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ETI Software
Pete Pifer, Chairman & Interim CEO
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Value of a business is not the main thing. It’s the only thing!

hat is the driving force of your business? Is it profit? Your team of good people? Ever wondered
why one business is worth more than another? What about the businesses competing in
the same sector, why is one more admired and worth more than their peers? How do most
successful companies deal with their businesses?

Yes, the ways to maintaining a successful business are a steady and happy customer base, good reputation,
retaining loyal and long-term customers, and successful stable management. A successful company
typically sees reasonable amount of profit from its loyal customers. Add to this the fact that the cost of
attracting new customers is significantly more than that of maintaining a relationship with existing ones,
and you have a powerful incentive to keep that core group of customers happy. Yet too many businesses
neglect this loyal customer base in search of new customers. But how to keep customers happy,
concentrate on your business, and keep an eye on competitors, all on the same time?

A company’s dream to become valuable to its customers and to maintain their reputation in the market at
the same time is a very tough feat. But some companies pulled it off, and how you ask? Here we present
you the 50 valuable brands which are driven by excellent leaders and strategists, and lay out clear and
compelling strategy. The Silicon Review “50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2019.” The companies that
are enlisted are known for their diversified products and services, customer-centered business model,
risk assessment skills, culture of learning, strong ethical leadership, and moreover, the ability to maintain
their global business conduct.

Success recognized to the fullest!


Vishnu Vardhan Kulkarni

Managing Editor, The Silicon Review
U.S. Special

Unlocking the Power of Data to Help Create a Better Guaranteeing success through adaptive evolution: Elastic Path
8 Tomorrow– Experian 46 Harry Chemko, Founder & CEO
Brian Cassin, CEO

PCB Design Software That Helps Wide Range Of Leveraging artificial intelligence for powering relevant
10 Companies Succeed In Designing Next-Generation 48 search: Coveo
Electronic Products and Systems- ALTIUM Louis Têtu, Chairman & CEO
Aram Mirkazemi, CEO
The Leader in Securing Identity and Transactions in the
Redefining what’s possible: Syniverse
12 Dean Douglas, CEO, President, & Member of the Board
50 Cyber World- i-Sprint
Dutch Ng, CEO
of Directors

Reinventing the way the world connects and uses Achieve Your Digital Transformation Dreams Using
14 information with 5G device-to-cloud solutions: Inseego 52 Microsoft Cloud– Netwoven
Dan Mondor, Chairman & CEO Niraj Tenany, CEO & Co-founder

Visibility across Your Entire Supply Chain: Jesta I.S. Protect your data and meet compliance requirements
16 with Security First’s fast, cost-effective and easy to
Arvind Gupta, President 54 deploy software
European Software Manufacturer and Provider of Cloud Jim Varner, President & CEO
18 Services- Fabasoft
Helmut Fallmann & Leopold Bauernfeind, Board Members Providing State of the art defenses against cybercrime
56 Malwarebytes
World’s Leading Manufacturer of Personal Protective Marcin Kleczynski, CEO
20 Equipment: Fire-Dex LLC
Bill Burke, CEO Engineering a Sustainable Future: RadMax Technologies, Inc.
58 Paul W. Chute, CEO & Chairman
“Our long-term commitment is to make you safe and keep
22 you safe, that’s our goal. That’s our vision”: IndigoVision
Simone Maraini, HZO Inc. CEO: “We Protect What Matters
Pedro Simoes, CEO
60 Most To You.”
Simone Maraini, CEO
Innovating To Provide Coverage in Places without
24 Coverage today- VANU
Automating the Future: Scape Technologies
Andrew Beard, CEO 62 Søren Bøving, CEO
The Physical and Digital Security Experts
26 A3 Communications An Interview with Eurohold Leadership: ‘We Deliver
F. Joseph Thomas, Founder Tailored Advice to Our Clients (Buyers or Sellers) and

Time-Tested Solutions for Any Situation

64 Support them Across their Local and Cross-Border
28 ETI Software Solutions
Pascal Vieilledent, Co-founder & Managing Partner Partner
Pete Pifer, Chairman & Interim CEO

The “Gold Standard” For Financial Planning, Analytics Demystifying How to Rapidly Build, Integrate, and Deploy
34 and Performance- Strata Decision Technology 66 “Future of IT” Digital Experiences
Dan Michelson, CEO Ellen Feaheny, CEO & Co-founder, AppFusions

An Interview with Chris Sykes, Volume Ltd. Founder Cultivating a faster and reliable internet: Cloudflare
and CEO: ‘We Transform Brand Engagement through 68 Matthew Prince, CEO
36 Creating the Next Level of Customer Interaction by
Turning Content into Conversations’ Pro Group Management, a Nevada-based Group, Becomes
Chris Sykes, Founder & CEO the Premier Resource for Firms of all Sizes and Risks
70 Seeking to take Control of their Workers’ Compensation
An Interview with Sten Björsell, Shipco Circuits Ltd Coverage Needs
40 CEO: ‘If We Cannot Do It, Often It Cannot Be Done’ Ashley Vees, Marketing Assistant
Sten Björsell, CEO
“We aim to create supplies of key commodities required
for the functioning of a global economy which is viable
42 Building better Connections: Southern Cross Cables Limited 74 into perpetuity”: Sindicatum
Laurie Miller, President & CEO
Assaad Razzouk, CEO

Making digital banking personal– Meniga Innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency: Ensygnia
44 Georg Ludviksson, CEO & Co-founder
76 Richard Harris, Founder
Cover Story

Page No: 28

ETI Software Solutions

man & Int
InnerScope Hearing Technologies, Inc, a Rapidly
te Pi fer, C
78 Expanding Consolidator of the Hearing Aid Industry, Pe
Plans to Go Above and Beyond
Matthew Ross Moore, CEO & President
An Interview with Rui Vicente, Dixtior Consulting
CEO/Founding Partner: ‘We Combine Business
Your favourite restaurants and takeaways, delivered 100 Consultancy with Latest-Generation Technologies
80 straight to your door– Deliveroo
to Create Solutions Shaped to your World’
William S, Co-founder & CEO
Rui Vicente, CEO & Founding Partner
Delivering Customer Intelligence’: Tresata, a Charlotte-
based Company, Solves Real-World Problems with Real- An Interview with Walter Angerer, speak2web Founder
82 World Data and CEO: ‘We Enable Voice Activated AI Solutions on your
Abhishek Mehta, Co-founder & CEO
102 Websites, Applications, and Other Digital Portals’
Walter Angerer, Founder & CEO
Securing the world’s identity: LoginRadius
86 Rakesh Soni, CEO & Co-founder Global automotive insights for the future of vehicle
104 ownership– Cazana
Tom Wood, CEO
“We help companies do more with their data every day”
88 SQream
Knowing the Future of Maintenance: Senseye
Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO
106 Means PdM 4.0
Dr. Simon Kampaceo, CEO
The Orlando Internet Marketing Expert: Trighton Interactive
90 Jody Resnick, CEO
Leaders in Providing Big Company Benefits for
Small Busines Owners in Financial Services:
The Providers of Innovation for Healthcare 108 Chalice Financial Network™
92 Practice- PATIENTPOP Keith Gregg, Founder & CEO
Luke Kervin, Co-founder & Co-CEO
Mobile Security in Perfect Balance- Wandera
110 Eldar Tuvey, Co-founder & CEO
Multi-CloudPlatform-as-a-Service Provider-
94 Jelastic
Ruslan Synytsky, CEO & Co-founder Intelligent cashflow management software: Fluidly
112 Caroline Plumb OBE, CEO
Connecting Brands to Consumers through Great
Customer Service Experiences Making biometric authentication smart, simple &
96 OnPoint Warranty Solutions LLC 114 accessible: AimBrain
Chris Smith, CEO Andrius Sutas, CEO & Co-founder

Aera understands how your business works,

Creating interactive videos with immersive depth
makes real-time recommendations, predicts
98 KERV Interactive 116 outcomes, and takes action autonomously
Jon Flatt, CEO
Frederic Laluyaux, President & CEO
Unlocking the Power of Data to Help
Create a Better Tomorrow – Experian
Our brand reflects who we are, what we do and what we believe in

n a complex, ever-changing efficient and your retirement
world, the use of data is more secure
now driving significant
advancements and new ways of Each of these answers has
thinking. Experian recognizes something in common: Experian.
the importance of the role it Whether you’re working with it
plays in unlocking the power of directly or it is working behind
data to help people, business and the scenes, the company is
society. Thus, enabling people there for you, helping you take
and organizations to achieve advantage of every opportunity.
their goals in the long run
The firm believes data has the
The Role it plays power to transform lives and
Experian helps to give its societies for the better
The One Leader customers the power to assess,
predict and to plan so you may The sheer amount of data and
Brian Cassin | CEO achieve your goals and navigate information available today
Appointed to the Board as Chief your world with confidence. might seem overwhelming.
Financial Officer on 30 April 2012, Its expertise in data, analytics, But it is making sense of it in
and as Chief Executive Officer on 16 and technologies means it gives powerful new ways. The firm is
July 2014. answers; it creates coherence gathering, analyzing, combining
and clarity from complexity and processing data to help
Other current roles: Brian is a non- you take financial control and
executive director of J Sainsbury plc. What do you need to succeed in achieve your goals, or to better
your life — or your business? understand and meet the needs
Skills: Brian brings strong leadership, of your customers.
a clear view of strategic objectives Everyone has a different answer:
and decisive management skills to • Buy your first home or car, Every day, the data and
this role. He also has strong financial send your child to college, analytics are helping people
and commercial acumen and a broad grow your business, and and businesses to achieve more;
range of operational competencies. protect your identity individuals to access the financial
His non-executive role augments his • Maybe you need a loan to services they need; people to
strong board-level experience. protect their identities and lives,
buy a reliable car, but you
don’t have a credit history and economies and societies to
Experience: Brian was previously the flourish.
and don’t want to end up
Chief Financial Officer of Experian
with the wrong thing
and, before that, Managing Director
at Greenhill & Co. He has also held
• Or perhaps you want to shop How the firm helps
online, but don’t want to risk If you need a loan, it can help you
various senior roles at Baring
having your identity stolen to get it. Experian finds ways that
Brothers International and the
• Maybe you want to make protect both you and your lender,
London Stock Exchange.
your business even more by forming a more accurate

picture of your credit history or helping
you build or take control of your credit.
• If you’re a business owner, the
firm makes it easier to connect
“We give the
best overall
with your customers, while safely
protecting their information analytics
• If you’re a police officer, an online
bank or a teacher equipping platform
the next generation with basic
financial skills, we can help you by fintech
Making a Difference
The firm aims to have a positive effect
on the communities in which it lives
and thus
and works. From teaching unemployed helping you
young people the interview skills they
need to get a job to helping charities take control
expand so they can feed and shelter
even more people, Experian is using its of your
expertise to make a difference.
credit score
How Experian works
At the same time, how Experian work Experian
is as important as what it does. It
recognizes that its work carries with boost that is
it an enormous responsibility, and our
guiding principle is to treat everyone just launched

fairly and their data with respect.
in the US.
Experian is investing for
the future
Its 16,500 people in 39 countries
believe the possibilities for you, and its
world, are growing. The firm has been
around for more than 125 years, and it
is growing. The company is investing in
the future, through new technologies,
talented people and new innovative
products – all to help create a better

PCB Design Software That Helps
Wide Range Of Companies Succeed In
Designing Next-Generation Electronic
Products and Systems - ALTIUM
The greatest challenge for successful products today lies in the design process and that is what the company focuses on

esigners need tools that and is focusing on- expanding its The company’s partners with
help them make the most addressable market beyond PCB to DassaultSystèmes SOLIDWORKS to
of modern technologies, systems design. deliver a specialized version of their
successfully manage projects, PCB design software for SolidWorks
and deliver connected intelligent The firm is expanding market reach users and ECAD/MCAD integration -
products. The firm creates the through partnership and growing SolidWorks PCB.
tools designers need. Altium has capability through acquisition. It has
over 30 years of continuous R&D a set goal of US$150 million in pure
in PCB design. It has a strong track PCB revenue and US$200 million in
Products the Company
record in engineering development total revenue by 2020. Thus making Offers
and engineering excellence. The it a well-positioned company for
company is focused on margin future growth where the heart of ALTIUM DESIGNER
expansion and is committed to intelligent systems is electronics Its flagship product is known for
growing its margin each year to and PCBs. Altium is focused on
excellence in the native 3D Printed
enter and to maintain 30% plus. returning profit to shareholders
Circuit Board (PCB) Computer-
and is committed to growing
Aided Design. By incorporating
Altium has global diversified dividends each year. Altium has a
all the tools engineers and PCB
earnings. The revenue is comprised rich history starting in 1985 as one
designers need into a single, stress-
of 48% Americas, 32% Europe, of the first providers of PCB design
free user interface, Altium Designer
14% Emerging Markets and 7% tools and over time and developing
dramatically increases design
Asia Pacific and is debt-free. The into one of the market leaders.
successes, while reducing overall
firm believes in maintaining a Nick Martin founds the company
clean balance sheet and expenses design times. From concept to PCB
by creating the first version of
all R&D costs. Altium revenue Altium Designer, Protel PCB. design, 3D modeling, and output
is underpinned by subscription Aram is later appointed as Chief generation for final manufacture,
and 53% of total revenue is Executive Officer, Altium moves Altium Designer provides an
subscription-based, with over its headquarters to California, the efficient, powerful workflow for
31,000 subscribers globally. It is USA and the company successfully board-level electronics designers.
committed to achieving double- raises $44M of capital on ASX.
digit sales & revenue growth each Altium acquires two companies - ALTIUM VAULT
year and believes in consistent Octopart, the #1 electronic parts The process of designing electronics
financial performance. The company search engine in the world and involves so many people, each of
is committed to achieving market Ciiva, a cloud-based electronics them needing access to the design
leadership in PCB design by 2020 parts management platform. data throughout the development

“ We are the world’s leading provider of PCB design software, PCB component
and data management software and the host of AltiumLive — the industry’s

fastest-growing conference for PCB designers and engineers.

process. Design data for
electronics is very complex, The Leader
going many layers deep, and
isn’t limited to that created by Aram Mirkazemi | CEO
the designers and engineers. Aram (BE Tas) was appointed Chief
Altium Vault is the industry’s Executive Officer in January 2014 and
only automated solution is an Executive Director of the Board.
for managing design and Aram is passionate about software
component data from directly development and has been at the
inside the design environment forefront of CAD software development
and is built specifically for and web-based technology for over
the electronics industry by an 20 years, at the executive and senior
established industry player. management level.

He has been a driving force at

Altium since the early 1990s. Aram
TASKING represents the highest
commenced his career with Altium as
quality in software development
Director of Research and Development
tools for high-reliability
from 1992-1999 (being a member of
embedded systems. Whether it’s the Altium Board from 1992-2000).
an anti-locking brake system, Following a successful IPO in 1999,
a rocket motor controller, or Aram left Altium to explore his interest
a home entertainment unit, in web-based software systems and
TASKING compilers, debuggers, went on to found Morfik Technology.
and coding rule checkers give He returned to Altium in 2010 as part
software engineers the ability of the Morfik acquisition and was
to ensure they have developed appointed Head of Engineering, and
reliable, safe, compact and later Chief Technology Officer.
efficient embedded software.
TASKING tools are available for As CEO, Aram is leading the company’s
several microprocessor families transformation to a world-class PCB
including ARM, Aurix/Tricore, tool provider which not only dominates
Aram Mirkazemi, CEO
C166/ST10, Power Architecture, the mainstream PCB market but is also
68K, DSP, 8051 and more. expanding its reach into the higher-end
SR and the low-end PCB market segments.

Redefining what’s
possible: Syniverse
Dean Douglas, CEO, President, & Member of
the Board of Directors

“We link you to billions of devices and forge more

human connections than anyone on Earth.”

C Here are some of the

orporations often struggle content. With clarity on users’
to maintain the quality of experiences, you can send messages
services as their customers most exciting features of that are impactful and build trust.
increase in number. This holds good Syniverse’s solutions Its solution also uses automated
for industries that directly deal compliance and consent tools
with a large number of customers, to ensure that you’re reaching
Intelligent Customer
such as telecommunications or customers who want to be
internet-based services. Syniverse Engagement Platform contacted.
is a company that has pioneered the With Syniverse Intelligent
ideas that fuel transformation. Its Engagement, you can connect with
Intelligent Engagement delivers
solutions foster human connections, your customer like never before.
hyper-relevant messages that
giving businesses the keys to an The company’s solution helps you
matter. It’s your tool to spark
ever-expanding ecosystem of deliver well-timed, compelling
meaningful customer conversations
engaged consumers. And it’s why messages that bring your brand
— conversations that lead to action.
Syniverse has put the power of closer to people’s lives.
groundbreaking technologies in
customers’ hands, arming them The key to smarter messaging Syniverse Marketplace for
with the cutting-edge tools needed solutions is coordinated knowledge. Wi-Fi
to build the bridges between Syniverse’s Intelligent Engagement It’s time to bring the speed and
organizations, people and devices. makes use of behavior patterns, transparency of e-commerce
preferences, and other data sources into the world of wholesale Wi-
As the world’s most connected to continually improve customer Fi services. With the Syniverse
company, Syniverse has developed relationships. Ensure that whatever Marketplace for Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi deals
the largest private network ever you need to say, your customers become entirely digital—and
built for linking to the mobile hear it. incredibly simple.
ecosystem. Syniverse’s Secure
Global Access underpins a platform Syniverse’s platform also allows you Wi-Fi is an essential ingredient
that combines ironclad security to track and curate every message for the growing number of digital
with omnipresent, globe-spanning you send across departments, devices, but it can be difficult to
coverage to reach every device and ensuring that customers aren’t distribute and monetize Wi-Fi
every customer on the planet. getting duplicative or conflicting services. Syniverse’s solution

Meet the leader behind Syniverse’s continued success, Dean Douglas
Dean Douglas leads Syniverse as Chief Executive Officer and President, and also serves as
a member of the Board of Directors. With a career spanning more than 30 years across the
telecommunication and information technology industries, Mr. Douglas brings extensive executive leadership
experience, having previously served as CEO for three companies, Unify, Westcon Group, and LCC International.
He most recently served as President of the Enterprise Segment of CenturyLink, a division that accounted for
$10 billion of the company’s $16 billion in revenues. Previously, as CEO of Unify, Mr. Douglas drove the company
in a transformation to a provider of software-based enterprise-unified communications. He began his career in
executive roles at IBM and Motorola. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Mississippi.

makes it easier. With Syniverse the world’s mobile operators and consumption of wholesale
Marketplace for Wi-Fi, you can cloud service providers. That means data, deploys data plan
display offers on a global storefront, you’re gaining an unparalleled tool variations to grab subscribers’
getting market exposure. And you for implementing a limitless array attention, and more.
can do it within minutes. of transformative business ideas.
In a typical scenario, the
This solution overcomes obstacles Companies transitioning to the
system directs a roaming
for Wi-Fi buyers, too: It’s a single cloud and virtualized environments
portal that presents a broad range of need the ability to move data and subscriber to a portal interface
options with one login. Enterprises services privately and securely. with your branding. That
can bring a program that requires Secure Global Access arms you with portal allows users to opt into
Wi-Fi to life in hours with more the power to do just that. a retail plan based on their
efficient deal-making and previously personal data usage history.
unimaginable agility. Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Once they enable roaming,
Control Center Syniverse’s system updates
Syniverse Secure Global As an engine of roaming the subscriber on their usage
Access monetization, Syniverse’s in real-time: a transparent
Syniverse Secure Global Access is a Mobile Policy Control Center process that enhances their
protected global network with cloud transforms the way you can profit experience—and your bottom
service connectivity designed for from roaming. Running on a user- line.
businesses looking to provide secure friendly interface with customizable
IoT deployments, gain insights from tools, it helps today’s hyper- Getting customers on board
intelligent data analysis, or integrate connected subscribers embrace
with roaming is all about
communications between remote roaming as part of their everyday
making it intuitive and
locations. experience.
friendly. Syniverse’s Mobile
Syniverse Secure Global Access Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Policy Control Center makes
provides the network and resources Center supercharges your roaming that possible—all while
to securely and reliably transport capabilities. It features customizable cutting down on inefficiency
business data while connecting to self-care tools, controls the and maximizing profit.

nseego Corp. (Nasdaq: business. But the high-end
INSG) is an industry backup network that rivals
pioneer that enables your primary connection

high-performance mobile isn't always practical, and
applications for large a consumer solution lacks
enterprise verticals, service the durability for everyday

the way the

providers and small-medium deployment and diverse
businesses around the environments.
globe. Its product portfolio
consists of Enterprise In these situations, the

world connects SaaS solutions and IoT &

Mobile solutions, which
together form the backbone
Skyus SC and DS series are
ideal solutions. A reliable,
immediate failover for your

and uses of compelling, intelligent,

reliable and secure IoT
services with deep business
network, these USB options
ensure a secure cellular
connection in a rugged,

information with intelligence. Inseego powers

mission-critical applications
with a “zero unscheduled
compact package, scalable to
mobile plans of varying data,
bandwidth, and speed.

5G device-to-
downtime” mandate, such
as asset tracking, fleet
management, industrial IoT, Corporate
cloud solutions
SD WAN failover management
and mobile broadband Inseego Corp. is committed to
services. Inseego’s solutions sustainability and conducting

are powered by its key business consistent with the
innovations in purpose-built highest ethical standards.
SaaS cloud platforms, IoT and Its sustainability program
mobile technologies including helps to support its corporate
the newly emerging 5G mission to be a leading
technology. provider of intelligent
wireless solutions for the
IoT in Action Internet of Things, strengthen
Inseego’s purpose-built, its customers’ efforts to
Enterprise-grade IoT improve their environmental
solutions simplify your and social impacts as well as
business. No matter how its own, minimize risk in its
challenging your network supply chain, and encourage
environment, its solutions innovation in its products.
We made 2G, 3G and 4G real with keep your business running.
mass-market devices and we’re doing it Connect your fleets, people, Inseego has an obligation
again with our 5G solutions. Our mobile devices, and assets with to its employees, its
broadband and home broadband solutions Enterprise-grade intelligent stockholders, its customers
bring the experience of 5G to your IoT solutions that deliver and suppliers, business
fingertips. deep visibility, resiliency, and partners and community to
secure connectivity. be honest, fair and forthright
in all its business activities.
In today's always-connected As a company, It is committed
world, a secure backup to providing a safe and
option is mandatory for every healthy working environment

The chieftain
Dan Mondor, Chairman, and CEO:
Dan was appointed CEO of Inseego Corp. in
June 2017 and named Inseego’s Chairman
and CEO in August 2018. Mr. Mondor has
over 35 years of telecommunications
and media technology experience with
global Fortune 500 and privately held
corporations. Mr. Mondor has received
numerous industry awards for innovation
and market impact and was named by
ExecRank as a top Micro-Cap CEO for
driving shareholder value.

Mr. Mondor holds a Master’s degree in

Electrical Engineering from the University
of Ottawa, a Bachelor of Science degree in
Electrical Engineering from the University Dan Mondor, Chairman & CEO
of Manitoba, and executive education from
the Cornell Graduate School of Management
and Duke Fuqua School of Business.

for its employees, and to retail packaging and

avoiding adverse impact and literature to the materials
injury to the environment
and the communities in
used to manufacture its
devices, Inseego ensures its
“Through innovation,
which it does business.
Inseego’s employees take
suppliers are compliant with
stringent environmental
teamwork, commitment
pride in compliance with requirements. It is its belief to satisfy applicable
environmental, health and that continuously striving
safety laws, regulations, to protect its environment requirements and continuous
and company standards. by utilizing sustainable
It conducts business with resources is everyone’s improvement, we will
suppliers who demonstrate
a strong commitment to the
responsibility. Inseego is
proud to publicly disclose its
deliver solutions that exceed
Inseego corporate citizenship
principles. It partners with
sustainability commitments
and accomplishments by
customer expectations.”
suppliers who ensure their publishing this Corporate
working conditions are safe, Citizenship webpage as well
their workers are treated as its 2015 Sustainability
with respect and dignity, and Report and a Disclosure
their business operations are Statement for the California
environmentally responsible. Supply Chains Act (SB657).
The company’s CDP Supply
The firm has a commitment Chain 2014 Information
to environmental Request questionnaire is
responsibility. From its available at the CDP website.

Visibility across Your Entire Supply Chain: Jesta I.S.
Our goal is to be a leading global innovator of solution
systems for wholesalers and retailers.

esta I.S. is a global supplier The Vision Central features appear in Vision Merchandising’s
of integrated software for Item Management feature. For
wholesalers and retailers Answers: Answers is for quick example, a user can create a Smart
specializing in apparel, business insights, which is especially Query to retrieve a carousel of the
footwear, housewares, and useful for businesses that don’t have top 10 performing blouses without
electronics. The company’s an Analytics solution. Users can having to manually sort through and
end-to-end solutions streamline create and schedule public or private compare mountains of information
your day-to-day operations reports that run automatically using themselves.
throughout your entire supply chain real-time data pulled from the Vision
while always keeping your customers Suite modules. The reports can be The Custom Query tool displays
top of mind. extracted into an Excel document and additional information about an item
scheduled to be emailed. They can that is not a standard detail in the
With more than 50 years of also be viewed on any mobile device. Item Management style card.
combined wholesale and retail
experience, Jesta I.S. recognizes Reports: Out-of-the-box reports, Vision Suite
the importance of providing solid some with drilldown capabilities, Jesta’s Vision Suite is a family of
software solutions coupled with are available in VCP: PO Review end-to-end software programs
impeccable client service. by Style, Summary of Open POs, for retailers, wholesalers and
Site Inventory Stock Status, Stock brand manufacturers. The Suite is
Ledger Details and more. The comprised of four main products:
Product portfolio reports can be grouped together Vision Sourcing and Demand,Vision
by topic (Sales Reports, for example), Merchandising, Vision Store and
Vision Central Portal department (Merchandising, for Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics.
Vision Central Portal (VCP) instance) or even under a specific Each addresses a different
functions as a single point of entry business role (like Buyer). segment of the supply chain from
for all the Vision Suite products: product design and sourcing, to
Vision Sourcing & Demand, Vision Alerts: VCP users can create alerts merchandising, omnichannel retail
Merchandising, Vision Store & based on their own pre-defined and analytics. The Suite is unified
Omnichannel, and Vision Analytics. business rules. Alerts prompt users yet modular, thereby eliminating
Jesta’s four main products and all when an event that may impact the inefficiencies and inaccuracies
of their associated modules are business operations requires of disjointed programs.
incorporated under VCP. immediate attention or when a task
has been assigned to them. Alerts Jesta’s new Vision Suite 20.0 includes
The VCP home screen consists of can appear on the home screen, multiple enhancements. Among the
widgets where you can save your be sent as an email or as a mobile most notable is that the solution is
most frequently used menu options notification. now cloud-ready and browser-based,
and reports. The menu options can certified on Chrome, Firefox, Internet
be organized according to your daily, Smart and Custom Query: The Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Also,
weekly or monthly tasks; the widgets Smart Query tool gives users the Vision Suite 20.0 is usable on
can be arranged and swapped ability to filter data and narrow in mobile devices making the software
according to your preferences. on specific merchandise; the results accessible anywhere, anytime.

Lastly, each and every one of locations. Vision Merchandising
Jesta’s modules have now been includes Jesta’s Retail Planning and
incorporated under Vision Central Retail Merchandising solutions. “We’re continuously
Portal, a widget-based solution that enhancing our
functions as a single point of entry Vision Store & Omnichannel:
for all the Vision Suite products a Vision Store & Omnichannel gives products to meet the
client owns. Its customizable home frontline and back-office retail evolving needs of
screen features a dashboard that employees the tools to cultivate
provides an overview of menu seamless shopping journeys even the ever-expanding
favourites, reports, alerts and more. when customers switch between wholesale and
touchpoints. Armed with real-time
The Vision Suite products inventory visibility, the ability
retail industries as
Each of the four Vision Suite to draw from vendors’ stock well as developing
products addresses a different
segment of the supply chain. Some
and fast order fulfillment from
optimal sites, Vision Store and
innovative solutions to
of their associated modules come Omnichannel enables experiences maximize operational
out-of-the-box, others can be added
on individually.
that improve loyalty and sales.
efficiencies and
Vision Analytics: Vision Analytics customer satisfaction.”
Vision Sourcing & Demand: delivers granular metrics that
Vision Sourcing & Demand (S&D) decision makers need to make
is designed to help manufacturers, strategic decisions about their
wholesalers and retailers reduce global business. The solution
cost and time to market while collects and analyzes real-time
providing complete visibility of transactional and customer
full-package and raw material information from an enterprise’s
procurement cycles. It streamlines multiplatform environments, then
the movement of merchandise consolidates everything into a
throughout the supply chain all holistic view of performance so
the way to the Point of Sale. Vision patterns and trends are easy to
S&D includes Jesta’s Wholesale identify.
& Distribution, and Supply Chain SR
The man who means business Arvind Gupta, President
Vision Merchandising: Vision
Merchandising helps buyers and Arvind Gupta, President: Arvind Gupta has a unique ability to critically
merchandisers build market analyze broad macroeconomic and technology trends, and decompose them
segments, product ranges, and into tactical process improvement and IT solution development roadmaps.
price lines while using historical He possesses a vision that allows him to foresee the end result with clarity
performance as a guiding factor and plan accordingly for long-term and complex endeavors.
to minimize markdowns and
maximize sales. The solution Arvind has held a number of leadership positions at Jesta I.S., including Chief
subsequently distributes inventory Operating Officer, accumulating over fifteen years of retail experience. As
through robust, demand- EVP of Development and Strategy, Arvind directed the growth and expansion
driven automation and tracks of Jesta’s Vision Suite® product line and was instrumental in cementing its
merchandise as it moves through place as a leading ERP and retail business management system. He has built
omnichannel platforms while and implemented focused and optimized ERP solutions for several notable
ensuring that the right products companies across America, Europe, and Asia.
are delivered to the most optimal

European Software Manufacturer and Provider of
Cloud Services - Fabasoft
F Contact Management:
abasoft is one of the leading great added value: to cover several
software product companies use cases with just one solution. Manage contacts of an organization
and providers of cloud centrally and EU-GDPR compliant,
services in Europe for the digital Product Management: Digitise synchronize with mobile devices
control of documents as well as an and accelerate product management and create address lists
electronic document, process, and processes across departments,
records management. Numerous organisations and countries. Manufacturing: Secure and agile
well-known private enterprises collaboration with external partners
and public-sector organizations Digital Asset Management: using the Fabasoft Cloud - across the
have trusted in the quality and Intelligent Enterprise Digital Asset company and country borders
experience of Fabasoft for three Management in the Cloud
decades. Contract Management: Manage the Pharma: Research and develop
entire lifecycle of contracts - from products efficiently with the
collaborative creation to the end of
Solutions Offered by the the contract period
Fabasoft Private Cloud validated
according to EU GxP Annex 11
Based on the Fabasoft Cloud Collaboration: Include external Financial Services: Agile
Platform, the firm offers numerous persons in your extended digital development of solutions in the
ready-to-use solutions in the form organization to synchronize and Fabasoft Cloud for boundless control
of Fabasoft Cloud Apps as well share documents – securely, agile of documents while meetings
as customized solutions (e.g. for and traceable. highest compliance requirements
supplier management). For many
of its customers, this is especially a Process Management: Products Offered by the
Boundless digital records
management through automated Firm
business processes - platform- The software products and
cloud services of Fabasoft help
“Our model includes independent, flexible and easily
digitalize, accelerate and boost the
configurable using a graphical
developing and distributing BPMN 2.0 editor quality of business processes and
our software products, as offer innovative possibilities for
Board Communication: cooperation across the organization
well as providing related and national frontiers in the form
Preparation and follow-up of board
services. Fabasoft software meetings as well as evaluation and of both informal collaboration and
structured workflows.
products can be used based signing of highly sensitive business
on purchasing models Cloud Services: Workflow
with payment of one-off EU-GDPR Toolbox: The Fabasoft management and agile collaboration
that is scalable at highly secure
software license fees and EU-GDPR Toolbox provides a solid
European data centers or instantly
foundation to better comply with
optional recurring update privacy and compliance guidelines. ready for operation as an appliance
fees or based on recurring at your own data center.
fees charged for their use Digital Personnel File: Manage
personal data of employees digitally, Fabasoft Cloud: Agile and secure
as cloud services, Software- consistently and centrally - the basis collaboration between companies
as-a-Service (SaaS) or for professional skills management,
preconfigured appliances.” comprehensive HR analyses and Fabasoft Private Cloud:
leadership 4.0 Synchronise and share your data

Helmut Fallmann &
Leopold Bauernfeind
Board Members

The Managing Board

Helmut Fallmann & Leopold Bauernfeind | Board Members
The managing board consists of Helmut Fallmann and Leopold Bauernfeind. They founded Fabasoft in 1988. In
October 1999, the company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Fabasoft has approximately 200 employees
from 13 nations who are working from seven locations.

safely within your existing company Fabasoft app.telemetry: appliance and a hardware security
network with the Fabasoft Private Application performance and user module (HSM).
Cloud. experience monitoring
Fabasoft Secomo: Encryption
Electronic Records: It contains Digital Business Processes: Appliance with genuine end-to-end
certified security, traceability, Sustainably increase the encryption-decryption takes place on
transparency, full accessibility, clarity, competitiveness of companies with the end device
flexibility and individual adaptations features for Enterprise Content
for the management of electronic
Management, Collaboration, Agile Project Management:
Workflow, audit-proof Archiving and Coordinating your software projects
Records Management. in an easy, central and agile manner
Fabasoft eGov-Suite: The flexible with dashboards and reports
standard product for modern public
Fabasoft Folio: Enterprise on scrum-specific ratios such as
content management (ECM) and burndown, velocity, defect rate and
business process management (BPM, more.
Fabasoft Personnel File: Central Workflow)
and consistent management of
personnel files Fabasoft Scrum: Application for
Development of Specialised agile software project management
Knowledge Management: Applications: Swift and cost-
Linking data from different sources effective development of solutions Testing of Specialised
to provide employees and customers for documents, case handling, and Applications: Automating
with a 360-degree view on the business process management based functional software tests in the
relevant issues or customers. on the products Fabasoft Cloud, Fabasoft product environment by
Fabasoft Folio, and FabasofteGov- actually carrying out activities in the
Mindbreeze: Big data search for web browser’s GUI – simulating the
a 360-degree view of all relevant way real users are working with the
company information Fabasoft app.ducx: Agile use application.
case-based development environment
IT Operations: Ensuring the Fabasoft app.test: Integrated use
availability and response time Secure Encryption: Encrypting case-based test environment
sensitive and valuable documents and SR
behavior of your applications – with
user feedback options via web protecting them against unauthorized
browsers or apps on mobile devices. access – with the FabasoftSecomo
World’s Leading Manufacturer of Personal
Protective Equipment: Fire-Dex LLC

ire-Dex LLC, headquartered were added to production. The Gilman and Lauren Burke DeVere
in Medina, Ohio, is a leading name Fire-Dex derived out of this joined the company making it a
manufacturer of head-to-toe new venture as FIRE retardant family-owned business.
protection for first responders, gloves with great DEXterity
including turnout gear, rescue became the company’s staple.
Serving Those Who
& wildland PPE, boots, hoods,
gloves, and helmets. With a strong Diving further into the Structural Serve
emphasis on health and safety, PPE industry, Fire-Dex began Fire-Dex is focused on finding
Fire-Dex has paved the path of making fire hoods, suspenders, the best solution and delivering
innovation in the manufacturing and gear bags in 1986, turnout better protection for firefighters.
of firefighting gear while focusing gear in 1987, and boots in 2010. This wouldn’t be possible if it
on the continuous improvement The company continued its didn’t listen to the needs and
of its products and processes. growth acquiring two major feedback of its fellow firefighters.
brands, Chieftain and TECGEN, in So, when research discovered
2008 and 2015, respectively. that burns and smoke inhalation
Genesis were no longer the most
In 1983, Charlie Grossman The company broke ground on significant threat facing today’s
purchased Morgan Protective what is now its headquarters in firefighters, the company focused
Apparel in Rome, GA. At the Medina, Ohio in 1996. It has since its energy on what was; heat
time, they manufactured welding undergone two expansions to stress and exposure to cancer-
“greens” and leather gloves. A accommodate its rapid growth; causing agents.
year later, structural first in 2005, then again in 2018
firefighter (nearly doubling its size to 57,500 It developed TECGEN71, an
gloves sq. ft.). For extra production outer shell for firefighter turnout
space, it acquired Darwood gear that can withstand the heat
Manufacturing, an 88,000 sqft but also yielded the lightest
facility in Pelham, GA in weight turnout gear ever seen
2018. in the history of this industry to
address the heat stress concern.

“We view each

In 2019, Burke’s In addition, it manufactures
daughters alternative PPE to be used
Taylor on non-fire related calls. The
firefighter as a Burke practice of wearing alternative
PPE reduces the time firefighters

family and treat spend in multi-layered

structural fire gear, which is
built specifically for the extreme
them that way, elements of a fire.

through both the fun Fire-Dex was also the first

manufacturer to pave the

times as well as the

way for a new generation
of head and neck
protection; particulate
tough ones.” blocking hoods.
These hoods act as
a barrier against

harmful carcinogens, which are award-winning team and further Brand that Matters
often present when chemically- embracing its commitment to “serve Fire-Dex is one of the world’s most
treated carpets, paints and those who serve”. valuable brands, and to maintain
furniture are burned and can the brand reputation it has, the
be harmful if absorbed into the When manufacturing gear company always strives for quality.
firefighter’s skin. for firefighters, every detail It openly discusses industry issues
matters. Each Fire-Dex employee with firefighters, takes their pain
Proud Producers of understands the importance of points into account, and stays ahead
engineering reliable gear that of the trends. Firefighters come to
Personal Protective firefighters feel confident will Fire-Dex for solutions to problems
Equipment (PPE) withstand their job demands. that have long plagued the industry
Fire-Dex is proud that its message Moreover, the company wants and haven’t yet been addressed.
has resonated within the fire those firefighters to know they have Fire-Dex’s ongoing mission is to
community, stimulating continued an extended family at Fire-Dex, find and develop solutions for
growth with the development of a company that is willing to help health and safety, so firefighters
new life-saving technologies. The them navigate through the ever- can continue safeguarding its
company is continuing to grow its changing and complex PPE industry. communities for years to come.

Bill Burke, CEO

Meet the Owner

Bill Burke, CEO: Bill Burke is the CEO and Owner of Fire-Dex. He
originally joined the team as a Sales Representative in 1984, became
VP of Sales & Marketing in 1989, President/Part Owner in 1997, and
sole-owner in 2007. Bill went to Ohio University and the University
of Akron for his undergraduate degree and received an MBA from
Baldwin Wallace University.

“Our long-term commitment is to make you safe and keep
you safe, that’s our goal. That’s our vision”: IndigoVision

Others make cameras. We make people safe.

T Products that make you

he Purpose of a security Architecture so it’s flexible. You
system is to make you can add any number of cameras
safe and feel safe. Period. and work stations effortlessly.
feel safe, by design
That includes your person, your All IndigoVision’s products,
IndigoVision makes it smart, so
from architecture to hardware
business, your property, your your old analog cameras will
to software, are single-mindedly
budget. It’s not about pixels migrate to IP and work with its
designed towards enhancing your
or data rates or cameras and HD cameras. You can integrate
security. So they work together –
software. It’s about how all those other HD cameras where and
powerfully, seamlessly and easily.
things, working together, add up to when you need them. The same And they also offer unrivaled
your safety net. goes for other manufacturers’ flexibility.
security systems, such as Access
IndigoVision is a developer of Control, Communication Systems, They can do this because
complete, end-to-end video and Perimeter Detection— pretty IndigoVision has been fiercely
security solutions from security much anything else with its faithful to these principles:
cameras to video recorders, Software Development Kit.
body-worn video cameras, and End-to-End Video Security
security management software, When everything is connected
so performance and stability go and designed to work together,
Systems and Single-point
hand-in-hand. you can sit at your desk with accountability: IndigoVision
the IndigoVision Control Center provide end-to-end video security
The firm designs your system at your fingertips. You see systems where performance
end-to-end, with no single point of everything. You hear everything. and stability go hand-in-hand.
This performance is reinforced
failure, so it’s reliable. It designs That’s when you discover that safe
by systems with no single point
it with Distributed Network is a wonderful feeling.
of failure, Distributed Network
Architecture, the ability to add
any number of products to your
installation, and a system that’s
Greet the leader incredibly network friendly. And
when you choose an IndigoVision
Pedro Simoes, CEO: Pedro Simoes was initially appointed as the system you are future-proofed: the
Company’s Senior Vice President – Global Sales on 2 October 2017. cameras you buy today it will still
Pedro took over as interim Chief Executive Officer in November 2017 support in 10 years’ time.
and was confirmed as CEO on 8 January 2018, at which time he was
appointed to the Board. He is an experienced global sales leader in IndigoVision’s security
the security industry, with over 13 years’ experience in the sector, systems are Open (open
and prior to joining the Group, he spent nearly six years with Avigilon
Corporation (TSX: AVO) where he was ultimately responsible for
wide): The firm’s video security
cameras and network video
leading its Global salesforce and driving revenue worldwide.
recorders products are open.
Its video security management
software is open, letting you

choose from a wide range of third-party cameras. residential, retail and traffic. Working in over 20 market
Its open design allows you to integrate other sectors, the firm has found that local responsiveness is the
manufacturers’ security systems, such as Access key to end-user performance and satisfaction.
Control, Communication Systems, Perimeter
Detection or pretty much anything with its It has 15 regional centers around the globe and partnered
Software Development Kit. That’s what the firm with 800+ authorized system integrators who are fully
means by unrivaled flexibility. All delivered through trained by the company to provide local installation,
its open, end-to-end video security systems. operator training, and support.

IndigoVision’s work hard to make

feeling safe easy: Easy install, low service
calls and a security installation that’s easier to
operate than your television are what you get from
the company’s open, end-to-end video security
systems. Powerful video security management
software, strong security cameras, robust
video recorders, resilient architecture, and
ease-of-use are good. Everything working
easily together is better.

IndigoVision’s Markets
People choose IndigoVision for

the resilience, flexibility, and
reliability of its no-single-
point-of-failure end-to-end
system, its open, Distributed
Network Architecture, a
We don’t just supply
range of powerful NVRs,
and a Control Center
that seamlessly manages
cameras and encoders
everything. And, of course,
for its best-in-class
and monitors. We
“But they stay with us
because of our “your problem
build you a safety
is our problem” culture. It’s
your world that ultimately
matters. We know our job is not
just providing the best equipment
in the surveillance security
business. It’s keeping people and their
property safe. That’s a higher calling.
And we never take our eye off the ball,”
says Pedro Simoes, CEO.

IndigoVision has over 10,000 installations in

over 20 market sectors including; education,
government, health, hospitality, industrial,
major events, mining, petrochemicals, ports, rail,

Celebrating the life & work of Vanu Bose

Innovating To Provide Coverage in Places

without Coverage today - VANU

very operator would like to Communications Commission enable the rapid development of
color in the whole coverage (FCC)-certified software-defined new form factors targeting specific
map. The only reason they radio. market needs. These solutions
do not is that current technology focus on reducing the total cost of
does not make it cost-effective to Vanu is headquartered in Lexington, ownership of cellular networks for
provide coverage in many areas MA, with two offices in India located hard to cover areas. For example,
such as inside of buildings, in rural in Gurgaon and Bangalore, as well the rural solution focuses on low
areas, in tunnels, and on ships. as an office in Kigali, Rwanda. power consumption and small size
Vanu solutions combine technology Growing out of ground-breaking to reduce both ongoing OPEX as
and business model innovation to research in software radio at MIT, well as site-related CAPEX costs.
reduce the total cost of ownership Vanu is committed to technical The in-building solution uses
of wireless networks. Vanu, Inc. and business model innovation Vanu’s patented secure Internet
creates solutions for places that do to address wireless coverage backhaul technology to reduce
not have good coverage today. challenges both backhaul costs and in-building
installation costs. Vanu’s technology
The company grew out of allows the same software base for
groundbreaking research in Solutions Offered each of these platforms, ensuring
software radio at MIT and was Enabling cellular coverage in areas compatibility across platforms and
founded in 1998. Vanu is the that cannot be covered profitably core network interfaces.
developer of the Anywave® Base with existing technology where
Station. Anywave was the first Vanu is focused on technical In addition to its solutions for rural
commercial Radio Access Network innovation to enable cellular coverage, in-building coverage,
(RAN) product to simultaneously coverage in areas that cannot be cellular suppression, disaster
support multiple cellular radio covered profitably with existing recovery, and coverage as a service,
standards on the same platform technology. Vanu’s software Radio Vanu also provides custom solutions
and the first U.S. Federal Access Network (RAN) solutions for challenging coverage problems.

“Our rural technical innovation
focuses on low power consumption
and small size to reduce both
Operating Expenses (OPEX)
as well as site-related Capital
Expenses (CAPEX).”

Products Offered offer peace of mind that you have of a software-defined radio. Before
Enabling cellular coverage in areas procured a solution that provides serving as CEO, Andrew served
that cannot be covered profitably the coverage and capacity you need as Chief Operating Officer from
with existing technology is the aim from the outset. the inception of the company,
of Vanu’s products. It is designed with responsibility for oversight
to enable cellular coverage in areas The company provides of all operations, including sales,
that cannot be covered profitably comprehensive services for its engineering, support, finance,
with existing technology. As average products to ensure you are making production. Andrew also has a
revenue per customer user (ARPU) optimal use of your investment. Its lead strategy for identifying,
continues to decline, operators program addresses the key benefits protecting and monetizing key
reduce costs to remain competitive. of its products, their competitive intellectual property assets. Andrew
Vanu’s products allow carriers to advantages, and their technical helped to incubate and launch
reach customers in new places, capabilities. Vanu provides ventures such as VANU Rwanda,
both within and outside of their comprehensive tools, support, working with carriers, regulators,
existing coverage areas or through training and RAN management on and investors to define and
branching out to under/unserved its products to ensure successful implement strategies. Before joining
markets. implementation. Vanu, Inc. Mr. Beard practiced
law with Foley Hoag LLP where
Vanu’s software RAN solutions “We are happy to adapt our program his practice focused on corporate
portfolio is designed to help to meet the specific requirements of securities and transactional
operators reduce both CAPEX and your business and team,” Vanu. matters for technology-oriented
OPEX expenditures to reduce the companies. Mr. Beard has the
total cost of ownership. Read more The Leading Man personal distinction of serving on
about how Vanu can help to reduce the m-Powering Development
the total cost of ownership with Advisory Board for the ITU.
Andrew Beard | CEO SR
its three solution sets – Anywave, Andrew Beard is CEO and
CompactRAN Community Connect, Co-Founder of VANU, Inc., a
and its In-Building Solution. provider of innovative wireless
infrastructure solutions. Founded
Services Offered in 1998, Vanu, Inc. pioneered the
Vanu offers a full suite of commercialization of software-
professional services to facilitate defined radio and was the first
your coverage solution and to company to receive FCC certification

The Physical and Digital Security Experts
A3 Communications

We work hard behind the scenes so technology issues don’t slow you down.

t started with his passion electrical and Information
for electronics. In 1990, Technology (IT) service provider
Joseph Thomas, a graduate able to accomplish every aspect of
of the University of South technology infrastructure.
Carolina’s Master electrical
engineering program turned Since 1990, A3 has provided its
his knowledge, experience, clients with competitively priced
and love for technology into A3 IT and communications solutions
Communications. Joe continued including:
to build A3 into the substantial • Enterprise Networking
business operation that it is today, • Physical Security
with sales exceeding $50 million. • Unified Communications
• Voice, Data &Fiber Cabling
Only years after opening, A3 • Audio/Visual
Communications services • Hosted & Managed Services
F. Joseph Thomas, Founder expanded from software • Electrical Services
development to data networking
and security. Shortly after, the Since the beginning, it has been its
“As an internationally company realized that the goal to increase the profitability
voice and data worlds were set and productivity of its clients
recognized to merge, so it became early through the application of smart
technology firm and adopters of VoIP (Voice over technology. From its headquarters
Internet Protocol). In 2001, in Columbia and additional offices
as one of American’s A3’s fiber and cabling division in Greenville and Charleston,
fastest-growing was formed to provide total South Carolina, as well as
infrastructure solutions. In Charlotte and Raleigh, North
systems integrator, 2008, the company launched Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia,
A3 Communications the physical security division the company has served over
(surveillance and access control) 2,500 clients across the Southeast.
believes the quality and quickly became market A3’s comprehensive service and
our company is leaders, serving primarily the innovative solutions have been
K-12 market throughout the internationally recognized.
conveyed through Southeast. In 2014, following
the acquisition of the Charlotte, Still involved with the company
the quality of our NC, branch of a west-coast today as a chairman, Joe named
products, service, based electrical contractor, A3 his son, Brian Thomas, as A3’s
further expanded into electrical President and Chief Executive
and leadership.” services. Today, A3 is considered Officer in 2012. His role with the
an all-inclusive communications, team began as Vice President of

Founder’s Desk
F. Joseph Thomas, Founder
With a passion for electronics and a Master’s degree in electrical
engineering, Joe Thomas provides the strategic direction that has led A3
Communications to become one of America’s top system integrators.

Following his tenure at prestigious companies including Lockheed

Martin and Bechtel, Joe followed his desire to innovate by opening his
own software development firm in 1990. Experiencing an impressive
degree of success within a short time, A3 expanded services to include
data networking and security. Soon after, Joe, an engineer with a keen
eye towards future trends, anticipated the Internet-based assimilation of
technologies and became an early adopter of VoIP (Voice over Internet
Protocol). With the additions of the fiber/cabling and physical security
divisions in the 2000s and electrical services in 2014, Joe has developed the
company into what it is today – an all-inclusive communications, electrical
and information technology service provider.

Sales starting in 2006, and Brian data, staff, and assets, as well as national A3 Communications
continues to grow the company in help, keep operations running specialists will support your existing
his new position, always making smoothly. business systems 24 hours a day,
sure to keep the company vision in seven days a week. When the need
mind. Under Brian’s leadership, A3 Solutions offered arises, emergency service is handled
was recognized in April of 2018 as We serve as the single source on a top priority basis. However,
one of America’s fastest-growing responsible for your technology the company goes one step further:
systems integrators for the sixth needs. We pride ourselves on being within 2 business days, one of its
consecutive year. your one source, one solution for all customer service representatives
of your technology needs. will perform a follow-up call to
A3 Communications has built a ensure you have been provided with
reputation on quality service and A3 Communications has built its the very best service.
products for over 28 years and reputation on quality service and
continues to be a leading systems products for over 28 years. It has By using quality, reliability and
integrator for the Southeast. It is grown immensely through expert latest technology as the selection
committed to using “best of breed” knowledge of the technologies criteria of the products the firm
technology as the criteria for the upon which its customers rely, carries, A3 Communications is
products it offers, and provide guaranteeing them long-term able to offer superior support and
a single-source solution for the security for profitability and growth. service to its customers.
region’s technology needs.
The company’s project management
The firm helps organizations like teams incorporate tools such as
yours increase productivity and Microsoft Project and SharePoint
get more out of the technology you to ensure the implementation of
invest in. It specializes in solutions successful deployments - on time,
that safeguard and protect your on budget, as specified. Certified,

Situation: ETI
Pete Pifer, Chairman & Interim CEO


Solutions for Any

Software Solutions
Our philosophy remains the same. Smart Technology. Smarter People.

global leader in communications of ETI products mirrored the technological
technology and services for 25 advances of the telecom industry, resulting
years, ETI Software Solution’s in long-term customer relationships. Soon
mission is to deliver the tools ETI was the established leader in automated
telecom providers need to provisioning, mediation, and activation
manage complex systems more efficiently, software for video, voice, and data over a
helping reduce operating costs and ensuring wide range of technologies, with expertise in
optimal quality of service. IPTV integrations and FTTH networks.

Today as broadband service providers seek With over 150 deployments throughout
to provide superior customer experiences, North America, ETI was positioned for even
ETI has moved to the service assurance more growth and in 2014 acquired Netmania,
realm, introducing its Vision360 product line. the preeminent developer of ACS TR-069
The Vision360 suite offers a comprehensive device management technology. Netmania
yet modular, integrated solution that was involved with one of the first providers
empowers CEOs to CSRs to proactively in the world to adopt the TR-069 CPE WAN
address subscriber-facing issues to operate Management Protocol and continues to
more efficiently. manage millions of devices across the globe
as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The merger
ETI launched its first product in 1993, gives ETI a technological edge in device
and soon developed an extensive array of management and created a world-wide
products for the control and management of presence, strengthening ETI’s customer base
broadband technologies. The development in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Deep dive into the that your front-line personnel drive IPTV, analyze data to uncover upsell
greater efficiencies, help assure opportunities, provide intelligence
solutions offered the quality of service and enhance for smarter decisions and improve
the customer journey. Are you overall efficiency.
Customer Churn confident that your CSR’s have the
Based on recent Gartner survey tools and real-time data to help your Technology Chaos
data, customer experience has customer? With Vision360, your You have multiple systems that do
become a high-priority, CEO-level team can easily and quickly handle not talk to each other after years
area of focus. Improving customer most customer-affecting issues, of adding new technologies and
experience is at or near the top of including: services. Manual provisioning
the list of KPI’s for both private- and combined with human error leaves
public-sector enterprises across Monetization Strategies customers frustrated and you losing
all industries. In this business, It’s easy to fall down the rabbit days of billable service. With each
consumers call the shots. And after hole of network operations and new technology and vendor that
all the time and money you spend technology challenges and lose gets plugged into network comes
acquiring new customers, how do sight of the ultimate goal of a another set of exceptional processes
you keep them from leaving? How service provider: to make money. that need to be handled. If left
do you reduce your churn rate? Monetization is more than a unchecked, all these one-offs can
ubiquitous catch-phrase – it’s a lead to anarchy with the technology
The key is to empower your vital part of remaining competitive. driving and shaping the business
customer service representatives And ETI is the intrinsic part of any … rather than the business driving
to access work-force management, monetization strategy. the configuration and management
outage management, installation of the technology. Vision360 puts
and trouble ticket information from You have invested in infrastructure your business in control and keeps
one main platform, easily arming and now you want results. Your it there.
your front line problem-solvers with most valuable asset is your network
vital information. but how can you optimize it to How? By analyzing needs and then
enhance your bottom line? simplifying processes by eliminating
Consumers come to you because duplicate workflows and automating
of product and price, but they stick The company’s Vision360 suite them to ensure accuracy and faster
around based on their interactions provides solutions for telecom and turn-up. Because Vision360 is
– their journey - with your company. cable companies that are looking to pre-integrated to over 70 different
At every touch point there is an create new revenue streams using voice, video and data technologies,
opportunity to increase customer their existing assets. Its solutions it can take disparate systems and
loyalty or to negatively impact your provide the technical foundation pull them together into a cohesive
churn rate. ETI’s Vision360 ensures to add new services like VoIP and and effective platform.

Platform Migration on your network. Growing Company Merger
The digital revolution is in full swing your network to add new services There were more than 2 dozen
and service providers are grappling or to increase bandwidth and mergers and acquisitions in 2017,
with the many different facets keep up with the competition affecting service providers in
that affect an upgrade. Whether requires time and money. Each all tiers and industries. From a
it’s the complexities of BSS/OSS stage of a fiber build is fraught technology standpoint, a merger
integrations into hybrid networks with challenges. Whether you at the least represents uncertainty
or deploying new services without are a greenfield, operational or but most often results in vast
harming the customer experience, mature network, there are inherent changes to network operations
a move to digital can be risky and issues with fiber management and and technology.
time-consuming. expansion, activation and billing,
work orders, service delivery, and
Knowing how to harness your
Customers are hungry for faster, customer satisfaction.
data to make actionable decisions
more powerful bandwidth across
is what will set you apart from
multiple connected devices - even ETI has solutions that can
the competition and positively
cities are becoming smarter. You improve your go-to-market
need to keep up with demand, affect your sales and marketing
time, control costs and track,
utilize new technologies and efforts, your operations and your
plan and analyze expansion
upgrade to all IP services to remind bottom line. But a merger, while
competitive. challenging, gives operators a
ETI has built an extensive golden opportunity to eliminate
Of paramount importance is the collection of pre-integrated silos, phase out legacy systems and
need to minimize service downtime interfaces for every technology, streamline processes.
and to ensure that, when brought from HFC to DSL to FTTx, IPTV,
back online, end-user services are and softswitch. This means that How? It’s simple. The less
equal or better than before. The there is no custom, one-off work; complicated the network, the
more mistakes that are made and your network additions can be easier it is to manage. Vision360
the longer the downtime, the more easily implemented and turned up allows you to consolidate the
likely it is that a customer will shop quickly, without disrupting daily management and control over
your competitors for an alternative. operations. multiple, disparate network
Don’t give them a reason to churn! elements and CPE with a unified
It also offers network management frontend that hides all the gory
Network Expansion tools that can predict growth areas, technical details from your CSRs.
Consumers have a big appetite for estimate costs and calculate capacity This is easy to step to take and will
data services. And as that demand – making network growth a science have an immediate payback in terms
increases, so do the demands placed instead of the best guess. of easing operational complexity.

The man behind the plan
Pete Pifer, Chairman and Interim CEO of
ETI Software Solutions, founded the company in
1992 with the mission of providing world-class
operational support software and unparalleled
customer service to empower telecom providers
to quickly and cost-effectively launch, sell, bill

and provision voice, video and data services.
Pifer’s vast experience in this arena has made him
an industry visionary. Before founding ETI, he

was President and Chairman of EASICOM, Inc., a
developer of software for automated rating and
call processing. He was President of the Microwave
Associates Communications division of M/ACom,
Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts. This division’s is the
first word
products were microwave and satellite equipment
for television transmission. His principal customers
were cable TV companies and broadcasters. Pifer
was a member of M/ACom’s merger and acquisition
team, where he helped the company grow from in our
$50 million to $450 million in three years.
Prior to M/ACom, Pifer was an executive with
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., a Cisco company engaged
in providing telecom systems for industry and
defense. From 1972 to 1977, he was Division
Manager, Satellite Communications, and was
responsible for developing and marketing ... and the
last. Our
satellite equipment for data, voice and
television transmission. Pifer is a graduate of
Ohio State University and Harvard University
Business School. He is active with FTTH
Council, NTCA, SCTE, APPA, and other business - any
business - is
industry trade associations.


The “Gold Standard” For Financial Planning, Analytics
and Performance- Strata Decision Technology
Help Heal Healthcare

S Decision Support
tarted over 20 years ago, the platform has emerged as the solution
story of Strata is about a group of choice in the market. StrataJazz is rated #1 in KLAS for
of passionate people hyper- Decision Support and Advanced Cost
focused on and hyper-committed to
making a difference in healthcare.
The Company’s Solution Accounting and is known as the “gold
StrataJazz® is a single, modular, standard” for understanding cost and
Its solution StrataJazz® is the leading margins and the most sophisticated
cloud-based platform that brings
cloud-based SaaS financial planning, Business Intelligence engine in
healthcare providers a “flywheel” to
analytics and performance platform healthcare.
better plan, analyze and perform…
in healthcare. It is an enterprise-
wide solution that addresses the driving margin to fuel their clinical
financial planning, decision support mission. Continuous Improvement
and continuous cost improvement StrataJazz is healthcare’s most
requirements of healthcare Financial Planning unique tool for Continuous
providers. The company provides StrataJazz is the deepest Advanced Improvement and Margin
seamless integration with existing Planning tool on the market, radically Management, leveraging thousands
EHR, ERP and EDW systems to simplifying and streamlining how of algorithms to identify unnecessary
leverage the organization’s existing healthcare providers plan, budget, variation and waste combined with
infrastructure and investments. The forecast and manage their operating a tracking tool and workflow that
Company’s advanced cost accounting and capital spending. drives accountability and action.

“Our mission is to
help heal healthcare
by working with
hospitals and
health systems to
drive margin to
fuel their mission.”
Dan Michelson, CEO
The Problems and the
Solutions the Firm Offers
Financial Planning
Problem: The overall budgeting
process for hospitals is badly broken.
The Leader of the Company The typical organization spends three
to six months and 100,000+ hours
producing a budget that is usually tens
Dan Michelson | Chief Executive Officer
of millions of dollars off the mark and
Dan is the CEO of Strata Decision Technology
out-of-date the moment it is finalized.
where his focus is to ensure the company
delivers on its mission to help heal healthcare.
Solution: StrataJazz is the deepest
The company’s financial planning, analytics and
Advanced Planning tool on the market,
performance platform is used by over 1,000
radically simplifying and streamlining
healthcare organizations, including many of the
how healthcare providers plan,
largest and most influential healthcare systems
budget, forecast and manage their
in the U.S. The company has been recognized
operating and capital expenses. The
multiple times as one of the fastest-growing
result is a planning process that is
companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine, as
more efficient, accurate, and agile.
one of the best places to work in healthcare
by Becker’s Healthcare and has received the
prestigious “Best in KLAS” recognition for Decision Support
the highest customer satisfaction by KLAS Problem: Healthcare providers have
Enterprises for the last four years. Additionally, little to no access to accurate and
Dan is a two-time finalist for Illinois Technology actionable information on the cost
CEO of the Year. of care. According to a recent survey,
90% of healthcare leaders are “flying
With close to 30 years of healthcare experience, blind” when it comes to understanding
Dan has been one of the industry’s key thought cost. How can you reduce variation,
leaders in developing the Decision Support, waste, and inefficiency to invest in
Financial Planning, Electronic Prescribing and and improve care if you don’t have any
Electronic Health Record markets, including access to data?
serving on the Certification Commission for
Healthcare Information Technology and co- Solution: StrataJazz is rated #1
authoring the books Margin + Mission: A in KLAS for Decision Support
Prescription for Curing Healthcare’s Cost Crisis and Advanced Cost Accounting is
and The Electronic Physician. known as the “gold standard” for
understanding cost and margins
Before joining Strata, Dan spent 12 years as part and the most sophisticated Business
of the leadership team that grew a healthcare Intelligence engine in healthcare.
software company from 100 to over 6,000 Advanced Cost Accounting with
employees. He has provided strategy and process Time-Driven Costing™ has become
redesign consulting for many of the leading the first true “killer app” to hit the
hospitals and health systems in the U.S. and financial side of hospitals since the
served in leadership roles for Baxter Healthcare endless flurry of systems that were
and AstraZeneca. deployed over the last 40 years for
revenue cycle management. StrataJazz
is central to delivering value as the
understanding cost has shifted from a
backroom broken process to an urgent
board room strategic priority.

An Interview with Chris Sykes, Volume Ltd. Founder
and CEO: ‘We Transform Brand Engagement through
Creating the Next Level of Customer Interaction by
Turning Content into Conversations’
“Our 2020 vision is to be recognized as a leader in conversational AI and NLP.”

T Chris Sykes, Volume Ltd

here’s no denying that one of the first global digital
artificial intelligence (AI) is asset management applications:
rapidly moving from fiction Founder/CEO/Head The Global Marketing Resource
to reality. In marketing especially, of AI & Robotics, Centre was an early Internet-
interest in AI has intensified spoke exclusively to based repository for marketing
as marketers have realized assets and content that included
the potential that intelligently The Silicon Review. product photography and other
harnessing the ever-growing Below is an excerpt. imagery, pre-compiled sales and
streams of customer data has on marketing content and raw assets
transforming customer experiences. such as logos and other graphics.
Why was the company set
Content and assets were created in
AI has become increasingly up? And how did you expand multiple languages; that allowed
important not only to marketers your company and its Dell’s marketing teams and local
but to organizations as a whole offerings over the years? agencies across the world to search,
in order to stay ahead in today’s Volume was established to view, and download content and
dynamic market landscape. introduce and develop technology assets on demand. At its peak, the
and applications to better serve application was supporting over
In light of the above-mentioned the marketing operations of large 5,000 downloads per month.
scenario, we’re thrilled to B2B Technology companies such as
present Volume Ltd. Dell and Oracle. Having established
a footprint within these global
What challenges did you
Volume provides digital businesses, Volume was able to face in your initial years?
communications, replicate and repeat its services What can your peers learn
infrastructure, social media and technology within other from it?
and channel marketing, data similar technology businesses. Like any growing and self-invested
profiling, integrated campaigns Working with fast-paced and privately-owned business,
and communications, content rapidly growing companies ensured scaling up is one of the primary
creation and delivery, and Volume developed processes and challenges. With every growth
socially-connected marketing best practices that brought it closer scenario, there is an inherent risk;
services. to its customers to forge symbiotic you can mitigate risk by ensuring
relationships that extended beyond your key customer relationships
the provision of marketing services.
The company was incorporated are strong – that you have the right
in 1997 and is headquartered talent and skills in place and that
in Reading, United Kingdom. How successful was your revenue can be gained quickly.
It has additional office first project roll on? Share Having these base foundations
locations in Plymouth; UK, the experience. in place means your business
Colombo; Sri Lanka and One of our first project rollouts can grow in a more structured
San Jose; California. was for Dell where Volume created and less frenetic way.

“Earning trust and respect and support will make their lives Do you have any new
of consumers all around the easier and deliver tangible, positive products ready to be
results. Our dependability is a key
world is through consistent factor in the retention of customers.
focus on delivering high We have recently launched QBox is a
quality in all of our actions.” People – Attracting, developing
first-to-market, patent-pending
How do you interpret this and retaining talent means you
and Gartner recognized SaaS
can deliver better service to
statement? solution. The product is a
your customers and by
One of our early mantras was management and training tool
motivating employees they
‘you are only as good as your last for NLP (Natural Language
become emotionally invested
project’. Meaning; don’t become Processing) Data Models and
in that relationship, as well as
complacent if a customer gives is optimized for use with IBM
the company they work for.
you an opportunity based on the Watson Assistant, Microsoft
expectation you have set early LUIS, Google Dialogflow,
Technology – Being future-proofed
on in the relationship. Like any Amazon Lex, Rasa NLU, and
means you remain relevant and
relationship, the effort you put in Facebook QBox allows
essential to a customer’s operation.
at the start needs to be maintained users to understand the
Value-for-money – Being able to
and even exceeded if you want the performance of the training
measure return on investment
relationship to grow and continue. data for their provider of choice.
for customers is another factor
This ‘machine view’ on the data;
in Volume retaining long-term
What do you feel are gives the user the opportunity to
relationships. Demonstrating
improve the underperforming areas
the reasons behind your ‘value’ over ‘cost’ is a methodology
of their NLP Data model (chatbot);
company’s reputation? we all subscribe to.
helps to clarify the meaning of
Reputations are earned or are each intent and increase accuracy
placed on you. It’s important that Focus & tenacity – Running a
at speed.
we dictate and own our reputation business for over 20 years has
and that it’s not impacted by taught me many valuable lessons.
When things aren’t going as Where do you see your
what others may think about you.
planned, or others don’t see things company a couple of
We are a relatively transparent
business and we showcase our
the way you do; then you need to years from now?
stand firm on your convictions. Our 2020 vision is to be
many achievements through social
Over the years, focus and tenacity recognized as a leader in
media. Everything we showcase is
have become valuable attributes. conversational AI and NLP.
tangible and can be demonstrated.
We always practice what we preach Moreover, we plan to expand
and this means that how Volume is How do you and your our international presence in
company contribute to the US, Asia, Africa, and the
perceived is as close to reality as we
Middle East.
can make it. the global IT platform SR
and society at large?
If you have to list five We are a socially aware and
factors that have been/are socially responsible business.
We are a company that is
the biggest asset to your
motivated by purpose not just
organization, what would profit and ultimately we want to
they be and why? make everyone’s life easier. If we
can impact the way people work
Customer Service – Our customers and can introduce technology and
are busy and time- and resource- processes for wider improvement
deficient. They need to be 100 then we can feel we’ve made some
percent sure that Volume’s services kind of contribution.

Chris Sykes: An Entrepreneur
at Heart
Chris Sykes established Volume with
the vision that technology would rapidly
permeate the sales and marketing
operations of the future. As a futurist,
Mr. Sykes took the decision in 2015
to pivot his technology-biased digital
agency towards AI and looked at
how it could be applied within a
sales, marketing and customer
experience context. He coined the
term ‘experiential AI’ and has since
built the three pillars that underpin
EAI – AI-powered Conversational
Platforms, Humanoid Robotics and
Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented

Mr. Sykes is a regular speaker and

panelist at AI events and forums
and was a finalist in the ‘CEO
of the Year’ category at the UK
Private Business Awards 2018.

Chris Sykes, Founder & CEO

“We’re customer-
creators with
AI’ at our heart;
specialising in
the three pillars:
VR/AR, Robots,
and Big Brain

An Interview with Sten Björsell, Shipco Circuits Ltd
CEO: ‘If We Cannot Do It, Often It Cannot Be Done’
“We have been providing PCBs to the European and US market for over 40 years. We welcome
inquiries for all types of PCB’s.”

CBs (Printed Circuit Boards) Analysis Report estimated that the Before this trading company, we
can be single-sided (one PCB market would reach $79 billion operated a manufacturing company
copper layer), double-sided by 2024. in Ireland that we had to close
(two copper layers on both sides due to spiralling manufacturing
of one substrate layer), or multi- In light of the above-mentioned costs here. We retained the key
layer (outer and inner layers of scenario, we’re thrilled to present technical sales and engineering
copper, alternating with layers of Shipco Circuits Ltd. members from that company plus
the substrate). Multi-layer PCBs the technical director from the
allow for much higher component Shipco Circuits combined with Elektrotryck AB. Elektrotryck AB,
density because circuit traces on its predecessor is the longest was the technical leader in Sweden
the inner layers would otherwise established Printed Circuit Board supplying Ericsson and Nokia with
take up surface space between supplier in Ireland. The team has most of their mobile phone products
components. The rise in popularity proudly served the European in the early fast development phase
of multilayer PCBs with more than Electronics market for over 40 years. of the mobile phone technology.
two, and especially with more than
four, copper planes was concurrent The Shipco Circuits team have their “Earning trust and respect
with the adoption of surface mount roots in Ireland’s longest established
technology. However, multilayer of consumers all around the
Printed Circuit Board manufacturer,
PCBs make repair, analysis, and field Ship Co Ltd. Est 1975, and Sweden’s world is through consistent
modification of circuits much more most advanced Printed Circuit Board focus on delivering high
difficult and usually impractical. supplier Elektrotryk AB Est 1966. quality in all of our actions.”
How do you interpret this
The world market for bare PCBs The company was incorporated
exceeded $60.2 billion in 2014. In statement?
in 2001 and is headquartered in It applies to all what we do.
2018, Printed Circuit Board Market Macroom, County Cork. For instance, if we can reduce
the complexity of a project by
Points to Note: Sten Björsell, Shipco reducing the number of layers
The increased complexity Circuits Ltd CEO, spoke at a lower cost we will do that
of multi-layers affects the to further a longer-term success
possibility to repair a board, exclusively to The Silicon for both customer and ourselves.
but the trade off is increased Review. Below is an A lower costing for our customer
protection and longer often means increased business
life-cycle with embedded excerpt. for us.
Why was the company set Fostering a culture of
When it comes to mechanical up? feedback is crucial to
protection, cooling and Shipco Circuits was established to
electrical protection, add value in utilizing engineering the success of every
shielding, ground planes’ and trading expertise in a changing organization. How is this
above components will market place dominated by true with your company?
provide shielding for both low-cost imports from the Far We try to actively listen to our
absorbed and emitted EMI. East. customers and can often solve

related problems. We find it works supply channels; which enables
best through personal contacts. New our customers to share the benefits.
business opportunities often surface
to us through casual conversations Do you have any new products
where we consciously take the role as
the active listener.
ready to be launched?
Our existing technology is an
open invitation to the customers
What do you feel are to improve their products with our Leadership | Shipco
the reasons behind your special technology; ask us for advice
company’s reputation? in all other PCB-related areas. “If
Circuits Ltd
Excellence in what we do and an we cannot do it, often it cannot be
open mind to what can be done done”. One example of new products Lasse Blomberg – from
has and will always be our guiding – outside embedding components –is Elektrotryck AB, Sweden –
stars; both technically and 4oz, 6oz or higher oz copper with Technical Director
commercially. only 6 mil spacing.
Niall Kelleher – from
As a question on Ship Company Ltd, Ireland
How does your company
– Production Manager
contribute to the global IT sustainability, where do
platform? you see your company a Sten Björsell – from
Our contribution to the global couple of years from now? Ship Company Ltd, Ireland
IT platform is through safer Sustainability is not our aim. – Managing Director/CEO
and more compact products, We aim to regenerate ourselves
often at better prices than our and our customers with new and
competition due to highly refined improved solutions.

to the global
IT platform is
through safer and
more compact
products, often at
better prices than
our competition due
to highly refined
supply channels;
which enables our
customers to share
the benefits.”
Building better Connections
Southern Cross Cables Limited

outhern Cross and its 9 landing stations across the
associated companies was 4 international jurisdictions,
formed in 1997, born from approximately 28,000km of
an agreement between Telecom subsea cable rollout, and 4000km
New Zealand (now Spark of terrestrial fibre connectivity.
New Zealand), Optus and MFS That’s equivalent to a build
Globenet (subsequently acquired stretching three-quarters of the
by WorldCom, now Verizon) way around the equator!
to sponsor a submarine cable
link between Australasia and The project was high profile, and
the United States West Coast, not without its challenges at the
due to unexpected and rapid time, but was very successful and
growth of the Internet, resulting has provided the network which
in an imminent international has formed the basis of Southern
capacity bottleneck for carriers in Cross’ successful market offerings
Australia and New Zealand. over the years.

Southern Cross was initially Submarine cable projects are

Laurie Miller, President & CEO in essence large construction
architected as an SDH protected
system. Over the coming projects, involving a large amount
The Leader of the Firm of initial expenditure, with the
years, with the emergence and
development of new technologies, expectation of financial returns
Laurie Miller | President & CEO over time. As such, you need
Southern Cross product offerings
Laurie was appointed to the position of
have expanded to include to be confident in your market
President and Chief Executive Officer
both Ethernet and OTN based forecasts and management of
for Southern Cross Cable Network in
solutions. Southern Cross has also initial construction costs. Even
February 2019.
expanded it’s connectivity access so, there is always an element
beyond the cable stations, to now of financial risk in any such
Prior to his role as President and CEO
include 5 data-centre locations construction project.
of Southern Cross, Laurie held key roles
as Head of Wholesale and Interconnect across Seattle, Silicon Valley, and
Los Angeles. Not abnormally for submarine
in 2degrees Limited and as President
cable projects, pre-sales helped
and Country Manager in Sparks’ former
reduce the risk profile of the
US operation, Telecom New Zealand The First Project and project, at the cost of typically
USA Limited, in California. Laurie has an
extensive background in management
Initial Problems heavily discounted pricing to
and sales and over a 27-year career in The original Southern Cross incent customers to commit early.
the International Telecommunications project was a massive project as it
Industry starting with Telecom New was the design and construction A key learning for anyone
Zealand in 1991. of the twin international contemplating a submarine
submarine cables that make cable build would be to be
up the existing highly resilient comfortable that you have the
Southern Cross network. The security of an inherent internal
original construction was a USD demand. Southern Cross is owned
1.3bn project, incorporating by Spark, SingTel/Optus, and

“We are a private compa
ny providing fast, high
capacity dedicated connec
tivity from Australia, Ne
Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii w
to the heart of the internet
on the US West Coast, via
our redundant and divers
fibre-optic submarine ca e
ble network.”

Verizon, themselves carriers and directly driven by changing customer portfolio to take advantage of the
resellers in the capacity market, and needs. three path network. The company’s
as such there is an inherent need for focus will remain on quality resilient
capacity from its own sponsor group. Southern Cross has an open access products, and of course on customer
The project and the financial returns internal approach but is also very service.
are not solely leveraged on the collaborative with both its customers
requirements of a third party market. and the suppliers. Besides the The Southern Cross NEXT cable will
ongoing typical customer engagement also provide connectivity to New
The Success That Followed approach typical of any sales Zealand and Fiji, as well as the first
Customers have been very happy organisation, every year for the last international submarine links to
with the services that Southern Cross 19 years it holds a Customer Forum Kiribati and Tokelau dramatically
provides, and in fact, Customers to which all of its customers and key increasing their connectivity to
have ranked Southern Cross as Asia- suppliers are invited. the global community. With other
Pacific’s number 1 cable system for 9 existing systems from Vanuatu and
years in a row as part of independent Here they discuss what has happened Tonga already connecting to Southern
AC Nielsen Customer Satisfaction in the network over the last year, Cross in Fiji, this continues to greatly
surveys. plans for the current year and in fact enhance the connectivity of the Pacific
longer-term plans as well. It provides Island community.
Yet, not surprisingly, Southern a forum of open discussion at all levels
Cross’ success has been due to more of its business for customers and Southern Cross is not the only
than just simply providing quality suppliers to provide feedback, but as cable provider in its region, facing
products. It has adopted a strong importantly for our customers to see competition from alternate suppliers
focus on customer satisfaction. developments that the suppliers are over its whole period, and the future
Southern Cross is a team of fewer than working on, and its suppliers to hear is likely to see increasing competition
20 people, so the staff play a critical directly what changes and challenges as new cables and alternatives enter
role in the success of Southern Cross, the customers are experiencing. the market. Southern Cross views
from initial engagements through All this forms the primordial soup these as opportunities. The business
to the quality and operation of the from which specific Southern Cross should not be taken for granted,
service, and everything in between. developments can be identified and and competition is an opportunity
It all comes down to the people and a the feasibility discussed. to continually improve, adapt and
customer-focused attitude. keep the customer foremost on their
Future Plans and Projects mind. Southern Cross knows from
That is not to say that it can’t improve, Southern Cross is working on a experience that competition and
and a strong focus of the organization new large project, called Southern opportunities work hand-in-hand,
is to look for feedback from the Cross NEXT, to construct a third, so if half of some of the demand
customers and see how the company high capacity submarine cable link projections for the region are true,
can continually develop and grow between Australia and the USA. Southern Cross will be very busy
its product and service offerings to doing the best for their customers for
meet the changing requirements of The new Southern Cross NEXT path some time to come.
the customers. The introductions of will add over 72 Terabits per second
Ethernet and Bandwidth on Demand of capacity to the Southern Cross eco- The Southern Cross NEXT project is
services are examples of where system and Southern Cross is focused currently underway with a targeted
product developments have been on further developing its product ready for service by the end of 2021.

Making digital banking
personal – Meniga
“We help financial
institutions worldwide utilize
their data to personalize
digital channels and drive
customer engagement. We
are already serving +65M
digital banking users across
30 countries.”
Georg Ludviksson, CEO & Co-founder

e all know what software provider in Europe. Its functionality such as financial
transaction data is white-label innovation platform activity feed, spend reporting, goal
and keeping that in enables banks to transform setting, peer-comparison, and
mind Meniga is transforming the engagement & develop new cash-flow projections. Meniga helps
way banks and advertisers use revenue streams. The company integrate personalized functionality
transaction data. It does this by combines personal finance insights, seamlessly into the bank’s digital
helping people becoming smarter functionality and targeted offers channels.
consumers with great products. with core banking functions to
With its current implementations
worldwide the company is already
transform the digital customer Marketing Products:
experience. Its portfolio of product
serving +65 million digital banking builds on its market-leading New revenue streams
users. financial data & consolidation and from enriched financial
enrichment engine.
Meniga is a team of coders, data
designers, salespeople and data Meniga Marketing Products enables
scientists who get excited about Digital Banking Products banks to build new revenue streams
shaping the future of financial Meaningful customer engagement with data platforms that save money
technology. It works with through personalized digital for their customers through targeted
complicated solutions that operate banking is now possible. Meniga card-linked offers & provide
across channels, are modular and Digital Banking Products enables unprecedented market insights into
customizable for every client. retail banks to develop next- consumer spending behavior for
generation digital banking corporate customers
solutions for their individual and
Meniga’s Products Make SME customers by personalizing Data Consolidation & Enrichment:
Digital Banking Personal the digital banking experience Consolidate & Enrich Account and
Meniga is the largest white-label with enriched financial data and Transaction Data Into a Single
personalized digital banking powerful finance management Repository

The Leading Face
Georg Ludviksson | CEO and Co-founder
Georg has been able to gather versatile experience as an IT Entrepreneur with Meniga,, Dimon
Software, Men & Mice, and LazyTown. He has a deep understanding of the dynamics of software companies with
a global perspective.

After doing hard-core software development in the early years of my career with Dimon Software, he has been
focusing on the business side for more than 10 years - product management, marketing, sales, services, and
general management.

He is also a global market leader in next-generation digital banking software, and am devoting all of my
professional attention to help people lead better financial lives and help retail banks dramatically improve their
online and mobile banking solutions.

Specialties: Personal Finance Management, Web 2.0 Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Sales, Software Development,
Product Management, Usability, Intellectual Property, Professional Services, Finance.

At the heart of its offering is data from multiple sources such enrich the data - both through
Meniga’s data consolidation as account and transaction data the interpretation of existing
& enrichment engine, a true along with other customer data transaction codes, text pattern
innovation platform that pulls that sits within banking systems, matching & external sources, such
together and enriches all removes duplicates and stores in a as merchant directory data. With
transaction and financial product secure repository. Storing a copy of Meniga, enrichment becomes a
data, such as card and account accounts and transactions enables part of daily operations as users
transactions along with other core fast access to aggregated data interact with the system further
banking customer data, into a that is optimized for querying by contributes to enrichment, for
single repository. customers through digital channels example through re-categorization.
in addition to evading expensive
Consolidation changes to and decreasing loads on Experts in Banking
Consolidate multiple sources of legacy systems The company’s solutions are used
account, transaction and other by top-tier financial institutions in
customer data into one secure Enrichment 30 countries, providing services to
repository and optimize for search Transform your customer data into over 65 million people worldwide.
& query a valuable set of assets & insights Its transaction processing and
that power your online and mobile enrichment engine are unmatched
Effective data access is the bank. Once Meniga‘s engine has in terms of quality and flexibility. It
foundation of digital banking consolidated the customer financial helps financial institutions develop
innovation. Meniga‘s core engine data from multiple sources into data-driven financial services and
efficiently consolidates financial a single repository it‘s time to new innovative business models.

Guaranteeing success
adaptive evolution: El
astic Path

nterprise software is has modern e-commerce development In fact, research shows that the
allowed corporations to enjoy architecture that supercharges No. 1 reason for project failure
sustainable growth without their ability to deliver the best is businesses hardwiring point
compromising on the quality of digital experience. The company’s integrations between individual
their services. Coupled with the approach gives e-commerce and customer-facing experiences
efficacy of the cloud, enterprise API developers the unprecedented and backend systems. It restricts
software enables a company to freedom they need to design agility and your ability to innovate.
consolidate its operations, improve unique, organic buying experiences Instead, what’s needed is a unified
customer interaction and maximize that engage customers and create API strategy. That’s why Elastic
revenues. Developing enterprise business value. It’s exclusive Path developed Cortex, a next-
software is a large global industry technology from Elastic Path that generation API that assembles and
that has corporations pouring you won’t find anywhere else. links resources across your entire
hundreds of millions of dollars into organization into one seamless
it. It has seen numerous innovations Open Architecture for unified API.
in the last decade and is projected
to grow even larger. Elastic Path
Modern Ecommerce Under the hood, Cortex is a
provides a headless e-commerce Development patented hypermedia API
system that developed software conforming rigorously to the
that allows e-commerce to be Cortex - The Hypermedia API HATEOAS constraint. Cortex uses
integrated into Enterprise ERP for Digital Business a lightweight schema and dynamic
systems. Digital experiences are becoming linking to discover and assemble
essential to every business. Yet resources from multiple business
Elastic Path has long been a favorite few firms have the organizational platforms into one unified API.
among e-commerce developers structure or technology needed Client applications integrated
who prefer an open, flexible, and to make good on their promise. with Cortex can securely access

“Our flexible and open platform

enables our customers to
rapidly adapt in an increasingly
complex and changing world.”
Harry Chemko, Founder & CEO

enterprise data and perform to bridge the gulf between business to work with proven performance
authorized operations using only users seeking rapid innovation and solutions.
the same hypermedia controls developers who need to maintain
that the internet is built on. No security, scalability, and performance. Proven in the field
deeper knowledge of your business Elastic Path has been battle-tested
platforms or proprietary protocols The Elastic Path e-commerce by the world’s most demanding
are required — so the tyranny of framework has long attracted a cult customers — a mobile operator with
constant integration work ends with following among agile developers 150 million subscribers, a publisher
Cortex. who love the Extreme Flexibility. that adds over 20,000 titles every
Elastic Path makes extensive use month, and an Internet Retailer® Top
A hypermedia e-commerce API of trusted open-source projects, 50 digital seller. Every year, Elastic
isn’t like other APIs. Elastic Path allowing customers to deploy Path generates billions in revenue for
Cortex completely decouples scalable, secure, and robust clients.
client applications from business applications that are unique to each
platforms, yet enhances their ability environment. Speed means satisfaction
to securely retrieve data and perform Individual installations of Elastic Path
transactions through the hypermedia Scalable handle well over 20 million products
API. This breakthrough API Elastic Path Commerce delivers up and thousands of concurrent
technology gives you unprecedented to 98% efficiency when clustering users. To maximize conversion and
freedom to create unique digital horizontally via Elastic Path’s customer satisfaction, customers
experiences. stateless REST API. With support enjoy response times that are up
for highly-scalable technologies like to 100% faster than their closest
Agile Oracle RAC and ehcache, as well competitors, and up to 30% better
Flexibility and agility are powerful as native support for Amazon Web than the industry average as
catalysts for organizations that need Services scaling, Elastic Path is built calculated by Compuware Gomez.

Meet the pioneering founder and CEO of Elastic Path, Harry Chemko
Harry is a consummate entrepreneur, having started Elastic Path in 2000 when he was fresh out of university.
With only a $15,000 start-up loan from a non-profit organization, Harry’s optimism and energy drove the business
forward, turning Elastic Path into the world’s leading provider of commerce software designed to maximize
revenue from the next generation of digital experiences. In 2005, Harry received the Young Entrepreneur Award for
being the youngest CEO on the PROFIT Hot 50.

Today, Harry is responsible for leading corporate strategy and driving Elastic Path’s vision. He believes that in this
connected world, digital commerce is all about generating business value from great digital experiences across all
touchpoints. A successful digital commerce platform must help enterprises unlock that value and generate revenue. 47
Leveraging artificial intelligence for
powering relevant search: Coveo

company’s website is an hands of those searching for it, the In turn, Coveo can suggest to
important part of its public moment it’s needed, to create an employees what information to look
face. It is where prospective unprecedented digital experience. at or who to contact next.
customers visit and making an
impression there is very important. Like most companies, information Energy & Utilities Industry
When clients visit a website, within an organization is probably This is a period of transformation
customizing their search to deliver scattered across disparate systems, in the energy & utilities industry,
tailored content can go a long including a few surprise locations. and customers have more choices
way in establishing a permanent Coveo gathers information from than ever before. Rather than
customer base and bolstering everywhere, any source, any silo, no participate in the downward spiral
customer retention. Coveo is one matter how unstructured, and unify of lower and lower prices and
of the world’s leading providers the relevant results in a single user even slimmer margins, you can
of predictive search technologies. interface. Every employee wants to differentiate based on knowledge
The company leverages the power be able to learn more, do more, and of your customers and excellence
of artificial intelligence to produce act with more autonomy. in customer service. It starts with
the most relevant search results for using data to understand customers’
visitors of a particular website. Empower your workforce by needs and creating a contextually
integrating the most relevant relevant experience that exceeds
Here are some of the information directly into their daily their expectations.
workflows, so they can handle more
industries that Coveo complex work and become more Financial Services Industry
caters to: proficient. The new financial customer is here.
It’s not enough to provide a friendly
Business Services Leverage the wisdom of your smile and solid investments;
In the highly competitive business collective workforce for predictive customers expect the personalized,
services sector, there is little room insights, allowing a self-learning consistent and omnichannel service
for error or misspent time and intelligent search to accurately they receive from leading digital
time is money after all. Coveo predict the next best result based brands. It takes more relevance
puts the right information in the on behavioral data and past queries. and personalization capabilities to

We believe that relevance is your
business currency, that only relevant
encounters add value.”
stay ahead of the competition in their customers. This ever-evolving the manufacturing sector, supplier-,
customer experience. ecosystem requires a smart team dealer- and customer- experiences
and a smart set of tools. Leaders are becoming major competitive
Healthcare & Life Sciences in the industry remain thereby advantages to those that invest. It
As a result, many organizations are adopting innovative solutions doesn’t start on the production line.
looking to revamp their current that can transform the customer It starts with being relevant up and
systems and processes. Fortunately, experience. Don’t fall short of down the supply chain.
Coveo can help by giving you the your customers’ or employees’
ability to surface the most relevant expectations, deliver the experience Media Industry
content in context to your customer they expect. Media consumption has gone
or patient’s needs – whether digital and staying relevant is more
that would be to create a more Manufacturing important than ever. Targeting
personalized website experience At the heart of Manufacturing your viewers with the information
or a more effortless self-service and Supply Chain Management is they’re looking for will keep you top
interaction. All while ensuring the constant need to get the right of mind. Proactively recommending
patient data remains secure via product to the right place, at the the information they’ll want next
Coveo’s HIPAA-compliant cloud. right time. The same is true for the puts you in a league of your own.
information your dealer networks
High Tech and distribution channels rely
High tech companies evolve quickly, on to get their jobs done. As the
as do the needs and expectations of supply chain evolves throughout

Meet the driving force behind Coveo,

Louis Tetu
Louis Têtu is Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Coveo. Prior to Coveo, Louis co-founded
Taleo Corporation, the leading international
provider of cloud software for talent and human
capital management, acquired by Oracle for $1.9B
in 2012. Louis held the position of Chief Executive
Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors from
the company’s inception in 1999 through 2007.
Taleo was recognized as the 11th fastest growing
technology company in the United States within the
Deloitte Technology Fast 500 in 2004, and in 2005 it
was the only software company among the Inc. 500
winners to issue an Initial Public Offering.

Prior to Taleo, Louis was President of Baan SCS, the

supply-chain management solutions group of Baan, a
global enterprise software company with more than
5,000 employees. This followed Baan’s acquisition
of Berclain Group inc., which he co-founded in 1989
and where he served as president until 1996. Louis
is an Engineering graduate from Laval University
of Canada in 1985 and in 1997 was honored by
Laval for his outstanding social contributions and
business achievements. He also received the 2006
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award in the Louis Têtu, Chairman & CEO
Technology and Communication category.
The Leader in Securing Identity and
Transactions in the Cyber World - i-Sprint
Trust without Boundaries

-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) established in the The firm as a world-class Solution Provider in Identity,
year 2000, is a leading provider in Securing Identity Credential and Access Management Solution enables
and Transactions in the Cyber World that enables individuals, organizations and societies to build trust
individuals, organizations, and societies to build trust and identity assurance for powering huge productivity
and identity assurance for powering productivity gain gain through digital identity and identity of things –
through digital identity and identity of things (IDoT). “The Force of IdentityPlus” – to accelerate and extend the
The firm’s clients include leading global and regional Circle of Trust.
financial service institutions, government agencies,
telecommunications, public utilities, manufacturing,
healthcare, education, multi-national corporations, Products Offered by the Firm
and others. Currently, i-Sprint has a direct presence
and active authorized partners across Singapore,
Digital Identity
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan,
The Digital Identity governs the verification of users’
and the United States.
identity and access protection. Enterprises can
implement strong authentication, single sign-on,
i-Sprint’s Products and Solutions access control, identity management and end-to-end
i-Sprint’s unique brand of security products, encryption solutions to safeguard asset, data, and
intellectual properties, and patents are designed transaction.
to exceed regulatory requirements such as global
financial services. By incorporating the latest Identity of Things
mobility/ biometrics/ cloud/ identification The Identity of Things (The Product Identity), provides
technologies, i-Sprint provides solutions that a unique identity to each object, it allows enterprises
ensure secure access and protection of data, to minimize counterfeiting, track and trace products,
transactions, and assets. i-Sprint delivers trusty, and provide business intelligence for better business
versatile and strong authentication, and identity planning and direct interaction with customers.
management platform to secure multiple application
delivery environments based on a common security
Cloud Services
SecurLogin offers real-time Second Factor
Authentication (2FA) service on the Cloud to strengthen
i-Sprint’s digital identity product offerings include
enterprise user login process; Unified Management
adaptive authentication (biometrics, multifactor
platform which can support multiple authentication
authentication and more), single sign-on services,
end-to-end encryption (E2EE) authentication and methods to provide comprehensive identity
data protection for transaction data and to secure authentication solution for enterprise information
access to the web, mobile, and cloud-based mobilization.
applications. i-Sprint’sIDoT product offerings
provide the next-gen anti-counterfeiting, track Mobile Security
and trace, and interactive consumer engagement The Mobile Security power the use of any smart mobile
that aims to help businesses in building consumer device as a trusted device to protect, store, retrieve
trust, improve brand protection, personalize consumer and process data/ information as well as to authorize
engagement and provide business intelligence. transactions.

Dutch Ng, CEO
The Chairmen and Chief of the Company
Simon Leung | Chairman
Mr. Simon Leung, Chairman of i-Sprint Innovations, is also an

Independent Non-Executive Director of Anhui Conch Cement
Company Limited (listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai), and
the Director and the co-founder of AsiaSoft Company Limited
Our aim is to (“AsiaSoft”). He was the Chief Executive Officer of AsiaSoft.

provide state of the Mr. Leung served as a member of the fifth board of directors of
art innovations in Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. (a company listed on the
Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code: 600410) from 2015
Identity, Credential to 2017. He was the Executive Director of Automated Systems
and Access Holdings Limited (“ASL”), listed in Hong Kong from 2009 to 2015
Management and Chief Executive Officer of ASL from 2014 to 2015.

Solutions to ensure Dutch Ng | Chief Executive Officer

secure access and As the CEO of the company, Dutch is also the co-founder of i-Sprint
protection of and has been with the company since the Year 2000. Dutch
is instrumental in providing strategic guidance on corporate
data/transaction/ technology and security policies, network infrastructure,
asset among the technology platforms, business applications, products and
services strategies. He is influential in establishing and managing
four major IT the financial and business performance of the organization.
forces (Cloud/
Social/ Mobile/ Over the past 19 years, Dutch has held senior management and
executive-level positions for high tech software companies. He
Information) by has also been division managers for various operational aspects
incorporating the of high tech firms and he has developed a wealth of practical and
hands-on experiences in managing the critical operations from
latest Mobility/ professional services organization, administration, and Finance
Biometrics/Cloud/ to customer care operations. He has worked in many countries
Identification such as the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and
Thailand for overseas postings and is fluent in many speaking
technologies most languages. Before joining i-Sprint, Dutch spent four years as a
effectively and managerial role in Citibank Regional Asia Pacific Technology and
he was responsible for implementing and deploying technology
efficiently to build infrastructure solutions for the bank branches across 14 countries
trust and identity in the Asia Pacific. Dutch holds an MBA from the University of
assurance. Adelaide, Australia.

Achieve Your Digital Transformation Dreams Using
Microsoft Cloud– Netwoven
Enabling Intelligent Enterprises

leader in a professional industry – of digital transformation For organizations to embrace
services provider using across industries is upwards of Digital Transformation, they
Microsoft technologies $100 trillion over the next 10 years. must transform themselves with
and helps companies design and initiatives centered around
deploy solutions for collaboration, Let’s understand what digital • Transforming customer
analytics, and customer insights. transformation is, drivers of experiences
• Transforming operational
• Transforming business models

Technology Adoption
Summit by LearnIT
Join Netwoven on Tuesday, Dec 8 at
“We help companies improve the Technology Adoption Summit
their customer experience, by LearnIT which is a full-day of
seminar-style sessions where the
become flexible, agile and best and brightest will showcase
what’s new and upcoming. Topics
operationally efficient using the will range from Windows 10,
Office 365, SharePoint, Google
3 clouds from Microsoft: Azure, Apps, along with sessions to drive
strategic agility and initiate change
Office 365, and Dynamics 365.” as you choose to upgrade to these

Netwoven will present on the Best

practices for making your Migration
to SharePoint Online a success.
The presentation will include the
Netwoven also works with digital transformation, why following:
organizations to help them with digital transformation is important, • Defining the vision and scope
their journey to the cloud using the and how Netwoven can help • Information Architecture and
Microsoft cloud. Netwoven Inc. was you with your digital Planning
founded in 2001 by senior-level transformation. • Pre-Migration Analysis
executives from Microsoft, Oracle, • Migration Setup
Digital Transformation is the • Iterative Migration Process
and Intel.
use of technology to radically • Post Migration wrap-up
improve performance or reach of • Governance
Digital Transformation enterprises.
Consulting Nintex
Netwoven is a Nintex premier
The term digital transformation The key drivers of Digital partner and a Microsoft enterprise
is being used by media frequently Transformation have been: solution developer. When you buy
these days. According to an analysis • Changing consumer behavior Nintex products from Netwoven,
done by the World Economic Forum • Changing technology landscape the company provides installation
of more than 65 digital initiatives, • Changing competitive assistance, introductory training
the combined value to society and environment and access to all its sample code

to get you started quickly and
efficiently. Start building powerful
applications ASAP.

Expert Staffing
A large number of IT managers
complain that they do not get the
right contract workers by their
staffing agencies. The primary
reason for these complains is the
lack of proper knowledge of the Niraj Tenany, CEO & Co-founder
technology sector by recruiters.
As a result, most recruiters search
for candidates by keywords and
qualify them by taking tests. The Leading Man
Netwoven’s unique approach to Niraj Tenany | Chief Executive Officer
expert staffing reap enormous and Co-founder
benefits to its clients for the Niraj is Chief Executive Officer and a Co-founder
following reasons: of Netwoven, responsible for the strategic vision
• The team works with you and direction. Niraj has been working with
to fully understand your job Fortune 500 companies to implement large-scale
description. If one does not enterprise systems for the past 25 years.
exist, the team helps create
one for you. Since it has Before founding Netwoven, Niraj led a profitable
technical consultants on staff, Enterprise Applications Consulting Practice
then the company can create at Microsoft. His team implemented large
a qualified job description scale deployments of enterprise applications
• Tapping into its resource like Siebel, Ariba, and SAP with Fortune 500
database provides a tested customers. Niraj’s team also led the design and
pool of candidates implementation of OLAP solutions based on the
• Candidates are screened Microsoft platform. Before joining Microsoft, Niraj
for communication skills, led a profitable Business Intelligence Consulting
consultative skills, problem- practice with Oracle Consulting Services.
solving skills, interpersonal
skills, and leadership skills Niraj has also worked with startup organizations
• Multiple technical interviews in senior management positions. Niraj was
to ensure qualified candidates the Director of Consulting Services at Zaplet, a
make the final rounds Kleiner Perkins funded company.
• Screening and background
check process ensures a Niraj holds a BS in Computer Science from
higher match rate Birla Institute of Technology, India, an MS in
Computer Science from State University of New
Netwoven can provide contract, York (SUNY), and an MBA from Duke University’s
contract-to-hire, or permanent Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina.
resources. The firm will partner
with you to find you the best
candidates quickly and get them
on board smoothly.

Protect your data and meet compliance requirements with
Security First’s fast, cost-effective and easy to deploy software

We believe that business success starts with the individuals and is just as important as what we
achieve as a team. Bringing together multiple minds means we’re able to develop well-rounded
products that address our customer’s needs in ways our siloed competitors can’t.

ew legislation centered trust in us. It consults industry leveraged to enable prompt
around privacy as a innovators to parents concerned recovery of archived data in the
fundamental human right, about the online safety of their event of a ransomware attack.
highly publicized data breaches, children to ensure it is developing DataKeep’s ability to support
ransomware attacks and the solutions that address today’s M of N distributed shares
rapid growth of the cloud, have concerns. allows companies to encrypt,
escalated the need for advanced, split and distribute data across
yet easily deployable data security. DataKeep: Manage multiple object-store locations or
Security First’s tested solutions vendors for business continuity
provide global organizations who, what, when, and operational efficiency.
the who, what, when, where and where and how data is Organizations can utilize the
how electronic data is accessed backup and restore capabilities
accessed with object storage for secure
securely, all while ensuring the DataKeep is the next generation
availability and integrity of critical cloud backup and archiving to
of truly secure data-centric
data in the event of a cyberattack. improve resiliency.
protection for organizations
looking to protect their digital
Security First develops advanced assets. By implementing DataKeep, Prepare and Protect with
data-centric cybersecurity organizations can easily manage DataKeep
solutions. Its software-based who, what, when, where and how Maintaining control of critical
technology meets the growing data is accessed and mitigate risk data is the best way to minimize
mandate for data security, privacy, associated with unauthorized exposure in the event of a breach,
and resiliency -- by using the most access to data. DataKeep securely and a data-centric management
powerful industry standards and protects data at the source no strategy must be employed as part
adding a unique cryptographic matter where data resides, of your layered security model for
splitting capability. The firm’s encrypting data at the volume or an additional level of protection
SPxCore™ technology drives file level for attached storage or against increasing threat profiles.
the underlying data protection before sending to object storage. DataKeep secures critical data
for Security First DataKeep at its core to deliver unrivaled
and multiple partner products, Situation protection, control, and resiliency.
such as IBM® Multi-Cloud Data Security teams can define and log Customer-defined access policies,
Encryption, powered by SPx™. access policies by job role and strong encryption, and event
manage privileged and superuser logging combine with native
The company works across its access to block insider and secure backup/restore capabilities
business to be a responsible external threats. Native backup to address your data privacy,
partner to those who place their and restore commands can be compliance and recovery needs.

The headman
Jim Varner, President and CEO: Jim was appointed President
and CEO of Security First Corp. in January 2017. He joined SFC
in 2014 as Vice President of the Software Server Group where
he was responsible for the management of end-to-end
development, support, and deployment of the SPxSHARC
product line – later to become DataKeep.

Jim has nearly 40 years of experience in the computer industry

in a variety of senior roles at IBM and BLADE Networks Technology
(later acquired by IBM). In these roles, he led both large and small
focused teams in product development (server hardware and
software), business development, OEM sales, and manufacturing
operations. In recent years, he was the Product Line Executive for
IBM’s high-end x86 server development (growing to a $2B business)
and Business Line Exec for IBM’s Telco server and software solutions
(a $1B business). He initiated OEM sales of x86 platforms, and as GM
of the DataCenter Technologies division of BLADE – providing IBM
BladeCenter systems management solutions – with P&L and worldwide
operational responsibility.
Jim Varner, President & CEO
Jim earned an E.E. degree in Engineering from Youngstown State University.
He splits his time between Raleigh, NC and Southern California.

Take Their Word for It

“Security First has been a very supportive
and diligent partner in applying their “The past and future
technology at an early stage of our
software development... that strengthened of Security First are
our offering. We highly recommend them
as both a vendor and business partner.”
only possible due to the
- R.Steve Morris, C.E.O. & Managing
Partner, Intervention Point, LLC
outpouring of passion from
“This is truly a disruptive technology that
our team. It is their work
I endorse. Its technology architecture is
solid and both more agile and far better
ethic that has allowed
than current products on the market.”
- LaniSpund, CIO Healthcare
us to produce the most
“CISOs, CIOs and security architects
powerful data security
looking for innovative solutions to
significantly raise the bar for attackers
technology in a world
and protect data within enterprise data
centers should consider Security First,
constantly challenged by
especially when extremely sensitive data is cyber threats.”
being handled.”
- Neil MacDonald, Vice President, Gartner

Providing State of the art defenses against
cybercrime: Malwarebytes

“Malwarebytes is your
first line of defense
against malware and
Marcin Kleczynski, CEO

early everyone who uses the lifestyle. So you can play, shop, and cryptomining) software that hackers
internet would have come socialize online with peace of mind. install on your computer to “mine”
into contact with a malware for cryptocurrency (bitcoin and
of one kind or the other. These could Protects you from emerging others) without your knowledge.
range from small and insignificant threats
that makes your computer slower, Detects and removes malware Protects you from fake and
to something serious that cripples in real-time with advanced anti- infected websites
your computer and brings work to malware, anti-spyware, and anti- Detects and prevents contact with
a standstill. Not only individuals but rootkit technology. It scans for the websites used by scammers and
also companies and government newest and most dangerous threats malicious links. You are proactively
agencies can be severely affected automatically, so you’re protected protected from downloading
by malware. In light of this threat, without having to even think about malware, hacking attempts, and
a company named Malwarebytes it. infected advertising. Worried about
has emerged as a leading provider
wandering into a “bad” Internet
of protection from cyber threats of Protects your files from being neighborhood? Now you don’t have
numerous kinds. locked and held for ransom to be.
It stops unknown and known
Here are some of ransomware with proprietary
Keeps you in the game
technology that works proactively to
Malwarebytes’ market- shield your files. This is a powerful,
Play Mode suspends Malwarebytes
notifications, updates, and
leading products: complete defense that blocks
scheduled scans when you
ransomware, and not a simple
use selected programs. It also
Malwarebytes For Windows decryption tool.
improves gaming performance
by minimizing its background
Malwarebytes for Windows Crushes the latest scams
processes. Stay protected while you
Premium is a comprehensive Detects and blocks phishing
scams used to steal your identity play games, watch videos, and give
cybersecurity program that crushes
established and emerging threats or hack your banking account. presentations.
before they can disrupt your digital Stops cryptojacking (malicious

Meet the pioneering founder of Malwarebytes, Marcin
As CEO, Marcin has overseen the phenomenal growth of Malwarebytes from a one-
man-band to a company with over 700 employees and offices located across the globe.
Today he continues to lead the strategic expansion of the business and guide the long-
term vision for the research and development teams. Marcin is recognized as a foremost
authority on malware and frequently presents at cybersecurity conferences. He still
believes traditional antivirus does a crappy job.

Malwarebytes Endpoint changes to restore files that were scalable endpoint management
Protection & Response encrypted, deleted, or modified. with consolidated threat views and
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection reporting.
& Response integrates Multi- Malwarebytes Endpoint
Vector Protection with detection Security Malwarebytes Incident
and response capabilities via a Malwarebytes Endpoint Security Response
single agent. It provides visibility, brings all the industry-leading According to research conducted by
reduces dwell-time of zero-day endpoint protection and the Ponemon Institute, malicious
threats, and offers remediation remediation technologies into one or criminal data breaches take an
options beyond alerts. Endpoint cybersecurity solution. This multi- average of 229 days to identify
Protection & Response eliminates layer defense model breaks the and 82 days to contain. The time
EDR complexity with intuitive attack chain by combining advanced required to remediate these
endpoint monitoring, detection, and malware detection and remediation, incidents is substantial, often
remediation. malicious website blocking, taking hours just to re-image a
ransomware blocking, and exploit single endpoint. Lengthy dwell time
Multi-Vector Protection protection into a single solution. and time-consuming re-imaging
Malwarebytes Multi-Vector seem inevitable to an experienced
Protection (MVP) uses a seven- Multi-Vector Protection IT team. Malwarebytes Incident
layered approach, including both Multi-Vector Protection provides Response changes the status quo.
static and dynamic detection a layered approach, including
techniques, to protect against all both static and dynamic detection Automate threat response
stages of an attack. techniques, across the entire Pre-deploy Malwarebytes Incident
attack chain to ensure protection Response on your endpoints so you
Flight Recorder against all varieties of threats, from have advanced threat detection and
Continuous monitoring and traditional viruses to tomorrow’s remediation ready at the click of a
visibility into Windows desktops advanced threats. button. Automating threat response
for powerful insights. Easily track helps businesses accelerate their
file system activity, network activity, Integrated remediation incident response workflows while
process activity, and registry capabilities reducing malware dwell times.
activity. Ensure immediate response
capabilities in the event an Complete and thorough
Endpoint Isolation infection does occur. The company’s remediation
Fast remediation prevents lateral proprietary Linking Engine Most attempts to remove malware
movement. Malware is stopped Remediation provides complete focus primarily on the active
from phoning home and remote and thorough malware removal executable but leave numerous
attackers are locked-out. Safely to return the endpoint to a truly components littered throughout
keeps the system online for detailed healthy state while minimizing the the system, making the system
analysis. impact to the end-user. highly vulnerable to re-infection.
Malwarebytes’ proprietary Linking
Ransomware Rollback Malwarebytes Management Engine Remediation removes the
Every change made by a process Console infection, including all related
is recorded. If a process does ‘bad’ Malwarebytes’ centralized artifacts, returning the endpoint to
things you can easily roll back those management console provides a truly healthy state.

Engineering a Sustainable Future
RadMax Technologies, Inc.
E In conversation with
very minute of every day as we generation systems that are
all go about our lives powering designed to extract and generate
the devices we rely on to make Paul W. Chute, CEO, and power from low-quality heat
a living and those that keep our Chairman of RadMax sources like solar and geothermal
spaces lighted and comfortable, our that are not viable with
networks connected, our loved ones What is RadMax’s core incumbent technologies.
fed, healthy and protected, we are technology? • Used to recapture up to 20% of
also contributing to a growing global RadMax, a family of unique axial the pressure-volume energy lost
problem, the inefficient use of the vane devices built around a patented during the depressurization of
energy we produce and consume. “common rotary core”, can be easily gases at letdown stations along
The sad reality is that we will never configured into a broad range of the entire length of natural gas
succeed in conserving massive innovative products that includes pipeline networks.
amounts of energy simply by using gas expanders, compressors, pumps, • To generate power in any
energy-efficient light bulbs and and internal/external combustion industrial setting where
driving smaller cars. Only by tackling engines, etc. These devices, utilized pressurized steam, natural gas,
energy inefficiency will we ever attain across numerous global markets refrigeration, and A/C systems
serious conservation goals. Toward and applications, help reduce energy are in use.
that end, RadMax Technologies is consumption, costs and greenhouse • And as a “power module” along
developing a family of patented, broad gas emissions (GHG’s) by “using less natural gas pipelines and on well
scope, axial vane, rotary core devices energy, more efficiently”. heads to generate electricity,
engineered to not only improve the eliminating inefficient devices
efficiency of existing systems but that vent greenhouse gases.
What differentiates RadMax’s
opens the door to breakthrough
power generation systems capable technology and products from How do RadMax’s products
of extracting energy from low quality the competition? impact the environment?
heat sources not viable for incumbent To answer this question let’s look
By capturing and reusing lost
technologies. The overwhelming at our first product, the RadMax
energy, we offer the opportunity for
interest in this technology from Expander / Generator (TPXG)
customers to use “less energy more
all corners of the planet and from is a breakthrough in lost energy
efficiently”, dramatically reducing
virtually all industries validates the recovery and re-utilization of power
overall consumption, which in turn,
intense global interest in conserving in applications that are not viable
dramatically reduces greenhouse gas
billions of kWh of energy each year with incumbent products. We refer
emissions. Examples:
while eliminating the greenhouse to this otherwise lost energy as “Free
gas emissions associated with its Energy” which the TPXG converts to
• The US A/C & refrigeration
production and use. RadMax is an up electricity, saleable for profit, used
industry consumes 900 billion
and coming company we all need to to power parasitic electronics or to
kW of electricity annually. We
track over the next several years. offset operating costs.
offer the potential to save up to
150 billion kW of electricity and
RadMax envisions its proprietary What are the markets which eliminate up to 150 million tons
technology applied extensively your company is currently of C0₂ and other GHG’s.
in transportation, aerospace, air targeting? • The global natural gas industry
conditioning, oil & gas, power Our immediate focus is on the use of operates approximately 3
generation, and military sectors. RadMax expanders to extract “free million gas wells which vent an
energy” from gas pipelines as well as estimated 1 billion scf / year of
“The possible applications industrial /residential cooling and methane and other GHG’s. We
are mindboggling. The refrigeration systems, such as: offer the opportunity to capture,
impact is game-changing.” • The TPXG is being engineered compress, and inject these GHG’s
into several breakthrough power back into the pipeline.
Meet the stalwart behind RadMax’s
innovations, Paul W. Chute
Paul is a skilled executive with over 40 years of senior-level
executive experience building or restructuring over 25 private
and public companies. He specializes in governance, business
strategy, finance, fundraising, operational management, and
functionality. He earned his MBA in Business Management
from Husson University and a BS in Accounting from the
University of Maine.

Paul W. Chute, CEO & Chairman

• The US Oil & Gas industry by driving a thermal compressor. The • Evaluating International Liquid
generates millions of horsepower outflow vapor from PNNL’s patented National Gas (LNG) compressing
to compress and transport natural thermal compressor is routed through and storage applications.
gas. We offer the potential to our TPXG to produce electric power. • Evaluating the RadMax turbine
recapture up to 20% of this energy and internal combustion engine
at existing letdown stations which Can you tell us about current technology for applications of
represents billions of kWh while projects and their status? interest to the US Aerospace
eliminating millions of tons of GHG • Collaborating on three DOE grant industry and the US Military.
emissions. projects or proposals with two
National Laboratories.
Are you currently working with • Collaborating with two major Do you intend to sell the
any major corporations or A/C and refrigeration OEM’s and company?
research institutions? equipment suppliers on multiple Yes, our objective has always been
We are working with several applications. to rescue the company, revive the
international companies in the oil & • Finalizing a contract with an technology, build prototype devices
gas, food & beverage, refrigeration, International brewery to recover to demonstrate proof-of-concept and
cooling, geothermal, syngas, and liquid energy from steam and CO₂
then sell the company. Specifically, we
natural gas storage industries and two systems.
are looking for a partner that has the
• Negotiating multiple
Department of Energy (DOE) national expertise and resources needed to
demonstration projects with US
laboratories. rapidly commercialize the technology
& Canadian O&G companies for
emissions reduction and energy on a global scale, participate in the
Can you elaborate on your recovery/ power generation from growing list of proof-of-concept
project for DOE National Labs? natural gas wells and pipeline projects, assist with the global
We recently delivered our TPXG distribution systems. expansion of our patent portfolio and
(expander / generator) product • Partnering on an International heat position the company for sale within
to the Pacific Northwest National pump project to increase cooling the next two years.
Laboratory (PNNL) for inclusion into and drying process efficiencies in SR
their patented Harmonic Adsorption remote agricultural areas.
Recuperative Power System (HARP). • Collaborating with a Canadian
The HARP system opens the door to syngas waste heat recovery Contact Information:
the use of low-grade heat sources such company to convert landfill, Web site:
as solar, geothermal, or even waste agricultural, and biowaste into Trading symbol: RGUS
process heat to produce electricity electricity. Contact:

Simone Maraini, HZO Inc. CEO: “We Protect
What Matters Most To You.”
“HZO protects electronics from the most demanding environments with world-class nanocoatings
to enable a better, more durable product.”

ater, sweat, humidity, dust, driving has driven exponential factory in factory coating as a
and dirt can easily damage demand to deliver more durable, service solution.
sensitive circuitry found reliable and protected electronics.
in everything from smartphones What challenges did you face
to cars, water meters to medical HZO recognized that the traditional in your initial years? What
devices. HZO is a global leader in ways of protecting electronics
delivering world-class protective (i.e., seals, gaskets, silicon, and
can your peers learn from it?
nanocoatings that safeguard One of the most significant
epoxies) had significant drawbacks,
electronics to deliver a better, more challenges early on was educating
especially for a new generation of
reliable and more durable water customers on the value that
offerings. Given this knowledge,
resistant and waterproof product. nanocoatings, and advanced
we pioneered a Spectrum of
thin film solutions had to offer.
Protection™ – a suite of thin film
HZO has a proven track record of The value was not merely in the
coating solutions applied directly
serving Fortune 100 organizations technology, but the effect it had
to sensitive circuitry, to help create
around the globe, leveraging a on preventing returns, improving
a more durable, more reliable,
patent portfolio of over 340 assets. customer usability and satisfaction,
product offering. We do this by
The business has tripled in each of fuelling ancillary sales, and driving
bringing together in-depth domain
the last two years, effectively putting downstream revenue opportunities.
knowledge, proven manufacturing
to work the $225M in financing Our practice of guaranteeing
processes, advanced nanocoating
the company has secured since its outcomes has become a bedrock
materials, and the industry’s most
inception in 2011. Headquartered principle and has allowed us
state-of-the-art equipment. Our
in Raleigh, North Carolina, HZO to quickly evolve from a single
applications perform well beyond industry focus to serving multiple
operates 12 worldwide factories the industry IPX7 standard for
and a contracted workforce of over markets and diverse stakeholder
protection reducing costly returns, requirements.
2000. improving customer satisfaction and
driving brand value.
“Earning trust and respect
Simone Maraini,
How successful was your of consumers all around the
HZO Inc. CEO spoke world is through consistent
exclusively to The Silicon first series of engagements? focus on delivering high
Share the experience.
Review. Below is an HZO’s maniacal focus on quality and quality in all of our actions.”
excerpt. service helped ensure that early How do you interpret this
engagements with organizations statement?
Why was the company the likes of Dell, Motorola, and When it comes to protecting
Nike were hugely successful. It also what matters most to each of
established? And how did
provided HZO with the opportunity us – whether it be the safety
you expand your company to fine tune it’s approach and on an airplane, reliability of
and its offerings over the proprietary formulas, uniquely an automotive, availability of a
years? perfecting the ability to scale from personal electronic, or stability of
Society’s growing dependence on 100s, to 100s of thousands, to medical devices, trust is the key.
technology for everything from millions of units coated a day. With Year over year HZO has delivered
personal convenience items like its early success, HZO advanced exceptional quality, at scale, through
cell phones to mission-critical its offerings and business model a repeatable and proven process,
applications like autonomous to provide both stand-alone and helping to ensure our customers

“We have a proven track record of delivering scale,
exceptional quality, high yields, and extraordinary services, all
under the guidelines of responsible and green manufacturing.”

meets the demands of the market, with new opportunities and have the
at a price point that delivers confidence to guarantee results.
extraordinary value. This is how we
have earned the trust and respect of Our equipment is built to exacting
our customers - delivering superior standards and designed and
protection tailored to their specific produced in house. It represents the
needs. As we like to say: “If it doesn’t latest state-of-the-art engineering
say HZO, it isn’t truly protected.” and cutting edge technology to tackle
the most complex challenges.
How do you stay relevant to
Finally, our understanding of material
the consumer interests and
science allows us to continually
needs in this highly volatile pioneer new thin film solutions, many
market? no thicker than a human hair.
We believe the only way to stay
Simone Maraini, CEO
competitive is through continuous Do you have any new products
innovation. This includes
advancements in the area of material
ready to be launched?
Yes, within our Spectrum of
science, next-generation automation,
Protection we are continuously
and leading-edge processes. This
adding unique solutions to meet
includes investments in green
the ever-evolving needs of the
Simone Maraini: An
initiatives and environmentally sound
market. HZO is equally adept at Inspiring Leader
protecting electronics whether they
are 30 fathoms below the sea or at Simone Maraini joined HZO
If you have to list four 200 degrees Celsius. We also are in December 2014 to lead the
factors that have been/are introducing a new generation of laser- expansion of HZO into Europe. Along
the biggest asset to your based modules and plasma etchers, with his strong financial and M&A
organization, what would that can efficiently and quickly handle experience, Simone has worked with
the removal of materials, accelerating leading manufacturing companies
they be and why? the throughput associated with our across several of HZO’s target
HZO’s ethos is based on four pillars:
coating process. industries including aerospace and
people, process, equipment, and
defense. Prior to joining HZO, Simone
material science.
Where do you see your was the CFO of Alenia North America,
company a couple of years where revenues rapidly grew from
Our people have deep domain
$25 million to $320 million, a prime
knowledge and experience from now? contractor for the U.S. government.
across disciplines from chemistry We see growth on three fronts. First, He also held the same position for
to manufacturing, quality to HZO’s roots are in the consumer Global Aeronautica, a joint venture
engineering. But what truly electronics industry with significant between The Boeing Company and
differentiates them is their passion inroads in IoT, automotive and Alenia Aermacchi.
for delighting our customers every medical device. Over the next couple
day. It’s not surprising that we are of years, we will continue to expand Simone earned his bachelor’s degree
consistently receiving top scores and into additional industries and in Law from Universita La Sapienza
awards as a vendor and our people markets. Second, our portfolio of in Italy and completed the Executive
are personally recognized for their solutions will continue to advance Management program (AMP178) at
leadership. to meet the demanding and diverse Harvard Business School. He is fluent
needs of our customers. Finally, in multiple languages including
Our process is proven and repeatable sustainability is a priority for HZO Italian, English, French and Spanish.
and designed to scale with the needs and our customers. We are committed
of the particular product, program to green coating solutions, minimal
or customer. It is at the core as to impact manufacturing, and smart
why we are consistently trusted material usage.

Automating the Future
Scape Technologies
obotics is one of the most between the leading pump
exciting technological marvels manufacturer Grundfos A/S and
that promise to define the Scape Technologies came about
future. As industries evolve and to develop and commercialize the
change, there is an ever-increasing SCAPE Bin-Picker.
demand for greater productivity
and better optimization. Making In 2007, the first two Scape
smarter devices that can carry out Bin-Picking solutions were
designated tasks with little or no implemented at the factory at
human intervention is the key to the leading pump manufacturer
developing the next generation Grundfos A/S. They were successful
of robots. Bin-picking is one of and worked wonderfully, so much
the major issues that, if solved, so that the solutions are still active
would usher in a new era of in the production environment.
robotics and subsequently, for the
manufacturing industry as a whole. What are the factors that
Scape Technologies is one of the
world’s leading firms specializing have helped you to shape
in developing unique solutions your company’s offerings?
for bin-picking for industrial and Over time the market for Bin-
commercial applications. Picking in challenging production
environments, like the Automotive
Scape Technologies – known as the Industry, have questioned the
Bin-Picking Company - develops technology and the reliability in
and sells highly flexible automated Bin-Picking solutions. The market
Søren Bøving, CEO
bin-picking systems. The company’s for Bin-Picking was reluctant and
award-winning bin-picking system less mature a few years back.
enables robotic arms to locate Now industries face the lowest
and pick individual parts from a unemployment in nearly 50 years
randomly piled heap in a container and the need for automated bin
Meet the Driving Force such as a bin or a pallet. picking is urgent. In the US, where
behind the Continuing 38% of the manufacturing labor
The SCAPE Bin-Picker solutions force moves parts between bins
Success of Scape increase the productivity of and manufacturing machines,
Technologies manufacturers and reduce manual 500,000 jobs remain unfilled. The
repetitive work, which includes automation industry is trying to
Søren Bøving, CEO at physically hard and monotone tasks, meet that need and only a few have
Scape Technologies A/S, joined detrimental to the workers’ health. managed to solve the complex
the company in 2010. He is problem of Bin-Picking.
experienced in sales management In conversation with
and general management cross Scape Technology’s World-leading
countries and cross functions. the CEO of Scape Bin-Picking solutions solve the
He has a proven track record of Technologies, Søren puzzle of complex Bin-Picking.
managing and growing businesses We have more than 15 years of
in the IT and robotics industry in Bøving experience and have integrated our
Scandinavia and Europe. Likewise, solutions in car plants, factories,
he is experienced board member/ What was the first project machines and human-robot
chairman. Specialties: General that your company collaboration areas where our
Management & Sales Management. undertook? customers have critical demands to
Shortly after the company was the availability of our solution. This
established in 2004, a partnership has required us to deliver complete
“We develop and market
standardized solutions to ensure
smooth and seamless customer
adoption, consistent performance
and high reliability.”

systems that our customers can who may want to have fewer moving centers, educational institutions
rely on and every single installation components in the bin-picking and manufacturers that would like
has given valuable knowledge configuration. to quickly apply easy and reliable
that is implemented in the Scape bin-picking.
Technologies standard solution. The difference between the three
solutions is mainly the position and How does your company
Bin-Picking requires software the type of scanner. The newest contribute to society at
expecting the unexpected. We have addition to the product portfolio,
several backup procedures that the SCAPE Stationary Scanner, offers
allow the system to achieve picking Every day, production workers
a fast scanning process and high
parts. Even if the robot encounters spend time on moving parts
detail scanning of small and larger
a challenge in the bin, we use smart between bins and manufacturing
parts, even with a shiny surface. The
software to solve the problem and machines. Automation of bin-
SCAPE Stationary Scanner can scan
allow for continued stable picking picking can improve the working
up to two bins, whereas the SCAPE
with low cycle times. environment and eliminate
Sliding Scanner copes with 6 bins.
unattractive and harmful tasks
The third choice is the SCAPE Grid
in the manufacturing industry.
Do you have any products Scanner, which is easily installed
This is highly relevant now where
being readied for launch? and can scan from many angles
society at large faces the lowest
Scape Technologies presented a new because the scanner is mounted
unemployment rate ever in the
SCAPE Stationary Scanner in April at on the robot arm. This means that
manufacturing industry and many
the Hannover Messe 2019. it can serve as many bins as the
jobs remain unfilled.
robot arm can reach. Compared
With the new SCAPE Stationary to scanners mounted on the robot
Scanner, we are proud to now have arms, the new SCAPE Stationary How does your company
a complete portfolio of sensors: The Scanner go one step further and maintain the loyalty of its
robot-mounted SCAPE Grid Scanner, keep a permanent overview of customers?
the SCAPE Sliding Scanner that can the objects in the bin. That makes Scape Technologies provide end
handle multiple bins and very large processing time shorter for customers with Advanced Operator
items and now the SCAPE Stationary identifying, picking and placing. Course and partners get access
Scanner, which opens up new to a kit consisting of Part Studio
market opportunities and brings In April we also introduced the new Training, Scape Integrator training
benefits of automated bin-picking to SCAPE Mini-Picker, a unique and and Advanced Operator Course.
new markets. We already have had cost-effective solution for a variety Scape Technologies also provide
inquiries for this scanner from many of bin-picking needs for smaller first line support via phone and
different angles, including not only parts. The SCAPE Mini-Picker is online access to integrated SCAPE
SME’s but also bigger companies intended for companies, technology Bin-Picking Solutions.

An Interview with Eurohold
Leadership: ‘We Deliver
Tailored Advice to Our Clients
(Buyers or Sellers) and Support
them Across their Local and
Cross-Border Operations’
“We are planning to offer our standard products
to more countries. Additionally, we are developing
new services in order to become a one-stop shop.”

Pascal Vieilledent, Co-founder & Managing Partner

W Pascal Vieilledent &

hether the focus is strategy, India, and Japan through its network
operations, tax, finance, HR, of partners.
or IT, business consultants Jean-François Alandry,
are a staple of corporate life. Today, The company offers Corporate Eurohold Co-founders/
over 700,000 consulting firms Finance services to multinationals,
provide services across virtually private equity funds and to private
Managing Partners,
all aspects of business globally. companies, acting from the spoke exclusively to The
From defining strategic direction conception to the structuring and Silicon Review. Below is
to simply serving as an additional closing of the transactions, bringing
pair of hands for outsourced work, its strong experience in each process an excerpt.
consultants have become inextricably step: valuations, information
linked to the success of most large memorandum writing, transaction Why was the company set
organizations. definition, fund structuring, up? And how did you expand
counterparts identification, your company and its
In light of the above-mentioned supervision and management of
scenario, we’re thrilled to present confidential documents, negotiations
offerings over the years,
Eurohold. organisation, due diligence and Mr. Vieilledent?
vendor due diligence supervision, The company was set up in order to
Eurohold was founded as a Corporate data room organisation, supervising provide M&A cross border services to
Finance Consulting Company over of all kind of contracts including clients located either in France or in
three decades ago. Currently, it’s Letter of Intent, Memorandums of Spain.
one of the most active mergers and Understanding and SPWA (sale/
acquisitions companies in Spain. purchase). Over the years, the strategy has been
consisting of:
An independent leader in its home Eurohold serves multiple • Being still focused on cross
market, in a number of mid-cap sectors such as IT, Internet & border deals with counterparts in
transactions over the last years, Telecommunications, Pharmacy and other countries, additionally from
Eurohold has created its own Health, Industrials, Distribution, the initial core business: Spain/
international network with additional Retail, B2B Services, Energy and France
offices in Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Environment, Transport & Logistics, • Increasing the value of the deals
Munich, London, Mexico, Istanbul, and Finance. • Opening branches in Madrid and
Johannesburg, Beijing, Moscow, outside of Spain (France, Turkey,
Minsk, and Rabat. It also operates The company was incorporated Portugal, Switzerland etc.) as an
in Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, in 1989 and is headquartered in integrated network, in order to be
Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Brazil, Barcelona, Spain. able to deliver the same quality of
“We offer a full range of
Corporate Finance advisory
M&A advisory services in more services to global companies, of the new clients come through
countries; for our historic clients private equity funds, and recommendation of other ones.
but also to reach new ones.
private companies.”
Custom made service: Every deal
What challenges did you face a positive and dynamic relationship is a combination of market skills, the
in your initial years, where the client can see us as clients’ aim, and our own experience.
Mr. Vieilledent? a partner and not just a service
provider. Flexibility according to the type
The main challenge was to set a
of transaction, client profile and
seal from zero in a very competitive
Moreover, we advise the client doing counterparty: We cannot apply the
market where newcomers are not
the things as if it would for us. Over same solutions to different contexts
time, the client can check that this is or problems. This why we have to be
a reality; neither empty principles flexible: To use our broad experience
“Earning trust and respect to design the best solution for each
nor a theory.
of consumers all around the case.
world is through consistent
If you have to list five
focus on delivering high Do you have any new
factors that have been/are
quality in all of our actions.” products ready to be
the biggest asset to your
How do you interpret this launched, Mr. Vieilledent?
organization, what would
statement, Mr. Alandry? We are planning to offer our
We interpret it as a key point: trust they be and why, Mr. Alandry? standard products to more countries.
can be built over the years while Client first: We have to understand Additionally, we are developing new
one is able to deliver a good and that a client satisfied allows us to services in order to become a one-
affordable service, independently build mutual trust and a long term stop shop.
from the difficulties that arise over relationship.
the time and with a clear focus on the As a question on
client satisfaction. Transparency with the client:
When we share the information, the sustainability, where do you
doubts that arise and our perception see your company a couple of
Fostering a culture of
of the threats on a potential deal years from now, Mr. Alandry?
feedback is crucial to the with the client, we are able to think We have to be able to have a footprint
success of every organization. together with them about the best in more countries (priority: USA)
How is this true with your solutions to bring and apply. without losing the ‘boutique’ spirit.
company, Mr. Vieilledent? The sustainability will be possible
Yes, it is necessary to foster the Long term approach: A satisfied whether we are able to hire people
culture of feedback; thus we create client guarantees loyalty; most that share our values.

Eurohold | Leadership
Pascal Vieilledent: Pascal Vieilledent, Managing Partner, is the co-founder of Eurohold. He has over 25 years
of experience in Corporate Finance, completing dozens of corporate transactions, both with industrials and Private Equity
firms in key sectors including Pharmaceutical Industry, Distribution, Transport/Logistics, and Consumer Goods (including
Wine Industry).

Pascal holds an MBA from the Montpellier Business School in France and lives in Barcelona – Spain, since 1987. He can easily
work in French (native), Spanish, English and Catalan.

Jean-François Alandry: Jean-François Alandry, Managing Partner, is the co-founder of Eurohold. Jean-François
has over 25 years of experience in Corporate Finance. He completed dozens of deals in his career, advising numerous
corporate transactions, both with industrials and Private Equity firms, in various sectors including Technologies and
Telecommunications, Environment, B2B Services, and Healthcare.

Jean-François holds an MBA in Finance (EM Lyon Business School) and a PhD in Financial Technique (ESSEC Business School
in Paris). He lives in Barcelona – Spain since 1987 and can easily work in French (native), Spanish, English and Catalan.
Demystifying How to Rapidly Build, Integrate, and
Deploy “Future of IT” Digital Experiences

he modern information tooling, backend architecture, robust integration development and SDK,
technology industry permeates directory management and latest and optimized performance and
all major aspects of a nation’s security design. scalability. Their integration apps
economy. Industries such as framework for unlimited integration
banking, media & entertainment, An Evolution apps is called AppSpokes and is
energy, manufacturing, aviation, Initially, AppFusions built packaged currently running in sites as large as
telecommunications, software integration apps: full function end- 120K+ end-users.
development, etc. are almost entirely to-end “apps” between two systems,
dependent on the continued efficiency like Atlassian, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Enter Mainstream Cloud
of information technology. Google, Box, Dropbox, Zendesk or
others, while bringing together
While conventional IT has been By mid-2017, AppFusions arrived
common workflows, clean UX and
largely dependent on data and at new crossroads, given
secure authentication, easily. The
applications stored and run on- fast-changing market dynamics.
integrations are easy to deploy, trial,
premises, the current decade has The digital revolution is marked by
and buy – without lengthy, costly,
seen corporations making rapid the entry of cloud services. Customers
and sometimes painful professional
migrations to the cloud wherever for years may have idly followed the
services as well. 9 years later,
possible. With modern technology progress of cloud technologies and
AppFusions still supports and
strategies that bridges data, apps, beyond, but back then and for some
sustains dozens of ready-to-run
processes, collaborations, and scalable years after, it was easy for customers
integration apps for systems
multi-cloud security concerns, while to lay low, with “cloud doesn’t affect
integrating with Atlassian software
also being flexible to accommodate us”. This allowed them to keep their
for dozens of companies that
changing long-term organizational tech environments at a status-quo
renew yearly. More importantly,
goals. level vs. accepting and taking on the
the AppFusions’ team learned that
additional expense of change.
the business model of repeatable
Enter AppFusions enterprise integration apps, tuned
At the same time, shadow IT
AppFusions is a company that has via customer interactions, worked.
(purpose-built software-as-a-
been working for years to address service solutions easily subscribed
complex inter-system IT challenges,
with a customer-problem-focused
AppSpokes – a Scalable to by departments and bypassing
IT procurement processes) was
strategy: one which acknowledges Integration Framework becoming a force to be reckoned with.
that legacy systems and architectures for Web apps
cannot just be ripped out on a In early 2015, AppFusions took Initially, some CIOs fought back
whim, but at the same time, newer their vision up a level: to build an on shadow IT “rogue” app entries into
technologies and models must also integrated services framework for their companies; but as time played
be embraced to allow corporate IT cloud web apps. By augmenting their out, they wanted integrations between
departments to move ahead. Common original IP from server-run-Java apps these cloud systems and their legacy
understandings might assume that to micro-services apps, AppFusions systems. At this point, things got
these objectives are diametrically developed a farm of deep integration tricky: integration posed a new
opposed. AppFusions disagrees. app “services” that encompassed the problem where incumbent vendors
same key tenants: simple, packaged, did not make integration
AppFusions has been steadfast and “just works”. easy. And without integration,
that doing better IT is possible internal users were a loud voice
with a holistic IT strategy and Effectively, AppFusions’ original IP of challenge to most any CIO.
plan that leverages modern cross- was polished and upgraded for cloud
system building block technologies, Web apps, providing streamlined Incumbent vendors may have enjoyed
patterned, flexible UX design models, 24x7 runtime support, continuous this period (say 2009 – 2016ish), as
“We are revolutionizing the way IT solves
digital transformations and future of work.”

Ellen Feaheny, CEO & Co-founder

customers would continue to pay The vendors knew they finally had AlohaCloud is a “super-app” for
their renewal fees regardless, year to address the customers’ needs digital experiences, workplaces, or
after year, and the vendors didn’t for innovation that had been “portals” for the modern enterprise.
have to put too much energy or continually put off. They also knew Whether internal (employees) or
investment into product and feature that modernizing their platforms external (suppliers, partners), or
development. Vendors’ could “milk was not going to be easy. mixed - AlohaCloud handles difficult
the fat cow” for a while longer. integrated system group access and
Incumbent vendors needed to authentication challenges, securely.
But around 2017-2018, customers effectively morph their monolithic It is a “deploy anywhere” platform
were finally getting impatient architectures to a more modern,
for any-cloud. It includes dozens
(or disgruntled) with incumbent flexible, extensible platform, like
of integrations, an experiences UX
platform vendors’ lack of product what a multi-tenant microservices
builder with embedded building-
expansion and innovation. Customers architecture provides if done well.
They also needed to do this in such blocks, real-time data ingestion
began searching for ways to “evolve”
a way to still hold onto their existing and business intelligence (BI),
from long-time backbone systems
customer base, and then migrate their engagement metrics, messaging,
that were not extensible or flexible
customers, somehow. This is hard. streams, AI/ machine-learning, fast
enough to meet their modern needs.
searchable blockchain encryption
Customers, logically, needed modern
and more.
tools, to work faster, easier, and for A Solution: AlohaCloud
better competitive advantage. AppFusions has built AlohaCloud,
Meanwhile AppFusions’ AppSpokes Deploying AlohaCloud effectively
a fully integrated digital
had proven to be a secure, scalable, experiences, digital workplaces, and leap-frogs an organization’s digital
easy-to-deploy and use foundational integration framework platform transformation strategy, allowing
integration framework. for contemporary organizations a CIO or IT organization to be 2+
that need a lot more than what years down the road on day 1. With
But, the market beckoned from more. legacy platforms offer. Among proven working technology that ties
others, it includes customizable and seamlessly into a customer’s existing
The incumbent digital experiences contextually integrated experiences, stack, it establishes best practices
and workplaces market in particular best-in-class extensibility, for fast continual development and
was (is) in a state of “being stuck”. intelligence, and security. evolution beyond.

Cultivating a faster and reliable
internet: Cloudflare

W Here are some of

hile cybersecurity is
a genuine concern in
today’s internet age, Cloudfare’s solutions:
what most users find annoying
is the incessant stream of spam Accelerate Internet
emails that flood people’s inboxes. Applications
While antiviruses protect against Consumers expect web pages to
various types of malicious attacks, load quickly. Slow page load times
there is nothing specifically can lead to high bounce rates,
available for protection against page abandonment, and lower
spam mails. Taking it up as conversion rates. Web pages are
a challenge, the founder of a becoming increasingly complex
company named Cloudflare set and users are more globally
out to build a system that allowed dispersed; which degrades the
anyone with a website to track user experience. Cloudflare brings
how spammers harvested email content closer to your users by
addresses. Their project soon caching static web content on
became a hit as thousands of its network. Image files can be
websites, from more than 185 optimized to significantly improve
countries, signed up to participate load times, and dynamic content
in it. While all the users loved the can be compressed and routed on
system’s ability to track online the fastest, least congested path to
malicious behavior, they had one the end-user.
repeated request: don’t just track
the bad guys, stop them.
Accelerate Mobile
That’s where the idea for Experiences
Cloudflare was conceived. Mobile visitors expect fast, rich
online experiences. Mobile device
The founders spent months and cellular network limitations
refining the Cloudflare prototype. can degrade a user’s mobile
They felt that Cloudflare solved experience, resulting in lower
a real need and set out to take it conversions, loss of revenue, and
to the next level. In November degraded brand perception.
of 2009, they closed its Series A
financing with Ray Rothrock, from Mobile applications and web
Venrock, and Carl Ledbetter, from pages require the speed and scale
Pelion Venture Partners. of a global network to combat

Matthew Prince, CEO

“Trusted by over 18 million internet properties,
Cloudfare is one of the world’s largest cloud network

mobile-induced latencies and Cloudflare’s network capacity is 15x is $3.62 million. With heightened
globally dispersed users with poor bigger than the largest DDoS attack scrutiny by governments and
connectivity. Cloudflare optimizes ever recorded. With 30 Tbps of media, companies are facing severe
image files for mobile consumption capacity, it can handle any modern repercussions from even the
and provides developers with distributed attack, including those smallest data compromise. Business
tools to improve native mobile targeting DNS infrastructure. With impacts include lost customers and
app performance on challenging every new property, Cloudflare’s revenues, degraded trust, damaged
networks. network becomes smarter. brand, or regulatory penalties.
Cloudflare’s IP reputation database
Ensure Application identifies and blocks new and Websites and applications require
the resilience and intelligence of
Availability evolving threats across all 18
million properties on the network. a scalable network to combat the
Users expect their mission-critical
most sophisticated and newest
applications to always be online
Eliminate security induced latencies attacks. Protecting against threats
and available. Internet applications
by integrating with Cloudflare’s should not degrade performance
deployed on a global scale are
included performance services, caused by security induced
highly susceptible to outages or
including CDN, smart routing, latencies, and security services must
downtime due to spikes in traffic,
website optimizations, and the be easy to configure to eliminate
high network latency or server
latest web standards. misconfigurations, which introduce
outages at the origin. Cloudflare
new vulnerabilities.
improves application availability
by monitoring network latency Data Breach Prevention Cloudfare’s DNSSEC verifies DNS
and server health at the origin, A data compromise can result records using cryptographic
identifying the best resource from in the leak of sensitive customer signatures. By checking the
which to serve user requests for information, such as credit cards, signature associated with a record,
dynamic content. passwords, and other personally DNS resolvers can verify that the
identifiable information (PII), requested information comes from
Advanced DDoS Attack from an application’s data store. its authoritative name server and
Protection Attackers often use several attack not a man-in-the-middle attacker.
Denial of Service attacks continues vectors when attempting to Automatically filter out illegitimate
to grow in sophistication and force: compromise customer data, such as traffic targeting the application layer
more distributed greater volumes DNS spoofing, snooping of data in through Web Application Firewall
of traffic and encroaching on the transit, brute force login attempts, (WAF) rulesets, including GET and
application layer. A successful attack or malicious payload exploits. POST-based HTTP requests. Enable
increases unnecessary costs on pre-built rulesets such as OWASP
your infrastructure and IT/security The global cost of a data breach on Top 10 and Cloudflare application-
staff. More importantly, it hurts your average, per lost or stolen record, specific. Build rulesets to specify
revenue, customer satisfaction, and is $141 in 2017, and the average types of traffic to block, challenge,
brand. total cost of a data breach in the US or let through.

Pro Group Management, a Nevada-based
Group, Becomes the Premier Resource for
Firms of all Sizes and Risks Seeking to take
Control of their Workers’ Compensation
Coverage Needs

“The group manages five successful self-insured workers’ comp groups

in the highly competitive workers’ compensation marketplace and has
achieved record growth continuously since 1995.”

Ashley Vees, Marketing Assistant

oining a well-established and has achieved record growth Control and stabilization are the
strong performing self-insured continuously since 1995. key benefits to a Captive insurance
group allows you to take control company. Savings in administration
of your own risk plan, reaping Earning the industry’s confidence and overhead costs are recognized
the benefits of working safer, in self-insured alternatives and while providing better service to
managing claims more aggressively conventional workers’ comp the insured employers because
than traditional plans and realizing coverage, Pro Group prides management is handled by the
rewarding cost savings. itself on sound and effective risk Captive Administrator rather than
management with training support by an insurance company.
In light of the foregoing, we’re and tools to help build and maintain
thrilled to present Pro Group the strongest possible safety culture
Management. in the workplace while providing
Pro Group: Synopsis
complete protection of outstanding
Pro Group is the premier medical treatment and lost wage Elements that MakesPro
administrator of self-insured management for employees. The Group Stand Out
groups for workers’ compensation group does this by supporting you Joining a self-insured group (SIG)
in Nevada and approved Captive with proven state-of-the-art claims demonstrates a commitment to the
Manager specializing in alternative handling, superior management, overall safety of your employees.
risk transfer solutions for lower rates than traditional carriers, The Groups administered by Pro
businesses of all sizes and types. and by helping you create a safer Group benefit from an emphasis on
workplace. safety, which reduces the chance of a
The group manages five successful claim ever happening.
self-insured workers’ comp groups Pro Group Captive Management
in the highly competitive workers’ is an approved Captive Manager Sometimes though, an accident just
compensation marketplace and on shore in most all domiciles. happens. That’s why the NTNSIG,

NANSIG, NRNSIG, BAWNSIG and insured groups in Nevada. In for firms of all sizes and risks
AGSIG self-insured groups have 2008, the Nevada Agricultural seeking to take control of their
chosen Pro Group to be their SIG was licensed and Pro Group workers’ compensation coverage
group administrator. Pro Group Management was chosen as needs. As the SIG administrator,
is there to effectively manage the the administrator. Pro Group the group provides the groups
service providers involved in the Management offers self-insured with comprehensive oversight
accident investigation, the claims group workers’ compensation management resulting in:
administration and the medical coverage for forward-thinking • Increased workplace safety
providers. Should you require business owners in key Nevada • Effective claims management
representation at an OSHA hearing industries: • Lower claims cost
by a certified safety specialist, Pro • Reduced rates
Group will assist you there too. Retail: The Nevada Retail Network • Full compliance with the
Self Insured Group (NRNSIG), Insurance Department
Pro Group has ensured that the sponsored by the Retail Association
experts needed to effectively handle of Nevada (RAN). As Nevada employers take a closer
a claim and your needs as a group look at their overall workers’ comp
member are always available to you. Transportation: The Nevada program costs, self-insured groups
Transportation Network Self continue to stand out as the most
Pro Group utilizes its claims Insured Group (NTNSIG), sponsored cost-effective option available.
experts with significant training by the Nevada Trucking Association
and experience. These services and the Nevada Contractors Pro Group Captive
are included with your group Association (NCA). Management Services
membership at no extra charge. Pro Group Captive Management
Construction/Home Building: The Services is a respected global
The management of the SIG and Builders Association of Western company that operates under the
its claims are done with you in Nevada Self Insured Group belief system and premise that its
mind. As a group member, the (BAWNSIG), sponsored by the clients and their needs are first. As a
most important things are the Nevada Builders Alliance. long-standing adviser in Alternative
well-being of your employees, their Risk Transfer, the group is aware
timely return to work if they are Automobile Dealers: The Nevada of the challenges of orchestrating
ever injured and appropriate cost- Auto Network Self Insured Group the many moving pieces involved
effective medical care. (NANSIG), sponsored by the Nevada in the formation and operations for
Franchise Auto Dealers Association a Captive. The group manages over
Along with a strong safety policy (NFADA). $70 million in annual premium and
for your organization, professional over $400 million in total assets for
claims management and Agriculture: The Nevada its captive clients.
comprehensive safety services are Agricultural Group Self Insured
keys to the success of a self-insured Group (AGSIG), sponsored by the Pro Group has served the Captive
group. Nevada Farm Bureau (NVFB) and industry since 2002, forming and
the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association managing over 70 Captives of all
By joining one of the SIG’s you take (NCA). sizes and types in a wide variety
control of your workers’ comp of risks and coverages from an
dollar and reduce the cost of your Successfully managing self-insured impressive group of companies
claim. Pro Group will give you the groups for over two decades, ranging from large corporations to
tools to do it. Pro Group has displayed the smaller family-owned operations.
experience and skills necessary Pro Group has also grown its
Workers’ Comp to operate a successful workers’ practice and has added additional
Beginning in 1995, Pro Group compensation program. Pro Group staff, expanded to new states and
helped certify the first four self- has become the premier resource currently is serving clients operating

in 44 states and 22 countries. • 2015 Best Captive Manager Safety
Further, Pro Group has added bold USA - Wealth & Finance Pro Group’s Safety Division has
new enhancements to their brand International a highly trained staff of experts
and their online services as well • 2015 Best Captive Manager who stand ready to assist you
as board member services, claims Nevada - Acquisition in every facet of your safety
reporting and vendor services. International programs, training, newsletters
• 2014 Best in Customer Care in and much more. As a member of
Pro Group Captive Management Captive Management - Captive
a self-insured group, managed
Services is honored to be Review
by Pro Group, you automatically
recognized as a leader in captive • 2013 Captive Manager of the
qualify for all of its safety services
management: Year - Captive Review
as part of your membership at no
• 2017 Best Captive Manager
USA - Wealth & Finance Pro Group believes that additional cost to you.
International communication, superior
• 2016 Leader in Captive service and specialized expert The group’s services include safety
Management Services USA - staff is the key to a successful training and materials in over 100
Wealth & Finance International Captive program and it has a categories for all types of business
• 2016 Most Outstanding long-term view towards its client operations. There is no workplace
Captive Manager - Acquisition relationships. The group has nearly too large or too small for our
International 100 percent client retention. Its experts. Pro Group will partner
• 2016 Best of the Best clients enjoy the benefits of their with you and serve as your safety
in Finance - Acquisition Captive while we handle all the team supporting you in any of your
International details. operations’ challenges and issues.

Successfully managing self-

insured groups for over two
decades, Pro Group has

displayed the experience
and skills necessary to
operate a successful workers’
compensation program.

“We aim to create supplies of key commodities
required for the functioning of a global economy
which is viable into perpetuity”: Sindicatum
We believe that, globally, economic development (and thus increasing demand
for resources) will continue to strain natural resources worldwide.

“Sustainability lies at the heart of our business.

We undertake our work because we believe in
the strength of our company, of our business
and in the importance of what we do in helping
nations achieve their dual goals of economic

growth and protecting the environment.

sources, such as the sun, such exploited, creating waste, pollution

services are required to create and environmental degradation:
the commodities upon which we Sindicatum seeks to redress this
rely in order to live. As the global balance through the production of
economy continues to expand it long-term “sustainable resources”,
places demands on the planet which in order to help displace our
cannot be met. reliance on unsustainable sources.
Assaad Razzouk, CEO Sindicatum aims to help facilitate
Since the industrial revolution, the transition to a system which

natural capital has been gradually utilizes natural capital without
espite technological progress, depleted and commodities from depleting it.
the global economy remains
aquatic life to forests have become
entirely dependent on
increasingly scarce. What’s more, Sindicatum Renewable Energy
“natural capital” for its existence
such commodities are often Company is a developer, owner,
and growth. The planet’s natural produced from unsustainable, and operator of clean energy
capital includes all of the ecosystem fossil sources, which have a finite projects in key markets that are
services which we take for granted, life and in the case of fossil fuels, perennially short of electricity,
but are provided for free and create global environmental risk particularly in non-urbanized
without which our society could through climate change. areas.At the core of SREC’s track
not survive. Such services include record is the proven ability to
the provision of water, food, waste The traditional economic model identify, develop, invest, finance
decomposition, and fresh air. In of resource utilization is a linear and operate small-scale renewable
conjunction with direct energy process by which natural capital is energy projects in its target markets

Belaud the brilliance
Assaad Razzouk, CEO: Assaad is Group Chief Executive of Sindicatum Sustainable Resources. At Sindicatum,
Assaad is responsible for the overall strategy, stakeholder relationships and the project investments managed by
Sindicatum’s business units. Under Assaad’s leadership, Sindicatum has developed a portfolio of renewable energy
projects on a principal basis and established and grown business units in Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, Manila, New
Delhi, and Singapore. Assaad is also CEO of the Reneum Institute, a Singapore start-up intending to digitize and
democratize renewable energy; an Advisory Board member of Eco-Business; a Board member of EB Impact, the
Singaporean non-profit organization focused on delivering training and programs to Asia Pacific’s underserved
communities to generate positive sustainable development; host of The Angry Clean Energy Guypodcast; a
member of the International Council of the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine; and
an occasional contributor to the Huffington Post, Eco-Business, Forbes, the Independent, the Ecologist and others.

With his hands-on experience in clean energy combined with his other roles, Assaad is a high-profile thought
leader on climate change, clean energy and the UN climate talks with more than 130,000 followers on Twitter,
100,000 on Facebook, 135,000 on LinkedIn and widely-read newspaper columns.

Assaad is a graduate of Syracuse University (summa cum laude) and holds an MBA from Columbia University in
New York and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) HonorisCausa in Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and
International Cooperation from Teri University in India.

of South and South-East Asia. operate in difficult environments by will have an important influence on
A key feature of each of SREC’s involving local counterparties and the pricing of increasingly scarce
projects is a secure supply of fuel the skill to manage smaller assets resources such as energy, water,
which ensures its projects are cost-effectively. agricultural resources, and clean
not constrained in their ability to air. In an increasingly resource-
generate power or exposed to fuel Having developed and financed 17 constrained world, it is crucial to
price risk. renewable energy projects, SREC is work within environmental and
preparing to expand its asset base social limits and its Investment
Approval Process recognizes this.
A Leading Sustainable with the addition of a number of
development projects in South East
Resources Company Asia and India. Sindicatum:
The company’s key markets of
South and Southeast Asia are Sustainability is
perennially short of power and Sustainable Investing integral to our business
have adopted strong policies and Sustainability is crucial to Sindicatum recognizes that all
programs to promote renewable Sindicatum’s investment approach of its investments depend on its
energy development. A significant and to its ability to meet the relationships with a wide range
proportion of the build-out of expectations of its stakeholders – of stakeholders and, in particular,
renewable energy capacity in Sindicatum believes it has a direct the local communities where its
these markets will come from link to its long-term profitable projects are undertaken. The firm’s
distributed energy assets (5 to performance. The theme of business model, therefore, seeks to
50 MW projects). Such projects “resource scarcity” is central to meet, daily, the highest standards
require substantial knowledge of the firm’s strategy. Sindicatum’s of sustainability, governance, and
the relevant country’s social and investment thesis is based on the ethical investing, along with a strong
economic fabric, the ability to premise that such macro-trends emphasis on health and safety.
Innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency

for. It combines a visual cue with

a call-to-action, creating an action

Ensygnia’s innovative platform

allows you to easily brand and
personalize it. This is delivered to your
customer’s mobile app in real-time
— ensuring minimum friction across
the omnichannel. Better customer
Richard Harris experience means more advocates
Founder for your brand, resulting in a greater
share of the market.

User Experience
In this day and age consumers'
patience is nothing. Every extra

H Here are some of

istorically, “omnichannel” step, click, rule, Captcha, or security
has been used to mean a measure, results in a 40% drop in
single payment gateway Ensygnia’s solutions: your conversion. With this in mind,
for Online and In-store sales. everything Ensygnia does is optimized
And that’s been a novelty for Unified omnichannel to have the least number of steps
many retailers, as online and Add a dynamic Onescan code between desire and completion.
offline sales channels have to any device or a static one to Providing the best experience is one of
been in separate silos. Online printed material, to create a Ensygnia’s values. And, since designing
typically means the main secure mobile interaction be the first iteration of its solution in
website and offline typically that payment, verification or 2012, the company had plenty of
means in-store. Ensygnia's identity management. Ensygnia time to analyze, test and redefine
solutions sit at the heart of designed Onescan to sit the customer journey. The result is a
interaction, as its solution seamlessly alongside your siloed streamlined user experience that you
delivers sales more quickly, more legacy systems. It’s remarkably can control, adapt and change on-the-
often and by more channels. quick and easy to configure and fly.
The company’s flagship product integrate as needed. Clients
Onescan enables any call-to- would be able to accomplish The look, feel and overall user journey
action to become an instant more in a few days than others behaviors is all set up in Ensygnia’s
action to deliver beautiful do in weeks. The beauty of platform. This makes the update
simplicity, allowing consumers Onescan is it’s driven by a process quick and easy, leaving no
to interact securely online, in- range of transaction triggers. If need to wait for an app update.
store, or on-the-go. Moreover, a you’re just using mobile, it can The company can even pull in your
channel can be anything physical be one touch. If you’re using web content, making it securely
or digital and so, Ensygnia can your mobile to interact with the interactive and while reducing the
turn any call-to-action into omnichannel, then one scan is maintenance requirements for your
instant action. the thing you have been looking app content. Responses to triggers can

Meet the enterprising founder of Ensygnia, Richard Harris
Richard has always believed technology can help solve the world’s problems. He is a natural
entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and transforming game-changing technology
companies, such as Authenticon, Swivel Secure, Mobix, SAVortex, Clearswift and Tumbleweed.

be personalized to an individual or certification for its platform, app, Additionally, its data partners can
demographic; making A/B testing and SDK. Ensygnia is PCI Level 1 provide validation up to bank-grade
simple. In the background, the compliant (certified) and PSD2 Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti
platform links all of the systems ready. So, risk and cost are a non- Money Laundering (AML) standards
required instantly. issue to clients and partners as
you can immediately leverage Payment Data
Secure Payments the certifications. In many cases Payment data is just as secure, but
The payments market can be Ensygnia can completely remove Ensygnia does not store it or hold
daunting and confusing to anyone your systems from the scope, it on the mobile. Instead, it links
not regularly immersed in it. As dramatically reducing your costs. to compliant, industry-standard
a result, many companies have wallets, vaults or payment providers
adopted a “wait-and-see” approach. Identity such as ApplePay or PayPal. When
Unfortunately, this has been Ensygnia consolidates identity. It needed, credentials are sent directly
disastrous for some who are now achieves this by linking to a range to your payment processor or
being disrupted by online & mobile of providers and your systems. tokenized.
players moving into bricks and
mortar, while they’re faced with
store closures.

Fortunately, Ensygnia can give you

total peace of mind as it super-
aggregate across all payment
methods globally – the company
supports over 200+ payment
gateways including, ApplePay,
PayPal and Carrier Billing. Moreover,
Ensygnia is always integrating new
payment methods too. It handles all
the compliance so you don’t have to.
This not only provides you with the
best payment methods and rates for
your business but future-proofs you
against having to add new methods
or keep up with compliance
standards like PCI Level 1 and PSD2.

Compliant Security
“We have made it our mission to make consumers’ digital
Compliance lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan - a platform,
But because Ensygnia knows that mobile app and SDK - that turns a call-to-action into action
compliance can be a real headache, in seconds.”
it ticks all boxes by having full

InnerScope Hearing Technologies, Inc, a
Rapidly Expanding Consolidator of the Hearing
Aid Industry, Plans to Go Above and Beyond

“InnerScope Hearing Technologies is a technology-driven

company with highly scalable B2B and B2C solutions.”

ormal hearing is more direct-to-consumer distribution/ revolutionary APPs on the iOS
simple than it may appear. retail of hearing aids, personal and Android markets that are
Sound waves move through sound amplifier products, hearing solely dedicated to the hearing
the ear canal and pulse the ear related treatment therapies, impairment population around
drum, which then moves the doctor-formulated dietary hearing the world. A huge untapped
tiny bones inside the middle ear. supplements, and proprietary CDB market was created estimated to
They, in turn, tap the cochlea, a oil for treating tinnitus. It also owns be more than 30 million people
snail shell–looking structure that and operates eight audiological and in the US alone for (OTC) Hearing
contains thousands of delicate hairs retail hearing device clinics, and Aids as a result of recently passed
and fluid. The cochlea converts offers business to business SaaS- congressional legislation H.R.1652
mechanical signals into electrical based patient management system – Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act
ones, which it then passes to the software program. of 2017 (OTC).
auditory nerve, which transmits it
to the brain for processing. INND was incorporated in 2012 INND has a seasoned team of
and is headquartered in Roseville, professionals with collectively
But the ear presents a difficult California. over 200 years of experience in
engineering problem. If any
the hearing aid industry, including
of these parts are disrupted, a
person might lose some or all of InnerScope Hearing successful operations in hearing
aid manufacturing and retail store
their hearing. And what kind of Technologies: Synopsis management. The team members
intervention works best depends
have special skills in clinical
on which part is affected. Those
who lose hearing later in life, either
INND: Serving the Hearing audiology, extended warranty
due to a toxin, loud noise or simply Impaired Community and loss replacement insurance
as a part of aging, can be fitted with INND offers a B2B SaaS-based for hearing devices, office
hearing aids to amplify sounds. patient management system (PMS) management, clinical sales skills,
software program. In addition business and accounting, as well
In light of the foregoing, we’re to improving operations and as, all forms of retail marketing.
thrilled to present InnerScope communication with patients, the The team has the knowledge,
Hearing Technologies, Inc company also provides a Buying relationships, and the experience
(INND). Group experience for the audiology to quickly deploy new products and
practice enabling owners to software in the untapped markets
INND provides hearing aids and its lower product costs and increase of the 360 million people around
hearable and wearable personal their margins. INND competes in the globe that are hearing impaired.
sound amplifier products to retail the DTC (Direct-to-Consumer)
hearing aid dispensing community. markets– “Hearable”, “Wearable”, Moreover, INND plans to operate a
The company engages in the Personal Sound Amplification chain of audiological and hearing
provision of manufacturing and Product (PSAP). This also includes device clinics across the US.

“InnerScope and its team of dedicated
and highly skilled professionals are
very humble and proud to have been
recognized globally for developing
industry break-through achievements
for helping the tens of millions of
people to hear better.

INND: Recognized as the

2019 Best Hearing Aid

home. Additionally, through a
process of review, interview and
Matthew Ross Moore
CEO & President

Matthew Ross Moore: A

research by GHP, the company,
Manufacturer in the USA was also recognized for its Formidable Leader
Recently, INND was recognized
tireless work and dedication in
as the 2019 Biotechnology
helping to change millions of Matthew Ross Moore, also
Awards winner for the Best people’s lives with its continued known as Matt, serves as the
Hearing Aid Manufacturer in the advancements in Hearing Chief Executive Officer
USA and for its Innovation in Products and related Hearing and President at InnerScope
the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Treatment Therapies. Hearing Technologies, Inc. He
Hearing Aid Delivery Process
specializes in developing print
by Global Health & Pharma Steve Simpson, Awards and demographically tailored mail
magazine (GHP). The company Coordinator commented on campaigns, as well as monitoring
was nominated and recognized the awards and their deserving and consulting on key business
globally for its life-changing winners: “Through this awards performance indicators for all
innovations and developments programme, GHP honours a business especially for audiological
for helping the 1.2 billion range of companies active within practices. Mr. Moore has the ability
people worldwide that suffer the sector. It is with great pride and track record of consulting
from hearing loss. These that I congratulate InnerScope with businesses, as well as his
prestigious global awards were Hearing Technologies for its own business streamline efficacies
given to INND by GHP, a global hard work across the hearing from top to bottom to extract
information-sharing platform of aid development space and wish better performance from every
Human, Animal, Environmental the team the best of luck for the level of an organization. He has
Health, and Pharmaceutical future.” The awards were given been a Director at InnerScope
news with a readership of over in April this year. Hearing Technologies, Inc., since
260,000 wellness professionals June 18, 2012. He is also the third
and healthcare-related “InnerScope and its team generation in the hearing device
suppliers worldwide. of dedicated and highly industry and has literally grown up
skilled professionals are very around hearing aids. His expertise
INND’s award-winning DTC humble and proud to have is in the senior demographics and
Hearing Aid Delivery Process been recognized globally for customized market analysis for
allows the hearing impaired developing industry break- elderly related products, including
individual to have easy access through achievements for hearing aids across the United
to latest in high-quality helping the tens of millions States.
affordable hearing aids at of people to hear better,”
factory-direct pricing without said Matthew Moore, CEO Mr. Moore is a graduate of the
leaving the comfort of their InnerScope Hearing Technology. University of Phoenix with a
business management degree.
Your favourite restaurants and
takeaways, delivered straight
to your door – Deliveroo
Select what’s On the Menu and We Bring That to You

hen Deliveroo’s Thai in the evening, a salad at
founder and CEO lunch, or freshly scrambled
Will Shu moved to eggs for breakfast – the
London in 2013 he discovered company has got it covered.
a city full of great restaurants,
but he was amazed that so By constantly innovating and
few of them delivered food. He expanding, the firm offers the
made it his mission to bring best choice and convenience.
the best local restaurants It aims to bring great food
direct to people’s doors. direct to customers as fast
as possible, in less than 30
By offering fast and reliable minutes.
delivery which the customer
can track on their phone,
Deliveroo has seen revenue Driven by
William S, Co-founder & CEO
growth of over 650% year Technology
on year. Restaurants who Deliveroo was founded in the
partner with the firm see UK and it is proud to export
their revenue increase by up British-born technology
The Visionary leader to 30%, creating thousands of around the world. The
jobs in the restaurant sector. ‘Frank’ algorithm is based
William S. | Co-founder & CEO on powerful predictive
William is an expert in the field with The Customers technology that evaluates
20 years of experience and carries an Deliveroo is on a mission to the most efficient way of
MBA degree from the University of transform the way customers distributing orders based on
Pennsylvania – The Wharton School eat. A key ingredient of the location of restaurants,
its success is having the riders, and customers.
best selection of popular
restaurants to choose from. Machine learning helps
Whether people want a pad to predict the time it will

We offer you fast and reliable
which you can track on your

take to prepare a meal, helping to work with Governments in all It helps restaurants to set up
to streamline the delivery countries to make this happen. kitchens in new areas within
experience. Deliveroo has just 8-12 weeks, without the
already cut delivery time by Amazing Restaurants, upfront costs of a high-street
20%, meaning riders can premise. Deliveroo provides
complete more deliveries per Delivered restaurants with data insights
hour and increase their earnings, It is passionate about food and
bringing people evermore choice. so that they know which
restaurants can increase their
There are amazing restaurants cuisines will be popular in
sales, and – of course – customers
everywhere that it believes specific local areas - meaning
get their food even faster.
everyone should have access to. restaurants grow faster and
customers have a wider choice.
Working with the But Deliveroo’s mission is not
Riders only to make sure that the Whether it is a local restaurant
The company is proud to offer restaurants in your area are looking to expand, street food
well-paid, flexible work and its available to you when and where entrepreneurs seeking new
riders are at the heart of all that you want them – the firm wants customers, or a restaurant
it does. Their hard work powers to go further and bring new wanting to launch a new menu,
its growth, and without them, restaurants to your area so you Editions is designed to support
the company would be unable to have even more choice of amazing innovation.
bring its customers the best food food.
on demand while helping great
All this is what lies behind
local restaurants to grow. Deliveroo’s Editions platform
Deliveroo’s mission to bring
does exactly that: helping
Deliveroo cares about its riders, restaurants expand to new areas. customers a whole world of
and that’s why the firm was Editions identify the cuisines restaurant-quality food. Every
the first on-demand company that people want but do not have consumer’s version of amazing
to call for an end to the trade- access to locally and then invests is different, and its job is to
off between flexibility and in restaurants who excel in those ensure that they enjoy what
security that currently exists in foods to help them set-up in those they want, when they want it,
employment law. Deliveroo wants local areas. where they want it.



Delivering Customer Intelligence’:
Tresata, a Charlotte-based Company,
Solves Real-World Problems with Real-
World Data

“We set out to enable risk

practitioners across a
multitude of industries to
discover predictive insights at
scale against all the data at
their disposal.”

Abhishek Mehta
Co-founder & CEO

isk has historically been the that solves data problems. It also software enables businesses
backwater of analytics and provides identity, marketing, risk, to monetize customer data by
we think that is twisted. and fraud intelligence solutions. collecting, curating, computing,
There is no better choice an Tresata serves customers in the and converting it to customer
organization can make than arming States of North Carolina and New intelligence across all existing
risk practitioners with predictive York. and growing data assets and at a
analytics capabilities that they can segment of one.
apply against the largest breadth of The company was incorporated
enterprise data assets. There is also in 2011 and is headquartered in Tresata’s products include
probably no single business within Charlotte, North Carolina. OPTIMUS, TREK, TREE, ORION,
an organization with a bigger carte and PUMPD. It offers products for
blanche to go against all the data. identity intelligence, marketing
Tresata: Synopsis intelligence, risk intelligence, and
In light of the foregoing, we’re fraud intelligence.
thrilled to present Tresata. Features that Stand Out
Tresata among Competition Moreover, Tresata is the world’s first
Tresata provides technology Tresata develops a software end-to-end real-time CIM software
solutions. The company offers platform for real-time customer platform that completely runs in
cloud-first automation software intelligence management. Its Hadoop and delivers actionable

insight at scale, with speed and for any company that wishes to PUMPD: Intelligence Delivery
unmatched fidelity. monetize their ever-expanding Engine
data assets, especially as they pour In an ‘always on’ world, the end
Products: Overview it all into Hadoop. TREE has been goal of monetizing customer
Data is the new asset, Tresata extensively tested on the consumer, intelligence is held hostage by
Optimus its operating system. corporate, real estate, and product unreliable ‘sometimes on’ back,
records to process and curate all middle and front-office systems.
TREK: Data Inventory Engine data in Hadoop across multiple Tresata engineered the solution
Moved messy data into Hadoop but internal and external sources and with a Hadoop-powered real-time
can’t find the guts of its true value? resolve entities to a segment of read efficient data delivery system.
one. With TREE, enterprises align
TREK rapidly profiles and the entire data universe it runs on PUMPD serves as the perfect
inventories as-is data stored to correctly identified, matched System of Record and delivers,
and resolved segments of 1, the feeds and automates the
in Hadoop across all rows and
foundational enabler to monetize intelligence discovery and delivery
columns to create an informed
Big Data™. process across all customer
view of all valuable enterprise data
feeds stored in HDFS. With TREK channels—social, mobile, cloud
ORION: Relationship Discovery and earth. We also bundled it with
you’ll measure input data against a
Engine powerful pre-packaged ‘storage
rigorous Data Quality Benchmark
Explore unseen connections, schemes’ that can be driven by
and build a robust Data Dictionary
uncovering intelligence that people, organizations, products or
even without any existing data
might be the missing link to objects and both a JAVA and REST
the bigger story behind your API for seamless integration.
data. ORION is a relationship
TREE: Entity Resolution Engine discovery, traversal and querying
Mass segmentation is dead. Clearly engine that has the ability to mine, Solutions: Overview
see your customers with the first represent and algorithmically Identity Intelligence: Know Your
software product ever to create process any network dynamic in Customers Better Than They Know
a total view of the customer in real-time. Themselves
Hadoop. In its 4th generation, TREE
features an incredibly powerful ORION provides the one Identity is central to customer
entity resolution algorithm that intelligence discovery application analytics, insight discovery and
creates the only true total view of every data scientist is currently intelligence delivery. Tresata’s
the customer at a segment of one. dreaming about. And when fed Identity Intelligence solution offers
with data that holds connections the only true end-to-end total
TREE features industry-leading between unique entities, it comes view of customer software that
data configuration, curation into its own as a business. can seamlessly collect data from
and resolution algorithms all internal and external sources,
that when pre-loaded with There isn’t a data problem that curate data fields from a variety
Tresata’s proprietary DataIndex, can’t benefit from taking an ‘out- of customer files, computationally
automatically output incredibly of-the-box’ (literally) perspective align all relevant and recent
accurate and resolved customer driven by relationships between variables to a unique segment
hierarchies across consumer, people, places and things and their of one and then feed the same
corporate, product and asset data inherent but otherwise unseen to front-office and back-office
classes. interconnections. When done at systems. Fuse together customer
scale, across the population and in data across product, household,
TREE has become a pre-requisite real-time, it is revolutionary. That transaction, loyalty, social and
must-have big data capability is ORION. geospatial systems.

Marketing Intelligence: Segment- Risk Intelligence: Making Risk false positives that catch a few and
Of-One Product and Service Proactive Not Reactive let go a lot. When Tresata set out to
Experiences for Every Customer build its Fraud Intelligence solution,
Tresata’s Risk Intelligence Solution it sought to build something so
Deliver hyper-personalized, enables risk practitioners across a
intelligent, adaptive and fast that it
relevant and timely product, multitude of industries to discover
service and user experiences predictive insights at scale against would transform how transactional
at every stage of the customer all the data at their disposal. fraud is managed across the
journey. Tresata’s Omnichannel Enabling a capability that is not ecosystem. This solution not only
Marketing Intelligence solution just enterprise data ready, but also automates the fraud detection
uses a combination of machine real-time with precise data inputs problem by using advanced energy-
learning, context relevancy and aligned by the specific business based modeling approaches that
business process automation to opportunity they are modeling for, intelligently pre-identify fraud
understand fine-grained customer on both ends of the propensity and instances before they occur, but
behavior. This solution is API ready probability spectrum.
also dramatically improves the
for easy integration with all existing
customer channels, providing a Fraud Intelligence: Protecting the efficiency of human middle office
competitive advantage driven by World, One Bad Transaction at a and front office functions managing
unprecedented customer insight Time the exhaust of transactions that
with advanced Big Data analytics. should have been classified as fraud
Leverage that insight to drive We do not like a fraud – absolutely by the software, but were not.
customer engagements across all hate it actually. And we can assure
channels including online, in-store, you that except the bad guys
social and mobile. Deliver engaging perpetrating it, every organization,
experiences throughout the entire person and industry feels the same
buyer’s journey to build brand way about it. Yet even the best
loyalty. fraud solutions in the market have

“Tresata’s mission has always

been centered around a belief
that if all decisions ever made
were in the best interest of the
general population, the world
would generally be a better
Securing the world’s identity: LoginRadius

nternet-based services have The LoginRadius Identity Platform it easy and enjoyable for people to
made life easier and more helps companies securely manage be your customers, you will pull in
convenient for billions of customer identities and data more revenue and stay competitive.
people across the globe. Whether to deliver a unified customer
it’s paying utility bills, shopping experience. The company offers Customer Trust
online for groceries, booking suites of modules to serve In the past few years, consumers
movie tickets, or making dinner businesses from startups to have gotten a big wake-up call
reservations, most of us cannot Fortune 500 enterprises with about the value of their personal
imagine a time when none of these hundreds of millions of users. data and the risks they run if it’s
were available. However, using leaked, stolen, or misused. High-
such services requires the personal The two fundamentals profile hacks and breaches have
identities of users to be registered generated widespread awareness
with the service provider and that of CIAM that drive of just how negligent companies
could include sensitive information growth and value for can be. And customers are much
like banking details and physical
address. LoginRadius is a leader
businesses: more cautious about which brands
they do business with. Stringent
in providing innovative solutions consumer privacy legislation such
for corporations looking to Customer Experience
as the General Data Protection
secure their customers’ private Not too long ago, websites were
Regulation (GDPR) is spreading
information. a novelty. Smartphones were
to new jurisdictions, and even the
a luxury. Voice assistants were
largest companies aren’t exempt
The company was established with science fiction. Now, dozens
of digital channels have gone from significant fines. If customers
the vision of securing the identity don’t trust your business to protect
of every person on the internet. mainstream, and a purely brick-
and-mortar business is a rarity. their data and accounts, they’ll
Over a few short years, it has find another one. The digital world
grown exponentially from a simple To succeed, companies need to
pay close attention to customer makes it easy for them to switch
social login provider to a multi- providers.
faceted, industry-leading customer experience, the sum total of digital
identity and access management and in-person interactions that
a customer has with a brand. So start with identity. Start with
(CIAM) platform.
At baseline, good customer the advanced technology and
experience needs to work, to expert knowledge that comes with
the LoginRadius Identity Platform.
“Drive Growth with deliver products and services with
Every step in the login process,
minimal fuss. And if a company
Our Innovative wants to pull out and stay ahead, from registration to authentication
Customer Identity that experience needs to be to password recovery, can tell your
remarkable. Integrated.Personal. customer how vigilant you are
and Access about data privacy and security.
Solution.” Customers know what a delightful Multi-Tenant Cloud
experience feels like because they A multi-tenant deployment uses
are already interacting with the one instance of the LoginRadius
world’s best—Google, Amazon, Identity Platform on a cloud server
Apple, Microsoft. If a company’s to accommodate multiple clients.
user experience doesn’t make the The application is shared and
grade, it’s easy for people to switch each client has its own separate
brands. But if you can pull off a databases to store customer
digital transformation that makes profiles.

Meet the enterprising
CEO & Co-founder of LoginRadius, Rakesh Soni
With a passion for business and creativity, Rakesh has been
instrumental in growing LoginRadius from a startup to a
leading provider of customer identity management
solutions serving over 700 million users. Rakesh has
an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of
Technology and an MSc from the University of Alberta.

Rakesh Soni, CEO & Co-founder

A Fully Managed Platform maintenance, configuration, hinder a consumer brand. If

Building an identity solution and security. You’ll get quality systems can’t accommodate all the
in-house or even running a third- service without the demand people who want to register and
party service on your own servers on your resources. And your log in at a given time, there’s no
has limitations. There’s time- solution is future-proofed because guarantee that they’ll come back.
consuming upkeep on hardware, LoginRadius invests heavily in
software, security, and privacy. R&D by continually adding more With its cloud infrastructure,
And your engineers will always be advanced capabilities and keeping LoginRadius can instantly add
playing catch-up on advancements capacity for more customers as
up with security and privacy
in CIAM technology and best your business grows. The company
practices. has an automated active-failover
setup that ensures your identity
The company’s cloud-hosted Scalability and Performance service is always available. Get
Identity Platform eliminates those Limited capacity, application unmatched uptime and system
limitations. LoginRadius identity downtime, and lagging system performance from a worldwide
experts take care of application performance can significantly network of cloud servers.

“We help companies do more with
their data every day”: SQream

Qream Technologies is the times and enabling previously
company behind SQream unobtainable business intelligence.
DB, the fastest GPU- With SQream, raw data is analyzed
accelerated data warehouse. directly, enabling data scientists
With minimum cost, hardware and BI analysts to ask more
and infrastructure changes questions about more data from a
required, SQream enables variety of perspectives without the
businesses to easily ingest, store need for arduous preparation.
and analyze tens to hundreds of
terabytes of data and beyond,
with ease, in near real-time.
Why SQream DB?
SQream DB is a GPU Data
Warehouse built for massive data
SQream DB harnesses the
sets and complex SQL queries.
power of thousands of parallel
The company can solve problems
processing cores in a cost-
that your current database wasn’t
effective GPU. This power
designed for.
provides an efficient alternative
to classic MPP (parallel) data
“SQream helps us to keep pace with
warehouses. With SQream DB,
rapidly increasing data usage and
the power of a full-rack database Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO
translate that data into real benefits
machine is condensed into a
for our customers.”
standard 2U server, handling access to a world of never-before- - SuppachaiPanichayunon, Head of
petabytes with ease. SQream DB is seen insights. Led by founders Ami Solution Design and Architect, AIS
designed with simplicity in mind, Gal and RaziShoshani, SQream’s
to fit in almost any IT environment, management brings a deep “With our aim to be future-ready,
and usable by anyone with even understanding of enterprise data SQream helps us reduce the query
basic SQL knowledge. analytics, as well as over 20 years time and create value for our
of technological and business customers.”
Delivering a major technology boost experience. - Ajit Singh, Sr. VP Engineering,
speed- scale- flexibility and capacity
ACL Mobile
wise, requiring much less hardware
and no special skill sets – translates Simplicity and
into the most cost-effective big performance at scale Fastest GPU-accelerated
data analytics solution available in SQream works using broadly SQL query engine
the market. The software can be adopted production standards like SQream DB is designed for
implemented on-premise, on the SQL, Java, and Python. Consequently, the biggest, most intense SQL
cloud or as a hybrid combination of it integrate easily with industry- queries. Its patented architecture
both. standard connectors. SQream DB detaches the storage from GPU-
can run on-premise or in the cloud. accelerated compute. This lets you
Leading organizations in telecom, scale data sizes up, or scale compute
retail, healthcare, finance and SQream DB integrates seamlessly up and down without redesigning
additional industries around the into enterprises’ MPP ecosystems the entire system. SQream DB is
world use SQream DB to accelerate - whether on-premise or in the a columnar, massively parallel
business intelligence and gain cloud - drastically reducing query data warehouse, so it can handle

We “
have redefined
big data analytics with
SQream DB, a complementary
SQL data warehouse harnessing
the power of GPU to enable
fast, flexible, and cost-efficient
analysis of massive datasets
of terabytes to

incredibly complex SQL

analytic queries, even

available, with a built-in
load balancer and metadata
The founders’ desk
when data size is in the administration. Its extensive Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO: Ami Gal,
petabytes. role-based permission a serial entrepreneur, is the CEO and Co-
system gives your database founder of SQream. He brings more than 20
SQream DB’s highly administrators full access years of technology industry expertise and
automated query compiler
control. executive management experience to his role
and optimizer gets queries
running, fast - with a with the company.
powerful columnar engine, Unparalleled ease-of-
Prior to SQream, Ami was Vice President of
automatic partitioning, use
adaptive compression, Business Development at Magic Software
SQream DB lets you focus
and automatic transparent (NASDAQ: MGIC) where he generated new
on your data, rather than
metadata collection. growth engines around high performance
managing it. Its highly
and complex data integration environments.
automated compiler selects In addition, over the last decade, Ami has
ACID-compliant, the right query plan and invested in and served on the boards of
with high availability data arrangement for several startups, as well as mentoring
SQream DB has a unique the best performance. founders in startup programs including IBM
shared-data architecture, Installation is a breeze and Smartcamp, Seedcamp, and KamaTech.
that can support an
can be performed in under
unlimited number of
an hour, and its Load-and-Go RaziShoshani, Co-founder & CTO:
users. This architecture
allows many compute technology means SQream An expert in scalable multi-platform high-
nodes to operate on the DB can load up to 3TB/ performance server products, Razi brings over
same data simultaneously, hour/GPU out-of-the-box. 20 years of unique technology experience to
without queueing up. Data is ready for querying SQream Technologies. Razi serves as the CTO
SQream DB is built immediately, with superior at SQream and is responsible for SQream’s
by design to be highly ad-hoc performance. next-generation technology innovation.

SEO, and developing integrated
marketing strategies that give
clients the competitive edge in their

Trighton Interactive offers a

complete range of online marketing
services, from search engine
optimization to videography,
branding and content creation
and while the company is adept in
these individual disciplines, what
sets it apart as a digital agency is a
holistic approach and vision of the
unlimited possibilities of online

By blending advanced technologies

with proven online marketing
strategies, Trighton Interactive helps
you gain a competitive advantage
in the rapidly changing online
Jody Resnick, CEO marketplace. The company’s team
of experts will transform integrated
online marketing simple for you
with intelligent, collaborative
strategy development and execution,
The Orlando Internet careful monitoring of impact,
ongoing analysis and interpretation

Marketing Expert
of data, data-based enhancements,
and updating and managing of all
integrated channels.

Trighton Interactive Areas of Internet

Marketing Expertise
Trighton has been recognized for its
outstanding achievement in website
‘Making It Happen’ is in its DNA
design and development, and the
team members have individually

been honored for their expertise
fter 16+ years of diverse team has grown to include many
in SEO, content development,
experience on both the leading Orlando Internet marketing
videography, and website
“client-side” and “agency side” experts. functionality and usability.
of the internet marketing business,
its founder and CEO, Jody Resnick, Boom! The result of this alchemy is The company appreciates the
decided to launch a new digital Trighton Interactive, a full-service accolades and awards and
agency that would combine the digital agency recognized as a leader constantly strives for excellence in
strength of his marketing expertise in creating award-winning websites, its disciplines; passion is in helping
with the power of emerging, dominating the mobile ecosystem, its clients achieve optimal results.
advanced technologies. Trighton’s getting clients’ websites to the top By always staying on top of today’s
first 6 years went by quickly and our of Google with advanced Orlando best practices and trends in SEO


and Responsive Web Design, quality content related to
the firm envisions how clients’ your practice areas, improved
brands can achieve successful website architecture, attention
results for the foreseeable to review sites, and updated
future and have the technical directory submissions, among
skills and marketing savvy to other advanced, strategic SEO
bring the vision to fruition. updates, will increase your
site’s organic search engine
Trighton leverages its internet rankings and visibility, attract
marketing expertise, based new high-value clients, and
on fifteen years of successful position your firm for success
Orlando SEO experience now and in the future.

We are an and results from partnering

with businesses, to improve The Man behind the
your website’s visibility and
thereby increase your leads, Plan
business, and revenue. Get

SEO & started today with a free

Orlando website SEO analysis
Jody Resnick | Chief
Executive Officer

and recommendations for Jody Resnick, founder, and
improving your website’s CEO of Trighton Interactive
performance. has been helping companies

build their business online
since 1999. Jody’s experience
Advanced Law Firm
on both the “client-side”

experts SEO
Your law firm’s search engine
optimization and rankings can
and “agency side” of
internet marketing brings

and a
a well-rounded, innovative
have a direct impact on your perspective to Trighton’s
reputation, and on the number strategic planning process.

of new clients for your firm. Jody’s firsthand understanding
When it comes to SEO for of overarching client goals
attorneys, if you don’t control and objectives provides our

Orlando your reputation and image

on the internet, someone else
will. The question is not can
team with deep insight into
the unique needs of every
client while balancing the
web design you afford SEO. The question
is: can you afford not to
competing interests of internal
stakeholders. At Trighton, Jody

control your online reputation. leads all facets of strategic
development, product
Trighton’s advanced Attorney research, and execution to

SEO services exclusively for develop integrated campaigns
lawyers are proven successful for our clients as a true
and will help you establish Orlando marketing expert.
a powerful web presence
for your firm. The company
conducts comprehensive
research and selects hyper-
local targeted keywords and
phrases that are specific not
only to your law firm but
to your neighborhood. High-

The Providers of Innovation for
Healthcare Practice - PATIENTPOP
People, Process, and Technology

Luke Kervin, Co-founder & Co-CEO

ehind every exceptional platform in 30 days or less.
product in healthcare is Then, your Customer Success

“We have an
the right team of people Manager ensures your satisfaction
bringing it to life. The company and monitors your progress,
has a blend of experiences that sending performance updates, and
drives innovation and establishes
a company’s depth of knowledge,
adjusting strategy when needed.
The PatientPop Support team is
diversity of thought, and empathy
for the customer.
also available to assist, quickly
responding to your questions and
team at
PatientPop has lived this philosophy
ensuring you stay on the forefront
of digital innovation.
since its inception. Now, its team
of 400 people (and growing Technology
focused on
each week) is a collaboration of
experienced healthcare executives
PatientPop drives results for
practices with a platform we’ve
and a mission
and experts from across industries. designed specifically for providers,
All dedicated to bringing brilliance focusing on the critical areas of
to providers, so they can thrive
amid today’s challenges and
tomorrow’s ever-changing trends.
practice growth, from a superior
web presence and SEO to proven to improve
content marketing strategies.

The Process Every digital touchpoint is

Whether you’ve just joined optimized for both desktop and
PatientPop or have been with it for mobile and ensures a modern,
years, its dedicated staff focuses on convenient HIPAA-compliant
each stage of your practice growth. experience. As your practice
It begins with an Implementation grows, the firm leverages its
Manager who gets you ready and proprietary data to determine the
launched onto the PatientPop right strategies, while continually

evolving its cloud-based offerings, top-performing medical website office visit, with a method that
to keep you one step ahead of the and optimized online profiles, encourages patients to quickly
changing digital landscape. Speck Health saw 120% more new provide feedback and share their
patient appointments and a big positive experiences online.
The Products Offered boost in search traffic.
Greater patient connection
by the Company Appointment confirmations and and efficiencies: When the
reminders: Send perfectly timed PatientPop platform integrates
Website & SEO: Having a patient reminders by email and with your EMR, enhanced online
nice-looking medical website isn’t text alert, and easily track patient scheduling and appointment
enough to grow your business. confirmations. Keep your schedule reminders drive more patient
PatientPop powers your practice full and in balance, saving time and visits, while more patient feedback
with a high-performance site resources. requests help improve your online
that uses the best search engine reputation. All executed by a team
optimization (SEO) for your Practice growth dashboard: that knows how to integrate with
specialty and services. Gain unprecedented insights your system quickly.
with the PatientPop practice
Enhanced web presence: growth dashboard, displaying Virginia dentist doubles new
Boost your visibility online with your appointment requests, patient growth with Dentrix
practice and provider profiles search rankings, patient reviews, integration. When Allegra Dental
that are correct, complete, and marketing ROI, practice growth integrated PatientPop into their
consistent across Google, dozens metrics, and much more. Dentrix calendar, scheduling
of healthcare websites, and online became more efficient and new
directories. patient appointment requests
Chicago podiatrist
jumped 102%.
streamlines services track
Social media, blogs, and
advertising: Attract and engage explosive ROI: To promote Online scheduling: With its
new services, this multi-location
more patients across Google+, easy online booking available
podiatry practice moved from
Facebook, Twitter, and even your across the web, visitors convert
multiple vendors to PatientPop.
blog, with content it customizes into patients anywhere they find
for your practice. you. When it integrates with your
Patient satisfaction scheduling system, patients see
Seattle cardiology practice surveys: Send surveys your availability in real-time, for
doubles new patients: With a automatically after every greater ease and convenience.

The Founding Fathers

Luke Kervin | Co-founder & Co-CEO

Luke oversees all aspects of strategy, operations, and product development at PatientPop. The company is the
third successful business venture for Luke. Before co-founding PatientPop, he co-founded and was the president of
ShopNation, and was also the first executive hire at StarBrand Media. Luke holds a business degree specializing in
commerce and finance from the University of Toronto.

Travis Schneider | Co-founder & Co-CEO

Travis oversees all aspects of strategy, sales, and business development at PatientPop. Before co-founding the
company, Travis co-founded and served as the CEO of ShopNation. He also co-founded and served as the CEO of
StarBrand Media. Travis holds an Honors degree in Business and Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is
also a two-time recipient of the KPMG Enterprise Entrepreneur Award.
Multi-CloudPlatform-as-a-Service Provider - Jelastic
Deploy, scale and manage applications without the complexity

The Leader
Ruslan Synytsky | CEO & Co-founder
CEO and Co-founder of JelasticPaaS, a company that delivers turnkey business
multi-cloud platform for MSPs, Telcos and hosting providers. The product solves
development and operation (DevOps) problems of SMBs, ISVs, and Enterprises by
delivering highly-available clustered solutions with enhanced automatic vertical
and horizontal scaling for legacy (monolith) and cloud-native (microservice)

He is an expert in large-scale distributed applications and enterprise

platforms. He has designed the core technology of the Platform-as-a-
Service that runs millions of containers across a decentralized network
of independent data center providers worldwide. Designed and
created solutions for the National Data Center (NDC) and the National
Antarctic Scientific Centre (NASC) of Ukraine. He was also one of the
key engineering leads at the National Space Agency of Ukraine and
he is focusing on the development of cutting edge cloud solutions
and business relations around it.

Ruslan Synytsky, CEO & Co-founder

elastic is a Multi-Cloud Cloud Application software installation, clusterization,
DevOpsPaaS for ISVs, telcos, scaling and updates
service providers and
enterprises needing to speed up DevOps: Integrated DevOps
development, reduce the cost of IT Platform-as-a-Service: PaaS tools within a single platform
infrastructure, improve uptime and with support of Java, PHP, Node. for easy application deployment,
security. The platform automates js, Ruby, Python, Docker and lifecycle management, continuous
creation, scaling, clustering and Kubernetes, available as public, integration, and delivery
security updates of cloud-native private on-premise, virtual private,
and traditional applications. Jelastic hybrid and multi-cloud Containers: System and
has a unique pay-as-you-use pricing application containers
model and is available as public, SaaS: Offering SaaS with the orchestration with advanced multi-
private, hybrid and multi-cloud in help of packaging standard and tenant Docker and Kubernetes
about 60 data centers worldwide. CloudScripting that automate clusters hosting

Billing: Built-in billing integrated with MariaDB/MySQL
WHMCS, Cleverbridge, OSA, as well as
ability to connect own custom billing
Database clusterization is an obligatory
solution through open API
requirement for highly loaded production
applications to ensure data availability
Storage: Fault-tolerant Software- and high performance. However, the
Defined Storage on the infrastructure configuration of a reliable cluster is
level. Elastic block, file and object not a trivial task even for experienced
storage on application level developers and system administrators. For
solving this problem, Jelastic introduced “We are a
Monitoring: Out-of-the-box
out-of-the-box clustering for MariaDB
monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, and MySQL to make applications highly
storage, IO with alert notifications, available by default.
as well as load tracking on the
infrastructure level
PHP Cloud Hosting with
Network: Secure isolated networking
with VXLAN encapsulation based on
JelasticPaaS: Code, Deliver,
and our
distributed virtual switching technology,
tunable firewalls
PHP is considered one of the easiest
to use server-side scripting languages.
PaaS is
Multi-Cloud: The platform is
Its usage for websites (top 10 million
by Alexa rank) is steadily growing and available
within a
available as public, private, hybrid currently reached 83.5%. The popularity
and multi-cloud within a distributed of PHP engine is also proven by Jelastic
network of local service providers and customers, getting 47.6% among other
global cloud vendors, as well as can be
installed on bare metal infrastructure
programming languages due to software
stacks statistics of the previous year. distributed
network of
for gaining maximum performance and
efficiency PHP cloud hosting within Jelastic PaaS,
its chief peculiarities, winning points, and
Java Cloud Hosting:
Elasticity and Flexibility
rich possibilities provided for the efficient
running of applications. global and
in a Turnkey PaaS
Currently multilingual, Jelastic
Kubernetes Cloud Services
• Easily containerize existing
local cloud
PaaS was initially created as pure
Java Cloud and still maintains a
applications and run hyper scalable
microservices keeping them resilient
primary focus on this programming to failures
language. The maturity of the • Provision purpose-driven disposable
platform technology was recognized clusters allowing full ownership and
by Java community with Duke’s avoiding resource conflicts between
Choice Award already twice development teams
(in 2012 and 2018). This guide • Get extra savings due to more efficient
acquaints you with the distinctive resource utilization with elastic
features of Java hosting within the containers
Jelastic platform and lets you • Implement CI/CD automation and
easily get started with a broad develop at a higher level of speed in
functionality list. shorter release cycles

Connecting Brands to Consumers through Great Customer
Service Experiences: OnPoint Warranty Solutions LLC

nPoint Warranty was Early on, the executive team realized its team, the latest omni channel
launched to revolutionize the that the warranty and service technology and a closely vetted,
industry. The team consists business was experiencing an high-touch service provider
of product service veterans with evolution. Emerging technologies network, it could leapfrog other
100+ years of in-field experience like IoT and 24x7 connectivity warranty service providers by
in the manufacturing, insurance, through smart devices have driving exceptionally better
warranty, field service, and transformed the way consumers consumer service experiences. By
technology verticals. The team’s buy, the way they communicate, focusing on seamlessly connecting
resume includes managing warranty and the way they evangelize or manufacturers, retailers and service
and contract programs, field service demonize a product, a service, or an providers to consumers through
teams, and service administration experience. great service experiences, the
technology at companies ranging company can drive value for both
from Samsung and AIG to GE, Sears, OnPoint determined that if it could its clients and their customers.
ServicePower, Harbor Freight, to capitalize on this consumer shift This strategy requires flipping the
Service Net and Asurion. and tap into the vast experience of service paradigm on its proverbial
The Leader and the Creator
Chris Smith, CEO: Chris was appointed CEO, OnPoint Warranty in
2018. Before OnPoint Warranty, he was the Vice President of Service
Operations at Samsung. His responsibilities included service fulfillment
for Major Appliance, Television, Mobile Phones, and Wearables.
Before Samsung, Chris was President and equity holder of Service Net
Warranty which was acquired by AIG in 2012, when he transited to Vice
President,Customer Experience at AIG Warranty. Chris was responsible
for providing warranty and extended service plan administration and
service to the world’s most respected brands. With more than 30 years of
experience in consumer service and retail operations, he also served as
Founder and CEO of ServicePower Field Service Solutions and President of
GE Warranty Management. Chris has had the opportunity to construct and
Chris Smith, CEO execute service delivery programs for companies such as Apple, Google,
GE, Dell, CDW, NewEgg, and HP where customer experience programs
drive the lifetime value of the customer.

Rob Christian, Founder, and President: Rob is a proven business

leader with a solid track record of growing and transforming B2C and B2B
service businesses. He has a strong blend of sales, strategy and operations
experience. President and Founder of OnPoint Warranty, Rob is a licensed
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and has been in the warranty
industry since 1994. Rob began his career in warranty with GE Appliances
and then went to Sears where he turned around the profitability of the
largest aftermarket program in history.

Rob was a Founding Member and VP Operations of Service Net Solutions

(now AIG Warranty). After Service Net, he was instrumental in the creation
and initial roll-up of Encompass Supply Chain Solutions. Rob then led the
restructure of the extended warranty program at Harbor Freight Tools. In
2015, Rob launched OnPoint Warranty to focus on consulting and strategy.
Rob Christian, Founder & President In early 2018, Rob joined forces with Chris Smith to establish OnPoint as a
global, full-service, technology-based warranty administrator, field service
experience provider and licensed insurance brokerage.
head, focusing on the end-consumer recurring revenue and repeat to meet each customer where and
first. By offering solidly backed sales by connecting at multiple when they need help.
warranties and service contracts, points with their customers and
comprehensive home warranty by using product service and
products and offering on-demand new technologies to offer service
Future Plans
OnPoint is on the cusp of launching
coverage options that appeal to options perfectly fit for each unique
both traditional homeowners and a subscription service product
consumer relationship.
millennials who are much more which provides consumers the
focused on smart and high tech ability to customize product service
The consumers, clients and
products than washers and dryers, OnPoint’s service network have through bundling service contract,
OnPoint helps consumers maximize responded very positively to its home warranty and on demand
product lifecycles. This same strategy. A consumer can customize services based on their unique
strategy, when paired with real-time coverage for products on which they needs. It makes protecting products
connectivity to a technology-enabled need service support. Retailers and in the home easy and getting
service network drives brand loyalty OEMs can capture a bigger piece of support from its team of customer
and repeat sales for OnPoint’s the wallet by offering more product avengers even easier. This is game-
clients. By relying on OnPoint to services, on a variety of multi-brand changing for the industry.
care for the end-consumer, its retail products outside their footprints,
and manufacturing clients can focus driving loyalty. Service providers
on producing, marketing and selling can expand their offerings and
their products, trusting OnPoint to
bring consumers back again and
build personal relationships with
“We provide global
again based on great post-purchase
service and support. By offering consumers the ability to
Fundamentally, OnPoint was created
customize bundles inclusive of the extended
service contract, home warranty
to connect its clients’ brands to
consumers through dynamic
and on-demand services OnPoint warranties and
products and service experiences
Warranty is revolutionizing the
industry! service contracts,
designed to reduce risk, increase
efficiency, delight customers & home warranties,
Driving Better Customer
improve bottom lines.
service fulfillment
Using Technology OnPoint considers every team and logistics.
member who has the opportunity
and Customization to to touch a consumer as a ‘Customer Our products are
Personalize Service Avenger’. The firm even has
Fulfillment incorporated a cape into its logo. designed to drive
In today’s world of instant The call center and support
agents, as well as third-party
great, branded
gratification and digital
communications, consumer service providers, are empowered service experiences
expectations of product service and encouraged to be customer
providers have dramatically shifted, avengers every day. It’s a foundation for consumers,
of the company culture and a key
as have products in the home.
Consumers now want the ability performance metric for everyone. while to reducing
to customize a mix of service and
maintenance contracts, home The firm recognizes that consumers
risk, increasing
warranties and on-demand services want to communicate with it
over any device, any time. To that
efficiency, and
to maximize and personalize their
product services. end, it has assembled a global, improving our
omnichannel service management
To that end, OnPoint is laser focused platform configured to deliver client’s bottom line.”
on enabling retailers, OEMs and positive customer experiences and
service providers to maximize futher enable its service avengers


Creating interactive videos with immersive depth

KERV Interactive

T In conversation with the

hey say pictures speak a we cracked the code with a non-
thousand words. While it intrusive yet intuitive experience
is true that a picture does CEO of KERV Interactive, that provides accesses to on-
provide greater detail about an Jon Flatt demand information in the video
object than a written description frame.
about it, what if pictures (or videos) Why was the company set
could really speak and provide all This means that while users can still
up? And how did you expand
the minute details and nuances click out of the video to get more
about everything contained in them? your company and its information or purchase items,
offerings over the years? they can also get the majority of
While this does seem like something The company was set up after patent information without leaving the
from a science-fiction blockbuster, a was approved for the purpose original page of interest. Thus, the
company named KERV Interactive is of furthering tech development video is now a version of the client’s
actually making it a reality. Using its towards a fully automated website in the original frame. We
own patented video technology and interactive video platform, “Radius,” have found that users love this as it
leveraging the power of machine and a go-to-market strategy that creates a new level of convenience
learning, KERV makes videos highly provides a dramatic increase in to get information about a product,
interactive by identifying objects in value for all in-stream/out-stream brand or talent without leaving the
the videos and allowing viewers to video advertisers. original point of interest.
explore details about them on the
internet. Moreover, viewers can also We have expanded the company The performance data collected for
navigate to a shopping website to on both the tech side and the sales these user interactions have shown
check out the objects in the video. side. Before going to market, we to be incredibly valuable. Users can
extensively tested the now get information at the point
technology through the of origin and make a decision if
network we built called they would like to click out. KERV’s
the DEN (Dimensional engagement rates, including click-
Engagement Network) through-rates, have been unmatched
– the purpose of this in the history of in-stream video
was to figure out user advertising.
adoption. After about
30 million unique users, We developed our technology to be
and 10 different versions agnostic across all video players and
of the user experience, screens. We included interactive

KERV is a revolutionary
patented video technology that allows users to
experience video content on their terms.

Jon Flatt, CEO

screen matching technology that not under-fund the business or provides incremental value well
allows you to use your smartphone development of the technology. over the current standard
to engage with separate screens However, it is important to be • Incredible customer service.
including televisions. creative and not to look to money as
your only option for growth. What is the feedback you
What challenges did you face have received from your
in your initial years? How successful was your customers?
Vision: A clear and focused vision first project rollout? At this point, we have a 100%
on what you want to achieve with an We developed interactive-supported retention rate with our clients.
unwavering belief in the vision. Vast/Vpaid wrappers, embed When advertisers experience the
and RSS distribution. This was a increased value in comparison to
Challenge of building the long, difficult project with many standard in-stream video ads, they
culture – (principles): Building hurdles along the way. To name keep working with us.
a company from the ground up one challenge – getting the user
is an incredibly difficult thing experience that was resignation to However, on the sales side, we have
to do. Building a culture based work with all video players was a made many adjustments along the
upon three core principles is key. difficult task. It took quite a bit of way as we offer a very disruptive
Effective communication, mutual time and effort, but we got it done. technology that is changing the
accountability, and mutual respect paradigm of the industry.
are the cornerstones to a highly If you had to list the biggest
productive, engaged team that can assets to your company, The current industry measure of
take on big challenges and win. what would they be? value for a video ad is a completed
view and was the video actually in
Challenge of focus and flexibility Vision: This is the driving force view on the user screen. It’s a very
– (WIN): Whatever is important behind everything we do. Our vision low bar and there is really no way of
now. It is crucial to stay focused on is to change the video and television knowing the ad was viewed or if the
the projects and task the lead to viewer paradigm throughout the user was interested. While some ads
short-term, incremental growth. entire planet. are over one click out, the current
I have seen so many times where • Team: Our team of dedicated measure is not about engagement
companies simply lose focus on badasses has made a huge with the brand or time spent with
the important next steps and get difference for us in building and the brand.
enamored with projects that are quantifying the value of our
much further down the road. It technology. KERV solves this problem by
is vital to stay focused on result- • Culture: We have created a dramatically increasing user
oriented activities. culture of great communication, engagement and time spent
accountability, and respect. with the brand while garnering
Challenge of funding: You need to This is crucial as building user engagement data to create
fund the business according to what KERV has been a very dynamic intended groups and re-targeting
is necessary to build the business experience. opportunities from a video. KERV
in incremental steps based on the • Patented technology that has turns static video assets into an
overall vision. It’s important to a practical application that interactive experience for users.

Meet the visionary behind KERV Interactive, Jon Flatt

Jon Flatt is a true entrepreneur and the current CEO of KERV Interactive, a multi-award-winning
interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented
technology. Receiving Lumiere Awards for “Best Interactive Brand Experience,” KERV’s technology
has already been recognized for its outstanding achievement in entertainment media alongside
top Oscar winners including Tom Cruise. Before working in the advertising and technology world,
Jon was a successful musician who recorded for Atlantic Records in Los Angeles.
An Interview with Rui Vicente, Dixtior Consulting CEO/Founding
Partner: ‘We Combine Business Consultancy with Latest-Generation
Technologies to Create Solutions Shaped to your World’
“We want to bring a splash of colour into a seemingly grey world and become a global leader in consultancy and
fintech services.”

he economic and societal Dixtior was incorporated in 2013 developing and innovating DCS. The
changes occasioned by and is headquartered in Lisbon. current release of DCS, version-3,
technological developments was developed on two different
are shaped, not just by the platforms.
availability of new technologies
Rui Vicente, Dixtior
and their features, but also by Consulting CEO/ DCS has grown from an AML/CTF
ideologies, power structures, and Founding Partner, spoke solution to a Financial Crime Suit,
human aspirations and agendas. implemented in 13 banks across
Technologies are not exogenous exclusively to The Silicon three continents; Europe, Africa, and
forces that roll over societies like Review. Below is an Asia.
tsunamis with predetermined
results. Rather, our skills,
First Project Roll-On: A
organizations, institutions, and
values shape how we develop Rewind: Getting Off to a Bumpy but Successful Ride
technologies and how we deploy Flying Start The first project was with Caixa
them once created, along with their The idea of creating Dixtior started Angola in Luanda, at the beginning
final impact. to grow in our minds due to a feeling of 2014, and it was a success.
the three (myself, Sónia Silva, COO; Although the project was a road
In light of the foregoing, we’re and Mário Oliveira, CTO) of us had. full of obstacles that we needed to
thrilled to present Dixtior Later, as a matter of fact, we were overcome and with the commitment
Consulting. able to develop and deliver better of our team and the cooperation
solutions based on what we had of the compliance team from Caixa
Dixtior is a Portuguese consultancy learnt working with our former Angola, we all managed to achieve
company. It develops and employers. That’s how Dixtior the project goals.
implements global concepts Consulting was set up.
and sophisticated software At that time everything was new and
solutions, always tailored to We started by developing DCS, our difficult, I remember, for example,
the needs of its customers. The AML/CTF solution, from scratch, and the complexity of integrating our
company complements the ability after six months we hit the market. system with the core banking
of its customers, through the We decided to go to Angola due to system. We were the first supplier
strengthening of its project teams the growing need for AML solutions of an AML solution to implement
with qualified professionals, in the banking sector. After closing software to perform transaction
equipped with the necessary our first deal, we invested the analysis in real-time and giving a
functional and technical assets to revenue from that business in more response to all the obligations in
the nature of the projects to be people to join our development only one solution. Even today, major
implemented. team. Since then, we have been banks across the world use variety

“We seamlessly merge two key components – economics and

information technology. This is the main factor that sets us apart
from our competition and allows us to deliver a specialist business
consultancy service that truly makes a difference, through the
crafting of latest-generation technological solutions.”
of software to do what we do only financial supervisors that must that have a different profile from
with DCS. be reflected in our software. New banks or insurance companies. The
typologies of financial crime are product was built for real estate
Elements: That Make Dixtior discovered, and once again we and jewellery businesses.
must study them and develop and
Consulting Stand Out
introduce mechanisms to detect Until the end of this year, we
Fortunately, we have been able
and prevent these cases in our DCS also have plans for launching
to establish relationships with
software. Credit Workflow system that
all of our clients. We always try
to understand their specific has the capability of transforming
needs and transform those Reasons: Behind Dixtior’s the full process of credit
needs in functionalities of DCS. Reputation acquisition, management, and
This approach together with Innovation, the quality of services, credit recovery through a full
our permanent monitoring of and the commitment that we automatization and usage of
the new legislation, obligations, share with our clients – make the machine learning and assisted
and recommendations of the difference and have supported the machine learning.
supervisors is what makes us able continuous improvement of our
to having DCS permanently up-to- reputation. Future Arrangements: Sky’s
date. the Limit
Products: Ready to be I see Dixtior as a global provider
Moreover, our market is changing Launched of Financial Crime Prevention
every single day. The new We have launched this year DCS software, and one of the most
legislation is produced by the Lite, an AML solution for clients recognized ones.

Rui Vicente, CEO Mário Oliveira, CTO

Sónia Silva, COO

Leadership: Dixtior Consulting
Rui Vicente, CEO/Founding Partner: Prior to Dixtior, Rui Vicente was the director of risk management
consultancy in several companies in Portugal and Spain, and Information Officer in the Portuguese government. He
holds a Degree in Economics and a Post-Graduation in Financial Crime Compliance.

Sónia Silva, COO/Founding Partner: Before working with Dixtior, Sónia Silva performed as head of the
department in several companies for the management of implementation teams of software projects related to
credit area. She has a degree in Computer Management.

Mário Oliveira, CTO/Founding Partner: Mário is a Computer Engineer and expert in Outsystems
development. Prior to Dixtior, he worked as a director of software development in various companies.

An Interview with Walter Angerer, speak2web Founder
and CEO: ‘We Enable Voice Activated AI Solutions on
your Websites, Applications, and Other Digital Portals’
“We built our entire technology on very high performing, elastic cloud infrastructure.”

rtificial Intelligence is rapidly their customers on the web and on to the web. Interacting with online
changing our world. The mobile apps. portals via voice is a much superior
enhancement in speech experience and addresses a number
recognition, natural language Through the integration of a small of issues. Navigating online portals on
understanding and deep discovery component, every web page and the mobile devices is very difficult, some
has opened the door to a new world. business app can be turned into an part of the population is challenged
intelligent sales tool, allowing for with the technology in general and
Voice is taking over. Smart speakers the free-flowing dialog to navigate navigating the web with a mouse and
are already entering our lives, the eCommerce store and assisting keyboard can be difficult and so is the
allowing businesses to engage with customers in a completely new way. game of ‘guess the keyword’.
their customers in new ways.
speak2web works with companies to We at speak2web have made it our
In light of the above-mentioned create their own, customized voice mission to enable web developers
experience. to add a real live voice dialog and
scenario, we’re thrilled to present
navigation to their online portals
The company was incorporated within minutes. With this new
in 2018 and is headquartered in technology, we hope to quickly
speak2web is taking voice to the next
Minnesota. It has additional offices increase the adoption of voice across
level; helping companies building an
located in Ohio and Pune (India). the web and simplify the way we
integrated Web/Voice experience, interact with online portals.
turning their web site into a virtual
shop with sales clerk on duty 24x7. Walter Angerer, How successful was your first
The company is helping businesses of
speak2web Founder/CEO, project roll on? Share the
all sizes to embrace AI and to create spoke exclusively to The experience.
Our company started off building
a completely new way to engage with Silicon Review. Below is custom solutions for large enterprise
Walter Angerer: An an excerpt. clients. Those solutions have been
built to specification; to address
Entrepreneur at Heart Why was the company set up? the need for multi-billion dollar
And how did you expand your eCommerce companies.
Walter Angerer has been
working with AI since 1997.
company and its offerings The experience was a game changer
Prior to founding speak2web, over the years? for our client. With the AI technology
he has been leading several The absence of voice support for in place, we managed to go away
companies as CEO and worked online portals is becoming an from a keyword search and click
as a Venture Partner at Toba increasing issue for the industry. Most navigation, and have opened the door
Capital. After bringing his focus everything has adopted voice, from to a natural language dialog with
back to AI in 2017, Mr. Angerer cars to watches to TV remotes, but the customer. Fully understanding
decided to take on the mission for some reason, the web has been the user’s intent allows us to drive
to bring voice support to online excluded from the trend. Speak2web product search and navigation in a
portals. has taken on the task to add voice way that previously was impossible.
“We at
have made it “Earning trust and respect
of consumers all around the
our mission world is through consistent
to enable web focus on delivering high
quality in all of our actions.”
developers How do you interpret this
to add a real statement?
We believe that a passion for quality
live voice and customer support is needed to

dialog and be successful. In our company, we put

the client first. Customer satisfaction
navigation to is our highest goal. We frequently
go the extra mile to ensure that we
their online serve our customers well.

portals within Do you have any new

minutes.” Walter Angerer
products ready to be
Founder & CEO
We just released the WordPress
Our recent move into the lower end within minutes and customers can self-serve plugin. Our next focus will
of the business with our turn-key sign up for a ‘pay as you go’ plan. be to proliferate the plugin to other
‘Do It Yourself ’ plugin and service With that in place out clients can self- web technologies. Later in the year,
has brought this technology now serve and experience voice within we plan to release a voice-driven
to a much broader audience. Our minutes without any major financial online market called Simon’s Market.
customers love the simplicity and commitment. Simon’s Market will be 100 percent
power the solution brings to their voice-driven virtual shopping mall
online portals. WordPress users Moreover, we built our entire where consumers and customers can
can add real voice dialogs and technology on very high performing, interact with virtual assistants via
voice navigation to their site within elastic cloud infrastructure. A voice to find what they are looking
minutes for very little money. focus on solid architecture and for.
infrastructure from the beginning is
What challenges did you face very important. It is very difficult to Where do you see your
in your initial years? change or migrate once customers company a couple of years
The biggest challenge at the are live on the platform. Thinking from now?
beginning was to explain to about performance, scalability and We want to continue our effort
customers how voice can be used reliability from the very beginning to help all companies adopt AI
in this context. We all are used to is very important. We also found it technology. We have made our focus
smart speakers and voice commands very important to choose the right to embrace relevant AI technology
on devices like TV remotes. How to technology partners. We decided to and make it easy to consume for
leverage voice on a web portal was go with IBM and AWS regardless of everyone. AI should not be limited
more difficult to picture. To make the cost. Building the solution on to large companies with scientists
it easier for clients to experience proven enterprise-class technology on staff. We believe we can continue
and learn how to engage voice, we allows us to provide superior to innovate and find ways to help
decided to release the WordPress solutions to our clients; small and businesses of all sizes and skills to
plugin that can be setup and used large. leverage AI.

Global automotive insights for the
future of vehicle ownership – Cazana
Bringing a revolution in the automotive industry

riverless vehicles, new its systems are used by
powertrains, a shift from manufacturers, finance companies,
ownership to access and dealerships, and insurers globally.
radical taxation changes - the Companies use Cazana’s data to
automotive industry is in a state of provide vehicles to the modern
flux. automotive consumer who wants to
access, not own vehicles.
To compete in this fast-
changing environment, a better Cazana for Business
understanding of vehicles and Its Valuations and vehicle data
the new automotive consumer is are used by businesses to better
needed. understand the value and condition
Tom Wood of the vehicles they work with. The
For cars to be accessed tools help motor insurers, lenders
and traders better understand the
“We provide not owned: risk on their books, reduce fraud
• Vehicle risk transfers from
automotive insights individuals to companies
and work more effectively with
vehicle assets.
for the future of who need a clear idea of their
vehicle ownership. • Consumers need an The Company’s Solutions
independent resource to explain In the highly competitive automotive
Using big data and compare new access market, your business has problems
and predictive models to solve, whether you are an insurer
worried about risk, own a fleet
• Traditional dealers need to
analytics, Cazana modernize to compete or face and need to know the values of the
vehicles you’re leasing, or you’re
analyses millions •
enabling the next phase of the a dealer trying to increase your
of automotive automotive industry margins and reduce your stock’s
sitting time, Cazana offers many
transactions daily The firm provides automotive solutions to help your business save
to assess the value insights for the future of vehicle money and become more effective at
what you do.
ownership. Using big data and
and risk associated predictive analytics, Cazana analyses
with every vehicle millions of automotive transactions Valuation of Vehicles
daily to assess the value and risk The accurate valuation of vehicles is
on the road.” associated with every vehicle on the essential for almost every sector of
road. the Automotive Industry. Whether

buying for the stock, selling to appraised at the time of quotation Cazana Present Value
the trade or the retail customer, and cover and that signs of fraud are Its present tools and values take
getting the value right will ensure correctly identified at the point of retail and auction big data from
the best return on investment, claim. thousands of sources to give
create business opportunities and accurate retail and remarketing
maximize profits. UK Vehicle Market Data pricing including the effect of
The UK Automotive Market is vehicle options. It is used in the
Vehicle Sales and Asset one of the most complexes in industry to identify, understand and
the world with multiple factors maximize the value of used vehicles
Liquidation affecting demand, supply, and to ensure the most advanced
For those operating fleets price remarketing and purchasing
general trading conditions.
for business purposes and Where the economy has become strategies can be effectively
companies financing cars for less secure in recent years and implemented.
business use, understanding asset Brexit now less than a year away,
values now and in the future is being able to understand the Cazana trade tools
essential. Current suppliers use complexities and nuances of Cazana builds tools to help
historical data from just wholesale what has happened, what current automotive trade work more
sources which is then manually conditions are like and then seeking efficiently and increase profits.
edited often on the subjective to predict the future has never been Cazana offers its leading car check
comment. Data science based so important. Using the largest data product, retail and trade valuations
on fact, not fiction ensures swift set available and the latest science- and market insights in bulk to the
profitable asset management based modeling is categorically automotive trade via the Cazana
through the lifecycle of every the best way to stay ahead of the Trade Portal.
vehicle. competition.
Cazana Future Value
Risk and Actuary The Products Cazana’s predictive analytics enables
Having a demonstrable audit trail Harnessing the power of its the future value prediction of all
based on the latest high-quality vehicle data coupled with vehicles of all ages. Its data-science
data ensures sound commercial intelligent predictive analytics, based models provide accurate, real-
strategies and measured risk policy. Cazana’s suite of business tools time future value modeling based on
Those with vehicles on-risk such as help your business more current retail and auction activity,
motor insurers also need to ensure intelligently value, check and work vehicle and lifecycle age and vehicle
that risk is being appropriately with vehicles. lifecycle changes.

The Chief of the Firm

Tom Wood - CEO
Tom hails from a business & innovation background having led technology teams within investment banking and
pharmaceutical sectors and founded and sold companies in the marketing technology space. Tom has always had a
passion for cars and considers himself very lucky to work on his hobby every day.

Knowing the Future of Maintenance: Senseye
Means PdM 4.0
Senseye™, derived from ‘Sensei’ (先生), signifies guidance and authority, something that inspires our company.

rusted by Fortune 500 make your predictive maintenance automotive industry exceeding
industrial companies, as simple, cost-effective and $3.5m per hour, there is tremendous
Senseye™ is the leading intuitive as possible. pressure to ensure that production
cloud-based product for Predictive equipment is reliable and efficient.
Maintenance 4.0. It is used by Senseye takes machine condition
maintenance teams to halve and operations data from your Senseye helps automotive
unplanned downtime and increase factory historian, IoT middleware companies monitor all their
maintenance efficiency, saving or database solutions. There is machinery, not just the ‘critical
money by using proprietary no need to add any hardware or points of failure’. Its solution has
machine-learning algorithms to install anything on-site. Senseye is helped clients to:
automatically forecast machine an industrial operations software • Reduce unplanned downtime
failure and remaining useful life, tool, designed to be used on the by 50%
achieving a typical ROI of fewer than shop-floor by the maintenance and • Avoid 2 serious downtime
3 months. operations people who need to keep events per week per site,
things running smoothly and ensure helping each site produce an
Driven by Industry 4.0 / the that unplanned downtime stays extra 5,000 cars per year
Industrial Internet of Things down. • Scale from 20 critical assets to
(IIoT), industrial operations are thousands without increasing
increasingly autonomous. Factories Like all good Industry 4.0 / the workload of the on-site PdM
contain numerous sensors that Industrial IoT software, Senseye is team
provide real-time data on the status designed to integrate seamlessly • Experience an ROI of fewer than
of production and machinery to and provide maximum value three months
optimize operations. by leveraging your existing
investments. It focuses on
To ensure that its customers can automatically delivering advanced Nissan
choose the correct solutions for Predictive Maintenance insights in Senseye is providing PdM capability
them, Senseye works openly with an easily understandable manner. across three European Nissan global
leading providers of industrial production sites where models such
solutions, including SIEMENS, SKF, as the Qashqai, X-Trail, Leaf, and
GE, Schneider Electric and PTC
Industries Infiniti are produced. Over 2,500
ThingWorx. assets, including robots, conveyors,
Automotive: Senseye works drop lifters, pumps, motors and
throughout the automotive supply press/stamping machines are
Senseye in Use chain, with major automotive remotely monitored using Senseye’s
Whether you’re a maintenance Original Equipment Manufacturers proprietary algorithms. More than
manager or a CxO, maintainer or CM (OEMs) as well as Tier 1 suppliers. 200 maintenance users actively use
Expert, Senseye’s sole purpose is to With the costs of downtime in the Senseye to optimize maintenance
“ Senseye’s founding team originated from
roots in Defence and Aerospace, so it
shouldn’t come as a surprise that we work
with companies on an international level.

activities and make repairs months
before predicted machine failure.

“Senseye is supporting our Predictive

Maintenance program across three
production facilities and has helped us
lower overall downtime and increase
- Damian Wheeler, Nissan UK
Engineering Director

Senseye works with Nissan North

America to automatically monitor
a hybrid of machinery. Senseye was
selected to provide a scalable Predictive
Maintenance capability for providing
advanced warning of possible machine
failures. This helps to reduce unplanned
downtime and increase OEE. Dr. Simon Kampaceo, CEO

Secure With Senseye

Senseye takes data security seriously
and uses similar methods as modern
banking systems (TLS 1.2 – AES 256)
throughout.Senseye is regularly tested
and audited by independent security
organizations, proving our commitment
to security and safety of customer data.
In addition, all employees adhere to CEO Corner
strict internal security policy to ensure
that confidential client data is treated Dr. Simon Kampaceo, CEO: Simon has a
with the appropriate safety and care. background in Computer Science and holds a Ph.D.
in the Semantic Web. His career started in designing
Senseye believes in transparency and and developing large scale data-driven applications,
makes available all results and reports before turning to run successful software companies.
to clients.
Leaders in Providing Big Company Benefits for
Small Busines Owners in Financial Services
Chalice Financial Network™

ounded in 2017, Chalice ideas and best practices to help communication, Transparency,
Financial Network was built strengthen its members collectively. and Accountability. In order to
to solve the issues of running The company is located in San build trust, the company has active
a small business in Financial Diego, California. and frequent conversations with
Services, and to provide small to its clients and is very engaged in
mid-size business the economies Chalice Financial Network was industry events and conferences.
of scale and operational efficiency created by true industry veterans
of a much larger company. that understand the needs of Delivering Financial
The company achieved this by today’s independent financial
aggregating and integrating advisor. Solutions at the Best
everything the business owner Price
needs to run their business into Converting Challenges
a single sign-on shared services
into Success Comprehensive, Turnkey
FinTech platform. Through its Although Chalice is in its infancy, Employee Benefits:
digital marketplace, Chalice it is still growing at an exponential Irrespective of the size of clients’
Advisor Exchange™, the company rate. However, slow adoption was business, the Chalice membership
provides access to best-in-class one of the major challenges the can instantly position them to have
products, services, tools, and company faced during its initial the depth and breadth of a Fortune
technology a business owner days. The company believes that 500-caliber benefits package.
in pursuit of the economies of persistence and patience is the key Through its comprehensive PEO
scale and operational efficiencies to move with a longer run rate. partnership, clients get access
advisors want and need to succeed. Initially, it underestimated the price to large group medical plans,
Its community comprised of some sensitivity of its members. Until helping them design an employee
45,000 Members also provides they realized the benefits, they benefits portfolio that will enable
unique peer-to-peer networking were reluctant to spend the money them to compete with Fortune
and collaboration opportunities for the price of Membership, so 500 companies for recruiting and
creating a forum for sharing Chalice offered 100% money back retaining their biggest asset i.e.
guarantee if it could prove to them their team. All while meeting their
that the company can save them financial and business objectives.
“It all starts more than the price of admission/
Membership. Now it’s a no brainer! Free 401(k) Plan for clients
with doing and their employees:
Building trust, as per the
what you say company, is another challenging
Membership has its privileges, one
of which is access to a $2 billion
you’re going to task. It can take years to dollar 401(k) plan for clients and
build trust and can be lost their employees through Chalice’s
do – and taking in seconds if one fails PEO partner Oasis. Participants
accountability to deliver on promises. may elect to contribute a portion
Chalice has three key of their salary in a tax-deferred
for your operating principles to vehicle to save for their future.
actions.” help build trust: Open,
honest, and frequent
The plan can be setup as either a
traditional 401K or a Safe Harbor.

Payroll Processing and geared toward the small or mid- to qualified investors while
Professional HR Guidance: sized advisory firm looking to maintaining key elements of
Chalice’s PEO partnership provides outsource their bookkeeping and compliance across a distributed
payroll processing and HR accounting needs. Many advisory network.
administration so clients can pay firms handle these functions
their employees correctly, on time, internally at high opportunity Digital Retirement
every time. Clients gain access costs. Its services allow firms to Platform for Small Business
spend more time growing their
to a state-of-the-art, web-based
Owners: Chalice believes that
Human Resources Information technology plays a vital role in
System (HRIS) to relieve the helping advisors better deliver
administrative burden of managing Pioneers in Investment financial planning and advice,
human resource functions.
Solutions so it is providing a platform to
assist clients in selling, managing,
Free Employment Practice Boutique Investment and ultimately growing their
Liability Insurance retirement business. Vestwell’s
Bank & Advisory Services: digital platform makes it easier to
(EPLI): Chalice understands Brokerage Services, offer and administer 401(k) plans.
the responsibilities of running LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, is a Removing traditional friction
one’s own business. Membership broker-dealer registered in all points through streamlined
includes Free Employee Practice fifty states with solutions tailored administration, fiduciary oversight,
Liability Insurance (EPLI) via its for how securities professionals, and flexible investment strategies,
PEO partnership. advisers, issuers, and sponsors all at competitive pricing.
attract and retain investors. It’s SR
Bookkeeper Services: business and technology platform
Compass CFO Solutions’ enables clients to launch and
Bookkeeper Services model is distribute deals on demand

Meet the Torchbearer

Keith is a Financial Services and FinTech Executive, Founder and
Chief Executive Officer of San Diego-based FinTech Company
Chalice Financial Network, a member benefit organization for
independent wealth advisors that delivers a fully integrated suite
of technology tools, products, and services through a single sign-on
shared services technology platform – Chalice Advisor Exchange™.
He has three decades of executive leadership and financial services Keith Gregg, Founder & CEO
experience. Prior to founding Chalice Financial Network™ he was
Founder & CEO of Innovation Equity Partners, CEO of Capital
Guardian Securities and First Allied Securities. Keith also served as Senior Executive for Wachovia Securities, GE
Capital, and Prudential Investments.; and has built a reputation as a Business Acceleration Executive.

Keith is the author of Do Well by Doing Good: The Complete Guide to Charitable Remainder Trusts and is a
certified planned giving specialist. He holds FINRA Series 7, 24, 63, 65 registrations and is a graduate of the
Securities Industry Institute at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. Keith was the founder and
Chairman of the Wealth Advisor Institute, past President of the Institute of Investment Management Consultants
Association Chapters, and Chairman of the Membership Committee for the Investment Management Consulting
Association. Keith lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, Catherine, and their two sons. He served honorably in the
US Marine Corps and is a recipient of the Presidential Service Award from President Ronald Reagan for his loyal
service aboard Marine One.

Mobile Security in Perfect Balance- Wandera

e’ve reached the age of would become increasingly The firm’s international footprint
advanced threats for vital. Drawing upon decades of has expanded from a U.K. office in
mobile devices and the experience in cybersecurity, they London to a U.S. headquarters in
age of advanced technology for set out to create technologies that San Francisco, as well as offices in
stopping these threats. This is why would keep organizations safe as the Czech Republic and Australia.
Wandera exists: to protect your they expanded from traditional Additionally, it has more than 20
organization, your information and, desktops to mobile. data centers around the world to
most of all, your people. support the global customer base.
Fast forward to today, and
The firm provides the most it protects thousands of Security is at the heart of
advanced mobile security organizations around the world. everything it does. Wandera
in the marketplace, run by a Wandera has been recognized goes a step higher to enable your
dedicated team of experts. The as a leader in mobile security by people to work and communicate
comprehensive solutions are analyst firms including Gartner with each other as effectively as
designed to fit any enterprise- and IDC. In its commitment to possible.
connected device, from providing transparency of the
latest threats and risks, its findings
smartphones and tablets to mobile-
have been featured in a wide range
Taking Mobile Security
enabled laptops and IoT devices.
of publications, including The Wall Further
Street Journal, CNBC, the BBC, Wandera is the only mobile
The Company’s Story and Forbes. The company has also security provider that covers
Wandera was founded in 2012 received multiple industry awards, both sides of mobile risks – cyber
by Eldar and Roy Tuvey. As the including three consecutive ‘Mobile threats and usage risks. Its multi-
global workforce started taking up Security Solution of the Year’ level approach operates on the
mobile devices in an increasingly awards by Computing Security device and in the network, powered
connected world, the brothers as well as ‘Best Mobile Security by MI: RIAM, the industry’s leading
anticipated that mobile security Solution’ by SC Magazine. mobile threat intelligence.

We believe that
prevention is
better than the
cure, and this
is why we stay
ahead of the
latest threats so
you don’t have to
worry about them.”
Roy Tuvey
Eldar Tuvey Co-founder & President
Co-founder & CEO
The Two Founders
Eldar Tuvey | Co-founder and CEO
Eldar is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and growth. Before co-founding Wandera, Eldar
co-founded and served as CEO of ScanSafe. Eldar started his career at Goldman Sachs and completed his MBA at

Roy Tuvey | Co-founder and President

Roy is responsible for Wandera’s strategy, corporate finance, and global go-to-market. Previously Roy co-founded
and served as President of ScanSafe. Roy started his career at Merrill Lynch and has a BSc in Economics from
Bristol University.

The company believes there Mobile Data Policy known and zero-day threat and
doesn’t need to be a trade-off Flexible management of usage risk factors. This informs
between security and user employee mobile usage risks the Wandera Mobile Risk Graph,
privacy. No matter what types manages mobile risks from the most comprehensive and
of devices or ownership models shadow IT, to acceptable use and real-time model for mobile risk
your organization operates with, excessive data usage with flexible available today.
it keeps your people safe and real-time control.
Today’s corporate boundary
The approach to is no longer at the firewall, Conditional Access
Mobile Security
it’s at the user, and your users (CCA)
expect frictionless access to CCA transforms this risk
The firm’s mobile security is resources from anywhere, on assessment into action by
designed from the ground up to any device, whenever they allowing risk posture to be
be balanced, agile and flexible need it. Conditional Access is incorporated into dynamic access
in a world where mobile threats the cornerstone of any modern policies. At its simplest, this
are evolving quickly. That means zero trust security and ensures means if a device’s risk posture
tackling known and unknown your valuable data can only is too high, access to corporate
threats, for any OS, with or be accessed by users, devices, resources will be restricted.
without any UEM. and apps that you trust. The
firm’s solution is the only truly
Wandera protects you from continuous conditional access CCA with UEM
mobile cyber threats and solution for mobile today. Wandera’s platform allows for
employee usage risks. It stops both native and 3rd party UEM
them at endpoint but also in the Conditional Access. Its integration
network. There are no annoying The Wandera Mobile with Intune and the Microsoft
trade-offs for you to grapple Risk Graph Graph API is a great example of
with between security, privacy, The foundation for effective a joint UEM approach, making
and productivity, and the in- Conditional Access is an accurate it simple to incorporate device
built versatility means every understanding of mobile risk. risk posture into Azure AD access
ownership model from BYOD to The threat intelligence engine policies. The net result? Office
corporate-owned, is catered for MI: RIAM continuously monitors 365 resources are protected from
equally. devices, users and apps across access by compromised

Intelligent cashflow management
software: Fluidly
AI-powered cashflow forecasting in
real-time and automated credit control

ashflow forecasting financial future in minutes and
and management is the down to invoice-level detail.
gateway to financial No more sleepless nights, just
decision-making. Whether you complete cashflow confidence.
want to hire a team member, Caroline
open an extra office, invest in
Intelligent Cashflow Plumb OBE
new equipment or simply pay an CEO
upcoming bill it’s important to Forecasting
know you have the cash to afford A cashflow forecast that’s
it. A clear picture of your future produced in minutes and The leading lady
cash position is important so gives you a powerful look into
you can make the decisions that the financial future. Fluidly’s Caroline Plumb OBE, CEO:
count. real-time cashflow forecasting Caroline is a serial entrepreneur who
software connects to your founded Fluidly after experiencing
But traditional cashflow accounting package and uses the first-hand the pain points of managing
forecasting is broken. Monthly data in it to automatically build cashflow in a scaling business. She’s on
models built on spreadsheets a detailed baseline cashflow a mission to help businesses sleep more
forecast. No more modeling or soundly by forecasting and optimizing
take days to build and hours to
stress –its artificial intelligence their cashflow so they never worry
update. Even then they are too
loves to crunch the numbers and about the finances. Fluidly has been
high level to manage cashflow
predict the future. Peace of mind named one of 2018’s ‘Hot 10’ European
day-to-day when it really
and confident business planning Fintechs by the Fintech50, in WIRED’s
matters. No wonder cashflow is
in minutes. Top 100 Hottest European startups and is
one of businesses biggest pain
shortlisted for “Innovation of the Year” in
points. the Accounting Excellence awards.
Save time on cashflow
Enter Fluidly – intuitive forecasting: Gone are the days Caroline is also one of the Prime Minister’s
cashflow forecasting powered when you need to spend hours Business Ambassadors, representing the
by AI. Fluidly provides intuitive modeling a cashflow forecast in Professional Services sector, and serves
cashflow forecasting and a spreadsheet. Fluidly’s powerful as a non-executive director of AIM-listed
management powered by AI. It cashflow software combines Mercia Technologies. She previously co-
is for modern businesses that your financial data with Artificial founded consultancy FreshMinds. Caroline
want to know exactly what their Intelligence to instantly produce has a First Class degree in Engineering,
financial future holds and how an up to date forecast, just Economics, and Management from Oxford
to optimize it. Fluidly takes like magic. There’s no lengthy University and was awarded an OBE in
transaction data from your training required, just plug in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours List in
accounting system and uses this your cloud accounting software 2016.
to automagically forecast your and off you go.

Make smarter financial decisions Fluidly gets you paid faster and
about cashflow forecasting: Fluidly more predictably by speeding up
is your crystal ball, offering a clear look cash collections – send automated
into the financial future. It’s hard enough emails, schedule calls and keep a complete
making financial decisions, let alone record of your debtor CRM in one place.
Save hours every month chasing late
wasting time updating spreadsheets to do
payments with Fluidly’s intelligent credit
so. Its automagical cashflow forecasting
control software.
software does the data crunching for

you and simply presents you with the
information you need to make the right Save time on chasing late
calls. payments: Fluidly uses automated Accounting
emails and call scheduling to fully automate software
Drill into the detail or see the your credit control process. It gets your
outstanding payments sorted intelligently records
bigger picture: You can view your and efficiently. Fluidly sorts out good what has
cashflow forecast on a daily, weekly or debtors from bad debtors and lets you set a
monthly basis, so there are no nasty unique collections process for each, so the
surprises. Its forecasts are built line by company has got all your invoices covered. in the past.
line reflecting the transactions in your
accounts so you can easily see exactly what
is happening and monitor the cash flow in
Banish overdue invoices: Fluidly gets powers your
your invoices paid on time and gives you
and out of your business. financial
more cash in the bank, more quickly. Your

Fluidly is by your side, keeping track of
overdue payments won’t be overdue for future.
much longer. Its actions list is generated
your cashflow and alerting you to any
automatically and ordered by priority so
potential problems. With Fluidly’s cashflow you know exactly who to get in touch with
forecasting software you’ll always get the first.
heads up early.
Keep better records: Fluidly shows
Automated Credit Control you a complete record of when invoices
How good would it feel to never have are due and when they are likely to be paid
to chase another invoice? There’s never based on historic data. Things change all
enough time to do all the things you’d the time in business; contacts, invoices,
like to in business, but Fluidly helpfully teams. Fluidly keeps everything in one
automates the day-to-day reminders place so you always have a record of what’s
of credit control to let you focus on the happened and an up-to-date view of your
customers (and debt!) that really matter. debtor status.
rom individual multi-contextual template,
application developers
and provides the active
to the biggest names in authentication step-up when
financial services, AimBrain you need greater assurance.
biometric builds the technology that
helps them to detect and AimBehaviour:
prevent fraud. And its
Benefits of behavioral
approach is single-minded
too; the firm wants to make authentication
smart, simple & it simple for everyone to
Flags the Signs Of Account
Takeover: Counter the
growing threat of trojan
accessible Simple for you to integrate,
trial, deploy and quickly
malware triggering the
takeover of legitimate
quantify the benefits to sessions by using continuous,

AimBrain your business, and simple

for your customers and
in-session behavioral
authentication to flag changes
that could signify ATO.
employees to do whatever
they do and however they
do it, securely and easily. Protects Against Breached
AimBrain has even made it Credentials: With 14bn
Our single aim is helping simple for small businesses records already exposed
organizations to be sure that their and developers to safeguard through breaches, it’s critical
users are who they say they are. their businesses and apps to protect against the reuse
with biometrics, with its free- of stolen usernames and
for-life integration platform passwords. Authenticate
AimBrain On Demand. users through their PIN and/
or password entry and spot
behavioral deviances.
behavioral No Forced Behaviours,
authentication No Ui Changes: Gather and
AimBehaviour behavioral analyze behavioral data
authentication provides without having to introduce
invisible, continuous one- changes to the user interface.
to-one user verification to No swipes, no tick boxes, no
detect account takeover disappearing cursors; no
and mitigate the fallout of forced behaviors required.
breached credentials.
Feeds Into Any Risk Engine:
Designed to stop fraud Use the AimBehaviour scores
before it happens, behavioral to feed into your individual
authentication keeps a risk engine, whether a simple
watchful eye for changes in a ‘if’ business logic to a full-
user’s behavior, so that you suite fraud orchestration
can step up security when platform. Step-up and step-
you need it most. From login down based on the return
to logout, AimBehaviour scores.
Andrius Sutas keeps guard throughout
CEO & Co-founder the duration of the session, Higher Authentication
comparing a user’s behavior Accuracy: Its patented
against their own unique, approach learns and clusters

behavioral data to identify users
in virtually unlimited contexts, for
faster, more accurate behavioral
authentication across any channel. “Simple for everyone.
Except for fraudsters.
Anomaly Detection: AimBehaviour
subset, AimAnomaly Detection, uses No, we make life
ensemble learning to recognize exceptionally difficult
more fraud as early as onboarding.
Stop fraud by assessing session data for fraudsters.”
to better classify risk and threat
Alesis Novik, CTO & Co-founder

Fraud comes in all (BIDaaS) platform; cloud-based for Andrius served as a research
shapes and sizes rapid deployments and financial- assistant, and completed internships
From new account fraud to account grade TLS cryptographic protocols. at the European Space Agency and
takeover, its fraud prevention ARM.
tools help you keep your business, AimFace//Lipsync: Step up:
customers, and data secure in the combine facial authentication with Notable professional
digital world. audio matching and lip movement accomplishments include inclusion
to benefit from a first-to-market on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe
Fraud is shape-shifting, quick to module that is unbeatable by any list for technology entrepreneurs in
exploit and devastatingly efficient. spoof technology available today. 2018, serving as a Cohort Member
The tidal wave of information at startup incubator Entrepreneur
flowing through the dark web, AimFace: Step up: swap passwords First, and representing AimBrain at
the rapid propagation of botnets for selfies, get PSD2-ready and Cyber London.
and step-by-step attack guidelines strengthen customer onboarding.
through social media networks and Deploy across any device or Alesis Novik, CTO, and
the highly organized packaging up channel with a camera with a single co-founder: Alesis’s technical
of on-demand fraud services means enrolment. vision has helped to guide AimBrain
that the risk of attack is relentless. to its unique position as the world’s
AimVoice: Step up: say a firm only biometric security platform that
farewell to fraud by swapping comprises proprietary face, voice,
The AimBrain Fraud passwords and PINs for voice lip sync, behavioral and anomaly
Prevention Toolkit authentication. Deploy across any detection authentication modules.
AimAnomaly: Recognise fraud channel with a microphone after a
before it happens. Using deep single enrolment. He holds a degree from Vilnius
learning, analyze interactions from University and an MSc in AI
login from logout. Quickly detect from The University of Edinburgh.
attacks, including new bots.
The founding duo
During the course of his academic
career, he participated in two
AimBehaviour: Monitor known Andrius Sutas, CEO and Google’s Summer of Code programs
user behavior from the point of co-founder: Andrius’ vision to and was an intern at CERN.
login and throughout a session. ‘simplify complexity’ has helped
Continuous authentication protects guide the evolution of AimBrain Alesis completed three years
against remote account takeover or utilising machine learning to achieve of Ph.D. work at IPAB and
stolen credentials. intelligent, automated step-up and most recently was recognized
step-down authentication. Andrius for his entrepreneurial vision
Bidaas: Underpinning all of its graduated from the University through inclusion on the 2018
authentication modules is it’s of Edinburgh with honors. In the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for
Biometric Identity-as-a-Service course of his academic career, European technology talent.

Aera understands how your business works, makes
real-time recommendations, predicts outcomes, and
takes action autonomously
Meet the thought leaders
Frederic Laluyaux, President and CEO: An entrepreneur at heart,
Fred founded his first company at the age of 23. Prior to launching Aera, Fred
was the CEO of Anaplan, which he grew from 20 to 650 employees, and a $1B+
valuation. Before that, he held several executive positions at SAP, Business
Objects and ALG software.

Shariq Mansoor, Founder, and CTO: A visionary technologist, Shariq

founded FusionOps in 2005, building the core data technology that powers
Aera today. He received several patents in the fields of data analysis, cloud
computing, and enterprise applications. Prior to FusionOps, Shariq was
Frederic Laluyaux, President & CEO the Principal Architect of ADAC Information Systems (acquired by Cerner

era Technology delivers the Aera dynamically uncovers of all jobs will be transformed by
Cognitive Operating System™ opportunities to improve artificial intelligence within ten
that enables Self-Driving your financial and operational years. This transformation means a
Enterprise™. Using proprietary data performance shift in financial models, business
crawling, industry models, machine • Aera predicts: Aera brings models, and social structures.
learning and artificial intelligence, the future into the present,
Aera is revolutionizing how people leveraging real-time data The Technology: Using AI, Aera
relate to data and how organizations and artificial intelligence to is reimagining how organizations
function. accurately predict business operate. Its technology is built
risks and opportunities for groups and individuals to
Headquartered in Mountain View, • Aera acts: Aera proactively succinctly access the data and the
California, Aera services some of engages with relevant users and collaboration that decisions require.
the world’s largest enterprises drives the execution of their Aera uses its own technology to
from its global offices located in San decisions move quickly, to inform discussion,
Francisco, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and to drive the execution of
Paris, Munich, London, Pune, and Enabling the Self- strategic initiatives.
Driving Enterprise™
• Aera understands: Aera Aera delivers the technology The People: Aera is on a mission
that enables the Self-Driving to make businesses smarter, digital,
continuously crawls your
Enterprise™: a cognitive operating dynamic, and wildly successful. To
enterprise systems, refines,
system that connects you with achieve this, the firm is brought
indexes, and augments your
your business and autonomously together a unique group of product
data, and delivers end-to-end,
orchestrates your operations. visionaries and technology veterans.
real-time visibility into your
company’s operations
• Aera recommends: Using The Transformation: Digital Real-time and always-on
machine learning and transformation is changing Aera leverages the best of artificial
business domain expertise, everything. Some estimate 40% intelligence, machine learning,
“The leap from
to cognitive
automation is
imminent and
it will forever
transform the
way we work.”

natural language processing, data Analytics Engine: Aera Skills: As well as the company’s
and enterprise domain expertise achieves real-time analysis of Skills building environment,
to deliver real-time cognitive data at any scale. Using cross- Aera offers a rapidly growing
automation at cloud scale. functional joins, multi-level library of pre-built Skills. Skills
aggregations and calculations combine data crawlers, content
Data Crawlers: Aera’s patented performed on-the-fly, Aera libraries, data models and logic,
real-time crawling technology performs analytics in-memory intelligent communication
collects, indexes and harmonizes for millisecond results. Domain and write-back capabilities.
billions of transactions from complex expertise is integrated into patented Aera’s Skills continuously learn
enterprise systems and external models, which include thousands from the decisions you make,
data sources. While Aera continually of predefined measures for all areas anywhere, anytime and are
extracts input data for real-time of the business — from procurement always looking for ways to make
analytics, it does so with minimal to sales. you and your business more
impact to the underlying systems. efficient.
Data are encrypted and transferred Skills Builder: You don’t have
securely to the cloud. to be an expert in app building “Aera is the foundation of its
or machine learning to get self-driving supply chain. It’s
Processing Engine: Aera personalized, role-specific insights. real-time and intelligent at scale,
indexes, correlates and normalizes Business users can build Skills fundamentally improving the
raw data from multiple enterprise which provide personalized insights speed, the quality and the impact
systems into a single information with recommended actions. Its of its decisions.”
model. Knowledge graphs reveal patented Skills Builder enables - Alessandro de LucaChief
implicit and explicit relationships intuitive calculations, workflows, Information Officer, Merck
and dependencies between vendors, and intelligent conversational Healthcare at Merck Group
products, and customers. Advanced voice interactions. It orchestrates SR
search makes the entire data set processes across your many
dynamically accessible. transactional systems.
50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2019

Company Management Description

Experian gathers, analyses and processes data in ways others can’t. It

Experian helps individuals take financial control and access financial services,
Brian Cassin, CEO businesses make smarter decision and thrive, lenders lend more
responsibly, and organizations prevent identity fraud and crime.

Altium is dedicated to creating the tools that bring a truly unified

Altium design experience to PCB designers, that seamlessly assist design
Aram Mirkazemi, CEO teams during the entire electronics design process - from idea to

Syniverse is the world’s most connected company— it is the pioneer

Syniverse Dean Douglas
of innovations that take businesses further. Its secure, global network CEO & President
reaches billions of people and devices.

Inseego Corp. enables high performance mobile applications for large

Inseego Dan Mondor
enterprise verticals, service providers and small-medium businesses Chairman & CEO
around the globe.

Jesta I.S. is an international supplier of integrated software solutions for

Jesta I.S.
Arvind Gupta, President brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers specializing in apparel,
footwear, electronics, housewares, and hard-goods verticals

Fabasoft is one of the leading software product companies and

Fabasoft Helmut Fallmann & Leopold providers of cloud services in Europe for the digital control of Bauernfeind, Board Members documents as well as electronic document, process and records

Fire-Dex LLC, headquartered in Medina, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer

Fire-Dex LLC
Bill Burke, CEO of head-to-toe protection for first responders, including turnout gear,
rescue & wildland PPE, boots, hoods, gloves and helmets.

IndigoVision designs your system end-to-end, with no single point

IndigoVision of failure, so it’s reliable. It designs it with Distributed Network
Pedro Simoes, CEO Architecture so it’s flexible. You can add any number of cameras and
work stations effortlessly.

Vanu Vanu is focused on technical innovation to enable cellular coverage in

Andrew Beard, CEO areas that cannot be covered profitably with existing technology.
A3 provides a broad range of IT and security solutions for the public
and private sectors, including: unified communications; virtualization
A3 Communications
F. Joseph Thomas, Founder and storage; structured cabling; enterprise networking and wireless;
IP video surveillance and access control; network security; electrical
services and audio/visual solutions.

ETI Software Solutions is a global leader in communications technology

ETI Software Solutions Pete Pifer
and services for 25 years, providing next-gen software for broadband Chairman & Interim CEO
service providers to manage service fulfillment and revenue assurance.

Strata Decision Technology provides an innovative cloud-based

Strata Decision Technology financial analytics and performance platform that is used by healthcare
Dan Michelson, CEO providers for financial planning, decision support and continuous cost

Volume is the AI Agency, transforming marketing from a ‘push’​ discipline

Volume Ltd. to a ‘pull’​discipline, converting the ‘search’​generation to the ‘ask’​
Chris Sykes, Founder & CEO generation and disrupting brand engagement thinking by creating the
next level of customer experience.

Shipco Circuits Ltd. combined with its predecessor is the longest

Shipco Circuits Ltd
Sten Björsell, CEO established Printed Circuit Board supplier in Ireland. The team has
proudly served the European Electronics market for over 35 years.

Southern Cross is an independent company offering fully protected

capacity solutions. The Southern Cross network provides low
Southern Cross Cables Limited Laurie Miller
latency, high service availability single provider ring capacity President & CEO
solutions between the markets we serve in Australia, New Zealand,
Fiji, Hawaii and mainland USA.

Meniga is transforming the way banks and advertisers use transaction

Meniga Georg Ludviksson data. We do this by helping people becoming smarter consumers with CEO & Co-founder great products. With our current implementations worldwide we are
already serving +65 million digital banking users.

Elastic Path customers are innovators who seek the ultimate in

Elastic Path Harry Chemko
flexibility and business agility. It helps these innovators generate Founder & CEO
billions in revenue with its patented ecommerce technologies.

Coveo combines unified search, analytics and machine learning to

Coveo deliver relevant information and recommendations across every
Louis Têtu, Chairman & CEO business interaction, making websites, ecommerce, contact centers and
intranets effortless and efficient.

i-Sprint Innovations, established in the year 2000, is the leader in

Securing Identity and Transactions in the Cyber World, enabling
Dutch Ng, CEO individuals, organizations, and societies to build trust and identity
assurance for powering productivity gain through digital identity and
identity of things (IDoT).

Netwoven is a leading Microsoft Cloud solutions provider. It partners

Netwoven Niraj Tenany with businesses in their journey for digital transformation by improving CEO & Co-founder business collaboration, providing more insights to the data, and
enhancing customer experiences.
SecurityFirst specializes in data-centric cyber solutions that provide
Security First cryptographic splitting across a range of security options for robust
Jim Varner, President & CEO data security and policy-defined access controls – all intended to meet
the growing mandate for data privacy.

Malwarebytes proactively protects people and businesses

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO against dangerous threats such as malware, ransomware and
exploits that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions.

RadMax Technologies, Inc. – a wholly owned subsidiary of REGI US, Inc.

RadMax Technologies, Inc. Paul W. Chute – is a research and development company in the business of designing, CEO & Chairman developing and proving axial vane-type rotary power devices for
civilian, commercial and government applications.

HZO is a global leader in delivering world-class protective nano

HZO Inc.
Simone Maraini, CEO coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding
corrosive and liquid environments.

Scape Technologies A/S is at the forefront of providing industrial bin-

picking solutions. The solutions uses patented methods that finds out
Scape Technologies
Søren Bøving, CEO the 3D position of the parts in the pallets. The smart tool units designed
by Scape Technologies makes it possible to grip and pick parts even in
difficult positions.

Eurohold was founded as a Corporate Finance Consulting Company,

Pascal Vieilledent
Eurohold and it is nowadays one of the most active mergers and acquisitions
Co-founder & Managing companies in Spain being Number 1 independent in mid-cap
transactions’​ number.

AppFusions is focused on far-reaching cloud and hybrid integrated

AppFusions Ellen Feaheny web, portal and digital experience strategies via holistic multi-system CEO & Co-founder workflows, user experiences, extended app capabilities, SSO, analytics,

Cloudflare started as a simple application to find the source of email

Matthew Prince, CEO spam. From there it grew into a service that protects websites from all
manner of attacks, while simultaneously optimizing performance.

Pro Group Management has successfully managed self insured

Pro Group Management Ashley Vees
groups for nearly two decades by displaying the experience and skills Marketing Assistant
necessary to operate a successful workers’ compensation program.

Sindicatum Renewable Energy finances and operates clean energy

Assaad Razzouk, CEO projects worldwide and produce sustainable resources from the
utilization of natural resources and waste.
Ensygnia’s solutions sit at the heart of interaction. It works with market
Richard Harris, Founder leaders helping them deliver innovation and new revenue-generating
customer journeys.

InnerScope Hearing Technologies’ Sole Mission is to Innovate and

InnerScope Hearing
Matthew Ross Moore Deploy AFFORDABLE & ACCESSIBLE Hearing Products and Solutions
Technologies, Inc
CEO & President for Billions of People Around the World Suffering from Hearing Related

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about

Deliveroo William S.
food delivery. It’s not a chicken chow mein and a night on the sofa Co-founder & CEO
anymore, it’s your favourite local restaurant, it’s a dinner party, a date.

Tresata monetizes big data with incredibly smart software to crunch

Tresata Abhishek Mehta all your internal data and all your (rapidly exploding) social data at Co-founder & CEO the intersection of which lies value that delivers an unfair competitive

LoginRadius empowers businesses to deliver a delightful customer

LoginRadius Rakesh Soni experience and win customer trust. Using the LoginRadius Identity CEO & Co-founder Platform, companies can offer a streamlined login process while protecting
customer accounts and complying with data privacy regulations.

With minimum cost, hardware and infrastructure changes required,

Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO SQream enables businesses to easily ingest, store and analyze tens to
hundreds of terabytes of data and beyond, with ease, in near real-time.

Trighton Interactive Trighton Interactive is a digital marketing agency that combines talent
Jody Resnick, CEO and technology to help business find and connect with their customers.

By enhancing and automating each touchpoint in the patient journey

PatientPop — from first impression online to digital booking to post-visit follow-
Luke Kervin, up — PatientPop makes it easy for healthcare providers to attract more
Co-founder & Co-CEO
patients, manage online reputation, modernize the patient experience,
and automate the front office.

Jelastic is a Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS for ISVs, telcos, service providers

Jelastic Ruslan Synytsky
and enterprises needing to speed up development, reduce cost of IT CEO & Co-founder
infrastructure, improve uptime and security.

OnPoint relies on its team’s proven track record to deliver results

OnPoint Warranty Solutions LLC for blue chip and mid-market manufacturers, retailers and service
Chris Smith, CEO providers, as well as consumers and our insurance partners across the
KERV’s cutting-edge, patented technology adds value to brands,
KERV Interactive
Jon Flatt, CEO agencies, creative and data-science teams by creating unprecedented
audience-to-brand connections within video.

Dixtior is a Portuguese consultancy company that began operating

Dixtior Consulting Rui Vicente in 2013. Its employees bring with them a wealth of experience in CEO & Founding partner projects conducted in several areas, in which we include the latest
technological solutions.

speak2web is helping businesses of all sizes to embrace

speak2web Walter Angerer
AI and to create a completely new way to engage with Founder & CEO
their customers on the web and on mobile apps.

Cazana helps people buy cars better. It shows you how to find
Cazana your perfect car, then help you to check that it’s safe, legal and
Tom Wood, CEO the right price before you buy. Thousands of people check with
us daily so make sure you Cazana your car before you buy.

Senseye™ is the leading cloud-based product for Predictive

Maintenance 4.0. It is used by maintenance teams to half unplanned
Senseye downtime and increase maintenance efficiency, saving money by using
Dr. Simon Kampaceo, CEO proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast
machine failure and remaining useful life, achieving a typical ROI of less
than 3 months.

The Chalice Financial Network™ is a community dedicated to solving

Chalice Financial Network ™ Keith Gregg the unique challenges you face as a wealth advisor and entrepreneur. Founder & CEO It empowers you with best in class technology and business solutions
while inspiring you through a peer-to-peer community.

Wandera Wandera is a leading mobile security company providing enterprises

Eldar Tuvey with a multi-level solution to protect users, endpoints, and corporate
Co-founder & CEO
applications from evolving mobile threats.

Fluidly At Fluidly, the team is defining a new category of Intelligent Cashflow Caroline Plumb OBE, CEO to help business owners sleep better at night by forecasting and
optimising their finances.

From individual application developers to the biggest names in

AimBrain Andrius Sutas financial services, Aimbrain builds the technology that helps them to CEO & Co-founder detect and prevent fraud. And its approach is single-minded too; we
want to make it simple for everyone to benefit.

Aera understands how businesses work; makes real-time

Aera recommendations; predicts outcomes; and acts autonomously. Using
Frederic Laluyaux proprietary data crawling, industry models, machine learning and
President & CEO
artificial intelligence, Aera is revolutionizing how people relate to data
and how organizations function.