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Pakistan study

Lecture first

Pakistan is located in continent of Asia in the south region, which is known as south Asia. Pakistan
boundary touch with three nuclear power India, Russia, and china therefore the strategic position of
Pakistan is very important and the Russia and china don’t have warm water and Pakistan has due to
behre Arab.

Culture: culture is way through which we spend our life such as our dresses, our events, our social
connectivity etc

Civilization: any culture which is following by a nation hundreds of years its convert into civilizations.

What is an ideology?

“An ideology is the interpretation of past, and an explanation of the present and a vision of the future.”
(ibid p.4)

“A political ideology is a system of belief that explains the political order either existing or proposed and
offers a strategy (institution, processes, and programmer) for its attainment.

(Ideologies and modern politics by Reo M. Christians)”

Ideology is science of ideas or belief of specific system which means that an ideology which we
implement in same condition and same situation again and again which will give us the same result.

How these ideologies emerge?

“An ideology emerges when people feel strongly that they are being mistreated under the existing
order, when their status is threatened by fundamental changes occurring in society, and when the
existing ideology no longer satisfies them” ( Ibid..p.7)

An ideology emerges when people feel like that where they are living, there they are not safe their
culture, their rights and their religion etc and they are effecting badly from the society in which they are
living. The existing ideology doesn’t satisfy them.

e.g during 1857 they arrested bhadar shah zafar who was the last king belong to mughal family and they
started killing Muslim everywhere and the Muslim feel unsafe that time because they were facing two
kind of people British Army and Hindus. So these are the situation and condition which move a nation or
people towards ideology.

There are some conditions for Emerging ideology

 Rejecting social position; when the people realize like their life style is different due to different
religions and different culture.
 Time crisis; when the people realize that they are not getting their rights
 Social group; Actually in the case of Pakistan was totally changed because they were Muslim
 Social stress; pressurized by other social group such Muslim were stressed by British and hindu

Importance of ideology

Ideology is source of building a nation. It’s give platform to all those people who belong to different
groups but they are badly influencing by all the other groups through which the people together
homogeneous group which build a separate nation. Ideology is an institution for nation to live better
life and to build the nation stable.

Note: Quaid e Azam speech to Muslim league student federation on 19 March 1944 in presidential
ijlas. That we all are Muslim shia and sunni any one, we all are one nation and we have to be
separate nation because our culture, and religion our everything is change from them therefore we
cannot live together. Our system will be based on Islamic system.

Islam is an Arabic which derived from the word “sal’m” which mean literally meaning is peace and
word meaning is submission which means that submission “to the will of God, to obey the God”.
The submission word include all that there is no God without Allah and Muhammad PBUH is the last
messenger of us and the belief of Islamic books which revealed on four prophet, and belief in Angel,
belief in death, belief in the day of judgment. To accept all these things and follow these entire
things is submission to the will of God. Islam is a complete set of system for physical being.


 Want a balanced political system based on Islamic philosophy.

 Two nation concept: consider the one nation are two nation due different culture, different
religion, different system and different needs etc.
 Historical background: we were living in a same place but our historical background was
from a different region and their historical background was from different region. The
Muslim came from Arab and the Hindus staying were there but still the Muslim’s did
government on them were for a long time with a very Justice which is still are the example
for us.
 Culture and Civilization: our culture and our living was too different from them so this was
also a reason for building separate nation.

What are the aims and objectives of Pakistan?

 Enforcement of the sovereignty of Allah Almighty

Quaid said the freedom objective is not to acquire a piece of Land the main purpose of
freedom is to follow the principle of Islam and Allah almighty.

 Establishment of Islamic Democracy