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A concept note on SIOBTM functionality 

This concept note briefly mentions about Silent ObserverTM (SIOBTM ) device and its working methodology.

The gender composition in India has worsened over a period of time. Demographically the
ratio has increased from 927 females per 1000 males to 933 from census of 1991 to 2001,
however this ratio is alarmingly decreasing among children in the age group of 0-6. If it
continues, it’s going to further deepen the gender imbalance in the society.

Sex determination of a foetus is possible only with the Sonography machine. Hence the focus is
to have a monitoring solution for sonography centres performing pregnancy tests using
sonography machines. As per The PC & PNDT Act, it is mandatory for Sonography centers to
keep the details of each and every sonography of pregnant women in prescribed formats such
as form F etc.

Under-reporting or false reporting of the cases is one of the main threats to the PC and PNDT
Act. There may be cases where it is possible not to report a test in regular records or on online
reporting system. SIOBTM is a device that offers a solution for the problem. It is an embedded
device that is connected to the video port, in between the sonography machine and the
monitor through the video port. SIOBTM captures the videographic information of F-form to
complement the F-form as described in PNDT Act.

How it works
The device offers a ready to use solution to capture video output or stream
from the machines with video output like a variety of computerized
equipment, including PCs, servers, projectors, radars, medical equipment,
scientific equipment, ATMs, and more. Once the video signal is captured, one
can broadcast it over the web or archive it for later viewing. The main
advantage of having a video capture solution over “screencasting” or screen
recording is that no software must be installed on the source machine, and the
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captured signal is a 1:1 copy of the video output. It is a non-invasive method to

monitor costly machines activities in a way that does not harm such machines
or their AMCs/Insurances as the case may be. The device takes video input
from the PC and stores them in a compressed format to the local drive in a
preconfigured video or image format.

FP No. 802 CTS 4 Office No 308, Kubera Chembers, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005

Fig.1: Working of SIOBTM

Technical Features:

• Comes with configurable storage capacity, by default 320GB.

• Can capture continuous data for at least 3 months without replacing the hard drive.
• Inbuilt Intelligent image processing module captures only the activity data and discards
intervals with no activity on the sonography machine which further reduces storage activity
and increases days for data storage without replacing hard disk.
• Can be connected to any machine with standard BNC/RCA/S-Video output connector
• Can be customized according to specific requirement for other video output ports.
• Blocks all other ports except those required for data input to ensure additional data
security in the device.
• Highly secure with all activity logs available only to the appropriate authorities.
• It captures power off and power on time are logged on higher priority and available to the
appropriate authorities.
• Rugged casing for heavy duty engineering aspects.
• View only access given to doctors and local authorities
• Stores data in an encrypted format to avoid unauthorized uses
• Web based simple interface to copy data to external storage device only via authorized
• Auto lock/delete of the contents in case of using the storage/OS space with any other
• Support All Operation Systems including Linux (x86, amd64), Windows 2000, Windows XP,
Windows Vista (x86, amd64), Mac OS X 10.3.x and up.
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• Automatically turns on when sonography machines is switched on (under development)

• Video cable pull out detection even when device is turned off (under development)
• Inbuilt SMS based alert system (under development)

FP No. 802 CTS 4 Office No 308, Kubera Chembers, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005