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Future Trends S/S 19

Kitchen & Tabletop

Tokunga Pottery

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In Touch S/S 19
In T o u ch addresses a co n su mer desi re f o r
an emo t i o n al an d ph ysi cal co n n ect i o n
wi t h su rro u n di n g spaces. Fo r ki t ch en an d
t abl et o p d esi g n s, t h i s t ran sl at es i n t o a
f o cu s o n st i mu l at i n g co l o u r, su bt l e f o rms
an d g en t l e t act i l i t y acro ss pro du ct s.


01 Fo cu s o n t o u ch : so ft materials an d
ro u n ded fo rms brin g th e sen ses cen tre- stage.
P ro du cts en tice emo tio n s w ith en gagin g
su rface- w o rk , eyecatch in g co lo u r- play an d
sen su al sh apes

02 T o n al g radat i o n s: fadin g, ch an gin g an d

gradatin g co lo u r w o rk fo r mark etable an d h igh ly
appealin g design s, u sin g tin ted tran sparen t an d
po w dery matte fin ish es

03 Ri ppl i n g wat ers: gen tle w aves brin g

k itch en an d din n erw are to life w ith su rface
in terven tio n s as w ell as pattern s

1. UAU Project 2. Urban Outfitters 3. Antonio Aricò
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Pantone Textile Pantone Coated

Mood & Colour

In Touch S/S 19
8543 C 1817 C

19-2434 TCX 7648 C

14-1050 TCX 150 C

14-1310 TCX 7611 C

10292 C 566 C

10249 C 7687 C

16-4132 TCX 659 C

Colour is used to stimula te the

senses a nd enha nce ta ctility,
a s r ich b r ig hts a r e p a ir ed w ith
lig ht hues, cr ea ting contr a st.
Tones of b lue a nd b lush a r e
used to soothe, w hile b r ig ht
cob a lt a nd p ur p le entice the
1. Oneware Series 2. Day Studio 3. Camelbak senses.
4. Aaron Dyer 5. Herriott Grace 4 5

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Key Directions

In Touch S/S 19
01 02 04 06

Gentle Waves Liquid Look Blocked Pattern

03 05 07

Soft Touch Rounded Volumes Colourful Metallics Ombré Fades

1. Wanglong Ceramics 2. Joseph Joseph 3. Alex Quisite 4. Andrighetto-Miot 5. LSA International 6. Livø 7. Kueng Caputo
Soft Touch

In Touch S/S 19

4 6

S oft, ta ctile ma ter ia ls such a s

silicone, r ub b er a nd felt
cr ea te sensuous sur fa ces.
Pow d er coa ting a nd ma tte
finishes emp ha sise the d esir e
to touch, a nd exp a nd to ta ke
ov er unexp ected p r od ucts
such a s Ther moses, juicer s
a nd g r ind er s. S ha p es a r e
cur v ed to enha nce touch-
fr iend ly for ms.

1. Ubikubi 2. Vij5 3. Eva Solo 4. Graf Lantz

5. UAU Project 6. Zone Denmark 5

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The g entle mov ement of

Gentle Waves

In Touch S/S 19
r ip p ling w a ter tr a nsla tes into
p a tter n a nd for m. S ensua l
w a v es b ecome er g onomic
solutions for items such a s
kitchen g a d g ets, a nd tr a nsla te
to ta b lew a r e w ith sw ir ling
d esig ns. R ip p led textur es
a d or n g la ssw a r e a nd ca n b e
fur ther emp ha sised w ith
p ig mented colour .

2 5

1. Nude Glass 2. Alessi 3. Oneware Series 4. Ren Hongfei

5. @mansurgavriel 4

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R ound , sp her ic sha p es g iv e


In Touch S/S 19
kitchen a nd ta b lew a r e a
futur istic feel. Textiles a r e
Volumes q uilted a nd g a ther ed to ev oke
b ub b lew r a p , w hile b ulb ous
for ms a lso b r ing a sense of
enticing ta ctility to cutler y a nd
d r inkw a r e. The stur d iness of
the sp her ic v olume contr a sts
w ith the lig htness of the
d esig n.

2 5

1. Tina Frey Designs 2. Rikumo 3. Tom Dixon

4. Casa Shop 5. Eva Solo 4

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Hig h-g loss shine cr ea tes a

Liquid Look

In Touch S/S 19
liq uid look. This w et feel is
w or ked in either d eep ly
colour ed , hig h-shine g la ss, or
ultr a -p olished meta l. Textur ed
g la ze d r op lets on ser v ing
cer a mics d ir ectly r efer ence
w a ter , w hile a p a le a nd
p ea r lised shine g iv es a sense
of liq uid motion to ta b lew a r e.

