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1. Smart Farming soil prediction using Machine Learning

Abstract - India’s agriculture sector is under crisis for nearly two decades now. The suicidal
cases are growing in numbers over the years. This roots to the lack of proper knowledge and
the mundane methods adopted by farmers in their farming. Various seasonal, economic and
biological patterns influence the crop production. Catastrophic changes in these patterns may
lead to a great loss to the farmers. These risks can be avoided by adopting smart farming
methodologies i.e. incorporating technology in the day-to-day farming. The project mainly
focuses on deriving useful insights on crop-yield prediction, weather forecasting, crop type
plantation, and crop cost forecasting. The statistical agricultural dataset is undertaken for
experimental analysis. The data is preprocessed and classified into training and testing data.
Then suitable classification methods like Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Random forest
are used for better classification outcome.

2. Road Accident Analysis Using Machine Learning:

Abstract - There are many inventories in in automobile industries to design and build safety
measures for automobiles, but traffic accidents are unavoidable. There is a huge number of
accidents prevailing in all urban and rural areas. Patterns involved with different circumstances
can be detected by developing an accurate prediction models which will be capable of
automatic separation of various accidental scenarios. These cluster will be useful to prevent
accidents and develop safety measures. We believe to acquire maximum possibilities of
accident reduction using low budget resources by using some scientific measures.

3. Design a model for pothole detection using Image processing

Roads are considered to be the main mode of transportation. But due to this heavy use of roads
and environmental factors, these roads need a scheduled maintenance. Often this maintenance
is not performed since it is not possible to monitor each and every place or simply because of
ignorance. This leads to the formation of potholes which causes unwanted traffics and the
majority of accidents. This project discusses about the detection of potholes using camera
installed on light poles of roads. Image processing techniques have been used which informs
the officials in a timely manner using email system, thus keeping manual labor to the
minimum. For testing its performance, the proposed system has been implemented under a
Windows environment using OpenCV library. Simple image processing techniques like canny
edge and contour detection with hough transform is used for effective pothole detection.

4. Leaf Disease Detection using machine learning

Abstract: This project is highlighting the outliers about the wheat leaf disease detection.
India is the second larger producer of wheat after china. The wheat diseases are harmful to
wheat production, but there are algorithms that can effectively identify common diseases of
wheat leaves. The wheat diseases are generally viral, bacterial, fungal, insects, rust etc. There
are many types of disease which are presents in wheat leaf. Recently, wheat disease detection
through leaf image and data processing techniques are used extensively and in expensive
system especially for assisting farmers in monitoring the big plantation area. Machine learning
techniques are described for wheat leaf disease detection and its classification also. The key
issues and challenges in wheat leaf disease detection are also highlighted