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Dear customers.

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With this service information we will inform you on the latest technical modifications made
to our products.
In case of questions, we will have pleasure to provide you with further details.

Weber Maschinentechnik GmbH

Service Information September 2010

SRV 620 / SRV 660

New throttle cable with limit switch

To simplify the adjustment of the limit switch for stopping the engine, the throttle cable
routing has been modified according to the following sketch.

The new throttle cable including the limit switch is compatible with the previous throttle

SRV 620 Throttle cable, previous up to serial no. 0105041 item no. 021000555
SRV 620 Throttle cable, new from serial no. 0105042 item no. 021000614

SRV 660 Throttle cable, previous up to serial no. 0105483 item no. 021000490
SRV 660 Throttle cable, new from serial no. 0105484 item no. 021000615

Robin EX 17 gasoline engine

New recoil starter
The recoil starter of the Robin EX 17 gasoline engine now features a housing of plastic
instead of metal. The new item number of the reversible starter is
Both starters are compatible if, in case of replacement, the fastening screws are also
Page 2 CR 3 E, CR 5 E, CR 6, CR 7 and CR 8
now with battery charging socket
To simplify the charging of the starter battery the aforementioned CR-soil compactors
are now equipped with a battery charging socket.
Service Information September 2010

A permanent battery charger, item no. 021000603

allows to constantly charge the battery without
interruptions over an extended period of time.
This helps to avoid damage to the starter battery
during long standing times, e. g. in the winter

The battery charging socket is part of the standard equipment as of the following serial

CR 3 E from serial no. 0105199

CR 5 E from serial no. 0103766
CR 6 from serial no. 0104383
CR 7 from serial no. 0103729
CR 8 from serial no. 0103774

Attention! The charging socket is not suited to provide starting aid!

SM 82-3 pavement saw

Deeper cutting depth

As of serial number 0104963, the SM 82 pavement saw is

equipped with a larger cutting disk guard. Now, cutting
disks/diamond cutting blades with a diameter of up to 500 mm
(19.7 in) can be used. Due to this modification, the maximum
cutting depth has been increased from 165 mm to 190 mm
(6.5 to 7.5 in).
The modified pavement saw has the new type designation
SM 82-3 and the item no. 401703.
Page 3 Serial numbers additionally on the engine bracket
If the nameplate is missing, it may be difficult to clearly identify the machine type
and the serial number. This may lead to problems when ordering spare parts.
In the recent months, we have therefore additionally stamped the serial number of
the corresponding machine on the engine bracket or on the tamper housing.
Service Information September 2010

This allows a clear identification of the machine even after many years.

Example: SRV 620 Example: CR 3

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