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HCC Embedded Webinar Series

Choosing the Right Embedded File System: How to Evaluate

and Choose for Your Project Success

Not sure which embedded file system to use? The right embedded file system
can have a significant impact on the success of your product.

In this free webinar,, the system requirements that form the basis for your
design decisions, including cost, available resources, access speed, and data
retention will be assessed. Each of these system requirements is analysed in
the context of the types of file systems available.

HCC Embedded CEO Dave Hughes will explain the range of device
characteristics to consider when choosing the embedded file system that's
best for your design. HCC alone has eight file systems for embedded devices
and they all play a specific role in creating optimal embedded solutions. Plus,
adding storage to an embedded device introdu
ces many options to your

This is the third in a series of HCC Embedded webinars that address some of
the most challenging aspects of embedded file systems, including:

• Available resources (RAM, ROM, CPU)

• Storage media (SD, eMMC, NAND, NOR flash etc.)
• Physical form factor and interface
• Performance
• Compatibility
• Data endurance
• Fail-safety

When: Thursday, June 13

• Identify the main decisi

on points to help choose the optimal file system
for your design requirements.
• Attend at your convenience. Pick from four broadcast times that cover
most major time zones or listen on demand afterwards.

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Orsolya Eszterváry
Marketing & Communication Manager
HCC Embedded