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Exercises after back surgery 1

By: ExorLive Content Publisher

These exercises are an example of exercises that can be performed after back surgery. Consult with your
physiotherapist or doctor to make sure you comply with your restrictions during training. The exercises should be
performed daily, preferably up to 2-3 times. Some pain can be expected during and up to 30 minutes after exercise.
When pain persists longer than 30 minutes it is recommended to execute with lower intensity the next time.
1. Pelvis lift, lying
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Contract your
buttocks and raise your pelvis and lower back off the
mat. Hold for 3-5 sec., then rest for 3-5 sec.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
2. Lying knee lift
Lie on your back with straight legs and arms by your
sides. Contract your abdominal and back muscles,
pulling your knees up toward your chest and pushing
your lower back slightly down on the mat. Stop when
your hips reach an angle of 90 degrees.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
3. Exercise in bed: Knee and Hip Bends
Lie on your back with legs stretched. Lift one leg by
bending your hip and knee to form 90 degree angles in
both joints. Slowly return to starting position.
Reps: 15 , Sets: 3
4. Supine arm swings above the head
Lie supine; you can place a rolled-up towel across your
thoracic spine. Put your feet flat on the floor. Lift your
arms up toward the ceiling. Pull your navel in. Exhale and
stretch your arms up behind your head, avoiding any
back sway. Pull your chest and shoulder blades toward
your hips. Inhale while lifting your arms up and back to
the position above your chest.
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Delta fitness
Exercises after back surgery 1
By: ExorLive Content Publisher
5. Standing knee lift 3
Place all your weight on one leg. Find the balance point
and lift the opposite knee. Stabilise the abdomen and
back, avoiding any movement in the lower back. Slowly
lower the knee and repeat with the opposite leg.
Reps: 10 , Sets: 3
6. Toe lift 1
Stand on the floor, feet about hip-width apart. Raise your
heels and push up until you are on your toes. Return to
the start position and repeat. The exercise is performed
with or without support.
Reps: 20 , Sets: 3
7. Sideways weight transfer
Stand with your legs wide apart. Lean to one side, rest
the weight on one leg, while bending slightly at the knee.
Slowly stretch your knee and move the weight over to the
opposite leg.
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