe 90
99 87 109 11.1 TBC TBC 14.9 44.8-48.7 TBC LxWxH 4808x1928x1692 Kerb weight 1912kg
CAD I LL AC 1.1 Ti-VCT 85 831.5 dCi 95
105 93 111 11.8 TBC TBC 14.0 44.8-48.7 TBC 3.5 V6 Ecoboost 650 216 3.0 TBC TBC
CTS-V 4dr saloon £85,428 AAAAC 1.0T Ecoboost 85 84 106 12.7 46.3 TBC
Eat your heart out, Germany – but lacks handling finesse of its Logan MCV Stepway 5dr estate £12,495-£14,100 AAACC 1.0T Ecoboost 100 98 111-113 10.5-12.2 40.4-50.4 TBC G I N E T TA
European rivals. LxWxH 5050x1863x1447 Kerb weight 1850kg Given a rugged makeover but still lacks charm. Extremely 1.0T Ecoboost 125 123 121 9.9 46.3-49.6 TBC G40 Club Car 2dr coupé £35,000 (+champ pack) AAABC
6.2 V8 RWD 640 199 3.7 TBC TBC practical, though. LxWxH 4528x1761x1559 Kerb weight 1090kg 1.0T Ecoboost 140 138 125 9.0 46.3-48.7 TBC A balanced, affordable and fine-looking track-day car. Some of the
0.9 TCe 90 87 106 12.4 TBC TBC 1.5T Ecoboost 200 ST 197 144 6.5 40.4 TBC finish isn’t quite up to snuff. LxWxH TBC Kerb weight 840kg
Escalade 5dr SUV £93,260 AACCC 1.5 dCi 95 93 111 13.0 TBC TBC 1.5 TDCi Duratorq 85 83 108 12.5 55.4-60.1 TBC 1.8 Zetec 135 125 TBC TBC TBC
Cadillac’s luxury SUV remains too large and ungainly for the UK. 1.5 TDCi Duratorq 120 118 121 9.0 54.3-57.6 TBC
LxWxH 5179x2061x1896 Kerb weight 2635kg Duster 5dr SUV £9995–£19,360 AAABC H O N DA
6.2 V8 AWD 420 112 6.7-6.9 TBC TBC A value champion. If cheap family transport is what you require, Focus 5dr hatch £18,300–£29,650 AAAAB Jazz 5dr hatch £14,360–£18,460 AAAAC
the Duster delivers. LxWxH 4315x2000x1625 Kerb weight 1147kg Better to drive and look at than before, and impressively good Not the most compact or vivacious but has decent handling and is
C AT E R H A M 1.6 SCe 115 111 104-105 11.0-12.0 41.5-44.1 145-155 value. LxWxH 4378x1825x1471 Kerb weight 1369kg cleverly packaged.LxWxH 3995x1694x1550 Kerb weight 1066kg
Seven 2dr open £26,490–£53,885 AAAAB 1.5 dCi 115 111 104-105 11.8-12.4 60.1-64.2 115-123
1.0T Ecoboost 85 84 110 13.5 44.1-49.6 TBC 1.3 DOHC 99 113-118 11.2-12.3 48.7 TBC
The 360 is the sweet spot in the revised range, giving the Seven 1.0T Ecoboost 100 99 116 12.1 44.1-50.4 TBC 1.5 DOHC 128 113-118 8.7-10.1 42.8 TBC
just the right hit of performance. LxWxH TBC Kerb weight 490kg DS 1.0T Ecoboost 125 123 119-124 10-11.7 37.7-49.6 TBC
1.6 Sigma Ti-VCT 270 135 122 5.0 TBC TBC 3 3dr hatch/2dr open £19,480–£23,480 AAAAC 1.5T Ecoboost 150 148 127-130 8.8-9.7 38.2-46.3 TBC Civic 5dr hatch £18,895–£33,525 AAAAC
1.6 Sigma Ti-VCT 310 152 127 4.9 TBC TBC Premium-brand philosophy and aesthetics appeal, but the 3 lacks 1.5T Ecoboost 182 180 137-138 8.3-8.4 38.7-44.1 TBC A fresh look while remaining practical, refined and upmarket. Lacks
2.0 Duratec 360 180 130 4.8 TBC TBC dynamic refinement. LxWxH 3948x1715x1483 Kerb weight 1090kg 1.5 EcoBlue 95 94 114 11.4 56.5-64.2 TBC some dynamism. LxWxH 4518x1799x1434 Kerb weight 1275kg
2.0 Duratec 420 210 136 3.8 TBC TBC 1.2 PureTech 110 107 117-118 9.6-10.2 39.1-44.8 TBC 1.5 EcoBlue 120 118 117-122 10.0-10.8 49.6-62.8 TBC
1.0 VTEC Turbo 126PS 124 125-126 10.2-11.2 47.9 TBC
2.0 Supercharged 620S 310 145 3.4 TBC TBC 2.0 EcoBlue 150 148 127-130 8.5-9.3 44.1-57.6 TBC
1.5 VTEC Turbo 182PS 179 125-136 8.2-8.5 46.3 TBC
2.0 Supercharged 620R 310 155 2.79 TBC TBC 3 Crossback 5dr SUV £24,555–£34,705 AAABC 1.6 i-DTEC 120PS 118 125 10.1 62.8 TBC
First foray into compact SUVs comfortably competes with more Focus Estate 5dr estate £19,400–£30,750 AAABC 2.0 VTEC Turbo Type R 315 169 5.8 33.2 TBC
CHEVROLET established rivals. LxWxH 4118x1802x1534 Kerb weight 1205kg Almost as good to drive as the hatch, but a Skoda Octavia will
Camaro 2dr coupé/convertible £35,770–£47,850 AAABC 1.2 PureTech 100 98 112 10.9 46.0-52.0 TBC carry more. LxWxH 4669x1825x1481 Kerb weight 1485kg Civic 4 door 4dr saloon £21,240–£27,120 AAAAC
An affordable American muscle car, but LHD only and less usable 1.2 PureTech 130