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Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001


No. ECI/PN/79/2019 Dated: 1st September, 2019

Election Commission of India Launches a One Stop Solution to Verify &

Authenticate Voter Details

On the occasion of the nationwide mega million launch of Electors

Verification Programme, a special camp was held at Election Commission
of India Headquarters in New Delhi on September 1, 2019. Unveiling the
initiative on National Voters’ Service Portal ( and
Voter Helpline App, Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora said,
‘Electoral Roll is the foundation on which the entire superstructure of the
Election Commission of India stands. I urge all the citizens to participate in
the verification programmes so that the Commission can provide better
electoral services in all forthcoming elections.’

Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora and Election

Commissioner Shri Ashok Lavasa during the launch of the event.
Reiterating the importance of a healthy electoral roll, Election Commissioner
Shri Ashok Lavasa said, ‘It is an important opportunity for all the voters to
verify and authenticate their details. Participation of people is paramount to
the success of the drive, I urge all to come forward and ensure an error free
Electoral Roll as it is the heart of the electoral process.’ He also said that
just as FIT INDIA, launched a few days ago, was meant to keep us healthy,
the EVP campaign was meant to improve the health of our electoral rolls.

The main aim of the programme is to improve the health of Electoral rolls
and to provide better electoral services to citizens and increase the level of
Communication between voters and the Commission. The program has been
launched at all Levels starting from the State/UT Headquarters by 32 CEOs,
District level by about 700 DEOs and at around 1 million Polling Stations by
BLOs/EROs and will continue from September 1, 2019 to October 15, 2019.

Election Commissioner Shri Ashok Lavasa verifying and

authenticating his details at the launch event at ECI Headquarters.

The voters can log on to NVSP portal ( or Voter Helpline App or
Common Service Centres or any nearby voter facilitation centre to avail the
following facilities.
! Verification and corrections of the existing details
! Authentication of entry by furnishing scanned/DigiLocker copy of one
of the following documents: (i) Indian Passport (ii) Driving License (iii)
Aadhaar Card (iv) Ration Card (v) identity card for Government/Semi
Government Officials (vi) Bank Passbooks (vii) Farmer's Identity Card
(viii) PAN Card (ix) Smart Card issued by RGI (x) Latest bill for
water/electricity/telephone/gas connection.
! Furnishing details of family members and verifying their entries too
! Updating details of family members already enrolled as voters but
permanently shifted or expired
! Furnishing details of eligible un-enrolled family members (born on or
before 01.01.2001) and prospective electors born between (02.01.2002
till 01.01.2003) who are residing with the elector.
! Furnishing GIS Coordinates of House (through Mobile App) to avail
better electoral Services
! Feedback regarding existing Polling Stations and suggestions on
alternate PS, if any
The one time authentication of details and sharing contact detail would
help electors to get update of online application status, status of EPIC,
Election Day announcement, voter slip on their registered email and
mobile number. Regular notification on modifications on Serial No. and
details of Polling Station, Change in BLO/ ERO, all information related to
Polling Station will also be shared with the Electors.
Starting the endeavour at its helm, the employees of the Commission
verified and authenticated their details along with their family.

Pawan Diwan
(Under Secretary)