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Name : Thomas Stafford

Course : Business Level 3

Date : 11/10/19

Skills Analysis
The following form will help you to understand the skills you possess and any skill gaps you may

Working effectively with others

(For example, on a group project or with children).
Key words: approachability, team work, co-operation, rapport, adaptability

I think that i do work very effectively with others. This is because i have been in many team working
situations before, in which i adapted to new situations/ideas that others had. This then made it easy
to approach me, as i was open to, and welcomed, change and new ideas, therefore resulting in
good co-operation between me and the people i was working with.

(For example, expressing your ideas, explaining something complicated)
Key words: listening, enthusiasm, clarity, pertinence, confidence

I feel as though i have good communication skills, because i am not only confident and enthusiastic
when i am speaking, but i am also good at listening, and being patient with others when they
express ideas. As well as this on many occasions at work i have had to explain complicated things
to customers and colleges, and by the end of me explaining they have a better understanding of
what i was explaining.

Judgement and decision making

(For example, choosing which assignment to do, which information to include in a project)
Key words: decisiveness, research, planning, reaching a conclusion, evaluation

I think that i have alright decision making skills, however they do need improvement. Although i am
good at researching, planning, evaluating, and reaching conclusions, i often fall at the last hurdle,
wich is probably the biggest part of decision making, which is decisiveness. I am often very
indecisive, resulting in my decision making skills needing improvement.

Persuading and influencing

(For example, persuading someone to come to a party or accepting your argument)
Key words: communication, leadership, negotiation, charisma, motivation, determination,
forcefulness, vision, empathy

I feel as though i am very good at persuading and influencing others. For example through my
communication skills and self motivation, i have persuaded my manager at work to let me work
more on marking in order to gain experience in that field. As well as this, in team projects where i
have been the leader i have used my charisma and determination in order to communicate my
vison to other people in my team, ultimately persuading them to agree with ideas i felt strongly
Ability to solve problems
(For example, maths assignments, coping when team members don't pull their weight)
Key words: critical thinking, analysis, lateral thinking, creativity)

I think that i have very good problem solving skills, as in the past i have worked in groups in which
members are off sick or do not show up for things such as presentations, so through creativity and
analytical thinking i have managed to evenly spread out that persons work between everyone, in
accordance with what skills they posses, in order to not put too much strain on others in the group.

Time Management
(For example, ensuring your assignments are done on time)

I feel as though i have good time management skills, because all of last year my assignments were
handed in on time, showing that i was able to manage my time in order to finish my assignments by
their due dates.

Use of IT
(For example, word processing a report, using a specialist package to solve a maths problem)

I think that i am only alright with my use of IT because i can use software such as microsoft office
well, for example i am very confident in using word and power point, however i can only use excel
and publisher on a basic level. Moreover i only have experience with very few other programs such
as Opera3 and Bartender. So i think that i need more practice with software that i already use and
also i need to use a wider variety of software.

Achieving your goals

(For example, getting enough votes to be elected to a role in society)
Key words: determination, commitment, will-power, resolution, stamina, ambition, energy,

I feel as though I do well in terms of achieving my goals. For example when doing GCSEs my goal
was to pass english as i was getting Us in practice tests and teachers advised me to just aim for a
level 2 and then re sit it at college. However through ambition, will power, determination, and
resilience I managed to get a level 4 and 5 in english (Level 4 being a pass) by revising during
break, after school, and coming into school on weekends, due to this and not accepting defeat i
managed to achieve my goal allowing me to get onto my course at college.

Specialist subject knowledge

I have some knowledge in my specialist subject marketing, this is because we have done a few
units relating to marketing at college, as well as doing many projects in which we have had to
create a product where I stepped forward to carry out the marketing for it (including researching
who the target market would be for the product). Also at work i have asked them if i could gain first
and experience in the role. Moreover in my free time i have thought many times about how i would
advertise certain products, even going as far as writing a script for an advert.

In which skills can you offer plenty of examples where you are using the skill?

The skills that i can offer many examples of when i used them are: Working with others,
Persuading and influencing, Time management, and Use of IT.
In which skills do you have no evidence?

The skills that i have no evidence for are: Communication, Judgement and decision making, and
Ability to solve problems.