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Pentex™ ProTECT-i

Technical Properties
Nominal diameter 51.3 mm
Nominal length 139.7 mm
Nominal mass 410 g
Nominal density 1.7 g/cm3
Velocity of detonation 7.2 km/s
Shell colour Yellow
Nominal detonation pressure 22.0 GPa

Water resistance Excellent

Oil resistance Excellent

Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters are made of high explosive
DO NOT use these boosters if the i-kon™ electronic detonator
composition cast into a plastic shell. One blind detonator
cannot be completely contained within the booster. If this is
tunnel and one through tunnel in the booster accommodates
not observed, a misfire or damage to the detonator may occur
an i-kon™ electronic detonator. A steel shroud, which is fully
during charging which may lead to a premature detonation.
encased in plastic, is cast into the mixture around the blind
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters are supplied in Class 1.1D
tunnel which protects the i-kon™ electronic detonator from
packaging and have UN Number 0042.
dynamic shock. A recessed well is provided at the base of the
booster and protects the electronic detonator lead wires from
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters are intended for use only with
i-kon™ electronic detonators and are not suitable for use with
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters contain Detlok™. Detlok™
i-kon™ II electronic detonators, non electric detonators or
securely holds the electronic detonator in place during
detonating cord.
loading, while still enabling safe removal of the detonator if
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters have been specifically
designed to provide reliable initiation of pumped, augered and
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters have a high density, and a high
packaged explosives. The main intended application for
velocity of detonation (VOD) to maximise performance.
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters, is for use with explosives, in
hole diameters above 102mm where bore hole pressures may
effect detonator timing and proper function. Pentex™
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters contain molecular explosives,
ProTECT-i boosters will function reliably in any depth of water
which can be initiated by intense impact, friction or heat. As
encountered in the mining environment.
with all high explosives, Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters should
be handled and stored with care. Avoid impact with solid
surfaces or other boosters. Any such collision may cause
damage that could lead to a misfire, or a premature initiation.
Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters may be used at temperatures
up to 70ºC.

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Pentex™ ProTECT-i

Recommendations For Use Disclaimer

With i-kon™ Electronic Detonators © 2017 Orica Group. All rights reserved. All information
Thread the detonator through the booster and ensure the contained in this document is provided for informational
detonator is fully inserted. purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Since
the Orica Group cannot anticipate or control the conditions
under which this information and its products may be used,
After assembly, the top and bottom faces may be taped for
each user should review the information in the specific context
additional security against the detonator falling out especially
of the intended application. To the maximum extent permitted
in rough, angled blastholes. Lower the complete primer
by law, the Orica Group specifically disclaims all warranties
assembly to the desired location in the blasthole. express or implied in law, including accuracy, non
infringement, and implied warranties of merchantability or
In all applications, ensure that the primer is completely fitness for a particular purpose. The Orica Group specifically
immersed in the explosive it is intended to initiate. This can be disclaims, and will not be responsible for, any liability or
achieved by either pulling the primer up into the explosive, or damages resulting from the use or reliance upon the
suspending the primer above the hole bottom during loading. information in this document.
Large diameter packaged explosives should be lowered on
top of primers, rather than dropped from the blasthole collar. The word Orica and the Ring device are trademarks of the
The downlines should be kept taut during charging and Orica Group.
stemming, to prevent damage and minimise abrasion.
Emergency Telephone Numbers
However, if a primer begins to float on top of a rising column
Within (country): 1800 033 111
of bulk explosive, temporarily slacken the downline. Once the
Outside (country): 61 3 9663 2130
surface of the explosive column has risen past the primer,
tension can be reapplied to the downline.

Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters are packed in cardboard cases.
The case dimensions are 0.360 x 0.265 x 0.145 m. A case
weighs 10 kg and contains 18 boosters.

Storage and Handling

Product Classification
Authorised Name: PentexTM ProTECT-i
Proper Shipping Name: Boosters, without detonator
UN No: 0042
Classification: 1.1D

All regulations pertaining to the handling and use of such

explosives apply. These boosters should be stored in a cool,
dry magazine licensed for 1.1D explosives, and oldest cases
should be used first. Pentex™ ProTECT-i boosters have a
maximum shelf life of 5 years in proper storage conditions.

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