2 5

1. Georg Jensen 2. Vij5 3. Duralex 4. Jack O'Farrell 5. &Klevering


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Colourful Metallics

In Touch S/S 19

K itchen a nd ta b letop items

r eceiv e a hig h-end up d a te
w ith b r ushed finishes in
d eep ly sa tur a ted meta llic
colour s. The luminous g low is
used on unexp ected
a p p lica tions such a s cookw a r e
a nd stor a g e, ca ter ing to the
r ea d y-to-ser v e functiona lity.
Gla ss w ith r eflectiv e finishes
a lso w or ks for this d ir ection.
2 4 5

1. MoMA 2. Normann Copenhagen 3. Jess Fugler

4. Waterford 5. Prestige 6. Mykilos

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Blocked Pattern

In Touch S/S 19
Geometr ic p a tter ns of b locked
colour a d or n ta b lew a r e a nd
kitchen textiles, executed in
ov er sized comp ositions or
p r isma tic a ll-ov er r ep ea ts.
Colour is used to cr ea te
d yna mic a symmetr ic d esig ns in
b oth linens a nd d inner w a r e.

1. Rachel Parker Designs 2. Ahoj 2012 3. Unison Home
4. Beloved Weddings 5. 1882 Ltd 4

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Ombré Fades

In Touch S/S 19
3 5

S oft g r a d a tions of colour
a d or n kitchen a nd ta b letop ,
emp ha sising the p ow er of
colour on the senses. Tona l
comp ositions a r e cr ea ted
w ith either a b lend of multip le
hues, or simp ly w ith a soft
fa d e on w hite. F r osted g la ss
b lur s the colour a nd enha nces
the softness of the g r a d a tion
cha ng e.

1. Esque Studio 2. Nick Munro 3. A Kailo Chic Life

4. Brides Magazine 5. Ambesonne 4

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Commercial Directions

In Touch S/S 19
1 3 5

2 4 6

Th e impo rtan ce o f to u ch an d co lo u r is k ey to th is tren d. Ru bber- to u ch materials an d matten ess brin g so ftn ess to th e h an d, w h ile ro u n ded sh apes
an d ribbed edges give a sen se o f stu rdy tactility. Th e liqu id lo o k co mes to mass mark et, w ith w ave- lik e sw irlin g pattern s u pdatin g marble. So lid
co lo u r is simple, an d o mbré effects fade in to clear su rfaces.

1. Livø 2. Crate & Barrel 3. Lightly 4. Vij5 5. BergHOFF 6. Camelbak

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Future Trends Critical Path S/S 19

T he Vision Colour Ev olution L ifesty le & I nteriors S urfa ce & M a teria ls
S/S 19 colours are compared with those Colour U sa g e F oreca st
Future Trends launches with in-depth
reports outlining the three Vision trends. from previous seasons, providing a visual The season’s colour forecast is tailored The Surface & Materials Forecast
Each covers the major forces that will roadmap of how they are evolving, and for the interiors and lifestyle market with provides direction in line with WGSN's
shape design and consumer habits, what directions you should take them in. adjusted palettes, harmonies and three Vision trends for the fashion and
providing essential context for all direction for usage. non-fashion industries, including
product categories. accessories, apparel, footwear,
Colour b y Reg ion U S Colour Comp a ss interiors, jewellery, product design,
Big Ideas The colour messages from WGSN’s three
packaging and textiles.
Tailored colour direction for the five key
WGSN outlines the big ideas and need-to- Vision trends are reinterpreted for US regions, provided by local colour
know trends that will influence Europe, US, LATAM and China. experts. Palettes are adjusted to reflect
consumers and designs.
Seasonal Gifting
regional nuance, and include Pantone
Lifestyle & matrixes. This series of reports covers Future
Colour Trends for key seasonal events and
Interiors Colour
Forecast holidays, offering direction on mood and
Glob a l Colour & Key Colours colour; food and drink; decor; styling;
L ifesty le & I nteriors
L ifesty le & I nteriors prints and graphics.
WGSN’s three Vision trends are Colour Ana ly sis
translated into colour palettes and key F oreca st
colour messages for the season, This easy-to-use reference provides Design & Product
Seasonal trends to support the entire
providing an indispensable tool for downloadable palettes for the season,
development process for interiors and Development
planning collections. organised by hue, tone, metallics and
industrial design, with analysis of lifestyle A comprehensive range of reports
levels for all colour systems. Both hard
factors, materials, finishes, patterns and offering direction for product
and soft goods are considered.
Colour Ana ly sis shapes. development covering all categories, in
Your essential reference tool for colour line with the season’s three Vision
planning, featuring downloadable Pa ck a g ing F oreca st trends.
palettes that group the season’s tones Essential direction on the key colours,
together. surface patterns, structures, materials
and finishes for the beauty and the food-
and-drink industries.

Th e V i si o n Bi g Id eas Co l o ur Fo recast Seaso n al G i f t i n g Desi g n & P ro d uct Devel o p men t

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