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Command/Control APM802

Advance Power Management

Total System Integration.
Everything Works Together.

Reliability of power systems is critical. Your business depends on it. At Kohler, we build industrial
power systems that are proven to work because total system integration is engineered in from
the start.

For more than 90 years, Kohler has earned a global reputation as a pure power expert — in large
part to our strict quality standards. Our power systems are equipped with Kohler innovation,
including generators, transfer switches, switchgear and controllers. Enduring the industry’s
toughest testing process, including transient power testing, cooling sound and more, every part
is built to work with the entire system and perform in the most demanding environments before
they are shipped out.

Our power systems are built for nearly every application, powering everything from gas stations
to hotels and hospitals, as well as military operations and airports. So you can be rest assured
that our products will work when you need them most.

Dependable Power and Performance

Tried, Tested and Proven to Work.
Today, Kohler provides integrated solutions to streamline the specifying process. Our industrial
generators are diesel-fueled models — ranging from 5.5 kVA to 3,300 kVA @ 50 Hz (7 kW to
3,200 kW @ 60 Hz) complete with electronic controls and automatic transfer switches. To help
cater to unique installation environments, we also offer a range of accessories, including controls,
silencers, enclosures, fuel tanks and block heaters.

The new APM802* command/control system is specifically designed for operating and monitoring
power plants for markets including hospitals, data centres, banks, the oil and gas, IPP, rental and

The APM802* can be integrated into a console, into an embedded cabinet, directly on the
generator sets, or in a separate cabinet, to adapt to all installation constraints.

The Human Machine Interface, designed in collaboration with a company specializing in interface
design, facilitates operations with a large 100% touchscreen. The pre-configured system for
power plant applications features a brand new customization function which complies with the
international standard IEC 61131-3. New communication functions (PLC and regulation), improve
the high level of equipment availability in the installation.

* Advanced Power Management

Disclaimer: Information in this publication represents product data available at the time of print. Kohler Co. reserves the right to change this publication
and the products represented without notice and without any obligation or liability
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Kohler Power Systems SDMO (Kohler-Owned)

1 Kohler, Wisconsin 6 France
– Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility – Headquarters and Three Manufacturing Facilities
2 France 7 Brazil
– Regional Headquarters for EMEA – Manufacturing Facility
3 Singapore   Regional Sales Offices, Dealers and Distributors
– Manufacturing Facility and Regional Headquarters
for Southeast Asia (including Taiwan, Hong Kong &
Bangladesh), North Asia & Australasia
4 India
– Manufacturing Facility and Regional Headquarters
for South Asia
5 China
– Manufacturing Facility and Headquarters for China
  Regional Sales Offices, Dealers and Distributors

Kohler Service and Support

The Help You Need. Any Time, Anywhere.
Anybody can claim to offer an unrivaled level of support, but it is another thing to deliver on that
promise. Today, Kohler’s distribution network spans across multiple sales offices in countries
throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Unlike other generator manufacturers, Kohler certified distributors and dealers specialize in power.
This means our service network can be called on for anything related to your generator and its

With Kohler, you enjoy world-class service and support from a global service network.

Dedicated to power plant management

• Guarantees availability and reliability of the power plant.
• Standard package with or without options, or “tailored” package.

Specially researched ergonomics

• Intuitive and user-friendly design.
• Guided product operations to help users get started.

High level of equipment availability

• Ring redundancy option: all functions remain fully operational in all circumstances.
• A robust, specially designed product adapted to the generator set environment.

Modularity and long service life guaranteed

• The minimum configuration (HMI, BASE and REGULATION) is flexible and the equipment can be upgraded by
adding extra modules.
• If one of the components needs upgrading, the whole unit remains compatible.
• Client customisation using LADDER language in compliance with international standard IEC61131-3.

Making it easy to extend the installation

• The APM802 is compatible with the Kerys controller and therefore enables existing installations to be extended,
by adding extra generator sets for example.

