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Education Department
1st Semester, S.Y. 2019 - 2020

Midterm Examination in GEC 7

(Science, Technology and Society)

Name: ____________________________ Course &Year Level: ______________ Score: ____________

Test I. TRUE OR FALSE: write TRUE if the statement is true and FALSE if otherwise and modify the
underlined word which makes it erroneous. No erasures allowed. 2 pts each
1. Flourishing is the highest good of human endeavors and that toward which all actions aim
2. Indigenous knowledge system is evident in stories, poems and songs.
3. Indigenous knowledge system is orally pass down from generations to generations.
4. Austrian Circle is a group of scholars who believed that only those can be observed should be regarded as
meaningful and true.
5. Falsification theory is a doctrine which states that only statements that are empirically verifiable are
cognitively meaningful.

Test II. IDENTIFICATION. Identify the word or phrase best describe in each item. No. erasures allowed.
1. A type of wisdom relevant to practical action, implying both good judgment and excellent of character
and habits. It is also referred to as practical value.
2. It means good spirited
3. A prehistoric cultural stage or level of human development characterized by the creation and use of
stone tools.
4. He describe the pinnacle of happiness that is attainable by humans.
5. It is an ongoing current event in which a large number of living species are threatened with extinction.

Test III. Essay

1. Were we successful so far in trying to tie down technology with what we conceive as human flourishing?
2. Cite how science and technology have transformed the situation of the erderly in contemporary society.
3. Differentiate the changes of settings of science and technology from the earlier times to present.

Test IV. Practical Exam

Research and produce a short documentary film of atleast 5 indigenous science practices in your place. 50

Prepared by: Riza Mae B. Fortuna, LPT, MM