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Kelompok 7

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Kelompok 7


13. What are the most important technology drivers for today’s information systems?

The most important technology drivers for today’s information systems are the following:

a. Network and the internet - few would argue that today’s information system are installed on a
network architecture consisting of local and wide area networks. Some of the technology used in this
section are:

i. Scripting languages are simple porgramming languages designed specially for Internet applications
like today’s programming languages such as JavaScript

ii. Intranet, an intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff. They offerr the
look and feel of the internet; however, security and firewalls restrict their use to employees

ii. Web technology, presenting data/information from a network server through a website that is
accessed from the browser url without having to install on the platform

b. Mobile and wireless technologies – mobile and wireless technologies are significantly changing the
next generation of information system. Today there is a framework in developing mobile applications
such as React Native, Flutter, and Vue JS which is the trend today

14. What are the four steps in a system development process? What happens in each step? The
four steps in a system development process are:

a. System initiation

i. Identify the problem.

ii. Define bussiness scope, goals, schedule, and budget

b. System analysis

i. Analyze and understand the problem

ii. Identify solution requirements and expectations

c. System design

i. Identify alternative solutions and choose the best course of action

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12 Maret 2019
Kelompok 7

ii. Design the chosen solution

d. System implementation

i. Implement the chosen solution

ii. Evaluate the results/Testing.(if the problem is not solved, return to step 1 or 2 as appropriate

15. Why is system initiation essential in the system development process?

System initiation establish project scope and the problem solving plan. Which means this step is
essential to identify the problem and clarify the raw deqqweqweqtails.

1. Internal :

External :

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12 Maret 2019
Kelompok 7


Based from our discussion, we’ll buid a system that provide a loan form through a
system that could be accessed online through the bank’s owned website. The
Prospective borrowers are required to complete the form, and fulfill the loan conditions,
there’s a few points that need to be completed, and those are personal data, important
letters (ID Card, Birth Certificate, etc.), salary / income slips, collateral that will be
used, heirs of debt (ahli waris hutang), savings books, repayment period, amount of
repayment, and reasons for borrowing. Prospective borrowers are required to upload
the document and fulfill the loan terms.
If the data has been uploaded, the officer will receive a loan request. The system will
automatically display whether the prospective borrower is clear of previous credit / debt
arrears and whether the prospective borrower has a previous loan history. If the
prospective borrower does not have a problem, the system will automatically allow to
borrow. If the prospective borrower has a history of previous loans, the bank will

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conduct interviews / surveys of prospective borrowers. After that, a loan agreement and
loan documents will be carried out.

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