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Milkshape UV Mapping Shoes/Extras Mini Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to UV Map a new addition (shoes, watch, etc) that you have created. You should do
the uvmapping *before* adding the object to your mesh.

Here I have made a new shoe mesh in MilkShape. I am going to uv_map it first, before I duplicate to make the second
shoe. This way, both shoes will share the exact same uv_map and it will be easier to skin, and easier to find room for it
on the texture image.

First, I select the whole mesh - then I use "unweld" on the vertex menu. This will allow us to separately move the uv-co
ordinates without interference with each other.

Next, I want to separate the three main parts - the side, the top, and the bottom, so I can uv map each from a different
I go to Select mode, and set it to "face" - I carefully select the faces of the sides of the shoes, leaving the top and bottom
un-selected. I check by using "Hide Selection" on the edit menu.

What I want to see is just the top and bottom, and none of the side parts.
When I have all the side parts hidden, I set the selection controls to "face" and "by vertex", then select only the bottom
of the shoe. I ReGroup this, and name it "bottom"

I now select only the top part, regroup again, and name it "top"

I unhide everything now, and rename the other group "sides"

Now we are ready to do the uv_mapping

I Select All on the menu, then assign a Maxis skintone texture .bmp as the image. This will make it easy to find a good
place to put our new parts where they will not interfere with the clothing texture or with the skintone texture. A safe
place is in between the front and back sides, below the hands.
(To get the skintone texture, use BodyShop to export a SkinTone project. You don't need to import it back to the game,
you can just go in the folder inside "Projects" and get the texture image for the age/sex you are working on.)

I open the Texture Co-ordinator. I click [Region], and drag a box where I want the sides mapped. Then I choose Sides in
the first drop-down box, and "left" in the second one. Then I click [ReMap] This will remap the shoesides group into the
defined box, from the left side view.
I repeat for the Bottom group, setting "Bottom" and "bottom" in the two boxes. I do the same for the top, using "top"
and "top" in the drop-downs.
I define a different "region" for each first, of course.

Now I select all the groups, and regroup them back into one.

Then I go back to the texture co-ordinator, and move, rotate, scale the various sections as needed

This is what my final uv mapping looks like.

The final step is to select all the groups again, and on the vertex menu use "weld together"

You can now duplicate the shoe for the second shoe, export as an .obj file, and go back to your body mesh to bring the
new shoes in and assign the vertices, etc.

Here is how the finished shoes look: