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Evangeline B. Arcilla Mr.

Jovinnester Arradazza
XII-Swan March 14, 2019

Article Title: Proper Waste Management In The Market Place (Kalayaan Wet Market)
Researcher/Date: Evangeline B. Arcilla (2019)

Objectives/ Theoretical Methodology Highlights of the

RQs Framework Findings
-One of the main problem in -According to the Participant Data Gathering Procedure Data Analysis - It is important to have a
the society is the street Aeckerman (1997), clean workplace,
especially in Kalayaan wet waste management is -The participant in this 1). The Primary Data have been - Data analyze by using maintaining a clean
an integrated part of study will be one collected is through interview of Descriptive Coding. The workplace may help keep
market so the objective of this
the sustainable female vendor Maria customers that usually buy employees and customers
study is to teach the Kalayaan result says every market
development. As Lucilla at the age of 45 fishes, meats and vegetables in safe, healthy and efficient.
vendor on how to manage population continues years old and she is Kalayaan wet place by asking a should have proper way of Daily washing, cleaning
their waste properly . to grow and economy “Fruit Seller” in the different questions that focuses serving customers through hands before and after
expands, there is a market wet place and on the cleanliness of the said wearing proper uniform handling food especially
need to ensure the she live at access market such as: such us hairnet, apron and fishes, vegetables and
waste generated is Merville Pasay City. plastic gloves and also it is meats from market,
-Our aim is to teach them a properly manage on Inaddition a survey was  How often do you buy wearing clean clothing,
important for the
different strategies, order to preserve the conducted to two meats vegetables and looking after your skin,
customers to have their
guidelines, plan, and existing environment female customer fishes in Kalayaan wet hair and nails and good
for future generations. Cecilla Gonzales at the place? market a clean oral hygiene are all factors
procedures, to ensure the
surroundings because
health of the customer and the Waste management age of 58 years old and that contribute to keeping
vendors at the same time. has also been widely she live at brgy.201  Are they meet your customer may think their healthy and safe. It will
recognized especially Pasay City and Aileen expectations in terms of goods are unsafe to eat due also helps a market or
in the 1980’s when Bedes at the age of 34 their Proper waste to unclean place. business to gain more
there was a fear of years old. Most of them management? profit due to many
landfill crisis. Since are vendor and customers.
then, major customer in Barangay
development Merville ,Pasay City.  Were you satisfied with
happened in This participant help your experience when
municipal waste each other yo protect of you buy fresh foods at
management. environment and also kalayaan wet place?
the health of each of
-As reported by everyone.
Guzman et al., (2010),
solid waste 2. The secondary data have
been Collected is through
management is one of
questionnaires, It will answer by
the most critical the customers "Yes or no" .Some
environmental questions are:
problems today. In  Do you think that their
metro Manila alone, employees are
approximately 0.6 responsible in terms of
kilogram per person cleanliness of their
of garbage is
produced with a total  Do you think it is safe
amount of about 6000 for you to eat fishes,
to 7000 tons per day. vegetables and meats
Despite the fact that from their market?
not all of these
collection system
people seem to be
unconcerned with the
amount of solid and
semisolid waste they