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In conclusion, doing industrial internship training program in Jabatan Kerja Raya

Cawangan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal Negeri Kelantan(JKR Kuari Pusat Bukit Buloh) has
achieved its objectives which were to expose students to actual working culture and industrial
practice, the students allowed to extend their theoretical knowledge into practice, students
motivated to practice the right working attitudes and professionalism to increase their
employability potential and the students were facilitated to potential employers. Besides, this
program acted as the best platform to gain new experience and to apply theories into a real
practice. Without having internship training, students will not be able to implement all the
knowledge learned in UiTM. This internship period gave an early exposure on the working
environment in mechanical fields. They managed to learn not only to adapt with the working
lifestyle but to adapt with the people especially with those from different level, from top to
down. Personally, through that ten weeks training program in JKR Negeri Kelantan has
provided adequate duration to learn as much as he can about stuff within refinery industries.
All benefits gained and lessons learned from this training program were really helpful to aids
in the future. Finally, there were rooms of improvement that both UiTM and JKR can do in
order to develop a better industrial Internship Training Program in the future.

Based on my experience in the practical training. The time given for me to do

industrial training is very short which only ten weeks. I would like to suggest for
the Mechanical Faculty extend two more weeks. This is because most of company
only want to take students with 3 months industrial training. With this, it would
be lack of opportunities for us to be chosen. Besides that, from my experience, I
couldn’t been assigned to other department as I have only short amount of time.
In my opinion, the practical training must cover both the technical and consulting
on the matter involve in the specific field of study. In other case students also can
improve the skill because the task that has been given was suitable with what
student learnt.

As we know everybody here is committed and busy doing their job. Even though
the student got the opportunity to work with a professional staff and by working
in teamwork surrounding, the student has created self confidence in every work
that given by the department. By this, the student learned the meaning of
responsibility. I suggest that every practical student is giving an assignment so that
they know what to do and what to find. Besides that, I suggest that JKR make a
proper planning for industrial training student so that the student can cover all the
important things that JKR provides.