Separated cabinets
To be integrated in
the room with on-site

Embedded cabinets
On the frame of the
generator set; groups
together the auxilliaries

On the frame of the generator set


Power plant management • 4 Ethernet ports

• Type of equipment: – System and external communications well
– Single generator set or as part of power plant separated
– Shared switching unit enabling checking and – Ring redundancy option for communications for
monitoring of the power plant high availability of equipment
• LV (Low Voltage) or HV (High Voltage) – Ethernet network communications can be copper
• Automatic transfer management as part of power wire, fibre optic or combination
plant or single generator – Built-in web server
• Short or long time mains paralleling without cut-out: – Modbus TCP
– on return to mains power • 4 CAN ports
– during peak shaving – including one port dedicated to communication
– during tests with engines equipped with an ECU
• Standby power plant • 1 RS485 port
– Start-up with dead bus paralleling for very rapid – Modbus RTU
power plant availability (less than 10 seconds) – Insulated RS 485 port
– Inverted operation (standby) • Communication options compatible with the following
• Power production unit protocols: 2G/GSM/GPRS/3G, SNMP, Profibus,
• Cogeneration LonWorks, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, etc.
• Adapted generator set safety features
• Adapter mains safety features Regulations
• Simple:
Measurements and display – Speed
• Mechanical – Voltage
– Levels • Advanced:
– Temperatures – Live bus paralleling
– Pressure – Dead bus paralleling
– Speed – Distribution or setting of active power of generator
• Electrical set or mains
– Voltages – Distribution or setting of reactive power of
– Currents generator set or mains
– Frequency – Setting of the power factor (cos Phi) of the
– Power factor generator set or mains
– Output – Centring of voltage and frequency on a power plant
– Harmonics in island mode
• Energy meters • Programming:
• Metering and electrical and mechanical statistics – Automatic start-up and shutdown of equipment
• Curves and trends for electrical and mechanical according to power management
measurements – Loading and unloading delays and thresholds
• Delay countdown
• Equipment status
• Events display
• Messages for alarms and faults
• Display of engine fault codes for engines fitted
with an ECU

• Human Machine Interface
– Large intuitive touch screen
– Human Machine Interface remote control and/or
mobile access
– Many languages integrated: English, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, German, Brazilian
Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, etc.


The APM802 system is composed of a set of electronic modules which each

fulfil a clearly-defined function.
These modules are interconnected based on a very specific structure, and exchange data so as to ensure the command,
control, regulation and protection of one or more generator sets, in accordance with the available configurations.

The minimum configuration for equipment is:

one HMI, one BASE module and one Regulation module.
The configuration can easily be extended, thereby enabling equipment to control a maximum of:
• up to 6 HMI modules
• up to 8 regulation modules
• up to 2 protection modules
• up to 32 modules extending the number of inputs/outputs available on the BASE module:
binary module, analog module, temperature module

100% touch screen BASE module

Minimum Installation

HMI module Regulation module

Binary I/O module


Analog I/O module

Protection module

Temperature module


HMI module
The HMI module is the interface for interaction between the user and the equipment.
Robust and well adapted to its usage scenarios, the HMI module is ergonomic,
efficient and easy to use. The HMI module uses Ethernet and USB communication.

BASE module
The BASE module is the heart of the system. It controls the PLC and communications in
real time. The BASE module integrates the PLC dedicated to power plants with specific
customisation using LADDER language in compliance with standard IEC61131-3.

System and external communications are separated to ensure security.

The BASE module features the perfect technologies to perform communication and
monitoring operations. Its built-in web server enables remote connection via a simple
web browser.

Regulation module
The regulation module enables electrical values to be obtained, paralleling to
be performed, and regulations and mains/generator set safety features to be
controlled. Using several regulation modules enables many networks to be
managed for specific applications.

ANSI safety features available:

• Generator set/mains voltage: Minimum voltage – Maximum voltage
• Frequency and mains: Minimum frequency – Maximum frequency
• Generator set current: Overload – Thermal image
• Generator set power: Maximum active power – Minimum active power
– Maximum reactive power – Active power return – Reactive power return
• Mains power micro-break/open breaker: Vector shift – Variation in frequency

Logic, analog and temperature input/output module

The optional logic and analog input/output modules
extend the logic inputs/outputs on the BASE module.
They process signals:
• from the logic/analog sensors
• to the logic/analog actuators
The optional temperature input module complements the
existing input/output structure on the APM802 system. It
will ensure that signals from the sensors, either PT100 or
thermocouple K, are processed.

Protection module
The optional protection module provides the generator set with additional
protection. It is mainly used while the generator set is paralleled to the power
distribution system at moderate voltages, but it is also used to protect the generator
set at low voltages.

ANSI safety features available:

• Current: Short-circuit – Phase current direction – Neutral current (four-pole) –
Maximum inverter component – Voltage retention
• Insulation check: Homo-polar current – Homo-polar current direction – Homo-
polar voltage – Restricted earth
• Mains: minimum impedance

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The Human Machine Interface has taken it to the next level,

to ensure the maximum benefit to users and installations
To better meet requirements, the HMI has been designed in collaboration with end users for ease of use and better
interfacing. Robust, the HMI is adapted to the contexts in which it is used for built-in applications on generator sets
(IP65, vibrations, sun).

The HMI is equipped with a large 12" (30 cm) touch screen for dynamic interaction.

The HMI implements Ethernet communication; additionally, its USB ports enable peripherals to be added and a USB
key to be used for transferring data.

The technologies implemented is perfect for ensuring:

• users can get started quickly
• easy remote monitoring, including mobile monitoring
• excellent interpersonal communication for improved efficiency in operations and maintenance

Operating screen

Generator set User access:

display • shortcuts
• maintenance
• alarms

Display of
installation and Generator set
mechanical control (operating
values modes)

Display of Control and

generator set position of
electrical circuit breakers
Operator and
Specialist access:
• curves
• settings
*Illustrations may vary from actual product • history
Display of mains • configuration
electrical values

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Overview display Detailed display History/Trends

The ergonomics have been completely redesigned to make the system even more user-friendly and comfortable to use.
The user is guided through how to operate the product according to the user access level, making it easy to get started and
reducing the risk of errors.

3 DEFINED profiles: User, Operator or Specialist

Profile User Operator * Specialist *

Trained to operate the power plant Trained by Kohler and
approved partner
Access System End client or maintenance
monitoring company
Start-up, assistance, programming
Maintenance of worn parts

*Profiles can be accessed using a password

The technology enables screenshots and videos (fault finding, maintenance, backup, training, documentation, sales
alds) to be taken directly; these can then be saved into a USB key and emailed out.

Mobile monitoring

Remote access is easy in terms of the display and getting started with the installation (service, user).
Configurations and

Single generator set

Example in A651 or A661 standard configuration


MR Mains detection relay

M Circuit breaker control
Measurements and controls

Without With self-regulating automatic transfer switch A612

Mains Paralleling With motorised circuit breaker controlled by the APM802 A612
With generator set motorised circuit breaker Active power setpoint on generator set A641
controlled by the APM802
Mains circuit breaker not controlled by the APM802 Active power setpoint on mains A642
With Long time paralleling
Mains Paralleling
Motorised circuit breakers for generator set and Short time paralleling on mains return A651
mains controlled by the APM802 Long time paralleling on mains return A661

GENERATOR SET power plant

Example in A635 or A636 standard configuration


MR Mains detection relay M M

M Circuit breaker control
Measurements and controls

Without Automatic Transfer Switch management or

Without with self-regulating Automatic Transfer Switch
Paralleling of generator sets with
Mains Paralleling management
power management by digital bus

With With Automatic Transfer Switch management

Short or long term live/dead bus paralleling
Mains Paralleling at LV or MV

Configurations and

The APM802 for enhanced communications

The result of our close monitoring of requirements, the APM802 offers a new solution for power plant projects.
A real innovation, the APM802 is designed for demanding installations that require a high level of equipment availability,
access to information and transmission of data.
The communications integrated as standard in the APM802 are based on sophisticated and mature technologies:

Ethernet ports and CAN ports for system communications

• Ethernet technology is ideal for secure, real-time transmission of critical data. It is particularly used for
communication between APM802 as well as between the BASE module and HMI
• Robust industrial CAN technology is used in particular for communication between modules of the APM802

Separate Ethernet ports and insulated RS485 port for external communications
• Modbus TCP on Ethernet, configurable to the customer's installation
• Modbus RTU on insulated RS485, configurable to the customer's installation
• A range of protocols are available as an option: 2G/GSM/GPRS/3G, SNMP, Profibus, LonWorks,
IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, etc.
• Built-in WEB server on Ethernet, configurable to the customer's installation
• Remote access to information for viewing, understanding and actions required

APM802 Ethernet communication: innovative and patented

This guarantees a high level of equipment availability and facilitates the remote control of the HMI for enhanced usage.
Additionally, various connections can be made via the Ethernet, using fibre optics or combined with copper wire.
For full control of risk management, the system communications are separated from the external communications.
The APM802's connectable technologies bring a high level of service and functional coherence to your projects.

Remote control HMI

With the ring redundancy option, all
functions remain fully operational
in all circumstances.

Remote access via

smartphone, tablet
or laptop

Control room

The ring is created by several Ethernet segments and groups together regulation and PLC communications.

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