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Andi Wira Pratama

Live in Jl. Poros Malino, Kab. Gowa (Post Code: 92119) Mobile : +62 8234 5583 280 E - Mail :



- 2008

SDN 227 Larompong (Kab. Luwu)


- 2011

SMPN 1 Larompong (Kab. Luwu)


- 2014

SMAN 01 Unggulan Kamanre (Kab. Luwu)


- Now

Teknik Industri Universitas Hasanuddin (Makassar)

Non Formal Education

Basic Character and Study Skill (BASIC), 2014 Studi Al - Qur’an Intensif (SAINS), 2014 Journalistic Training SMFT - UH, 2016 Production Operational design in the agro industry Training, 2019 Certificate of Competence, cluster Of Designing The Operational Production in the Agro Industry Sector, 2019

Organization Experience

Other Picture Andi Wira Pratama Industrial Engineer Born: 16 October 1996, Palopo, Indonesia Sex: Male
Other Picture
Andi Wira Pratama
Industrial Engineer
Born: 16 October 1996, Palopo, Indonesia
Sex: Male
Relationship Status: Single
I am sure that fortune and wealth have all been
arranged by the Almighty God, so I have never
felt frustrated and discouraged if a company does
not accept me. But, only one thing that I can
give to companies that want to accept me to
join as a part of them is the best maximum effort
that I can do for mutual welfare
I believe together we will become strong and grow

Founder of Marruki Community, 2014 Chairman of IPMIL RAYA UNHAS INFOKOM division, 2015 Chairman of IKA SMAKAM Large deliberation Commite, 2016 Secretary of HMTI FT - UH Anniversary Commite, 2016 Editor of Chief Channel SMFT - UH, 2017 Media and publication division of CONSTRAIN competitions HMTI FT - UH, 2017 Chairman of PP IPMIL INFOKOM division, 2019

Work Experience

Practical Work in PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk. Sorowako. ICP Division, 2017


Office productivity software

- Microsoft



Microsoft Access

- Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Project

- Microsoft Powerpoint

Design software

- Corel Draw

- Adobe Ilustrator

- Adobe Photoshop

Spoken Languages

- Bahasa

- English Languages


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